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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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d.c. where it was headed when this happened. >> some trains have been canceled because of this accident, others have been delayed. and we're waiting to get an update on the condition of the person -- or people involved in the situation. jackie bensen is on her way to the scene, we'll have her live report coming up here in a bit. as investigators look into that train accident, we're learning more about a deadly mistake that killed two railroad workers near union station. >> we covered this all morning as it was breaking. the train that hit an amtrak train full of passengers. many riders said it was clear something terrible had happened. >> first thing in my mind was that we must have hit somebody. >> trains are rolling again in and out of union station, but all day long the fallout from the tragedy has impacted thousands of rail passengers up and down the east coast. adam tuss is at union station with some
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happened right before those workers were hit. adam. >> reporter: the good news, take a look, service is back up and running right now. full service on the northeast corridor. although you might see a little delay as you go through that area and trains are slowed through there. now, what happened with those workers? well, those csx workers got an alert that something was wrong with their train, they went out to check on it and that's when they walked on to the amtrak tracks. one of the main questions here, why didn't that amtrak train know that there were two csx workers out of their train and on the track. was communication lacking. >> that is an area that we will be taking a close look at. what notification was made from csx to amtrak. >> reporter: so let's give you a look at the nice plphysicanice it happ lay outwhy it happened. these are amtrak tracks, and the
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but how did the two csx workers end up on the amtrak track? the two were conductor and trainee. the amtrak speed limit in the area is 95 miles an hour, but trains start slowing to about 30 miles an hour on approach to union station. >> we will be downloading the data recorders and that will give us a much better understanding of what the speeds were. >> reporter: for some riders on board the amtrak tlan hit train the workers, it was vivid. >> heard the horn blow and then like aie a clungking sound. >> reporter: and back out here live, service is back up and running. again, just with slight delays as you go through that section of track just north of union station. we are also still waiting to learn the identity of those two csx
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back to you. >> thank you, adam. we're learning more details about the investigation into the brutal murder of teen nabra hassanen. fairfax county police looked into reports that the suspect t a member of the ms-13 gang. but they found no evidence to suggest that he is.nestor recena member of the ms-13 gang. but they found no evidence to suggest that he is. nabra was killed as she left a mosque. police chief says they don't believe that this is a hate related crime. the feds have arrested an armed security officer who ald federal building charged with making threats against a manager. court records say that twa lla threatened to shoot the manager and also said in a facebook post that he had threatened those buildings in d.c. are coming down. and they later found twa lla outside his manager's building al
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his attorney declined comment. a montgomery county teen set to spend more than three decades in prison for a vaf. >> referee:age kisatisfy of van kill can go. she and i he w chris gordon is live at the courthouse in rockville with the details. >> reporter: edwin reyes martinez arrived from el salvador just about eight months ago and now he's serving a 34 year prison sentence after pleading guilty to not one, but two murders that he was involved in since his arrival. prosecutors say his case shows just how quickly gang violence is growing in montgomery county. police found the body in a shallow grave in germantown two years ago. the vehicle will be tim was a day laborer, 34-year-old marvin vargas osario. prosecutors aren't sure why he was killed. ey
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initiation. 19-year-old edwin reyes martinez confessed that he was the lookout who kept watch as ms-13 gang members stabbed him 27 times. and he admitted to his part in a second murder. prosecutors estimate that in the last two years, there have been 18 gang killings here. >> still pending case that occurred with some high school boys here recently, i think we're talking 18. >> are you talking about with the twin killing in montgomery village? >> yes. >> reporter: earlier this month, 17-year-old najar and an 18-year-old were killed the night before they were to graduate from northwest high school. police have arrested three men who have been charged with shooting the teenagers. are the suspects in the double murder members of a
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>> i tdo not because it is a pending matter that i should answer. >> reporter: in the 2015 murder, prosecutors say at least four gang murders responsible for the brutal stabbings have not been caught. now, prosecutors are asking the public for help finding and arresting these killers. that is the latest live at the montgomery county courthouse. chris gordon, news 4. they are chanting senator twomen too much any, do not kill me. they protested outside the office of senator pat toomey. capitol police arrested them after they refused to clear the hallway. >> just one in a series of protests against the revised health care bill. >> republican leaders hope to submit the revised bill to the
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office by friday. blayne alexander is tracking all of it from capitol hill. >> reporter: and we are expecting to seal more procee m later tonight. despite all of that, republicans say they are confident that they absolutely will get this done, but it is just a question can of what it will look like, when it will happen and whether it will involve democrats. americans now taking their health care frustrations straight to their senators on capitol hill and back home. today republicans going back to the drawing board. >> we know that we cannot afford to delay on on this issue. >> reporter: not enough gop support for a version one, so senators now scrambling to write a more appealing bill by friday. will it look entirely different from what is already on the table? >> to the casual observer, the final bill isn't going to look a lot different than what we're looking at now. there will be some
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things like slowing the rollout of the medicaid changes. >> reporter: gop leergaders try to win over both moderates and conservatives. president trump cell bralgt tei cubs predicting a health care home run. republicans feeling pressure to reach outside of their own party. >> i think we should work with democrats. >> that's what we should have done from the beginning. >> reporter: possible bipartisanship inside while outside a glimpse of what may be awaiting senators when they head home for their holiday break. and a brand new quinnipiac poll shows that only 16% of american voters approve of gop efforts to repeal obamacare. >> blaine republican alex legh y . important news if you bring your laptop when you fly.
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is instituting enhanced screening measures for international flights into the united states. the u.s. will require airlines at overseas airports to step up security procedures. the drikts if i hairective call vetting and other security measures. they will be imposed at horn mo than 280 airports. >> we cannot play whac-a-mole. we must put this place new measures to keep the traveling public safe and make it harder for terrorists to succeed. >> domestic flights within the u.s. will not be affected by the new rules. back in march the u.s. ordered airlines operating from ten middle eastern and african airports to ban laptops in carry-on bags. fire teams are battling nearly two dozen wildfires raging across sevenen sta een
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hundreds have been evacuated. the flames are burning out of control. meantime back here at home, temperatures heating up not quite that hot, but as we get to the second half of the week here, doug is watching that for us. >> yeah, we will be talking about the 90s. and they will stick be around for on. at least a five to seven day heat wave in the making. the last couple of days, cool it a cool wave i guess because it's been nice and cool. 81 right now in d.c., 78 hagerstown. almost like late springtime period here. and the weather, well, it's about done as far as that cool weather goes. but tonight enjoy it, especially if you're heading out to the nationals game. going to be great tonight. just fantastic. 79 at 7:00. 76 a nice little breeze around the home stretch and then leaving the game may be a bit cool. tomorrow waking up to temperatures in the 50s again in some of the suburbs. we'll talk about when the heat
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fireworks, a symbol of independence day in america. up next, what is legal and what is not and why one man says keeping people safe on this holiday is personal. and a tooth is causing problems for investigators in the lyons sisters murder case. they say takes depiece of evidence in the upcoming trial and it's g
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new details that we brought you yesterday. a sheriff's department may have lost a key piece of evidence in a murder case. >> and this is just a few months before lloyd welch goes on trial for the girls' murders. chris lawrence has more to what it could mean for the case. >> trouble. and here is why are. our colleague s discovered not only did the sheriff office lose the one tooth detisks managed to find, it never made to the lab. >> this tooth disappeared before it could be tested to see if it was forensically linked to one of the lyons sisters. so if there is another way that prosecutors can forensically link lloyd welch to the lyons sisters, i'm not a wear of
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>> court records show all they have left is a photo of the tooth.ware of it. >> court records show all they have left is a photo of the tooth. wtop reached out to attorneys who are under a gag order so they wouldn't confirm or deny the tooth is goon ne. liyons were 10 or 12 and never seen again. welch burned the bodies back in 1975 and foinformation on ren sicks experts could examine the tooth. and prosecutors have not listed any of those experts in their court filings. >> chris lawrence, thank you. retired u.s. diplomat launched extraordinary criticism at president trump today. nicholas burns is a former u.s. ambassador to nato. in senate testimony today, he blasted president trump for not addressing russia's interference in american address. his remarks come just a day te
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castigated the media for reporting what she called the russia-trump hoax. >> we've been going on this russia-be tru trump hoax for the part of a year with no evidence of anything. >> i find it dismaying and objectionable that president trump continues to deny the undeniable fact that russia launched a major abocyberattack. if he continues to refuse to act, it's a dereliction of the basic duty to defend the country can. >> ambassador burns says he believes president obama should have acted more quickly to be more transparent with the american public about russian interference. the new president of south korea is in washington for a summit that begins tomorrow. and one of his first stops upon arrival, the marine corps museum. moon
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memorial park. president moon says he continues to be grateful to the marine corps. right now a rally at the national museum of the american indian to row moelt washingtpro promote the 2022 gay games. the world's largest sporting and cultural event for lgbtq athletes, artists and musicians. the site selection committee for the games is in town to see what the city has to offer. that rally will go until 9:00 pc p.m. we all like professional fireworks d fireworks displays, but sale to the public are a big concern. tom sherwood talked to the d.c. fire chief. >> reporter: tony fallwell, 27 years as a d.c. firefighter, right out of eastern high school. now overseeing fireworks sales and today showing
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fireworks for sale in the district. >> i just want to tell people don't buy fireworks from people from the trunks of th s of the vehicles or trucks. all these are legal. we test products every year. >> reporter: inspectors will be checking fireworks stands licensed around the city to keep any illegal more dangerous stuff out. >> over my today rear, i've seen a few injuries. >> reporter: and he knows something about burns. in part it's why he's a firefighter. >> my father was gelesk troh cutcute electrocuted and i remember the squad coming and saving his life. and i jumped at the opportunity. >> reporter:
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stuff. >> we're going to confiscate them and you will be ticketed and possibly prosecuted if it someone is >> reporter: and he says his mission is simple. >> we want you to have a happy and safe fourth of july. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news 4. if you have any questions at all about the fireworks laws in the district, we have them all posted. we also look be at other local counties as well. all that available to you at nbc washington app. just search fireworks laws. reaction to alleged grade fixing at schools keeps pouring in, why some school administrators think it may be just a big misunderstanding. and what parents hope happens next. sheriff deputy turned hollywood big shot. why a local guy decided he didn't want to be a law enforce ernie more, he just wanted to play one on tv.
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a vre train hits and kills someone leaving passengers stuck on board. >> jackie bensen just made her way to the scene and she has an update. >> reporter: we have some new information and it is very tragic information from what we are hearing from people on the scene here, this is the golf course that is the staging area to get the fire and rescue equipment into that very remote area. we are hear thaing that the vic is a teenager,
6:23 pm
teenager, and she has been pronounced dead. we are told that the vre train struck the young woman about 3:00 this afternoon. and as you can see from the video that you have been looking at, she was found below the bridge, off the tracks of the train and vre employees from the train somehow skrachl be scramb attempt to treat her. a teen told us that that is a very popular spot for teenagers and young are people from around the area to go on a hot summer afternoon. there is water underneath there. we don't know if programs they might have been jumping off the bridge. it's unclear at this point. but we can tell you that one person has been struck and we believe that the person is a teenager, a very young woman. certainly cause
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concern here this afternoon. and there are still a lot of fire and rescue units here, but they are getting ready too get out of here. back to you. keep us posted. get out of here. back to you. keep us posted. >> over to gdoug in the storm center. the last of a series of really nice days, things are about to change? >> it's almost gone. almost gone. so enjoy it while you can. things will change in a very big way. we will get back into a more typical summertime pattern here in the d.c. metro area. on average we get with 36-90 degree days a year and this year we're predicting average if not a little bit more because we are having some cooler weather. we've seen some cooler weather for much of the month of june, although we have had a few 90s, too. 82 d.c., 82 down toward fredericksburg. so a beautiful early part of the day. as we move through the rest
6:25 pm
seeing? winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. very nice night no matter what you're doing. no rain. as nice as june has been relatively to the amount of 90s, we have not seen much in the way of rain at all. normally you're cool because you have clouds and rain. that has not been the case for us. we do need to see the rain. only chance of rain coming from the north, but that system will move to our north and will actually help to bring are the heat in. right now if you look outside, you can see the high clouds coming in, those are actually coming from that storm back toward the chicago area. tornadoes going on right now into iowa. what has been happening, we have a big ridge of high pressure off to the west, we have the nice trough that has brought us this great weather over the past few days nap trough moves back to the east and here comes the area of high pressure moving back in across our region. high pressure at the surface moves off the coast and gives us the nice southerly wind, that is
6:26 pm
index near 100 on friday and saturday, so get ready. tomorrow a hot one, here comes the heat, but not too humid. temperature around 91 degrees. heat index tomorrow around that same temperature. the heat index really starts to creep up on friday and saturday. so tomorrow another great pool day. nice at 11:00 a.m., 2:00 88 degrees. and here is where the real heat and humidity come on in, 93 on friday, 94 saturday. heat index close to 100 both days. 30% chance of thunderstorms saturday. 93 on sunday. by the way the beach forecast looks really, really good. what about july 4th? going for a high of 93 on tuesday. and right now i think it will stay on the dry side. 91 by 3:00, but by the time fireworks are going off, 84, rather warm, a little on the humid side. but not a bad fourth of july and no problems getting the fireworks off i
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more on the beach forecast coming up. police looking for the suspect who tried to uproot an tm. most of us have a routine before we go to bed making sure all the doors are locked, but what about your car door? people in one community say it's a big problem that is cost onning you. what you can do to help. >> reporter: teachers union responds to allegations of sggre tampering saying that their teachers will come out jus t ne.
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students are allegedly getting passing grades despite chronic absences at prince george's county. what's what a police he wiwhistd tracee wilkins. >> tracee wilkins has more details. >> we're passing kids in the county that have 30, 40, 50, even 70 unexcused absences in a single school year and they are getting ady plea ma diploma. >> reporter: this teacher was
6:31 pm
board members. and she said it includes passing children even if they have missed the majority of the school year. >> ten unexcused absences is the limit. and wire noe're not enforcing t policy. >> you do have the opportunity to take a year long credit recovery course through the multiple pathways learning program. so if you recover an entire course, then you will get dread f credit for that court. >> reporter: president at flowers says students are earning changed grades through a program called multiple pathways to success. he says the grades are earned, not given out. if you fail them, what happens? >> then you fail. >> reporter: but multiple teachers and guidance counselors are alleging that grades are being changed would the students earning the credit. today a union representative says they intend to stand by all teachers including potential whistleblowers. >> we are supporting our
6:32 pm
members. and we know that they worked extremely hard and they continue to work very hard. >> reporter: we spoke with parents would have this to say about the allegations. >> i'm not exactly sure if i believe that is what is happening in the county. >> not happy. i have kids in the school system. not a good feeling. >> reporter: union reps say when the maryland board of education completes its investigation into the allegations, their teefreac be cleared of wrong doing. they say they don't have the power to change grades after they are published. tracee wilkins, news 4. new video from prince george's county of a trio of thieves trying to uproot a gas station atm at the shell marlbo. they tried to pull it out of the ground with a van. didn't work. this happened very close to where the so-called backhoe bandit hit a few weeks ago trying to do the same thing. in that case the guy stole a construction truck and tried to br
6:33 pm
drive-through. that machine also proved too hard to crack. this never works. >> if a backhoe can't crack it, what makes you can use a van? hash tag to stop other kinds of thieves. you may soon seen #9 pm routine popping up. loudoun county slafr is using this every night to remind you to lock up. >> every night before they go to bed, come out, make sure that the garage door is down, make sure the car is locked, make sure there are no valuables inside their car. >> and otherwise if you don't do that, scenes like the one you see here played out in recent months in the area. suspected thieves opening unlocked doors. a break-in here without the need to break anything. sheriff says you are making it too easy for them. they hope that you will retweet the hash be ttag for your neigh, as well. and a training responsibility to prepare for the worst with metro now open for business. we gave and you p
6:34 pm
yelled. two railcars set up so that firefighters and police officers have a chance to simulate what it will be like responding to an issue on the rails. this comes as the silver line is set to expand with metro trains rolling in to loudoun county in the coming years. students in stafford don't have to worry about going back to school until after labor day. the school board voted to keep the traditional date. proponents of an earlier start date had argued that it allows more time to prepare for testing. others though argue the sud change would affect the families and their plans. virginia has the sdauld kings dominion law that keeps schools on break until after labor break. a spirit airlines flight made an emergency landing saturday night, but it wasn't because of an unruly passenger. >> a mother to be was traveling with her family when she suddenly felt the baby coming. as luck would have it, a pediatrician and thursday were on board the flight from ft. lauderdale to dallas.
6:35 pm
mother and her new born 7 pound baby were rushed to the hospital. they are both doing fine. >> i was worried because he was early. but as soon as i heard him crying, i know we were okay. it's a good sign. and he's getting air and he has good color. >> here is the best part after all that drama, spirit airlines is giving the baby and a guest free flights for life on his birthday. >> considering spirit's reputation for charging you for everything, that is actually pretty cool. a bit of a seasonal switch-a-roo. why more people may decide to hit the road this independence day. and why a local sheriff deputy decided to leave stafford county to pursue a new career in whom would i. >> the more i did it, the more i fell in love with it. and the more i
6:36 pm
some other things i want to do. hey, man. i love this green screen. place to be this weekend? it is the beach. we'll talk much more about that in a couple minutes.
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prosecuting streets on the big screen.
6:39 pm
former cop from fredericksburg following his hollywood dream without for getting where he came from. >> reporter: he's played a clumsy detective, a serial killer, investigated royalty. and faced off with mark wahlberg. jim clock is making it in hollywood which might have you one on dering what is he doing here walking the halls of the stafford county sheriff's department. >> to me it's the most honorable profession in the world. >> reporter: before chasing his dreams on the big screen, he spent more than a decade chasing the crime scene as a real full-time cop in virginia. while on the job, he went back to school and it was at nova that his drama professor noticed his talents. >> i was going midnight patrol that night, and i said i'm a police officer, i'm going to work midnights. and she said that is all fine and danity, but you have what it takes. you could literally do this professionally if you want
6:40 pm
parked his patrol car and moved to melissa mollett to pursue his new passion. at first 20 get by, he worked as kate becken sale's bodyguard, the same actress who would later star in a film he produced. many law enforcement roles followed, and there was working cases with matthew mcconaughey in true defective. and most recently starring opposite reeves in the whole truth. but his favorite role? playing peyton manning's caddie in a commercial. >> no disrespect to anyone i've worked with, but highlight of my came a rear. >> reporter: between the bright lights and working scenes, clock says he finds himself missing police about work, a big reason why he comes back here. as a part-time sheriff's deputy, clock is hoping to help at risk kids through an outreach program he's developing with a
6:41 pm
tid sha tidity sheriff. >> we are always trying to think of ways that we can reach different demographics or different groups of people who maybe we haven't reached out to yet. >> reporter: operation lead stands for law enforcement arts division. and would give kids a chance to act and produce short films with deputies. the goal? bridge the gap between police and community. >> it's that dynamic of how to i marry both worlds toe s togethe ooirts as simp it's simple. >> reporter: and he says it can quickly become all about you. >> law enforcement gave me a base too settle into whatever is happening to me and still be grateful. >> reporter: coming up, set your clock. the filmmaker's latest comedy 666 pchl
6:42 pm
kill thought fall. angie goff, news 4. >> now we'll be on the lookout for him. >> you see him and you realize how many times you're you already seen him. amazing. what with a run he's had. up next, we'll tell you why experts think gas prices are about do something that thetoy ♪ experts think gas prices are about do something that thetoy pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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gas prices on july 4th are usually always higher than they are on new year's day. but that could change this year. >> and if it does, it would be the first time in gas buzzdyddy history. gabe guttierez joining us with what is fueling the dip in the prices. why is this going on? >> reporter: well, it's a surplus in crude oil and i'm just are outside atlanta, something question never get to see, gas for $1.89 a gallon. some of the stations in your area are still hovering a little above $2 a gallon. i think i saw one station in alexandria at $2.07. but as you mentioned, yes, this is the first time in gas buddy's history dating back to 2000 that gas prices on on the 4th
6:46 pm
to be lower than gas prices on new year's day. and this is the lowest gas prices have been since 2005. pretty incredible. we spoke with several drivers and they are very excited about it. a record 44 million travelers are expected this upcoming weekend. and again, it's something that more and more stations are seeing across the country. we saw it in indiana, leest in the country south carolina, and oklahoma, highest in the country though california and hawaii.oe the country south carolina, and oklahoma, highest in the country though california and hawaii.wen the country south carolina, and oklahoma, highest in the country though california and the country south carolina, and oklahoma, highest in the country though california and hawaii. but many travelers sxipgtsing s good weekend. >> that $1.89 looks good. will we have to pay for it later in the year, will things go up? >> reporter: analysts think that there might be temporary price hikes coming up in the next few months. at the height of hurricane season, we could see some
6:47 pm
but because opec didn't do much back in may when they last met, that is fueling some of this and there is a supply of crude oil and that is what they think is driving it. so for the time being, enjoy it while you can. >> all right. that is the word. we will. gabe guttierez, take karks mcar. the full story on "nightly news." campaign buttons, religious texts and protest signs tell the story of american democracy in a newly renovated wing at the smithsonian national museum of american his tear. it opened today and we for the a sneak preview.tear. it opened today and we for the a sneak preview. check out our photos on the nbc washington facebook page. opening up just in time for the 4th of july weekend. >> might want to enjoy the air conditioning there this weekend. >> so many people do that when the air conditioning maybe at heechl is not work yet, go to the smithsonian. >> we
6:48 pm
>> well, we pay for a it. free to get in now, but -- all right. out there right now, we are dealing with pretty nice conditions. we've had cloud cover across parts of the area. those clouds coming from a storm near chicago. yeah, that's right. i don't know what their gas prices are. but right now looking good act cross o across our region. current complaitemperatures aro at the airport. it will drop through the 70s by 11:00. very nice night. no rain to talk about. there a storm around the dhig ar chicago area, seeing the high cirrus clouds blow being back into the refugeen on. back to the west, severe storms in iowa. yes, there has been confirmed tornadoes here. and this system making its way toward chicago. but it won't come here. this will stay way to the north. but what it allow
6:49 pm
air down to the south to also move our way. so tomorrow will be a hot afternoon for sure, but the humidity not all that big. 85 degrees at noon, mostly sunny, 91 breezy. and winds could gust 20 to 20 miles per hour. and increasing humidity late tomorrow night. but really the humidity doesn't really creep in until saturday or sunday. where do you want to go to escape it all? how about the beaches. this is a beautiful shot of ocean city. probably in july you or august sometime. 80 on your saturday. 85 an isolated storm sunday and monday. could see a storm along the beaches. and july 4th for the fire works? no problem, temperature around 86. next 10 days setting up like this. i mentioned the 90s. we have not one, not one, not three, but seven days of 90 or better coming up. chance of thunderstorms increasing a little bit on friday, a better chance coming up on saturday. 30% chance there. 93 on sunday. 94
6:50 pm
and then we get to tuesday, of course fourth of july. right now we're thinking it is looking pretty dry. 91 degrees at 3:00. you know you have to get there early. by 9:00 as fireworks are going off, 84, and calling for a dry forecast. 90s end on wednesday and then back to closer to average temperatures which is the mid to upper 80s. >> thank you, doug. >> great goolfs weather today. and coming up, how the nats
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6:52 pm
z2ejdz z16fz y2ejdy y16fy
6:53 pm
so our lesson from last night is that catchers should use their hands and not their mouths. >> and it's fun f
6:54 pm
what is going on sflp . >> we liked it. >> but it didn't work out. and i think it's fair too say that the nats outplayed chicago in the last two days. monday they pulled together a 4-1 rally in the bottom of ninth in the last night, they set a new team record which cost the cubs player will his job. trea turner matched his career-high with four stolen bases in the four games. and nats added three more, all of the cubs on miguel montero. chicago designated honest temon assignment today, but after the game he aired his frustrations about all the stolen bases being his fault. and he took some shots at his pitcher jake aarrieta. >> stolen bases go for me. when you look at it, the pitchers doesn't give me anytime. so you can three somebod
6:55 pm
it's tough. i don't get a chance to throw, that is the reason why they were running left and right. you chould say it is slow to th plate. but it's my fault because i didn't throw anybody out. >> you seem to be loving it. was that not the right decision? clearly. to throw someone under the bus sflp we like the break dance. >> but anyways, the players for redskins and capitals trying their hand hat golf, because highlight of the tournament, their support and appreciation for military service men and will. carol maloney has more from tpc with a special military surprise. >> reporter: the competition may start tomorrow, but plenty of action today at the quicken loans national in potomac. jay gruden trading
6:56 pm
s set, and the caps well represented. but the real stars out there today, the military. evidence on the 16th hole where 26 active duty enlisted from all five branches served as caddies for the pros. >> from jones borrow, arkansas, please welcome master sergeant christopher blankenship. >> reporter: chris blankenship had luck on his side as he was assigned to carry the bag for ricky fowler. >> you're good enough. >> thank you, sir. thank you for your service. >> what was the most nerve-racking part? >> making sure i didn't drop the bag. it's heavier than you think. >> reporter: shooting the breeze with ricky fowler? >> he was asking a lot about the kids and working at the pentagon
6:57 pm
was in the area to have a tour of the pentagon if he was free. >> reporter: the moment of the day, a surprise reunion. the caddie is daddy. sergeant first class brian green of the u.s. army reuniting with his children. and as for billy hurley iii, all eyes are on him. after countless media requests and selfies with fans, i asked him if he's looking forward to tomorrow teeing off in the first round. and he said golf, that will be the easy part. quicken loans national, carol maloney, news 4 sports. and speaking of billy hurley, he took some time today to meet with our nbc 4 quicken loans sweepstakes winners. tom and megan got a chance to chat with the defending champion of the tournament. hurley tees off at 8:10 a.m. tomorrow from the 10th tee. and hopefully not too bad he
6:58 pm
>> those golfers commitment is genuine. >> thank you. >> "nightlnews" coming up.y z2e2dz z1a2z y2e2dy y1a2y
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developing news tonight. tougher airport security for travelers to the u.s. from over 100 countries around the world. late word on the new measures being rolled out. what you should know before making your way through security. plunge at the pump. gas prices the lowest for july 4th in a dozen years. they're calling it christmas in july. how long will it last millions get set to hit the road? parents' mission to bring home their son missing in syria for five years. our exclusive conversation. what happened to austin tice? your best medicine. the new way doctors are treating patients using their own genes to tell them just the right drugs to prescribe. and a big idea from a little inventor that could save a lot of lives. "nightly news" begin


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