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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 29, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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diminished. i'm concerned we're seeing renewed i want on the part of terrorist groups to go after the aviation sector. from bombing aircraft to attacking airports on the ground. >> new security rules. one of pope francis top advisors charged with sex crimes speak out moments ago. i'm innocent of these charges. they are false. after a devastating delay protests and arrests as demonstrators fight back as republicans fight over health care. 29 turns reported in iowa.
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those fireworks. "early today" starts right now. good thursday morning. i'm frances rivera. today president donald trump's travel ban finally goes into effect. the administration will begin implementing its travel ban. it comes as flying into the united states becomes that much harder for everyone. the department of homeland security announced it will be putting new security mers into place affecting all commercials flights in the country. security officials try to stay ahead of potential new terror plots. tom costello has details of. >> reporter: the new security steps being phased in this summer will affect 2,000 flights every day coming from 105 countries. every flight to the u.s. from abroad. the new procedures could include more bag check, more
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generation bag screening technology. >> unless we all raise our security standards terrorists who seek commercial aviation as the greatest take down will find and attack the weakest link. trip to new measures come as isis found a way to smuggle explosives into laptop computers. infancy detector. the u.s. would expand all flights globally but flights and foreign governments complained. >> officials have to balance security issues they see with the invention this will cause irls and travellers. >> reporter: inany airline doesn't meet security requirements could ban all flights or all electronics. for smaller airlines and countries potentially expensive
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challenge. in phoenix american airlines and tsa are already testing advance 3-d scanners to more thoroughly screen bags. >> developing overnight new details on a scandal rocking the vatican. australian police accused cardinal george pell who is pope francis chief financial adviser of historic sexual offenses. pell facing the media issued this statement. >> i have been completely consistent and clear in my total rejection of these allegations. court proceedings now offer me an opportunity to clear my name. >> we go to rome this morning. what can you tell us about the cardinal and these charges? >> reporter: good
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australian police did not give out any details what they call a historical sexual abuse charges. they said these are alleged sexual abuses carried out decades ago when he was still a priest in 1970s in australia or as an archbishop in melbourne. apart from being the highest ranking catholic in australia he's the highest ranking catholic in the whole catholic church. he's in charge of all the finances here in the vatican. highest ranking cardinal to ever be charged with sexual offenses. he called this a character assassination
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francis for allowing a leaf of absence to travel to australia to clear his name and prove his innocence. it's still unclear whether this leave of absence is a nice way for the pope to allow him to step down from his job. what we know is that the court hearing for now is scheduled for july 18th in australia. >> thank you. now to republicans scrambling as the clock winds down on their last attempt to save obamacare replacement plan. some gop members start to make overtures to their colleagues on the other side of the aisle while bracing for angry constituents as they head home. kasie hunt has more. >> reporter: after a devastating delay, protests and arrests as republicans head back into secret negotiations to crack
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last ditch attempt. >> we'll continue working to bring legislation to the floor for debate and ultimately a vote. >> have a big surprise with a great health care package. >> reporter: after seven years of promising to repeal obamacare and six months of gop control of the white house and congress, a new reality is starting to sink in. >> if we don't reach an agreement by friday it's probably the end of a sole party effort health care. >> reporter: senator john mccain asked if a friday deal could be happen. >> if pigs can fly. i said all along i thought we should talk to the democrats from the beginning. >> that's what we should have done from the beginning. >> reporter: president trump dismissing overtures from chuck schumer. >> a lot of talking. he just doesn't seem like a serious person. >> reporter: senators bracing for anger as they t
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for a bill that loin 16% of americans support, according to a new quinnipiac poll. health care will be just one of several developments on the white house's agenda as it eyes a house vote cracking down on one documented immigrants and welcomes the visiting head of state while fighting off reports of protests and conflict of interest after what some say was a questionable fundraising event. the crowd chanting as the president's motorcade rolled in. [ crowd chanting ] >> for more we're joined by tracie potts from washington. what more do we know about those protests? >> reporter: well today we can expect more negotiations on health care, a lot of demonstrations americans frustrated with this process as the senate tries to revive its unpopular health care plan. only one in six approve acrd
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fundraiser last night at his hotel raising questions about mixing his official job with his business interests. it's a fundraiser with his official fundraiser that was supposed to raise $10 million towards a 2020 can campaign. congress deals with plan b, the president trying to get more involved in these negotiations, but according to the "new york times," some lawmakers who went to the white house to talk to him about health care said he seemed especially confused when one moderate republican complained that the wealthy was getting a big tax break. what the americans were getting a big tax break and the president seemed confused about mixing health care and tax reform. moving ahead today the president has an event at the depth of energy and also welcoming south korea's president to the white house, likely to talk about the new president, president moon likely to talk about the
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provocations from north korea. >> certainly a lot on our pilates today. residents in california are battling another wildfire in camp pendleton. crews were table stop the progress of the blaze but still 0% contained. it's torched over 300 acres. earlier wednesday a fast-moving brush fire forced the mandatory evacuation of up to 70 homes in burbank. crews battled the flames as it came within feet of million dollar homes. they were able to contain that blaze and evacuation orders were lifted last night. that wasn't the case further north. that's where another blaze torched over 1,200 acres. some homes were burned to a crisp. >> my childhood memories are here but burned down to the ground. everywhere i played is torchd. >> that blaze is
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contained. here's a story you don't get to tell too often. gas prices are at the lowest level in a dozen years. heading in to the four day july 4th weekend, 44 americans will hit the road find a gallon of regular under $2. the cheapest state day to buy i monday, most expensive thursday. in iowa 24 tornadoes moved through the southwestern part of the state with several funnel clouds seen here. in wisconsin residents are cleaning up aend assessing the damage. karen cairns is monitoring severe thunderstorms. tornado threat sended. now we're watching severe thunderstorm threat that hour for much of western and northern kansas and strong storms going through areas of lake michigan into areas ofth
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today's threat this big orange blob, risk of severe storms. we could see isolated tornado. 15 million are at risk of severe storms kansas to illinois and southeast numerous thunderstorms with a lot of moisture coming off the gulf. here's a closer look at your day ahead. thunderstorm activity will continue this morning get a little bit of a break and fire up this afternoon again. kansas city and airports have significant delays. more afternoon garden variety storms in florida and the southeast today. you go to a brewery looking to have a good time this could happen. in philadelphia customers with a big scare. a u-haul truck slamming through the store front. a 44-year-old man was driving the wrong way when he lost control and went right through front of the window. he tried to flee but stopped because he needed treatment for a leg injury and later charged fo
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leading the news on thursday. secretary of state rex tillerson had an explosive meeting with white house staff. the former exxonmobil ceo blew up at the presidential personnel director in front of jared kushner and reince priebus. according to politico he was furious he wasn't allowed to staff the state department with his preferred nominees particularly since president trump said he could hire who he wanted. he complained about the lack of loyalty within the west wing. marijuana may be leg
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authorities from busting up a pot ring. they were accused of posing as legitimate dispensers as they moved 100 pounds of pot out of the state each month. >> the going rate of good quality marijuana on the black market is approximately $2,000 per pound. so the revenue would have exceeded $40,000 a month. it's the biggest pot bust. a jaw dropping police shoot out all captured on camera next here on "early today". noo introducing the easiest way to get gillette blades text "blades" to gillette on demand
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maryland officials say police were justified in killing this armed robbery suspect during a wild shootout which injured an officer and bystander. we have more on this gun battle. >> reporter: according to mta bus obtained blaine roberts gets on a bus at 2:53 p.m. on june 7th. police say moments earlier he became a suspect in the armed robbery of two people in the nearby shopping center. just after that two police officers stopped the bus and get on to talk to him. that's when he pull as gun and
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standing at the rear exit. he then tells everyone to get off the bus. he's then seen with two guns standing in the rear exit firing in all directions. this goes on for about a minute-and-a-half where he could stop and reload. at one point he walks to the front of the bus and fires some shots and police fire back. irv makes a run for it. outside a police body camera captures the tense moment this officer switches from a shotgun to a pistol. irv goes down in a nearby lawn. the officer runs closer but irv does not listen to police. >> drop the gun right now. drop the gun. drop the gun. [ gunshot ] >> reporter: irv is killed and the gun battle is
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baltimore county state attorney says after reviewing the case which included social media video police body cam video and mta video there's no doubt police were justified and no further action would be taken. >> when you look at all three of those you get a very complete picture that these officers were justified in using deadly force because not only were their lives in danger but what lives of many civilians in the area were in danger. still ahead, the academy awards did something they should have done years ago. plus jimmy fallon gets down right despicable. that's next. i wonder who... . we're gonna need some reinforcements...quick. copy that. walgreens makes it easy when summer needs a little help. your summer base camp is just around the corner so you can get in, out and back to those summer shenanigans. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy®.
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for the whole family. for the best day in the sun. neutrogena®. everybody is talk about despicable me 3. we send our writer down to the "30 rock" plaza to see how excited people are for the movie and to see if they mispronounce despicable me 3. >> how far seen the trailer for it? >> we have. >> do you think you'll take a lot of see people see -- >> yeah probably. >> how far seen trailer >> i've only heard it. >> i hope you enjoy the movie. i hope you have a great time seeing it. >> they got a camera on them, they feel the pressure. >> yeah, ah-ha. >> i would have done the same thing. >> academy of motion arts and
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new members from 57 countries. they include duane rock johnson. terri cruz. leslie jones. and myra rudolph. this year's class is 39% female and 30% people of color. that's more than 300% increase in racial diversity. >> that's good but on i four in ten females. >> since 2016. remember the backlash when oscar nominees were white. >> long overdo. how about this for a big auction item. r2d2 got sold. it was sold for $2.7 million. we don't know who bought it. >> well worth it for those who got it.
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now on "news4 today," bravery on the baseball field. how lawmakers are acknowledging first responders two weeks after a gunman opened fire in alexandria. also, saying thank you today. metro, what riders will see when they hop on a train for work this morning. on the road again. what to expect if you're taking off early for the holiday weekend. the good news and the bad news drivers can expect. good morning everybody. 4:26 right now. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. for us it's only thursday. for a whole lot of people taking time off for the july 4th weekend, it is friday. >> we are here to help get you ready.
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melissa. check in with her in a minute. first a look at your weather with chuck and sheena. good morning guys. >> i know at least one of us is taking tomorrow off. this is a friday for one of us. >> i'm very happy. i like the temperatures, too, this morning. gets me on a roll for the weekend. it's still cool this morning. if you thought yesterday was cool, we're still cool. some areas are not as cool as yesterday. this time yesterday morning, we had a couple 40-degree temperatures on the map. 57 manassas. clinton, 63 degrees. 59 winchester. very comfortable, though. you could get away with some long sleeves this morning. not this afternoon. for your morning, 7:00 a.m., cool start. around 70 degrees. the sunshine will be out today. by 9:00, very comfortable. about the mid-70s. hotter and more humid this afternoon. coming up, we'll talk about thunderstorm chances for part of your weekend. let check your roads,
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>> good morning. wanted to mention with that closure, manassas line here yesterday, we do have that running normally here. here are the roads. inner loop here. before 270, the spur, work zone blorking the three left lanes here this morning. taking a look elsewhere, northbound 270 after 80 in urbana. work zone blocking the left lane. take a look at 66. fairfax county parkway, the beltway, no traffic into or out of town this morning. we're going to take a look at 95 coming up. big developments happened while you were sleeping concerning a top vatican cardinal. >> erika gonzalez at the live desk with details. >> most senior catholic cardinal announced he's been granted leave by the pope in order to face serious charges. the cardinal being charged with sex
4:29 am
today in melbourne without giving details. guard nall pell talked about the charges calling them false. >> i'm looking forward finally to having my day in court. i'm innocent of these charges. they are false. >> the 76-year-old cardinal was appointed to his vatican post by pope francis in 2014. back over to you. erika, thank you. new details in a shooting in northeast washington. we've learned the man found shot on trinidad avenue has died. police were called to the scene around 8:00 yesterday morning. they've confirmed to us overnight this is now a homicide investigation. so far, no suspects but there is a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. >> in district heights, a man was found dead last
4:30 am
avenue. prince george's county police say he was shot. they have not released information about a suspect or a motive. why were they on an active train track? that's one of the many unanswered questions after another deadly train accident. a 13-year-old girl was hit and killed near manassas by a vre train yesterday. this comes hours after an amtrak train hit and killed two csx workers near union station in d.c. chopper 4 was over the scene shortly after the crash as authorities tried to help the teen. fairfax county police say the teen was hiking in the area with two family members. the girl and another teenager were on the tracks and didn't realize a train was headed straight for them. the boy jumped out of the way but it was too late for the girl. she was hit, fell into the ravine below the tracks and died. vre's manassas line is running on time this morning. justin finch has reaction from people livinn


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