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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 29, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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out the door whether you're starting your vacation now, lucky you, or headed to work. >> melissa mollet will have a look at the roads. storm team meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen are outside this morning. the sun is up. >> yep. >> is it already going to work? >> a beautiful day outside. >> it's my thursday and her friday. another day off. i have to look into this. there needs to be a full investigation. >> i'm going to be sick next week. that's what's happening. >> that's what it is. good forecast, sheena. hope flip she'll get to enjoy her long weekend and hopefully everyone at home will enjoy theirs as well. >> beautiful skies over washington. temperatures, a few spots in the 50s. frederick, maryland, leesburg, virginia in the 50s. everyone else, low to mid-60s. it will be a hot one today. upper 80s in the suburbs. about 91 in washington. not too terribly humid yet. the humidity will build as we get into tomorrow and over the weekend. we're off to a comfortable start. next best chance for rain will be coming up on saturday night.
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to the beach, again, that late-day chance saturday, saturday night. but sunday, monday and the fourth of july all look really nice. water temperature around 70 degrees. sun block. >> into 70 degree ocean water? >> get my feet in to cool off. >> fair enough. >> let's go into melissa mollet and see how she's holding up on a thursday. >> take a look at that beautiful shot this morning as chopper 4 pans to the left. you can see outbound nice and clear. inbound nice and clear. best advice again today. if you have to leave today or if you're going to leave today, good for you. do it before 10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. northbound ind yand head highway at swan creek, that crash reported. inner and outer loop of the beltway, no big problems this morning. taking a look at 66, slow inbound. nothing reported there. we'll keep our eye on it and 95 northbound and southbound there in virginia looking just fine. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. it's 6:01. there are a lot of questions this morning after another deadly train accident in our
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area. this time a 13-year-old girl is dead after being hit by a vre train near manassas. this comes hours after an amtrak train hit and killed two csx workers near union station in d.c. >> vre's manassas line is running on time this morning after that crash. service was suspended yesterday after the train was hit in the area of bull run bridge. chopper 4 as over the scene shortly after the crash as vre employees tried to help the girl. >> justin finch is live at the manassas station with more on why that girl was walking on the tracks. justin, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. fairfax county officials say she was hiking with her family and friends. she was with another friend. that friend also saw that train approaching. was able to jump and escape. she was not able to move from the way of that train in time. here's a look at what happened next. chopper 4 over that scene at
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fairfax and prince william county officials joined vre workers to try to save the 13-year-old girl's life. to no avail. we spoke with people who know that area in and around bull run bridge. they told us it's common for young people to hang out there and describe the spot as hilly and narrow made all the more dangerous with an approaching train. fairfax county officials say it's a sad reminder for people of all ages to avoid trespassing. >> we encourage everybody, only cross where you're supposed to cross. don't pass the no trespassing areas. you can be charged for going on to railroad properties. >> reporter: police also saying that trains can also move faster than they appear when you're on the tracks. tracks, anyway, they say are a dangerous place to be. no i.d. yet on the 13-year-old victim. but we do know that she was a student at lake braddock secondary school. back to you. >> justin finch. thank you. now t
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in d.c. that we brought you with breaking news at this time yesterday. here's what we learned so far. the csx workers killed tuesday night were inspecting a problem with the wheel of a train. authorities say they accidentally stepped on to active tracks near new york avenue. not too far from union station. that's when they were hit and killed. they do not know whether amtrak was notified before the accident about the workers. 6:04. big developments while you were sleeping concerning a top vatican cardinal. >> erika gonzalez at the live did he say wk details. erika. >> aaron and eun, the vatican is dealing with new sex charges against the treasurer. he's the most seen i can't remember catholic cardinal. his name is george pell. we have not heard from the pope on the charges. he's been attending a mass blessing 36 archbishops appointed over the last year. this is footage of that from this morning. police announced the charges today in melbourne without giving de
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cardinal pell spoke about the charges overnight calling them false and saying that he is innocent. the 76-year-old cardinal was appointed to the vatican post by pope francis in 2014. he is now on leave. back over to you. >> all right, erika, thank you. it has been two weeks since the gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball practice in alexandria. today, lawmakers will visit the alexandria police department to talk to the officers who responded to that attack. congressman don beyer of virginia will add a formal acknowledgment to the congressional record and give officers a framed copy of that statement honoring their bravery. a witness caught some of the shooting on his cell phone. several people, including house majority whip including steve scalise were shot. he's been released from the icu. police are expected back to an apartment complex in district heights after a man was found dead last night. this is just off pennsylvania avenue. prince ge'
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they have not released any information about a suspect or a motive. new details on a shooting investigation in northeast washington. we've learned the man found shot on trinidad avenue has died. police were called to the scene around 8:00 a.m. wednesday. police confirmed to us overnight that this is now a homicide investigation. so far there are no suspects. but there is a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. 6:06. these are the top stories to know about today. the man who police say brutally killed a teen is not part of a gang. police say they found no evidence that darwin martinez torres was a part of ms-13. torres killed nabra hassanen last week as she was going to a sterling mosque for morning prayer services. investigators say this stems from a case of road rage. part of president trump's travel ban blocking foreign travelers from six majority muslim countries goes into effect today. it comes after
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decision earlier this week to temporarily uphold portions of that ban. the administration set new guidelines overnight for visa applications from those countries. it requires applicants to prove a close family or business tie to the united states. >> the busy holiday travel weekend actually kicked off today. here's another live look at traffic on the bay bridge right now. >> maryland transportation officials say avoid the middle of the day when planning your trip over the bridge. if you are leaving today, do it before 10:00 a.m. you're running out of time. or after 10:00 p.m. tomorrow before 8:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. and similar times through the july 4th holiday. coming up, megan mcgrath has good news about gas prices this weekend. this morning a d.c. councilmember wants to know whether police racially profiled teens when they detained them on the national mall. this picture caused a lot of debate on our nbc washington app. park misplaced the teens in handcuffs for selling water without a
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councilmember charles allen believes their skin color played a role. >> i'm pretty sure if my daughter were selling a bottle of water, she would have ended up in handcuffs. i think that's what upset so many people. to see the image of three young black men handcuffed on the ground. pockets outturned, they've been patted down and searched for selling bottles of water. >> the teens were let go with a warning. councilmember allen says he spoke with the chief of park police about the issue and it's being investigated. a shootout with police from on board a public bus. a man killed after opening fire in front of passengers. new video from that frightening takedown just ahead. some shocking revelations from a former washington red skin. clinton portis is admitting that he seriously considered killing someone close to him. we'll have more from the interview you'll be hearing about told. good morning. comfortably cool this morning. a really nice start to your day.
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fantastic. plenty of sunshine and temperatures mostly in the low 70s as the sun continues to come up here. but quickly we warm to around 90. coming up in a bit, we'll talk about weekend storms. that's next. plus, remember this? marking five years since a deadly derecho blew through
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good morning. another comfortably cool start to your day. for today, your morning commute is looking really good. nice and dry. the evening commute for heading out of town, nice and dry. saturday, thunderstorms in the forecast. coming up, chuck will have a close look at your quick en loans golf tournament forecast if you're heading there. chopper 4 over the bay bridge. looking quite good coming through the tolls there this morning. again, travel
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or after 10:00 p.m. if you are headed out today. aaron? melissa, thank you. it's 6:13 right now. shocking new video this morning showing a suspect in baltimore county police officers getting into a shootout on a packed bus. we should warn you this video may be hard to watch. earlier this month, police boarded a bus to confronts april robbery suspect. the suspect immediately pulled out a gun and started shooting at the officer. mothers, fathers, kids started running for their lives. the suspect started shooting from the coardoors of that bus before he ran off. >> drop the gun! >> now, that shootout continued into the street where officers eventually shot and killed the suspect. the state's attorney reviewed the video and said the officers were justified in that shooting. a stunning revelation from former redskins running back clinton portis. he told sports illustrated he
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for losing his fortune and helping drive him to bankruptcy. portis says it was during his darkest days in 2013, one of his close friends convinced him not to hurt anyone. but portis told the reporter, if he'd encounter the investor, he'd probably be doing this interview from prison. we should mention that portis contributed to news 4 sports in the past. an aspiring youtube star is facing a second degree manslaughter charge. police in minnesota say this girl here shot her boyfriend in the chest while filming a video. police say he was shot outside their home while holding up a hard-cover book to block the bullet. the two have only been making youtube videos together since may and according to the videos, they have a 3-year-old and perez is pregnant. it's 6:14. it's been nearly one year since a young man from fairfax county lost his foot in an explosion in new york's central park. connor
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in the park when he jumped on a rock and landed on a bag of explosives. his left leg had to be amputated below the knee. now they're trying to help solve the mystery. >> i know there are people out there with information and know more approximate this. >> we've learned the substance golden stepped on is often used by isis. more on the push for answers in this case coming up on the "today" show. wildfires raging across the country with first responders working feverishly to keep people and property out of harm's way. this scene in utah, the brian head fire consumed 80 square miles and torched more than a dozen homes. a torch using to clear weeds was responsible for that one. then this scene in california where firefighters have been able to get a handle on a fast moving blaze on camp pendleton that ravaged 300 acres of brush
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dangerous scene in arizona. the massive goodwin fire prompted evacuation orders. the flames in over 20,000 acres. a state of emergency declared and 3,000 structures are currently at risk with only 1% of that fire contained. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. five years ago we added a new word to your weather vocabulary. derechoment. >> if you live in this area, it was a storm and a name you won't soon forget. chuck, you remember this storm. this was a monster. >> it was an amazing severe weather event. a lot of people hadn't heard the word before. it was not the first derecho that reached the area. we have had a couple of other high end derechos over the years. that one five years ago today, that was one for the record books for sure. winds over 70 miles an hour at dulles and at national airports. it was a storm for the record books for sure. amelia draper -- >> power outages and the damage. >> almost 2 million lost power for the
6:17 am
amelia draper takes a look back. >> reporter: mentioned the word derecho in the washington area and you're sure to get a reaction. people are n instantly reminded of the derecho that happened on june 29th of 2012. it killed a total of 13 people, left over 4 million homes without power for days. 2 million were in our region and knocked down trees and power lines in its 700-mile long path. west virginia, ohio, virginia, maryland and the district were the hardest hit areas. our local national weather service issued 15 severe thunderstorm warnings and two tornado warnings. all three airports in the area recorded gusts near or higher than 70 miles an hour. before the storm even arrived, we were in the midst of a heat wave. we recorded one of our hottest temperatures ever that
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104 degrees with humidity levels through the roof. when the storm arrived around 10:00 p.m., the damage was unbelievable. most people were unfamiliar with the weather phenomenon called a derecho. in this area, it's been more common in the midwest. yet, according to the national weather service we usually have a derecho impact the area about once every four years. but the strength of the june 29th storm was highly unusual. >> certainly was. we average one about every four years. as amelia mentioned, not alder ach owes are created equal. the name was given to derecho by a man named gustavo hinrichs. that's where the name comes from. there are at least two other high-end derecho events we've endured here. but theye
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june of 1954 and yjuly of 1980 were two others. those come every 20 years. we average one about every four years or so. no worries about severe weather for today or tomorrow. 66 degrees with a light south wind. it's going to be a great day to be outside. we'll warm quickly from the low and mid 630s. up into the upper 80s and low 90s later on today. not super humid today but the humidity will be higher today than yesterday and increase for the next couple of days. thunderstorms back out to our -- well out to the west across the great plains will bring us a next best chance for storms late saturday and saturday night. today no worries. tomorrow, nothing to worry about either. other than the increasing heat and humidity. we're headed out for the quicken loans national, stay in the shady spots today and tomorrow. a little bit on the humid side. storms late in the day on saturday. hopefully they'll be done playing golf by the time it actually happens. thinking about the fourth of ly
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there's a slight chance for a shower during the day on the fourth. but i think we'll be dry for fireworks toim. five-day forecast, hot and humid around here through the course of the weekend. that's really not all that unusual for the fourth of july holiday. let's go over to first 4 traffic and melissa mollet. >> good morning. this looks pretty good for the beginning of the fourth of jufl holiday. lots of people will be leaving today in the afternoon. if you can leave before 10:00 or after 10:00 tonight, that is going to be your best bet. chopper 4 over the bay bridge and showing you that we look nice and light out of town now. in town as well. bay bridge, nice light volume. nice and green. wishing it could stay that way for the entire day. northbound indian head highway at swan creek road, still the crash and some delays. beltway overall looks okay. main routes into and out of town, no major issues. this is proving it for you. 270 south germantown to the spur. yo
6:21 am
same thing. top of the beltway. taking a look at 66. it's just fine. 95 north kwaupt coquantico. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. melissa, thank you. thises a video that will make it to the social media feed. a snake wrapped around a rail handle in new york on a subway train >> this is when you break the glass. >> this might qualify as one of those times. it appears no one was rattled by what they saw. it's a new york subway. the video was picked up by subway creature. it already has more than 130,000 views. >> been there, done that. i'd be out. >> got to be fast enough. allegations, we've been telling you about the scandal rocking prince george's county schools. now we're learning the impact the investigation could have on the head
6:22 am
vacation worrying about what's going on back at home. up next, we'll fill you in on the ways to make sure your home
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best morning newscast. always working for you. go team. all right. a live look now at the bay bridge. today is expected to be the start of the fourth of july holiday rush to eastern shore. people trying toet
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record year for travel nationwide. air bnb is banking on a record year as well. the home sharing site estimates the guests will save about $27 million by skipping big hotel chains compared to $15.5 million last year. that is according to a new report released in the last few minutes here. >> it says the average cost of a hotel room in top destinations this year is $185 compared to $116 for air bnb rooms. now that it is summer, a lot of you will be going on vacation. before you head out, news 4 has tips to make sure your home is safe and secure while you're away. >> thieves look for easy targets. leaving your house unattended is tempting for someone looking to steal. before you leave home, katie due foe with the
6:26 am
department has four tips. >> make sure that your doors and windows are locked and secure. two, make sure that you have a plan that someone will bring in your garbage cans and pick up your mail to make it look like someone is home and it attending the house. three, avoid posting on social media where you're going or how long you're going to be gone. four, make sure you tell a trusted neighbor you're not going to be home and instructions on how to contact you and to contact police if something is out of the ordinary. >> as tempting as it might be, it may be best to post vacation pictures and comments after you come back home. a lot of people want to show the nice beach they're on or stuff like that. >> yeah. >> people are scouring social media looking for that sort of stuff. >> a lot of people get house sitters, someone to come over and check on things. gas prices plunge in time for the holiday get away. where we found a deal at the pump and what you can expect before you hit the roads. plus, tragedy on the tracks. a tge
6:27 am
find out what delayed emergency crews and hear the new warning from police. good morning. we've gone a couple of days in a row without getting back into the 90s. the streak may be getting ready to come to an end as higher heat and humidity comes our way for the long fourth of july weekend. have a complete check of forecast in just a minute. there's a live picture from chopper 4 of the beautiful chesapeake bay bridge.
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deadly crossing, a popular teen place. get ready for a change in the weather. a big one. what you can expect for your fourth of july weekend. holiday get away. the good news for your budget and the bad news if you're not packing up the car right now. >> chopper 4 is up live and scanning the roads before you head out this morning. >> the summer travel season is about to kick into full gear with a record number of people expected to hit the roads. most people will be gassing up and heading out today. >> we're working for you with crews spread out across our
6:31 am
we're following big stories. >> new changes in airport security and we're getting you ready for the holiday get away, too. first though,let get to what we want to know. will this weather hold up for the fourth of july holiday weekend. >> meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen are out on the weather deck with up to the minute forecast for you. how is it feeling out there? >> feels like fourth of july in new england out here. it's wonderful. >> it does. it feels fantastic. it is a little bit cool this morning. it's nice just like yesterday morning. but we will start to get more into that summertime pattern. just in time for your fourth of july. we're going to actually be feeling more like fourth of july. right now, it's 66 degrees. very nice as you head out. plenty of sunshine. here's a look at the neighborhood temperatures. leesburg is 58 degrees. in the district, 67. if you're in cheverly, it's 64. through the day today, little bit more humid. mid-80s by noon and by the afternoon we're talking about
6:32 am
going into your fourth of july, it looks pretty good. it's going to feel like summer. so it's going to be hot and humid. we'll take a closer look at that forecast. your beach forecast coming up in a bit. let's check your commute. a lot of people heading out of town, melissa. >> before or 10:00 a.m. and after 10:00 p.m. everything looks good outbound there. inbound no problems. inbound here this morning. right now, montgomery county, randolph road at sherwood forest drive. a crash reported. getting that out of the way. in prince george's county, indian head highway at swan creek, a crash there as well. inbound delays and on the red line, delays right now to shade. eun. >> here's a look at your top stories this morning. we know that a teenager was hiking with her family when she was hit and killed by a vre train. this happened yesterday on the tracks near the bull r
6:33 am
that vre's manassas line is back on a normal schedule. the 13-year-old girl has not been identified. part of metro's red line will be closed for several weekends in an attempt to repair a leaking tunnel. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss first reported the possibility of shutdowns nearly four years ago. no train service near grosvenor and friendship heights. red line trains will single track on weeknights between friendship heights and medical center. take a look at this map. these are the six kun trips ich impacted by president trump's travel ban. we'll try to get the map to you. this comes after the supreme court's decision to temporarily uphold portions of that ban. >> the administration put in place new guidelines. requiring foreign travelers to prove a close family or business tie to the united states.
6:34 am
if you're traveling outside the u.s. in the coming weeks or months, prepare for more security when you return. >> the department of homeland security has unveiled its new security measures for international flights. erika gonzalez is in the newsroom with the four things to know about it. erika, good morning. >> good morning, aaron and eun. the new rules will be imposed at more than 280 airports at 105 countries. it calls for more extensive passenger screenings and increased use of bomb sniffing dogs. passengers will be allowed to carry electronic devices larger than a cell phone on to u.s.-bound flights if they board an airline that complies with these new rules. airport officials hope that this will not add to wait times at security checkpoints. ment the rules will not affect domestic flights. also to note there. thank you, erika. the virginia man accused of trying to sell top secret document to chinese intelligence officers will be in
6:35 am
department security agent. prosecutors say mallory lied to the fbi back in april. mallory says he didn't know he was meeting with chinese intelligence during a trip to china and never gave them classified documents. but they found tapes which said he was to get paid for it. mallory faces life in prison. covering prince george's county. more bad news for the head of the schools there. the county chap scherff the naacp is asking the county to wait before renewing the contract for kevin maxwell. the organization wants to see the results of an investigation into possible grade tampering before asking maxwell to stay on. they say teachers were pressured to change grades in order to boost graduation rates. the naacp says maxwell's new contract was based in part on his success improving graduation rates. they also want his raise put on hold until the investigation is
6:36 am
montgomery county liquor control employee was busted for helping himself to the county's stash. yu joan snowden, jr., worked for the department of liquor control. he's been fired. police arrested snowden and another man, accusing them of stashing liquor in bushes. the pair snatched more than $21,000 in booze dating back to at least february. with the fourth of july holiday near, maryland state police and other police agencies across the state will be out in force looking for drunk drivers. for the fourth straight year, the -- they will be patrolling during the long holiday weekend. the team made nearly 2300 dui arrests over the past four years. it is 6:36. gas prices are plunging to a 12-year low. >> that is good news because aaa says more than a million people in our area will travel 50 miles or more from home. megan mcgrath is l
6:37 am
roads for the holiday. hi, megan. >> reporter: hey, guys. yeah. some people are going to leave today, others will leave on friday. some will wait until saturday. no matter how you slice it, it's going to be a busy couple of days going into the july 4th holiday. this is route 301 in bowie. off in the distance there, that is the exit ramp for route 50 east. you can imagine, route 50 is going to be very, very busy as people head to the beaches. now, a record number of travelers are going to be hitting the highways in our area this holiday. more than 1 million, that's the highest number reported since aaa started tracking travelers in 2001. nine out of ten of those folks are going to travel by car. so it will be very busy. good news, though. gas prices. they are extremely low for a holiday weekend. the lowest since 2003. so good news for folks there. in fact, it's
6:38 am
of regular at the gas station where i am. we talked to one woman, though, who is not sure if she's going to travel yet. she's playing it by ear. >> i'm not decided yet. i kind of want to relax and stay home and try to -- >> just recoup from the traffic of everyday hustle and bustle get to go work. >> reporter: so she's not decided. but a lot of people are. it's going to be a busy couple of days. back to you guys. megan, thank you. we have breaking news at 6:38. a vatican official charged. the sex scandal that reached the pope's inner circle. the accusations and the new response from a top cardinal this morning. profiling controversy. you may have seen the picture of teens handcuffed for selling bottled water on the national mall. now, there's a new call for
6:39 am
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6:42 am
the next couple of days. if you're going to be outside around here today and the next few days, baseball, perfect weather for baseball tonight. golf, no problem there. the pool today, spf 30 or higher and eating dinner on the sidewalk cafes, be a little hot before 7:00. maybe 7:00, 7:30 sit-downtime. we have your ten-day forecast and the forecast for the fourth all coming up. taking a look at the bay bridge. looking quite good here. chopper 4 showing you inbound, outbound. new problem inner loop before gallows road. crash blocking the left lane. we'll look at the roadways and travel times and metro issues coming up. amazon is pulling out all the stops. the reason you're about to see a flurry of deals. deadly amtrak accident. why workers were on the tracks and the new steps being taken to r event anothe
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6:46 am
breaking news. a top vatican cardinal is facing multiple sex assault charges. new this morning, one of the pope's top advisers just released his first statement. >> i have been completely consistent and clear. >> a teen killed on the tracks. but she wasn't alone. >> it's a place where a lot of teenagers go to have fun. how the others escaped and what neighbors say needs to be done now. >> what do we do? >> stand up -- >> crashing a campaign fundraiser. protesters fill d.c. streets while president trump rakes in big bucks to be your president for another four years. happened cuffed and detained for selling a bottle of water. >> i'm pretty sure if my daughter were selling a bottle of water, she wouldn't end up in
6:47 am
national mall and the new call for action. this morning, vre's manassas line is running on time after a 13-year-old girl was hit and killed by one of its trains. >> fairfax county police said the train hit the teen at the bull run bridge between clifton and manassas yesterday afternoon. justin finch is live at the manassas station with more on why that girl was walking on the tracks. justin? >> reporter: aaron, good morning. this likely all happened in a matter of seconds. two 13-year-olds and her male friends were on the tracks as the vre train approached. the boy was able to jump in time but the girl, of course, was hit. seconds later, this was the scene. chopper 4 above it all. first responders joining vre workers to try and save that young girl's life. we're told they -- the bull run locatiei
6:48 am
fairfax investigators say she was hiking in nearby woods with family members and friends. locals say that area is a common plot for young people to gather. police say this is a sad reminder that train tracks are dangerous and so is trespassing. neighbors were sad to hear about this deadly accident. >> sad to hear a 13-year-old girl who lost her life so early. she had a life ahead of her. i mean, that does happen, but it's very sad. devastated. >> reporter: we know that the victim went to lake braddock secondary school. her name has not been released. back to you. justin finch. thank you. we're learning more details about the deadly amtrak train we brought to you as breaking news yesterday. >> they're reevaluating how a train hit and killed two csx railroad workers. the two employees received an alert that expected them to stop
6:49 am
active amtrak tracks late last night outside union station. that amtrak train was carrying 121 passengers and coming from boston and new york. a baby is recovering after falling out of a window in southwest d.c. this is on third street a few blocks from arena stage. the baby was taken to the hospital, conscious and breathing and is expected to be okay. to help prevent these accidents, we have a list of window safety resources for families in the nbc washington app. search window safety. this morning, the vatican is dealing with new sex abuse charges against the vatican treasurer. he's australia's most senior catholic cardinal. his name, george pell. the pope was at the vatican this morning, blessing 36 arch bishops appointed over the last year. this is footage of that. the spokesperson says that the pope has learned with reg
6:50 am
that francis had granted pell a leave of absence to defend himself in court. police announce the charges in melbourne without giving further details. cardinal pell spoke about the charges overnight calling them false and saying that he is innocent. he's now on leave. back over to you. >> thank you, erika. that was the scene outside of the trump international hotel yesterday as the president held his first reelection fundraiser. the group chanted and held signs criticizing the president's health care and environmental policies. the republican national committee expected to raise about $10 million. it was just two weeks ago when a gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball practice in alexandria. several people, including house majority whip steve scalise,
6:51 am
have praised the courage and actions of first responders. today, members of congress will visit the alexandria police department to talk to officers who responded to that attack. congressman don beyer of virginia will add a formal acknowledgment of the department to the congressional record and giver the department a framed copy of the statement honoring its bravery. this morning, a d.c. councilmember wants to know whether police racially profiled teens when they were detained on national mall. this picture caused a lot of debate on our app. park misplaced teens in handcuffs for selling water without a permit. councilmember charles allen believes their skin color played a role. >> i'm pretty sure if my daughter were selling a bottle of water, she wouldn't have ended up in handcuffs. i think that upset so many people. to see the image of three young black men handcuffed on the ground, pockets out-turned. they had been patted down and searched for selling bottles of water. >> the teens were let go with a
6:52 am
spoke with the chief of park police about the issue and it's being investigated. 6:52 right now. let's turn to melissa mollet and get a check on first 4 traffic. >> good morning guys. chopper 4 over the bay bridge this morning as they zoom back out and zooming into the naval academy there. taking a look, you can see it looks nice and clear here. leave before 10:00 if you can today if you're headed out today or after 10:00 this evening. outer loop, after 95 in maryland, have a crash there. inner loop before gallows road, crash in one lane. randolph road at sherwood forest, drive crash reported there. indian head highway near swan creek road, in from prince george's county headed inbound, you can see that delay there. rest of prince george's county looks okay. the crash on the right side. hearing new crash northbound 395. that's going to start a bit of a delay. 95 at prince william
6:53 am
accident slowing things as well. metro, delays in shady grove. on the red line, the silver line, delays to the town center. a look at the travel times, 270 is okay. top of the beltway. no major problems there inner loop or outer loop. 66 inbound. 95 north. a little slow because of the two prok lems we talk problems we talked about. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm in your car. it's going to feel like summer. hot and humid. weekend storm chances are going to be in the forecast. but as we look ahead to the fourth of july, it's looking pretty good for your fourth of july tuesday, for any fireworks plans, we'll show that you in a second. currently 66 in the district. still a cooler morning. 60 in manassas, 63 clinton. if you're walking the dog today, we have pets available for adoption. head to the humane rescue alliance to find out how to adopt. by noon,
6:54 am
eating out today, around happy hour time, we'll be dry. but temperatures will be heating up. hotter than yesterday. now, the reason why this area of high pressure has moved offshore, we had more of the southwest wind. the humidity starts to go up a little bit today. more tomorrow and more over the weekend. let's take a look, though, for the rest of the evening. a lot of great outdoor activities to take part in. the nationals put one on another loss on the cubbies yesterday. so much for their world series title, right? hopefully, we make it three out of for for the series. first pitch time at 4:00 this afternoon. a perfect late afternoon and early evening for baseball. quicken loans national, great golf watching weather if u. one of the few to play in it. 93 tomorrow and then again on saturday. there is a slight chance for a few storms on saturday. sunday for the final round looks good. if you are beach-bound this weekend, maybe a thundor
6:55 am
sunday, monday, and tuesday looks really nice. temperatures at the coastline topping out in the 830s. okay. can't wait to sit at the beach. you definitely need the sun block this weekend. if you are farther inland away from the beach, temperatures in the 90s. even going into the beginnings of next week, humidity stays high through the week. fourth of july looking pretty good. good morning. i am kate rogers at cnbc headquarters. amazon will kick off prime day in the evening of july 10th. the company is expanding sales from 30 hours this week offering new deals as often as every five minutes. they're encouraging people to sign up for amazon's prime service which offers unlimited free shipping for $99 a year. last year prime sales rose more than 60% from 2015. with your morning business report, i'm kate rogers. it is 6:55. here are four things tow
6:56 am
vre's manassas line is on a normal schedule after a teen was killed on the tracks in manassas. he was walking on the tracks near bull run bridge. we'll update the nbc washington app once we learn her name. >> the department of homeland security is rolling out new security measures for international flights coming into the u.s. nbc's tom costello will have details on what to expect next on the "today" show. more than a million people in our area expected to travel this fourth of july week yechbltd nine out of ten will drive. be sure to follow first 4 traffic as you prepare to hit the road. metro wants to thank you for your support during safetrack. hundreds of employees will be at stations across the area handing out thank you notes. taking a look at the bay bridge. chopper 4 is showing us it is a good time to leave. sometimes it might be a good idea. if you're thinking to head out of town today or after 10:00 p.m., of course, outer loop after 95 in maryland, crash there. inner loop before gallows, crash blocking the left le
6:57 am
inbound at seminary. do have a crash slowing things on 395. guys? >> all right. quick peek of that ten-day forecast. look at all the 90-degree days coming back. i know a lot of the ladies like the flipflops an the hot weather. but i tell you, i'd just as soon have it sunny and 75. >> all right. that is the news for today. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for weather and traffic and breaking news. enjoy your day. >> make it a great thursday everybody.
6:58 am
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breaking overnight. nbc news has learned parts of president trump's controversial travel plan set to take effect this evening, when you there are a lot of questions this morning. just who will be banned? how will officials enforce the new les? criminal behavior? sex assault charges filed against highest ranking vatican official ever, a cardinal and member of the pope's circle. >> relentless character assassination. >> this morning why he claims he is a victim and what the pope is saying about the accusations. central park mystery. nearly a year after a teenager lost his leg when h


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