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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 29, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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within three minutes of those gunshots, alexandria police officers were there to save lives. today, those officers are getting thanked for their heroism. it could be several days of bumper to bumper traffic across the bay bridge and the biggest travel routes in our area heading into the holiday weekend. we have you covered with all the best travel times and some of our area's cheapest gas prices. and the temperatures are rising for your holiday weekend forecast as well as through your fourth of july week. currently it's nice outside but it's about to get pretty hot and humid with storms in the forecast this weekend. i'll show you that coming up.
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>> thanks so very much for joining us. a virginia congressman spent the morning thanking quick responders for their quick action two weeks ago. >> it was an emotional day that our community will not forget. a gunman opened fire on a congressional baseball practice and alexandria police officers ran toward the danger. everyone except the shooter is alive. news4's justin finch has more now from alexandria. >> it was three minutes. just terrific. >> reporter: congressman don byer on a special trip to alexandria police headquarters for a face to face show of gratitude first responders don't always get or expect. >> they do this job out of a sense of duty and honor and giving to -- back to the community, so when that things come, it's just, you know, extra piece of layer of thanks. >> reporter: the congressman hand delivering
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alexandria's police and fire departments for their quick actions june 14. when a gunman opened fire at a gop congressional baseball practice at simpson park in de l rey. byer commended the officers what backed up two capitol police officers, secured the scene so medics could come in, tend to and transport the five wounded. >> often there is tension between or among the police and the sheriff and the fire department, and there isn't here. >> reporter: a lesson in leadership and team work he believes has carried over to hits capitol hill colleagues. >> speaker ryan's comment that we're all one family, you attack one of us, you attack every one of us. i really have sensed a different feeling, a different spirit on capitol hill. >> reporter: byer also presented them with copies of his congressional record which pays tribute to their bravery shown on the
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many of you are keeping a close eye on the weather this morning, planning that trip to the beach or backyard barbecue. we know you are. >> here's a hint of things to come. it is heating up this morning. storm team4 meteorologist sheena parveen is here with what we can expect today. >> we're going to see hotter temperatures today than what we saw yesterday. we're already up to 80 degrees. it's 15 miles per hour, that south wind is going to be responsible for heating us up this afternoon and also making it feel a little bit more humid, especially as we go through the day tomorrow. leesburg is already up to 81 degrees, sterling park, potomac, and 76 degrees upper marlboro. if you're exercising today, stay hydrated, wear the sunglasses, the short sleeves. by 4:00 p.m., around 90 degrees, it's going to be hotter but even hotter tomorrow and then we have storms for part of your week and
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expect it coming up. we are working for you this morning as you prepare for the holiday weekend. a live look right now at traffic on the bay bridge. more than 1 million people in our area will travel this holiday weekend. megan mcgrath has more on what you can expect. >> reporter: well, some people are going to be leaving today. others tomorrow, but no matter how you slice it, it's going to be a busy couple of days in the area as people get out of dodge for the july fourth holiday, and actually we're going to see record numbers of travelers this year. aaa started keeping track of things back in 2001, and this is the largest number of people leaving town since they started doing that. over 1 million people will travel 50 miles or more this july fourth. now, nine out of ten of those folks, they will travel by car, so the roads are going to be very, very crowded. the good news here, gas prices are very low for a holiday weekend. the
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and we've been talking to folks this morning. some say that they're ready to go and they know it's going to be crowded. we talked to one woman who says, really, she hasn't made up her mind yet. she's going to kind of figure out her plans on the fly. >> i've not decided yet. i kind of just want to relax and stay home and recoup from all the traffic of every day hustle and bustle going to work. >> reporter: she's not decided about her plans but a lot of people have and if you are leaving town, just keep in mind that it's going to be crowded out there. the best advice is leave early and if you can't do that, then leave late. megan mcgrath, news4. and take a look at this. one of our producers spotted a gas pump showing $1.95 a gallon. this is a station near fredericksburg. we all love to pay less for gas so if you spot some low prices, let us know about it. tweet us a photo with the price and the location and the #nbcwashington on twitter, facebook, and
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president trump's travel ban blocking foreign travelers from six majority muslim countries goes into effect tonight. the supreme court's decision earlier this week temporarily upholding part of the ban. the administration set new guidelines overnight. it requires applicants to prove a close family or business tie to the united states. some big changes are coming for passengers on international flights bound for the united states. the department of homeland security is requiring airlines and airports overseas to step up their security procedures. that's instead of a ban on personal electronics. nbc's tom costello has a look at what you can expect. >> reporter: if international travel is in your immediate future, expect heightened security on the return flight home. homeland security ordering any airline that flies into a u.s. airport from abroad to meet strict new security protocols. >> we cannot play international whack-a-mole with each new
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new measures across the board to keep the traveling public safe and make it harder for terrorists to succeed. >> reporter: the new measures claim after isis claimed responsibility for downing a russian jet liner over egypt and after a bomb blew a hole in the side of a somali jet liner. since march, passengers have been required to bag check any electronic device larger than a cell phone. a plan to expand the ban globally was shelved after airlines, foreign governments, and frequent flyers pushed back. instead, a global security upgrade. more thorough carryon bag checks at foreign airports, more bomb sniffing dogs, more swabbing for explosives and more 3d carryon bag scanners like the ones being tested in phoenix. security experts warn every foreign airport is at risk. >> you have returning fighters who have been trained by isis or other groups in the middle east that are returning to locations all around the world. that could increase the possibility o
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airports being higher risk. >> reporter: in miami, mixed reaction. >> i do feel that, you know, kind of targeted to certain countries and i feel that, you know, it should be all countries. >> i feel that the world we live in today is so crazy, you just never know what's going to happen. >> i feel like we're trying to put a band-aid on a flesh wound and call it good. >> that was nbc's tom costello reporting. the new rules will not affect domestic flights in the u.s. there are lots of questions this morning after another deadly train accident in our area. this time a 13-year-old girl is dead after being hit by a vre train. this comes after an amtrak train hit and killed two csx workers near union station in d.c. in just the past hour, police released the name of the teenager killed in manassas. fairfax county police say she was hiking in the area oful
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members. she and another teenager were actually on the tracks and didn't realize a train was headed straight at them. the boy jumped out of the way but it was too late for rahan. one neighbor said too many young people play on those tracks. >> yeah, there's a lot of people in summertime that like to go walking and everything and that's just a place where a lot of teenagers go to have fun. >> she was a student at lake brad dock secondary school in burke. that accident came just hours after two csx workers were killed tuesday night. authorities say they accidentally stepped on to active amtrak tracks near union station. we do not if amtrak was notified before the accident with those workers. this next story, it's a highway police chase like you have never seen before. also after the break,
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later, we still don't know who's responsible for an explosion in central park that cause add young man from fairfax county to lose
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well, it's just the best thing i've seen all day, really, just take a closer look at this. this is in texas where crews spent the morning tryingo
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wrangle pigs from the interstate there. the pigs were on a semi truck that overturned before 7:00 this morning. this happened right during rush hour. one group of pigs made it about half mile away before being ushered back. firefighters did what they could to keep the pigs cool in the hot heat so you see them spraying them down there. they even fed one of the pigs -- gave him some water through a fire hose. >> was that what that was? >> i think so. >> i thought it was vegetable oil. >> bad jokes, one little piggy went to the market. >> grab a fire hose? grab a fork. switching gears, d.c. fire officials cracking down on illegal fireworks. >> inspectors are going around and checking fireworks stands around the district. they're trying to keep the illegal and more dangerous stuff out of d.c. firefighters say they will confiscate illegal fireworks and issue tickets. the mission is pretty simple here, for everyone to have a happy and safe fourth of july holiday. we posted a look at the fireworks laws in d.c. and
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local counties in the nbc washington app. just search fireworks laws. well, it is coming up on a year since a young man from fairfax county lost his foot in an explosion in new york's central park. connor golden was with friends in a park when he jumped on a rock and landed on a bag of explosives. his left leg had to be aefrp at a timed ther-- amputated. >> i know there are people out there who have information, who know where are about this. >> we've learned the substance in the bag golden stepped on is often used by isis. this morning, a baby is recovering after falling out of a window in southwest d.c. this is on third street a few blocks away from arena stage. police tell us the fall was less than ten feet. the baby was taken to the hospital but was conscious, breathing and sa breathing
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breathing and is expected to be okay. we are learning more details about nabra hassanen. police looked into reports that suspect darwin martinez torres is a member of the m-13 gang. they found no credible information that he is connected to the gang. police say torres killed nabra last week. investigators say it stemmed from a case of road rage and the police chief say they do not believe this is a hate-related crime. the majority of the hate crimes in the u.s. go unreported. that information coming from a new report released by the justice department today. people don't report the crimes for several reasons, according to this report, including thinking police won't help. >> responsibility to protect people's freedom and their religious rights, their integrity, their ability to express themselves, and to push back against violence and hate crimes that occur in our country. >> the new report said there was no significant increase in the
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2004 and 2015. this morning, a d.c. council member wants to know if these teens in the picture were racially profiled when they were detained on the national mall. the picture has caused a lot of debate on our nbc washington app. park police placed the teens in handcuffs for selling water without a permit. council member charles allen believes their skin color played a role. >> i'm pretty sure if my daughter were out there selling a bottle of water, she wouldn't have ended up in handcuffs and i think that's what upset so many people is to see the image of three young black men handcuffed on the ground, pockets outturned, they had been patted down and searched for selling bottles of water. >> the teens were eventually let go with a warning. council member allen says he spoke with the chief of park police about the issue and it is being investigated. this summer, we know a lot of you will be going on vacation but before you head it, news4 is working for you with some tips to make sure that your home is
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targets, leaving your house unattended is tempting to someone looking to steal. before you leave your home. the fairfax county police department has four tips. >> make sure that your doors and windows are locked and secure. two, make sure that you have a plan that someone will bring in your garbage cans and pick up your mail to make it look like someone is home and attending the house. three, avoid posting on social media where you're going or how long you're going to be gone. four, make sure you tell a trusted neighbor that you are not going to be home. and instructions on how to contact you and to contact police if something is out of the ordinary. >> and as tempting as it might be, it may be best to post your vacation pictures and comments after you come back home. in news for your health now, it's being called an exciting advance in the field of personalized medicine. doctors can test your genes to see if a specific medication will be right for you. it's already been used to treat some kinds of
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range of common illnesses. >> reporter: karen was on a valentine's date with her husband eight years ago when she almost died. >> i was getting dizzy, and i was blacking out. >> reporter: what this grandmother didn't know, the medication she had been taking for a heart problem was backfiring, building up to toxic levels. >> lethal levels. >> yes. >> reporter: something she discovered thanks to a gene test at the mayo clinic. >> these are very common medications. >> reporter: it's an exciting field, testing your genetic profile to see how you might process a variety of drugs from pain relievers to more complex cancer treatments. >> what we try to do is determine ahead of time who the drug is not going to work in and who might have a severe adverse response, a bad reaction to the drug and avoid that. >> reporter: are you saving lives? >> there's no doubt in
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that this information is saving lives. >> the yellow says use with caution. >> reporter: doctors now keep patients genetic test results on file so they can check to see if the drug will work on cause a problem before prescribing it. other members of karen's family also got tested and had the same results, which will now guide their future prescriptions. >> it's tremendous are relief. my family means everything. >> reporter: a new era in health care, helping doctors prescribe the best medicine for you. dr. john torres, nbc news, lake park, minnesota. metro riders are getting a thank you today, what they are being thanked for. plus it's the tenth anniversary of the iphone since the iphone came out, chewing gum sales have actually dropped. the theory, well, because people now stare at their phones at grocery store lines, they don't pick up the gum. we're going to have more -- >> that makes a lot of sense. >> tell you more about how
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check out this tornado video in iowa. it was one of at least three tornados that touched down in the state yesterday. several homes damaged in this. fortunately, no injuries have been reported, though. five years ago, we added a new word to your vocabulary. derecho. >> if you were in the area, it was a storm and a name that a lot of folks
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draper takes a look back at that historic event. >> reporter: mention the word derecho here in the washington area and you're sure to get a reaction. people are instantly reminded of the historic derecho that happened on june 29 of 2012. it killed a total of 13 people, left over 4 million homes without power for days, 2 million of those in our region, and knocked down trees and power lines in its 700-mile-long path. west virginia, ohio, virginia, maryland, and the district were the hardest hit areas. our local national weather service issued 15 severe thunderstorm warnings and 2 tornado warnings. all three airports in the area reported gusts near or higher than 70 miles an hour. before the storm even arrived, we were in the midst of a heat wave. we recorded one of our hottest temperatures ever that da
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degrees, when humidity levels through the roof. when the storm arrived around 10:00 p.m., the damage was unbelievable. most people were unfamiliar with the weather phenomenon called a derecho. in this area, they're more common in the midwest, yet according to the national weather service, we usually have a derecho impact area about once every four years. but the strength of the june 29 storm was highly unusual. >> i remember those images vividly. >> so many people lost power for days after that storm in the middle of the summer. the heat of the summer. >> at least we had crews that were coming in from across the country to come in and help restore power. it was just unlike anything we had ever seen. >> the problem is a lot of computer models have trouble predicting derechos. so when it's approaching, you start to see it on the radar and you have to kind of come to your own conclusion about what's happening. the computer models sometimes don't even see. of course, we are learning
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day. it is one weather phenomenon that we're going keep watching but we don't have to watch it today. today we're looking at really nice weather, highs willing warmer than yesterday. little bit more humid. i think you should notice it this afternoon. i think we're going to have a breezy south wind and that's going to increase that humidity but it's going to warm those temperatures up and tomorrow it's going to be more humid. going into the weekend, we have some storm chances for the first half of the week and not your entire weekend but fourth of july so far is looking really good for any of your plans. currently we're around 80 degrees. leesburg, 82, 80 clinton, 78 degrees manassas, in the district we're at 08 degrees. if you're walking the dog today, it's going to be a hot one. this is duchess available at the humane are rescue alliance for adoption. you can head to their website for more information. little more humid. 7:00 p.m., mid 80s, don't forget clear the shelters and coming up saturday august 19. you can head to the nbc washington app to
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information on that so we're trying to find lots of homes for the animals as we get into the month of the august especially. more humidity for today and tomorrow. there's that big area of high pressure, bringing in that wind. across your weekend, beach forecast is going to be humid, mid 80s, best day for storms looks like saturday. 90s in the forecast, 91 saturday, 93 sunday, and 92 as we start off next week. we'll look at your fourth of july forecast coming up. the top adviser to the pope accused of sex abuse. after the break, how the cardinal is responding. and a shootout with police from on board a public bus, a man killed after opening fire in front of passengers. we've g new video fotro
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the vatican is dealing with a sex abuse charges against the highe highest ranking vatican official. nbc's bill neely reports. >> reporter: never before has a cardinal been charged with sexual abuse. at the vatican this morning, cardinal george pell insisted he's innocent. >> i'm looking forward finally to having my day in court. the whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent
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>> reporter: he's been the victim, he said, of relentless character assassination. australian police have a different view. >> cardinal pell is facing multiple charges in respect to historic sexual offenses, and there are multiple complainants relating to those charges. >> reporter: this morning, pope francis said mass and the vatican said he regretted the news of charges against his cardinal for decades-old actions. pell wasn't among the cardinals he greeted today. last year, pell was accused at an australian inquiry of mishandling sexual abuse claims against priests and he admitted mistakes. now, he is accused directly. >> it's going to be very difficult to untangle this because it becomes, as you know, his word against their word. >> reporter: dark clouds over the vatican today. it's thought the global wave of sexual scandal hitting the church had crested. nows
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corridors of papal power. well, this will be a huge test for a pope who has said there must be zero tolerance for abusers in the church. the test for pell, who is 76, begins july 18 in an australian court. back to you. an aspiring youtube star is facing a second degree manslaughter charge. police in minnesota say mona lisa perez shot her boyfriend in the chest on monday while film ago a video. police say he was shot outside their home while holding up a hard cover book to supposedly block the bullet. the two have been making youtube videos since may and according to those videos, they have a 3-year-old daughter and perez is also expecting. shocking new video this morning showing a suspect and baltimore county police officers getting into a shootout on a packed city bus. we should warn you
11:32 am
lowell mesler has the story. >> reporter: according to mta bus video, lane robert erb gets on a bus in dundalk at 2:53 p.m. on june 7. police say moments earlier he became a suspect in the armed robbery of two people in the nearby shopping center. just after that, two police officers stopped the bus and get on to talk to erb. that's when erb pulls a gun and fires a shot at an officer standing at the rear exit. he then tells everyone to get off the bus. erb is then seen with two guns, standing in the rear exit, firing in all directions. this goes on for about a minute and a half where he could stop and reload. at one point, he walks to the front of the bus and fires some shots and police fire back. erb eventually makes a run for it. meanwhile, outside, a police body camera captures the tense moments this officer switches from a shotgun to a
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>> reporter: erb goes down in a nearby lawn. the officer runs closer but erb does not listen to police. >> drop the gun right now! drop the gun! drop the gun. >> reporter: erb is killed and the gun battle is over. baltimore county state's attorney says after reviewing the case, which included social media video, police body cam video and mta video, there is no doubt police were justified and no further action would be taken. >> and when you look at all three of those, you get a very complete picture that these officers were justified in using deadly force because not only were their lives in danger but the lives of many civilians in the area were in danger. >> a bystander was shot in the chaos there. a police officer was hurt as well. both are expected t
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former redskins running back clinton. he told "sports illustrated" he contemplated murdering the investor who lost his fortune. he says it was during his darkest days in 2013, one of his close friends convinced him not to hurt anybody. but portis told the reporter that if he'd encountered the investor, quote, we'd probably be doing this interview from prison. we should mention that portis has contributed to news4 sports in the past. today, you may notice an extra metro staff at several stations during the afternoon commute and that's because nearly 700 administrative employees want to thank you for your support during safe track. they will also hand out thank you notes that include a token of appreciation offered by a metro partner. first on 4 segment of the red line on metro will be closed for four weekends in an effort to repair a leaking tunnel. adam tuss f
11:35 am
four years ago. metro says it will test out a new pilot program that uses a curtain grouting technique to add a waterproof membrane to the outside of the tunnel walls. there will be no train service during these four weekends in july and august. you see them on the screen there. in addition, red line trains will single track on weeknights between friendship heights and medical center. you've heard of snakes on a plane. how about a snake on the subway? you can take a deep breath. this is not here. this is in new york. this video that we are showing you shows the snake wrapping itself around a handle on a train but it appears that it didn't rattle anybody. >> look at them. people are like, whatever. >> whatever, you see on the subway. the video was picked up by a popular instagram account. it's already had more than 130,000 views and counting. like nothing? really? >> you do see strange thing in the new york subway sometimes. >> but i mean, a rodent, maybe. but that? >> no, you can have that train car.
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life before the iphone, but ten years ago today, the original iphone was introduced to the world. >> nbc's gata schwartz has a look at all that's changed in ten years. >> we are calling it iphone. >> reporter: ten years ago on a stage in cupertino, steve jobs made a promise. >> today, apple is going to reinvent the phone. >> this is how you turn it on. >> reporter: a single device that would banish all blackberries. it was one of the most hyped tech announcements ever made. when it finally came out, lines around the block. >> it's like a historic occasion. >> reporter: steven was one of the first journalists given a prototype. >> you can see right away that this was a device that was different than anything that had come down the pike. >> reporter: ten years and 15 models later, steve jobs was right on the money. apple, worth nearly $1 trillion, over 1
11:37 am
this is a call on your iphone. the iphone, bringing to market touch screens, selfie cameras, all connected to the i cloud and carrying more computing power in our pocket than it took to put a man on the moon. drawing people from afar closer together while sometimes making us forget about those a few feet away. the app store has become fertile ground for tech giants, facebook, uber, snapchat all given a space to grow into their own revolutions and even here in the news, it's innovated the way we can broadcast from fires to yosemite, even on a surfboard among the waves. a phone that changed everything. >> i think this is where the world's going. >> reporter: the steve jobs prophecy that came true. >> wow. can you believe that. >> we can't live without them now. they're literally all the time right there. let the warming begin. sheena is back with a closer look at the hot and humid
11:38 am
pictures from this morning's launch from wallace island, virginia. it created some colorf
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we've got some breaking news for you now, southbound lanes of 395 are closed between seminary road and duke street. that is because of an accident involving an overturned dump truck in the southbound lanes. again, that is between seminary road and duke street. it looks like there is something there on the roadways, what exactly may have been spilled out, right now we just don't know. looks like you've got traffic getting by and a single lane there on the right. but this is 395 south, these live images that we are showing you, closed because of an overturned dump truck. five, four, three, two, one. >> nasa launching a sounding rocket early this morning. it blasted off from wallops
11:41 am
that sounding rocket designed to release some colorful clouds in space so scientists can track particle motion in space. you see the clouds right there. nasa says the launch was likely visible from new york to north carolina. >> you know it took them 11 times to get them off the ground. >> all sorts of delays. >> because of weather. yeah. weather does a lot of things. >> 11th time is the charm. >> we like to say that. hopefully you won't need any charms for the fireworks on tuesday, fourth of july, obviously, so a lot of people looking at fourth of july's forecast and of course the weekend. if you do have those plans, so far your fourth of july is looking good and hopefully you won't need to try to launch toes fireworks 11 times. feeling like summer and looking like summer as we go through the afternoon today and especially through the weekend. for today, little bit more humid. i think you'll start to notice it because we have a breezy south wind. the south wind tends to pull in that humidity. it will stay hot. so tomorrow, really feeling like
11:42 am
weekend. saturday, though, we have afternoon thunderstorms and evening thunderstorms in the forecast. sunday looks mostly dry, but still hot and it's going to stay that way as we go into next week. temperatures are already in the upper 70s to low 80s, 82 right now, leesburg, clinton coming in at 80. warrenton is already 83. today will be around 90. right around noon today, mid 80s for most of the area, more humid through the afternoon, happy hour time around 90 degrees but also dry. dinnertime, comfortably warm, i would say, act the mid 80s, going through your weekend, the beach forecast looking pretty good. tomorrow, 85 degrees, breezy, saturday some storm chances in the afternoon, still the mid 80s on sunday but dryer as far as rain is concerned but still feeling humid. fourth of july not looking too bad, isolated chance as we go into the afternoon of a shower but 91 still so definitely feeling like summer, especially by 9:00 p.m. still going to be
11:43 am
warm, but just hot and humid. look at all these 90s on the map. hopefully you can enjoy your fourth of july weekend and your fourth of july. go under the sea at wolf trap. after the week, we are joined by two stars of "the little mermaid." we're gog toin
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♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley
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♪ walking around on those, what do you call it, oh, feet ♪ that is the beloved song from "the little mermaid" which is on stage starting tonight at wolf trap. two of the stars are here to tell us what audiences can expect. diana and eric, welcome to you. i'm singing along. everybody knows, it's wonderful. wonderful songs. you've got to tell me a little bit first because i've been to wolf trap, who hasn't around here but i haven't been for theater, for a show like this. tell me what the experience is like first and foremost to be at wolf trap. >> we haven't actually -- we are going to be there in about four or five hours. >> outdoor venue, to be performing outdoors is what i mean. >> we've done it once before in a different city. >> kansas city. >> the audience is -- it's daylight out still. >> which is really strange for us. we're used to not looking out and seeing pitch black and we're looking out and we're like
11:47 am
staring. don't look. >> and going, see their faces. >> that's the best part. you can see the little kids in their mermaid costumes. >> so this is something i'm sure you guys saw this movie backwards and forwards, knew it like the back of your hand. what is like to play -- you play ariel and you play prince eric. what is it like? >> this is a dream. i mean, all i wanted to be when i was a little girl was a disney princess so i'm like, yes. this is the pinnacle for me. but it's so much fun to get to play this iconic character that i grew up watching and you get to make prince eric way cooler. >> he's pretty cool. yeah. i don't have a dog, max. but it is a prince of my own name so i can check that off the list. but this show, it's so iconic, the animated feature, and bringing a whole new generation of audience to it through this is pretty special. >> yeah. >> what is it like or what is the difficulty, the, you know, layers i would assume of
11:48 am
all of this takes place under the sea. so how do you do that on stage? >> we have a lot of tricks. >> it's pretty magical. >> all of the mer-people and all the under sea people, we're constantly undulating our bodies slightly so it does seem like there's that current going through the water and we are flying to make it look like we're swimming through the deep ocean and over and up and zplu across. it's really fun. >> i don't get to fly but it's cool. there are seagulls and mermaids. everybody has their own choreography in the water and the sky. it's pretty magical. >> favorite song. you got to have one. >> i mean, i love getting to sing "part of your world" every night. i've been singing that ever since i was this big. >> say it. it's the best song. there is some new music -- new songs that are not in the animated feature and they're gorgeous. so some new things. >> all the songs you know from the movie are in the ca
11:49 am
been added by allen menken so it has the same feel, the same writer wrote them. >> do you think it is -- there are lots -- a lot of different pieces of it that really mirror the movie and then there are some things that make this uniquely different. >> absolutely. it's a broadway, full-scale musical now. it was a -- how many? 90-minute feature before. >> and there were only three songs in the movie. >> and this is your opportunity to be able to see "the little mermaid" at wolf trap, an incredible venue, outdoors and you can see it through july 2. thank you both. >> joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. the quicken loans national golf tournament is being held at tpc. the tiger woods foundation hosts the tournament. tiger woods will not be at the event as he continues his treatment but the pga tournament's pro am started off with a special moment. take a look. >> who does that look like
11:50 am
who's that right there in the white hat? >> a surprise reunion thanks to the pga star rickie fowler, you see a military family reuniting there on the golf course, safe to say that the green family will never forget the quicken loans national tournament. always nice to see that. up next, meet the actor, filmmaker and former virginia cop who's making it in hollywood and giving back to ere he's whfr
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your favorite summer meal may not be available as long as you'd like. maryland and virginia will end their crabbing seasons early this year. you'll still be able to buy crabs for your fourth of july feast but the supply may be a little bit more scarce. study shows the chesapeake's bay's juvenile crab population is down 54%. maryland will end its crab season november 20, ten days earlier. virginia will close the crab pot november 30. he used to bust drug dealers on the streets of virginia. now he's prosecuting cases on the big screen. >> angie goff introduces us to a former cop following his hollywood dream without forgetting where he's from. >> reporter: he's played a clumsy detective, a serial killer, investigated scream queens royalty. >> did you hear what i said? >> reporter: and faced off with mark walberg during disaster. jim klock is making it in
11:54 am
wondering, what's he doing here? walking the halls of the stafford county sld sheriff's department. >> to me, it's the most honorable profession in the world. >> reporter: klock spent more than a decade chasing the crime scene. while on the job, he went back to school and it was at nova, klock's drama professor noticed his talent. >> i literally was going to midnight patrol that night, ahead to work midnights and i said, ma'am, i'm a police officer, i'm going to work midnights and she said, that's all fine and dandy but you have what it takes, you could literally do this professionally if you want to. >> reporter: klock eventually parked his patrol car and moved to l.a. to pursue his passion. at first to, get by, he worked as kate basicen sail's body guard t same actress who would later star in a film he's produce. many law enforcement roles followed. there was working cases with matthew mcconaughey in "true detective." >> this testimony has clearly been arranged and
11:55 am
starring opposite keanu reeves as a lead prosecutor in "the whole truth." but his favorite role so far, playing peyton manning's caddie in a commercial. >> no disrespect to anyone i've worked with, highlight of my career. >> reporter: between the bright lights and working behind the scenes, klock says he really finds himself missing police work. it's a big part of the reason he comes back here to the communities he once patrolled. as a part-time sheriff's deputy, klock is hoping to help at-risk kids through an outreach program he's developing with long-time friend and boss, stafford county sheriff david decatur. >> we're always trying to be creative and think of ways that we can reach, maybe, you know, different demographics or different groups of people who maybe we haven't reached out to yet. >> reporter: operation l.e.a.d. stands for law enforcement arts division and would give kids a chance to act and produce short films with deputies. the goal, bridge the gap between police and communities.
11:56 am
marry both worlds together. and i think it's as simple as how is it to live in your shoes for a minute. >> reporter: klock says this project helps keep him grounded while working in an industry where it can quickly become all about you. >> law enforcement gave me this base that just allows me to settle into whatever's happening to me and still be grateful. >> no one's going to jump out, right? >> reporter: coming up, set your klock. the filmmaker's latest comedy is out this fall. ? stafford, virginia, angie goff, news4. talented guy. good for him. one final check of the weather with storm team4 meteorologist sheena parveen. >> it's going to be a hot one today. 91 for the high temperature. go into friday, hot and humid, 93 degrees saturday, storm chances return mainly late in the day, 91
11:57 am
sunday looks mainly dry, isolated chance in the afternoon. fourth of july of tuesday looking mostly dry at this point. 90 degrees, partly cloudy, can't rule out an isolated shower but the better chances look to come on wednesday and thursday. but it's going to stay humid all next week. it's going to feel like summer and it's certainly going to be looking like summer out there too. >> thank you. one more reminder before we go. several southbound lanes of 395 are closed right now between seminary road and duke street. you can see in the live picture here an accident involving an overturned dump truck. traffic is getting by in that right lane you see there. the hov lanes are also open. might be a better idea to use them. that is it for news4 midday. thanks so very much for joining us. we're back on the air first at 4:00 this afternoon. and of course you can get news and weather updates any time, just open the nbc washington app. we hope you have a great day. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.
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look who's back, everyone. back from vacation. oh, my god. we missed you my dear. we missed you, so good to have you back, it looks like you had such a great time, i was checking out all your photos on social media. where were you? >> people think it's obnoxious to post photos. but i have to say, my dad is 84 years old it was a special trip. my dad wakss up so early. i love the music. i love my dad so much, and show the


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