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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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. >> and ss
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she was hiking with her brother and cousin in the park yesterday afternoon. as they crossed the bridge of the train came up beheend them, they ran. her cousin, michael, said he jumped off the tracks and yelled for her to jump, but she kept running. but her mother is grieving but fierchds the strength to speak about her daughter's tragic death. >> i just loved her so much. he's in heaven with him. and one day we'll be reunited. >> now, as a single mother, she says in the last month her daughter surprised her by talking about her. >> she told me she doesn't want anyone wearing black. she's like, why do people wear black and celebration
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>> came. >> who would have wanted. that's the latest from the tracks here in berk virginia back to you. >> thanks. >> first at 4 we now know the names of the two men and. >> when an amtrak train hit them. medical examiner has moved on an accident. the ntsb now trying to figure out exactly why amtrak was not aware that csx workers were out. >> there are international travellers on their way to the u.s., having been warned before they boarded their flights about changes. chris lawrence is now with details on
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away from travel restrictions taking it that going to impact thousands of people flying to the u.s. it will force them to redefine family. >> and child. and and a run and yemen. the tighter travel will kick in at 8:00 tonight and they'll stay in effect until they
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>> louden county mother reached out to us in the midst of her mother. her little boy drowned in a neighborhood pond in april. david sat through what was an emotional interview with her. david. this mother is new on a mission, isn't she? >> she certainly is, pat. it was a very emotional interview. it happened not too long ago in a town called not far from where we are. her mission now, she wants to build a fence around what you see right here. this retention pond, as far as south riding community. she wants a fence not around the pond. but similar ponds across the county. now i'll take you back to april 6th. this is when that heart break happened for this family. the mom said that she walked out to pick up
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she was back in with twin sister playing. he wandered over here to this pond and that's where they found him. >> and when he went, he went inside the water and it that's where he was trying to do the cpr. he started doing cpr and the other neighbors came and she called 911. >> i have lot of stress. i just lost everything. now he's not going to come back. >> bring out the homeowner's association. and talked to representatives, they then late today deferred me to an attorney and
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>> all right. >> heartbreaking story. thank you so much. >> folks we have posted 15 ways found. we don't want to have to -- >> we're going to switch gears and take you outdoors and take you to patomic. >> playing the role today, huh. >> you've got to have them on, you've got to have some shades.
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and it's on the hot side for sure. it's going to get a lot hotter in the next couple of days. take a look. temperatures around the region. we're into the upper 80s. we're one of the warmest places on the map. we'll stay that way and move on to the next two days. one thing for sure, the humidity is going to be going up. temperatures in the next couple of days are going to be low -- but the heat index into the mid-90s keeping it close to 100 degrees. you can keep it -- but the next couple of days, that heat index is going to be upwards of 100 or maybe a little bit
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cardinal georgetown. police charged him with multiple sex -- today he insisted he's innocent. new information. >> fire and rescue teams found the body of kojo june 17th after searching the lake in davis burke. he's only 14. the search began nearby. >> check out this video. >> they were shocked when they came back and found out their car was gone. >> it was swallowed
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it's broken for some time. and it's on the ground here. what's next on the investigation and, we'll talk about tracee about that next. >> lawmakers caught off guard bassett is unique in regards to that customability. you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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more calls for action today regarding the allegations of corruption the prince georges county public schools. this all started when four members of the board wrote a letter to the governor stating that whistleblowers had evidence that they were changing grades to boost graduation rates. they asked the state board of education to look into the issue. the ceo denied the allegations and the board unanimously voted for an investigation as well. now the naacp is asking for changing. tracee will kkins is live in la. >> reporter: this is unusual request coming from the
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. the members of the board. they're requesting that kevin maxwell changed for ceo to interim. they're also requesting. it will be a good idea for the ceo to step aside as so many teachers have this year. >> if you want to put them
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>> they sent this letter to county executive. we've been in contact with this office today. what they are reminding us is it's the board of education and its leadership and they'll be the contract. they've reached out to the chair. we have not heard from him just yet. tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. marijuana shop will be opening soon. it will be located on and the old banner black building. the distributor green thumb industry got a license to operate dispensary there. . maryland law now allows us to choose stand alone dispensary in each of the same
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work to serve up to 150 patients a day. >> this is why you had a hard time. >> the truckload spilled over to the highways. the driver was not hurt. one of those decisions is taking away options for us. >> this is one of the loneliest bus stops. the bus use to come here and pick up residents here in the area. but now that bus is gone. a victim ofet
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where the average age is 85 years old. that's their main form of transportation and that is now gone. they have to walk up a big hill and cross a very busy road. residents here not too happy about that. >> i lost transportation. i did the best i can. >> much more coming up for you on the story on news for tonight. wait until you find out how much this community is paying for its own private transportation because that bus is gone, back to you. >> big construction project underway right now is louden county will benefit young athletes and the bill isn't going to the taxpayers. >> that is a sound of decade old problem being
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in sterling at no cost to the county, they're planning it. >> cause standing water and inconsistent plain surface. so we're here to permanently fix this problem. >> the value of the project will exceed a quarter million dollars that will go back towards the budget for other projects, this is 100 needed by -- our community is grateful for their what everyone is putting in to help. >> the project will be finished in about two weeks. all right. live pictures here from the patomic. it will get that way and beautiful weather. >> yes. and doug will tell us what the weather is going to be like as we head into
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>> doug hammer it. that's all we need to know. >> yeah. >> and we've got
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able to make it. it's whatever they need out here at quicken loans here. i've got to tell you. it is really a beautiful day. it's a little bit on the warm side earlier. coming out here at about 2, 2:30. it was really hot. even the temperatures may be the same, the wind has picked up a little bit. we've got cloud cover across the region and really helping to make it comfortable. here is one of the players already had his to dwo a little extra practice here trying to get ready for tomorrow that's where the humidity starts to crank up and it's going to play a lot differently as well. this morning by this afternoon with all the sunshine out here and it really got hard with the players staying in play. that's a little bit of weather and how it effects the golf course here. let's take a look and show you what's happening weather wise across the area. cutl
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across the entire area. 89 degrees now wind gust south. around the rest of the area, we are seeing those numbers just like we talked about, mostly in the 80s to around 90. . the radar showing a couple of thunderstorms. heads up back to winchester. now these move off towards the east, they should die as they make their way over to the mountains, don't be surprised in louden county, you may see those two. . we'll continue to watch those for you. a better chance tomorrow and again on saturday. we do things saturday and best chance for some rain. be ready for that and make sure you're drinking plenty of water. scattered thunderstorm and high temperature around
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plain hot a plane hot and humid. that really makes things quite hot. you talk about the heat index, going for back inside and the cool ac. that index is going up close to 100. >> that's going to be on saturday. you can see that pretty clearly on this graphic. so saturday i was a holiday weekend we'll have the highest humidity, the most mugginess and it will be the most uncomfortable thing to be outdoors. aside from that, tomorrow, sunday, monday, feeling more like 95 degrees. unusual for us here in washington. you're visiting from out of time. you'll have a lovely time if you're heading out of time, here is what you can expect there. scattered thunderstorms around, especially, later in the day. 80 degrees. if you might want to plan indoor activity as back up. sunday and monday looking mainly dry. temperature around 70 degrees. sunday, monday, tuesday for the fourth looking great. mix of clouds and sun, only a
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thunderstorm on tuesday. so weather outlook with the weekend, outdoor barbecues again. keep saturday afternoon and evening in mind. fireworks on the fourth. take a look at your ten day forecast. talking about a heat wave here. lots of 90s on the map. later in the day on saturday, otherwise that's that muggy day feeling more like 100. 93, pretty nice on sunday. feeling refreshing with low humidity on sunday and maybe an isolated storm. >> sounds good. all right, just ahead. >> they say personal attack on a female tv host. >> after using a zip car. we'll tell y
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. some are calling it another sex attack on another woman.
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>> there's been condemnation on both sides of the aisle today after president lashed out on the cable news program morning joe. blayne alexander has reaction to the latest tweet storm. >> pat, leon, what is really notable about this, about this reaction we've been seeing. it's drawing outrage and this is from the president's own party. let's show you those tweets that the president sent out early this morning just before 9:00 a.m. he was responding to the morning show, he tweeted i heard poorly rated morning show, how come low iq along with psycho joe came to mar-a-lago on new year's eve. so very soon after there after you got a lot of reaction from people on both sides. you know, it was drawing outrage about not lashing out its members of the media, but rather it's s
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used the tweets now, i want to show you a statement from msnbc saying it's a sad day for america. the white house said the president was justified in defending himself because, as i said, they attack him all the time personally. you heard today from house speaker paul ryan and nancy pelosi who disagreed with the language. here is what they had to say. >> and this doesn't help do that. >> that really saddens me. it's beneath the dignity for the president of the united states to engage in such behavior. >> pat and leon, i want to read you a couple more tweets for some more senators, keep having to try and weigh on the health care bill, one of them, senator collin twe
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got to stop. we also have a job. we don't have to get along we'll respect it. and this from senator lisa saying, stop it. the presidential platform should be used for more than bringing people down. in addition to that, we've had members of his own party calling to apologize for his tweets. the white house saying that this is a president when punch, punches back. he's justified in doing it because he felt attacked. >> blayne alexander, thank you. we're asking you if you feel the tweet crossed the line. so far, about 90% of you say yes. national mall gearing up for big crowds for the fourth of july. park service gave us an update on what you need to know. hey, derrick, what's the word? >> hey, leon, you know,
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been downtown any time recently, you know there are things that are going into place. you tend to see some of the fencing back here. that is part of the preparation, that's what you see. there is some stuff going up that you can't see. of course, if you go over to the grounds of the world war ii memorial. you should see those that shoot the fireworks and putting those into play. of course, the fencing and the other things, security measures of secured perimeter going to stretch all the way to the lincoln memorial. that is already going in place. they'll be doing the check point on the fourth. any time something happens in dc. any time there's an event. security, is of course a big concern. we'll hear more about that from the spokesperson from the national park service. >> as recent innocence have shown, not only in the united states, but around the world. vehicle attacks are an increasing potential and risk for large events with a lot of people. we are a
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we had a robust plan in place. >> and a quick run down of what you can expect. the access points will open up at 10:00 a.m. to get some of the prime viewing pots. parade starts at 11:45. there's going to be concert here on the ground of the washington monument. it will run right into the fireworks. t they start -- you should text no space to 888777. that's 888777. that will put you in tune with all of the latest information you need to know, whether there's an emergency or a matter of getting out. we'll have more coming up later on news 4. right now we're live on the national mall
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>> we have posted a look at the fireworks log and districts in many local counties in the app. we'll check it out search and fire. be careful. five years ago today, we added a new word to everybody's vocabulary. >> yes, and if you were in this area, it was a storm and the name that you will never forget. storm team 4's amelia takes a look back at the historic weather. >> mention it here on the washington area and you're sure to get a reaction. people are instantly reminded of the ratio that happened on june 29 of 2012. it killed a total of 13 people, left over four million homes without power for days. two million of those in our region and knocked down trees and powerlines in its 700 mile long pass. west virginia, ohio, virginia, maryland, and the
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our local national weather service issued 15 severe thunderstorm warnings and two tornado warnings. all three airports reporting gusts near higher than 70 miles per hour. before the storm even arrived, we were in the midst of a heat wave. we recorded one of the hottest temperatures ever that day, 104 degrees, the humidity levels through the roof. when the storm arrived around 10:00 p.m., the damage was unbelievable. most people were under familiar with the weather. the strength of the june 29th storm was highly unusual. . >> yeah, so to think that we get it here at about once every four
4:38 pm
this storm was just so powerful it started up around chicago traveling almost 700 miles. it had to delay some of the start times. i think it might have been there. >> of course, there was a week without electricity many here in the washington area and many of us lost all of the food in our refrigerator and had no power. >> right. >> in our homes. it was quite an experience. >> millions without power, almost $3 billion in damage. i posted the story on my facebook page earlier today. you just say the word and everyone remembers exactly where they were during that time, what they were doing. >> a lot of damage, a lot of memories, there. thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll see you again. >> that's soon, that's for sure. >> a group of coaters is hard at work designing the video games that you may play one day. but the master minds are just middle schoolers. the summers coating cam
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the goal there is to get more girls interested in technology. >> let your imagination free. >> four days ago the girls started from scratch. >> oh my god. actually worked. >> now, they've just about cracked the code to building a finished game. >> as long as it's there, it's perfect. >> it's super fun watching other people be productive about it and actually learning how to make video games so other people can enjoy it. other than yourself. >> it feels
4:43 pm
girls think, oh, i can't do this because, you know, i'm a girl. people think girls are typical. >> but the girls also learn lessons you won't find in any textbook. >> we've learned about team work. to make the game and edit them and for feedback. >> the girls are doing feedback. i love the games that they're creating. there's so much excitement. >> that excitement is something many of them will last a lifetime. >> i'm very much would love to do this as a job, like wake up every day and actually excited to go to work. >> do what you love. don't be afraid to make mistakes. don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and be happy and follow your dreams. >> when it comes to the future city of girls. it's game
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>> helping a dc man clear up ticket truck. >>hat you w
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>> nbc four responds to dc's man ticket trouble, not only did he get his car towed. he ended up paying for someone else's ticket, as well. >> been trying to sort the whole thing out. he reached out of susan to get the results he couldn't. tell us how she pulled this off. >> he got ticketed and towed while using his zip car in the district and as he found out the hard way, he wasn't the first one to break the law while using that car. >> driving in the city is not always easy, he decided to ditch his car when heed
4:48 pm
>> how do you get around. >> but movers and zip car. >> but one recent zip car trip didn't go exactly as planned. >> i had gone down to fight some fish. we had parked, which i thought, he thought he only selected his two tickets but ended up paying for all four, a whopping $400. he immediately called zip car. >> i got the run around. sent the documents to two or three different e-mail addresses. i texted them in. >> send us the
4:49 pm
>> i did it all. >> every time i would call back, i would -- i spoke with someone different. >> they wouldn't know what to do. what do you mean it's under review? >> paul reached out to nbc four response. we got right to work and contacted zip car. >> later that afternoon, zip car called and they're like, oh, we're going to refund you your $250 and whoever it was for the two tickets that weren't mind. >> in a statement, zip car says "obsessing about the member experience is one of zip car's core values and as such we have spoken to the member directly and resolved the matter. he also sent him a goody bag. >> are you going to be a customer still. >> i think i'm going to hold off for a bit and let my steam kind of subside.
4:50 pm
>> we also so here is the deal, if you are caught on camera running a red light or speeding, that ticket goes directly to zip car and the company won't charge your account. parking ticket, though, that's your responsibility to either pay it directly or let zip car deduct it from your account. if you do pay it on your own, be extra careful to only select the ones you're responsible for you don't find yourself in paul's situation. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> enterprise announced today it is peeling back its car sharing operations. part of that effort includes ending the program in dc they say the demand wasn't there. the company says existing car share reservations will be honored through july 31st. customers will see prorated refunds for the membership fees by the end of july and will have access to their accounts through the end of
4:51 pm
locations for a year. but not here. >> yeah. >> wefr in the home stretch towards the weekend. >> first let's head back out to doug and carol on. >> i'm not sure. i'm trying to stand now owe can steeov -- you can stand on your toes. >> i was here early and it was a breeze. >> yeah and when i showed up, the breeze stopped. for the last two hours it was really hot out here and now the breeze picked back up a little bit and made all the difference in the
4:52 pm
. i'm going to go ahead and sign this now. the cool thing about it. when they take these down. they're going to cut them into 18 by 18 section and then they're going to frame them and send those all over the world to hospitals as well. military hospitals as well. really cool thing they've got going on here down at the quicken national. it's going to be warm night tonight. and over the next couple of days, because we've got a long, long holiday weekend. you've got the entire holiday weekend off. saturday all the way through tuesday, some of us may not get back
4:53 pm
and when you factor in the humidity we're talking about this earlier. it's going to feel like 100 degrees out there on that saturday. take a look at storm team 4. we're keeping a close eye on these areas of rain. no lightning with him, you can see some of this begin parts of frederick county, leaving the i-81 area. the panhandle, potentially, impacting northern louden county and around the front making its way here. now, i think if you are in frederick, you can't rule out a bit of rain this evening. take a look at tomorrow, we start at 72 mild degrees. we're near 90 by lunchtime. we will have a nice breeze at times, once again, for your friday, especially later in the day. your friday evening is still hot out ther
4:54 pm
88 degrees. the morning commute heading into work for a lot of us for the last time for a lodge weekend, it is looking dry. you want the sunglasses out, it's hot, humid. the earlier the better. heading to the pool with the kids, it's looking great for them. make sure you had the sunscreen. if you're heading east, the commute that way is looking good. quick look, let's get you right to the ten day forecast for tomorrow, high temperature, again, of 90s. we kind of hang out, low to mid-90s on monday. the fourth of july is hot, not too humid 93 for a high. best chance of storm is later on saturday. we'll send it to b
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it all started with the iphone and smartphones. relives the cultural revolution, it began on this day a decade ago. >> today apple is going to reinvent the phone. steve jobs made that promise and ten years ago today apple started making good on it. >> revolutionary is going to change the way we communicate. >> more than a billion iphone sales later, it has. by today's standard that first iphone is modest, only four gigabytes of storage, a camera that
4:58 pm
>> how you were able to pinch for web browsing, that was the magic thing you show off to people. >> more than 3 million iphones sold that first year, almost four times that many in 2008. >> and that has affected not just smartphones. it's affected the way that business models have been created. >> another tipping point when hd video camera and face time were added in 2010. >> where people started to pick up the phones and camera replace them. >> but the most recent iphones have not been pioneers when it comes to the newest features. >> there have been a lot of catch up moves where they've polished them and introduced them down the road. >> that might change this when iphone 8. >> and it's a lot of pressure, you always expect that apple is going to do something big. >> just like it did. >> this is how
4:59 pm
ago today. a mother's unbearable loss. >> what she's -- >> loved her so much. >> what she is saying about her 13-year-old daughter who was killed by a train while hiking on the tracks. >> plus twitter tirade today, the reaction from all quarters after president trump goes after the host of a morning tv show. >> her mother says, her smile could light up a room. this evening, she's trying to
5:00 pm
>> people would tell me gosh your daughter is gorgeous, all the time. not just her face, her heart was gorgeous, too. she had a beautiful soul. >> news 4 chris gordon talked to the family. he's near the accident site this afternoon, chris. >> this is a heartbreaking story. i spoke with her mother today at their home here and i spoke from 13-year-old cousin who was with her over the bridge yesterday afternoon. he says she was afraid of heights and didn't jump out of the way when he did. -- 13-year-old was full of life. her family said she loved cheering. she had a wonderful voice and wanted to learn the guitar


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