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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 29, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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heart break. >> she was amazing. everybody loved her. she was always. >> caught in the path of on coming train. >> i had her summer loaded with things to do. but it wasn't meant to be. >> she dreamed of being a veterinarian some day. instead, 13-year-old's life came to a tragic end along northern virginia train track. >> she called her a beautiful person both inside and out. >> about the unthinkable loss of young person with bright future. >> chris gordon about her, chris? >> her mother spoke to me today, sometimes she smiled when she was talking
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was the love of her life. yesterday she was struck by the train along these tracks running between berk and manassas. >> while hiking through overlook regional park, she was struck by this dre train, her brother tried to carry her out for medical treatment, but they were too deep in the woods. >> one day we'll be reunited with her. >> michael is rahan's cousin, said she was like a sister to him. he was with her when she was hit by the train on the bridge. >> we were having a blast and that train came right around the corner and started honking and i said, run. so we
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like -- i jumped to the other side of the tracks and i said jump. she kept running. she was in shock. she just ran and -- >> her mother says in the last month her daughter talked about her own funeral. >> she doesn't want anyone wearing black. she's like, why do people wear black to funerals mom, that's just so sad. i don't want people wearing black to my funeral, i want it to be a celebration and i want everybody to be happy when they come. >> her family started this go fund me page to raise money to help her mother pay for the kind of funeral rahan would have wanted. >> her mother said she will cry for her daughter for two days and then she says, she will be happy, having been blessed, having rahan as a daughter and as her closest friend. that's the latest
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back to you. >> such a heart breaker. thank you, chris. less than two hours now until the president's limited travel ban takes effect. many people from six predominantly muslim countries will no longer be allowed. -- >> it goes into effect 8:00 eastern time. as you know, lower courts have blocked it as unconstitution that will, but president trump has said it's necessary to keep the country safe. >> from six predominantly muslim countries to give them temporary go ahead. >> concerned that we're seeing renewed interest for terrorist groups to go after the aviation sector. from
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attacking airports on the ground. >> confusion over who is allowed in. the ordered to travellers with credible time to family, education or business, allowed, parents, spouses, children, sons and daughters in law and siblings, but not covered, extended family, including grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins. the government said, do not expect the airport chaos back in january when the first travel ban went into effect. >> you would have thought they learned the lesson the first time around, they should get their ducks in a row first, make sure what they're doing is at least sensible or logical in someway before they start to put people in really difficult situations where they're being separated from their family members? the supreme court will hear the full case in october, the final ruling on whether the executive order stays or goes. >> and
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today, the house just passed two bills that will bring tougher stance on immigration. the first will take away federal funding and the second is called case law, which will bring tougher penalties for criminals who are deported and reenter the u.s. illegally. leon, both of those bills will now go on to the senate. >> we'll be following it. blayne alexander. what we're trying to do around here is improve the tone and the debate, and this, obviously, doesn't help do that. >> it's the dignity of the president of the united states. >> this is the president of the united states. you don't do things like that. >> tweets like this are inconsistent with the greatness of the country and the office. >> there is no need for such uncivil language. >> well, if you had not heard about it, that was all about tweets, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle
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president's trump from msnbc. >> the president lashed out at the cable show this morning after he apparently thought they were being too critical of him. he said, "i heard poorly joe speaks badly of me. and how come low iq along with psycho joe came to ma ra largo. she was beating badly from a facelift. i said no. msnbc was quickly to respond. this is a sad day for america when the president spends his time bullying, lying and spewing heavy personal attacks instead of doing his job. and meka, well, she put this out. she showed a box of cheerios. made for small hands. she included no other comment then. first lady, milania trump said when
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atta atta atta attacked, he'll punch back ten times harder. here is what she had to say about the issue just before last year's election. >> our culture has -- we have to find a better way to talk to each other. >> the president also was not correct when he said the morning. >> crossed the liecne on facebo. the vast majority of you said yes. it was inappropriate. you can weigh in, too, if you would like on the msnbc facebook page. >> new at 6:00, we'll go out from this month's shooting spree from the
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voted to spend millions to better protect the capitol and visitors and staffers and their office is back home. scott mcfar land and news 4 i-team and scott is here now with these news developments. what's going on. >> congress is planning to spend half billion dollars on u.s. capitol police force next year. but today they voted to set aside $12 million more for the sergeant at arms to pay for new security measures on the ground and at home offices in members' home states. in doing so, they specifically cited the shooting and most congressional baseball practice in alexandria. shooting that wounded the u.s. house majority. u.s. house committee record showed the new safety measures could include new panic buttons for video surveillance equipment. >> no one serving in this should be fearful that they could be physically attacked, killed, for their political believes. and if we allow this to happen
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threatened. so we must improve security for congress, members and staff and constituents as well as attend to our events. >> and congressional records reviewed, showed the u.s. senate is beefing up its security, too. the senator sergeant at arms has had reinforcement at 34 home state offices of america's 100 u.s. senators. doreen. >> all right. scott mcfarland, thank you. security on the national mall will be tight for the fourth of july holiday. they're taking special precautions, they say, in light of the recent attack using vehicles. news 4 derrick warren is on the mall right now with what you should know if you're planning to head down there on tuesday. >> you can see some of the infrastructure already in place, fencing down along 15th street, if you look behind me, white tents, they provide shade. but
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points, the entry point to this perimeter. now, fourth of july isn't until tuesday, we talked to the national service today. they say they'll be ready. >> we'll do the security check here. >> i'll encourage that as opposed to not having it at all. you never know who is coming through. >> it's gone up to secure perimeter, extends from 15th street to lincoln memorial. it's paramount concern. >> they have shown, not only in the united states, but around the world, vehicle attacks are an increasing potential and risks for large events with a lot of people, we are aware of that threat
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place. >> they said there are measures in place that are not in place last year. they may not be overt, but they are there. >> i will still prefer if they'll be able to do that. >> and while you're hard pressed to find many people here for the fourth this early, we did find some. we visited from the west coast. >> i don't really -- i just wanted to experience it. >> there are, though, especially locals who have their favorite viewing spots elsewhere, away from the crowd that's security concern. on morris road in southeast will also be a prime viewing spot for the fireworks on the fourth. the grass, of course, take a look at the view. other popular off the mall viewing spots, across the patomic in virginia and air force memorial. they adhere to park service rules, no alcohol, no glass containers. >> reporter: and, of course, folks will bee
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10:00. that's when the check points open. you can get in and get your prime viewing spots for the fireworks. it actually starts at 9:09 exactly. live in the mall. back to you. >> have may made any changes to what you can bring into the ground through the security check? >> reporter: no, not at this point. no glass bottles, no alcohol. they don't want you to bring personal fireworks. you ear advised not to bring petds, especially dogs, they can get spooked by the flashers. this is a no-drone zone. that's certainly a latter day restriction, no drones allowed. >> thank you for that. all right. looking back now. five years ago today, that's when the word derecho entered. >> it hasn't left since. you proelk remember exactly where you were where that powerful storm roared into the area. it killed 13 people and left
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and without air conditioning. the storm also uncovered major problems with the area's 911 phone system. fairfax county, verizon's back up generator failed, leaving one of the nation's largest system inoperable when it was needed the most. since then they've put in a more back robust back up system. they added a text to 911 service.
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>> reporter: i watched it go from chicago, illinois, bringing 80 to 90 mile an hour winds. they died a little bit back to the west of the mountains. i knew as soon as they came to the east out of the blue ridge where we saw temperatures of 104 degrees that day, the energy and the atmosphere into the blue ridge would just literally blow that right back up. that's exactly what happened. we saw 86 mile an hour winds reported in the rested area and you see the damage there. it was absolutely incredible, watch that happen, so many videos of the wind picking up so quickly. that's why we lost and that's why more than a million people were without power. different day today, obviously, we've got nice conditions. we hit 90 degrees, and cloud cover right now, we're looking quite nice. we have a couple of showers. nose are starting to disappear. we'll not bore you out too much as we make the way out towards the east. big story, isng
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humidity, which has the most heat. i'll be back here in just a little bit. >> folks, we've got a special sanction in the washington app taking a look back at our coverage on that deadly storm. just open up the app and search. >> is there such a thing as being above the law, the news fo4 i-team to anyone who tries to stop them. why they're calling this trend. >> reporter: what's it like to lose your bus. for one elderly community in our area, it means having to cross this busy road to catch the next bus.
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>> washington redskins scored pretty big with u.s. supreme court. they said a ruling from the high court support the team's effort to keep its copyrighted name. names can be copyrighted even if they're offensive to others. >> some native american groups find the name offensive, but the justice department letter indicates the federal government would no longer contend that. >> closing budget gaps means making tough decisions like telling you to pay more. >> and shutting down some buses, the community suddenly feels cut
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sunday. transportation reporter adam. >> it is happening in the shadows of fast growing, the senior community a t the towers recently lost their two team metro bus because of budget cuts. forcing some to rely on their own two feet. >> walk. >> you just walked 20 minutes, to half an hour to get to the grocery store. >> reporter: wesley carter, 79 years old, recently had a stroke that put him in a wheelchair. his only form of transportation was the bus. wesley not happy. >> there are 300 residents in the community.
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seniors here. it's devastating for most of them that use it on a daily basis. >> because the fairfax connecter runs along the same route, getting on that connecter bus usually requires a half mile walk up a big hill and there's more. >> now these residents want to catch a bus, they have to come to this busy intersection, cambridge road and old courthouse road in the vienna area and it is quite a challenge to get from one side to the next. >> reporter: management here paying a big monthly bill for private transportation for the residents. >> i have a $9,000 bill to provide transportation for the tenants. >> reporter: they say they just like to see the bus come back. >> adam, news 4. and that neighborhood isn't the only one effected by changes the metro bus routes. we posted a link to the recent bus route changes in
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washington app. 13 metro bus. >> i can't stand. all right. get promoted, failed and repeat, pretty simple. some prince georges county schools. now, who is putting the pressure on the head of the school system? >> and her little boy wandered out of the house during a storm and it all ended tragically. her message to parents
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>> as you can see, carol is out there with the patomic. you guys having a good time out there. >> yes, we are. >> this is a nice day for you to come out here and say out loud. it's beautiful and they came in and sweating all day, but finally. >> you blame me earlier, and now you're singing my praises. >> that's typical. you did a great job today or you did terrible today. >> the weather was hot. and people were miserable. >> but, you know, speaking of hot, what about the five-year anniversary. >> it was at congressional. i was doing a live shot exactly this time. and it was so humid that it's time and handed me a napkin to
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went to wipe it off and it dissolved. it just dissolved. i was literally on camera sweating so much pouring out of me. >> it really did. numerous trees in this area. they had to change a lot of the tee times because there are trees on the course. thousands of trees because of that. we're not seeing that today. we're seeing a little bit of wind. but the weather is going to have an impact on these players, those starting early in the morning. first off, we'll take a look at what's going to happen for the rest of the night tonight. that planner will send temperatures into the 80s. tonight we'll drop to 79 degrees by 11:00. that's about it. pretty nice night tonight. the last, because the next couple of days, i said earlier you'll be here earlier. you're not going to be here. you're lucky, the heat is coming. >> not much shade. >> bring a hat. bring the sun tan lotion. whatever
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>> definitely the hat. >> high temperature of 93 degrees, maybe isolated tomorrow afternoon. but it's more about the heat and humidity for the long holiday weekend, especially on saturday, the mugginess is feeling more like 100 degrees aside from that sunday, monday, tuesday, feeling right around 95 degrees. take a look at your ten-day forecast. saturday, notice
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of late day thunderstorms you want to keep that in mind. 92 for a high. keeping it dry, low to mid-90s. on tuesday, north of town, guys. >> i'll tell you, you were looking at the leader board. a couple of guys have two or three shots left and they're enjoying the part. >> you'll have reaction and highlights and probably -- guys saying, they should host the majors here. >> oh. >> wouldn't that be cool. >> we'll have that upcoming. >> back to you guys. >> a lot of us would like that. >> thank you carol and doug, we'll check back with you later. still ahead, a new tactic called paper terrorism. >> people who think they're above the law making threats and causing big problems for people who try to stop them. >> tranquil, peacefully. one mom knows this neighborhood pond could be
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waters now she's determined to keep other parents from suffering a similar tragedy. >> i miss his smile every day. i have
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in plilapril her toddler so drowned. she's been watching reports of more recent drownings, seven since late may. >> she shared her tragic story in hopes of change. >> two growing and curious toddlers. she wishes she could record that moment again, but she knows. >> i would do anything to bring him back. he's gone. >> during an april storm, she rushed out of the house to pick up her fallen trash can. her husband sick and resting in the house. her kids playing
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she thought. followed her out. >> we lost like everything. >> the toddler drowned in this pond, so how did the mom go on? she's pushing for change. she's e-mailed the community association here asking them to build a fence around this. she doesn't want to stop with this pond. she wants to see fences built around ponds similar to this one, county wide. >> and i want everyone to have some. >> mom who can't avoid seeing a deadly reminder. it's just feet away. >> david, news
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the community association to ask about building a fence, but they referred him to the attorney for the association. david left a voicemail but has not heard back yet. the virginia man selling u.s. government secrets to china is home tonight. the judge released kevin mallory on bond today. the former cia officer sold classified documents to chinese intelligence officials. prosecutors argue that he's a flight risk because wings and disguises were found in his house. the 60-year-old has to wear electronic monitoring device. he's confined to his home in leesburg. grade fixing to boost graduation rates in the prince georges county school system. the naacp is calling for changes at the top of the public schools. tracee wilkins had more details. >> reporter: nearly 400 teachers and staff
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administrative leave, pending various investigations, amid allegations of wrongdoing. president of the prince georges chapter of the naacp says school ceo deserves the same treatment. >> this should apply. he should be put on administrative leave until this issue is resolved. >> you could expect us to continue to do the work we've been doing to support children. >> reporter: he said his job as ceo prince georges school system was secure. >> i just signed a new four-year contract. >> reporter: now, the leadership of the county's naacp chapter has sent a letter requesting major changes, including maxwell's title from ceo to interim ceo and putting a hold on his six-figure contract. >> let's put this contract on hold until we finish with the investigation. >> he's already signed the contract. >> that's okay, you can sign
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contract. >> reporter: but president of the chapter is calling the allegations of grade tampering and graduating unqualified seniors. the letter, which went to county council members suggest that maxwell temporarily set aside. it reads in part, there are legitimate concerns that may interfere. it's referring to the investigation being done by the maryland state board of education and into whether the allegations are true. >> says that contract negotiations. they did release a statement from the county executive saying that he believes kevin maxwell will cooperate with this investigation. in largo, i'm tracy wilkins, news 4. did you notice what looked like a massive truck stop in louden county today. chopper 4 over all road this afternoon. joined wit
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to beef up with big rigs that make our way through the region. >> what's important, what they're doing. >> it's not only about saving lives but also saving taxpayer money. but overweight trucks can tear up our road. >> it's never too early to start thinking about back to school shopping. before the kids make their list, though, you need to hear what one county is no longer going to allow in its new dress code. >> trouble for local get away. the drastic meares they havesu
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a well-known tourist attraction is having trouble now it's cutting jobs. colonial williamsburg in virginia says it plans to layoff at least 70 workers and retail stores and education program will be out sourced to help deal with growing debt. the living history museum has lost millions of dollars in recent years and more than $300 million in debt at the end of last year. the losses are attributed to a drop in attendance and on guest who are entering without paying. >> it's right, new rules for pr
6:40 pm
will be allowed if the strap is wider than one inch. undergarments cannot be visible in any way. some parts of the dress code did not receive overwhelming support and may have to be revisited. the news 4 i-team learns how they're doing and why some call it paper terrorism. >> is that a strategy or revenge. >> i
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you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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>> reporter: most days are quiet here on main street in the mountain
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to town. police say shoe he continues himself a sovereign citizen. >> that the federal state and local laws primarily don't apply to them. >> runs the u.s. justice department team that prosecutes. government do so for many reasons, some frustrated at the political system, others protesting america's income tax. the investigators say created havoc, making threats in the neighborhood. police say he shot and killed three of his neighbors after accusing them of stealing one of the victims was crystal douglas's dad. >> i lost my father. i lost my best friend. and it hurts. >> reporter: he's pleaded not guilty. in the manhunt for him after the shootings police say something was revealed about the past. he had a history of threatening judges he had faced before. while he was on the land, police put one judge into
6:45 pm
the i-team gathered five years of federal court records from all 50 states and dc and discovered a growing string of cases against self identified sovereigns charged with threatening judges and threatening prosecutors, including a investigation just launched in dc. saw prevention to see from a suspected sovereign inside a ups story. sovereign accused of targeting justice officials in florida. the dc case and nearly all of those we found were nonviolent threats, or so-called paper terrorism. they're ringing judges with damaging and costly legal filings. liens against the judges homes for their property. >> is that a strategy or revenge. >> i think it's revenge. >> reporter: here in new york in the mountains north of new york city, the local municipal judge who handles traffic cases was menaced by a sovereign citizen and he fought
6:46 pm
attempt at revenge. >> that's exactly what it was, revenge. >> reporter: judge robert foster is a sovereign citizen who ended up in his courtroom for a minor traffic violation tried to ruin him, filing lien after lien against him and his family property. >> approximately a half billion dollars worth. >> half a billion dollars. >> the flood of paper and filings consumed him with his time, his staff required him dig deep into his bank account. >> it costs money to go to court, just to defend yourself or to unravel something that someone does to you. >> reporter: no matter how frivolous? >> our nationwide review of court records found a case of randall due, a georgia man sentenced to 10 years in prison for waging paper terrorism, the judge overseen the criminal case of an associate of due. he brags about his paper terror attack against the judge in a phone call to a radio station, a phone call
6:47 pm
>> do you think i'm kidding? you know, i am the one who is personally signatured $20 million consensual public commercial lien against judge --. the sovereign who unleashed against paper terrorism. he asked not to name him. it's important for judges not to be intimidated when they go to face to face with sovereigns in the courtroom. >> i was 24 years towns justice and i didn't believe in the squeaky wheel justice. the person makes the most noise, doesn't get a by. >> as for the judge police put in hiding for eric shoe, he's back on the bench now that he's behind bars awaiting trial. in a recent review by the law center estimates between 250,000 and a half million sovereign citizens in the u.s., leon that number is quickly growing.
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a lien if they say they don't recognize it. >> you can file liens in some parts with a click of a mouse from your home or apartment. that's all it takes. >> if you're not worried about conflicting viewpoints. >> a little hypocrisy. >> that's a shocking story, thank you, scott. >> let's go to amelia in the weather center and get an update of what's going on with the weather. >> take a look at the high temperatures. we hit 90 degrees. most of us right around the 90-degree point. as we head into the holiday weekend, we'll see the mugginess move in over night tonight. temperatures, generally, will stay in the low 90s through the fourth of july and even a little bit longer. take a look at your planner for tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. is mild. 72 degrees. plenty of sunshine in the forecast. it will be breezy at times throughout the day. perfect day for golf tomorrow. that's where we go out to doug. quicken loans tournament. doug, you've b
6:49 pm
sun, clouds, over all pretty nice. . that's going to help with a lot, however, it's going to start to pick up tomorrow that's going to be factor. they're just about -- i think we're take ago look at the leader board. a couple of guys on the driving range getting out here as well. >> i think they'll stay on the fast side as we move on through. we've been so dry for the month of june. a different vantage point than we have, showing an area all around for the cameras. you can see what's happening around the later. lots of ten
6:50 pm
things and fun to do. i urge you if you can get out here, try to do them and make sure you're drinking plenty of water. temperatures, 91 degrees today. tomorrow, we get into the low 90s. we're talking about the heat. this is exactly what we expect for this tournament. we've seen some big time heat every time this tournament comes to town. >> you can't have a tournament and not talk about the green speed. i mean, i think it goes hand and hand. they're fast, slow, whatever. and as we take a look at how the humidity is going to impact the temperatures, tomorrow feeling like 95 degrees, not too much worse than you factor in the humidity. take a look at saturday. feeling more like 100 in the afternoon hours, kind of see the heat index hang out. if you're heading to the baefs this weekend, water temperature at 70 degrees. scattered thunderstorms mainly on saturday. temperatures at the beaches in the 80s. back here at home
6:51 pm
90s. with a 50% chance of late day thunderstorm looking good for the fourth of july. >> all right. amelia. coming up. it's sports like we've never seen him here in dc. he's up next with sports.
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right now, they scored almost twice as many runs as the cubs in the last four days. >> well. >> you know what this means, the bandwagon is on its way out of time. the fourth and final game between the cubs and nationals. they beat us on the reigning world series champions. this week it's a beautiful day for some baseball at nats park. a 4:05 start. bottom of the first man on for ryan zimmerman, he takes this one down the lidne. harper down the first. this time, rounding third, here is the throw, get away from the catcher. zimmerman to third on the throw. nats even it at 1. now in the sixth still tied at 2-2 count. he swings and misses. home plate ump called him out on strike. did he swing. he said he got a little piece of the ball and still called out. appealing to
6:55 pm
and going to the first base ump. fired up and gets tossed for the first time as nationals manager. chris takes over. he likes what he says from anthony with a man on tony, crushes this ball to left. a two-run shot, which gives the nats the lead. right now, they're up 4-2. quicken loans nationals still going on at ptc patomic. atop the board is david who won a tournament at this course back in 2012. maloney joins us live with more on today's action. >> reporter: and with the new name, new respect. one of the bright young golfers in the game right now. this is stepping up to host a u.s. open. he struggles today. she's tied
6:56 pm
clubhouse. he's not the only one to have a tough day. >> recognizable player out here, brittany fowler, the ninth ranked golfer of the world. he drew the biggest crowd, but not the best score shooting an even par 70. for defending champion, billy hurly the third, 28th foot birdie put on 15, the highlight of his day. it proved challenging. who finished at three over par at the start, he was looking for. >> i batted my eyes, made boe bogeys. you can't hit it in the rough. >> while he struggled there were several other golfers who shot their way to the top. johnson wagner, played college golf at virginia tech with an impressive round of 466. and mark leash man, the australian who makes it in virginia beach shooting four under par. for both men
6:57 pm
>> this is as close as we get to virginia beach. so i flew home from the travel sunday night and drove up here tuesday morning. and it's a good tournament. >> his wife is due with his third child of this week. i can tell as i'm saying good-bye. doug, cameron still out here, quicken loans nationals. we'll -- >> i'm running security for you. >> we'll send it back to you. >> all right, thank you, carol. all right, for one golfer at the hna french open, mom tried to come to the rescue. he threw his club into the water out of frustration. and mom really wanted to get his putter. she rolled her pants up.
6:58 pm
over this, what you don't see is the club is actually broken. so she throws it right
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, beneath the dignity of the office. widespread condemnation from democrats and republicans as president trump unleashes a crude attack on the intelligence and the appearance of a female journalist, msnbc's mika brzezinski. also, the travel ban officially going into effect tonight amid concerns and confusion about how is allowed in and who's not. scandal strikes at the heart of the vatican. a top cardinal, one of pope francis' top aides, charged with sexual abuse. high rollers. recreational weed about to be legal in sin city. tonight, dos and don'ts before you think about lighting up on the strip. and what's next for the digital revolution that changed the world ten years ago today. "nightly news" begins right now.


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