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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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first at 4, dc and prince georges county police are going after atv riders that took over the road over the weekend. >> officials are saying they're sick and tired of the stunts putting drivers and pedestrians at risk. >> it's dangerous and it's pa thet cli juvenile. grown men acting like juveniles. >> we have live team coverage on our top story. >> tracee wilkins is in prince georges county. >> t,
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more than 50 images and one of the biggest breaks we've seen in this case, but actually fine this men, they're going to need your help. they're been pouring over social media post trying to find out who was on board that roared through the district. they think some of the riders came from as far away as independent independent and florida weaving in and out. right now dc police are offering a cash reward for information and urging witnesses to send in what they see. >> if you're in a safe position and you see something like this happening and you can take a photograph, do that, send it to us and we'll do the rest. >> we put all of these new images on our washington app and the chief said, dc police are working with their partners in prince georges county because the riders have been crossing back and forth into the district. us
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chief who has new development on the shocking case from national harbor. >> reporter: prince georges county police are saying they want to change the culture of people who are riding a tvs through this county illegally. they're not allowed on the road here. they're not insured. where we have a mixture of residents and tourist. on weekend, streets here are very packed. police say in order to crack down on this problem, they're changing the way they patrol. they were driving around today, that in addition to an increased over all police presence that was very obvious and folks who live here and are visiting here noticed it right away. prince georges police say they never want to see seen like this, dozens and dozens of riders going down main street in between cr
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sidewalks. prince georges county police say they're going to attack this problem from the air. there are some things that they still won't do. >> we have a more right and obligation to protect the citizens, they don't. approved that. they road against the flow of the traffic. they don't have any regard for our community, unfortunately. we're not able to do that and we will not engage in that kind of behavior. >> prince georges county police are saying that they cannot chase these guys. they can't put other people in danger when they're trying to catch these people. while they may not get them at that moment, having these images and pictures of the suspects will help them to get them later. they're saying at sometimes that's the best course of action. we'lav
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individual pictures they have of people who were driving around here last weekend. they say if they come back this july fourth weekend, they're prepared for them. >> thank you, tracy. the word here is to get these pictures out and let as many people see them as often as possible. if you want to see all of the photos, go to nbc washington's facebook page. we'll have them for you there. >> baby boy, just a few hours old found abandoned this morning. somebody left them on a doorstep on a home near annapolis. police released a photo. they say the baby is here to be in good health. but they are anxious to find his mother because they believe she may need medical attention or may even be the victim of a crime. police also released photos of two items of clothing found with the baby. a woman's shirt and a jacket. >> shoppers at a popular northern virgini
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because fairfax county police are investigating a murder and burglary. this started after 2:00 in the morning at springfield plaza. jay and heart got into a fight after living a restaurant. at some point they believe that he killed hart. and broke into the store, shattering the front window there. police arrested him, shoppers, though, caught off guard. >> i was shocked. i didn't know what was going on. been here about 30 years in this neighborhood and never seen nothing like this. >> he's been charged with murder. bureau recorder david got a chance to speak with those who knew the victim and the suspect. he'll be here to update us at 5:00. a lot of us are expecting guests with backyard barbecues. a fairfax family, they had a bit of surprise visit at their home. >> julie carey shows why this visitor had a l
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calling 911. >> this backyard in fairfax station. this is the scene of the crime. the suspect, a black bear. the charge, bird feeder vandalism. >> i come in here, there's this bear in the backyard that's very methodically working on the bird feeder, trashed it completely and proceeded to eat the seed that came out of the bird feeder. and then he checked other things around the yard to look for other food sources. then he laid down for a while and took it easy a and took a little quick nap. >> reporter: when he decided to leave, he climbed over the fence. the family hope he won't be making return any time soon. in fairfax station, news 4. >> i cannot stop a determined bear. and he had his mind made up, didn't he. >> the fourth of july weekend,
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it's going to be a hot one. >> let's go meteorologist and what's the rest of the -- and storm chances. and it is hot out here. there's a nice breeze and the humidity isn't all that bad. 91 degrees by 7:00. mid-80s, most of us will be dry this evening. 11:00 p.m., though, guys we're still at 82 degrees. the fourth of july weekend over all shaping up how we would expect it to be here in
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hot and humid. >> well, it's no big surprise, a lot of americans started the long july fourth holiday weekend today. but the real surprise. >> president trump's morning tweet could have some serious ramifications for the republican fight to repeal and replace obama care. >> tennis star accused of running a red light and causing a fatal crash,
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. get away day on the roads and the rails, lots of folks headed out early for the long fourth of july holiday weekend. >> we're keeping an eye on the hot spots in our area from the bay bridge to reagan airport. it's not too bad. it could be a lot worse. aaa says a record 44 million people will travel more than a miles to get away. more than 37 million of the people will drive that's up from 2016. and about three-and-a-half million will be flying. the reason for all the extra travellers, low gas prices. >> makes me willing to travel more. don't stay home because i can get cheap gas. >> it's not the gas, air fairs this year, also 10% cheaper than they were this time last year. >> i'm melissa with a
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your first four traffic and travel for this holiday weekend, if you're headed out of town for this holiday, here are the best times to travel. aaa telling us friday either leave before 8:00 or after 10. saturday before 6 or after 8:00 p.m. sunday before 8:00 a.m., after 7:00 p.m. on monday, 8:00 a.m. or 8:00 p.m. and tuesday 9:00 a.m. or 10:00 p.m. now just a reminder for you for this holiday weekend, most road work on hold for the holiday weekend to make things just a little bit easier. isn't that nice here for the weekend. fourth of july celebrations are all over the place, of course. many roads closed near the national mall, closure start at 6:00 a.m., run until about 10:00 p.m., the fullest of closures and more of them all acer the pl
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♪ very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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here at live desk, we have new information on the breaking news that we brought you at the top of the hour. we have confirmed the man who opened fire at hospital in the bronx is dead. all of this has been taking place in the past hour in the bronx lebanon hospital in new york city. sister station is reporting that police are treating it as a case of workplace violence. there are sources telling them the shooter use to be a hospital employee. witnesses are saying he walked in to the hospital wearing a doctors't
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we know there are multiple victims. we're trying to pin down exactly how many. the gunman is dead. police do not think this is a case of terrorism. we'll bring you updates here on air and of course on the nbc washington app. >> thank you, chris. president trump is facing a hoax of authority issues from reviving the nation's health care system to regarding nuclear aggression against north korea. >> his agenda is overshadowed bipartisan up roar over the morning joe. today they responded. >> i am very concerned as to what this, once again, reveals about the president of the united states. >> we have friends inside the white house that have told us over the past month, they're getting more concerned about his emotional state. >> blayne alexander is
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new reaction to this. she's live on capitol hill with that part of the story, blayne. >> reporter: back here with capitol here behind me is becoming a ghost town. they're facing a rather lengthy to do list when they come back from break. that's why a number of members are expressing rolling frustrations from what they call a distraction by the president. today in washington a split screen, on one side, president trump's agenda, the first visit from south korea's new president, a health care battle and a trade show down with china. all of that largely overshadowed by the president's tweets lashing at msnbc joe and mika thursday morning. the pair responded today. >> my family brought me up really tough, this is absolutely nothing. i am very concerned as to what this once again
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states. >> we're okay. the country is fine. >> the president immediately fired back, watch low-rated morning joe for first time in long time fake news, he called me to stop a national enquirer article, i said, no. his initial tweet both outraged even within his own party. mika was bleeding badly from a facelift, she wrote. >> it's a tweet that was reckless. it was juvenile, and it was, again, a distraction from the standpoint of legislative activity. >> today in the rose garden after a joint statement with south korea's leader about growing tensions with nuclear armed north korea, the president of the united states ignored shouted questions about his feud with two cable tv hosts. >> reporter: and right about now, president trump is
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off. he's leaving washington to spend the holiday weekend at his new jersey golf course. live on capitol hill, blayne alexander, news 4. i'm a new driver. baby driver is now showing at the box office. >> entertainment editor jason joins us live now with previews. we hear you like this one. >> yeah. right. i know we've been teasing "baby driver" for a couple of weeks. it's a new action movie by edgar wright. a lot of people love this guy. this one is about a get away driver who has a hearing condition, a bit of a ringing in his ear. he had to put ear buds while
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we get a great wall to wall soundtrack what he's listening to. we get steve miller, queen, a bunch of different songs from over the years, golden eerie, the really cool thing edgar wright and the way it's edited ties all of these songs with the action we're seeing. each car wreck ties with a beat in the music. it's stylized. if you don't like violence, i will caution you it does get pretty violence. it's done in a stylized way and great cast in terms of kevin spacey and a couple of the bank robbers that the kid drives around are john ham, you know, don draper from mad man and also jamie fox. one of my favorite action movies in year. >> it's here to stay, obviously. it keeps coming up week this and week out. you're saying now, also, that's not the only good option you're talking about the, you think it's the funniest movie of the
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about this one, yet. >> it's been going under the radar. it's called the big 6. we won't exactly give it away. i think it's the funniest movie of the year. >> i've been dating a girl. she's white. >> she's a white girl. >> white girl. >> we hate carrots. >> so it's actually written by a real life husband and wife. they've cowrite this screen right based on their own romance, let's say the cultural differences of him being pakistanian american stand up comedian whose parents wanted to go into an arranged mother, good muslim girl, bringing girls over trying to hook him up. he falls for zoe, a white girl, and the cultural difference that is go on there. beyond this, it's flat out
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i can't empathize it enough. it was some jokes i was giggling minutes after they landed. they're just fantastic in this movie. if a lot of people thought the romantic genre was on life support. >> we can't get about tap this weekend? >> yes. on tuesday night for july fourth, capitol fourth concert, the fireworks. but the great star studded line up. we have the beach boys. sugar ray. trace atkins. chris blue who just won the voice. it's hosted by john stamos, he said he'll get on and play the drums for the beach boys. he gave us some tidbits on full house. turns out it was from roy's "pretty women."
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get all of these insights. get out tuesday for the show. >> you do great imitation. >> get your baby driver to take you down and -- [ laughter ] >> thanks, jason, have a good liday. >> whoe'
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radar right now? >> take a look at the panhandle west virginia, into washington county and maryland. i amtraking some areas of heavier rain and starting to see some lightning, as well. i think montgomery, fairfax, alexandria do stay dry. even most of frederick and louden counties will stay dry. you see the storms moving. take a look at your weather headlines. some isolated storms tonight. but tomorrow scattered storms impacting pretty much the entire area. 50% chance you're dealing with rain later in the day tomorrow. it's getting caught. temperatures generally in the low 90s. i can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm. but for most of us the day is looking dry and good for fireworks. i do want to time out tomorrow's rain chance. starting off at 7:00 a.m. we have clouds around early tomorrow morning, you see sunshine start to break out. here we are at
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most of us are dry. look at what happens at 2:00. we start to see thunderstorms develop, louden county, these storms move east, around 4:00 p.m. their ear in frederick, louden, starting to move in montgomery county. notice really bright colors here, that's very heavy rain fall and potentially some strong to severe thunderstorms. the biggest concern that i'm seeing tomorrow would be very heavy rain fall and slee -- slow moving thunderstorms. 6:00 moving through the districts, prince georges, by 7:00 p.m. starting to push off towards the eastern shore. we're dry over night. but, again, 50% chance that we're dealing with storms an later in the day tomorrow, not only that, the humidity is through the roof and factor in the mugginess that 92 feels like 100 degrees during the afternoon hours. over all for the holiday weekend, if you're heading to the beach, looking pretty good there, barbecues if they are late in the day tomorrow, just ha
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quickly. fireworks on tuesday. there's that small chance for isolated thunderstorm. i'll be taking a closer look at the beach forecast. here is a look, though, at your ten-day forecast. it's nice, 90, humidity not too bad. maybe the thunderstorm for the fourth of july afternoon.
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congress is leaving town for the fourth of july without a new health care bill. now the president is suggesting that maybe they don't need an obama care replacement. >> instead the president says the gop should just focus on repeal effort. nbc news political editor joins us now to talk about the road ahead for health care. let's start with the president's tweet. he said that if republicans can't pass a new bill, they should repeal now and replace later. how much support is there, if any, for that. >> there is some support of conservative, including rand paul of kentucky. the problem is something like that isn't supported by a lot of republican moderates, same moderates who have been opposed
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people like susan collins of maine. he had probably someone like rod of ohio. if you can't get those people you're not doing to get any votes. i took president trump's offer today, in some ways you can argue that it hurts some of the negotiations that are on going for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell didn't get anything done. >> and the current bill isn't dead yet, what is mcconnell trying to do to bring it together and rally around it. >> so when it comes to the modera moderate, he's trying to window some of them by having expanding the funding, particularly in a lot of midwest state. you also see him trying to window by promising that insurance regulations, as well as some expanded health accounts, the health savings account. but he's really trying to do what is very difficult, that is, give concessions to both moderates and con
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somehow be able to get 50 votes. >> mark murray, thanks so much, mark. >> thanks, pat. >> of course there will be continuing coverage every night on nbc nightly news at 7:00. right here on nbc 4. tomorrow is july 1st, that means lots of new laws will be going into effect across the area. in maryland the minimum wage goes up to $9.25 an hour. they passed a new law which requires public schools to have specific education for opioid addiction. first $15,000 of retirement income will be exempt from state taxes. there are two new laws aimed at curving the opioid crisis. one law will allow for needle exchange program. the other makes it easier for new mothers to get treatment if they're addicted to drugs. you may want to think twice before staying in the left lane. police can fine you
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you're driving too slow. emergency vehicles and prevent road rage. now, also, the abc stores are going to start selling more types of 51 proof alcohol, grain alcohols which don't have color, and that includes well-known brand ever clear. you can see a full listing of the new laws on nbc washington apps. a woman is suing ve nus williams for her role in a fatal car accident that killed her husband and they're demanding police turn over evidence in that crash. the accident happened a few weeks ago. family claim surveillance camera captured video of the crash. witnesses told police williams ran the red light and linda ran into her with her husband in the passenger's street. he died from the injuries he suffered in that crash. williams says traffic backed up left her
4:35 pm
intersection, she tried to get around it. her lawyer says the police report estimated that ms. williams was traveling 5 miles per hour when mrs. bar son crashed into her. this is an unfortunate accident, venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family. there's no evidence of alcohol, drug or texting. no criminal charges have been filed. prince georges county police have identified the victim of the deadly crash last night. they say 67-year-old james hill was trying to turn left on indian head highway near pine drive when a speeding car slammed into his minivan. he died later at the hospital. a third car was also involved in the crash. witnesses reported seeing several vehicles speeding and driving recklessly on the highway just before it crashed. >> at the stroke of midnight, the silver stage will start seeing a lot more green. >> tell the world, watch out, this is the new
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at 5:00, prince georges county pol
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nbc 4 responds, a number of you needing our help when no one else will listen. >> a look at some of the most recent cases that she and her team have helped resolved. >> credit card promotion that didn't pay off, we're getting results for our viewers. we start tonight with an update on the story. nbc will respond within four months. >> in march, four viewers reached out after medical supply company took their money but never delivered their products. we've stayed on the story and we're happy to report that three of the four customers have aced
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$9,000. john contacted us after he applied for a chase credit card but having trouble getting a dollars statement credit that was promised with it. turns out, he hit refresh while filling out the application breaking the link to the promotion. we contacted chase and they made sure he got the credit. nbc 4 response ticket trouble, his car was towed in the district. he went on line to pay the trikt and accidentally paid for two others associated with the car. he contacted zip car several times to try to get reimbursed but wasn't having any luck. >> i got the run around. i sent the document to two or three different e-mail addresses. i texted them in. >> we reached out, within hours they were ready to give him the $250 he over paid. nbc 4 response has helped our viewers or re
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$1.2 million. isn't that, one, two, three, four. and if you have a consumer problem, you need help solving contact us at nbc >> you're on a roll here. >> yeah, i know, all in a day's work. it takes all of you guys calling us and submitting your complaints online. we thank you for our success. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> sure. well, you've heard jewelry parties, tuper aware parties. now there are cpr parties. how one mother has committed herself to make sure no one is unprepared for an emergency. >> james' response -- jay-z's response to lemonade in the ef lags
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very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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we keep getting new information on this breaking news in
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it to you as soon as possible. five people have been shot at the bronx lebanon hospital. we just learned that one of those victims had died. take a look, these are live pictures from the scene. the gunman is dead inside the hospital and in the last few moments we've learned his name is henry, our sister station in new york is reporting, he's a doctor and former employee at the hospital. now, right now the nypd is treating this as a case of workplace violence. they do not think this is connected to terrorism. witnesses say the governor was wearing the doctor's coat when he opened fire with the rifle. just to put this into perspective. the gunman is dead. five people have been shot and police do not think this is a case of terrorism. get all the updates all night on the washington app. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> recent drownings have highlighted the importance of knowing critical life saving skills, cpr. >> it saved the life of
4:46 pm
and now she's made it her mission to help people learn how to do it. more on this report. >> reporter: the people in this room are having a party but it may not be what you think about when you think of party. >> if we had an infant or small person under the age of one, initially, we'll start out by supporting the head and putting them in this position. >> today we -- it is an hour to hour and a half awareness party. >> the parties are typically held in someone's home and they're taught by a certified cpr instructor. each participant gets a chance to learn how to use an aed and perform compressions on a dummy. cpr party is the brain child of laura metro, who narrowly avoided tragedy a few years ago when her 3-year-old son clay almost drowned. >> my friends said, hey, you guys go take the dog, watch our kids and your kids by the pool. we came back about, you know,
4:47 pm
or so minutes later. we walked around the corner. we ran in there and we saw him, he was on the pool deck. he was blue and out. and our friend was doing cpr. >> clay spent two days in a coma then he made what his mother calls a miraculous recovery. doctors said that cpr saved clay's life. the american heart association reports that effective bystander cpr provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest, for example, can double or triple a victim's chance of survival. clay's accident made laura acutely aware of the importance of knowing cpr. >> i decided that clay's life would begin and i almost felt i had a responsibility. >> reporter: one of the most appealing aspects, they provide basic awareness and skills. total cost $300. >>
4:48 pm
>> after the party is over, no one leaves with cpr certification. but laura says, the parties have motivated some people to get certified. at the very least, she hopes it provides fundamentals and peace of mind. >> i would -- am totally prepared if something were to happen to a child or an adult whether it be from a swim accident or -- that i, at least, have the basics and can do something until the emts or, whoever, the medical people, professionals arrive. >> wow! >> it's a little bit of work. >> doreen, news 4. >> interesting. speaking of insurance, as congress debates health care, some are worried about the impact that will happen. >> more on this story coming up at 5:00, wendy. >> well,
4:49 pm
statistics, millions could lose their health care and spending on medicaid could drop dramatically. what does it really mean for people, still ahead, we'll put a face on this debate. she has a story about a man who is fearing he's going to go bankrupt if the senate passes this bill. also, there's a new kind of luxury living coming to dupont circle, included in the rent, daily continental breakfast, cable, utilities, mixologyist, that's a building that wants to be your best friend, coming up, we'll take you inside the old mansion and see how they have reimagined luxury living in our little old southern town here. we'll tell you about those stories in just a few minutes. >> looks pretty nice. >> thanks, wendy, see you in a little bit. we've got our eyes on the evening, i'm tracking some thunderstorms out there, but most of us are going to stay dry. so there is good news. tomorrow you don't want a plan of dealing with rain, strong to
4:50 pm
would be between 2 and 8:00. take a look right now what we're tracking out there. these storms moving towards the northeast. slowly, 15 miles, you can see them going up right now. the bright colors on the radar. very heavy rain fall. wind gust anywhere from 40 to 50 miles an hour, potential for small hail, as well, wouldn't be surprised if we get severe thunderstorm warning in parts especially here. and i'm tracking these on twitter and facebook as well right now. currently, our temperatures is hot. 91 degrees right now in washington. and tomorrow we start off the day at a mild 75 degrees. the clouds around and then we start to notice a mix of clouds and sun around the midday and afternoon hours. 85 degrees at lunchtime. high today of 92. scattered thunderstorms in a box, they're starting to wind down. 87 degrees at that point. again, some of those storms could be o
4:51 pm
side tomorrow. laura will be updating the forecast on news 4 today bright and early. beaches, if you're headed out of town, storms there, as well, later in the day. 85 degrees. sunday and monday looking dry. water temperature around 67 degrees. 86 degrees at the beaches. sunday, monday, tuesday, we're in the low 80s. maybe a stray storm there, as well, on the fourth, but for the most part it is looking dry. i want to show you the feels like temperature tomorrow, the humidity is oppressive. by lunchtime when you factor in the mugginess, feeling like we're in the low 90s. we can handle that. it only gets worse feeling about 9 98 degrees in washington. 6:00 in the evening. it's still feeling about 96 degrees at that point. the humidity levels do come down a little bit for sunday, nice day, 94 high. on monday, high temperature of 93
4:52 pm
it dry. i can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm later in the day, but for most of us fireworks should not be an issue with the weather, 90 on tuesday, with a chance of showers around storms. >> all right, thanks. starting at midnight, nevada becomes the fifth state in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana. millions of tourist, they're banking on help state education system. they'll be allowed to smoke inside the places, they had to be over the age of 21 and could only have one ounce of marijuana at a time. still, they say that las vegas is the perfect place for it. >> restaurants in the world, you can get high and go eat great food. >> a lot of food, that's for sure, you'll be 10% tax on all marijuana sales and they expect to bring in more than $60 million for the state
4:53 pm
on his new album entitled "444. >> it was released at midnight as digital exclusive of jay-z's streaming service. he apologizes to his wife, beyonce for infidelity. and addresses the fight scene with beyonce's sister. >> the album, as you might expect, became a trending topic on social media. the songs getting a lot of attention. is the story of oj. he uses the story of oj simpson as the way to talk about the highs and lows of success as a black man in america. >> he also addresses young entrepreneurs in this song and talks about building financial wealth by buying property instead of spending money in the club. >> and another song getting a lot of attention "moonlight." he said he was inentired by this year's oscar blunder when "lalaland" was announced
4:54 pm
turned out "blue light" was actually the winner. >> interesting. this is jay-z's 13th studio album. all right. folks. stay with us. a manhunt happening across three states after recent high school graduate was gunned down and killed in
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
a manhunt is underway
4:57 pm
killed an 18-year-old woman who had just graduated from high school. they're calling it an apparent rage of road rage that happened just west of philadelphia. here is more with the story. >> reporter: a pennsylvania family is left trying to mag sen -- make sense of the senseless. >> she was a good girl, honor roll student. >> someone shot and killed 18-year-old bianca. it happened wednesday night. police say what first appeared to be a traffic accident was actually a murder. it happened where two lanes merged into one. >> her car started jostling with a red pickup truck, not actually hit him. but most of them trying to merge together. and then she was shot. the man in the red pickup truck shot her directly in the head. >> her car went off the road and into the
4:58 pm
now, officers across pennsylvania, maryland and delaware are searching for that red shef ri pickup truck and suspected killer. >> so that man who fired the shot, turn yourself in now. every second you are out there, you are only making this worst for yourself. >> reporter: police say the shooter is believed to be light male between 30 and 40 years old. family members say she was headed to jacksonville university in the fall. she wanted to be an fbi agent. now, they're just left with memories. >> she was one of the good ones. she was one of the good ones. >> a life cut short all because of a chance encounter with the wrong person. chris, nbc news. one person is dead and gunman is dead as well after shooting in new york city hospital. investigs
4:59 pm
doctor is dead after he shot six people. one of his victims was killed. sources are telling our sister station in new york that this appears to be a case of work-place violence. the gunman at the bronx lebanon hospital was dressed in a white doctor's coat when he opened fire. the shooter has been identified as dr. henry michael belo. he was a family medicine doctor, formerly employed at the hospital, according to sources. pregnant woman who was in the hospital's pediatric unit said panic broke out when they learned a shooter was in the hospital. minutes ago we heard from an emt who was inside the hospital treating one of the doctors who had been shot. >> reporter: what was the situation like inside the hospital? describe it. >> a lot of people screaming, yell. in this situation no one is ready for it. but this situation, we're taught to be calm and to be -- if so
5:00 pm
helping them. >> we are expecting police to give us an update on this situation at any moment. we'll update you when we're updated. we are also following breaking developments in our area, new effort to crack down on dangerous a tvs before the busy holiday weekend. today police released dozens of photos of people they say are terrorizing others on every street, as they ride around doing stunts on a tvs and dirt bikes. it's believed some of them come from places as far as indiana and florida. here is a look at eight of the suspects who may have been involved in a ride around national harbor earlier this week. authorities are hoping the photos will help lead to arrest. we have team coverage starting with prince georges county harbor bureaus. >> reporter: the police have putting an all out effort to catching these people who are riding around on these illegal


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