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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 30, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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police say he tried to set himself on fire before shooting and killing himself. witnesses say the shooter wore a white doctor's coat during his rampage. police tell us he was carrying an assault rifle. the shooting began just before 3:00 this afternoon. the gunman attacked 16th and 17th floors at bronx lebanon hospital. there are no signs this is an act of terrorism. the nypd is investigating the shooting as a workplace violence. we'll update this story throughout our evening on the nbc washington app. >> people are sick and tired of this behavior. >> cracking down and keeping you and your family safe this holiday weekend. >> they drove recklessly and illegally on sidewalks and streets. >> they are malicious and egregious and they don't have any regard for our community. >> last weekend families out in t
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virginia had to duck for covers and jammed the streets and sidewalks. >> police say they have had enough. now at 6:00, team coverage as police vow to crack down and get these riders into custody. >> tracee wilkins will join us. darcy. >> reporter: very strong words today from the chief of dc police saying that these illegal dirt bike and, atv riders are terrorizing the community. we've been reporting about it. it does appear to be reaching a boiling point after last weekend. take a look here. dozens of photos were released today by dc police. these are people who were apparently riding the bikes over the weekend. police say they want your help to get them identified. let's show you a few of them. there are 54 men that police are trying to identify in this investigation. they say
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through social media. these guys have been coming from as far away as florida and indiana. police say they were on the streets riding the illegal bikes, atv, minibikes, you may have seen or heard them on sunday. they're on pennsylvania avenue, eighth street and down by the towel basin. the chief said today that many of these guys are young men who are not acting their age. >> there is reckless, it's dangerous. it terrorizes our kids, our moms, our dads and seniors and it pathetically, in my opinion, juvenile, grown men acting like juveniles. >> now, if you recognized any of the men in those photographs, you are asked to call dc police. it could get you 250 extra dollars in your pocket. they're providing some reward money. you may have also heard that these bike rid
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harbor. that's where we find news 4 tracy wilkins with the latest on that part of the investigation, tracee. >> reporter: police are concerned because in addition to this being illegal on the streets of prince georges county, it also is associated with criminal activity. police are looking for these three suspects they say held a 17-year-old at gun point in order to steal his dirt bike he was trying to sell. it happened last wednesday in port washington. police say the suspect made out in a ford escape with this license plate. this is an example of the criminal activity associated with illegal atv and dirt bike riders. >> when we do get ahold of these, oftentimes they've been stolen. >> reporter: police want to know if you know these men, these pictures taken with surveillance video and cell phone. some of the riders police believe responsible for a mass
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atv joyride down sidewalks and the main street of national who boar this past weekend. >> this is the first of several pictures and identification that are going to be made. >> reporter: the riders road throughout the district of columbia, virginia and maryland. police say they're putting an end to this. >> we intend to change the culture of the atv and dirt bike riding. >> reporter: starting this weekend, police will patrolling on a tvs and dirt bikes at national harbor to help make officers more mobile. there's also video surveillance throughout the property and that's just the beginning. >> we will have our aviation unit down here. they will be on standby to monitor and follow these a tvs should they decide to show up. >> reporter: prince georges county police are saying that there's another side to all of this. this is a
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these riders from themselves. they're not wearing helmets and doing dangerous stunts and they're risking their own lives. back to you all in the studio. >> thank you. we've set up a gary of all of the persons of interest in this case. you can get a closer look at them and maybe help police find these guys. go to nbc washington's facebook page. >> bizarre murder, police say an argument got heated at a popular strip mall ending in one man's death. another man in custody. it happened over night at springfield plaza, northern virginia bureau reporter is there this afternoon or he's learned new details about the two people who were involved, david. >> reporter: wendy, you're going to hear from a woman who knew both the suspect and victim in this case. i'm going to give you perspective to show you where we are. you can see just how big it is. it's springfield plazas
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look out, several anchor stores crowded. a lot of people coming in and out. a lot of shoppers stumbled upon this giving it a big chunk of this parking lot as you can see here is blocked off. right now this is police evidence van, you have more police evidence being collecting back here. let me show you the front of the shop. this is where it all ended. you can see police walking out right now. they've got more things inside their hand right there. this is pet value pet store. they've been out here 16 hours now. >> if you're one of the many springfield plaza shoppers, your friday run forrer rand, blocked off in part like crime scene tape. >> i'm shocked. not in my area. i'm shocked. >> reporter: shocked and confused. walk through the evidence with us, you've got shirt, headphones, grocery cart, pet cushion, shattered glass. what does it all mean? timeline might help. let's take you back to thursday night inside this cafe.
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but the new name is revolution. >> we really enjoy all the customers that come in and something like this just truly breaks our heart. >> police say among those inside last night, a well-liked regular, hart and another somewhat familiar face. >> he never had a problem there. he never had an altercation there before. >> owner katherine martel said they noticed the two arguing about something. >> it never became physical. no one ever thought that anything would come from it. >> something did come from it outside the pool hall in this ally between the strip mall. here police spent the day marking evidence. it's here he attacked him leaving him to die in a bizarre twist. alleged criminal spree isn't over. he broke into the nearby pet valu store. >> we have no idea why that business. >> reporter: employees left wondg
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right now. they're scared and, you know, they're savaged by this. >> reporter: investigators are trying to piece it all together. just watching over my shoulder, just in about 30 seconds it looked like they re-opened up the store to employees so they can go in. i did reach out to corporate, they tell me no employees were inside at the time and none of the pets were hurt. latest live here, david, news 4. >> it is unbelievable alarming that this president is so easily played. so what is -- now what is that saying to our allies? what is that saying to our enemies? >> there are bad things brewing across the world, which we can't say on the air. today -- they know it. the dod. but this is one of the most dangerous times in american history, and we
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host. >> morning joe host mika reacting today to the presidential twitter attack. trump administration has a lot on its plate. including health care and travel ban. >> all of this comes before he leaves on a critical international trip. blayne alexander where there's conce concern. >> reporter: leon, there's certainly a full plate for the president and it is safe to say when members return after their week-long break, they'll face a rather lengthy to-do list here on capitol hill. that's why a number of them are expressing growing frustrations with what they call distractions by the president. today in washington, a split screen, on one side, president trp'
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the first visit from south korea's new president, a health care battle, and a trade show down with china. all of that largely overshadowed by the president's tweets lashing out at msnbc host joe and mika on thursday morning. >> my family brought me up really tough. this is nothing. but i think for me personally, i am very concerned as to what this, once again, reveals about the president of the united states. >> we're okay. the country is not. >> reporter: the president immediately fired back, watch low-rated morning joe for first time in long time, fake news. he called me to stop a national enquirer article, i said no, bad show. his initial tweet provoked outrage even within his own party. mika was bleeding badly from a facelift, he wrote. >> it's a tweet that was
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reckless. it was juvenile. and it was, again, a distraction from the standpoint of legislative activity. >> today in the rose garden after a joint statement with south korea's leader about growing tension with nuclear armed north korea, the president of the united states ignored shouted questions about his feud with two cable tv host. >> reporter: and as for president trump's tweeted claim that president trump called him and asked him to wash a negative story. well he tells a different story. this morning he said he actually received calls from the president's top aide who begged him and apologize and ask him what they kill what would be a negative story. he got the text messages and phone records to prove it. blayne alexander, news 4. 9
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hours, even by 11:00. we're going to be in the low 80s. take a look at your evening planner. plenty of sunshine here in the metro area, i amtraking thunderstorms at 9:00, temperature around 85. if you want to eat out tonight, no worries of rain. take a look back around and the panhandle west virginia, areas of rain starting to fizzle out that way, moving towards the northeast at about 15 miles per hour. another area of rain, this also moving towards the northeast, so could move into the county, i think, as it tried to continue to push further towards the north and it will fizzle out tomorrow. we'll be dealing with more widespread showers and thunderstorms. i'll walk you through the forecast, hour by hour coming up at about 6:25. >> teen claims she was being bullied and dricven to murder. claimed the daughter's killer got away with it. >> w
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to leave a big easy space and local mall. >> paycheck, slow, driving and stronger alcohol is working for you with new laws that goes with
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new at 6:00, a family thought they would be spending the summer celebrating their daughter's high school graduation. instead, they're watching their
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are forever connected by a deadly stabbing. it hpappened during a fight ove a cell phone. they're reacting to news 4 megan fitzgerald. >> and i'm very very sorry that someone had to die for this. >> reporter: remorse from the family. she was sentenced today for six years in prison for fatally stabbing kaliha last year. she addressed the court moments before she was carried away to prison. >> her sentiment to what she expressed to the mother was so heart felt and deep that she wish she could take it back. but in that moment of heated anger, the incident happened. >> reporter: police say jones got into a fight, just as miner was leaving the high school. the fight was over a cell phone and it spilled out on to the
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emerson in northwest. police say jones pulled out a knife, stabbing miner once before taking her cell phone back and leaving the scene. jones and miner had a history of fighting, but in court today, jones tearfully told the judge that she never intended on killing anyone. >> she's going to do all she can to fulfill what the other young lady is not able to fulfill. >> but miner's family is angry. they walked out of court feeling as six years in prison wasn't enough and justice wasn't served. miner's mother said "she killed my daughter and got away with it. there's no words that will bring miner back. but she did what she could to describe her sorrow. >> from her heart, she cried out to the family to forgive me and i'm going to show you all that that child who passed is going to be part of me. >> reporter: reporting in the
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4. police in pennsylvania are looking for a man. police say 18-year-old bianca was attempting to merge into the same lane as red pickup truck. well the driver of that pick up, pulled out a gun and shot her in the head and drove off. roberson's car veered off the road. she was pronounced dead at the scene. she graduated from high school this year and planning to attend jacksonville university in the fall. families chased from their homes by western wild fire are returning to see what's left. after nearly two weeks people are being allowed to go back inside their home on the southwestern corner of the state. nearly two dozen wild fires were raging across california where major highways open again in that state. people who live about an hour and a half north of phoenix, they said they're surprise today see their home still standing. as we begin the
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going into effect, minimum wage goes up to $9.25 an hour. the state legislature passed a new law requiring public schools to have a specific education for oipoid addiction. maryland's first responders will get a new tax break. the income will be exempt from state taxes. >> let's go to the commonwealth of virginia, where there were two new laws curbing the opioid crisis. the other one makes it easier for new mothers to get treatment if they find themselves addicted to drugs. get this, starting tomorrow, you may want to think twice before staying in the left lane too long. police can fine you 100 bucks if you're there and driving too slow. it was passed to prevent road rage, as well. also in the commonwealth, abc stores are going to sell more type of 150 proof, grain alcohol, that don't have in aroma that will
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well-known everclear. you can see full listing of all the new laws on the nbc washington app. go there and search new laws. wendy. as we start july, we're tracking some heat and some storms, look at what -- take a look at what to expect for your weekend and for the fourth. >> just some of the street names in dc that are real and they've had a lot of us scratching our heads for years. just how did those
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just in time for the weekend, heat and humidity kicking up. >> get your snorkel, it's really damp out there. exactly, today our high temperature got to 94 degrees, similar to tomorrow, but the humidity is going to be higher. when you add in the mugginess, it will feel like 100 deglees tomorrow afternoon. -- 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. on storm team 4 and tracking few areas of rain and thunderstorm, you can see this activity back in west virginia, parts of maryland, starting to weaken and actually lift north up into pennsylvania. and then another area of rain and thunderstorms south of us around the charlottesville area moving, this is actually now taking on more northerly, more impacting madison, potentially, just clipping and not necessarily moving northeast here. soth
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an eye on for most of us dry this evening, take a look at the headline. scattered thunderstorms around tomorrow afternoon and evening, you're dealing with rain tomorrow at about 60%. if you have outdoor plans, definitely have plans to be able to head inside quickly as storms do move into the area. we stay hot for the holiday weekend and an isolated storm chance for the fourth of july, very small. i want to show you the rain and storm chances tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. we're dry. at noon still dry, more of mix of clouds and sun at this point. 2:00 we start to track an area of rain and thunderstorms back around the i-81, 4:00 p.m. this is moving into parts of carol, frederick county, louden county. notice the bright colors here with this line, that's potential for heavy rain fall and strong to severe thunderstorms. you want to keep that in mind, 5:00 moving through the dc metro area. 6:00 impacting areas down through southern maryland. we could see a
6:25 pm
the time frame mainly between 2 and 8:00. the biggest concern i'm seeing very heavy rain fall. storms could be slow moving, kind of what we're seeing right there tomorrow. that could lead to areas of flash flooding or water collecting on the road. also the potential for some high winds that could lead to isolated wind damage out there. in addition to that, remember tomorrow the day is it feels like 100 degrees, the thermometer reading the high temperature of 92 for your saturday. heading to the beach, 85 there. late day thunderstorm, sunday and monday temperatures still in the mid-80s. temperatures around 67 degrees. tuesday at the beach, maybe a stray thunderstorm and 83 degrees at that point. back here our ten day forecast, a little warmer, we would expect, 90 on sunday. the humidity level pretty low, not bad at all. monday high temperature of 93, with mostly sunny skies. tuesday, the fourth of july, isolated thu
6:26 pm
afternoon and evening hours, nothing to cancel or change plans over, lauren and tomorrow we'll be in this weekend updating the forecast. i want to broke out tuesday for you. we'll start off the day already warm, we're at 80 degrees. by 3:00 we're hot and 90. temperatures in the low 80s, thunderstorms in the forecast next wednesday, with temperatures in the upper 80s, leon. >> thanks. >> it's one of the biggest fires -- local firefighters have ever dealt with. we're there as crews take a wrecking ball to the brand new building. we'll tell you what happens next. declaration of independence in the social media, how you can chime in that our founding fathers might be proud of. you're looking at the damage left behind breakfast with a bear. i'm in fairfax station, coming up you'll hear from the homeowner who saw this bear leisurely visit in their backyard today and how thell y'
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very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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now at 6:0030, demolition day crews are ripping down the apartment building that were damaged by historic fire. >> as they tear that building apart, they're learning about more and more why that car grew large a
6:30 pm
derrick gordon is live with a look at what they've learned and what comes next. derrick. >> it's all part of the plan, they'll rip down the top floors down to the garage and rebuild it all the way around. even some of the parts that weren't damaged by the fire. after they're done, well the fire department is going to have sort of a debriefing about how they had to fight the fire and what the challenges were and why they would have to do this and why they hope they don't have to do anything like this again. >> she watched this building go up and she watched it burn. she and her other neighbors had to leave their home. just to the garage level. so what's her impression of this soon to be mid rise in her
6:31 pm
>> light weight construction, less expensive, down side. >> two by fours that just was providing fuel for the fire. >> there's nothing in the local building code that says he can't use light weight construction. the problem here, the fire started before the building sprinkler system was hooked up. prince georges county fire said it shows why sprinkler systems are so important. >> this would have been in pain to the area of origin, we wouldn't be here today and people would be living in this building. >> things were made worse because fire doors have yet to be installed that allowed oxygen to see flames throughout the building. investigators still don't know how the fire started. >> we do believe the fire to be accidental in nature. >> now, as they get another go, the name of this building, it's become something of a
6:32 pm
them. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: now, this building ruz actually suppose to be ready for occupancy next month. that's obviously not going to happen. some of the units had already been rented and the company that runs it, let's hope those people find other accommodations and they're hoping some of them will indeed come back. once the sprinklers are in, it's a lot safer than it was before they were here. leon, back to you. >> thanks, derrick. how about this positive in the wake of tragedy, the community rallying around a 13-year-old girl who was hit and killed by a train. the go fund me page has already reached its goal of $30,000 in just a matter of hours. she was killed wednesday when she was out walking along the train tracks. you may recall the coverage we had here. her funeral set for tomorrow afternoon. well, an interesting morning for a fairfax county family, they had an uninvited guest for
6:33 pm
backyard helping himself to the bird food. jerry reports his family will be making some changes now around that house. maybe the bear considered this the appetizer. when the video started rolling. once those containers were cleaned out, the bear moved to the big bird feeder. he and his wife watched it all from their dining room window. their video just missed the first part when the bear pulled the feeder to the ground. >> he used his body a little bit, kind of like a linebacker. and then the feeder here, somehow he tore this up and -- actually, this may be salvageable because there's a little front grade that goes on here and fits in. he pulled it right out. there it is. that actually, i don't have to replace that one. >> took it apart. >> he kind of knew what he was doing. >> the bird food consumed. you can see the bear moved toward a tree, standing up to see if there was more grub tbe
6:34 pm
very different reactions to this uninvited guest. >> my wife thought he was cute. i was on the phone with west springfield police and inland fisheries and 911. >> police told him unless the bear was aggressive, they wouldn't need to come. the wild life folks gave advice. you can help by removing bird feeders, pick up any pet food, secure your garbage, don't put meat in the post, later on this summer, pick up bright fruit from the ground. >> definitely try to keep them to a minimum back there. we'll keep the bear out. >> today, any way, this bear felt right at home. at one point even settling in for a nap. when the bear finally left, he came to this back corner of the yard and climbed over the fence. the family hoping he won't be making a return. i'm julie carey, news 4. >> you think that was that bear's first time doing
6:35 pm
>> no way. >> he's doing a repeat offender. you won't find bears, but you'll find family fun all for free at the national mall. the first weekend underway right now. this year's festival celebrating the circus. exploring how immigrants shape our country. there are hours and hours of free workshops, shows an demonstrations scheduled to run from tonight and through tuesday, to help plan your visit. go to the app and search there. and, of course -- >> they're looking at it. >> yeah, you know, i never go down there enough. that's wonderful. >> we've got to put the circus in here. >> yeah, we do. all right, always just one more festivities here at our nation's capitol. >> another includes the declaration of independence at
6:36 pm
it is the only ratified copy. it can be viewed in a setting like a temple. but this year archive officials are adding a contemporary twist, a twitter contest to see who can sum up the essence of the declaration of independence in 140 characters. >> #tiny declaration, we want to get it down to 140 characters. >> the national archive partnered with online magazine for the contest. the winner will be announced on july 4th. >> it will probably be about 16 years old. >> always. >> they're the ones. >> they are the experts. one local mall about to have a big empty space. >> what a major retailer will be closing up shop and why they say it's shifting its top priorities. >> and tomorrow not just hot and humid. when you add in the humidity fe
6:37 pm
rest of the holiday weekend feeling like temperatures are in the mid 90s. llso i'l z2e2bz z1a2z y2e2by y1a2y
6:38 pm
z2ejcz z16fz y2ejcy y16fy
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major surprise announcement in northern virginia today. >> nordstrom closing its store at the dulles town center. that store has been in the community. >> chris gordon said this may be part of a new challenge that is facing department stores. >> reporter: jonathan lloyd is a loyal nordstrom customer and is surprised to learn that it will be closing its douglas town center storm. >> there are other stores in tyson's corner that go to that are nordstrom affiliated. >> so you'll stay a nordstrom's customer? >> definitely. >> reporter: in looking at the greater dc market, we feel we can serve our customers better at our other
6:41 pm
online. these days online shopping is dominated by amazon, which commands 33% of the e commerce market. that's taking business away from some big department stores, macy's, sears and jcpenney are closing a number of their stores. but nordstrom has not followed that trend. dulles is only the second store nordstrom is closing this year. >> i love the store. what are we going to do? i don't like shopping on line, honestly, because it's not the same you come to the store and then, well, you can pick what you like. >> reporter: nordstrom has five other stores in our area. it operates 12 nordstrom rack stores with a new one scheduled to open this fall in maryland. nordstroms has announced it will find jobs for the 150 employees who work here at other stores in the area. from the dulles town center, chris gordon, news
6:42 pm
see a street sign and you think, what were they thinking? >> it happens all the time around this place, doesn't it. >> some of the local streets have names that are unique, some down right silly. aloser look c
6:43 pm
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doctor is dead. several are more a hurt. the doctor was a doctor that use to work there. he tried to set himself on fire before shooting and killing himself. detectives treat thg ing this a place of workplace violence. police are cracking down often atv and dirt bike riders. they're releasing dozens of photos who they say have been terrorizing the communities. the vehicles are not meant to be on the road. we posted the photos. police hope this leads to arrest. a live look for you, now, at the bay bridge. there's the holiday get away underway. record number of travellers expected to head out of town this weekend, the experts say if you want to get there and avoid the trouble, leave at
6:46 pm
if you want to avoid tf heaviest traffic. >> there are strange street names in our area and some make you wonder. >> and others make you do double take, right. first at 4, traffic melissa digs into some unusual names in this edition of meet your street. a'. >> some might make you turn around, some might sound a little silly. let's start with some of the strangest like chicken dinner road in idaho. zyzzyx road in california. 100 year party court in colorado. we have wacky one here at home, too. big lonely road, spike buck lane. better hours court in columbia and no name lane in leonard town. but downtown,
6:47 pm
is a head scratcher. then there's tackle -- >> i have no idea. >> i've never heard of it and i drive around here. so i don't know. maybe i should just learn dc a little better. >> while some are perplexed. >> somebody came up with them, somebody bored. >> i've never heard of any of them. >> we can help. >> a number of years ago they found a dinosaur bone down at the other end, they named a street after that. >> do you believe that? >> it's a rumor i heard and i've been spreading that rumor for 22 years. >> that rumor actually true, it was discovered before 1,900 when crews were doing sewer work, it's considered the official dinosaur of dc. as for quackenbos like many others it seems that one was named after a family. there's one street you could not find in the district until the late 1980s when
6:48 pm
washington post bob levy stepped in. >> and i discovered that 49 states have streets named for them in the district of columbia, but the ever green state, the one up in the upper left-hand corner did not. well, this smelled like a crew sai -- crew said, to me. >> it took about a year for them to change the name from canal street to washington avenue. >> i walked up and down it. i made you washington avenue and nobody else seems to care. >> and there are others that makes his heart pitter patter. >> i'm totally in love with vista street northeast, which has novi -- vistas. >> one he isn't holding out for. >> do you like levy lane. i'm bucking for a train station or airport. i want to go big.
6:49 pm
>> you say you've actually -- >> been on quackenbos. it's somewhere over near oglethorpe, i'm heading over to the washington animal rescue leader, the alliance, the humane alliance. i always -- i'm on quackenbos i know i'm lost. >> learn something new every day. >> fun story there. we want to go out and walk these streets this weekend, i don't think so. >> no, not tomorrow. tomorrow is muggy and we will have some thunderstorms around later in the day, some of those storms could be strong to severe right now it's still hot outside. 90 degrees in the district. the suburbs in the 80s and 90s. in addition i'm tracking rain and thunderstorms on the -- some of this activity moving into northern frederick county, back in the panhandle of west virginia. you head further south, some of this rain
6:50 pm
moving on here. it is fizzling out. inside the beltway we're going to be dry tonight, most of the dc metro area will be staying dry tonight. further out west, could be dealing with a bit of rain. take a look at your planner for tomorrow. we start off the day dry, with plenty of clouds. by lunchtime we're at 85. we'll have scattered thunderstorms around, especially between about 2 and 8:00 p.m. some of the storms could be strong to severe. i could see some very heavy rain fall, slow moving storms and maybe some gusty damaging winds and small hail. 92 for a high tomorrow. tomorrow at 8:00 in the evening we're still at 87 degrees. so outdoor exercise for the holiday weekend, it's hot, humid, feeling like it should for the fourth of july. heading to the beach, looking good there, storms in the forecast saturday afternoon, as well. the barbecues, if you have them planned for tomorrow, you want to keep that in mind and move in doors quickly. the fireworks displayed on
6:51 pm
thunderstorm. i think most of us will be completely dry. take a look at the next ten days. sunday high of 90. lower humidity level. feeling nice and comfortable. low 90s on monday. right around 90 for the fourth of july. there's a small chance of isolated thunderstorm. then a better chance for showers and thunderstorms on wednesday and thursday. wendy. >> thanks amelia. >> all right, coming up, bad news, not just the pulpit. >> who will be replacing this
6:52 pm
z2ejdz z16fz y2ejdy y16fy
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6:54 pm
. this broke my heart, one of the nationals players injured last night, now what? >> chris, when we saw trey turner take that hit, we knew he was going to be out. >> worse news, today is his birthday. it's probably the last way we wanted to do his birthday. they're in place to step up. they could add a player from the wire to fill in the next 6 to 8 we weeks. the injury could not have come at a time. it's hotter at the time. that and thrill for 23 runs and 20 steals this month. possible replacements and drew have a combined 16 runs scored all season.
6:55 pm
production, but they have a 9.5 game lead in the division will get turner back a full two months before the post season. >> the nats also have to find for struggling bullpen. thursday night they had their 13th blown save of the year in six loss. dc led the defending world champion 4-2 heading into the final frame, gave up three runs in the top of the ninth, nats start a new series in st. louis tonight, first pitch is set for eight. day two with quicken loans at tpc patomic, last year's winner, billy hurly the third not having his best day. currently sitting at 4 over. david continued his stellar play, though, shooting another round of 65 with five birdies on the day at 10 under and as two stroke lead going into round three. >> i just think
6:56 pm
golf course because you can see the definition off the tee. it's pretty straightforward and stay committed and so far i've been doing a very good job of doing that. it's a long row to go, everything i've been doing so far has been good. i'm not planning on switching anything up, going to put one foot in front of the other and try to plug along and see what happens. >> another capitals in dc, last week it was offensive. it's defense, capitals, sign a defenseman to $30.6 million, restricted free agent. he's expected to be a top blue line next season. played in two games. scored a career high 33 points last year. hey, he seems to like the direction his team is headed this off season. >> allowing him to make mistakes and allowing him to get to the
6:57 pm
and his work ethic and him buying into it. he turned himself into a pretty good player or a good piece for us. and he's getting paid for it. >> the clock is ticking. nba free agency starts at midnight tonight and the wizards have a big decision to make. they'll become restricted free agent, taking offers, on the right, match any other offer that any team presents. the problem is will they match that's expected to be over $100 million, it could become the highest paid wizard by this time next week. pat, back to you. >> all right. >> and after having the best season ever, there you go. >> thanks for joining us. nightly news coming up next. >> and he will see you at 11:00. >> just you? >> i am so out of here. >> i'll
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breaking news tonight. hospital shooting rampage. horrifying moments when a doctor dressed in a lab coat opens fire inside his former workplace. several people shot including fellow doctors. freeway crash landing caught on camera. a plane plunges on to a major interstate on this busy holiday weekend. firing back. the msnbc hosts targeted in a crude tweet storm by president trump respond suggesting the white house threatened tabloid blackmail. tonight the president's reaction. road rage manhunt. a recent high school graduate gunned down at the wheel. the other driver still at large. tonight the victim's family speaks out. and venus' crash lawsuit. new troubles for the tennis superstar after fa


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