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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 3, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> yeah. stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. good morning. ready? >> not quite. >> back from vacation. i got vacation hands. >> we'll ease her into it. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green. >> some of you are getting ready for work, but some of you are off this morning. we'll check in with jack taylor who is in for melissa. first up a look at the forecast with chuck bell. steamy already. >> it is thick out here on the front lawn. very, very humid. the flag in front of the station is hanging completely still. not much of a breeze. an abundance of humidity. feels like an early summer morning in d.c. for sure. a couple headlights and
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otherwise quiet day today. sunny and hot, hot, hot. tomorrow, for the fourth itself, there is an outside chance of a stray storm or two. i think most of us will not have to worry about rain chances until wednesday and thursday. cooler weather comes in with higher rain chances on wednesday. do plan on it being into the upper 80s and low 90s. home tie highs, 88 at jack's house, 94 downtown where i live. jack taylor, how is your morning coming along? >> so far early and dark. we have nothing happening on the roads. we're in good shape. beltway looking good. inner and outer loop looking good. looking good going out of manass manassas. live look at virginia going northbound near the prince william parkway. nothing to worry about. volume is light. express lane are pointed in the northbound direction. 270 looking good. no problems
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baltimore. back to you. there is a push this morning to figure out who shot and killed a father of four on the beltway. this happened late saturday night, so far no witnesses have come forward. >> police say adriano lombre was an innocent victim. darcy spencer tells us about his daughter's plea for answers. >> i want him to be remembered as a generous person. you know, just a family-oriented person. >> reporter: christina lombre describes the moment when she learned her father adriano lombre had been killed. >> it feels so unreal, out of all people it had to be him. >> reporter: lombre, a father of four, had a party at his home saturday night. they were playing cards and having a good time. his daughter tells me he had dropped a friend off in d.c. and was on his way back home. in fact, he told someone i'll be there in 15 minutes. he never returned. he was shot and killed in his car while driving on the beltway
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police say possibly someone in another car fired in his car. the marquis was sitting on the travel lane in the northbound beltway past pennsylvania avenue. his body discovered by an officer who stopped by to investigate. he was in the driver's seat alone. james johnson had known him for more than a decade. >> he and i were the best of friends and just a great guy. >> reporter: police are trying to figure out who shot him and why. was this a case of road rage or something else? >> we believe he was an innocent victim and somebody out there would have seen something or know something. we're encouraging them to please give us a call. >> reporter: lombre's call had a distinctive skin fan for life logo on the rear windshield. police want to hear from anyone who saw the car or may have information that can help them
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solve this murder. >> just come forward, do the right thing, and suffer the consequences. >> reporter: in prince gorge's county, darcy spencer, news 4. right now take a good look at robert mcgill. this 78-year-old man is from capitol heights. he has not been seen since friday morning on shell street. police need help finding him. he has dementia and diabetes. the alzheimer's association locally says mcgill walks with a cane and is likely on foot. call maryland state police if you see him. a man accused of sexually abusing a child in the district has been arrested. d.c. police arrested davon wood yesterday. they say he made sexual contact with a girl last monday on north carolina avenue southeast. he's been charged with second degree child sexual abuse. things should be back to normal on the red line this morning. metro shut down service between silver spring and forest glen last night. train operators called montgomery fire about a smoking cable on the tracks. they didn't find anything. they smo
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fireworks could have been what operators saw. today ben jealous will call on maryland governor larry hogue ton refuse to cooperate with president trump's election integrity commission. jealous is a candidate in maryland's democratic primary for governor. the commission investigating alleged voter fraud in the 2016 elections has asked states for several pieces of data including names, party affiliations and voting histories. several states rejected this request. some say state laws prohibit releasing certain details about voters. coming up, we'll go to capitol hill where tracie potts will have reaction on president trump's latest twitter controversy. ♪ >> it won't be long until the music and fireworks fill the national mall for the 4th 4
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today we will get a sneak peek. the closed rehearsals are this morning. megan mcgrath is live on the national mall with more on what you can expect. good morning, megan. >> reporter: preparations underway. we have that rehearsal happening later this morning. you can see the fencing behind me here. folks will have to pass through security to get to the grounds of the u.s. capitol for this concert that is taking place later on on the fourth of july. take a look at the video from last year. it's always just a wonderful event. capitol fourth concert on the grounds of the u.s. capitol. a picturesque back drop. the dress rehearsal gets underway this morning. this year john stamos will be the host. the beach boys are performing, yolanda as dam adams to name a. it starts tomorrow at 8:00 p.m., lasts until about 9:30.
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do need to claim your spot. gates open at 3:00. the fireworks is a big thing for a lot of folks. that will go on a little after 9:00, it will last about a half hour. you will have to pass to security checkpoints to get to some viewing areas for that. there's the folk life festival, there's the parade along constitution avenue. a lot of people are in found for all of these events. we caught up with one man who says he thinks it's important to be here in the nation's capital. >> noise to be free. you can have money, you can have the world, but if you don't have free, you have nothing. you can see this country has everything. >> and so a lot of people did take today off. we'll see lots of folks walking around today attending the folk life festival and the like. tomorrow is the big day. we're expecting big crowds. best a
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transportation, ride your bike. leave your car at home. it will be a traffic nightmare. there's some road closures in the area and very, very limited parking. you know, avoid the headaches, leave the car at home. back to you guys. >> good advice. thank you. we have some great resources to help you with your fourth of july plans. on the nbc washington app check out our fireworks finder. you can find the best alternative metro stations if you're heading to the mall. will the weather hold out or will the night be a dud? >> wow. i like it when you toss it and you say the or will it be a dud? >> you can't say never to mother nature about a little chance for a shower, probably an isolated shower before 7:00. by can the 1
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just fine. about wla abo what about today and the rest of the week? that forecast coming up. we're working for you and your family to find activities to keep the kids busy. and for free. want to lose a few pounds for the summer, the season may help you. why you might see the scale go down every tim thee
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very customizable.
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you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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the time is 5:12. >> we want to get you up to speed on the top stories. >> i don't know who's shooting. i'm security. i'm downstairs. all i hear it multiple gunshots. >> a rapper whose concert was the site of a shooting in little rock has been arrested on unrelated assault charges. 28 people were hurt at ricky hampton's concert early saturday morning. hampton known as finesse two time was taken into custody on outstanding aggravated assault and gun charges. we're told he's not a suspect in the club shooting. everyone hurt in the shooting is expected to survive. an amber alert in texas comes to a tragic end. investigators found the body of 13-year-old siobhan randall in dallas. they also found the body of an unidentified man.
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from her home by a man who called her family and threatened to hurt her if police were called. this is an update to a story that we were following. the man wanted in the killing of a pennsylvania high school grad has turned himself in. >> 28-year-old david desper has been charged with first degree murder. he was denied bail. he shot and killed bianca roberson because he was upset about the way she was merging on to a highway. >> what's wrong with people's minds that we flip out like that? >> she wasn't the type of person that would cause someone to want to shoot her. >> roberson was set to attend jacksonville university in the fall. here we are grieving because i lost my husband, my child
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for what reason? >> heartache this holiday for a woman still looking for answers after she lost her husband in a crash. james hill was on his way from work when investigators say a car slammed into his minivan in accokeek killing him. derrick ward talked to his family still struggling with his death. >> reporter: 67-year-old james hill was a busy man. that's how he lived his life. his active life didn't keep him away from his family. it made them closer. cycling with his son. >> 60, 80 miles just biking. >> reporter: running with his daughter. >> i'm competitive. so my goal was to beat my dad. >> reporter: and he always kept in touch with his wife, a text to say he made it to work and another to say he was on his way home. just checking in. >> he would always check in. i
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>> reporter: last thursday evening she didn't get the text from james saying he was on his way home. >> i told her we need to go find daddy. >> reporter: they met heavy traffic and soon found out why. it was the worst possible of reasons. >> we saw his car, and i knew he was gone. i knew he was gone. >> reporter: hill died after his car was hit on indian head highway, part of a three-car crash. witnesses say the car was driving erratically just before the crash. it's still under investigation, but whatever the outcome the family already knows what they lost on that notorious stretch of roadway. the uncle, the father who made dishes that were family ledge jen legends, and the husband who never left home without telling his wife he loved her. >> and now we have to, like i say, live with memories when my preference would be to live with the person. >> reporter: derek ward, news 4. in new 4 your health, many of you will celebrate the fourth of july by lighting fireworks. while it is a tradition t
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careful. that's a demonstration showing the dangers of fire workers. every year thousands are injured in those types of accidents. it's an accident that caught one person by surprise. >> i didn't know that it was going to go off that fast. i knew i was doing something dangerous, i didn't know it was going to do that fast. i thought wi have ti would have three seconds to throw it. >> reporter: tom costello will have more from the fairfax fire academy later today. acupuncture is a health treatment many have sworn by. now that needle remedy is being used to help zoo animals. we see how the method is already getting results. >> reporter: 100 spy she specie
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it's what they can't see that sets the roger williams park zoo apart. >> we're inventing new things every day. trying to figure out what will and won't work. >> reporter: what they have been doing lately for this 24-year-old giraffe is working well. >> we think it's keeping the arthritis at bay. >> reporter: one of the only zoos in the country who treats her arthritis with acupuncture. the goal and even the needles are no different than human acupuncture. >> the points are very much the same across species. >> reporter: just a much bigger patient. >> she has a little bit of hesitation at the first treatment. some of the tail swishing. >> a lot of things we had to consider, would the giraffe tolerate it? would it be effective? >> reporter: 45 minutes and 14 needles in her fur later. she is back with her herd. while visitors here may have no idea she has these sessions every other week. those with the
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>> we know eventually her time will come. until that point we're hoping it's not for a while. she will have a great life here. >> if you are trying to slim down for the summer, here's some good news. why do i get this story? it might be easier to get a beach body now than compared to the rest of the year. researchers say on average we take in 200 fewer calories per day in the summer compared to fall and winter. didn't happen on my vacation this week. >> that doesn't count. >> in the summer months we also tend to be in a better mood. and take part in sports. we sweat more. we crave healthier foods. the hot weather also plays a part because we digest foods slower in the hotter weather. making you feel fuller. >> we'll make aaron read it next hour. >> i know, right? >> it's true. a lot of times you
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about having watermelon as a snack in the winter time. corn on the cob compare ed d to cream corn. >> ice cream. >> that's a big part of the reason. you like to get outside and do more. i tend to gain more weight in the summer because i don't run as often. >> he's reading that story next hour. we'll have something ready for him. it is 78 degrees at national airport. still quite a very warm morning to be outside. not much of a breeze. almost a mirror calm finish on the potomac. temperatures will pop up into the 80s and 90s this afternoon. 94 down on the national mall. 94 in fredericksburg. a smidge cooler by the bay. 89 in annapolis. 89 in hagerstown. the cool s
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montgomery country out no the blue ridge. when i was coming back from the beach yesterday, it was a long line of traffic going over the bridge back out on to the eastern shore. a lot of people are going out there. today no more than an isolated shower at the beach. high, 85. tomorrow, much like here, there's a hit and miss chance of a thunderstorm. if you're out at the beaches, that will be good. wednesday, nice, on-shore breeze coming back for the middle of the week. highs in the 70s. so, yes, wednesday, thursday could be near perfect beach weather for sure. little weather front to our north. not close enough to generate a rain chance for today. showing you future weather, all dry out here this morning. later today with the heating of the day, we might get hot enough to cook up one or two isolated showers. that's it. not much of a rain chance. for tomorrow, a higher chance. that weather front will be closer to us. i think 30% is about as much as we have to
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by 9:00, should be dry. 1 9:15 or so is when they let the fireworks go on the national mall. best chachnces of rain will be wednesday and friday. we may be able to stay below 90 degrees wednesday and thursday afternoon. jack taylor? >> thank you. good morning. off to a very, very quiet start. no worries early this morning heading out in virginia, 95 or 395. live look at 66 eastbound, nothing to worry about. beltway has been quiet. inner and outer loop through virginia. no worries on 270 south out of frederick. good shape on 95 and the bw parkway. one issue on the icc going westbound, sounded like a medical emergency. everything is off to the shoulder. should not cost you any time.
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back to you. us a conspiracy theory that riddled a d.c. business with bullets and sent a man to jail for years. why so-called pizzagate is making the rounds again. looking for a way to keep the kids busy without spending a lot of money? the free events you and your family may want to check out this week. >> tune in today for the ellen
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a new game is flying off shelves in manassas. it's a twist on monopoly called historic manassas-opoly. the "washington post" reports that it came out a few weeks ago in an effort to raise money for historic
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>> board ganls are coming back. >> family fun, right? this week we're working to find you fun and free things to do this summer. with the fourth of july tomorrow, you may be used to enjoying the fireworks at allen bond in buoy, but you have to make other plans. >> the city announced there will be no city-sponsored fourth of july celebration this year. we have other options. go out to the university of maryland college park, head over to lot 1 off of adelphi road, there will be rock 'n roll tunes at 7:00 p.m., and fireworks at 9:00 p.m. we have a complete list of fireworks displays and an interactive map on nbc washington app. the d.c. council is asking for your help. they're launching a search for a missing liberty bell. it's a 2,000 pound replica
5:27 am
to the district by the federal government in 1970 as a thank you for exceeding savings bonds goals. the bell was moved to a small park, but it has not been seen since about 1980. if you would like to help go to the wilson building today at 11:00 a.m. to see pictures of the bell. >> hasn't been seen since 1980? >> give up on that one. i'm sorry. almost 40 years. >> yeah. >> all right, chuck. what's up? >> it's like those old indiana jones movies, it's probably in the back of some government warehouse rotting away, next to the arc of the covenant, probably next to that in the smithsonian. temperatures this morning, steamy in town. we're talking about grilling and pool forecasting weather com
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right now on news 4 today, a farm family's warning after a fatal crash. plus the fourth of july holiday almost here. storm team 4 is working for you with the forecast that could impact your plans. and all-stars announced. the nationals proving they have the best in baseball. who made the cut for the game and why the nats need your help this morning.
5:31 am
5:30 now on this monday. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm molette green in for aung yang. we are working for you this monday morning whether you are up early enjoying your vacation or heading out to work. jack taylor has a look at the roads in a second. first we head outside to chuck bell on the storm team 4 weather deck. he has taken his weather tools to aid in his forecasting. >> i have my nbc washington app right here. very helpful staying ahead of the weather. not much of a breeze out here and it's very chick. that's the best word to describe the morning. lots of humidity around. not much wind to help keep you cool. a look at city camera. a lot of early morning color. waiting on sunrise, about 35 minutes or so away. upper 60s to mid 70s around town. it will be a great pool day today. don't forget your spf.
5:32 am
mid 90s by 1:00 this afternoon. once you're done with the pool, fire up the barbecue, get some grilling going. 94 at 4:00 today. that's the high in downtown. 6:00, back to about 90. 8:00, sun down at 8:37 tonight. you can do the grilling about as late as 8:00. what about the 4th you ask? i'll have that coming up. how about traffic, jack taylor? >> we're good so far. starting off maryland being a little bit busy. 270 sound bound, sounded like we had traffic after 121. as authorities rolled up, they may have grabbed a couple right lanes. so only the left getting by. otherwise the icc heading westbound near the exit for george avenue, a medical emergency along the right side of the roadway,
5:33 am
delay. for virginia, good and quiet. pack to you. >> thanks. it is 5:33. here's a look at some of the top stories we're following. final preparations underway on the national mall for the big fourth of july celebration. closed rehearsals start this morning for the capitol fourth concert. at 5:45, megan mcgrath breaks down what you need to know. >> president trump in the middle of new twitter controversy. he is getting criticized for beating up a man with a cnn logo on his face. tracie potts will have reaction. prens georince george's pol help finding witnesses who heard or saw a deadly shooting on the beltway. 55-year-old adriano lombre was killed. police say he was an innocent victim. justin finch will be live at 6:00 to tell us how family and friends are reacting. a grieving brother from prince george's county wants you to think about safety the next time you think
5:34 am
david mumford's brother died thursday. we're told gerald stockton was going at least 130 miles per hour when he lost control on brandywine road and crashed. last night people gathered to honor his memory. >> he is in a better place. with that being said, it helps me to grieve, to know that now i have a guardian angel. >> stockton was a single father of four. this morning fairfax county police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident. the victim was trying to cross richmond highway at belvoir drive at 3:00 in the morning on sunday. medics rushed him to the hospital. he died a few hours later. a conspiracy theory is getting new attention. people who live near comet ping-pong in northwest washington says someone is posting fliers saying the pizzagate theory is true. the theory says politicians are running a child sex ring out of that shop.
5:35 am
paper threatens the neighborhood safety. >> with the pizza parlor a few blocks away, we had an incident where someone self-investigated with an assault rifle. >> police arrested the man responsible for the attack last december. less than two weeks ago he was sentenced to four years in prison for firing inside the restaurant. the nationals have at least five of the best in baseball. that's how many will be representing the all-stars next week. bryce harper won the most votes of any major league player. he will be joined by ryan zimmerman and daniel murphy. max scherzer and steve strasburg made the cut. there's a chance that a sixth nats player could make the team. third baseman anthony rendon is a candidate. you can
5:36 am
using #voterendon by thursday afternoon. >> we can do it. z burger is firing up the ground for its annual burger eating contest today. the chain is hoping to crown a new winner and reward whoever can eat the most burgers in ten minutes. competitive eater molly schuller ate 28 last year. if you beat her today, you can get prizes, cash prizes in addition to bragging rights. first place winner takes ohm s $1500 in cash. this contest begins at noon. second place, 850. third place 500. i would do it for a million dollars. >> shovel as much as you could. >> for a million. >> good luck. gaming for girls. video games, they're not just for the boys. still ahead, we'll show you the class that is teaching young women how to create them. first a fiery end to a flight. what caused a plane to burst
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very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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>> space-x will try again tonight to launch a new communications satellite into orb
5:40 am
yesterday after a computer discovered a problem. tonight's falcon 9 rocket launch is set for just after 7:30. frightening moments for passengers and crew on a sky west plane. >> people rushed offer the plane after landing. flames were shooting out of the plane's engine. people were ready to pull out their phones to capture the images of that fire. the flight just landed from aspen. no one was hurt there. investigator also spend today trying to figure out what caused this amtrak train to derail outside of takoma, washington. four train cars went off the tracks. rescue crews were able to safely evacuate more than 250 passengers. there were no serious injuries. >> as we approach the 4th of july, a bald eagle is getting much needed care.
5:41 am
>> someone spotted the bird in southwest d.c. saturday morning. the humane rescue alliance said it was having trouble breathing, was lethargic, couldn't fly. they posted pictures on its facebook page. city wildlife helping the eagle recover. >> they're still working to figure out what happened to the bird and we'll let you know when we get an update. bald eagles always look a little angry. they just look a little -- >> it's a hard job they have being america's bird. >> stress and pressure. >> it's a lot. >> i get it. >> have you seen people walking in downtown d.c. on a workday? >> all right. 5:41. countdown to sell breaks, we are one day away from independence day. the events are already starting. what you need to know and plan for in and around d.c. if you're going to be outside for any length of time today or tomorrow, plan on sweating it out. it's going to be back to the 90s again for today and for tomorrow. how far into the 90s and what
5:42 am
that part of the forecast a minute or two away. >> it had been nice and quiet, but 270 southbound we picked up a new crash after 121 with one lane getting by. and white house workers salary relief. how much are the top
5:43 am
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looking for something to do july 4th? there are all kinds of wonder. events taking place around town. details coming up in a live report. i'm meteorologist chuck bell, a quiet start to the day so far. temperatures in the 60s and 70s now. but it will be hot as a firecracker for today and for the 4th. we'll update the rain chances coming up. plus president trump's latest tweet stirring up new controversy. we'll head live to capitol hill for a full report.
5:46 am
♪ back to our top story, a lot of you looking forward to music and fireworks filling the air. >> security is being put in place along the national mall. in a few hours we'll get a taste of the capitol concert. megan mcgrath is live with what you need to know about this year's events. >> reporter: good morning. lots of preparations underway. a lot of things in place. you can see the stage in front of the capitol. that's for the cob certificate ta concert taking place tomorrow night. look at the video from last year's show. they'll hold a dress rehearsal later today. john stamos is t
5:47 am
also performing are the beach boys, the four tops. it gets underway at 8:00. you don't need tickets but you do need to claim your spot. you can start to come down to the grounds at 3:00 tomorrow to get your spot. lots of different events happening around town. the capitol 4th concert, but also the folk light festival, the parade along constitution avenue and the big fireworks display. that will get underway just a bit after the:00 once that gets dark. lots of people in town expected for the events. keep in mind security will be tight. you have to pass through checkpoints to get to the viewing areas. plan accordingly. don't bring anything you shouldn't have. keep in mind your bags will be looked at as you pass through the areas. lots happening. best bet here, leave your car
5:48 am
coming down. it will be crowded. not a lot of parking. back to you guys. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. president trump will return to washington later today. he spent the weekend at his golf club in new jersey. >> in cities across the country yesterday people called for his impeachment. >> whoa, all right! all right! >> reporter: the demonstrators say the possibility of collusion between the trump camp and russia is why the president should be removed from office. the president repeatedly denied allegations of collusion. president trump's latest twitter attack is stirring controversy. tracie potts has the latest from capitol hit. >> he just got over one twitter controversy with msnbc, and now getting ready for the g20 and talking with lawmakers about healthcare, this. >> reporter: a literal assault on the media.
5:49 am
president trump taking down a man bearing the cnn logo. sent to millions from both his personal and official twitter account. >> i look at it and shake my head. >> people are begging the president not to do this. he ought to stop doing it. >> i think no one would perceive that as a threat. >> reporter: cnn responses it's a dad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. >> the fake media is trying to silence us. but we will not let them. >> reporter: on sunday, impeachment rallies from los angeles to new york. >> he is a real true threat to our american democracy. >> reporter: the threat, critics say, is distracting from real issues like healthcare. >> the focus cannot be on the tweet but that kitchen table family paying 20,000, 30,000, $40,000 for premiums. >> reporter: what to do with obamacare?
5:50 am
jat senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is calling lawmakers during the break hoping to avoid repeal now, replace later. >> sometimes when you lump too many things into one piece of legislation, you doom the likelihood of success. >> reporter: president trump also calling lawmakers -- >> he can do more than one thing at a time. >> reporter: trying to give obamacare one final blow. >> that was tracie potts reporting. we're looking at the salaries of president trump's white house staff. more than 40% of staffers earn more than $100,000 a year. steve bannon, reince priebus, kellyanne conway and press secretary sean spicer each make over $179,000 a year. the president's daughter and jared kushner are not taking a salary. >> everybody wants to know -- >> what's on your phone. >> i'm busy tweeting things
5:51 am
there's no such thing as just tv media there's social media as well. while you sit out here and relax during the forecast, i'm hard at work. >> those computers do a lot of things. >> and i may or may not have accidentally ordered pizza. that app is some powerful stuff. it's a find fourth of july week getting underway. 3rd of july right now. warm and humid outside this morning. that's not going to change any time soon. already 78 degrees in washington. the sun just coming up. a little cooler in some suburbs. sterling at 69. 70 in chevy chase and bethesda. out to crawford, 71. 71 beverly beach. 72 in upper marlboro. 71 in montclair and prince william county. not a bad kay to get the day started. once we get the
5:52 am
almost all sunshine today. very hot and humid. there's just the tiniest chance for a shower today and tomorrow a little weather front up to our north. as that gets closer, it's still too far away today to generate much of a rain chance. here's future weather to show you where that chance is. with the heating of the day, after 3:00, 4:00, there could be one or two lonesome showers out there. not a high severe weather risk at all. you can stay on top of the weather with the nbc washington app. that's where the updated forecast has been put up. what about tomorrow? here's future weather tomorrow. a little higher rain chance tomorrow. no all day washouts. here's 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. really other than maybe a stray shower or thunderstorm for some barbecues, nothing major. here's 7:00. one storm right over downtown and arlington area. that's driftin
5:53 am
we'll see. there is a chance tomorrow. most of the fireworks displays, 80%, 90% will go off without a hitch. 94 today. 93 tomorrow. next best chance for rain on wednesday and friday of this week. a little break from the heat wednesday and thursday in the 80s. this coming weekend looks really nice, highs in the 80s. a little less humidity. >> keep me out of those nines. out of the 90s. 27 0 southbound is our crash down after 121, just put over on to the right shoulder. so we have lanes open. flashing lights and the delay. still a slowdown heading through that stretch. northbound unaffected and not without a delay. you're going to find elsewhere that it's quiet for now. interstate travel in virginia, 95, 395, 6 all looking good. no worries downtown. quiet on the freeway. coming up a the 11 or 14 headed towards the 3rd street
5:54 am
girls in virginia is proving that creating video games is hard work. >> it's part of a summer camp by george mason university and a business in virginia. as amy cho shows us, the goal is to get more girls interested in technology. >> let your imagination run free. >> reporter: the girls in this computer class started from scratch. now they just about cracked the code to building a finished game. >> as long as it's there it's perfect. >> it's super fun watching other people being productive about it and learning how to make video games so other people can enjoy it other than yourself. >> it feels good. most girls think, oh, i can't do this because, you know, i'm a girl. people think girls are stereotypical. >> reporter: designing games teaches coding, photo shop and math. but they also learn lessons you
5:55 am
>> we learned about teamwork, like working together to make the games, edit them, and for feedback. >> the girls are doing fantastic. i love seeing them work together and the games they're creating. >> reporter: that excitement is something many of them say will last a lifetime. >> i very much would love to do this as a job. wake up every day and actually be excited to go to work. >> do what you love. don't be afraid to make mistakes. don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and just be happy and follow your dreams. >> reporter: when it comes to the future for these girls, it's game on. >> i'm so happy. >> reporter: news 4. >> i love that story. >> got to make that introduction early and keep it going as long as you can to get kids interested. now we want to turn to cnbc in new york and check in with susan lee. >> good morning to you. yeah. elon musk making news this weekend. the first of his much
5:56 am
anticipated, much hyped model 3 cars will roll off the assembly line on friday. musk tweeting that tesla will have a handover party on july 28th. tesla has a back order of nearly 400,000 model 3s which start at $35,000 for your base model. it's finally here. back to you. >> thank you, susan. heading into the fourth of july tomorrow, here's a question for you, which do you prefer? burgers or hot dogs? >> yes. >> to both. walmart took a state by state look at what's on the plate. in most states, burgers outnumber hot dogs. the toppings are no contest. ketchup reigns supreme over musta mustard. i need both. as for the buns, texas leads all state in sales of burger and hot dog buns combined. florida is close
5:57 am
just if case you nen case you n that. >> you do mustard and ketchup on your hot dogs? >> yes. >> do i. >> onions, cheese. >> i used to put cinnamon on my hot dogs. >> that's nasty. >> that was teen years. >> we have more on grilling, setting off fireworks. much more on the nbc washington app. just search safe and secure. next at 6:00, popular beaches shut down amid a budget battle. why was new jersey's governor spotted on one of them? we'll fill you in on the new controversy hitting chris christie's office. new details about a deadly shooting inside a hospital. the former doctor accused in the rampage. a prince george's county father found shot dead in his car off the beltway. who shot him and why. we're live with the details and clues police can't
5:58 am
5:59 am
a man killed on his drive home, police are asking for your help to catch his killer. and a smoky ride on metro. the early fourth of july sell break
6:00 am
sell break celebrations that shut down the line. and details on the heat, humidity and storms that may have you changing your plans. ♪ first a live look from our tower cam. as we start this monday morning high above us. we're working to bring you everything you need to know on this 3rd of july. it's 6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm molette green. jack taylor is in, and storm team 4's chuck bell, it's steamily. >> all of our regularly scheduled ladies have the day off. hope they're enjoying it. those of us at working that's how the cookie crumbibilit


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