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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 5, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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of his students. details about a former school aide and the warning from police. 6:00 on the dot right now. good morning, i'm aaron gillcrest. >> most of us were enjoying these sights a few hours ago. kept me up. we hope you had a great fourth of july. >> a live look now at the national mall where thousands were last night. it is time to get back to our routine. we had melissa mollet come back to work after a few days off. >> i rolled in. >> thank you. we appreciate it. chuck bell is here as well, outside to bring us the forecast on this wednesday morning. >> that's right. eun's vacation continues. skies have gone cloudy. boy, is it thick outside this morning with humidity. the east wind is back.
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of the 90s today. a lot of spots might stay in the upper 70 toz low 80s. cloudy and cool weather. needed rain chances, not expecting a lot of rain. pockets of rain from time-to-time. a rumble or two of thunder today and tomorrow. back in a few minutes with storm team 4 radar to plan out your day hour-by-hour. welcome back, melissa. >> thank you very much, mr. bell. don't you move. now you can move. before vw parkway, a problem on the right side of the roadway with the right side blocked. you are getting by on the left. northbound vw at 32, disabled vehicle there, blocking the left lane. we are seeing delays there as well. northbound on vw for any reason, that may affect you. a disabled vehicle in the right lane. you can see that problem outer loop approaching vw. the rest of the beltway is okay.
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northwest, you have a crash in the left lane. a reminder, all the green there showing where we had showers falling across the area. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. we are following breaking news in prince george es county. >> police are working a homicide investigation. adam tuss is at the live desk. >> a man was found shot on darrel drive. take a look at this video. the investigation appears to be happening at an apartment complex. you can imagine here, probably a scary situation for the families who live there. police say this happened around 1:30 this morning. anyone with information is asked to call police. back to you. >> adam, thank you. police george's county police searching for clues in another homicide. the victim walked into prince george's hospital center with a gunshot wound but she did not survive. they were able to trace the shooting to the scene. they were able to collect evidence there, but no w
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suspect this morning. in other top stories working for you, the u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting about north korea's latest missile test. meanwhile, kim jong-un says they will not put their weapons plan up for negotiations. president trump will begin his second trip overseas in an hour from now. he will make it to the g-20 summit on friday. a former charles county teacher's aide at the center of a child sex assault investigation. >> this case could take a substantial turn. justin finch is live to explain it all. >> that's right. carlos bell could see more charges as soon as friday. you may recall the allegations here are disturbing. he is i kused of child pornography and sex assault. he remains behind bars and held without bond.
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graphic images showing bell engaging in sex acts with boys. bell is also hiv positive. his victims are being tested. they are searching for more victims. here is what we know. he is 30 years old from waldorf, maryland. he worked as a school aide in waldorf and was the la playda track coach. bell's neighbors are stunned by these accusations. >> he should be punished. >> you ruin those kids lives. their life is just beginning. they in middle school. what kind of person is this? >> no doubt, this is sparking difficult situations with parents. we have more on our nbc washington app on avoiding sexual assault. back to
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>> thank you. a new video out of prince george's county. take a look at this. a pick-up truck slammed into a 7-eleven. no word on the condition of the driver or whether anyone inside the store was hurt. we are working to learn who was killed in this train crash. we brought this as breaking news yesterday morning. the man was killed when a csx train hit his suv along baltimore avenue. the train tried to stop, but didn't have enough time. they pushed the suv down the track. according to csx, it was heading from baltimore to detroit. new video this morning from a large gaithersburg townhouse fire. we told you about this on news 4 today yesterday morning. the cell phone video shows how intense those flames were after a grilling mishap sparked the fire. this is on bloomberg teac
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they believe the homeowner may have used charcoal in a propane grill. it caused at least $550,000 in damage. breaking news out of new york city this morning, concerning a new york city police officer. >> a police officer was ambushed and shot there in the bronx. we have been following this story, kathryn craig from our sister station is live from the scene. >> reporter: such heart wrenching news. we are learning that officer, 48 years old was killed in the shooting that happened here in the bronx. it looks like an rv. down the street, the police vehicle, a large truck she had been sitting in was approached by a man. this was after midnight. he shot the officer in the head. she was 48 years old. the shooting happened in this area near the university. all of this
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midnight. other officers quickly tracked down the suspect and chased him. police identify him as 43-year-old alexander bond. he pointed a gun at officers who fired their weapons, killing the suspect. the officer gunned down was sitting in a mobile command unit, like an rv. police and city officials had an overnight press conference. you want to hear a clip from that. then nypd sent a photo of the weapon the suspect used, a handgun recovered at the scene. the suspect, alexander bond. he lived a few miles from here with a criminal history. he was out on parole after a robbery in up state syracuse. back to you in the studio. >> from wnbc, kathryn, thank you.
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hopefully you got a chance to see some of the spectacular fireworks displays around the area yesterday. this was on the national mall. thousands of people across the country there and in places like falls church here, the celebration was more of a community affair. don't fret if you missed out. you have another chance to catch a show tonight. >> the fireworks show in annapolis will go off tonight after yesterday's was postponed because of the rain. we would like to say thank you for sending all your beautiful independence day photos. look at that. keep them coming. #nbc4dc. we, therefore the representatives of the united states of america. >> for the support -- >> it is the ad getting a lot of attention. it stars our founding fathers ancestors, including local woman. heaei
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wednesday morning. skies are cloudy and storm team 4 radar scanning the skies and finding rain drops for you here early this morning. the rain drops are moving toward the d.c. area. spritz and sprinkles for the morning commute. how long will this pattern stick around? i'll give you the forecast in a few minutes. it's less than an hour from d.c., but patuxent river park feels like a million miles away. i'll take you there, coming up. plus rksz it's been a while
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they didn't have trouble getting a baseball game in
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in the morning. today, it starts at 7:00 p.m. against the new york mets. at least a chance for a rain delay. i don't think it will be heavy enough to postpone it completely. you may want to have your slicker ready go. how long will the rain chances stick around and a look at the forecast. still have a problem on the beltway. bw parkway, big back up and it is building. we are going to look at this and travel times, coming up. >> melissa, thank you. neighbors are trying to recover after a massive apartment explosion in florida. a man intentionally drove his car into his exgirlfriend's apartment, gilling himself and setting the apartment on fire. they removed pro pain tanks in the car. no one else was hurt. the two got into an argument. >> exit the mall.
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an abrupt end at a mall in oklahoma city. shoppers had to be evacuated after five inches of murky water rushed on to the mall's first floor. crews are trying to determine where that water came from. the public frenzy over the zika virus may be over. the cdc is warning people not to let their guards down. that warning targeting pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant. the mosquitoe born virus can lead to birth defects. nearly 2,000 women have been diagnosed with zika. 80 were born with birth defects. avoid travel overseas. old glory is flying in a new way. this is the 11,000 square foot flag that was unveiled in utah. that 500po
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time for independence day. volunteers hauled it to the grove canyon there. look at that. that's spectacular. it's about 40 miles southeast of salt lake city. >> it's going to fly between the mountains through july 10th. volunteers think it is the largest flag ever flown on american soil. >> that's a cool thing to see. >> pretty impressive. >> yeah. looks like most people need to go back to their fifth grade history class and brush up on the basics. at least 23% of people didn't know that the u.s. declared its independent from great britain. people flew out countries like france, mexico and germany. because we all speak french and german. >> oh, my goodness. >> people didn't know the year we declared independence. >> it's
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funny in a change way. >> mexico? >> unbelievable. go back to school. >> viewed and shared hundreds of thousands of times. >> we are talking about this powerful new ad about patriotism and message of inclusion. take a look. >> we hold these truths to be held f evidence. >> that all men -- >> are created equal. >> the spot features 29 direct descendents of the founding fathers many of them are people of color. they came together to create the historic declaration of independence painting. one is laura murphy, a seventh generation descendent of phillip livingston, a man who signed it. she was the keynote speaker at
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>> we have freedom of religion. those rights can be eroded. unless we stand-up for them, we can be in trouble. >>'s chief marketing officer wanted to sadie versety isn't just something we value as americans, it is part of who we are. >> let's go back to melissa mollet in first 4 traffic. >> back up on the beltway is getting worse. >> it started to develop in the past couple minutes. outer loop before vw parkway is where it is, but stretches on the right side. we are talking a four mile back up that is growing here. the rest of the beltway, inner loop and outer loop looking good. all the volumes light. very low here this morning with that exception. northbound vw at 32, disabled vehicle, blocking the left lane. we have delays there as well. i'm hearing about met tra delays
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we'll talk about that in a second. 270 southbound looks good right now. top of the beltway, this is rare, 60 miles per hour. nice relief for a lot of people. a lot of people off this week, perhaps. inner loop and outer loop moving fine. in virginia, 66 rolling nicely. we are going to keep an eye on the problem on the beltway and keep you updated. remember to willing to 103.5 fm if you hop in your car this morning. >> thanks. we'll keep a close eye on traffic. the weather, not that pretty of a morning. the washington monument, you can make out the top. the clouds are lower, thicker and darker than yesterday. that's the case for most of the day. not much in the way of sunshine. you can get a sliver or two, that's it. because of the clouds, the easterly breeze, the temperature in the mid-70s this morning.
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80s at most. now, light rain toward rockville, herndon and fairfax. a little bit of light rain now. not raining that hard. the steadiest of the rain is across the shenandoah valley, blue ridge and virginia today. slightly lower rainfall amounts across maryland. most people are only going to get a tenth to a quarter inch of rain around the d.c. metro area. maybe half inch across central virginia. future weather between now and 8:30, pockets of light rain moving into the metro area. a break around lunchtime into the early parts of the afternoon before more rain across west virginia move in toward the evening hours. an umbrella ready day today. you can always track the showers on our nbc washington app as an interactive radar feature and follow me on social media by looking me up on twitter. i have updated the beach forecast. here you go. friday, saturdayd
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late in the day on friday. boy, saturday and sunday look magnificent. temperatures in the low 80s and low humidity as well. that's the way it is going to feel around here as well. a chance for showers today, tomorrow and a storm or two on friday. saturday and sunday, it will be smooth sailing for all of your outdoor plans. >> nice. thank you so much, chuck. fans are worried this morning. it's looking like fan favorite may not be bark in a wizards uniform. he agreed to a deal with the brooklyn nets. the wizards have said all along, they plan to match any offer porter gets. they have until saturdays, 11:59 to do so. porter shooting 43% from three best in the nba. nothing says the fourth of juf
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outrageous number of hot dogs in a short amount of time. i watched this. i don't know what's wrong with me. we are talking the nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> three, two, one! >> joey chestnut. >> gross. >> the reigning champion, joey chestnut took home the record, again. he put away 72 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes. this is his tenth win. on the women's site, mickey pseudowon. people carried them around in a box. chestnut and pseudo are going to be on the "today" show talking about their wins after news 4 today. >> did you have a hot dog yesterday after seeing that? >> they became less desirable. >> something strange about you have to watcht.
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it's disgusting. all right. enjoying summer doesn't have to cost a fortune. we are going to take dwrou the local park your whole family can enjoy for free. >> you don't have to leave home to get a look at the great odoors. a bute
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6:24. this week, we are working for you finding those special out of the way places to visit in your community
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series. we take you to upper marlboro. it is off 301. as news 4s megan mcgrath shows us, what you will find is easy access to this renowned access in our backyard. >> reporter: the view is spectacular. the patuxent river and surrounding wetlands. soak it in from the 30 foot observation tower. as far as the eye can see, nothing but unspoiled natural beauty. welcome to the park in upper marlboro. >> it's comparable to a rain forest or coral reef. >> see that? >> learn about the wildlife. >> made out of carrot like your fingernails. >> reporter: off
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here. stroll along the 15 miles of nature trails. see a beaver lodge close up or explore the replica of an american indian village. >> this is the first time we have been here. >> reporter: jim just discovered the park and plans to come back. >> sometimes you miss thing that is are in your own backyard, looking for things farther away. you have the opportunity to explore things far away. many are in your own backyard. >> we have more fun and free things lined up. tomorrow, we go to fairfax county for outdoor fun for the family. >> if you want to know more about the patuxent park, search free. >> the change in the law in virginia and the hefty fine we can help you avoid. the three accidents that had
6:27 am
spectators running for cover. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. you can see on the radar, areas of light rain moving into the picture. they are with us most of the next couple days. next, four things to know about the fo days that are coming ur
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>> that breaking news out of new york city. a police officer there has died overnight. a 12-year veteran of the force was shot while sitting in her patrol car around 12:30 this morning. the suspect was also shot and killed. he's identified as alexander bonds, of the bronx. a bystander was hit by a bullet and is in stable condition. it is 6:30 and we are following more breaking news. >> melissa mollet has your traffic. >> prince george's county, a 5.5 mile back up. vw parkway, a major, major issue here, today, with a big back up. take a look, a
6:31 am
outer loop of the beltway on this map. right now, just the outer loop affected as you pass 50. we are seeing those delays this morning. northbound vw parkway at 32, a disabled vehicle blocking the left lane. travel times not looking so bad. guys? good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it is thick outside this morning. oh, so very, very humid, under a mostly cloudy sky. the temperatures low to mid-70s. if you are wondering what the weather is going to be like, four things to know. areas of light rain today, cool with more shower chances on your thursday. friday heating up into the upper 80s to near 90. that will lead to a thunderstorm chance. saturday is looking really, really nice. we have the whole ten-day forecast and a peek at the beach as well in the next 30 minutes. don't go away. >> chuck, t
6:32 am
breaking news now in prince george's county. police are investigating a homicide here. as you can see from the video, this investigation appears to be happening at an apartment complex on darrel drive. this is probably a scary situation for family that is live in the area. it happened just before 1:30. anyone with information is asked to call police. the case against a former charles county school aide continues to build this morning. carlos bell accused of sexually assaulting young boys. that's not all. >> justin is tracking a latest. >> we brought you this story last week after his indictment and arrest. this friday, he could be due for more charges. bell is facing charges of sexual assault and pornography. what the track coach, he left i
6:33 am
2016 after a parent accused him of sending inappropriate text messages to a high school-aged child. we spoke to a neighbor about the allegations. >> shocked it happened here. especially when you know you hiv positive. >> you put your trust in somebody thinking they are looking out for your child. this is really sick. >> reporter: at least seven boys have been identified as victims. authorities say graphic images appear to show him engaged in sex acts with young boys. bell is hiv positive. his victims are being tested. we can tell you the fbi is on the investigation and continuing to look for more victims. we have the victim hot line and tips for talking to kids about sexual assault on our washington app. >> thank you, justin. more breaking news this
6:34 am
north korean leader, kim jong-un says his country will not put the weapons program up for negotiation. this is after the north tested the first intercontinent alba listic missile. breaking news out of the uk. another top story this morning. an evacuation under way at the manchester airport. this is due to a security scare involving a bag at terminal 3 there. they say a bomb's disposal team will be sent to the scene. back in may, a bomb attacked in manchester that killed 22 people at the ariana grande concert. president trump leaves for his second foreign trip. he will give a speech in warsaw to say america won't abandon them. all eyes on president trump's high stakes meeting with russian president, vladimir putin on new
6:35 am
george's county. look at this pick-up truck that slammed into the 7-eleven. they are gathering details in the case. we are making calls to find out if anybody was hurt. keep the nbc washington app handy for updates. two u.s. police officers credited with saving many lives last month received a special honor yesterday. [ applause ] >> the d.c. society sons of the american revolution presented special agents crystal griner and bailey for the medal. they have been called heroes during the shooting at the congressional baseball practice. they were part of security detail for steve scalise. special agent griner was not able to attend the event. her supervisor accepted the
6:36 am
who was killed in a crash. the man was killed when a csx train collided with his suv. the train did try to stop, but didn't have enough time and pushed the suv several feet down, several hundred feet down those tracks there in that area. according to a csx representative, the train was heading from baltimore to detroit. this is the third deadly accident in our area in the last week. a fireworks scare. the celebration that didn't go as planned and the problem that sparked chaos. a raging inferno. a home goes up in flames. a look at the accident that was caused by a common cookout mistake. storm team 4 radar showing rain drops across the commonwealth of virginia moving toward d.c. and
6:37 am
i'll let you know how long
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breaking news in. take a look at this. a big mess in prince george's county stretching along pretty much the entire right side of the beltway. we are talking about this problem, right side of the roadway, outer loop before vw parkway, a five-mile back up northbound on the outer loop. a big slowdown for a lot of people here this morning. you can see it here on the map. another problem on the beltway and travel times coming up in a minute. good morning, mr. bell. tell me you have better news than that. that is not a pretty thing to see. >> that is not a pretty thing. this is a beauty. look at the weekend, saturday and sunday, bright and sunny. temperatures in the upper 80s saturday. mid to upper 80s sunday. best thing about sunday, noticeably lower humidity. between n
6:41 am
i'll help you time it out, coming up. see you in a bit. thank you. we are learning about more bear sightings in the area, this time in the city of fairfax. >> can you believe it? it's the second sighting in a few days. the bear was spotted between darby and lyndon street. the bear did not appear aggressive, but it's a wild animal. if you see one, the bear is likely looking for food. wildlife experts say keep your garbage out of sight. if you see a bear, bring in your pets. >> that's an important thing. >> i hope you can see the pet that close. could be scary. a bear was spotted in a backyard not far from fairfax station last friday. the family recorded this video as it ate food out of its bird feeder. always from a distance is best. 6:41 right now. there's a
6:42 am
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16 before the hour.
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clues in a homicide. the victim walked into the hospital with a gunshot wound, but he did not survive. investigators were able to trace the shooting. the scene, landover road. they are able to collect some evidence, but there's no word on a suspect. video from a large gaithersburg townhouse fire. we told you about it on news 4. the cell phone video shows how intense the flames were. this is on bloomberg terrace. they believe the homeowner may have used charcoal in a propane grill. it kauszed at least $550,000 in damage. developing this morning, a body washed up on shore of a trump national golf course in california. police discovered the body. the coast guard had been searching that area on monday for a swimmer in distress. no word if
6:46 am
the victim hasn't been identified. the president purchased that golf course in 2006. all eyes on president trump's first face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin. >> they are set to meet friday at the g-20 summit. will the president bring up russia's role in the presidential election? as of now, the administration is not giving any clues on if that will happen. >> it will be to his detriment if he doesn't. it will be the thing everyone will talk about if they don't address it. >> if he doesn't bring up interference in the 2016 election, he's going to convey to putin he's weak. >> the latest missile test is expected to be a big topic at the summit. if you are traveling on emirates airlines, you can take your laptop inside. they said the ban no longer applies on fts
6:47 am
laptops to and from muslim nations. emirates spokesperson said they worked with u.s. authorities to meet the requirements for all u.s. bound flights. >> you can celebrate july 4th. you can head to annapolis for a fireworks show. last night's show was canceled because of rain. >> only in annapolis. thousands of people did celebrate independence day with music and fireworks. >> take a look at this beautiful spectacle that erupted over the national mall. the thunderous booms echoed across the monuments as thousands watched the night skylight up there. the annual celebration along the monuments drug people from all over the country.
6:48 am
in new york, thousands of spectators lined the east river for the nation's largest fireworks show. the macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular. more than 60,000 shells were used to light up the night sky, following the show by jennifer lopez, sheryl crow and brad paisley. a celebration turned scary in rural alabama after a fireworks exploded on a marina dock where it launched. another rocketed toward a crowd, hit a car and sent debris flying. two people suffered injuries. the shells may have been defective. it is 6:48 right now. we go back to the breaking news in new york city. an nypd officer shot and killed in an ambush. >> kathryn craig from our new york sister city has the
6:49 am
news. we are learning that officer, 48 years old, was killed in the shooting that happened in the bronx. it looks like an rv. down there, down the street, the police vehicle, a large truck she was sitting in was approached by a man a little after midnight and shot the officer in the head. she was 48 years old. the shooting happened near fordham university. it happened after midnight. other officers quickly tracked down the suspect. he's identified as 34-year-old alexander bond. he pointed a gun at officers who fired their weapons killing the suspect. the officer gunned down had been sitting in what's a mobile command unit, like an rv. police and city officials had an overnight press conference. we want to hear a clip from that. >> she was sitting in the vehicle and he came up and fired a round into t
6:50 am
so, i don't know if anything else could be more unprovoked than that. >> reporter: the suspects name, alexander bond. he lives a few miles from here with a criminal history. he was out on parole after a robbery near syracuse. back to you in the studio. >> 6:50 now. right now, a new law is in effect that could impact your commute this morning. derrick ward is traveling along 395 in arlington and tells why traveling too slowly could cost you in virginia. >> reporter: hey, guys, it will, indeed, if you are doing that in the left lane, the passing lane. this is, again, taking effect. it actually took effect on january 1st. this is the first time a lot of drivers will experience it. excuse me, july 1st. if you are driving in the left lane, the passing lane too slowly, they can stop you and give you a ticket from $100
6:51 am
$250. this is about safety. they want to make sure that lane is clear for passing. it will cut down on road rage. we talked to motorists. not all of them are happy about it. >> i'm a slow driver, myself. like, i drive below the drive limit. i think giving a ticket is absurd. >> reporter: now, the exception is, of course, if you are making a turn from the left lane, then you are safe. we are live on 395. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> thank you. 6:51 now. still breaking news in your morning commute. melissa mollet is in first 4 traffic. >> breaking news in prince george's county, where the problem is. outer loop, before vw parkway, we are jammed. it is a six-mile back up because of the crash blocking two lanes. take a look at the map shg
6:52 am
how painful that is. the rest of the beltway looking good. we have a problem on the left side. everything i would say looks good overall. this is the only other issue. northbound vw at 32. disabled vehicle there blocking the left lane if you are traveling to bwi, headed northbound, that could slow you down a bit. as far as travel times, 270 is looking good. no major problems in the inner loop or outer loop. 95 northbound in virginia, look at that. that looks good for a weekday. lots of people probably off this morning and that is enjoyable for those of us who have to work. listen to wcop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car this morning. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, melissa. cloudy and humid start to the day. if you haven't poked your head outside, know it's going to be the worst of all days today. it is going to be super humid al
6:53 am
the outline, very low visibility. low clouds, fog and pockets of light rain across the area. 76 degrees at national airport. cooler in the shenandoah valley where temperatures are in the upper 60s to 70s. most of the d.c., metro area stuck in the fog and drizzle. temperatures won't move much today. 92 yesterday on the fourth. today, pockets of rain and temperatures upper 70s and low 80s. a chance of thunderstorms or two, but nothing in the way of severe weather. highs 79. manassas, 82. for tomorrow, a repeat performance of the day. as long as we have the east to northeasterly wind, a mostly cloudy sky. temperatures tomorrow, upper 70s to 80 degrees. as far as rain, look at all the rain scattered from areas of washington back toward the mississippi valley. again, none of it is that heavy for this morning. here is a look at future weather bringing areas of l
6:54 am
through the heart of d.c. during the morning commute. by lunchtime, rumbles of thunder possible in the afternoon. things will settle down tonight. we'll do it all over tomorrow. 60% chance for rain on your wednesday and your thursday. chances of thunderstorms on friday afternoon, but the weekend should be dry with lower humidity. >> good morning, i'm kate rogers at cnbc headquarters. ticketmaster is launching a new system. it uses ultrasonic audio or smart tones from your phone to verify your mobile ticket and id instead of scanning bar code. the technology is already in place at several hundred venues and could be rolled out worldwide in a few years. with your cnbc morning business report, ime kate rogers. >> thank you. it is 6:54 right now. here are four things to know this morning. more criminal charges coming for
6:55 am
charles county. carlos bell is charged with accusing at least seven students. some happened inside the middle school in waldorf. potential victims can contact police through a hot line set up. we have that for you in the nbc washington app. prince george's police are searching for a killer. a man found shot on darrel drive around 1:30 this morning. we will put any updates on this story inside the nbc washington app. the united nation's security council will hold a meeting on north korea's missile test. it will happen today. this comes as president trump goes overseas. he goes to poland before the g-20 summit in germany. the "today" show will look at how it factors into his trip. one of their own was shot and killed just after midnight, nd
6:56 am
officer identified as a 48-year-old. police say she was shot while sitting in a police vehicle this morning. they chased the suspect and eventually shot and killed this man. breaking news right now in first 4 traffic. a big problem. this is outer look before vw parkway. we are talking prince george's county looks like we have one left lane getting by as they try to continue to get the crash out of the way. this is a six-mile back up. take a look at the map. that is painful. northbound you can see on vw parkway as you approach 32, a disabled vehicle slowed things quite a bit. chuck? >> how about good news? if you are headed to the beach, friday, saturday and sunday, a chance of thunderstorms friday afternoon at the coastline. saturday and sunday look amazing from ocean city down. what about around here? 60% chance of areas of light rain, a stray
6:57 am
highs in the low 80s. 90 with an afternoon storm chance. the weekend looks nice, too. more typical of july weather as we get into next week. highs near 90 with the off and on chance of thunderstorms. >> summertime weather. >> a lot cooler outside today than yesterday. >> nice. >> that is the news for today. thank you for waking up with us. the "today" show is coming up next. we are back with local news and weather at 7:25. >> make it a great wednesday, everybody.
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good morning. breaking overnight, new imannals of north korea launching a missile that could potentially reach the united states. the u.s. and south korea respond with a show of force, launching missiles into the sea. has the crisis reached a breaking point? senseless tragedy. a female nypd officer shot in the face and dies overnight. the suspect killed by other officers. officials saying it's an unprovoked attack. is it her? does this photo solve the decades'-old


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