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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 5, 2017 11:00am-11:59am EDT

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a female police officer attacked, out of nowhere. >> the deadly ambush leaving police officers in new york city and around the country grieving and in shock. what we're learning about the overnight shooting and the officer killed on the job. this morning, president trump takes off on what could be a high-stakes trip overseas. he's meeting with russia's president, and the u.s. is dealing with new threats from north korea. how both will influence the president's agenda. and i'm storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell, just clouds and light rain around the washington area but heavier rain
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virginia, flash flood watches have been expanded. i'll give you a check of the forecast for the rest of the week coming up. good morning, everyone. i'm molette green. >> and i'm eric gilchrist. the unprovoked attack of a new york city police officer. at this hour, fellow officers from around the country are spending their support to the nypd through social media. >> officers stood in front of the hospital and saluted as the slain officer's body was being taken to the medical examiner's office this morning. the ambush happened just after midnight. officer m ios otis mamilia was sitting in her car when a suspect shot through the window and hit her in the head. >> she was sitting in the vehicle and he came up and fired a round into the vehicle,
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could be more unprovoked than that. >> other officers shot and killed the suspect near the scene. he's been i.d.'d as 34-year-old alexander bonds. he spent time in prison and on facebook in september, ranted about the treatment of civilians by officers. officer familia was a 12-year veteran of the police force. right now, a man is dead in prince george's county. news4's derrick ward is live with the latest on this homicide investigation. >> reporter: well, good morning, molette. over the past couple of days, it's not been unusual to hear sounds that sound like gunfire, pops, but usually there are fire crackers. but the sounds that resonated through the park green apartments early this morning, that was anything but fireworks. take a look. it was about 1:25 this morning. prince george's county police responded to this apartment complex. when they got here, they found an adult male who had been shot everything times.
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scene. at this point, there is no identification of the victim or no information on a lookout for a motive. sources do tell news4 that this particular apartment complex has been a source of trouble for some time. there's been nothing as serious as this. there have been shooting and other incidents there, but again, this is the most serious. we can tell you that detectives were back out on the scene here earlier day gathering more evidence and we hope to have more information about this shooting later today as those information or as that information becomes available. derrick ward,.s news4. back to you. prince george's police searching for more clues in a homicide that happened in another part of the county. the victim actually walked into prince george's hospital center ñ gunshot wou but did not survive. investigators were able to trace the shooting to the scene right here on landover road in hyattsville. they were able to collect some evidence there but still no word on a suspect this morning.
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independence day in the district. six people were shot and another person stabbed overnight in various incidents around the city. 3:00 a.m. d.c. police say a boy was among those shot. it's not clear how old he is. another man died. right now, president trump is on his way to poland. that will be the first stop of his trip overseas but the highlights of it will be his meeting on friday with russian president vladimir putin. the big question looming over it, will the president bring up russia's role in the presidential election? news4's tracie potts has a look. >> reporter: today, poland is preparing for the arrival of president trump. he'll join a conference of nations and give a major speech in warsaw to reassure natox yz allies that america won't abandon them.
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meeting with russia's president. the white house says there's no official agenda. >> the fact that you're going into this thing, that you have no agenda, i think speaks volumes to the preparedness of this administration. it will be to his detriment because it will be the thing that everyone will talk about if they don't address it. >> if he doesn't bring up interference in the 2016 á%ñ he's going to co weak. n that he'snvey >> reporter: the g20 also sure to discuss responding to north korea's latest missile launch. >> we're very close, much closer than we've been in previous administrations, to a real military collision with north korea. >> reporter: president trump's hoping to put pressure on north korea's ally, china, to intervene. and the u.s. has now confirmed that was a long range missile that north korea tested. it could be fitted with a nuclear warhead and possibly
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today, the u.n. security council meets to talk about that. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. well, six minutes after the hour, let's check on our weather. many of us returning to work this morning with a little rain and some very cloudy skies out there. >> there is some good news, though, right, chuck? it's not as hot. >> true. we actually do need the rain. we just finished our third driest june. getting a little bit more than we need, though, down across parts of grem@]:ñ madison counts down in southern virginia there. washington is off the upper these thunder showers and heavy rain pan have not been moving much so as a result, some potential for flooding is occurring now down across parts of green county. so the weather service has now expanded the flash flood watch to include southern and eastern parts of cull pepper county in case that slow-moving but heavy rain producing shower drifts any further up to the north. this does not affect the wa
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could be seen here and remember the number one rule, stay away from high or fast moving water. never drive over a water-covered road. we'll have all this posted on our nbc washington app as well as an interactive radar feature. highs today, much cooler. yesterday, 92, today, upper 70s and low 80s. new video out of prince george's county. take a look at this pickup truck that slammed into a 7 eleven. green belt police are gathering information on this. no word on the condition of the driver or whether anyone inside the store was hurt. we're looking to learn the name of the person killed in this train crash in beltsville. police say the trainh72 did tr stop, but didn't have enough time and it actually pushed that suv down the tracks. according to csx, the train was heading to baltimore from detroit. this is the third deadly incident involving a train in our area in the last week. we're getting a lo
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townhouse fire3$ in gaithersbur. new cell phone footage shows how intens 'u$e flames were on monday night. a grilling mishap sparked the fire. crews believe the person grilling may have been using charcoal in a propane grill. the fire caused at least $550,000 in damage. parking your car in bethesda is going to cost you more than it did before the holiday. new prices kick in today. it will cost $2.25 an hour for street parking. surface lots will cost $1.50 an hour and garages will cost up to $1.25 an hour, depending on which one you use. there'st4j] been so many conspiracy theories over the years, but there's some new evidence that has historians suggesting amelia earhart may have survived a crash landing. we're going to show you kwhas prompting this new theory. and
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dominated the news at this time last year. the news stories have nearly stopped but the threat is still real, especially for pregnant women.
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you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs 20 times faster than most people have. and it's just $79.99 a month online for the first year. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years. all with a 2-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to there is a criminal investigation happening at one of president trump's golf courses. a body washed up on the shore of the trump national golf course in california yesterday morning. c
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for a swimmer in distress. no word on whether this person is the same person. the victim has not been identified. the president trump -- the president purchased that golf course in 2006. two capitol police officers credited with saving many lives last month received a special honor yesterday. the d.c. society sons of the american revolution presented special agents crystal griner and david bailey with its law enforcement commendation medal. they've been hailed as heroes for their actions during that shooting at a congressional baseball practice. griner and bailey were a part of a security detail for house majority whip steve scalise. they engaged the gunman and kept him occupied until alexandria police officers arrived. >> i'm greatly honored to be here. thank you for the award. and just thank you. appreciate it.
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able to attend the event, but her supervisor accepted the award for her. just days after the shooting, we saw her throw out the first pitch at a congressional women's softball game from her wheelchair. in news for your health now, the public frenzy over the zika virus may be over but the cdc is cautioning people not to let their guard down. kerry sanders explains the groups most at risk. >> reporter: ever since brandy hall rook in miami discovered he was pregnant, doctor's visits include routine tests for zika. that mosquitos-born virus that can lead to severe birth defects. >> it's always going to stay in the back of my mind. the zika scare will always be something that i'm thinking about. >> reporter: since the crisis last year, nearly 2,000 pregnant women have been diagnosed in the united states, 80 babies born here with birth defects. in f
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locally acquired zika cases. >> i am very much on the front lines. i am boots on the ground. >> reporter: where there had been just 17 employees, there's now a budget for 59. so far, no zika found. the only u.s. area with a travel warning, brownsville, texas, but a new study shows the mosquitos that can carry zika are in more counties than previously suspected. the warning for those who are pregnant, use repellant, wear long sleeves, and avoid travel overseas where zika is waning but still a threat. >> although we expect transmission to be lower in many countries, the risk is still there. >> reporter: but even with all this effort, mosquitos are not the only way zika spreads. the virus can also be transmitted sexually. >> until there's vaccination, it's going to be something that's very hard to prevent. >> reporter: most at risk, the unborn children, their mothers now taking all precautions. kerry
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beach. we are learning more about bear sightings in our area. >> can you believe it? this time it's the city of fairfax we're talking about, the second sighting in the past few days. the bear was spotted near lyndon street. officials say the bear didn't appear aggressive but it's a wild animal so if you see one, stay away. and bears are likely looking for food so wildlife experts say try to keep your garbage away. kept away, out of sight, and if you see a bear, bring in your pets. a bear was spotted in a backyard not far from fairfax station last friday. i mean, who's this family? they recorded the video way out of sight as it ate the food out of a bird feeder. >> bear's like, what is this mess? are you serious? >> that's all i get? >> where's the chihuahua? no, i shouldn't have said that. okay. >> write him. okay. moving on to what is
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interesting story, legendry aviator amelia earhart vanished 80 years ago but a team from the history channel has discovered a never been seen photo that suggests she survived. >> nbc's tom costello is working with the history team and gives us a look at that photo. ♪ >> amelia earhart took off over tranquil ocean wastes and was never heard from again. >> reporter: for 80 years, the world has wondered what happened to amelia earhart and her navigator, fred nunen. they were over the pacific on a round the world flight when they disappeared. but now investigators from history believe they found evidence the two were blown off course and survived. >> i have a photograph which i believe clearly indicates that earhart was captured by the japanese. >> reporter: retired treasury depen
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kenny has spent 15 years looking for earhart clues. while searching through formally top secret files in the national archives, he discovered this photograph from about 1937. a string of small islands that at the time were under japanese control. >> we have a caucasian woman with your back to the camera, sitting there, looking over towards the ship. >> reporter: you think this is amelia earhart? >> that's right. >> reporter: photographic analysts tell history the photograph appears legitimate and undoctored. former fbi assistant direct worked on the project. >> when you approximate pull pu see the analysis that's been done, i think it leaves no doubt to the viewers that that's amelia earhart and fred nunen. >> reporter: in 1937, the japanese had banned nearly all westerners from the islands but in the photo, it appears there are two caucasians on the dock. a man standing on the left and what appears to be a woman with short hair, wearing pants like
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henry took the photo to facial recognition expert kent gibson who first overlaid the photo of the man with file photos of fred. >> the hairline is the most distinctive characteristic. it's a very sharp, receding hairline. the nose is very prominent. >> reporter: the teeth, hairline, and nose all appear to match up. >> it's my feeling that this is very convincing evidence this is probably nunen. >> reporter: then, the person sitting with their back to the camera with hair that appears too long for a man and too short for a native woman. gibson compared body measurements with previous photos of earhart. again, striking similarities. >> i usually go from not likely to likely to very likely to extremely likely. and i say this is very likely. >> reporter: and there's more evidence. in the distance, the japanese ship which is towing a barge with something measuring 38 feet long. the same length as earhart's plane. for decades, locals
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they saw earhart's plane crash and the japanese ship took her and nunen away. the story even documented in stamps issued in the 1980s. now, photographic evidence that the story may be true. >> we believe that the ship took her to saipan and that she died there under the custody of the japanese. we don't know how she died. we don't know when she died. >> reporter: the history team may have even found pieces of earhart's plane, and the prison in saipan. >> this may actually have been her cell. >> reporter: this morning, this newly uncovered photo is opening a whole new set of questions about what happened to earhart and nunen and what, if anything, did the u.s. government know. >> we have no evidence anywhere that she crashed into the ocean, even though that's been the common narrative for so many years. i think we have a lot of evidence that she lived and survived in the marshall islands. >> amazing what technology can do now to try to put
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together. >> yeah, it's interesting documentary's going to air sunday night on the history channel at 9:00. >> one to watch. we're getting a lot of rain this morning. after the break, how the morning clouds are translating into cooler temperatures that you mentioned. >> yep. and the fireworks entertained thousands last night. it's time to clean up.
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fourth of july sales came to an abrupt end in a mall in oklahoma city. crews are still trying to figure out exactly where that water came from. >> do we even want to think about where that water came from? >> clean it up, move on. >> muddy pipe. >> let's talk about the rain water. fair enough. we have nothing but clean water falling over washington now. mostly light rain around here. there have been places across central virginia that have picked up quite a bit of rain here in the last 1 hou2 hours o and there are areas in flash flood watch. keep that in mind. always remember, never drive over a water covered road. if you can't see the road below it, it is not safe to drive on it. outside, doesn't look like a whole lot of radar. really just been very light rain across much of the mid atlantic but as we zoom in a little bit closer here, this one heavy
11:24 am
essentially right on top of green county for the last couple ofôr=uim9ñ it's drifting slowly northbound, so as a result, there are flash flood watches out now. the future weather carries that little burst of heavier rain eastbound towards fredericksburg and as far as rain chances in and around the city, looks like most of the rain is going to be noontime, early parts of the rush. might catch a little break in the action and more rain coming in overnight. we're not done with the rain chances just yet. here's the flood watch. i think they just expanded it. it goes until 8:00. there's one flood warning area down here. so if you're living or traveling in that area, be very, very careful. always avoid high or fast-moving water. kids are out for summer vacation, don't let them go play next to any of those creeks or streams. right now here in washington,
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cloudy sky, little slivers of sunlight trying to get through there. that's how we made it into the upper 70s around here. temperatures aren't going to move a whole lot, maybe a rumble or two of thunder as well but not a severe weather threat for today and if you like today, you're going to like tomorrow as well. if you're headed down to the nats game tonight, there could be a little bit of a rain delay. five-day forecast and a look at the beach weather all ahead. thousands of people celebrated independence day with a lot of music and plenty of fireworks. >> just take a lack look at the spectacle. it was so beautiful over the national mall. yes, it was thunderous at times, the thunderous booms echoed across the monuments as people watched the night skylight up with those wonderful colors. the annual celebration along the monuments drew people from all across the country. ♪
11:26 am
oh, and this is what it look like in new york. thousands of spectators lined the east river for the nation's largest fireworks show, the macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular, it's called. shortly after nightfall, more than 60,000 shells were used to light up that night sky there. following a show by jennifer lopez. i actually saw her performance, then i had to go to bed so i missed brad paisley and the others who were right here on nbc4 in that presentation. >> not all the fireworks shows went off so well. in rural alabama, one celebration actually turned pretty scary after some shells misfired. you can see one fire work explode on a marina dock where it was launched. another fire work rocketed toward the crowd, hit a car. two people had minor injuries. the fireworks company says the shells may have been defective. well, the latest on charges against a charles county tea's
11:27 am
and the conversation parents, especially in that area, need to have with their children. plus a new snapchat feature is causing security concerns, but there are easy steps that you can take to keep you and your teen safe. we're going to explain that next.
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welcome back. now almost 11:30 this morning. more changes this morning to those tough new security measures for airlines. the u.s. has lifted the end cabin ban on laptops on u.s.-bound flights from istanbul. turkish airlines made the announcement today. the u.s. implemented the ban to address fears that bombs could be concealed inside electronic devices. enhanced security measures are now in place to screen for possible explosives. today, parents are demanding answers from charles county school officials. they want to know how a teacher's aide accused of sexual abuse had time and access to students during school hours. carlos bell is charged with abusing at least seven students. he's also hiv positive. bell was arrested last week, but the reported abuse dates back to last year. the teacher's aide worked with special education and general
11:31 am
the school's presesuperintenden. that means he had access to a number of classes. we spoke with some of bell's neighbors who say they don't really know him but they say the allegations are horrifying. >> he should be punished. i mean, you're going to ruin their kids' lives. their life is just beginning. they're in middle school. what kind of person is that. parents whose children may have had contact with bell and are understandably very concerned are now faced with having to have a very difficult conversation with their kids. here to provide guidance on how to talk to your children about sexual abuse is psychiatrist dr. joshua weiner. it is a very difficult conversation charles county school officials asking parents to talk to their children. how do you start that conversation? what's the best way to set that up? >> well, you want to absolutely make sure you're having a pr
11:32 am
want to have around the dinner table, a conversation around the dinner table. so this has to be something that's private. you know, it might not be the parent who necessarily has the conversation. you know, it's got to be somebody that this kid really trusts. so hopefully it's the parent and hopeful hopefully you've developed that relationship over time but if you think maybe the aunt or uncle or family friend might be able to get a little more information from your child, then i would advise you to ask that family member or other person to sit down and start questioning and you want to start with very generic, basic questions. what kind of contact did you have with mr. hall, how often did you see him, was there anything ever that took place that made you feel kind of creepy or weird. so, these are sort of the things that you want to start asking. the key is, you want to ask it in a certain way. you want to be very nonjudgmental. because if you're starting to ask any kind of questions where the kid is getting the sense that you're having a negative attitude about the way they're answering your questions, they're going to be much more
11:33 am
absolutely the opposite, obviously, of what you want them to do. >> i would think a parent would feel a little to blame and maybe ask their child, why didn't you tell me? why did i know that this person is texting you on your phone? these kinds of things. >> right. >> you've got to be really careful. >> really hard. it's going to be hard for parents. they need to keep control of their emotions, make sure if they start to hear things that don't sound right to them, they try to be neutral in their response. you never want to blame the victim. you don't want to make them feel guilty if they've done something. you don't want to say, what were you thinking going in a room along with this guy. you want to stay away from those types of conversations or those types of attitudes that you're presenting. the other thing here is you want to have a conversation about secrets because in many cases, these perpetrators are going to say to kids, you know, this is a secret, we can't tell anybody, and if something
11:34 am
tell somebody, something bad is going to happen to them or you. you want to say, look, was there anything that was told to you that makes you feel uncomfortable? secrets are important but sometimes secrets are meant to be broken in the case of safety. >> the conversation about secrets should start with your children at a much younger age. we're dealing with middle schoolers here in this particular case. we know these kids are in middle school, and that's different. i mean, they're going through so many hormonal issues too. it's tricky. >> it is. and you know, so you obviously want to, though, you know, they're mature. middle schoolers are pretty mature. i see a lot of these kids in my practice. you can actually be fairly direct with them. you don't have to beat around the bush too much. you know, you don't have to be too nuanced. you can be pretty direct and ask specific questions. it's going to be the general tone and atmosphere that you set because that's going to be critical in letting them feel like they can be safe and open up to you. >> quickly, what do you do if your child says,
11:35 am
groomed or, may not have gone to a certain extent but something happened or what happens with your child next if you find out they had been abused? >> well, you absolutely are going to need to contact the authorities. and then the next thing you want to do is you want to try to find help for your child. so, that would be trying to find a therapist who deals with these types of issues. now, there is one particular type of therapy that i think is important for people to be aware of. it's called emdr, stands for eye movement desensitization reprocessing. it's a very unique, dichblt type of therapy that has really worked wonderfully well for people who are dealing with some sort of traumatic experience. so that's something in particular that i think is helpful for people to look into. >> we're going to be talking about this in the days and weeks to come and i know you're going to be getting a lot of phone calls in your office about this. very important story. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> back to you. safety concerns this morning as well about a
11:36 am
snapchat. the snap map allows users to pinpoint the exact location of their friends in the app. for some, it raises questions about safety and privacy and security, especially for users who are children. they could be unknowingly making themselves targets for predators. >> stranger danger that we used to teach our kids about, you know, be on the lookout for a creepy van. now they don't need the van anymore. they can go to on an application and find out where you are at any given time. >> the snap map is off by default and has to be turned on. once it is, you can hide your location by turning on ghost mode in the settings. well, the top automaker plans to go electric only. when you will see the new vehicles on the road. and ever wonder how these guys feel the next day? hear from the hot dog eating contest winners after the break.
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volvo says they'll only make cars with electric motors beginning in 2019. it will become the first traditional automaker to stop producing vehicles powered solely by an internal combustion engine. volvo will make two types of cars, pure electric and hybrid. samsung is reportedly working on a smart speaker powered by its new voice assistant. not much is known about the device, including features and release date. the project is reportedly being slow b slowed by the progress of bixby. samsung had to launch its latest phone without any support for english voice commands. samsung's speaker will enter a crowded market of course with amazon echo, and the upcoming apple home pod. with your c thinbc morning busi report, i'm kate rogers. nothing says the fourth of july like eating an outrageous number of hot dogs in a single
11:40 am
nathan's hot dog eating contest. there is reigning champion joey chestnut. he took home the title again this year and set a record. he put away 72 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. on the women's side, mickey ate 41. fresh off their wins, the pair appeared on "the today show" this morning to discuss what it felt like after eating all those hot dogs. >> i'm tired, i'm thirsty. there's so much sodium in the hot dogs. i'm sweating like an animal. >> there really is no way to get around the discomfort after all this many hot dogs. >> discomfort. that's the adult way to say it. this was chestnut's tenth win and mickey hearned her fourth consecutive title. when asked what they would eat today, both said very little. a little yogurt,
11:41 am
do this. >> time for a little roughage. >> chuck went there. >> 72 hot dogs. >> and they win a bunch of money. they do these things all over the world, those two in particular. >> it can't be healthy, though. can't be. >> maybe we should tell them what's in the hot dogs, see if they can still eat that many. >> they probably know. they're okay with it, apparently. >> apparently they are. >> more power to them. we are needing some rain drops around here and rain drops we have. had a very dry month of june so every little drop is preeshed here in july and on rainy days we don't tend to be as hot. radar zoomed in way close. i bring it up because that red shaded area there, this is u.s. 29, the road down to charlottesville, which is a little bit further south than here but parts of u.s. 29 and u.s. 33, this part through green and matson county, be on the lookout, heavy rain down there, a flash flood warning
11:42 am
watch includes north and south. so be careful for high water down in that part of central virginia. you can always follow the radar and see where the heaviest rains are on our nbc washington app. you can also find and follow me on twitter and facebook and instagram as well. future weather brings ha little bit pockets of light to moderate rain through the d.c. metro area between now and 5:00. and another break in the action this evening. and then another chance for rain coming in, in time for the morning commute tomorrow. and then up to about lunchtime, maybe a rumble or two of thunder and then phenomenotentially som heavier showers to come in between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. we'll be keeping a close eye on that. here's your five-day forecast. i'll have beach weather and the ten-day coming up in a minute. but a relatively cloudy and cool day coming up tomorrow before we get close to 90 on friday. enjoying summer doesn't have to cost a fortune. coming up, we're going to take you a local park that your whole family can enjoy for free. and a taste of france right here in d.c. whether you have a
11:43 am
or crave something savory, this new bakery has some tasty ideas for your summer, some of which e will tast
11:44 am
fios is not cable. and we believe everyone deserves faster internet. so with fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs 20 times faster than most people have. and it's just $79.99 a month online for the first year. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years. all with a 2-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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well, do you know the proper way to pronounce the name of those colorful cookies? who better to school us on this than the ceo of the parisian bakery, elizabeth holder, and chef clara are here with us this morning. we appreciate you co
11:46 am
correct way to pronounce that is? >> macaron. >> macaron. >> to not be mixed with macaroon, which is with coconut. >> they're beautiful. i'm looking at the display. part of the draw, i think, for americans is just sort of all the color and the beauty that we see in the pastries here. give us a little bit of history about the location coming here. >> so it's first in paris. we are 150 years old. it was the first time when men and women could meet in public so it was a romantic thing and we are happy now to be in washington and in union station. >> what is it about the macaron that's so special, that makes it such a popular and well known pastry. >> it's a great gift for everybody. there is no age. everybody loves it. it's colorful, it's very tasty. it's a small bite. and it's blgluten free. >>
11:47 am
we're learning that the bakery -- i'm going to learn french before we're all done here -- obviously you're known for your pastries but there are so many other things. chef clara has been preparing some things. tell me what you brought from the non-bakery side. >> so, we have just a new summer menu. so we haare trying to work with fresh ingredients and seasonal. so today i brought you a lobster roll. this is our own way to make the lobster roll. we know it's very popular. we make it a little bit different and we have here the tomato burata which is made with heirloom tomatoes. >> they really are beautiful. >> and very tasty. they taste a little bit different. like the green is a little bit more acidic. the red is a little bit more sweet so you have a nice balance on the plate. >> i want to ask you, though. you mentioned the lobster roll. what makes them different? why are they so special? >> the lobster comes from the
11:48 am
but the sauce that we make is our own. which is made from lobster and we add some few ingredients that are secret. >> and we have the french brioche. that's the way we do a lobster roll. >> i'm not a cook but i've been playing around in the kitchen lately. with the shellfish, how do you make sure you don't overcook it or make it less tasty? >> when you have a shellfish that you want to cook, you need to make sure you adapt the time that you cook it according to the weight that is the lobster, for example. if you have a three-pound lobster, you will cook it longer than a half-pound lobster or one pound. >> and i have learned to not eat so much on camera so i'm going to taste some once we're done here but i do want to ask, what was it about d.c. that attracted you, that made you want to open? >> it's a beautiful city. very european, actually. so, we opened at first in new york six years ago and it was obvious that we wanted
11:49 am
washington, d.c., one day. >> and where exactly with you. >> we're in m street in georgetown and union station with a picnic to go, so all this beautiful salad, you can take it and enjoy on the train or on your way to go to work. >> well, elizabeth and chef clara, thank you for being here today. now open in d.c. >> thank you. >> molette, over to you. it looks awesome. don't eat them all, aaron. >> i'm going to have a macaron. oh, goodness. all this week, we are working for you, finding those special out of the way places that you can visit in your community. it's part of our series, fun and free summer. this morning, we take you to upp upper marlboro, the patuxent river park. as news4's megan mcgrath shows us what you'll find is easy access to this renowned marshland right in our c
11:50 am
spectacular. the patuxent river, jug bay and the surrounding wetlands. soak it all in from the 30-foot observation tower. as far as the eye can see, nothing but unspoiled natural beauty. welcome to patuxent river park in upper marlboro. >> and the biodiversity in these fresh water tidal wetlands and comparable to those of a rain forest or coral reef. >> look at the down coming off it. >> reporter: learn about the wildlife. >> that's made out of keratin. >> reporter: ospreys thrive here. the day we were here, there was a group putting tracking bands on them as part of a conservation program. stroll along the 15 miles of nature trails. see a real beaver lodge close up or explore the replica of an american indian village. >> this is the first time we've been down here. >> reporter: jim just discovered the park and he plans to co
11:51 am
that are in your own backyard. looking for things farther away and you have a whole opportunity to explore many, many things right in your own backyard. >> reporter: in upper marlboro, megan mcgrath, news4. we have more fun and free things lined up for you this week. tomorrow, we're going to take you to fairfax county for more outdoor fun for the family and if you want to learn more about the patuxent river park, open up the nbc washington app and search fun and free. a new ad from is showing off the diversity of our country, all the way back to our founding fathers. see why it's getting so much attention on social media.
11:52 am
z2ejdz z16fz y2ejdy y16fy
11:53 am
11:54 am
powerful new ad taking off on social media for patriotism and inclusion. the features 25 direct descendants of the founding fathers. >> many of them are people of color. they came together to recreate the historic declaration of independence painting. one of the women in the ad is laura murphy, a seventh-generation descendant of phillip livingston. the maryland woman was the keynote speaker at yesterday's
11:55 am
national archives. >> we've got free speech, freedom of religion. those rights can be eroded, but unless we stand up for them, we'll be in trouble. >> the ad has been viewed and shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media. i shared it on my facebook page a little bit earlier too if you want to see it. >> it's very powerful. they're among america's most celebrated heroes. we're talking about men and women injured on the battle field. >> they return home with physical and emotional scars but in chicago, the u.s. armedi@/e forces are waging a different type of battle, competing against one another in the annual warrior games. >> it's not a test of skill, but also a chance to renew their spirits. here's nbc's ron mott. >> reporter: every day is a journey for mike nicholson. just getting from point a to point b is a feat for any triple amputee. but the retid
11:56 am
makes a splash every time he pushes the body shattered by an i.e. d. in afghanistan in 2011. nicholson is competing at this year's warrior games, organized by the defense department, including teams from the uk and australia. >> much more than fun and games to you. what do they mean to you? >> they mean a lot. and you have that thought in the back of your head about just making your family proud, making your country proud, making your service proud. >> reporter: after two years recovering at walter reid army medical center, darkness settled in, he says, with depression and drinking. >> it was hard at first. it really was. stayed inside a lot. wouldn't really come outside when the sun was up and hanging out in the bars too much. luckily i met my wife. >> reporter: he credits wife katie, whom he met at a mutual friend's birthday party, daughter calorie and newborn son sawyer for helping him find happiness again. >> i could see how much he wanted a sense of normalcy and how much he wanted to be himself again and he was very lost and i saw thss
11:57 am
>> it's really inspiring. it really helps me, like, achieve what i think i can't do. >> reporter: an athlete before his injury, mike nicholson is determined as ever to regain his top form in these games, winning three golds and a silver in track, basketball, and swimming finals to come. >> don't define us by our disability. don't think we're out yet, you know, we're still in it. we're still in the fight. >> reporter: a fight to win. above all else, always a warrior. ron mott, nbc news, tampa. all right. i want to get you one final look at the forecast before we go. >> chuck. >> all right. we have rain still down across parts of central virginia. keeping a close eye on that. flash flood watches again. be careful. always avoid high or fast-moving water. beach weather around here for the next couple days looks pretty nice. friday, saturday, sunday, all sunshine at the coast and sunshine and dry around here for the weekend as well. >> all right, chuck, thanks.
11:58 am
thanks so much for joining us. we're back this afternoon, first fios is not cable. and we believe everyone deserves faster internet. so with fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs 20 times faster than most people have. and it's just $79.99 a month online for the first year. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years. all with a 2-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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stand by, everyone. we're live, in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> i admire your courage, miss owe. >> hemlock. bunny hemlock. i admire your luck, mr. -- >> bond. james bond. >> no. no, no, no. you can't do like that. you can't say that. that's terrible. that's rubbish. >> all right. how would you do it? >> easy. say bond. james bond. >> that's sean connery. you're just doing sean connery. >> no, i am not. >> yes, you are. >> at least i don't sound like a girl. >> i love it. corden on 007 on oi roll with david beckham. i mean, coom on. who is a better bond here, i don't know. i love them both. and back with that little mini bun thing in the


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