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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 6, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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so it begins. president trump on the cusp of all-important meeting with leaders. north korea's new icbm and what to do about it. the rogue leader showing no signs of weakness saying the missile test is meant to slam the american bastards in their face. >> congressman steve scalise who was shot back in june has been readmitted to intensive care. new violence in venezuela as that country battle an economic crisis. and a new photo suggests amelia earhart survived a crash landing. >> get ready to celebrate national friday chicken
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"early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm frances rivera. president trump is in poland this morning kicking off his second trip abroad with a friendly reception at the country's royal castle. he's meeting with the country's poland. nbc's peter alexander is in warsaw. peter, what can we expect on this leg of the president's trip? >> reporter: good morning. president trump already getting a warm welcome here as he arrives in poland, a place where many american presidents before him have enjoyed a similar warm welcome. there are similarities between president trump's make america great theme and the theme of the ruling party which is rise from its knees calling on poles to grow together and become a stronger country. by coming here
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statement, a powerful statement to russia, the russian president who president trump with it meet with tomorrow evening. that's the main course of this three day trip. this is the appetizer. president trump will meet with the president for the course of the next hour behind closed doors before the two men deliver statements and then expected to take questions. there will be not questions about vladimir putin but north korea as this administration is trying to find the best way path forward. the secretary of state rex tillerson overnight suggesting the possibility of cooperation with russia including potential nor fly zones. later today president trump flies to hamburg for the g-20 where we'll meet this evening with the german chancellor angela merkel as well as leaders of japan and south korea. >> peter, thank you. making big waves, world lrs
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germany for the g-20 summit. thousands are already protesting the meeting. demonstrators are marching against globalization and corporate greed. some clashes are already happening. some protesters now worried they won't be allowed to march as the g-20 gets under way. what will be their primary focus? >> reporter: that missile test by north korea and u.s. response by u.s. ambassador nikki haley has put north korea and bourgeoning crisis there from consensus at this summit. president trump will meet with fortunate of china and you expect some tough words between two of them. nikki haley suggesting that china ought to impose stronger economic sanctions against north korea which the north korea's closest
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otherwise she suggest the u.s. reserve the right to take military action. of course president trump will also meet as peter alexander mentioned with president putin. that meeting will be closely watched for the optics and what will have to say in particular. will he raise the question of russian interference in the elections. thousands of protesters will be here. those protests have turned violent. the question is whether that will be the backdrop. >> a lot of diplomatic testing. the u.s. is responding to north korea's test launch of a intercontinental ballistic missile which could potentially reach the united states. defense secretary james mattis spoke with his japanese counter part underscoring an iron clad commitment to japan.
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wide effort to i've more options. what's the latest on these rising tensions there in seoul? >> reporter: good morning. this new type of missile has generated a new level of threat and it's prompted a tougher u.s. military pressure against north korea and also hints of a possible return to war. new pictures of what north korea claims is its first intercontinental ballistic missile, which could strike the united states. the u.s. calling it a new global threat. in an emergency meeting at the u.n. security council time is short. >> action is required. the world is on notice. >> reporter: there was new taunting too. kim jong-un said the missile test was meant to slam the american bastards in their face, that it was a fourth of july gift package for the yankees and thsh
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reached its final phase. u.s. and south korean forces here fired back with a military drill. precision strike missiles meant to show they are prepared for war and now in stunning comments the commander of american troops here saying all out war is possible, self-restraint which is a choice is all that separates armistice and war. we are able to change as so ordered. the pentagon revealing new details on the north korea juan test confirming the missile has not been seen before and stood re-entry to the atmosphere a key technique hurd tell north koreans have been trying to master. this latest test also a dangerous boost to the confidence of kim jong-un, whose dramatically increasing the number of missile tests after an all time high last year. >> he's basically saying you
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g-20 you big shots are meeting but i'm the biggest threat to the international community and you need to deal with me. that's the message he's sending. >> reporter: there's nothing new to crisis between south korea and north korea but there is a fresh sense of urgency here. the country's president has been pushing for more than just statements to respond to north korea, and, of course, all eyes will be on that g-20 summit when president trump meets with chinese president xi jinping. breaking overnight house majority whip skeef scalise is back in the icu as he continues to recover from a gunshot wouldn't. doctors are concerned about a possible infection. as of last night he was listed in serious condition. scalise was one of four people shot when a gunman opened fire on republicans practicing the annual
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game. the hospital says they will have an update later today. we know more about the new york police officer named miosotis famiiia who was killed in what officials called an unprovoked attack. this mother of three was a 12 year veteran of the force and had worked as a nurse earlier in her career. alexander bonds is the suspect and a twice convicted felon who had been on parole. he shot her in the head and killed by police. today new york flags will be flown at half-staff in honor of officer miosotis famiiia. mandatory evacuations have been ordered in california where wildfires ever burning. air tankers are assisting in the fight. people are asking people not to fly drones near the
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hat country battles an economic crisis. this was the scene at the national assembly. chaos as hundred protesters of the president burst into the assembly which is dominated by types. with sticks and pipes they attacked lawmakers, sending several to the hospital. time now for look at our weather and heavy downpours expected in the mid-atlantic states. the rest of the country would like some of those downpours, so hot out there. this little weak storm and this warm front will bring numerous showers in kentucky, tennessee. all these dots are pop up showers and storms nation's capital through virginia. then tonight in the overnight hours we track those through philadelphia, baltimore and washington, d.c. and tomorrow new york city higher totals of rain. we're in the 90s in the southeastnd
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middle of the nation. you can see temperatures are being kept down while all the clouds and hit or miss showers and storms today. we shouldn't see too many problems with flooding. they should move quickly. southeast plain hot and with that heat index and with all that humidity easily feels like 100 to 105. i have a big one for you. this hammer head shark was reeled in off the coast of florida. look at that. he needed to get some help to get on shore. he was exhausted after pulling it in. he didn't get to measure the hammer head but he did guess it was about eight feet long. that's gutsy taking it by the deal and dragging it in. >> bill, thank you. spacex is on a rocket roll with the company's third launch in
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three, two, one. >> the third time is the charm. last night spacex launched a falcon 9 rocket. there were two scrub launch attempts this past weekend. this is spacex's third launch in two weeks. vice president mike pence will be at the launch pad later today. louisiana congressman clay higgins is apologizing for filming a video inside a gas chamber at auschwitz. higgins said the atrocities should remind the u.s. to aggressively fight terrorism. jewish groups condemned higgins calling the video disrespectful in a place meant for mournful silence. >> pure and simple a grotesque exploitation of the
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how dare congressman higgins uses auschwitz as his own personal tv studio. >> higgins issued an apology and said my intent was to offer a homage to those murdered. a deadly fourth of july holiday on the streets of chicago. over four days 100 people were shot and 15 were killed according to the "chicago tribune". the violence surpassed last year when the 4th fell on monday. just ahead 20th century mystery may be solved with this emerging video. plus a day for comfort food so how you can celebrate national fried chicken day today.
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z2ejdz z16fz y2ejdy y16fy fast forward to thursday, microsoft employees are bracing for a possible round of layoffs. earlier this week microsoft reportedly sent an e-mail to employees saying it plans to restructure its sales organization. spain's famous running of the bull festival gets under way today. thousands of people travel to spain each year where people are gored and trampled. coming up on the "today" show, superstar ed sheeran performs live on the
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stratd world since it proek on the "today" show. a never before scene photo that investigators from the history channel believe may finally reveal what happened to amelia earhart and her facilitate investigator after their plane disappeared in 1937. here's tom costello with more revelations. >> 25 years ago the world's most famous elevator found missing. >> reporter: does this photograph prove amelia earhart and her navigator ended up in japanese custody? >> we discovered that amelia earhart survived her final flight and landed safely in the marshal islands. >> you're confident? >> very confident. >> reporter: the photograph is marked marshal islands in 1937 under japanese military control. on the left a man standing next to a sign and there sitting on the dock what appears tube woman with short hair wearing pants like
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facial recognition expert overlaid the photo. >> the hairline is the most distinctive characteristic. sharp receding hairline. the nose is very prom nents. >> reporter: he compared body measurements of the seated woman with previous photos of earhart. striking similarities. >> i go from not likely to is likely to extremely. >> reporter: the woman on the dock is staring at a japanese ship that's towing something measured 38 feet long. for decades locals said the plane crashed in the marshals and japanese ship took it away. also in the national are a kifs this catalog of government files on earhart referencing 170 pages including earhart was a prisoner
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that document is missile. officials reached out to the japanese are a kifs saying they have no evidence thatter hart was ever in their custody. >> we believe the u.s. government knew that earhart was in japanese custody. just ahead can you guess the streaming site that's dominating the competition. a basketball player demonstrates her skills with the harlem globetrotters.
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how much money aleia saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. what's up? >> this is globetrotting gymnastics. >> the gold medalist was paid a special visit by the harlem globetrotter as they trade tips. >> that's impressive. >> most impressive is the height difference. >> i know. like comparing to shaq. when it comes to streaming service netflix dominating the competition. new report finds more people are watching netflix than youtube,
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now on news 4 today, we are working several stories for you, including breaking news in prince george's county. the death investigation urnds way right now. congressman steve scalise back in icu. why he was readmitted and what we could learn in a few hours. president trump gears up for his first g-20 meeting. the latest with him in warsaw and who he is expected to meet today. before we get too all that, take a look at northwest washington. the fog is rolling in above our station here in tin lee town. that's not all you are likely to see on your way to work.
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i'm aaron gillcrest. >> you may need the low beams this morning because of the fog rolling in, but you may also need the wipers. >> some people waking up without power because of the weather. we have 1,000 customers dealing with outages right now. let's get to chuck bell with the latest on conditions outside before we get to melissa on the roads. >> it is a cloudy start this morning. pockets of moderate to heavy rain now, south of the d.c. metro area. they are coming northbound. if your umbrella is out of the car, do a mad dash to get into your vehicle before you head out this morning. a warm front to the south is lifting on in. as a result, we have all the moisture we are ever going to need for rain chances for much of the day. heaviest rain for now is along i-95 west of the interstate into parts of sfo
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spotsylvania county. rain across prince william. that's moving in toward fairfax and arlington counties. no rain in the immediate area just yet. be prepared for moderate to heavy rain between now and 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. play it again, just like yesterday. not much in the way of sunshine. a couple chances to get rain. some places could get one to two inches. let's go to melissa and traffic. >> a couple problems that just popped up. outer loop and 50 had a crash on the right side of the roadway and inner loop at 50 in maryland. right side blocked by an accident there. take a look at all that green here this morning showing you where it is raining. down south, route 260, east of jewel road, we have all lanes blocked there because of an earlier accid
4:29 am
an accident there on the left side of the roadway, right there on the ramp. again, you can see all this rain moving through the areas. no problems into town or out of town. aaron? >> thank you. we are following breaking news in prince county. >> there was a problem. adam tuss is getting info. >> this happened. what we know is this happened -- police swarmed an area in district heights overnight. look at the video we have here. we were on the phone working to learn exactly what happened. at least one person is dead, possibly two. when we get the details confirmed, we'll bring them to you. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we are working to learn what caused a d.c. police officer to shoot a man in northwest. peter told us an officer came across a man with a gun on park road in northwest. that's the parkview
4:30 am
hitting a man and is expected to be okay. his officers recovered a gun from the scene but are still piecing together what happened. congressman steve scalise is back in the icu this morning. late last night, med star washington hospital made that announcement. we expect another update on his condition later today. doctors say there are concerns about infections. scalise and others were in a shooting at baseball practice last month in alexander. right now, he is in serious condition. scalise had been moved out of icu on june 23rd. new this morning, president trump is in poland. this is video of a meeting with that country's president about an hour ago. it is the first stop ahead of the highly anticipated g-20 summit, which beginning tomorro


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