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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i-95 toward woodbridge. heavy rain on 301 through charles county. there's more where that came from. it's going to rain hard in charles county for the next hour or so. you can see a little easing up in the rain across central virginia. le eel get that around lunchtime. just got a flood warning out for southern prince william county and stafford as well. most of this area in the highlighted green has had more than two inches of rain. avoid high or fast moving water in that area at all costs. never drive over a water covered road. we'll be stuck in the 70s and 80s later today. for now, let's go to melissa. >> good morning. a problem here on 66 westbound here after the beltway. it looks like it might be clearing and pulling out of the way. again, you are seeing wet roads
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a couple issues on the beltway, then on 270. have a report there. left lane blocked by a crash. another crashed northbound 270 before democracy. we'll keep you updated on that one. outer loop at georgetown, a crash on the shoulder. no other problems here. we are going to look at travel times coming up. thank you. breaking news this morning. this is the scene at the woodland scene apartment. it's been a deadly week in prince george's county with seven homicides in six days. >> justin finch is live on the scene. justin? >> molette, good morning. the bodies of both victims have been recovered. take a look here. what appears to be close to a doz s
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even more spread throughout this parking lot. for a sense of where we are, this is the 6600 block of atwood street in district heights between the parkway and walker mill road. close to 1:00 this morning, district heights and prince george's county were called to the woodland springs apartment. both shot, both pronounced dead here on scene. we are told both were shot multiple times. they have not been identified. you can see back out live here, the scene remains roped off here in the parking lot. homicide detectives investigating at this time. we are awaiting word on a suspect. at this time, the motive is unclear. back to you. >> justin, thank you. >> we are working to see what caused a d.c. policeman to shoot
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someone. >> d.c. police chief told us an officer came across a man with a gun on park road northwest. the officer fired his weapon, hitting the man. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay now. the chief said his officers recovered a gun from the scene. they are still piecing together what happened. >> we don't know exactly what happened. all i can say is the officer is out there working and saw a man with a gun. shots were fired. we know our officer fired his weapon. the suspect was struck at least one time. >> the chief does say the suspect is expected to survive. back to you. >> adam, thank you. 6:03 right now. this morning, we are learning about a shooting near a d.c. middle school. this is video from the scene on 50th street. a man and a teenager, boy, were shot before 10:00 last night. the man was unconscious and not
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responsive. the teen was conscious and breathing. police are not looking for a suspect. we have new video from the scene of a shooting that left a new york city police officer dead. this is the chaos after a man walked up to a police vehicle and killed miosotis familia. she was shot in that vehicle. the gunshots sent people running for cover. the video was captured on a surveillance camera. last night, friends and family held a vigil to remember officer familia, the mother of three. she was gunned down yesterday morning. we brought that as breaking news. this is the man who shot her, alexander bond. he was shot and killed by police. developing this morning, congressman steve scalise is back in icu. med star washington hospital center made the announcement. we expect another update on his
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there are concerns about infection. he and others were injured in a shooting at a baseball practice last month. several lawmakers tweeted thoughts and prayers to the congressman. he is in serious condition. police had to move out of icu on june 23rd. new overnight -- president trump responded to north korea's missile test. this came in a joint news conference with poland's president. president trump is thinking about, quote, pretty severe things in response to north korea's latest test. he talked about russia's interference in the election. we'll talk about that in a half hour. parents are upset a suspected sexual predator was allowed to work around their children. a meeting is scheduled. former school aide carlos bell is
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school. that isn't the only place he had access to children. 2008, he worked as a facility attendance with department of community services. he provided care at jp ryan and william b. wade elementary schools in waldorf. 2016, he volunteered as an assistant coach at the track club. the mother of the boy who trained with bell can't believe her son was around him. >> i feel rage. you know? i want him to get what he deserves. kids, at this age, some of them aren't going to talk about it. >> investigators believer there are at least ten victims here and there could be more. bell is also hiv positive. his victims are being tested. 6:06. here is a look at other top stories this morning. this week would have been
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instead, his mother will be in court charged with his and his sister's disappearance. she was the last person seen with her kids. in april, a judge ruled she was not mentally stable enough for a trial. we have new information about a deadly shooting we brought as breaking news yesterday morning. a suitland mother is grieving after losing a second son to gun violence. wednesday morning someone shot and killed the 18-year-old. he was visiting a friend on darrel drive. the police are searching for a suspect and motive. we have a traffic alert to tell you about now. starting this morning, temporary lane closures on 695 over south capital street t. closures are set to begin at 10:00 a.m. and run until 3:00. this is happening on eastbound and westbound lanes. family comes home to
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how it ignited while they spent a weekend away and who is stepping in to help them out? heavy rain down south of the city here this morning. that prompted the weather service to issue a warning. if you are living or traveling in that area along the i-95 or route 1 corridor, watch for high or standing water. plus, details about the break up of two music legends, madonna and tupac. stick around for the "today" show later this morning. ed sheeran is joining the team. "today" st ar
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morning, everybody. 12 minutes after 6:00 on a thursday morning. it's raining hard from washington southbound along i-95 to portions of charles county, maryland right now. the heavy rain is pushing up to d.c. metro. a long, slow drive into work early this morning. more rain chances coming later today and tomorrow. i will share future weather with you coming up in a minute. good morning. traffic now taking a look inner loop before 270. this morning, left lane blocked by that crash. all the green showing you where it's raining across the area. still have a problem outer loop at georgetown pike crash on the left shoulder this morning. this is an update for you in northwest. it's shut down near beach drive both directions because of
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downed tree there. westbound 66 after the beltway, nice and clear. aaron? >> thank you. 6:13. it's been two years since a gunman opened fire in a south carolina church killing nine people. one survivor made a special visit to washington. touring the natural museum of african-american history and culture was therapeutic. it was the last stop of shepard's tour. >> god leaves people to do certain things. i don't know exactly what it is. he left me. the rest were ready to go. news 4 -- >> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry, aaron. you can see more of that interview tonight on news 4 at 6:00.
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amelia earhart's disappearance may have been solved. >> the first female pilot to drive solo. her attempt to fly around the world. now, a history channel documentary assisted by nbc points to evidence uncovered in once secret photos at the u.s. archives, the national archives. it shows earhart and fred newman on a dock next to a ship. it suggests it is the strongest evidence earhart survived and died in japanese custody in the pacific. >> none of that has been exclusively defined. this adds another layer. it's another tool in their investigation. >> the documentary airs this sunday at 9:00 p.m. on the history channel. president trump is using his paycheck to preserve history. his first quarter
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going toward two restoration projects at the national battlefield in maryland. it is just over $78,000. today, you can get your hands on a new bed that once occupied president trump's new jersey hotel. thousands of items from more than 1200 guest rooms inside the trump taj mahal go up for sale. the trump taj mahal on the atlantic city board closed last year. their home went up in flames while they were out of town. they couldn't be more grateful. >> the murphys, we are talking about them. they are living in a hotel while their northeast d.c. home is being rebuilt. it's one of three homes badly damaged in a fire over the weekend. neighbors, they have been more than generous, giving to their gofundme campaign. now, this family of five, that includes three children, all
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with us and they tell us they have nothing but smiles especially when it comes to one part of the house that seemingly remained untouched by the flames. >> we have a chalk board wall. every month, sarah comes up with a new phrase, sometimes a bible verse. this past month it was, we do hard things. that wall remained uncharred. >> the murphys aren't sure how long it will be until they are able to move back into their home. they are thankful for all the support they have been receiving from family, friends and generous neighbors there. 6:16 right now. today is the day mets fans. the last day to vote for anthony to be in next week's all-star game. the met's twitter page is filled. you have until 4:00 to voteor
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him. tweet your vote using #boat r d rendone. harper will be a starter next week. he is joined by ryan zimmerman. scherzer and strausburg made the cut. >> all we have to do is go and vote? >> on twitter. >> keep doing it. keep it up. what is the deadline? >> 4:00. >> we can make it happening. #vote rendone. umptly, we are dealing with a messy morning, a messy day, really. >> rain last night, early, early this morning, then the fog rolls in. the steam for some folks. very hard. >> one of those days, not pretty. not a pretty day at all. rain heavy over the last couple hours, south of the city. that is now moving into southern
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the capital beltway. running out of breath. i had to run down to the studio. a flood warning south of the city. quantico, this area in the highlighted green has had over two inches of rain since 3:00 this morning. there's lots of pockets of high standing water on the roadways. remember, never drive over a water covered road. rain that caused the flood is in charles county. the moderate to heavy rain is moving toward bel air acres, this is all going to be between now and 7:00 where the heaviest rain is moving. after 7:00 in southern prince george's and calvert county. it's a slow go. it's raining on all corners of the beltway. the rain is eased up for a minute here across parts of centralir
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sunshine mid to late morning. it won't be much. temperatures are in the mid-70s now. should be able to make it to the upper 70s to 80 degrees. we are likely to have more chans for rain later today. if you are going to the nationals and braves game tonight, delay will be likely. not the best day for baseball. hour-by-hour, temperatures hovering in the upper 70s, during the course of the day. here is future weather bringing the heavy rain out by 11:00 this morning. with daytime heating, showers likely between 2:00 and 5:00. a break in the action and more rain likely back after 8:00 or 9:00 this evening. lots of rain chances for today. lower chance for rain tomorrow. most of the chances for rain tomorrow will be showers in the morning and a stray thunderstorm in the afternoon. saturday, dry around the city, maybe a few showers in southern maryland. sunday and monday, we get another break from the heat and humidity. get ready. the weekend is going to be spectacular. let's go to melissa mollet. she's got
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traffic. >> not the greatest, actually. 66 not looking hot. this is eastbound affair fax county parkway. a crash there. another new crash, 95 south of dale city, virginia there. we have a crash in the center of the road getting by. inner loop crash on the right side of the roadway and center loop before 270. an accident blocking the left lane. outer loop at georgetown pike, a crash on the left shoulder happening right now. on metro, yellow and blue lines, delays both direction outside reagan national airport this morning. looking at the travel times, 270 unaffected right now, at least. top of the beltway from 95 to 270, 32 miles per hour going to take 17 minutes. 66 inbound to the beltway it is slow, 26 miles per hour and 95 north quantico to the beltway, 37 miles per hour. remember to listen to wtop
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fm when you hop in your car today. i'm adam tuss at the live desk. the search resumes in tennessee for a missing 73-year-old woman. take a look here. jackson county emergency officials say close to 40 people were rescued from fast moving waters yesterday. a flash flood caused a creek at the state park to swell. the water rose about three feet in a matter of minutes there. 27 people trapped on the side of the gorge. three on an island and ten people trapped downstream from the falls. back to you. adam, thank you. a new letter is revealing that the late rapper, tupac broke up with madonna because she is white. he wrote the letter in prison in 1995. it was published yesterday. tupac tells madonna, he felt he was letting people down by dating her. he thought people might have
6:22 am
exciting for being seen with a black man. madonna has yet to talk about the letter. >> he died in 1996. new outrage. parents are getting fired up. why a child was forced to sit on a mother's lap after she paid for the child's seat. still ahead. all week, we are working for you to find free and fun ways to entertain yourselves this summer. up next, we are going tell you where you can see movies for free and under the stars. we are going to fill you in.
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prince george's fire officials say injuries from fireworks don't stop when the fourth of july is over. they anticipate emergency calls all through the weekend. a teenage boy could lose his hand after a fireworks he was playing with exploded. paramedics rushed him to a trauma center with injuries to his hands, face and body. one neighbor told us kids always play with fireworks on the fourth of july and he hopes they will learn from this. >> something in your hand that explodes. i think that should send a message. >> fireworks are illegal and charges could be filed in the case. our fun and free tip of the day takes us to fairfax. it just wouldn't be summer without a good
6:26 am
at strawberry park, this was a family favorite. >> grab a blanket, chair, dinner with the family. sunday, you can catch the movie, "little giants." you can catch them every sunday evening through the summer. there are a lot of other free outdoor movies all over virginia, d.c. and maryland. >> i used to love going to the outdoor movie as a kid. of course we have a list for you. check it outside in the the nbc washington app. search, free outdoor movie. >> 6:26 is the time now. good morning, everybody. we have been tracking heavy rain down south of washington. the heavy rain the moving into maryland. they have issued a flash flood watch for parts of the area. who is under the watch and how long it goes for on the other side of the break. we are live in prince george's county this morning.
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a bridge dental warning. the road
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that breaking news out of prince george's county, a double homicide investigation is under way there. that makes seven back-to-back homicides and the week is not over. >> storm team 4 is watching the radar and working for you in the 30 minutes of flood warning was issued -- in the last 30 minutes, a flood warning issued for d.c., maryland and virginia. there's a lot of rain out there now. you could see more of it now until midnight. power outages have been a problem and a bulk of the problems in northern virginia. virginia dominion reporting close to 2,000 customers without power there. >> storm team meteorologist chuck bell has more on the timing of the rain. the flash flood watch popped up on my phone here. >> that's right. it's on the nbc washington app. it's a great way to stay
6:31 am
of the weather. storm team radar, the heaviest of the rain is across northern virginia, toward fredericksburg. the heaviest rain is moving into prince george's county. there's route 301. waldorf. that is heavy rain pushing eastbound here. so, southern prince george's county, below brandy wine is going to get in on the action shortly. the hay market and parts of northern prince william county. this is lifting into the area. just in, a flood watch, a watch has been issued for montgomery, prince george's, much of northern virginia, charles county as well. the highlighted area is where the flash flood is now. so, avoid high or fast moving water. we'll talk about temperatures today and through the weekend in a few minutes. for now, over to molette. looking at a couple new problems. aan
6:32 am
crash on the right side. again, all the green across the screen, that means we have rain falling across the area. eastbound 66, still have that accident this morning and slowdowns. georgetown pike a crash on the left shoulder. as we zoom out, eastbound 66. a crash there. a brand-new one blocking the right lane. southbound 95, the right lane gets by. northbound, at virginia, you can see on 95, very, very slow. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 6:32 right now. breaking news this morning. a deadly week in prince george's county with seven homicides in six days. this morning, district heights and prince george's police investigating a double homicide there happening at the woodland springs apartment complex. justin finch is live with
6:33 am
details. justin? >> molette, good morning. the crime scene wrapped up. the homicide investigation is far from over. look at the scene behind me here. you can see there are people going back and forth, checking out the area where that investigation did take place. detectives are after whoever shot and killed those two men here in this parking lot overnight. to the scene in district heights, to men in their 20s shot several times, pronounced dead in the parking lot just after 1:00 this morning. investigators did recover dozens of shell casings on scene as well as several bags of evidence. but, the question, who did it and why? it's an open question at this time. prince george's county homicide is on the case, looking for tips, asking the public to come forward with any information they have that could find the person that killed these two people. back to you. >> thank you. developing this morng,
6:34 am
prompted a d.c. officer to shoot a man in northwest. d.c. police chief told us last night an officer came across a man with a gun on park road. that's in the city's parkview neighborhood. the suspect was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. the chief said the suspect was under arrest and his officers recovered a gun from the scene. lawmakers, including maryland congressman, are sending thoughts and prayers to house majority whip steve scalise. he was readmitted to the icu. adam tuss has more on this. adam? >> med star washington hospital doctors say they moved him back to icu due to concerns about infection. police and several others were injured in a shooting in alexandria. he was hit in the hip. it shattered blood vessels, bones and organs. s
6:35 am
condition. we will get an update. back to you. here is a look at other top stories. governor of new york ordering flags to be flown at half staff in honor of a police officer targeted in a shooting. police say she was killed in an unprovoked attack in the bronx. the officer leaves behind three children, including 12-year-old twins. the montgomery county mother of two missing children due back in court today. there is a competency hearing schedules for her. her children vanished in 2014. she was the last person to see them and those children were never found. president trump is busy this morning in poland. he is speaking to a dozen european leaders meeting in warsaw. the president said he believes russia meddled in last year's election and did so with other countries.
6:36 am
in germany where he's expected to meet with the russian president. details on how an illegal immigrant was able to return to virginia. an alien helped the man slip back after being deported five times. marlo mendez faced the federal judge yesterday. he's accused of hitting the immigration officer to escape custody after he was picked up monday on charges of being drunk in public. charles county parents will question a school leader charged with abuse. >> he is accused of abusing boys at middle school. it's not the only place he had access to children. in 2015, he worked for a government contractor that provided care for two elementary schools in waldorf. he worke
6:37 am
coach in 2016. investigators believe there are at least ten victims and could be more. this meeting for parents is set for friday at the middle school. traveling with a toddler. a new airline controversy. why a mother was forced to give up the seat she paid for her child. plus, a loud wake-up call. it's not your alarm. a warning for people in virginia that are trying to sleep in. heavy rain issued a flash flood watch until 7:00 p.m. this evening. number one rule, turn around, don't d r this is the moment. the moment you could put yourself in the driver's seat of a new mercedes-benz. come to mgm national harbor
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another live look outside for you here at i-66. 6:40 in the morning. it is a wet mess out there. >> this is not the epd of it, folks. most of you
6:41 am
chuck is here with up to the minute forecast. >> i's been raining as hard as it could. the heavy rain goes from wood bridge to the beltway. this is all lifting northbound, so it is going to be a very slow commute here between now and 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. check on tomorrow's forecast in the ten day. that's coming up in a minute. i don't like when you say it is going to be a very slow commute and you are right. a crash inner loop before gallow. outer loop of the beltway, we are going to look at your travel times in a couple minutes. again, all this green on the traffic map is showing where it is raining. it is a wet, messy morning for folks. molette? >> thank you. a mother is receiving a voucher from united airline. >> she bought a ticket for her
6:42 am
sitting. the toddler had to sit on his mother's lap. the mother paid for her son's seat. a flight attendant said the flight was full. gate agents inaccurately scanned his boarding pass, showing he was not on the flight. we continue to follow breaking news out of prince george's county. a murder mystery overnight. what we are learning about the investigation and the victims on the scene. reliving the pain. a local teenager killed. why a mother says this is a double tragedy for her and her family. folks who live in tyson are dealing with noise issues as demolition of a bridge continues. a live report coming up. storm team 4 tracking rain and flooding concerns across the region. the full forecast minute
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6:45 am
>> right now, a flood warning in effect for parts of northern virginia. this is impacting stafford county, parts of southern prince william's county as well. tracking the rain on the radar. done forget to turn on your alert for the nbc washington app. chuck bell is working on the developing full forecast, still ahead. 15 before the hour. breaks news now. it's been a deadly week in prince george's county with seven homici
6:46 am
police are investigating a double homicide. >> it happened at the woodland springs apartment complex. early this morning, two men in their late 20s found lying dead in the parking lot around 1:00 a.m. they had both been shot. police put down dozens of evidence markers. police are talking to neighbors to piece together a motive for the shooting. we are learning more about a deadly shooting we brought you yesterday morning. a mother in suitland is grieving after losing a second son to gun vie lance. >> haven't finished grieving for my first son. >> wednesday morning someone shot and killed her 18-year-old. she was visiting a friend. four years ago, his older brother, c.j. was killed at a bus stop.
6:47 am
the killer was sent to prison. federal jury convicted two virginia men in a spring of gun store burglaries. preston holmes iii and matthew jones stole 35 handguns. they were involved in attempted gun theft. both men face ten years in prison. new video from the scene of a shooting that left a new york city police officer dead. this is video after the man shot up to the vehicle miosotis was in. last night, friends and family held a vigil to remember officer familia. the mother of three was gunned down by alexander bonds. she was shot and killed by police. i'm adam tuss live at the live desk where president trump is in
6:48 am
the president spoke during a news conference alongside his polish counter part and urged the national committee. >> it's a halftime for the world because you see what's going on. not only must we secure tour nations have the threat of terrorism, but confront the threat from north korea. that's what it is, a threat. >> reporter: the president was asked whether he believes russia interfered in the election. he says, i think it was russia, but could have been people in other countries as well. 6:48. this man's family would like your help finding him. 60-year-old orlando brown was seen last night. he was driving a 2008 ford focus with maryland tags. the number on the screen there. thi
6:49 am
a moustache, but he's currently clean shaven. get ready. there is going to be noisy construction happening for hours in northern virginia for quite a while. >> the work was happening in dulles. megan mcgrath is live there now with what time you will need to prepare for all of this. megan? >> reporter: well, it could be early. as early as 7:00 a.m. some days. if you look behind me, you can see the bridge in question. this is the route 7 bridge. it is in the process of being torn down. it is being demolished. it started last night. crews will be breaking up the concrete and tearing the bridge down. the noise is expected to be an issue for folks. noise waiver allows work to happen during specific hours only. take a look. monday through thursday, as early as 7:00.
6:50 am
11:00 p.m. friday, 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. plan accordingly here. the work is expected to go through august 30th. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we are learning a nonprofit group may save residents from being evicted. an apartment was scheduled to shut down after the property owner couldn't fix it. the group will buy it for $1.4 million according to "the washington post" and pay to fix the sewer system. a water ride is closed after a woman got hurt. tuesday afternoon, a woman landed in the pool area. it's not clear if she was throw
6:51 am
she was taken to the hospital. the rides remain closed while pork officials investigate. a rainy commute under way. >> probably have nasty spots, melissa. >> we do, absolutely. quite a mess here on the road this morning as we start with the map, a couple issues on the beltway. you look good. greenbelt metro crash on the right shoulder. hearing about a new problem, 95 southbound as you pass. brand-new crash there in maryland. outer loop at georgetown, live look unbound 66. an earlier accident, we are still slow through that area. eastbound 66 at 29, crash blocking the right lane. in virginia as well, southbound 95 right lane gets by. northbound here at 95 and virginia as you approach
6:52 am
this color is not pretty. it's a pain for the morning commute. you can see a lot of rain all over the place. 50 near 301, a crash on the shoulder. metro delays both ways, green, yellow and blue. as far as travel times, we are slow everywhere. maryland and virginia, you are going to have to work the wipd shield wipers. listen to wtop in your car. >> work them, girl. you have to work those wipers. there's a live picture from tyson's corner. wow. all that road spray, the wipers going full speed ahead. you should not be driving full speed ahead. remember, never drive over a water covered road. the low pressure back to the west is going to keep us unsettled for the next 24 hours or so. ahead of it, very heavy rain in spots along route 7 and route 29. rain through much of loudoun
6:53 am
montgomery county. the heaviest rain is south of the city along i-95. the heavy rain is along 301 in charles county. it's moving eastbound. you are next in line for the heavy rain and more to the west of manassas. it is going to be a soggy community for the remainder of the next two or three hours. the rain will ease up late morning to lunchtime before the next wave of rain is likely to develop. future weather, there's the easing up of the rain. more showers come back in the middle of the afternoon. more rain for the ride home later on today. rain could be briefly heavy at times. rainfall amounts, on average, an inch to two inches. some places have had two inches of rain this morning. the weather service, a flood watch for the entire metro area. the watch goes until 7:00 p.m. the warning, near quantico and triangle, northern stafford, the warning area goes
6:54 am
a lot of kids home on summer break. you can always track the progress of the rain drops on the nbc washington app with the interactive feature. tweeting out watches and warnings on twitter and find the storm team 4 facebook page. rain heavy at times. shower chances into tomorrow. saturday, the weather improves. sunday is oh so very nice around here. there's the ten-day forecast. saturday and sunday dry. back to the 90s tuesday and more rain chances coming up middle of next week. >> chuck, thank you. you may have heard about phishing scams, what about militiaing. >> what's the word? >> mishing. it's a new scam that targets you with fake text messages to your phone. security researchers tell usa today, the reason it works is because people't
6:55 am
their texts. >> they are phony messages that may contain a question that looks like it comes from your bank or a link confirming your account. any text or e-mail asking you to confirm is fake. don't do it. four things to know, two men are dead after being shot at the apartments in district height. this is the seventh homicide in district heights. a man is expected to survive after being shot by a d.c. police officer last night on park road northwest. d.c. police chief tells us the man was armed, but they are piecing together what happened. we'll post updates on this story inside the nbc washington app. we expect another update on congressman steve scalise's condition today. there are concerns about his infection. in just a few minutes,
6:56 am
what the white house is calling a major speech to the polish people. the "today" show will have much more on his visit to poland. that rain causing headaches for a lot of people across the area. allow extra time. a couple problems on the beltway. we have that crash on the shoulder still seeing slowdowns there. a crash on the right side as well. another one, outer loop at gorgetown pipe. can you get rid of this? >> i wish i could. more heavy rain between now and 8:00 or 9:00. keep your speeds low. don't drive over water covered road. rain is going to lift out of here. we should get a break in the rain around lunchtime before more rain chances this evening and tonight. there's the weekend forecast. tomorrow afternoon things improve. the weekend looks awesome. >> all right. sounds good. thank you for that. od
6:57 am
birthday. >> how old is he? >> happy birthday, jefferson. i think he's 5. >> you think? >> there will be money he forgets as a result of me not remembering. >> money? >> of course. he's a big kid. >> he's like 23. >> that is the news for today. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> do you know his name? okay. the "today" show is coming up next. we are back with more local news and weather. >> make it a great service day, everybody. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster
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good morning. breaking overnight, president trump talking tough on north korea. >> they are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner, and something will have to be done about it. and acknowledging it was the russians who meddled inur election. >> so it was russia, and i think it was probably others also. >> just one day before his first one-on-one with russian president vladimir putin. we're live in warsaw. turn for the worse. representative steve scalise in intensive care three weeks after the congressional baseball practice. the health scare that has him back in ser


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