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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 7, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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4 weather deck. feeling muggy out there. >> i think it's humid out there. >> the air is thick, a humid warm start to the day. we don't need them right now. didn't open them yet. >> we're prepared. >> eventually later this morning i'm sure we will need them. a look at the radar this is mostly light rain, though. the green crossing 66 there, warrenton seeing that, maybe sprinkles around gaithersburg but as we zoom in gainesville seeing some of the light rain across 66 as you're driving. to our west you see the yellows, oranges and reds heavier rain there and we could see some of that through the morning commute. temperatures will be staying in the mid to upper 70s through your morning. by 8:00 a.m. still scattered showers. even by 9:00. we could see another round later on today too. as far as the roads are concerned, melissa mollet, not too bad right now. good morning. >> good morning, guys. as you were saying here, we do have a little bit of rain coming through the area right now. the roads really not bad here this morning. they were
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see all of that green here. kind of invading 66 right now. we are seeing some rain falling along 66. taking a look southbound gw parkway between tulane drive and morningside lane, tree down there across the roadway. again, park police going to be checking that one out to try to clear that out of the way. inner and outer loop of the beltway looking good here at this point this morning. no big complaints there. 66 west you do have slick roads right there and again some roadwork. justin finch has been driving around for us and where are you and what are you seeing? >> hey there, mel lisa. good morning. manor drive here, the rain starting to come down here where we are right now. didn't see this earlier, very light rain coming down out here into manassas area. light fog here as well. we have seen roads mostly dry but wet in patches. speeders out here too going a bit too fast for conditions like
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plus the light fog. you want to take it eastern shore. conditions are changing -- easy. conditions are changing. we are tracking them all. our next job is somewhere else in the northern virginia area. we will bring you the latest once we get there. back to you in the studio. >> all right. justin finch live on the road. thank you. 5:02. right now president trump is in hamburg, germany, for a full day of key meetings with other world leaders. this is part of the g-20 summit. you're looking at live pictures here. much of the attention today focused on a high-stakes sit down between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. but that's not all. world leaders have some big issues to address from terrorism to global trade to climate change. it's already creating some heated protests. >> molette green is at the live desk with the clashes overnight. molette? >> we're talking about tens of thousands of protesters clashing with police ahead of today's summit meeting going on for hours. the tensions still very high right now. back to the live picture out of germany on
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hamburg, near the g-20 summit as you can see, they are getting started there. but we have been seeing armed police trying to keep the peace there upwards of 10,000 protesters setting fires, hurling bottles, rocks, fireworks at security and police have responded with force using water cannons as you can see the water spraying there, tear gas, batons pepper spray to control the crowds there. police are saying the protesters belong to an array of anti-trump and anti-capitalist groups and more demonstrations expected to continue well into the day and we're going to stay on top of that. back to you, aaron. >> thank you. want to give you another live look at germany or from germany this morning as well as capitol hill. in just a few minutes we'll go live to the capitol where tracie potts will have a look at today's closed-door meeting between president trump and president putin. here is a look at our other top stories now, a court victory for the trump administration's travel ban.
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a federal judge in hawaii has ruled grandparents and other extended relatives of people in the u.s. are not exempt from the ban. the judge said he would wait for a supreme court ruling on the case. for now, the government can block people from six majority muslim countries even if they are the grandparents or grandchildren of people in this country. a man was executed last night in virginia and his death is sparking controversy for two reasons. william more va was pronounced dead at 9:15 sentenced to death after killing a hospital security guard and sheriff deputy during an escape in 2006. mental health advocates tried to spare his life because he suffered from a delusional disorder. this was the first execution under a new lethal injection procedure. police say it is intended to keep missteps out of the public view. a more in-depth look at 5:30. the search continues for a former uber driver accused of sexual assault. police say eargone
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monday night near queens chapel road and hyatt road. a dark colored 2015 toyota rav4 with virginia plates help's no longer an active uber driver. the man responsible for days of panic and confusion in montgomery county will be sentenced as part of a plea deal we expect the man to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. last month he pled guilty to shooting and killing his estranged wife and two strangers last year. the killings happened over two days. darcy spencer will be inside the courtroom for today's sentencing and you can follow her on twitter for any updates from there. the man who escaped deportation in loudoun county this week only to be recaptured is haekds back to court. more lo mendes appeared and asked for an attorney. his preliminary hearing set for 2:00 this afternoon. he was deported five times before monday's escape. keep aon on
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courtroom today. i'm molette green at the live desk. with some breaking news. just learning about an apartment building collapse in italy. want you to take a look at video just in. it's a five-story building that went down there. you can see the structure is partially collapsed. this is near the southern italy city of naples. rescuers are digging by hand to find anyone trapped. firefighters believing up to seven people are buried in the rubble there in the town. witnesses say there was no exclusion before that collapse. only that a train had just passed by. we're going to keep you posted on this. back to you now. >> thank you. it's 5:06. they may not know their names or faces but last night neighbors in charles county prayed together for the ten boys reportedly abused by a teacher's aide. >> allow us to be servants, lord, to the young children, lord, whoever they may and to their families, lord, allow -- >> local ministers and the women
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a prayer service outside benjamin stoddert middle school. the sheriff's office says it was inside that school that carlos bell recorded himself. some of the abuse they say happened at his house. bell is hiv positive. people who gathered last night say everything about this case is heartbreaking. >> and we want the families to know that we're here, we're all mothers. we're here to support because as you know, when women get together we change things. >> we're working to learn when bell will make his first court appearance and the possibility of more charges being filed. meanwhile, the school system will also provide free hiv testing for anyone who may have been exposed to the virus by carlos bell. the case in charles county has striking similarities to one in prince george's county. former aide deonte hair rowway charged with abusing students in elementary schools and a rec center and asking the judge to drop the charges because he believes his rights were
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violated. in a letter to the judge he said he hasn't been treated fairly since he didn't get a court date within 180 days of the charges being filed and he hasn't seen or heard from his attorney in more than a year. the judge wrote back in a saying they can discuss the matter at his next hearing july 13th. a family in frederick maryland needs your help finding this missing teen. if you can look at your screen, mila michele cooper 16 years old. police say she was last seen on the morning of june 29th on north market street in frederick. call police if you know where mila is. while you were sleeping the nationals were on the field playing and this friday morning was not good for the team. not only did they have to wait through a long rain delay but they also lost to the braves and a key player. michael taylor suffered a strain and will be on the disabled list. that game didn't end until 1:30 this morning. you saw the young
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some other fans were awake enough to post to twitter. one of the tweets reads didn't want to take that l three hours ago. wait for a rain delay with no rain. other fans had fun with the long wait. kind of fun comments on twitter. doing the best they could. >> they're going to have to be drinking extra coffee this morning. that's for sure. >> it's a multibillion dollar deal that could change the home shopping industry. the sale that may have all of you qvc and hsn fans turning your heads. and once again we're off to a cloudy start on your morning commute. there will be rain drops to be dealt with this morning and a chance for thunderstorms coming back in during the evening hours. you may get rained on twice on your friday. what about a trip to the beach this weekend? give you that forecast coming up. and a somber day for the city of dallas as the city marks one year since five officers were god and down. why the mayor says that day changed thcity and the nation. e
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rivas-mendez. all right. 5:12 right now. you're looking live at roads in manassas, virginia, where crews have turned on the wipers for a little bit of rain out there. >> that's right. and may be dealing with a little
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we send it over to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell, sheena parveen, standing by. we've got the possibility for rain not just once, two times today, chuck? >> right. >> two chances. first chance as you go out the door first thing this morning and then enough sunshine this afternoon it's going to be a pretty day to be outside later on. highs near 89 degrees. but there's another chance for thunderstorms rolling back into the area after the sun goes down this evening. your friday night dinner and a movie plans could get rained on. beach bound for the weekend thunderstorms this weekend out at the coastline and tomorrow may be nice with a shower or two on the whole going to be a great weekend at the beach. sundays looking fabulous. sheena is back in a minute with a check of your five-day forecast. >> a check of traffic, westbound 7 at the dulles toll roads. new crash. sounds like the left side is the only thing squeezing by in that case and we have just cleared this problem southbound gw parkway now open. we have a tree down
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one new problem in frederick county. we'll talk about that. >> thank you. covering prince george's county now in the past week seven people have been shot and killed in prince george's county. we just learned the identities of two of the latest victimings. we brought you the story as breaking news yesterday. prince george's county police say philip michael and kenneth edmonds were part of two groups that argued with one another that ended with gunshots in an apartment building on at wood street in district heights. police say it's the latest in a trend of petty disputes settled with guns. >> walk away from it. it's incomprehensible to many in our community that a dispute between two people leads to someone being killed. >> the chief says there have been 42 homicides in the county this year compared to 48 at this time last year. 5:14 your time. four things to know this morning. police have charged a georgia mother with murder after police found four of her
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father stabbed to death. a fifth child was also stabbed but survived. all of the kids were under 10 years old. bill cosby will be back in court later this year. a pennsylvania judge has set a new trial date for november 6th. cosby's first sexual assault trial ended in a mistrial last month if you'll remember after jurors failed to reach a verdict. the case stems from allegation those cosby drugged and molested a woman at his home in 2004. the comedian has denied all charges. new york's governor wants to know why a man who asked for psychiatric care was released. that man was alexander bonds. a few days after his release from saint barnabas hospital he shot and killed a new york city police officer. bonds' girlfriend said he was released an hour after being admitted despite the fact that he was paranoid and acting erratically. governor cuomo asked state health officials to launch an immediate investigation into the hospital's practices. the hospital says it followed procedure. today marks one year sce
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the deadly police shootings in dallas. five officers were killed in the shooting by a sniper who ambushed police. a memorial unveiled yesterday and a second memorial will open next year. and that police shooting was a tragic day that came after what had been a peaceful rally supporting the black lives matter movement. >> the ambush played out late at night on social media, live streams and on tv. dallas' mayor said it was not just a pivotal time for the city but for the country. mayor mike rawlings sat down with our sister station in dallas to reflect on how the shooting forever changed his city. >> what it has done is called upon all of us to think before we talk, deescalate versus escalate, and put together programs that we as a city come together. >> on this anniversary mayor rawlings said his focus remains on the families of those five officers. n f
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morning, when it comes to cancer early detection is key. many doctors say 3d mammograms can catch breast cancer in the earliest stages. doctors say the new tests are more accurate than the traditional 2 d images. the 3d scan looks at the breast and identifies small tumors that would be missed. one in eight women will develop breast cancer this year. tv shopping powerhouse qvc is buying its biggest rival. >> so well known for. i want to show you the size. look at that. >> look at that. going quickly. there were 573 sold -- >> don't knock it until you try it. i am a fan. >> qvc is buying the home shopping network in a stock deal worth more than $2 billion. combined qvc and hsn reported more than $12 billion in sales last year. that's actually down compared to recent years. the drop is likely due to strong competition with the on-line shopping
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qvc and the home shopping network. the convenience of apps mobile wallets and one quick ordering could be enablers for impulsive spending. with just the click of a button we can have just about anything delivered to our doorstep and a couple of drinks can make the buy button more enticing. the average price tag of tipsy shopping sprees is more than $200. there are tips to prevent the purchases. >> if you do sip and shop, check out the return policy. >> let me tell you -- >> the only piece of advice? >> on a friday night you get home and have dinner and a glass of wine going through the amazon prime like what else can i add to my cart. >> aaron looks guilty. >> i don't -- >> i don't have that problem with any shopping. >> i remember hsn as a kid with my grandmother watching. she would be on there all day long. >> my grandmother watches it all day long. i got this ring from -- i'm
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my grandma got me the ring from the home shopping network. but i love it. and -- >> it's pretty. >> hopefully you got your umbrellas from there too because you will need them today. the umbrellas will need to be out this morning. maybe not so much this afternoon. looks like we're going to have quite a bit of a break before we see another round as we go later into this evening but either way it's going to be a hot and humid day. this weekend i think you're going to like it. much drier as we go into your saturday and sunday. then it's going to be pretty hot as we go into next week. we have many days in the 90s ahead. here's a look at the radar now. so we have rain heading our way. a lot of rain in pennsylvania but we have showers locally across 66, manassas, scattered light rain on it ways to fairfax, marshal seeing that over, warrenton seeing the light rain by the green and that's going to keep moving from west to east. 95 will be seeing this shortly if you're going to be traveling on 95 soon. more moderate towards hagerstown winchester
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rain moving in. later on today. another chance. mid 70s to low 70s now. warm and humid outside. future weather 6:30 this morning. we expect scattered showers around 9:30. still seeing some lingering but look what happens this afternoon. we get a pretty good break. that's when we'll be warming up to near 90 degrees. this evening 9:00 when the showers come back. dining out lunch time not too bad. chance of a shower. later on this evening we have a better chance of temperatures in about the upper 80s. so hot and humid today. evening showers. tomorrow and sunday not looking too bad. sunday does look like the best day. low humidity, mid 80s but warm back into the 90s next week. a look at your extended forecast in a bit. let's check the roads with melissa mollet. good friday morning, melissa. >> good friday morning to you. westbound 7 at the toll road the crash just the left side squeezing by at this point this morning. problem on southbound gw parkway there. that has cleared out so that
5:21 am
roadway, is now gone. you don't have to worry about that on the gw parkway any longer. taking a look at the beltway, inner and outer loop everything looking good this morning and as you head north into frederick county, southbound 315 at 340 debris, a dolly may have fallen off of a truck in the right happen. aaron? >> all right. thank you, melissa. appreciate that. 5:21 right now. you could say it's getting a lot of buzz. the exhibit you and your family can check out for nothing this weekend when our fun and free series continues. >> and be sure to tune in later today for the ellen degeneres show.
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all this week we offered up some fun and free ideas this summer in prince george, montgomery and fairfax counties. our series wraps up with
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district. the most instagramble spot of the summer. >> we are talking about the exhibit at the national building museum that opened to the public. the new exhibit features three domes made from more than 2700 paper tubes. the largest dome 60 feet tall. d.c. residents are invited to visit hives, with complimentary admission on so-called word days. love the music to go along with that. >> residents will be invited to come see the installation of the council member and come in for free admission. we are the national building museum, but we take our role as a citizen of our community very seriously. we wanted to make sure that we were accessible to every resident here in d.c. >> now the people in wards 3 and 8 are up first. they can go for free from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on july 18th. for a list of the ward days, go to the nbc washington
5:26 am
search hives. local brewery enjoying an environmental battle. how craft beer companies are taking the fight for clean water into their own hands. good friday morning. it is warm and humid outside. we have some showers around the area. you can see them on the radar. grab the umbrella before you leave this morning. you're going want it this evening if you're heading out. checking back with a closer look of what you can expect. stay tuned. >> from the tennis court to the courtroom, venus williams fighting back after a fatal crash. what could happen in he
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right now at 5:29, wet roads and more rain on the way. storm team 4 has your friday forecast and a look ahead to the weekend. president trump at the g-20 summit. we will fill you in on his overnight tweets and look ahead to his meeting with russia's president vladimir putin. plus police warning about a rise in car break-ins but these are preventable. the fix you can start this morning to keep criminals out of your car. "news4 today" starts now. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. a warning before you head out the door this morning. the roads near you are probably still wet. >> fog another issue you may see on your drive to work today. melissa will have a head's up on the roads in just a second. let's chec t
5:30 am
sheena parveen back joining chuck bell outside right now. good morning, guys. >> good morning. back on probably the warmest and most humid morning i've felt in a while. >> it's thick outside again this morning. temperatures in the mid 70s now, and rain chances come in bunches as one chance here early this morning and another chance later today. first wave of low pressure will bring us our wave of rain chances this morning. light rain falling on i-66 through manassas, the manassas area towards warrenton and janesville and the plains. showers along the i-81 corridor. muggy 75 in washington. planning out the day today showers around the first part of the day. plenty of sunshine i think during the course of the afternoon. that will get temperatures up into the upper 80s by later today. and a chance you could get rained on for dinner and a movie on date night. keep that in mind. after you go to the late show you're going to need that umbrella. meanwhile, traffic on a friday morning melissa mollet let's hope that's going smoothly. >> not so bad. a couple of issues here to talk about but overall, r
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again all of this green there you see is the radar showing rain across the area. so right now 66, parts of 95, a bit wet as well. westbound 7 at the toll road have a crash there. blocking some lanes there this morning. inner and outer loop of the beltway looking just fine. no problems on the beltway. beltway right now at this moment is pretty dry. taking a look at frederick county southbound 15 at 340 the debris in the right lane. sounds like a dolly that fell off of a truck. 270 out of frederick into montgomery county, patches of rain in certain spots. one in clarks burg another in gaithersburg. but the road at least seems okay as far as the volume or issues. >> thank you. it is 5:31. our top stories right now, president trump is at the g-20 summit in germany. protesters are already back out in the streets after violent run-ins with police yesterday. today is president trump's highly anticipa m
5:32 am
russia's president vladimir putin. tracie potts will have more on that and fill you in on what president trump is already tweeting this morning. a former uber driver is accused of a sexual offense. take a look at ergon. police say he is on the run after an alleged attack last week in hyattsville and may be driving a dark colored toyota rav4 with virginia tags. megan mcgraph will have a live report from where the attack allegedly happened in a few minutes. coming together in prayer and support. charles county members held a prayer vigil for the ten boys reportedly abused by a teacher's aide at benjamin stoddard middle school in waldorf where the sheriff's office say carlos bell record himself allegedly abusing the students. some of the abuse -- ♪ >> new video from a vijle from outside a jail where a virginia man was executed
5:33 am
is sparking controversy. william morva was pronounced dead. convicted of killing a security guard in 2006. mental health advocates tried to spare his life because he suffered from a delusional disorder and this was the first execution under a new lethal injebion procedure. critics say it is intended to keep missteps out of public view. congressman steve scalise remapes in serious condition after another surgery to deal with an infection this time. medstar washington hospital says scalise tolerated the procedure well. scalise was re-admitted to the intensive care unit wednesday night. house's third ranking republican had been recovering from a shooting at the congressional baseball practice in alexandria last month. several others were injured there as well. scalise suffered the worse. police ordered a mental
5:34 am
bullets at the trump hotel in d.c. they based it on disturbing conduct when he violated his release terms after arrested in may he was ordered to stay out of the district. a few weeks later he was rearrested after facebook photos showed him in d.c. the judge said mols told a friend that case against him is a cia test. a montgomery county mom is still not competent to stand trial. police say catherine hoggle was the last person to see her kids alive. according to a new report doctors say there is still a chance that hoggle could be well enough down the road. the two disappeared in 2014 and have yet to be found. prosecutors say they have been building a murder case against catherine hoggle. another hearing scheduled for the end of august. a look at new video this morning of vandalism at white oaks elementary in burck, virginia. take a look here, construction crews found the destruction and signs of arson on monday.
5:35 am
authorities believe the vandals struck overnight. school is out for the summer and the building is under construction. if you have any information about who may have done this call police. are working for with a simple and friendly reminder to lock your car doors. you rush out, you forget to lock the car doors. montgomery county police warn that criminals are looking carefully for unlocked cars. the thefts aren't just a problem for the car's owner. >> they're finding credit cards which then turn into problems at, you know, banks and other retail establishments and crimes there so it's causing an excess amount of work for the police department. >> car break-ins are a nationwide problem. this is surveillance footage of a break-in in loudoun county a week ago. >> somebody's driveway right there. the teslas are coming. they are the most talked about cars of the year and today they are one step closer to being on the roads. we will fill you in on what it is that makes these cars so special.
5:36 am
county to wimbledon, a look at how a local tennis star is inspiring others to head out the couront.
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5:38 am
you're watching "news4 today." >> 5:38. while venus williams is playing at wimbledon today her attorneys will be in court in west palm beach, florida. the tennis star isei
5:39 am
in a car accident last month. the passenger in the other car later died. williams' attorney filed an emergency protective order after learning the attorney for the other driver wanted to inspect williams' suv and download data from its computer. williams was asked about the crash during her wimbledon news conference on monday. she just shook her head wiped away tears and excused herself. if you have been watching wimbledon this week we hope you are cheering for francis tiafoe from prince george county. >> both he and his brother trained since they were little at a tennis facility in college park. he turned pro two years ago. kids at that same facility are hoping to follow in their footsteps. >> i feel like that's inspiring me to become a tennis player like him. >> now francis' twin brother franklin plays tennis at salisbury university. they are both setting an awesome example for the kids who are growing up in the same place they grew up. >> yes, they
5:40 am
5:39. turning to the weather, with chuck and sheena this morning. bit of a, i don't know, muggy, soupy start out there, sheena. >> very muggy and warm but don't forget the umbrella this morning. we have light rain on the radar now, but another round will be coming later this evening so you will want the umbrella this morning, later on tonight if you have the plans. coming up chuck and i are back with the close look at the timing and your weekend forecast. good morning. >> good morning. still have an issue on the 7 at the toll road. not causing too much of a slowdown. a look at travel times coming up. plus, local beer makers joining the fight to keep our water clean. why they say a presidential order could impact everything your family drinks.
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for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice. right now at 5:43 president trump and protesters heading to the g-20
5:44 am
the latest developments just in from germany and the president's message ahead of his meeting with vladimir putin. >> hyattsville police say he was working as an uber driver at the time. 43-year-old ergun gunes is now wanted for a sexual offense. a live report coming up. >> and your friday forecast, a foggy start on already wet roads, we're working for you to get you out the door and starting your day safely. molette green at the live desk with some new information just in on the train derailment out of new york. amtrak northeast just announcing it's resuming regularly scheduled operations for the morning commute. customers going through penn station may experience minor delays in and out. that's a big improvement, folks, from the earlier estimates of up to 90 minute backups when we brought you this story an hour ago resulting from a slow speed derailment involving a new jersey coastline t
5:45 am
with about 180 passengers and crew there. nobody hurt. still no word on the cause, though. back to you now, aaron. >> thank you. want to show you live pictures coming from hamburg, germany, where world leaders are meeting for the g-20 summit. it's a major test for president trump. he sits down today for the first time with russia's president vladimir putin. tensions are high as thousands of protesters are clashing with police nearby. protesters set fire and police responded with water cannons to get things under control. tracie potts is breaking it down president what is on the table for president trump's first meeting with russian president vladimir putin. >> there's a lot on the table but it may or may not include the president confronting putin about russia's interference in the u.s. presidential election. that is the big unknown as they head into the meeting about four hours from now. the president
5:46 am
russia may have been involved, but other countries may have been involved, but that nobody really knows. so if you're going to confront him, will there be consequences with someone noncommittal in the last 24 hours. there are plenty of other things to talk about and likely will talk about. isis, the fight against isis, in syria, where the u.s. and russia are on opposite sides when it comes to the syrian government, north korea, the latest nuclear test and even russia's own nuclear arsenal, not to mention russia's involvement in ukraine. so plenty of other things they can talk about. folks who are familiar with this meeting say that they will talk as long as necessary and we do know or we've been told there will probably only be six people in the room, president trump, president putin both of the top diplomats, sergey lavrov and rex tillerson as secretary of state and the translators. that's it. >> traci
5:47 am
mcconnell may not be as confident in the senate's version of the health care bill as he let on. republicans are trying to repeal and replace the affordable care act. at a town hall meeting in kentucky mcconnell said it's possible a vote to pass the new health care bill could fall short. >> i'm in the position of the guy with the rubik's cube trying to twist the dial in such a way to get to at least 50 members of my conference who can agree to a version of repealing and replacing it. >> the existing bill will fail if just three republicans vote no since all democrats oppose it. mcconnell was forced to cancel a planned vote on the bill last week after several republicans said they would vote no. a new victory when it comes to the trump administration's travel ban. a federal judge in hawaii ruled grandparents and other extended relatives of people in the u.s. are not exempt from the ban.
5:48 am
wait for a supreme court ruling on the case. for now, the government can block people from six majority muslim countries even if they are the grandparents or grandchildren of people in this country. the man who escaped deportation in loudoun county this week only to be recaptured is heading back to court today. marlon carlos rivas-mendez asked for an attorney. his preliminary hearing set for 2:00 this afternoon. he was deported five times before monday's escape. keep an eye on the nbc washington app as we learn more from the courtroom today. 5:48. a scary situation for someone who was just looking for a safe ride home. >> this morning the search is on for a former uber driver that's accused of committing a sex offense on the clock. news 4's megan mcgrath is live with what we know about this incident. megan? >> good morning. hyattsville police say he was working as an uber driver at the
5:49 am
now wanted for a sexual offense. take a look at this photo here. this is 43-year-old ergun gunes. and police are looking for help from the public in locating him. he is still on the lam here. the incident on june 26th, a week and a half ago right around 11:00 p.m. in the area of queens chapel road and hamilton street. that's in the hyattsville area. now police say that gunes was working as an uber driver at the time. his car is a dark colored toyota 2015 rav4 and it has virginia plates. now ergun gunes is no longer working as an active uber driver but still on the loose. police trying to track him down. if you have any information about his whereabouts you're asked to call the hyattsville police. back to you guys. >> megan mcgrath live in hyattsville, thank you. one person recovering after a small explosion at the university of maerpds's chemistry building at about 2:00 y
5:50 am
the building did have to be evacuated. one person went to the hospital with injuries to the face. we're told some type of chemical reaction caused that explosion. the university of maryland has a new chief diversity officer on campus. education professor roger worthington is taking on the job. worthington plans to be in close dialog with students and staff and faculty on issues of diversity and inclusion. he says umv is mourning the loss of richard collins iii murdered on campus in may. a noose was found hanging at a frat house before collins' death. >> i want to be in touch with students, faculty and staff, and everybody who is part of the university community here and i want to listen to people and hear their concerns that they have. >> the chief diversity officer position has been around for years but umv's says this role is it
5:51 am
chuck bell back in here with us this morning and -- >> what? >> the clouds, the fog, the -- >> right. >> but that annoying rain. >> but at least it's friday. >> he doesn't have anything do with that, though. you get no credit for making it friday. >> yes, i do. i'm taking at least some credit for it being friday. i don't know how i got it but i'm taking it. clouds again today. rain likely again today. and tonight. we needed the rain, aaron gilchrist. we just finished our third driest june on record. we needed a little drink from mother nature and we have within catching up and it didn't rain on the fireworks. we've checked all the boxes here and really no one cares if it rains during the week all that much as long as we can get it out of here in time for your weekend. i'm optimistic we can. here's rain chance number one coming in first thing this morning. not going to be heavy rain like yesterday when we had inches and inches of rain in some place. this morning's rain will be maybe a tenth to a quarter of an inch on average. light rain here
5:52 am
and 50 and 29 and 66 all getting some raindrops on them this morning. you can tell on radar it's nowhere near the intensity we dealt with yesterday. so as we time it out, off and on light rain chances between now and the end of the morning commute. by 10:00, 11:00 in the morning, sunshine should be starting to peek through and more than enough sunshine during the afternoon to get temperatures into the mid and upper 80s. considerably warmer. after 6:00, 7:00 tonight especially after 8:00 or 9:00, a cold front coming in could spark off another round of showers, maybe some thunderstorms late into the evening hours. so have your nbc washington app ready to go. and temperature wise, we are in the sticky 70s this morning. 75 now. again 89 for a high today. a 60% chance of more rain coming back late afternoon particularly into the evening so if you're going down to the nats' game if you dare go there's another chance of an occasional delay. more likely later in the game. they should be able to get the game to completion. th a
5:53 am
tomorrow maybe a few sprinkles early in the morning but tomorrow afternoon the humidity starts to drop and sunday and monday will be two of the nicest days we can have at this time of the year. low humidity, highs a couple degrees cooler than average before the 90s are back next week. let's go to first 4 traffic and melissa mollet see how you're holding up on a friday morning. >> good morning. holding up okay right now. westbound 7 at the toll road still have the left side squeezing by here this morning but not seeing any delay. that's why i'm showing you the map closer. no real slow down there because of that issue. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway no problems here. again, all of this green is rain moving through the area so no doubt you're going to have to work those windshield wipers here this morning. live look 95 at lorton road the northbound lanes that is nice and light. love to show you something like that especially on a friday if you have to go to work today. as far as travel times 270 south from german town to the spur on time here. top of the beltway inner and
5:54 am
per hour. isn't that lovely this morning. 66 inbound, 95 northbound in virginia, and quantico to the beltway, you are looking quite good here this morning. so happy friday, everybody. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car this morning. hi, molette. >> melissa, we just got word into the live desk about americans hurt during the running of the bulls in spain. take a look at video just in. this is video we've learned two american men and a spaniard were gored at the festival in p pamplona. the americans suffered injuries to their abdomen and other areas. the one is 35, the other is 25 years old. their injuries not considered serious. the man from spain has much more serious injuries. this is the first running of the bulls of this year, a festival that lasts nine days. aaron? >> lot of running. all right. thank you. it's five minutes before top
5:55 am
today the car people have been talking about for months is one step closer to being on the roads that you drive. tesla's first model 3 will roll off the production line today. some consumer experts say this is the car version of the iphone launch. now these are the electric cars that have had waiting lists for months now. they start at $35,000. of course that's not cheap. but it is the most affordable version of any tesla made so far. 100 more expected to be rolled out in august followed by 1500 in september and 20,000 a month by december. starting today another nonstop option for international travel. you can fly directly in dulles international airport to india. air india's first flight from new delhi is expected to land just after 7:00 this morning. it is the only direct flight to india from our area. the flight will be offered three times a week and takes about 15 hours each way. all right. what do you
5:56 am
water, you usually think about what's coming out of your faucet. >> it impacts anything you drink including local beers apparently. at least five local breweries are joining the fight against an executive order from president trump. now it requires the epa to review and possibly repeal the clean water act. 48 breweries from across the country say the rule protects the water they use in the drinks so many of us like to kick back with us in the summer time. >> we generally kind of steer clear of politics. zero political motivation here for us. >> president trump has said the obama era rule has too many regulations and could burden businesses. the local breweries included in the letter are caboose brewing company in vienna, loss rhino in ashburn, mad fox in falls church, old bus head brewing, and port city brewing in alexandria. from beer to snacks, pringles' newest flavor is
5:57 am
can't stop once you start. we'll fill you in coming up at 6:00. >> check on the roads and waergds, a live look into the district for you there. stay with us.
5:58 am
right now on "news4 today," wet roads
5:59 am
friday but sunshine is in the forecast for your weekend. >> happening now, protests and presidential meetings, the g-20 summit is getting started and we will take you there live for president trump's big day on the world stage. "news4 today" starts now. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. the roads are probably wet as you headed home yesterday. >> delayed the nats game for hours and you're in for more rain this morning. don't worry, we have you covered with our team here, melissa mollet and justin finch keeping an eye on the roads. >> outside for the forecast from chuck bell and sheena parveen. chuck was talking another rain delay for the nats and that is a touchy subject this morning, chuck. >> it sure is. i didn't think kite get more humid. it sprinkled a bit and more humid than earlier. >> it is. >> it's going to stay humid all day today and get hot but the good news is we're going to
6:00 am
right now we have some late rain surrounding the beltway, light rain still falling where we've seen it all morning across 66 near marshal, gainesville, fairfax seeing that as well. more rain off to our west, but we do expect another round as we go into this evening. by 7:00 a.m. wet roads. noon a chance of a scattered shower. clearing this afternoon, light chance of a shower this afternoon. temperatures near 90. as far as your commute is concerned right now the good news melissa mollet is that we don't have much heavy rain. always good news for the commuters. >> keep it handy. >> just have the umbrella this morning. >> i will have it, that's right. it's in my bag, not that big. westbound 7 at the toll road left lane squeezing by but not causing any big problem. all of the green, the radar you see on the screen here this morning only see it on channel 4 showing you where it's raining across the area.


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