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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 9, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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on this sunday night, critical relationship. president trump says he likes a plan to work with russia to stop hacking. the idea hatched in his g20 meeting with vladimir putin. critics in both parties now saying it's a bad idea. rethinking rehab. a new strategy forred aics that keeps them in familiar surroundings, showing promise in keeping them from relapsing. emotional battle. the debate over 11 month old charlie guard's care for a terminal illness is getting global attention as his parents prepare to fight in court for new treatment. solar switch. china's well-known for smog and pollution, but now the country's making strides to lead the world on clean energy. starting with a sea of solar
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certified. why some dog owners want official confirmation that their four legged friends are good neighbors. nightly news begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc nightly news with kate snow. good evening, a new report late today has the administration's relationship with russia in the spotlight again. the "new york times" reports the president's son donald trump jr. was promised damaging information about hillary clinton before agreeing to meet last summer with a russian lawyer with connections to the kremlin. in a statement, trump jr. confirmed the meeting but said the lawyer's statements were vague and made no sense and were a pretext to get him to agree to a meeting. this on a day when the president tried to clarify just what happened when he met with vladimir putin on friday. we begin with kelly o'donnell at thehi
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>> reporter: still in the grasp. president trump's new relationship with vladimir putin face to face at the gg20 laid out on twrirt. i strongly press president putin twice about russian meddling. he denied it. i've already given my opinion. a more pointed recap by the chief of staff. >> president absolutely did not believe the denial of president putin. >> reporter: president trump says he wants to move beyond the election interference controversy. and partner with russia over a bold idea that's drawing skepticism and der rigs. we discussed a cyber security unit so that election hacking and many other negative things will be guarded. a dubious senator john mccain. >> i am sure that vladimir putin could be of enormous assistance in that effort since he's doing the hacking. >> reporter: the treasury secretaries
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>> having capabilities to make sure we both fight cyber together which i think is a very significant accomplishment for president trump. >> reporter: senator marco rubio says partnering with putin on a cyber security unit is a akin to partnering with assad on a chemical weapon unit. claiming achievement on syria, the president tweeted about working with putin, an asad ally. senator graham praised that policy, but arguing president trump is not seeing putin clearly. >> he's got a blind spot and to forgive and forget when it comes to putin regarding cyber attacks is to empower put putin. and that's what he's doing. >> reporter: playing down a newly revealed 2016 meeting at trump tower. just after trump clenched the nomination. president's son, son-in-law, and then campaign chairman met with a russian lawyer with kremlin connections. natalia has
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american law that sanctioned russian officials over human rights abuses. in protest, putin ended american adoptions of russian children. >> there's a meeting apparently about russian adoption, and after about 20 minutes, the meeting ending, and that was the end of it. >> reporter: but there was another pretext to the meeting as first reported by the "new york times," tonight donald trump jr. provided a statement to nbc news that an acquaintance suggested the meeting because there might be information helpful to the campaign. trump jr. said he had been told, quote, that individuals connected to russia were funding the democratic national committee and supporting miss clinton, but the president's son say the comments made no sense and she had no meaningful information. trump jr. said she did talk about russian adoptions. both the president's son and his outside legal team said donald trump had no knowledge of the meeting. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house tonight. 50 wild fires have communities
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evening. children has been forced to evacuate camps and tens of thois of people are without power to cool their homes. officials sail it is a dangerous situation that has the potential to get much worse. steve patterson is in the fire zone near santa barbara. >> reporter: tonight, a fight for control. massive tanker planes trying to contain the wild fires in 11 states from the air. on the ground, some 5,000 firefighters are now on the front lines of 14 blazes burning across california. including the whittier fire currently raging out of drcontrol. >> this is when it picks up. >> reporter: it's chewed through thousands of acres, it's destroyed homes. >> it moved in quick pace through here. and it burned really hot. this house standing here on top of this ridge didn't have a chance. >> reporter: overnight the children'sur
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camp was forced to evacuate leaving behind several animals. just two miles away, 80 campers barely made it out alive at the circle v ranch. fortunately firefighters were able to get everyone to safety before the camp was torched. parents, relieved. >> the phone lines were down and the firefighters were fighting the fire. >> reporter: and in los angeles, flames of a different kind when an explosion at a power plant left 140,000 people in the dark overnight. some waiting 12 hours without ac before it was restored. >> we don't have anything we're going to have to sleep in the heat. >> reporter: tonight temperatures expected to cool, but not fast enough for crews stretched thin fighting flames on multiple fronts. and you won't be able to see the flames here, but inside this tree is fully on fire. and hot spots like these are all over this area. it is work that has to be done behind the fire lines so another problem doesn't spark up. kate. >> all right. steve, thank you so much. now to a call for change in
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dentists are using sedation on children. parents might not think twice about dentists using drugs stronger than novocain to keep kids calm while they fill a tooth. deaths and injuries has lawmakers asking questions. she lost her son caleb after he was put under general anesthesia to have a tooth removed. >> perfectly healthy child. bright, radiant, happy, beautiful body. his body just failure. >> because of a dental procedure? >> yeah. because of a dental procedure. >> you can see my full report on this on this nbc news investigation right after this broadcast, 7:00 p.m., eastern time onnen sunday night with megyn kelly. turning now to the emotional story of 11 month old charlie guard whose fighting a terminal illness. charlie's situation has turned into a heated, global debate about who should make difficult decisions
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everyone from pope francis to president trump has weighed in on the issue. tonight, joe frier is in london with the latest. >> reporter: thrust into a global debate, the parent thank supporters at a rally outside the hospital where their son remains on life support. >> let's get charlie the treatment he needs. >> if he's fighting, we're fighting. >> reporter: charlie has a rare genetic condition with no cure. he can't move or breathe on his own. his parents raised more than $1.7 million hoping to take charlie to america for experimental treatment, but british court sided with doctors who argue the therapy would only prolong his suffering, and that he should be taken off life support. charlie guard's parents thought their legal options were exhausted, tomorrow the case is returning to court. this time, at the request of the hospital. in a statement, the hospital says, two international hospitals and their researchers have communicated to us they have fresh evidence about their proposed experimental treatm
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common with charlie's parents, it is right to explore the evidence. last week, one u.s. hospital agreed to either admit charlie or ship it's experimental drug to london, if the fda approves. what do you hope happens next? >> we get to take our son to a hospital and try and save his life. you know, and that's what we're hoping. that's what we've been fighting for for months. >> we'd quite like to go to where the experts are, and that is in america. >> reporter: the family has received support from pope francis and president trump who tweeted last week, if we can help, we would be delighted to do so. two u.s. congressman have called for getting charlie american residency. but for now, charlie's fate is in the hands of a british court. joe frier, nbc news, london. now to mosul, iraq, where after nearly nine months of fierce fighting, the battle to retake the country's second largest city from isis is coming to an end. iraq's prime minister
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troops. richard engel has a full report tonight from iraq. >> reporter: the battle to drive isis from it's last remaining stronghold in anamomosul is now a mop-up operation. but that doesn't mean it's easy. fighting in pockets of the old city intense as ever, maybe more intense because the remaining fighters are cornered, willing to fight to the death. our camera today filmed bodies strewn in the rubble, including a female isis militant wearing a suicide belt, but she never got a chance to use. but victory now seems so assured, that the iraqi prime minister today arrived in anamosale to congratulate the troops. iraqi soldiers are starting to feel the end is getting close, celebrating by the front lines. we are now in mosul said a top general, the east part of the liberated and there's only a small part left in the west. there troops today planted the iraqi flag on t
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river. but the toll on the old city has been absolute. nearly all of it's people have been displaced, many of them injured or killed. but isis is losing it's biggest city, and without territory, the so-called islamic state can't be called that for much longer. officials tell us that the prime minister is waiting in the the last remaining parts of mosul have been taken before announcing the start of celebrations and officially declaring victory, but then, there are still other towns in iraq held by isis, and large parts of syria. kate. >> richard, thank you so much. back in the u.s., the labor department says the country add 222,000 jobs in in june, the unemployment rate barely ticked up to 4.4%. as more join. as tom reports, in some parts of the country, the challenge is not finding a job, it's finding skilled workers to fill
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>> reporter: they've gone from looking to work to help wanted. the unemployment rate the lowest in the nation, a stunning 2.3%. a problem at virgin products high-tech manufacturing plant in loveland struggling to fill ten jobs. >> biggest business challenge is finding qualified people who were enthusiastic about manufacturing. >> reporter: at first, noah shied away from a manufacturing job. >> the first thing i pictured was like a steel mill or like an otto industry, but that's not what it is nowadays. nationwide, many clean high-tech manufacturers are looking for workers to the right skills, potentially willing to relocate and accept the salary offer. in june, the biggest job growth came in health care, financial, and business services, also robust growth in the broad service sector. but across the board, salaries haven't risen much since the great recessi
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unemployment rates under 4%. while the unemployment rate dropped more than 50% under president obama, president trump said those numbers weren't believable. but the he is taking credit for these good numbers. >> year to date we've created as many jobs this year as we created in 2016 year to date. so again, it's the same economy whether it's a democrat or republican in power. >> reporter: back at the colorado plant, they're now raising wages to attract job applicants. nbc news, washington. a new strategy for rehab is showing positive results. it's a simple concept treating att ininged a ticks a home. dr. john torres has our report tonight from hartford, connecticut. >> reporter: that's emily, just 18 and already addicted to painkillers and heroin. >> it was my entire life. it was all i did, i
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morning, looking for anything. >> reporter: so, every day, all day. >> every day, all day. as much as i could. >> reporter: out of control, she was arrested. expelled from high school, and sent away to 30 days in residential rehab program. >> you can go away to treatment, you don't have anyone you use with, you don't have ability too get drugs or alcohol. >> reporter: her toughest challenge, returning home, a moment when up to 60% relapse. a new approach is turning that challenge -- >> hey. >> reporter: into opportunity. >> how are you? >> reporter: rehabbing addicts at home where they learn to cope with the daily triggers that sabotage their recovery. >> it puts them in charge. if a person can tone, you know, and buy into it themselves, their level of motivation is going to be increased that much more. >> reporter: that motivation seems to be paying off. 72% of addicts who finish the year long at home program are either sober or still in
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to a 30 day program and then get no follow-up care. >> they fail because of the lack of aftercare. honestly. >> reporter: aware recovery care costs $48,000 and is currently covered by just one insurance plan. emily is now four months into her at-home program. she meets with her counselors three times a week. they talk through her personal challenges. from family pressures to coping with cravings, and they teach her how to have fun without getting high. >> i finally realized that i don't have to be high or drunk to have a great time with the people that i love. >> reporter: staying sober and getting her life back on track. did you ever think you'd get to graduation? >> i didn't. i didn't believe ixd do it. >> reporter: dr. john torres, nbc news, hartford, connecticut. up next, from coal mines to a sea of solar panels. how china is working harder than ever to become a clean energy leader.
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thanks for tnorfolk!around and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico®. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. china is often thought of as one of the world's biggest polluters, but the country has also made huge strides in becoming a green energy power house. an area that was once used for coal mining is now home to a sea of solar panels, generating huge amounts of electricity.
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shows us what china ice future could look like. >> reporter: it is the biggest floating solar field in the world. 1,300 acres, 166,000 panels, generating enough solar energy to power 13,000 homes for a year. right in the heart of china's coal country. the wraps of panels floating where coal mines used to be. about a decade ago, abandoned coal mines here collapsed, leaving a 25 foot hole, rain and flood water created this lake, and a new purpose. a country long addicted to burning fossil fuels, the sun now supplies 11% of china's energy. and that could double by 2030. powering nearly a quarter of the needs of the world's most populous country. we started later that many western countries says the lead engineer, but our technology is catching up. there are still huge hurdles, like the s.
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influential, providing power, political pressure, and lots of jobs. >> there is a conflict, competition, a very fierce one between the coal power and the renewable energy now. >> reporter: and here, where coal was always a way of life, not everyone is convinced solar is a bright idea. this man told us people lost land to the flooding, and jobs when the mines closed. solar energy isn't lucrative for us regular people, he says, coal is definitely good. china is still building coal-fired power plants, but during the next three years, has committed to investing more than $300 billion into renewables. the world's biggest polluter is now also it's clean energy leader. janice frair, nbc news, china. coming up, an in-field error at a baseball game leads to one of the most bizarre plays of the liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire
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very scary moment at the tour de france today. richie port crashed at high speed during a downhill portion of the event. he slid along the road before hitting another rider. port was unable to continue the race. he was put on a stretcher and taken to an ambulance. it was a flyball the infielders wish they had another shot at. during a minor league baseball game in missouri, an outfielder for the springfield cardinals hit a pop-up that should have been an easy out, but four players from the midland rock hounds flood the area, missed the ball, no one was in position to tag the runner out. he didn't give up. he ran all the way to third base. olympic champion sprinter elaine thompson of jay may ka won a
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finally tonight. finding an apartment can be a grueling task, and a dog,
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so some dog owners are getting their dogs certified as good neighbors. morgan radford has the story tonight from new york city. >> reporter: they come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. and to their owners, they're perfect. but what makes your dog a good neighbor? >> a dog that is smiling all the time. >> reporter: it's a question popping up all around the country as more condos and apartment buildings are interviewing potential pet tenants. think college admissions, but for canines. you've written letters of recommendations for dogs. >> we have, absolutely. >> reporter: it's sarah's job. she's one of the 75 american kennel club instructors who train dogs to pass the canine good citizen program. >> good boy. >> reporter: what's the point? >> it's basically showing that owners have put time into training and socializing their dogs so that they can be good citizens out in many public.
6:59 pm
ten-step program. >> showing your dog can sit politely for petting. that they can be accepting of a strange dog approaching. >> reporter: 44 state legislators have endorsed the good citizen program. with 65,000 dogs graduating last year alone, experts say these doggy diplomas are helping to win over property managers. >> girls, look. >> reporter: she is a dedicated dog interviewing for a swanky manhattan co. op, no dogs pass through without her approval. >> they really have to be good little tenants. >> reporter: a process some pet owners say is worth it. >> and this is archy. passed with flying colors. >> reporter: helping dogs like these -- >> spin. oh, good job. >> reporter: put their best paw forward. morgan radford, nbc news, new york. >> not sure my dog would pass yet. that is nbc nightly news for this sunday. lester holt will be in tomorrow. i'm kate snow. here in new york for all of us here at nbc news, have a great night.
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welcome to sunday night, i'm megyn kelly. we go inside a dramatic experiment, where girls are asked who's smarter, men or women? >> can you guess which one is really really smart? parents watch in disbelief. >> are you surprised? >> yes. >> new research, and troubling results. kids were aware girls were getting the better grades, but still thought the boys were the really, really smart ones. whoa! how did this happen?! and what can be done about it? also -- kate snow with a report every parent should see. eliza, a bright shiny radiant perfectly healthy child. organ failure >> because of a dental procedure?


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