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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 12, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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crime. the police chief says most of the murders are not random and are between people that know one another. long time residents says one murder is took. overall, they feel the county is safer than it used to be. >> just compared to about eight, nine years ago, the murder rate is down significantly. can it be improved? absolutely. but we need to be aware. this perception is reality. >> homicide rate in prince george's county stands at 51. that's one more than this time last year. one of the places officers receive training to bring down crime is at the new law enforcement firearms range and tactical village. the groundbreaking for this new space will happen today. this is across the street from department of corrections off brown station road. prince george's county deputy
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chief and sheriff. this isn't just a shooting range. officers will receive nonlethal tactical training. we have a happy update to a story that left many of you upset. a baby caught in the crossfire of a shootout in northeast d.c. is home. the shooting happened not far from 8th street corridor. the one-year-old was in a stroller when a group of men got in an argument and started shooting. police are close to making three arrests. we have new cell phone video into the live desk of this hospital on fire. this is south of london. it broke out just after midnight and there's still a large number of firefighters on the scene, but we know that it is under control now. good news there. official reports, no one was hurt. and investigation is under way to determine how the fire
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started. jurors have heard disturbing details from wedding guests and saw cell phone video of the crime. >> i don't give a [bleep]. leave us alone. it is our wedding night. >> bonds recorded this video, shows the argument with the wedding caterer who was killed. this happened at chantilly park. bond says it was self defense, the prosecution and john's friends don't buy that excuse. wedding guests who testified yesterday say bond who was trying to collect chairs at the wedding was rude and had a bad attitude. two csx workers killed last month in a terrible amtrak crash were nearly back to their train when struck and killed. ntsb released a preliminary report on the accident yesterday. they say the workers just finished inspecting a rail car, were walking back to the front
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the train tracks narrow in that spot and two amtrak trains passed workers at nearly the same time going two different directions. ntsb says the workers had no way to escape. this morning, disappointed leaders in prince george's county urge the trump administration to reconsider plans not to move the fbi headquarters. d.c. leaders are trying to take advantage of the news. the federal government announced yesterday it will keep the fbi from its current spot on pennsylvania avenue. gsa says it doesn't have enough money to move out of the deteriorating building there. this news hit prince george's county hard, the government was considering two potential sites in the county, old landover mall and spot near the metro station. people that live there say it was more than just a building. >> turning a corner, still think we are turning a corner. >> you expect something and think something will happen, and
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disappointing. >> fairfax county was also competing for that new fbi building. council member jack evans is happy about it saying it is cheaper to build a new building in the district. he plans to give two potential sites to president trump. controversy surrounding president's son showing no signs of dying down any time soon. late last night, donald trump jr. went on fox news to defend his action. this came hours after he released an e-mail exchange showing he was eager to hear dirt about hillary clinton from someone billed as a russian government attorney. >> i probably would have done things differently. again, this is before russian mania, before they built it up in the press. this is opposition research, they had something maybe concrete evidence to the stories i was hearing about that were reported for years, not just during the campaign. i think i wanted to hear it out. >> trump junior blamed his
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decision to take it on the pace of the campaign. how it could impact the confirmation hearing of the fbi director. also on capitol hill, house democrats are expected to make what they call a major policy announcement on health care. this comes as senate republicans put final touches on their revised health care plan. the bill expected to be unveiled tomorrow. meanwhile, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced next month's recess will start two weeks later. lawmakers are expected to work on health care, other legislative priorities and nominations. if you went to bed early, you want to check out the exciting finish to the all-star game, walk off homerun by american league team, despite solid play from the nationals. >> best e.r.a. in the league, matt scherzer.
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it's early. max scherzer pitched one inning. the american league came in extra innings. we get to enjoy this next year when the all-star game and homerun derby come to the park. i bet you there are players that take the truck. for me, i take the corvette. >> raise your hand if you want the truck. >> i feel like the truck is more practical. >> lots of stuff to haul around. >> if you have
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>> if you have a convertible, the roof belongs in the down position. >> chuck is a big believer of embracing the sun. it will be a hot one. uv index is high the next few days. right now, we're already near 80 in the district. good morning, as we go through the morning by 8:00 a.m., already in the low 80s. 83 degrees at 9:00 a.m. mid-80s, quickly getting into the 90s. chuck has the radar and the afternoon forecast. >> that's right. start with the radar. there are rain drops across parts of the mountains of west virginia moving into the shenandoah valley. we have a chance for rain early this morning. most of this is going to dry up before it gets into the d.c. metro area. i could rule out a couple of drops this morning. this is a complex of rain chances here fading away with time. later today i think we have more
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heat index. that's what matters. feels like it is in the 70s and 80s now. heat index close to 100 degrees for most of the afternoon, even all the way up to 5:00, still feeling like 100 degrees. tomorrow, even hotter than that. high heat in dekdexes, could be much as 107 tomorrow. cooler for the weekend. that forecast coming in a few minutes. let's go to melissa. 270 at falls road, no problems on 270. earlier road work northbound cleared out of the way. beltway looking fine, taking a look at 66. fairfax county to the beltway, you're on time. no big worries there. we have one piece of road work hanging around up north in flagler county. no problem heading northwest. left lane getting by there. >>el
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it is something that could happen to anyone in the ocean. a sudden rip current. this morning, several people are alive because of quick thinking of others. how they managed to pull a dozen people to safety. the latest scam to make rounds in the area. what you need to know before answering your phone that could save you big bucks. and the new feature you
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your morning started. the anti-missile system intercepting and shooting down a simulated ballistic missile. it is similar to what's being developed in north korea. it was the fourth test against an incoming missile. comes one week after north korea's test. an emotional eulogy given by three children of the new york city police officer and mother that was killed in a marked command van. her funeral service was held yesterday in the bronx. mississippi governor warns people not to remove debris from the site of a deadly marine crash. all 16 service members on board the air tanker were killed during the training mission. debris from the plane is scattered for miles. anyone taking debris could face
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plane went down. the marines say they do not suspect foul play. a crash that could have killed hundreds of people at san francisco's airport was averted at the last minute. friday night, an air canada pilot was given the green light to land. seconds later, four other pilots radioed in saying the plane was headed right at them. control tower quickly told the aer canada pilot to go around and land. the faa is now investigating. 4:43. probably see this story in your time line. group of strangers make a human chain to get people caught in rip current. >> this is a scary situation for any parent taking kids to the beach. about 80 people created the chain to save an entire family. she heard her boy screaming for help on the beach in florida over the weekend. they were caught in a rip current. 7 family members went in to
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stuck. that's when 80 people they never met formed a human chain and saved them. family says they're eternally grateful for people that ran into the water. the mother had a heart attack trying to help with the rescue and is recovering. rip currents are so scary. i wouldn't want to go anywhere near the water in that situation. >> i love that that many people dive in to help out and make a chain. donald trump jr. speaks out hours after posting that chain of e-mail setting up equipment between him and russian attorney. why he says he decided to take the meeting. here's a riddle for you. what is the same as it is backwards every day
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we are going to heat up. by 7:00 a.m., 80 degrees. nobody is in the 70s for most of the area. best time to get out, if exercising this afternoon, feeling close to 100. better to exercise inside. >> thank you, sheena. today president trump will leave washington to head to paris and meet with president macron, be the guest of honor. the national holiday is a key turning point in the french revolution. friday is one year since the terror attack in nice where 86 were killed. white president hetds to paris, fallout over his son meeting with a russian lawyer last year is growing. >> donald trump jr. released e-mails showing he was eager for information from the russian government. tracie potts is live on
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hill. what did he have to say? >> reporter: not much different than the statement his attorney said, that he read e-mail and decided to check something out. there was nothing nefarious about it. here's what he told sean hannity last night. >> the take aaway when all of this is going on, someone has information on our poenlt. things are going a million miles an hour, you know what it is like to be on a campaign, just won indiana, talking contested convention, things are a million miles an hour. wait a minute, i heard these things, maybe this is something, i should hear them out. >> reporter: e-mails that trump junior released he says prove there was nothing to this. critics say they prove he knew that the russian government was behind this information, that he says nothing ever came of it anyway. and by the way, "new york times" says they were just about to publish this e-mail from before. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you.
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several controversies connected to president trump's administration is leaving the u.s. russian officials held a farewell party from ambassador kislyak at the saint regis hotel. he is returning to russia. this is part of a long planned rotation. kislyak has been in washington since 2008. in northern virginia fairfax county police are investigating what they're calling a suspicious death. a 64-year-old woman was found dead inside her home on bloom court in berk. a family member found her unresponsive. there will be an autopsy today to determine how she died. a second person arrested and charged in death of a retired fbi special agent. jas jason byrd is charged in the death. he was an acquaintance of the family that worked as a handyman. he was found dead in his yard earlier thi
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at the live desk we have new information on the u.s. soldier in hawaii charged with providing support to isis to the islamic state. the army revealing kang had shown support and sympathized with isis years ago and took away his security clearance. according to court documents, the military gave the clearance back to him and a year later he deployed to afghanistan in 2013. the 34-year-old was arrested this week on terrorism charges after a yearlong fbi investigation. news4 is working for you with the latest scandal aimed at scaring people into paying big money. someone is calling people and telling them there's a warrant out for their arrest. the caller claims to be from the warrant division. the person demands money or orders the caller to turn
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themselves in and wants you to know they'll never contact you to collect fines for an outstanding warrant. when you head to metro, you'll probably see dozens of advertisements and they will be high tech. news partners at wtop say 67 more digital screens added to metro stations by end of september. they're trying to boost revenues as advertisers aren't willing to pay as much for ads because of declining ridership. getting a parking ticket can raise your blood pressure. if you have unpaid tickets from the district, you may be able to get help. >> he proposed a ticket amnesty bill. they could pay 50% and get the record cleared. they could take that up later this year. here's something cool. every time you
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something special. do you remember what pal a droems are? that's when it reads the same forward and backward. today is 7-12-17. that trend continues a few more days. they can be words, like mom, level. >> wow. >> i knew it was something to do with dates. we were trying to figure out what the real question would be. figured it had to be something like sunrise, sunset. figured it was something to do with dates. most important thing to write on the calendar is august 21st, the solar eclipse. the big total eclipse. put it on your calendar now. we won't get the full show here, we get 75%. we'll be talking about it between now and eclipse day. that's t m
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outside this morning, skies partly to mostly cloudy this morning. there was a cluster of thunderstorms moving through west virginia mountains. now that it is getting ready to come over the sheremetyevo anan blue ridge, it is falling apart quickly. couldn't rule out a few sprinkles south of winchester, down to palm brook, and perhaps on south side of 66, and washington, virginia, just a couple of drops. most of that will dry up before it gets to the i-95 corridor but i couldn't guarantee 100% dry. in all likelihood, not going to have to worry about it. temperatures haven't cooled off much. mid to upper 70s now. afternoon temperatures low to mid 90s across the area. again with all of the humidity, it will feel more like 100 degrees. here's the future heat index. 100 this afternoon in leesburg, 100 in washington. 97 by the bay. tomorrow is even worse. high heat ind
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be as much as 105 to 107 in the downtown area. be ready for dangerous heat. take shade breaks, extra water, check on elderly friends, neighbors, relatives. make sure if your puppy is an outdoor puppy, don't forget, extra shade and cold bowl of water. honestly, that's not a bad idea for your neighbor either. little shade and cold bowl of water at melissa's house. >> absolutely, freaks me out when it gets so hot, get worried about people. good advice. single lane gets by the paving here, same project that caused real delays headed inbound yesterday. hopefully they get that out of the way this morning. traffic alternates because of that project and 95 from quantico to beltway, you're on time. and 395 into
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it is a warning one family hopes another never has to deal with. >> why they say a teen
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there are a lot of places you shouldn't be using a cell phone, including a bathtub. >> a reminder one grieving family wants you to know about after a teen was electrocuted. the 14-year-old was in t t
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sunday. her family says she was killed after reaching for a phone that was plugged into a bathroom outlet. madison's grandmother hopes their heart break teaches others. >> there are people we don't even know and will probably never even meet that have taken this message and shared it to protect another child. >> the teen went to school in texas, played basketball. a memorial service will happen this saturday. new this morning, we're getting a look at the ten most stolen cars in america. it is part of the annual hot wheels report from national insurance crime bureau. topping the list, 1997 honda accord. and 1998 honda civic. stolen for parts. car thefts are down since an all-time high in 1992, they say cars are stolen because
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best way to prevent your car being taken, lock it up, take your keys with you. a bizarre theft left first responders without a key resource that can save lives. somebody swiped an ambulance along the emergency road of prince george's county hospital center, parked and running. police used a gps tracker, found it at the 7-eleven on arbor street. they haven't caught the thieves. yesterday happened to be free slurpee day at 7-eleven. >> we went to the 7-eleven for free slurpee day, paid 11 cent tax. >> what? >> just wanted to let you know. >> all right. when you use a shopping cart, you usually return it to the store. >> as news4 learned, that's not the case for one pentagon city neighborhood. >> you won't be taking it back? >> no, i leave it there. >> how does it get
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>> good question. how does it get back. neighbors say costco shoppers are helping themselves to carts and ditching them on sidewalks. look at this. even in apartment hall ways. the problem is creating an eyesore in the surrounding neighborhood. he and others urge costco to do something. >> so costco is creating an environment where individuals act irresponsibly. not excusing the individual, but costco, you have hundreds and hundreds of individuals each week who take the cart. >> they would like to see costco buy carts with an electronic wheel lock that stops the cart if pushed off the property. another option would require customers to deposit money for a cart and get it back when they return the cart. if you have been to that costco, it is always so crowded, i feel like it would cause a


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