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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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while you can, it may not be that way for long. let's get right to it. doug standing by with the latest. >> tracking the storms right now. we saw a couple of warnings pop up here. parts of montgomery county and maryland both had warning, but now the only warning is from howard county, that warning until 4:30. you can see where the storms are. if you're south of washington, we have nothing going on here, fredericksburg, not much going on, just south a few more. this is the area that i'm watching right now. again, montgomery county is the big area. another storm with some lightning. this storm right in here has been the strong one, this one has a new storm, right along the road here south, you're looking at that, but this is the storm it's currently right on top, again, that severe thunderstorm warning goes until 4:30. a lot of lightning. we've seen a couple of storm forms you
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flooding, please be careful in this region if you're in parts of howard county. let's zoom a little bit more and show you where it is. you can see that's where the heaviest rain is, right over towards the only area, so heads up, stay in doors if you're in the ranges, the rest of us, we're talking the heat, but big time heat, making its way our way. much more on the next heat wave. we'll talk about that, we'll see you back here in just a minute. a loud explosion on capitol hill as police used robots to search the trunk of a car. >> that officer and the driver of the car suffered minor injuries. >> news 4 derrick ward is live, he's got more details on what happened there, derrick, what's the word. >> reporter: actually there were two explosions here. they call those disruptions. take a look, the scene now, the car is just on the other side of that tow truck, actually sat back up on the flat
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tow truck. this incident started earlier this morning, it was about 11:45. we're able to show you an elevated view from mass cam, maybe give you a better shot of the area. this is right at the intersection of second street near the thomas jefferson building. now, this car was westbound on independence avenue when it struck a barrier and u.s. capitol police cruiser. the driver of that car and an officer suffered some minor injuries. now, police immediately checked that car out as a suspicious vehicle. and what they did is they disrupted it twice. they brought the robot out and they did small controlled explosions to open up the trunk of the car. about 2:45 a bomb tech came out and look to the trunk of that car and pretty much cleared it. major traffic says they closed most of the streets in the immediate area. the suspect, the person who was driving that car is facing some serious charges. they include, assault with a deadly weapon, a veh
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assault on a police officer, aggravated reckless driving and driving without a permit. we don't have identity of the person or we don't foe where that car is registered. they're just starting to clear the scene and things are returning to normal. what is apparently a traffic incident, a rather serious one, also for a short time became a suspicious vehicle incident and all of those protocols went into place here to make sure things are safe. the scene is clearing. shouldn't see any traffic disruptions beyond the usual this time of day. but an investigation is, obviously, ensuing into how all of this got started. we are live on capitol hill, derrick warden, news 4, back to you. >> this sounds familiar, you may remember another security scare on the hill just a few months ago back in march, 20-year-old woman from the district sped away from a traffic stop and nearly hit a capitol police officer, that incident happened near the bo tannic driver. she wasn't hurt in the incident. at the time her family said she
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issues. now, to a bizarre chase in northern virginia. it started after a louden county sheriff's deputy says his service weapon was stolen. it all unfolded last wednesday while the deputy was off duty. he gave someone a ride to convenient store. after dropping him off, the deputy realized his cell phones were missing. he went back to the store and got into a scuffle with him, who then managed to take his gun and his suv. the sheriff's office says he was eventually surrounded outside a nearby home. bureau chief julie carey will join us in our next hour with new details about how all of this happened. great ways to get out and bond with your children during the summer. a popular spot for families may be off limits now when you want to use it. security restrictions go with the place whenever president trump visits his golf club. news 4 dorsey spencer explains why it's a
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for summer camps and people trying to enjoy the outdoors there. >> i'm dar scy spencer. >> reporter: this is an area of people who fish. but now there's concern from the people who use this every day because of some new rules that went into effect, basically, shutting down this part of the river whenever, take a look across, the president or someone of importance is here at the golf course owned by president trump. now, this is something that very recently happened. there's a lot of concern and question about how this is being implemented. it's not just people who come out here for recreation, there are a lot of small businesses and kids are here for summer camps. many are wondering exactly how this is going to happen and how it's going to effect their businesses. >> well, one of my main concern is having a group that's on the
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and the end of the day comes and it's time for them to come back and get on buses and go home and they can pass through the security zone and i can get them around. coming up with a plan and being easily notified or know what i'm going to do with those kids that are now, you know, locked on the other side of the security zone. >> we're told that these new rules are already being implemented. but there is about a month period where people can send in written comments and some here are hoping a compromise can be reached so that the entire river section won't be shutdown, they'll be able to come up with a better solution. along the patomic river, darcy spencer, news 4. police have just released new video of three suspects wanted for a double murder. two men were shot and killed in an ally between two businesses on silver hill road in suit land. prince georges county police say this surveillance video show the three suspects get out of a car and then walk off the screen towards the victims, afterward, one one of the suspects run
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police hope releasing the video will lead to arrests. the county is dealing with a new murder case. things have been relatively quiet since officers switched to 12-hour shifts last week. however, over the weekend, someone found a man dead in the street. county bureau chief, tray see wilkins is live now at the scene in riverdale. tray see, what have you learned about this. >> reporter: we're on a residential street in riverdale. a residential street with homes on both sides. bodice covered here, 4:00 a.m., prince georges county police believe that someone must know something that can help out with this investigation. this is a picture of the man's body that was found here taken by the person who discovered him at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. this person was pronounced dead at the hospital, according to prince georges county police, but the man who discovere
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appeared he was not breathing when he was standing here over this man's body. he was partially exposed, not fully clothed when this happened. prince georges county police have a lot of questions about this. they're only identifying him as a hispanic male age 35 to 40. hear now from the man who discovered his body. >> i saw a person laying down so i claim close and trying to see if he was awake or something. i saw that he wasn't breathing and i called 911 and the operator told me to get close to him and see if he was breathing or not and i say, no, he's not. he's gone. >> reporter: now, that witness asked that we not show his face because he's concerned, of course, about what happened with this man and the fact that there are still killers out there. police say this is definitely a homicide. they believe he was killed due to trauma to his upper body. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 we'll have more onea
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georges county police desperately need the public's health. reporting live tracee wilkins, news 4. here at the live desk we're getting a lot of new information about the minneapolis police officer who may have shot and killed an unarmed woman. our sister station in minneapolis is reporting that his name is officer mohamad. he joined the force a little over two years ago. he was actually in the passenger's seat of the squad car, shot across his partner in the driver's seat through the window and that's when it struck justi justine. we're also getting some reaction from her friends and family about the unarmed woman being killed in minneapolis. >> she was treasured and loved. and we will really miss her. >> taught yoga classes and did spiritual healing. she was suppose
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fiance next month on saturday night. the two police officers responded to 911 call about a possible disturbance near her home. and sister station is reporting that muhammad discharged his weapon and killed her. both officers had their body cameras switched off. police say the squad car camera's didn't capture anything. all minneapolis police officers have been required to wear those cameras since the end of last year since filadro was shot and killed. no weapon has been on the scene in the minnesota department of public safety is already investigating this shooting. >> all right. chris. thank you. republican leaders say they do plan to vote on their health care bill as soon as senator john mccain recovers from his unexpected surgery. on saturday mccain announced he had the surgery to remove a blood clot above his eye. the bill
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of the 52 republicans. so far two senators say they can't support the measure. that means just one more senator will have to say no to kill the bill. the congressional budget office is expected to release its score of a new bill in the coming days, that could change the votes of senators who are on the fence. you want to talk about passing, somebody who is pretty good at it. they get a long-term contract done. court cousins has come and gone and no deal has been reached. redskins' team president bruce allen just met with the media and he says while they would have preferred a long-term deal. cousins prefers to play on a one-year contract. he's making close to $24 million this year which basically amounts to one-year deal. if the redskins choose to do this again, it will be the third time in a row and cousins will make, get this, $34 million for on
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and he also could become a free agent or we could be in the exact same position to talk about this again, next year. >> 34 million is not bad for a year's saturday. >> not bad as you can get it. so before you make dinner and fire up your grill. you need to hear about new recall of millions of pounds of these hot dogs. also first at 4:00, watch your speed out there. cameras are about to start snapping photos of cars going too fast. it just happened again in one neighborhood. a woman says it's happened to her twice. and we are working for you even during the break. >> that's right, check out storm team 4 and the top stories on our app right on your screen, that until we come back. and right now, tracking new a warning. this is a flash flood warning, same storm here. severe thunderstorm warning until 4:30. notice this, a flash flood warning, we just got done talking about this. this is around the area, right
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region, watch out a flash flood warning now in effect. nease watch out,ever drive
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you're going the want to keep an eye and extra close eye on your speed on the beltway, now. >> that's right, there is some new speed cameras set up in work zones in prince georges
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green tells us where they are and when police will start passing out tickets. >> you need to look alive for the work zone and the new enforcement on it. the posted speed limit is 55 miles an hour if you go 12 miles per hour or more above that, you're going to get a warning in the mail. on the next three weeks and all of this design for safety maryland state highway saying when you come in those work zones when there's a speed barrels, when there are narrowed lanes and where there are
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workers, in many cases when an accident happens it's the passengers or the drivers who get hurt, in many cases, the workers are not hurt. but it's a safety issue that we're talking act, so this new speed crack down, you need to be aware when you're in this area along prince georges county. that's the latest from along the beltway, back to you. >> all right. thanks. >> right now you might want to slow down because of the weather out there. >> that's right, we understand there's a new severe thunderstorm warning, doug. >> yeah, this is a boundary that's set up here. you can see these storms forming right along it. what's happening now, you've got new severe thunderstorm warning in montgomery county until 5:00 tonight. this is only really in montgomery to the north. you've got nothing going on in northern virginia. a few storms back here right along the west virginia border, but this is the storm i'm watching right now and these are the storms i'm watching. this storm here, this is a new storm but it's coming together gaitersburg, starting to diminish, a l
4:18 pm
lightning there. this storm right here, here is the new warning down to the south. i'll zoom in and show you where this is. any time you see pink on the radar. most likely we'll see a chance of some hail and that's what we have. this is right around here, coming out of rockville just to the north and west, zoom on in to this area one more time to show us where exactly where this is. or back to the west, you'll see heavy rain fall, a lot of lightning -- when i say heavy rain, we talk about chance of flash flood warning in effect. this is right around and, you know, this is a hilly area in here. watch out, especially some of the creeks and streams could flood very very quickly. flash flood warning until 7:15. never drive through roaded ways, we always see one car that decides to drive through next thing you know, you've got water rescues out there. this storm now, two warnings, one from this one and one from
4:19 pm
of montgomery county, all 0 this is wind. this is wind that's propagating off to the west. what's going to happen, you'll see more storms developing, here is another one right here, so we'll continue to watch this. the biggest area of storminess, dc, right on up just to the west of philadelphia, another boundary back to the west is shooting off some thunderstorms, too. what we're going to continue to watch for is to see if there's a little bit of a merge later on in our western zones in parts of jefferson county, west virginia. it's all montgomery county. get up to 90 a little bit earlier, 89 with winds out soft south. as we move on through the rest of the area just about everybody in the upper 80s. as a result of that rain coming down, but the heat is here. the humidity is here. look at the heat index up to 95 now in dc. 96 in fredericksburg. we were at 99 a
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the heat and humidity back. that's going to be the big story, i think over the week as we move on through. not just the chance of storms today. the heat and humidity take a look at this ten-day forecast. 96 wednesday. 97 thursday and friday. look at saturday and sunday, more of a high of 101 degrees on sunday. guys the heat moving back in. you've got it, doug. >> a consumer alert for you, before you head to the grill, check your fridge. they're recalling more than 7 million pounds of hot dog brukts. they may have bone fragments in them. one person suffered a mouth injury as a result. they were sold nationwide since march, so check and see if you have any of it and you should throw it away or return it to the store and get a full refund. you'll find a listing of all the effected products, go there, and search hot dog recall. local mother just
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it's completely unavoidable today. >> natalie moraleless from access hollywood is here. huge ratings and few surprises, as well. >> huge ratings, big surprises, let's start off with that singing and cameo. a lot of people talking about it today. some people feeling good about it, others not like in it as much. it happened during the games of thrones premier, take a
4:25 pm
>> i spoke with people magazine and game of thrones super fan, karen. >> very black or white love or hated by the fan. it was a little startling they didn't disguise him. that beautiful red hair is hard to miss. >> let's talk about the real drama. there was a subtle hint that two major characters who have never been on screen together, john snow and mother of the dragons may be meeting for the
4:26 pm
time. it crashed hbo's web site for a some time making for a not a lot of happy fans last night. >> believe us, we're both scratching our heads already. >> you have to be in from the beginning. i got lost in season one. >> exactly. >> all right, natalie. >> see you later. >> see you in a bit. neighborhood outraged, someone setting fire to people's flags even after we told you about this last week. hear from a woman whose flag has been torched not once, but twice in recent weeks. >> we're following our crazy weather on this monday, one minute it's sunny, the next it could be raining or storming, doug is watching the pop up storms we're g
4:27 pm
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>> it found the president's approval rating at 50% over all. it was slightly higher in so-called surge counties, those are counties that went to mitt
4:30 pm
in counties that flipped from barack obama to donald trump in 2016. president's approval stands at just 44%. here to talk about what the numbers mean, nbc senior political editor, so mark what do you make of these numbers and what would you say those numbers present in terms of a challenge the president may have to deal with. >> pat, i think as you ended up outlining pretty well, there are a tale of two different counties. >> but trump won in 2016, i think it's like a county. that's in pennsylvania it's important to know this is the first time we've done
4:31 pm
to check in on once or twice a year to see how he's fairing not only nationally but in some of these very important counties. >> he is holding his base, absolutely. but he's also lost almost all democrats and loss a considerable number of independent voters which is why nationwide his approval rating is anywhere between 35 and 40%. and so you would have those two things can be true, his voters. the people who love him are still with him. but everyone else is against him and you really haven't seen the president expand upon his base, which usually happens during a honeymoon phase for president in his first six months in office. >> let's talk about the russia investigation for a moment. today the president sa
4:32 pm
russian lawyer and the others last year was "just politics." is it just politics and is there any sign that this political issue, if that's what it is, is only going to go away any time soon. i can tell you that every political opera tiff that i speak with, democrat or republicans say it's not standard operating procedure to end up taking a meeting with a foreign government, particular pli one that's seen in an adversary yal relationship and then talk about having meetings for opposition research as people have often said, the john carey campaign ended up getting george w. bush debate prep materials in 2004. what do they do, they call it the fbi. >> thank you, mark. >> thanks, pat. >> you can watch more coverage on both these stories tonight on nbc nightly news at 7:00 after news 4 at
4:33 pm
all right, we're talking popcorn here. the kind that only a meteorologist could love. >> exactly right. you know, these storms are popping up everywhere. right now, really, focusing on montgomery county, that's the area getting severe thunderstorm warnings. take a look at the radar showing you what we're talking about as we move through the rest of the night tonight. southern portions of montgomery county, southwest portions until 5:00, a few down south of fredericksburg. this is the area we've been watching. it's going to continue here because these storms are actually helping other storms develop. a brand new storm right here just west of frederick, that one, now, has a little bit of thunder and lightning with it. this is the area that we saw, right around. >> remember, never drive through flooded roadways. those storms continuing and not mo a
4:34 pm
that's why we had those flash flood warnings, that severe thunderstorm warning in effect as well as german town, that until 5:00. we'll continue to watch that. here is the boundary making its way out of this storm. this will create other storms. you can see that one i talked about. watch out. we'll continue to keep you posted on anything that develops. he flies his mesh flag outside of the home every day. just a couple of weeks ago. he woke up to his flag, burned in the middle of the night and he wasn't the only one. we told you about the story last wednesday on news 4 at 11 and since then it's happened again to others in the very same neighborhood. chris gordon has the new details now at 4:30. chris. >> reporter: well, pat, 90-year-old dick cohen has replaced the american flag that was burned in front of his home on july 3rd. he's put up a number of other american flags throughout his
4:35 pm
but last night, nearby homes here in this same neighborhood, flags were set on fire, now we've talked to one family that was victimized and they asked us two of her flags have been destroyed by fire in the past two weeks. the latest flag burning here was just last night. >> it leaves you feeling, scared, insecure. >> in your own home. >> in my own home. >> and to do this american flag and for you twice. >> lisa and her two children were inside the house when her flag was set on fire. her daughter answered the front door at 10:30 last nit.
4:36 pm
them. >> he just silently pointed out to the flag. >> when four homes had flags vandalized. >> at that time they were torn from his flower bed and tossed into a gutter. last night, the full sized american flag in front of his house was set on fire. >> i guess i don't have the words for it. >> very irritating. >> thexa
4:37 pm
investigating trying to find a suspect responsible for setting american flags on fire here in alexandria. leon, back to you. >> thanks, chris. folks, if you try to avoid sugar, this might not be what you want to hear. first at 4:00, the problem that sugar substitutes could pose for your health. plus made in america, ahead at 5:00, the white house is celebrating companies that make their products right here in the u.s.
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a', get ya'♪ ♪one day maybe next week, ♪i'm gonna meet ya' ♪i'm gonna meet ya', i'll meet ya'♪ a popular pool has been renamed to honor young woman who did so much for her swim community before her sudden tragic death. >> three, two, one. [ applause ] >> family, friends at montgomery county leaders took part in the renaming ceremony yesterday. sarah was just 21 ye
4:41 pm
she was a beloved swim coach at the western county outdoor pool and she was on her way to that facility when it happened, though, now the pool that bears her name, actually does now bear her name and it will honor her legacy forever. >>. in news four your health, you probably assume that sugar substitutes let you enjoy your sweet foods and sweet drinks without gaining weight. new study suggest they may do just the opposite. canadian researchers analyzed several studies to see if they help people manage their weight. what they found is that sugar substitutes were actually linked to weight gain. a higher risk of type two
4:42 pm
diabetes, heart disease and other health problems. we've posted the full study in the nbc washington app just search artificial sweeteners. >> well, this has been the diets, they're good for your bones and hearts. people who live here with these diets only occasionally lowered their risk by 24%. >> your mother was right. >> yeah. >> eat your veggies. >> wh if they're whole grain doughnuts. >> maybe. >> well
4:43 pm
our credit card debt to just go away. but be warned, there's very convincing scam out there, promising to do just that. how you can stay one step ahead of those scammers. >> plus caught on camera. a woman stuck in the door of a train and gets dragged down the
4:44 pm
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so do the threat of thunderstorms in the afternoon. you see short rain and lightning here. >> yes, we've been tracking new warnings for you throughout the hour, doug is in the storm center with an update. >> some of us seeing lots of sunshine, seeing a tremendous amount of rain fall over the last 1 to 2 hours. let's take a look and show you, you can see right here, this is the studio northwest looking up towards the rockville area. look at all the dark clouds there. that's the storm system that continues to produce more and more thunderstorms. you can see what's
4:47 pm
central montgomery county, dc down to the south, nothing going on right now. nothing but sunshine. southern maryland, into towards northern virginia, watching storm weather, it's this storm right here that i'm watching, a lot less lightning with this storm, it is weakening. this storm right here is strengthening, that one could become a severe thunderstorm at any time. you have new storms into portions of prince georges county and parts of howard county. you see those storms forming here. i just said it was weakening, that storm has been dropped because that storm has weakened. let's take you a look and show you some video here. this is a live picture in towards parts of 1:24. there are numerous roads closed in this area, sen ka creek is closing some roads, flash flood warnings are in effect. and let's take a look at the warning here under a warning
4:48 pm
parts of that road are now closed between gaithersburg. so this storm means business. you can see what's happening here, continuing to rain right over here, you can see numerous areas of flash flooding in and around the gaithersburg area, heads up for that. here is that storm around fredericks county maryland. a lot of lightning. it's not going to move all that much. this is another fairly hilly area, watch out around some of the roads that could be under water. heads up there, too, this is part of a system that's coming on through today. now, behind this, we get hot and we stay hot. lauren is outside right now. we've seen the humidity go way up from where it was yesterday. >> you know, yesterday, pretty much the entire weekend, saturday afternoon through sunday, fantastic. and then we headed into this morning and then it -- the humidity hit you like a ton of bricks feeding into some of those storms. 95 is that current heat index. the feel like forecast, look at th
4:49 pm
leave that out. tuesday is going to be -- spit and image of today. that heat index goes up as the temperatures go up. >> that's the kind of heat that we have moving in. high of 92 tomorrow. 96 on wednesday. here is where the heat revealed. thursday high of 97. heat index of 105. saturday and sunday, 101 is what we're going for right now on sunday. chance of thunderstorm but heat index on sunday around 105 to 110 deglrees. going to be extremely hot day as we head towards the middle of next week. guys going to continue
4:50 pm
any of these storms that do develop. >> good deal. we'll get back to you in a bit. >> the all girl robotics team made headlines because of visa problems. they're now hard. >> jim and wendy are more in the newsroom on this and the other stories we're following. >> the all-girl robotics team in the united states this weekend. they're taking part in this three-day robotics competition. >> it's a big deal. why they're getting a lot of headlines. we're learning about some other compelling stories out of this competition. >> she's going to have more on how a team from iran with help from some fairfax county high school students are over coming challenges and working together. >> it started out a bullet resisted technology for the military. now it's making its way to our law enforcement. >> still ahead how the ceo of a company is literally standing behind his work to show that it can keep us safe. and did you -- yeah, doug, keeping an eye on the
4:51 pm
thunderstorms, but you -- something with a ninja. >> have you ever thought you had an inner ninja waiting to get out. >> he's going to profile it. >> prince georges county, former dc cop, he's going to be on ninja tonight on nbc. at 11:00, we'll have the things that you need to know before you try to take it on or send in your audition tape. we'll have a preview at 5:00, too. >> i was getting a bit concerned. i thought it was you with an ax again. >> and a cocktail. >> thanks. [ laughter ] if you get a ton of credit card debt, we have a warning for you. >> solicitations over the phone promising we leaf may end up putting you deeper in debt. >> tonight consumer reporter is working for you and revealing some disturbing tactics. nbc 4 responds to district heights mom who just wanted to give her daughter a better life. so when she got a call to lower her credit card rates,
4:52 pm
unfortunately, she jumped too fast. >> the sounds of police sirens are pretty common around renee brooks and her daughter's neighborhood, so this mom wants to move to someplace safer. but before she can, she's got to get rid of her credit card debt. high interest rates are killing her. >> like 21 and up. 21, 25. >> like all of us, renee's phone rings off the hook with the stupid robo calls. >> normally, i don't answer. >> one day she did. >> it was someone on the other end and they said that, this is not a debt collector, this is someone trying to lower your interest rate. >> the caller said she worked for edu care center services and told renee she would contact her credit card company for her and try to negotiate a lower rate. she put renee on hold, few minutes later, broke the bad news. >> they called capitol one to see
4:53 pm
interest rate. >> they denied it. the caller had something else she could offer. >> but the something else was to get an additional card. >> that's right, another credit card, 0% interest rate for 14 months. >> i was like, no. >> but the caller was persistent and not only convinced renee to sign up for the card. she put her on payment plan for credit card services and would debit her bank account five months. >> they were like you can try it, if you don't like it, you can cancel it at any time. >> when she tried two days later, she was told the fee was nonrefundable. thankfully, her bank agreed to block the withdrawals. and renee has blocked the calls from the company. according to the federal trade commission, the ironny of this type of debit relief scam, she could have called the customer service number on the back of her credit card, with a little patient and
4:54 pm
interest rates lowered for free. >> we've learned that the ftc actually closed the book on the company that pitched the phony rates to renee in addition to -- the ftc also banned most of the defendants from ever offering debt relief services again. back to you. take a look at this. this is rome, italy. a 43-year-old woman was dragged down and then down on to the tracks after her shopping bag became caught in the train's door. the train's emergency brake switch didn't even work and neither did the sensors on the door. the train's driver who was shown eating at the time didn't even know what happened until he reached the next station. the woman was in intensive care for some time. but she's seen moved. >> that's scarey stuff. >> yes, indeed. a desperate search for survivors and a sad revelation as crews hold out hope, that somebody, anybody could have survived the intense active
4:55 pm
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a developing story this afternoon, we're learning at least six children have been killed in violent flash floods. the search is on this afternoon for another young man. >> the flood waters crashed into a popular swimming home in arizona over the weekend. as nbc jay gray reports, more severe weather could be on the way there. >> reporter: search and recovery teams were back at the river this morning two days after campers say the water turned deadly in the blink op an eye. >> the water was calm, then literally like 20 seconds later, like, no warning at all, the water started rushing down. >> reporter: bringing with it mud and debris as it swept through. >> the flood came through and washed 14 people up -- away from the camp. >> reporter: one of those swept away is still missing, nine were killed, the youngest just two years old. all of th
4:59 pm
family have gathered for the weekend. they scrambled as the flood waters rushed in and now struggle to cope with their tragic loss. >> he has to be with them. >> reporter: tonight the national weather service warns, more severe weather could be on the way. potential for flash floods could continue through the middle of the week. jay gray, nbc news. right now at 5:00, hot and humid weather giving way to strong storms. >> plus a car crash, a lock down, and a controlled explosion, the latest on that incident near the capitol that ended with a man in custody. and it's a popular spot for families, but a stretch of the patomic river may soon be
5:00 pm
limits because of security restrictions that are related to the president. and good evening, everybody. we begin tonight with storm team 4. we are seeing some strong storms popping up out there and there is a flash flood warning now in effect. >> doug, tell us all about it. >> we've been seeing the storms develop. they continue to develop because of that, we have flash flooding on going right now. couple of roads closed. you can see what's happening. -- this is the area we've been watching, through here. now, starting to see more storms pop up right on the border here, right around prince georges montgomery. right along i-95. incredibly heavy rain there. then another storm around frederick. this one not moving much either, we can continue to see flash flooding with those, too. wouldn't be surprised if we heard a warning here at either of these two storms as they're


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