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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00, mystery in the water behind a local shopping center. police are trying to figure out how a body wound up in a man-made lake. an empty rental house
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teenagers. and two local athletes test their mettle tonight on american ninja warrior including a gym owner and former d.c. cop who showed me the ropes. first tonight, a search for answer after a body was found in a man-made lake in fairfax county. >> police are trying to figure out how it got there. all this behind the starlight cinema in centreville. that's where jackie bensen joins us live. what have you learned? >> reporter: this lake is at the center of a quiet townhouse and commercial complex, a few restaurants in here and people started coming out of their homes when they saw all of the emergency lights out here tonight. now what we're told about 7:30, a man who was fishing spotted what he believed to be a body in
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it is that of an adult male according to police. we believe he is possibly in his 20s according to withins at the scene. a backpack was seen on the shoreline near where the body was found. now fairfax county police tweeted that detectives are checking missing persons reports in an attempt to identify the man. they also tweeted that the body has been taken for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. so, again, investigation just beginning here tonight. live in centreville, jackie bensen, news 4. leon harris watching capitol hill. two more republican senators have come out against the gop's health care bill. that could be a deadly blow. republicans need 50 votes to get that bill through the center and only have 48. mike lee from utah and jerry moran from kansas are joining rand paul and susan collins in
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on twitter, lee and moran say that the bill doesn't go far enough in it repeal of the affordable care act. lee wants taxes stripped from the republican bill. moran wants a fresh start overall and now president trump degrees with them. minutes ago he tweeted this, republicans should just repeal failing obamacare now and work on a new health care plan that will start from a clean slate. dems will join in. mitch mcconnell is now saying that the senate will vote on a repeal but it wouldn't kick in for two years. so he is effectively acknowledging that the bill is dead. chopper 4 high above a serious crash here in largo tonight. you can see metal and plastic all over the grass. two cars and two motorcycles co
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police haven't figured out what led to this crash. one driver was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. roads are drying out after some torrential downpours today. shomari stone showed us the high water on hunt master road in gaithersburg at 6:00. the same storms caused flooding in baltimore county too. when you see water like this on the road turn around and find another way to get where you need to go. doug kammerer is in the water center. >> it was a hot one today. high temperature of 91 degrees with the heat index in the mid- to upper-90s. then we saw the showers and thunderstorms. out there, most of us on the dry side. one area of storminess in hampshire counties. hardy county until 11:45. nothing around the d.c. metro area. there is still a
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showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. but most of us will be dry. if you see the storms they could be quite strong. 91 in hagerstown. tomorrow, i think right back there. hot and humid, a few storms possible and then major heat. yeah, major heat. we had two days last week with a heat advisory. this week we might have four. >> thank you. new at 11:00 tonight. we learned the victim in a serious hit and run crash in the district has now died. we showed you this video before. it's the car that hit 53-year-old burgess johnson. he was put on life support and he died at the hospital yesterday. police and johnson's family want anyone who recognizes the car to speak up.
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has become a party spot for teenagers. teenagers breaking in and trashing the place around fourth of july. it's prompted a local school principle to reach out to parents. we spoke to the homeowner tonight. >> we feel angry. on the morning of july 5th we walked into mayhem. >> reporter: this man who we won't identity is outraged. look at his home. he says a group of high school students, broke in, partied. trashed the place. >> walls kicked in. windows broken. sliding glass doors kicked in. all unnecessary damage and destruction so a few teens could have some fun. >> reporter: he took photos of empty beer bottles and plastic cuts. $50,000 of damage to a vacant rental property. >> the teens walked up to the master bedroom, smashed out a
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wall. his wife saw the damage when she was driving by and called police. >> reporter: the couple boarded up the place and the next day -- >> another group of teens broke into the house, broke a stove, broke some additional windows. >> reporter: police arrested a teenaged girl and two teenaged boys. officers are investigating who was involved in the first break in. the principal found out about the incident and sent an e-mail to parents to ask them to keep an eye on their kids over the summer. >>. >> reporter: police urge anyone with information if you know who was at this house on july 1st, they want to hear from you. in bethesda, i'm shomari stone, news 4. new tonight, residents in t the fairlington neighborhood are on alert for racon
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resident was attacked by a raccoon. these are pictures of raccoons using one resident's doggie door. facebook group says the animal welfare league will not help with removing the animals because the problem is related to the neighborhood's trash rules. the hoa does not allow trash bins outside, only bags which some say attracts the critters. residents are concerned about the recent attacks. >> we don't let it affect our daily life too much but it does mean that we're a bit more vigilant in walking our dog. >> animal control suggests using wooding closed trash cans that can be picked up every day. a capital police officer suffered minor injuries after a car crashed into his car and a gate this morning near the
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library of congress. police found nothing suspicious in the car and ruled out any link of terrorism. the driver will face several charges. president trump kicked off made in america week today with a showcase at the white house. business owners showed off everything from horseshoes and map map maple syrup to fire trucks. a company that makes crab pots represented mars b represented maryland. but there was one missing. there was no one from the district. despite a push in congress to repeal it, assisted suicide is now legal in the district. the question is, for how long? the 2016 dea
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went into affect today. but, just last week house respects voted to start the process of repealing the district's bill. for that to happen the house and senate must approve the repeal and president trump would have to sign it. no deal for kirk cousins. he will play for the burgundy and gold this season for a hefty price tag of almost $24 million. but his long-term deal, a future is still up in the air with the skins. bruce allen said today in a statement that the team offered cousins a deal with the second highest guarantee of any nfl quarterback but the skins never got a counter offer from cousin' agent. you sounded off today. steven said i hope they get rid of cousins before the season. another said the team must have really mishandled this if they're
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negotiation. and mark said if he's smart he will get far away and fast. almost half of you said in our flash survey you don't expect cousins back after this season. some of you say it depends on whether the team makes the playoffs. we'll have more in sports tonight. a local neighborhood victimized by vandals targeting the american flag. now investigators have a key piece of evidence. and i get a crash course on what it takes to become an american ninja warrior. it's even harder than it l
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tonight, more families say the american flags outside their homes have been set on fire. it's a followup to a story you saw first on news 4. this time neighbors in alexandria say they've got the suspect on video. one man's home security camera was recording when he says a suspect went door to door. >> i saw one house up the street go up, the next house go up. the gentleman come walking this way, opened my front gate, walked up to my house and lit it on fire and wasn't up the street this way. >> that video is in the hands of arson investigators. some of the homes targeted last night were hit when this first started the week before the july 4th holiday. ever wonder if you or someone you know has what it takes to become a ninja warrior. i had a chance to find outhe
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compete. like many he put endless hours into training for it. >> he's a former d.c. cop who makes a leaving these days helping others get in shape in his prince georges county fitness institu fitness studio. >> do you have to block out all that other stuff all the cheering and the lights and the tv? >> some people embrace it. and the other people it distracts them. >> reporter: the road was short by intense for will washington. he sent in an audition and got a spot. with 20 days to get ready he went all in, preparing for the unexpected and pushing beyond himself. he weighted down his body in all his reps. >> i add 30 pounds. i can still do my pillups and dips. but for my cardio i did a
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hill running and a lot of stairs but always with a vest. >> on top of that, 40 pounds he attaches to his waist. >> 70 pounds heavier now. >> so it's like a small person added on to you. >> pull it on up. like a half an inch. i'm doing it. >> are you moving? >> no. >> i'm swinging. >> will says a ninja's energy is in the corps. >> if you have a big stomach you're going to be hanging for long periods of time and moving in abnormal ways. >> after the core a ninja needs a powerful grip. >> strength in your hands as much as possible. you don't know what you're going to be grabbing. >> reporter: to get conditioned for the thinner air he worked out with this oxygen deprizing mask.
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it felt like someone was suffocating me. >> reporter: ninja competitors get a look at the course but never get to practice on it. attacking it is not for the faint of heart. >> the quickest way to fail is to hesitate. >> which is tougher, training for the police academy? or ninja? >> intensity wise, police training. mainly because unless you have a coach training you you don't have anybody yelling at you. >> you would go back in a heart beat? >> i'm going back. we have some unfinished business. >> here's some of it if you watched tonight. will went out on the floating steps. looked like he lost his footing right there. slipped into the pool. you know chances are we'll see him cte
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had another competitor from montgomery county. an aerospace engineer hit the red buzzer. we'll be cheering him up. >> new respect for the ninja warriors. >> from you too, i bet. >> i'm sore just watching. >> i'm exhausted just watching. >> you could do it. >> i would love to do it. let's get a team. we could do a spartan team. hey, we might have something. >> i'll be cheering you on. >> i tell you what, we're not going to be doing it outside. next couple days hot, hot, and hot. i think we'll be hotter than last weir and that was a hot week. high temperature, 91 in d.c. 91 in frederick and lees berg. but the heat
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mid-90s again. 80 at 11:00 at night. any time we are at 80 or higher in the city in the evening and overnight that tells you we're in for a hot day tomorrow. 77 in leesburg. the rain has moved out of the d.c. metro area. but we are seeing big storms in west virginia all afternoon and one area back in west virginia now, hampshire county seeing storminess. a severe thunderstorm warning until 11:45 tonight. there is a boundary across the area here toward the east. what's going to happen is that is going to sit over our area and create instability for the day tomorrow. just like today, we'll see a repeat with scattered showers and thunderstorms. here we are around midnight tonight. around 8:00 tomorrow morning, waking up to sunshine in the area. tomorrow afternoon around 2:00, though, some scattered showers that are away from the bay. a lot of times
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in. and that helps to line up the storms along i-95. that's where i think the storms will be. along i-95. around 5:00, a couple of storms developing. head's up there. now i got a tweet saying someone wants to know can we just go to the pool tomorrow? well, not bad especially early. i do think we'll see a couple scattered showers and thunderstorms. if you hear thunder get out of the pool and stay out of the pool for 30 to 40 minutes afterwards. 92 at 2:00 and 92 at 4:00. but here's the feels like forecast. tomorrow we're into 95 to 100. by wednesday we're over 100. and thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday we're at or above 105. on sunday we could be near 110. this is some big time heat. if we get near 105,
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heat advisory. this week i think we could have up to four -- four maybe even more heat advisories across the area. that's what we'll be watching out for. look at that heat. that's not a heat index at 101. that is the actual temperature. the record is 102 that day. on monday, the temperatures on the hot and humid tide. don't focus on that, focus on the heat and humidity right on through the end of the week. >> how can we not focus on that? >> it is tough. but i wouldn't be surprised if we hit 100 one or two other days either. it's going to be a hot week. >> thanks, doug. >> you're welcome. >> no deal for the redskins and kirk
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we were saying a lot of people shaking, scratching their heads over this one. wow. >> the last couple months and you sit there like a redskins fans like what is going on? the off season of confusing moves continue for the redskins after not agreeing to a long-term deal with kirk cousins tonight. the quarterback becomes the first in nfl history to play two straight seasons under the franchise tag and fans do not like that right now. the deadline that loomed over the franchise for a year has come and gone. no deal between kirk cousins and the redskins. inking cousins long term an having him was the
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so, according to allen, don't blame the team for not trying. >> we made kirk an offer that included the highest fully guaranteed amount upon signing for a quarterback in nfl history. $53 million. the deal would have made him at least the second highest paid player in nfl history. but we have not receive mid officer from curt's agent this year. curt has made it clear to me he prefers to play on a year to year basis. but don't cry for him despite not signing a long-term deal he will make nearly $24 million on the franchise tag next season. that is fourth behind derek carr, andrew luck and drew brees. if the redskins decide to give co
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>> not too shabby. the first series back from the all-star break and the nationals picking up where they left off. they lead the national league in runs scored and that's just about how many runs they scored over this four-game series in cincinnati. a 4:30 start. good thing they had their loves. they needed it early. bryce harper crushing this one to right. a three-run home run. his 23rd of the season. hit streak now at 12 games. the nats would take an early 3-0 lead. and the next batter, ryan zimmerman, back to back home runs. he is mow the nats/expos franchise leader with 235 home runs. now strasburg. strikes out
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he picks up his tentsz wh win oe year. orioles hosting the rangers. birds fans just wanting the win. in the bottom of the seventh tied at one. seth smith at the plate smacks this ball straight away to center over the fence and that's out of here. orioles win it 3-1, snapping their th
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and that's going to do it for us. >> thanks for watching, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow.
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