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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 18, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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bull market somewhere and i promise to find it just for you. i'm jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow! breaking overnight, the gop senate's bill, truck carry, gets a fatal blow after lawmakers defect. how the president is reacting this morning and what senate republicans plan on doing next. outrage, new details on the shocking police shooting death on an engaged australian woman in mississipnneapolis as her fa demands answers. desperate search in parts of indiana in an all out hurt when a father is missing from devastating flood. netflix surges blowing away expect facings in another milestone. alec baldwin in jack nicholson's shoes.
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race. early today starts right now. >> good morning. i'm frances rivera. we begin out of washington where senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's healthcare plan suffered a fatal blow. two current republicans came out against the proposal just after the president sat down with gop lawmakers at the white house. a vote on the plan was delayed after senator john mccain needed surgery for a blood clot. that delay seemed to only embolden opponents of the bill as jerry moran and utah senator, mike lee rejected the bill and put mitch mcconnell below the 50 votes needed to get it through his chamber. here's what the president said two months ago after the house passed its bill. >> we will get this passed through the senate. i feel so confident. this is a great plan and i feel it will get even better. make no mistake, this is a repeal and
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make no mistake about it. >> reaction from him came swift overnight, republicans should repeal failing obamacare now and work on a new healthcare plan that will start from a clean slate. dems will join in. the focus fall on mcconnell as both critics and supporters look to see how he will move forward on republicans' key campaign promise. we're joined by kris. good morning to you. what happens next? >> reporter: yeah, frances, it looks like republicans are unified in that aspect taking i.t. the lead from the president and his tweet and majority leader mitch mcconnell appears to just do that instead of repeal and replace, just repeal obamacare. he reads it is now apparent the effort to repeal and immediately replace the repeal of okay care will not be successful and we will take up in the house bill a repeal of obamacare with a
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in order to pass that repeal. senator john mccain a key voting member as late as yesterday now recovering in arizona from surgery, kind of sounded a bipartisan tone as he issued a statement last night reading that congress must now return to regular order, hold hearings and receive input even from the nation's governors to produce a bill that provides quality healthcare for all americans. it looks like the republicans will try to repeal obamacare and then they will have -- if they're successful getting to that 50 vote mark they'll have about two years to come wake up a new replacement bill. >> thank you. new details on the fatal shooting of an australian bride to be outside her home in minneapolis, no word why an unarmed woman was apparently shot through the d
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patrol officer and now the medical examiner has ruled her death a homicide. >> reporter: justin damon, 40 years old and engaged to be married next month dead after calling minneapolis police for help. speaking for the first time her fiance fought through tears. >> the death of justine is a lost to all who knew her she touched so many people. >> reporter: her soon to be stepson has taken to social media. >> my mom is dead because a police officer shot her for reasons i don't know. i demand answers. >> reporter: dshe called 911 saturday night to report an assault behind her home. two officers responded to that call one identified as mohamed noor fired a weapon. the body camera wasn't
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on. >> reporter: when you hear the camera wasn't turned on at the time, what do you think? >> i have the same question. >> reporter: all patrol officers are equipped with body cams, unlike areas where it is automatic these needed to be turned on automatically. from australia where she was from. >> she was treasured and loved and we will really miss her dreadfully. >> reporter: friends describe her as a spiritual healer seen in this video just three weeks ago. >> being thankful for this community. >> reporter: as friends and neighbors continue to mourn outside the home she shared with her fiance, one question still unanswered, how could this happen? >> that was nbc's blake mccoy reporting. through his attorney, officer noor now enthusiasm administrative leave offered condolences to the victim's family and they won't release details until they interview him and his partner. across the state, still looking
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flashflood killed at least nine people at a popular swimming hole. local authorities emphasize this is still a rescue mission. >> we still hold out hope. we still hold out for a miracle. we're going to keep looking. >> this morning rescue workers will keep searching along the 2 1/2 hour stretch of the river methodically checking for piles of debris on the water's edge. indiana police are pleading for help to identify the suspect who killed two teenage girls and released this sketch hoping somebody will recognize it. they were found in february just a day after they disappeared from a hiking trail. >> reporter: police hope this new composite sketch will help lead them to a killer and solve a disturbing double murder mystery that has gripped delphi, indiana. >> this is not a cold case, it is still ver
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>> reporter: investigators say more than 18,000 tips have flooded in and they have interviewed a thousand persons of interest. this abandoned railway bridge where 14-year-old liberty and 13-year-old abigail disappeared back in february. authorities released chilling audio from one of their cell phones around the time the girls vanished. a man's voice saying "down the hill." a photo captured the image of a man walking near the hiking trail. >> this horrible crime has torn a hole in our families. >> reporter: the girl's families devastated when their bodies fir found nearby. and police hope the new sketch will off fer a new picture of the suspect, between 5'10" with reddish brown hair. the reward topping $230,000 as the mystery of what happened to two young girls deepens. game gutierrez, nbc
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trump administration's voter fraud commission are leading many voters to remove themselves from state voter rolls, in some cases by the thousands. in colorado alone nearly 4,000 voters have unregistered themselves citing privacy concerns. the voter fraud commission has asked all 50 states in washington, d.c. for personal information of registered voters including the last four digits of their social security numbers. several states including colorado say they will only release publicly available information. others are refusing to comply entirely. newly released security footage shows a scary moment, a woman dragged by a metro train in rome. the woman's bag got caught in the doors as she stepped off. as the train starts to pull away, she gets dragged right down the platform. onlookers yelled for the driver to stop while passengers pulled the emergency brake which didn't work. the woman suffered several
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intensive care. the driver was seen eating at the time and said he checked his mirrors twice before pulling away. heavy rainfall, some areas in baltimore county received up to 3 inches of rain flooding and headaches for motorists. today, the big story is the heat. bill karins is here to fill us in. >> the hottest temperatures of this summer, right on time, right on followed, this is typically the hottest time of the year. we have 13 areas with excessive heat warnings and focusing on the plains and midwest. this will be expanding this week including a lot of areas. it's already been hot in the rockies and spreading. the heat dome is in place and will get stronger. 102 in st. louis, 101 in oklahoma city. it will get worse. actual temperatures will be above 100 in st. louis and not exactly chilly in the east. here's a closer look at your day
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you can see these temperatures upper 90s in place and some areas of texas today, still very hot in the rockies' too, salt lake city and denver. the houston astros laid to rest one of their own monday. sort of. they held a mock funeral for carlos beltran's glove who hasn't played in a month. beltran's glove may be gone but his bat very much still alive. the designated hitter did hit a home run last night. got to have some humor. it's a long baseball season. >> it is. as long as it's not the bat i'm sure his teammates and fans are all set. just ahead, first time buyers and why they're pouncing on trump's made in america week. re
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there's our president waving to reporters giving the thumbs up in the fire truck outside the white house. he celebrated made in america week. despite the white house's push to promote manufacturing here at home it's not exactly going to plan. critics are quick to point out many products bearing the trump name made anywhere but here. hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: at the white house, president trump's focusing on what got him there. jobs and manufacturing. showcasing products made in all 50 states. >> made in the usa, we're going to starts doing that again. we're going to put that brand on our product. >> reporter: but on "made in america week" critics counsel the president never put his money where his mouth was
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products they sell are imported from abroad. it would nice to see a lead by example there. >> reporter: the white house argues president trump is trying to roll back safe tooling regulations part of a manufacturing message that plays well here just outside detroit. >> i hear made in america and hear made in michigan and made in mccomb county. that's what we do here. >> reporter: it's counties like this one nbc news has now analyzed more than 400 in all places where president trump surged compared to the 2012 performance or places he flipped all together turning them from blue to red. these are the counties that fueled his win. right now, half the people that live there like how he's doing. his 50% approval rating in those counties is 10 points better than his performance nationally. >> so far he's done what he said he was going to do. >> reporter: there's a twist to the story. the president's support is slipping from where he was in november. dave pelter cooling on his candidate. >> i'd probably give him a b and th
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>> reporter: common critiques include too much action on twitter and not enough on healthcare requewith russia a w card. covering politics in this county for three decades. >> some people say when will we see this change and when will we get what we voted for. >> reporter: six months in a question of patience for this president. when asked by a reporter this week would be used for production to bring first daughter's clothing line to the united states the white house spokesperson said we'll get back to you on that. who is sean spicer defended her overseas production. judd ahead netflix has a new chill a huge 3450milestone just achieved. if you were new to the housing market, these cities are the best for affordability, quality of life and real estate ranking. many of the top 10 are found in texas. most of the worst cities for firs t
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in today's quick hits the duke and duchess of cambridge and their children, price george and princess charlotte, are in warsaw today, the five day
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announced he is putting the nba team up for sale. ford recently valued the rockets at $1.65 billion. today is ihop's 59th anniversary. in a celebration, participatory restaurants are selling short stacks for just 59 cents. the republican healthcare bill collapses. geoff, good morning. >> good morning to you, frances. in real terms it means americans traveling abroad are probably going to have to pay a little bit more here. part of the reason, the markets are a little bit spooked by the collapse in the trumpcare bill, the bill designed to replace obamacare or the affordable care act. markets are change their mind about how many interest rate hikes we're likely to get, now a 50-50 chance we will see a hike in 2018. let's move on from that story and
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netflix, they knocked it out of the park on subscriber numbers, 5.2 million added, over 100 million subscribers for netflix. a little bit of a head scratcher, people spending less time watching netflix even though there are more subscribers and caused pause for thought. the share price up 10% on the good subscriber number. >> maybe because it's summer, we're all outside at the beach or pool. maybe that will change. thank you very much. love came together at a brooke concert. which new iconic role is alec baldwin taking on? we'll fill you in next.
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...of these benefits to help you get better dental check-ups. go pro with crest mouthwash. checkup? nailed it frances, who needs friends in low places. when garth brooks offers to pay for your honeymoon. a man popped the question to his girlfriend at his concert in oklahoma city. when she said yes, the audience cheered clueing the singer in to the happy news. he congratulated the couple offering them this engagement gift. >> chelsea, where do you want go on your honeymoon. where? no idea? if you pick hawaii, i will pay for it. >> wow. >> not bad, right? >> he's also insuring the entire family and kid
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core garth brooks fans. >> absolutely. he's already tackled playing the president of "snl." alec baldwin is taking on an iconic new roll. you want answers? >> i think i'm entitled. >> you want answers? >> i want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth. >> how do you think alec baldwin will do with that line? he just signed to play on the role of that man, colonel nathan jessup made famous in that 1992 film "a few good men" part of the live stage version of the movie which has an adaptation from the broadway hit from playwright sorkin. it is slated to hit the small screen in the fall. >> it will be live. >> it's intense. it should be interesting. >> good luck. >> this is "early today." noo
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that breaking news. two firefighters are recovering at two houses are in shambles. take a look at these flames here. the massive fire started just hours ago. it burned two row houses on morgan street in northwest washington. >> waet people don't have a place to live. they survived because of their smoke detectors. the red cross is on the scene. the fire department says the injured firefighters are going to be okay. morgan street and kirby street northwest, not far from dunbar high school, are closed now. but the other roads around that area are open this morning. coming up on 4:27. good morning everybody.
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i'm eun yang. we want to get you up to speed on what's og going on this morn. let's check in with chuck and sheena this morning. >> may have another of those slow moving super soakers. >> you saw the storms. you know how much heavy rain that could produce in a short period of time. locally, though, we're at 78 degrees right now. it is very warm outside. we're going to stay warm as we go through the morning. we're going to stay sticky. it's going to get hot this afternoon. about the low 70s for the most part. remember yesterday with the humidity felt hotter. it's going to be like that again today. 8:00 this morning, 81 degrees. by 9:00 a.m., 83 degrees. we have that small storm chance this afternoon. chuck and i are back with that in a little bit. let's check your commute with melissa mollet. >> thank
4:28 am
taking a look at the beltway after bran ach avenue, the work zone is blocking the right lane. as you look at the map of beltway, inner and outer loop both behaving themselves this morning. no big problems. 270 -- southbound 95 at fairfax county parkway, two left lanes get by for paving. aaron sf. >> melissa, thank you. it's 4:28, we're following big news on capitol hill where the senate republican health care plan is dead. at least for now. >> this development could put health care for millions of people in limbo. news 4's angie goff is in the newsroom with what happens next. angie? >> eun, aaron, this was set in motion with two more republicans coming out against the bill overnight. that means the count now up to four republicans on record opposing the current version that's out. where do things go from here? mitch
4:29 am
senate will vote on a straight repeal of the affordable care act. a repeal of obamacare with a two-year delay with a patient centered health care system giving americans access to quality health care. that's what president trump called for in a tweet shortly after the latest defections were announced. to reiterate, the latest development. the repeal will not take effect for two years, giving lawmakers more time to create a new systems. they're calling for a new effort to improve the health care laws. thanks, angie. here's a look at the four republican senators opposing the plan. jerry moran and mike lee. chris pollone will have a look at why the lawmakers came out against the bill and how the process to repeal the affordable care act will work. it's a case that sends shivers through a lot of parents, the
4:30 am
take action to see that it never happens again. >> parents want to know why it took seven months to arrest a classroom aide. >> carlos bell was arrested earlier this month but parents found suspicious texts in december on phones. the group women of action is having a town hall meeting tonight. the goal is to show parents how to ida bus and how to talk with their children about abuse. the meeting starts at 7:00 at the church at st. charles in waldorf. benjamin stoddard middle school -- the first meeting set for friday, july 28th at 7:00 p.m. at the school. they've been blaming a backlog of evidence. the maryland state police computer forensic lab has four people to process all their cases. th


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