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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 19, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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county police are still trying to figure out who their 13th murder victim is. detectives spent yesterday knocking on doors in the riverdale heights neighborhood. the man's body was found in the road on sunday morning. police don't know the man's name but release this sketch. he's a hispanic man between 35 and 40 years old with into a too. police are offering a reward up to $25,000 for information that threads an arrest and indictment. a group of women want to give parents tools they need to better recognize sexual abuse. two weeks ago carlos bell was arrested on child pornography charges. he's accused of abusing ten boys as a teacher aide in waldorf. the group women of action of charles county wanted to bring the community together to grieve and to learn. last night the women's group and local pediatrician gave advice worried the parents.
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other people don't get to see or touch their personal parts. those are things that are normally covered with clothing in our daily life. that's how you explain it. >> charles county school system instituted a number of policies in the wake of this scandal. knit includes new training for teachers and administrators to better handle sexual abuse allegations. brand new numbers that just came out showing mixed results for president trump and his policies. the poll coming from nbc news and the "wall street journal," breaking it down. looks at specifically 400 across the country counties that helped trump win the 2016 election. now in those counties the poll found broad support for trump's proposals, 75% said they support trump's proposal to keep american jobs here. 53% back his administration's travel ban. howevere
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not big fans of his personal style. 29% saying they don't like his personal attacks and said it sets a bad example. and more than half doesn't like how he uses twitter and how the president is dealing with the russian controversy. the poll has a margin error of plus or minus four percentage points. become back. there are new questions this morning about a second meeting president trump had with russian president vladimir putin. the white house official said the leaders spoke at the end of a couples only social dinner at the g-20. this is caution stir because at the time the white house did not disclose or say what happened during the encounter. coming up, details on why the president is down playing that meeting. meanwhile president trump has decided who he wants to be the new u.s. ambassador to russia. he's nominating
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governor john huntsman for the position. he also ran for president in 2012. we are waiting to find out if virginia health inspectors will allow a chipotle in sterling to reopen after a health scare. the restaurant temporarily shut down yesterday after several people became sick with norovirus symptoms. one woman tells us she got sick after eating a salad on friday. >> we decided to call the ambulance because i couldn't even sit up. the ambulance took me to leesburg hospital. my daughter came and my husband came. as they were waiting for me in the e.r. she started to throw up. >> chipotle said norovirus does not come from its food supply and safe to eat at its restaurants. the norovirus can be serious especially for kids and older adults. according to the centers for disease control norovirus is
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leading cause of illness from food in the u.s. you can get the virus by touching a contaminated surface. symptoms include nausea and stomach pain. today we will find out whether self-driving cars will share the road with you while you're on your commute. virginia's transportation board is expected to approve a deal that would allow new testing to move forward on the 95 and 495 express lanes. our partners at wtop report the three year deal would focus whether self-driving cars can successfully run in the same lanes as regular traffic. some tests expect express lanes to close and vdot can set the testing schedule. this could cause some traffic problems. >> keep an eye on it. >> those automated speed cameras are popping up every where. >> a lot of us have been hit with a hefty fly. aaa has new numbers out this morning. 2 million tickets were
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maryland and d.c. combined because of those cameras. four out of nine speed camera tickets were issued in the district. the district raked in $100 million in revenue. aaa say that's highest number of tickets. it's important points out revenue is not reflective tickets issued that same year since many tickets are paid late. while d.c. has the highest fines, d.c. also has a lower repeat offender rate than maryland. >> proponents say it's doing its job. >> getting people to slow down. >> you know what opponents are saying. just a way to make money. >> i'm 50-50 on speed cameras and red light cameras. that works. >> i agree. the red light cameras definitely work. >> doesn't stop the sun? >> no. would you drive with the windows down? >> i wo
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about as nice as it will be all day. >> it will get hot today. feeling around 100 degrees. it's 79 right now in the district. 71 gaithersburg. 76 quantico. it's very warm out there again this this morning. as we go through the afternoon it will be hot. humidity will make it feel hotter. we'll heat up quickly after the sunrises. wake up weather by 7:00 a.m. 80 degrees. by 8:00 a.m., by 9:00 a.m. we should be feeling close to 90 degrees, actual temperatures around the mid-80s but the heat will keep going. >> we have gone from a code yellow to code orange new. that means unhealthy for sensitive groups and sensitive groups includes everybody who breathes air. unhealthy in code orange mostly the very young, elderly and those with heart
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ailments. if you fall in those categories reduce your outdoor activities. high pressure sitting right down on top of us. poor air quality all the way through the end of the week. four things to know. one or two isolated storms today. heat index 100 or higher likely today, tomorrow on through the weekend. saturday and sunday both flirting with 100 but should be an isolated chance for some thunderstorms coming back into the picture on saturday and sunday. any help in traffic today melissa? just one problem as far as any crashes. taking a look here again college park. route 1 there at berwyn road crash affecting lanes in each direction here this morning. it's been there for a couple of hours. hoping it gets out of the way in the next little bit. outer loop at branch road work there. not looking bad when you take a big look at the beltway. 66 and 95 in virginia just fine and 95 in marylan
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take you ten minutes. inbound same situation, outbound. one day she was your average bride to be. next the center of a controversial officer involved shooting. new information wleerng about the moments leading up to and following the death of justin damon. >> they were doing things most of us do every day. walking down the street and mowing the lawn when somebody shot them with a paint ball gun. police want to you see with the hopes of i.d.'ing the person behind the trirg. a warning fromhe t
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we're learning more about the man shot and killed by culpeper sheriff's deputies. deputies were on the look out for clark after a 911 call about a domestic assault. when deputies tried pull him over late monday he refused to stop. culpeper's sheriff said he was a deadly threat. deputies recovered clark's shotgun. three deputies are on modified duty now. this morning we're learning new information in that deadly officer involved shooting in minneapolis that's getting worldwide attention. >> justine damon was shot a
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in her home country of australia the prime minister called her death shocking. the family and friends also gathered for a silent tribute on a beach in sidney last night. mourners tossed pink flowers into the ocean in her memory. back in minneapolis there's still a lot of questions about why was toer fired his gun in the first place. the officer's partner told investigators they were startled by a loud sound near their squad car seconds before the shooting. >> what happened from the time the officers arrived on the scene to when she was pronounced dead, why don't we have footage from body cameras, why were they not activated. we all want answers to those questions. >> the officer who fired his gun has refused to be interviewed by state investigators. the officers did not turn on their body cameras until the shooting and squad car camera was also not activated. one day
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newborn, the next she was gone. why an innocent kiss success blamed for a baby girl's death. it was the meeting talked about around the world. now we're learning there were actually two. what president trump has to say about his second meeting with vladimir putin. and good wednesday morning. it is warm and sticky outside again. we're going to see the same weather pattern we've been seeing for the rest of the week except it will be hotter this time. we'll sho looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables.
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and even moisturizes for sofia vergara hair ♪ the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up. we're talk about the heat and the humidity and the humidity making it feel around 100 degrees today. so, of course, what better place to be than the pool. you definitely want to stay in the shade, have the sun block, stay hydrated. temperatures will be feeling around 100 this afternoon and very little if n
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going know the weekend we have some storms in the forecast. chuck is back showing you that coming up. today president trump and republican senators will work on a new health care plan. he has invited all republican senators to the white house for lunch. this comes after the senate failed to get enough votes to move forward on their plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is planning a key vote next week for a straight repeal of the law. right now it looks like it will fail. three republicans have come out against that plan. the white house is under fire this morning for not previously disclosing a second meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. >> this came hours after two leaders had their first face to face meeting this month at the g-20 meeting in germany. chris, what is the president saying? >> reporter: anybody waiting for reaction from the president certainly wasn't disappointed last night. word of this second meeting t
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yesterday, and several hours later president donald trump did tweet his response to these reports saying fake news story of secret dinner with putin is sick. all g-20 leaders and spouses were invited by the chancellor of germany. press new. fake news is becoming more and more dishonest. even a dinner arranged for to 7 leaders in germany is maid to look sinister. the problem forany m critics is that this meeting went undisclosed by the white house. it was originally reported by a columnist and an international affairs expert who supposedly spoke to two people at the dinner who said that trump went up and sat next to putin for the better part of an hour and had an animated conversation with him. >> the race for govr
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first female candidate. the associated press is strongly considering a run by maya rockeymoore cummings. she thinks important issues like health care will go state leaders and calls the idea of cutting medicaid unacceptable. a man once named as one of the 50 most beautiful people on the hill has pleaded not guilty to cyber stalk. juan mccullen is accused of taking nude pictures off his boss' phone and posting them online. he has been banned from using facebook and other social media sites. his former colleague has a hearing in court today on obstruction of justice charges. a woman arrested for trying to break into the white house or on to the white house grounds earlier this month has pleaded guilty. is this second time the secret service says she tried to
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both incidents happened on july 4th one year apart. since she faces a year in prison and a potential fine, sentencing is scheduled for september. it is now 4:49. a series of drive by paint ball shootings have neighbors worried and d.c. police trying to track down people responsible. this picture is released of the car involved. the attacks happened at six different places in southeast yesterday. 11 people were shot. that includes people walking down the street, working outside and a 72-year-old who was mowing his neighbor's yard. >> man, i just don't know what's going on. i'll be honest with you. i don't know what's going on. it's just sad. i mean some laws, got to come up with some new laws or something. something has to be done. it's not getting better. things are getting worse. >> paint balls don't usually cause serious injury but can cause pain and bruising
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video or pictures of this incident, police want to hear from you. this morning d.c. police are looking for two more men involved in a shoot out that injured a toddler. police nabbed one man linked to the shooting. darren watson is charged with a dangerous weapon. police are still looking for two other men. a group of men got into an argument and opened fire near a grouch kids. 1-year-old jeremiah white was shot twice. he is recovering. angie goff here at the live desk with this new video from out west. 5,000 people were forced to leave their homes overnight because of the threat of the wildfires. this is at a national park where officials say flames are threatening the park's power line supply. hundreds of structures in the possible pathway of the fire which already destroyed 25,000 acres.
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not close to being contained. weather conditions make fighting those flames very difficult for firefighters. some people in fairfax county are showing their support for a middle school principal arrested for assaulting a 12-year-old student. this is an online petition for terrence yardborough. in april he was accused of slapping a girl on the back side after she refused to pick up something in the cafeteria. he resign in may and charged with misdeamnor assault. his first court appearance is next month. we told you about the robotics team from afghanistan that's inspiring girls around the world. now the six teenagers are heading home with high hons. the afghan team won virtually in two categories at an international robotics competition in d.c. those categories sustainable excellence and courageous
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achievement. the girls said they wanted to show the world the talent of afghan students. the afghan team was denied visas twice before president trump changed his mind about that and allowed them in. 60% of the teens in this competition were founded, led or organized by women. and of the 830 teams participating, 209 were girls. like those numbers. like to see them go up. >> pretty impressive women. >> chuck bell? >> no, sir. as soon as you walk outside it's a wall of humidity. >> you are not allowed to complain. no, no. >> no, no. i'm making a statement of fact. >> ail hear about all through the winter is how you would like it to be warmer outside. >> is this warm though, chuck? would you categorize this in the warm category? >> i would call it mild for the equator. but on the hot side
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degrees and way above average again for today and for the next couple of days. another 90 goes in the record books yesterday. that's 14 days in july alone that have been 90 degrees or higher. the stretch that we're in, we might be able to get all the way up to 25 out of the 31 days this month 90 or higher. that would be the second highest 90 degree count in july on record. number one, 26 days back in 2012. outside we're going to be tweeting about the heat and misery index here. follow us on our nbc washington app. vote on my twitter pictures which is worse the time i leave the garage or the temperature in the garage. haven't sent out the picture yet. i know which picture i didn't like most. right now 79 in washington. already a heat index of 82 degrees. not quite as unbearably hot out across the shenandoah va
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degrees by lunch time. rain chances had been about 30% or 40% the last couple of days, now to only 20% chance for a shower or thunderstorm today and almost no chance for rain tomorrow or friday. afternoon highs mid-90s today. upper 90s could potentially make a run at 100 degrees. any one of those days friday, saturday or sunday. storm chances are back for saturday and sunday afternoons. you are allowed to complain about the heat. >> no, i'm happy. it could be humid. it can be anything. if it's warm i'm fine. eastbound 66 before 29 centreville, two left lanes getting by that work zone 95 in virginia no big problems there. taking a look at college park still have this problem route 1 at berwyn road crash. eastbound 70 at 40 left lane there getting by the work zone. beltway looks
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still have that work zone outer loop at branch avenue. they look innocent enough and typical kids entertained. but are toys stealing your information. the new warning just out from the fbi. you may have just woken up but it's research that may already have you thinking about going to bed early tonight. the latest link between sleep and alzheimer's disease. breaking news in prince george's county. take a look at this new video just in overnight of police on the scene of a robbery and shooting. the latest information just coming in to
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in news for your health this morning spore news in the fight againstle alzheimer's disease. >> new research shows people with chronic sleep problems may have an increased risk of dementia. sleep problems plague one-third of adults on a regular basis. researchers say sleep breathing disorders including snoring and sleep apnea have brain changes. these changes can appear before people show signs of dementia. >> sleep is so important. when it's disrupted it increases brain-damage that could then really accelerate alzheimer's.
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hours is the magic number of quality sleep we all need per night. when is the last time you saw seven hours of sleep >> i can't tell you. a baby has died after getting a kiss from somebody with a cold sore. ten days ago somebody with a cold sore kissed her in iowa and caused her organs to fail. doctors say half of people have the cold sore virus whether they know it or not and say it's extremely rare for babies to get infected through a kiss. the fbi has a warning about some toys you may have inside your house. the bureau say it's concerned about internet connected toys that have microphones, cameras and speech recognition. the fbi says those features code is close personal information that you don't want out, including your child's name or school. it has issued an advisory cautioning parents to read the user and privacy agreements that come with toys
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where your family's personal data is being sent and stored. stay with us "news4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. 5:00 on the dot. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we want to start your wednesday off with a look at your weather and traffic. >> our teams are working for you. let's start things off with chuck and sheena who headed outside. how it is outside? >> certainly hot and humid, later just really oppressively muggy out here. >> it feels kind of like a jungle or a rain forest, maybe. with all the bugs and sticky and we're both sweating. it's not as pretty as it could be this time of the morning but definitely not feeling like 100. later this afternoon it will feel close to 100. lovely sound of a rain forest in the morning on a wednesday. feeling


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