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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 19, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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where your family's personal data is being sent and stored. stay with us "news4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. 5:00 on the dot. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we want to start your wednesday off with a look at your weather and traffic. >> our teams are working for you. let's start things off with chuck and sheena who headed outside. how it is outside? >> certainly hot and humid, later just really oppressively muggy out here. >> it feels kind of like a jungle or a rain forest, maybe. with all the bugs and sticky and we're both sweating. it's not as pretty as it could be this time of the morning but definitely not feeling like 100. later this afternoon it will feel close to 100. lovely sound of a rain forest in the morning on a wednesday. feeling
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through this week. hot m to the weekend. still very hot but storms in the forecast. 78 degrees right now in washington. but, yes, it's humid. 76 in quantico. through the afternoon and this is the graphic that scared aaron earlier. 95 for a high temperature. look at that. little to no rain relief and feeling like the triple digits. >> he scares easy. >> hopefully he'll stay cool today. he'll have the shorts on again. let's head over to melissa mollet. college park still have this crash on route 1, baltimore avenue and berwyn road. response each way slowing things down through that area this morning. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway looking quite good. no major issues. inbound 66 before 29 centreville still two left lanes getting by the work zone. northbound and southbound 95 in virginia okay. same situation if we head over to the east thisni
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look at prince george's county, 210, indian head ohio, branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, everything there nice and green. we are following some breaking news about a robbery and shooting. >> angie goff is at the live desk with what we need know. >> we have an update in the 1900 block of addison road in district heights, maryland where after midnight police found a man shot. he's in critical condition right now at the hospital. police also confirming it was a home robbery. but there's no suspect at this time. ahead justin finch will have a live report from the scene as he works to gather more information from officers who are expected to wrap up interviews this hour. now back to you. it's 5:02. chopper 4 was over the scene as prince george's county police investigated their 14th murder this month. take a look. you can see they taped off a large area around the crime scene on larchdale roa
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reward for information that would lead tune arrest. the shooting happened around 8:30 in laurel. last week the police chief announced officers would work 12 hour shifts to crack down on the violence. meanwhile prince george's county police are still trying to figure out who their 13th murder victim is. detectives spent yesterday knocking on doors in the riverdale heights neighborhood. a man's body was found on the road sunday morning. police don't know the means name but released this sketch. they say he's a hispanic man between 35 and 40 years old with into a toos. police are off earring reward up to $25,000 for information that threads an arrest and indictment. a group of women wants to give parents the tools they need to better recognize sexual abuse and prevent it happening to their children. carlos bell was arrested on child pornography charges two we
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he's accused of abusing ten boys in waldorf. the group women of action charles county wanted to bring the community together to grieve and to learn from the alleged abuse. last night the women's group and a local pediatrician gave advice to worried parents. >> children need be told other people don't get to see or touch your personal parts. that's the things that are normally covered with clothing in our daily lives. that's how you explain it. parts that are normally covered with clothing are your personal parts. >> the charles county school system offered a number of policies. we have new numbers that show mixed results for president trump and his policies. this poll coming to us from nbc news and "wall street journal". it looked specifically at more than 400 counties across the country that
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twoin in this election. 75% say they do support the president's proposals to keep jobs here in america. more than halfback his administration's travel ban. some of those surveyed not fans of his personal style. 29% say personal attacks set a bad example with more than six in ten disliking his use of twitter. and 51% saying they don't agree with how trump is dealing with the russia controversy. this poll has a margin error of plus or minus four percentage points. >> there are new questions this morning about a second meeting president trump had with russian president vladimir putin. a white house official say the leaders spoke the end of a couples only social dinner at the g-20 summit. this is causing a stir because at the time the white house didn't disclose or say what happened during that encounter. coming up, we'll daf details why the president is down playing this
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president trump has decided who he wants to be the new u.s. ambassador to russia. he's nominating jon huntsman for the position. he previously served as u.s. ambassador to china under president obama. he also ran for president in 2012. right now we're waiting to find out whether virginia health inspectors will allow a chipotle restaurant in sterling to re-open after a health scare. that restaurant temporarily shut down yesterday after several people became sick with norovirus symptoms. one woman tells us she got sick after eating a salad on friday. >> we decided to call the ambulance because i couldn't even sit up. the ambulance took me to leesburg hospital. my daughter came and my husband came and as they were waiting for me in the e.r. she start tloupd. >> in a statement chipotle said norovirus does not come from its food supply and it's safe to eat at its restaurant. norovirus can be
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older adults. george the centers for disease control norovirus is highly contagious. it's the leading cause of illness from food. you can get the virus simply by touching a contaminated surface. symptoms include nausea and stomach pain. there's no specific treatment for the virus. >> today we'll find out whether self-driving cars will share the road with you on your commute. virginia's transportation board is expected to approve a deal that would allow new testing to move forward on the 95 and 495 express lanes. our partners at wtop report the three year deal would focus whether self-driving cars can successfully run in the same lanes as regular traffic. some tests would require express lanes to close and vdot would have the right to set the testing schedule. the. if you ever see those speed camera tickets you know how frustrating it can be. this morning we're learning just how many tickets were given out in the
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erika gonzalez is joining us from the road to break this down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're starting our morning like so many of you on the road commuting this morning. you drive through a particular area, you see the signs and you immediately check to make sure you're not going even so much a mile over the speed limit. we're talking about speed cams, of course. aaa has released ilgts review of speed cameras in area, how many tickets, where and so forth so i want to break down those numbers for you this morning. that review smothered than 2 million speed ticket cameras were issued across the d.c. metro region during 2016. four out of nine tickets were issued in d.c. alone. that's a substantial difference between montgomery and prince george's counties. the district has collected a total of $506 million in revenue since
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those dollars go towards public safety, reduce tax burden on residents and visitors. if you're seeing more speed cameras it's because people are asking for them. news4 has combed through the data and found since the start of speed cameras traffic fatalities have gone down 76% in those areas. this morning we're making our way into southeast d.c. to show you and area where there are some speed cameras and tell you about the warnings that will soon become tickets. that's when i see you next. back to you. they are the direct descendant was one of america's darkest parts of history. now the relatives of former slaves worry a future project could erase their family's legacy. how a major corporation could change the landscape of a family's past. the old saying goes the trend is your friend. well if you like it hot the trend is definitely going be your fen
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temperatures may get close to 100 degrees. how humid will it feel? sheena has that part of the forecast coming up. not too late to get away for summer vacation. the longer you wait the more money you save. why put off booking that plane ticket for another month. curtis made it clear to me that he prefers to play on a year to year basis. >> what kirk cousins has to say
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we are following some breaking news this morning. a person in critical condition after a shooting on addison road in district heights. >> justin finch is live at the scene with more on what happened. justin, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, aun, good morning still developing information. we're hearing our on scene that's appears to be attempted home invasion resulting in one person being shot. happening here on the 1900 block of addison south, close to 12:30 this morning. prince george's county police arriving to find a man shot in the area of that home. that man is now in critical condition we're told. we're just finding out as well that a handgun was recovered on scene. i'm joined by officer t
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still some changing information at this point but what we're hearing we're after one person. >> we do have -- we're looking for one additional suspect at this time. and as you mentioned we have recovered a handgun here on scene and our detectives are working to quickly try to establish exactly what we have here. >> reporter: trying to establish what happened inside that home. >> there were multiple people inside the residence at the time and as you mentioned we do have a man who was shot and is critically injured at the hospital now. just trying to put all the pieces together and find out exactly what happened here this morning. >> reporter: we're not clear on who that person was who was shot, is that correct >> correct. we're still trying to find out everybody's involvement here on the scene. there were several people involved. want to make sure we understand everybody's involvement. >> reporter: officer00er thank you so much. still very much a changing scene. we do know one person has been shot. the searcn
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suspect. we're live here in district heights. i'm justin finch, news4. back to you. thanks to a tip montgomery police have arrested a man for stealing purse of employees from nine schools over the last couple of months. hakym sheffield was arrested. he found an unattended classroom or office and stole the entire purse and took out the credit cards. then he used the cards to buy several things. sheffield faces charges of credit card fraud. this morning we're learning about yet another disturbing road rage incident. this happened in fredericksburg. a man was stabbed by another driver. this happened at the intersection of plank road and hunting hills lane. the victim says the other driver was on a month ped with a female passenger. the victim has nonlife threatening injuries. call police if you know who that driver of the
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virginia transportation secretary is defending the delay of the tolls. wtop reports that additional testing has to happen because the state wants to get the variable toll system right. he says it's the first time vdot has done pricing like this. pushing the start date back does will cost about $2 million. metro says there was no discrimination involved when it fired several track inspectors earlier this year. "the washington post" just reported on a legal response by metro. in at any time transit agency says workers falsified records. employees say white managers blamed black employees. petro claims it cannot be sued for racial discrimination because it's an interstate entity. for generation as historic black neighborhood in prince
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a dedicated group of families. now many are worried that a dominion energy project will force them out. dominion energy plans to build high voltage power lines along carver road in gainesville. its for a new amazon data center. many residents in that area are descendants of freed slaves who bought the properties in the 1800s. they fear the new power lines will affect their private use of the lane. >> i can put a playground over there for my grandson. i can't park my boat. my existence is because of carver road. >> the state corporation commission had approved the plan to build the power lines but then put it on hold on friday after a community group filed an appeal. a dominion energy spokesman said residents have it wrong. the company will ask and pay them to place lines on their land. let's talk about
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listen, i know chuck called me out. he said you wanted it warm. warm is one in this. >> we're past warm. >> secretly i don't mind it that much compared to other people. >> i think aaron loves it. >> heat. using the word heat. i feel that strongly about it. >> i prefer this to the cold any day. >> i agree. the last thing i want is to be forecasting snow. not that there's anything wrong with that but i don't mind forecasting the heat. one thing you do have to remember in this kind of heat is that you need to stay i had decorated. so, yes, feeling around 100 degrees adu. felt around 100 yesterday with the humidity. today much of the same. we had this type of weather pattern in place. poor air quality. they go hand-in-hand. it's making us hot and keeping us humid and be this way through the weekend. so just if you're outside, if you have respiratory issues or
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limit your time outside. excessive heat into the weekend with those 90s and some storm chances that will be heading our way. 78 degrees right now but it feels like 81 because it's so humid outside. later on today it will feel around 100 degrees. rest of the area looking at low 70s as you wake up and head outside. exercising this morning, obviously the morning is going to be the best time to get out. by lunch time 92. 5:00 p.m. 95. better inside later on today. some tips. stay hydrated. check on the elderly and neighbors. avoid long hours outside. never leave children or pets in the cars. big area of high pressure. that's going to keep us dry, keep us hot. and also what's responsible for that poor air quality. the rest of the week. look at these numbers. upper 90s. heat index of 105 and the weekend much of the same with storm chance. we'll take
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extended forecast and your beach forecast but we need your traffic forecast. >> tell you exactly what's going on. southbound 295 before helen borroughs road a tractor-trailer slowing things. westbound 66, this is really after 29 centreville. you have to stay left to get by that accident this morning. in college park route 1 still hanging around berwyn road. and beltway right now looking pretty good. kirk cousins the skins quarterback has a response for the team's president. he says he doesn't mind that he was called the wrong name. listen to this. >> kirk is obviously an important part of our organization. our goal was to sign kirk after discussions with kirk, kirk has made it clear to me. >> so wasn't o
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times team president bruce allen speak on monday in a statement he appears to use the name curt over and over. cousins says he's not upset and this sort of thing has happened since grade school. a spokesperson said it sound that way because of allen's accents. curt versus kirk. >> he doesn't care, just pay me. >> as long as it's written correctly on the check. >> that's right. it is 5:21 right now. another pivotal detain court could be in the future for o.j. simpson. what's expected to happen at the former nfl star's parole hearing tomorrow and what he plans to do if he gets out of prison. >> not the kind of
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the family of one of the four missing men killed in pennsylvania will hold a wake today. >> family and friends of tom maio will gather in philadelphia tonight and tomorrow morning. investigators discovered the bodies of maio and three other men a week ago in a common grave in bucks county. two are charged in the murders. there are new chilling details concerning danardo. danardo previously confessed to killing a man and woman. more specific details about the alleged crime have not been released. the cousins are charged for a preliminary hearing on september 7th. tomorrow all eyes will be on o.j. simpson and his fight for freedom that will be shown on live tv as he prepares for that critical parole hearing. we're learning where he may end up if he's released. friends say he would like to
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simpson served nearly nine years for robbing two sports memorabilia dealers. one of simpson's defense attorneys in his 1995 trial says this current sentence is a result what happened 20 years ago. >> no matter what you think about his circumstance in 1995, it is clear that if you are a fair minded american, you know the utter abomination of the sentence he received and the fact that he's been in jail for nine years is not because of the crime in las vegas. but it is a consequence of what happened in los angeles. >> you can watch more of that interview later this morning on "today". she called officers for help instead she was killed. ahead at 5:30 new details about the bride-to-be shot by police. well it's warm and humid out this morning which we probably expected but later oned
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there are some bugs out here. we'll tell you how hot it will be. another chance for a potomac river crossing. a local county voted against n
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>> left with bruises after paint ball shootings. 11 people hurt in a string of drive by attacks. we have a first look at the car police want you to be on look out for. >> a local principal arrested accused of assaulting a student. why the community is rallying to show its support. that breaking news coming out of district heights this morning. a man is in critical condition after a shooting following a robbery at a home along addison road. >> justin finch is on the scene there. angie goff at the live desk. first good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it is 5:30. get ready to feel the heat again, some more, worse. all that. >> all the humidity and everything. >> chuck bell and sheena parveen are outside with forecast. >> and we'll check in with monthly whole your first
5:31 am
forecast. >> there are sprinklers on and more humid now. >> just seconds ago turned off. it just feels extra humid out here. the lawn sal wet and everything. high recommendations. if you have kids or kids of all ages find a sprinkler and run and play in the sprinkler this afternoon if you don't have a pool. that's the best way to stay cool. four things to know about the weather. fewer storm chance. need that sprinkler if you want to have any water falling out of your sky. higher heat index. up to sclo es 5 degrees not just today but the next several days. air quality since we haven't changed the air mass, air quality is going down, down. code orange. temperatures mid-70s at 7:00 a.m. mid-90s for highs today. sun is down at 8:30 this evening. still 87 degrees as late as about 8:00 this evening and stay
5:32 am
weekend. we'll detail how high those temperatures go. any 100s? we'll let you know. let's go back to melissa mollet. 29 and centreville, problem. a little bit of a delay. another issue on 66 eastbound before 234, business route sudley road crash reported right now. sounds like it moved to the shoulder. 95 in virginia no big problems. southbound 295 before nanny helen borroughs rod. we'll take a look at travel times coming up. 5:32. let's go to angie goff at the live desk. >> tell us more about the information and the shooting in district heights. >> happening right now a search for a suspect is on in prince george's county. this was a home robbery here in the 1900 block of addison road. en
5:33 am
at the hospital. officers there you're looking at arriving to the scene. just after midnight. they are still there trying to gather evidence and also interview more people to get more information. justin finch as you mentioned, aaron, there as well. he's updating the story. posted some more information on his twitter page. follow his updates. he'll have a live report coming up. back to you. it's 5:33 now. prince george's county police are investigating the 14th homicide in the county this month. a man died after a shooting in laurel last night. it happened around 8:30 around larchdale and county roads. police told us on this was not random attack. prince george's county police hope you can help them identify another murder victim. they release this sketch of the man whose
5:34 am
riverda riverdale. there are new questions this morning about a second meeting president trump had with russia's president. the white house confirms they spoke at the end of a dinner during the g-20 summit earlier this month but hasn't said what was discussed. coming up, details on why the president is down playing this meeting. a series of drive by paint ball shootings has neighbors worried and police trying to track down people responsible. police released the picture of the car involved. two suspects inside. 11 people were shot. coming up at 6:00 a.m. we'll hear from an elderly man who was shot. this morning family needs your help finding two more men who d.c. police believe shot their 1-year-old. police nabbed one man linked to the shooting yesterday. derrick watson is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. inveig
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for two other men. police say a grouch men had an argument and opened fire near a group of children in northeast last week. a bullet hit 1-year-old jeremiah white as his father pushed him in a stroller. the baby is recovering. new questions are being raised about the cost to confiscate and crush dozens of atvs and dirt bikes in the district. police released this video of the off road bikes at the scrap yard. the district paid more than $770 to transport them on a large flat bed truck to the yard. but a spokesperson said police broke even after getting paid for that scrap metal. officials opted not to sell the off road vehicles in toward keep them off the streets. >> some fairfax county families are showing support for a middle school principal after being arrested for assault. terrence
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with assaulting a student. he was accused back in april of slapping a girl on the rear in the school cafeteria. he resign in may. people create this online petition to show their support. hundred of people signed it saying he turned the school around. his first court appearance is next month. a man is facing 132 years in prison for stealing tires and rims. jurors recommended the sentence for jason brooks who was convicted of a showers of theft that happened in loudoun county last year. the victim's cars were hit overnight and left on cinder blocks. he will face final sentencing in october. he's also facing identical charges in fairfax county, prince william county and in new jersey. lawmakers in prince george's county have passed two measures aimed at keeping you and your family healthier. we told you about the first one yesterday. vending machines in county buildings will now be required to include health injury
5:37 am
similar rules are in place in county schools. it bans teens from indoor tanning salons. trying to squeeze another vacation into your summer? waiting could be worth it. the so-called magic days for cheap flights are right around the corner. but first new details in the shooting death of this bride-to-be. what caused an officer to shoot her after she cled foral h
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this morning we're learning more about a man shot and killed by deputies in culpeper county. we brought this as breaking news yesterday. the man's name is aaron clark. deputies were tloong out for clark after a 911 call about a domestic assault. when they tried to pull him over late monday he refused to stop. culpeper's sheriff says clark was a deadly threat and his deputies fired. they recovered clark's shotgun as well. the three deputies are on modified duty now. this morning we're learning new information about that deadly officer shooting. justine damone was killed after calling 911 to report a crime. in australia the prime minister called her death shocking. family and friends
5:41 am
a silent tribute on a beach. mourners tossed pink flowers into the ocean. back in minneapolis there are still questions about why the officer fired his gun in the first place. the officers partner told investigators they were startled by a loud sound near their squad car seconds before the shooting. >> what happened from the time the officer arrived on the scene to when she was pronounced dead, why don't we have footage from body cameras, why were they not activated? we all want answers to those questions. the officer who fired his gun has refused to be interviewed by state investigators. the officers did not turn on their body cameras until after the shooting and the squad car camera was also not activated. good wednesday morning. we are looking at a warm sticky start to the middle of your week. we've already seen this for the past few
5:42 am
hours we'll heat up quickly. little to no rain relief. by 9:00 a.m. near 76 degrees. feeling hotter. wait until we get to the afternoon. we'll show the forecast and the weekend coming up. >> on metro yellow and blue lines affected by single tracking. this is between national airport and braddock road. we'll take a look at the roads and those travel times coming up. >> reporter: speed cameras and tickets. this morning we're looking at where the greatest number of them are issued and showing you a place where the
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right now at 5:45 another meeting with president putin. what the white house is saying about president trump's second sit down with the russian leader. and a new plan for a new potomac river crossing shut down by one local county. but today there's another chance for it to move forward.
5:46 am
shocking new numbers about how many of us are getting slapped with pricey speeding tickets. new this morning, we are getting a better idea of just how much money is being made off of those speed ticket cameras. >> more and more cameras keep pou popping up. erika gonzalez is with us now. >> reporter: good morning, guys. remember that if you are seeing more speed cameras it's because people are requesting them. traffic crash, pedestrian safety, all of that adds to those requests. we're driving along livingston road in southeast showing you the newer areas where the cameras have come up. warnings being issued right now. later these will be tickets. aaa just released its review of numbers, how many tickets, kind of where. more than 2
5:47 am
metro region during 2016. four out of nine speed tickets were issued in washington, d.c. alone. so big difference between montgomery and prince george's counties. the district has collected a total of $536 million in speed camera ticket revenue since 2007. those dollars go towards public safety, helping to reduce tax burden on residents and visitors. we combed through those numbers and since those speed cameras started in the district traffic fatalities have gone down by 76% in those areas. we're driving along in southeast this morning, i'm erika gonzalez. back to you. montgomery county leaders have said no but a new bridge linking maryland and virginia may still be a possible. today the national capital region transportation planning board will vote on whether to study a new upper potomac bridge. for now many drivers are stuck with the american legion bridge. yesterday the
5:48 am
council voted against extending route 28 across the river to the icc. transportation planners insist a second bridge will help ease some of the traffic. one of the big questions facing lawmakers on capitol hill, what are the next steps on health care? president trump hopes to answer that question when he meets with republican senators at the white house today. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is planning a key vote on a straight repeal of the affordable care act next week. but it looks like that will fail. three republican senators have come out against the plan. >> president trump is firing back at the media this morning on another issue. >> he's down playing new reports on a second meeting he had with russian president vladimir putin during the g-20 summit. what's the president saying about this meeting? >> reporter: on this meeting happened at a incident ear few hours after that first meeting where it's being reported he pulled up next toin
5:49 am
table and spent anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on who you believe. he's already tweet bigt as you mentioned, calling it fake news story of a secret dinner. he said it's sick. all g-20 leaders spouses were invited by the chancellor of germany and the press new. said the fake news is becoming more and more dishonest. innocent incident certificate made to look sinister. critics are upset about this because first apparently the president spoke to putin using only putin's translator. he did not have a translator with him. also there were no other witnesses. so it's really unclear what he was talking to putin about. >> thank you. a man once named as one of the most 50 most beautiful people on the hill has pled not guilty to cyber stalker. juan mccullen are accused of taking nude
5:50 am
boss' phone and posting them online. mccullen has been banned from using facebook and other social media sites. mccullen's information colleague has a hearing in court today on obstruction of justice charges. a grouch women want to give parents the tools they need to better recognize sexual abuse. two weeks ago carlos bell was arrested on child pornography charges. he's accused of abusing at least ten boys during his time as a teacher aide in waldorf. the group welch action charles county wanted to bring the community together to grieve and to learn from the alleged abuse. last night the women's group and local pediatrician gave advice to worried parents. >> children need to be told other people don't get see or touch their personal parts. that's parts normally covered with daily life. that's how you explain it. parts normally covered with clothing or your personal parts.
5:51 am
district has instituted a number of policies in the wake of the scandal here. they include new training for teachers and administrators to better handle sexual abuse allegations. angie goff from the live desk. more video from california where wildfires are now threatening parts of yosemite national park, specifically the park's power supply. the governor declaring a state of emergency. and that entire town there forced to leave their homes overnight because of the threat. the wildfire now threatening hundreds of structures. it's scorched 25 acres since the weekend and it's only 5% contain and weather conditions are not expected to help firefighting efforts today. our time right now, 5:51. i would like to find a virtually lining to this forecast. >> okay. >> he can find one. come on mr.
5:52 am
the days are already getting shorter. >> that's not good. i don't want the days to grow shorter. >> i like it when it's dark at night. sunset at 8:30. last time the sunset is 8:30 or later until next spring. how about that? easier to fall asleep. >> okay. >> she doesn't seem that convinced. it is another day in the 90s around here. we sure are stacking up those 90 degree days fast and furious. for the year 95 but 14 have come in the first 17 davis july. really hot. that's not changing any time soon. we aren't going to set any records. record highs are all over the 100 degree mark. but we're going to be really close at least getting to 100 degrees. code orange air quality. high pressure has been sitting on top of us the last couple of days. as the air mass stagnate taxpayers qli
5:53 am
code oranges air quality for today and could even get worse between now and the time we really switch air masses that comes up next monday when a cold front breaks this current heat wave. between now and then it's hot all the time. a heat index of 81 in washington. heat index today will be jumping way up again. heat indexes by 3:00 upper 90s to around 100 degrees and tomorrow no relief tomorrow either, heat indexes tomorrow doreen gentzler rally 100 degrees or higher. remember in the heat drink plenty of water, take your shade breaks and ac breaks. check on your elderly and make sure your outdoor pets have extra water and shade out there because they will need it. 95 the forecast for today, rain chances today very, very slim, indeed. almost no chance for rain thursday or friday. saturday and sun both near 100 degrees. heat index near 105 perhaps higher than that but there's a chance for some cooling thunderstorms saturday and sunday afternoon. now let's go over to melissa mollet and
5:54 am
shoulding up. >> starting with the rails, track yellow and blue lines single track between national airport and track work. 66 at 29 centreville, you were getting by on the left and noits gone. inbound 66 before 234 there, sudley had the crash on the right shoulder. no problems 95 northbound or southbound there in virginia. southbound 295 before nannie helen borroughs that broken down tractor-trailer. beltway overall rolling around pretty well. no big problems on the beltway, inner loop or outer loop. 270 south looking good. top of the beltway also pretty nice and green there this morning. 66 inbound, 95 northbound to big worries. listen to w torch p when you hop in your car today. >> if you haven't booked your summer vacation yet you might save a lot of morgan by waiting. the end of august is are
5:55 am
that's because demand for travel is lower than mid-summer. a trip from d.c. to london on august 14th would cost you nearly $1500 but on august 21st that drops to $875. families hitting the road are enjoying some cheapest gas prices. and prices drop even lower this fall. good morning. i'm susan li at cnbc headquarters. a major media merger may be in the work. scripps networks are in talks. there's a market valve $23 billion. discovery which is based in virtually spring, maryland is the owner of the discover channel and scripps is a parent company of the food network and hgtv. check
5:56 am
catch at last night's mets/cardinals game. when this foul ball went into stands it was new jersey governor chris christie who caught it. threw see it. he received a few high fives from the fans around him. much of the rest of the stadium erupted binds. can you hear it? he ended up giving that ball to a kid a few rows behind him. a little league team from just across trinity river wants your support in the regionals. >> the intermediate 5070 team from alexandria won their championship. they leave for north carolina tomorrow. they hope to raise $2,000 for their trip. they have already -- they are already about three quarters of the way there. the southeast regional tournament takes place this weekend. as they were waiting for me in the e.r. she started throwing up. next at 6:00, chipotle
5:57 am
several customers get sick. the latest on what's being done to clean up before your next food. do you have to share the road with driverless cars? the vote today that could change your commute on the beltway and i-95. plus a new victim of the opioid crisis. how investigators believe a 10-year-old was exposed to deadly drugs. a man shot overnight. now in critical condition after an attempted home invasion overnight. what we know about the case and the new details emerging
5:58 am
5:59 am
that breaking news coming out of district heights. that's where a man was shot overnight during a home invasion. news4 justin finch is at the scene. we'll check in with him for a live report in just minutes. new overnight a new poll about president trump and his approval rate cigareting is goi places you don't expect. first we want to take a look outside as we start this wednesday. the heat index is heading back up. way up. we're working for to you make sure you're ready. sun is angry this morning. it's coming. if you live in the district you should know trash and recycling crews m
6:00 am
starting work early so they can get out of the sun as it heat up nope matter where you live we have you covered everything you need to know about cooling station in the nbc washington app. >> own sheena parveen and chuck bell are here with the forecast. and a check of your commute with melissa mollet. >> yesterday morning the station was very sweet like taco tuesday. taco food truck. today we need to make it slip and slide wednesday. >> and an ice cream truck. >> we had ice cream too yesterday. ice cream sandwiches at 7:30 in the morning. >> it was melting right away. your ice cream will melt this morning. the sun rising. little bit of low clouds on the horizon. 77 degrees. as we go through the day it will heat up very quickly. 74 right now quantico. 72 leesburg. 70 in frederick. it's humid this morning. so another morning like many of the other mornings now, your commute for they're morning is looking pretty good. it's just g


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