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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 20, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the reason is more and more people are shopping at smaller markets that carry specialty items. it's a way to hunt for lower prices and control what you're buying for your family. >> you know the extreme couponers. you have to go to different stores. >> i go to grocery store and target and the bread is cheaper at one. >> you have a system. news 4 begins now with storm team 4. first at 5:00, we're getting you ready for a weather alert day. it might look pretty nice outside right now, but it's already starting to feel uncomfortable. take a look at the current temperatures this morning. a lot of places in the upper 730s. 80 degrees outside of our studios in northwest washington. >> it is 5:00 a.m. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're working for you on this hot and humid sultry thursday. >> sultry, a good word. melissa mollet has aoo
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and chuck and sheena just stepped outside. does it feel good, guys? >> fantastic. >> chilly chuck and sultry sheena. got it covered. >> that's why chuck is wearing a jacket. he's a little chilly. >> either that or i'm mentally ill. one or the other. another hot day to be outside today. if you liked yesterday, you're going to love today. no doubt about that. temperatures in the 70s and 80s now. a heat advisory from noon until 7:00 p.m. for the highlighted counties there. basically from route 50 southbound. heat indexes could be as much as 105. >> kmuk is going chuck is going scarf on. >> around 100 to 105 in and around the city. if/when there's heat relief coming, we'll let you know. let's go into the studio to magnificent melissa moll.
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today. you guys should probably come back inside. feels better in here than out there. outer loop on the american legion bridge, we still have the crash on the right side of the roadway. should be out of the way soon. westbound 50 near west ox road. right lane getting by that work zone. beltway looking okay. rock creek parkway at kennedy center. still alternating through the work zone. it's 5:02. update to the story from overnight. >> a man was killed in a shooting. we first brought you the story as breaking news last night at 11:00. police say it happened inside a home in forest glen. montgomery county police say somebody called 9-1-1 just before 10:00 last night. a gunman had come into the house, shot a man and then ran off. now we know that man has died. don't know his name get. but this home is on belvidere boulevard in a
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owe creek. there is a $10,000 reward offered for information that leads to an arrest in the case. aaron? >> erika, thank you. white male suspect, 50 years of age wearing a black polo shirt. >> that 911 call brought a busy alexandria intersection to a standstill. a man shot a woman after an apparent road rage incident. it's an incident drivers will be thinking about as he head off to work this morning. >> justin finch has more on how the victim is doing. >> reporter: eun, good morning. she continues to recover this morning as alexandria police work to determine just who was the initial aggressor in this violent road rage case. let's show you now the suspected shooter in this case. ernest stick he will, age 59. he was captured in maryland some hours after the shooting and now to the aftermath he
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suv. his passenger side window shot out. police closing off the scene around 8:00 a.m. wednesday around eisenhower avenue. that connector just by the beltway off ramp. witnesses describing hearing honking horns, then seeing it was the suv. and a white work van. the suv later swerved, they say, in front of that van on eisenhower. the suv driver, that woman in her 30s and a male passenger then got out of the suv and approached that van. that is when witnesses say they heard gunshots believed fired by the van driver ernest stickel before he drove away. the woman was shot in her upper body. she was last listed as stable. her boyfriend, the male passenger, is said to be unhurt in the case. aaron, eun. >> justin, it seems that we can't escape road rage. usually it's honking or shouting or a gesture or aggressive driver. is it common for a driver to
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>> reporter: good question, eun. perhaps more common than you might realize. aaa recently surveyed drivers from coast to coast and found more than 7 million drivers actually copping to getting out of their vehicles and confronting other drivers in cases of road rage. though, it's not that widespread, it's still more common than many of the drivers want to admit to or like to know is going on. >> dangerous situation there. justin finch live for us. thank you. five minutes after the hour. if you were near baltimore avenue in beltsville, you may have been affected by this crash. a motorcyclist was killed just before 7:00 near powder mill road. you can see the motorcycle in the street there and the major damage to the windshield of a dark sedan. maryland state police are handling the investigation. the victim's name has not been released yet. developing this morning, it's likely to be a somber day on capitol hill as the colleagues of senator john mccain are still grappling with the news that he h
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tumor. this news comes days after we learned that doctors removed a blood clot from above mccain's left eye. >> reaction has been coming in throughout the night. some of his closest friends in the senate sounded upbeat that mccain can beat this. >> god knows how this ends, not me. but i do know this. this disease is never had any more worthy opponent. >> certainly, john is a friend of everybody who is here and we all hope for the best for him. >> if anybody can beat this, john mccain is the man. >> the 80-year-old senator's doctors say he and his family are reviewing treatment options. each option has its own challenges. doreen gentzler has more. >> senator john mccain's office says that the senator has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor known as a glioblastoma. there are two types of brain teu morse.
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aggressive. this is what senator mccain's office says he has. his are the most aggressive type of primary brain tumor. with this diagnosis, his freemt is likely to include radiation and chemotherapy. the senator will soon be 81 years old. it is likely that the treatment would begin with radiation. his doctors say he's recovering very well from the surgery that he's had and also that his underlying health is excellent. that could certainly work in his favor and eun and aaron, we know that john mccain is quite a fighter. >> thanks to doreen there. fighter and tough are words that a lot of people from both sides of the political aisle use to describe senator mccain in tweets of support. president trump, former presidents and members of congress put aside politics to wish him well. we also heard from his daughter meg and a
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posted tributes to him on their social media pages. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. salvador dolly -- they ruled the body could be used as evidence in a paternity case. a woman claims she's his daughter. as a result of an affair. the woman is not interested in an inheritance but wants to be recognized as a member of his family. back over to you guys. erika, thank you. 5:08 now. new allegations of grade tampering will likely be front and center for one of our area's biggest school districts. kevin maxwell is meeting with the county delegation and and the maryland house of representatives. it's an open meeting at the prince george's county college. governor larry hogan wanted a full investigation of the allegations that grades were changed to boost graduation rates. maxwell says the claims are not true. >> the purple line project
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maryland seems to be back on track. a federal appeals court wants to secure money for this. a lawsuit opposing it will still move forward. the state is looking for $900 million in grants to build that light rail line between montgomery and prince george's counties. state officials say they could start construction within weeks of receiving a commitment on the funding. now to northern virginia where a second person is recovering after being attacked by raccoons. this is at least the third in the village of arlington this year. residents think the raccoons are drawn to bags of trash on the sidewalks for pickup. the man attacked yesterday says he was on his front porch when it happened. >> so i was stepping out to my porch to put on suntan lotion spray. i was just looking at the bottle of spray and all of a sudden the raccoons, two of them were jumping on my leg and scratching, clawing
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of shots for possible rabies exposure. we're told arlington county animal control did not find those raccoons. >> apparently the community there doesn't allow trash cans. but the newsletter says that they will be discussed now. >> they're supposed to put the trash out the night before, they have to wait until the morning. while the temperatures are in the 70s and 80s in most places, it already feels close to 90 in spots, sheena. >> well, yes. if you're in the district, it feels like, i would say 80s. 87 degrees right now. as we go through the morning hours, once the sun comes up, the best time -- you're not going to want to do it in the afternoon. it will feel like 105 degrees. we'll talk about what it will feel like in the next storm chance coming up. gluten or poison? the new report that says a popular pesticide may be the cause behind
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he was once the center of what's been called the trial of the century. >> now he's in the middle of the parole hearing of the century. what to expect when
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arizona. authorities believe it's that of the final victim in the flash flooding there. arizona crews have been searching for 27-year-old hector gar anybody as since the flash flood killed nine of his relatives, including his wife and three small children and other members of that same extended family. the sheriff says the remains were found in a canyon and they'll use dna to confirm identity. the flash flooding swept people from that family outing. nine so far have been confirmed dead. >> erika, thank you. the water is reaching eight feet in some places in arizona. heavy rains are causing more floods and fires in the area cleared the way for the water. the floods took down trees and killed power for thousands of people. look at the damage there. some roads are still shut down this morning.
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just about 5:15 now. we turn to sheena parveen. it is a weather alert day because of heat threat. >> weather alert day today and we expect it again tomorrow. look at this. 830 degrees. feels like 85. wait until we go through the afternoon. going to feel like the low 100s. coming up, chuck has a closer look at that and how long it's going to last. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. no big problems right now. you can see the beltway inner loop and outer loop. everything rolling along nicely. no problems there. outer loop the american legion bridge, that crash on the right shoulder. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. >> o.j. simpson will find out whether he will be set free after almost nine years in prison for an armed robbery. simpson will make his case for freedom in front of the nevada parole board. this puts o.j. simpson back in the sp
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>> jay gray is outside of lovelock correctional center in nevada. explain how this will work today. >> good morning eun and aaron. the process will take an hour, if that. what we'll see is simpson walking into a room at the lovelock correctional facility. he will sit down. there will be others in the room, including one of his daughters, as well as his sister, some friends will be there. he will be making a statement via teleconference. there will be a board of parole group in carson city watching that as well as two others. after a brief statement, he'll answer some questions. he along with the rest of the country will wait as that panel votes on his future and his freedom. normally, this is a two or three-day process. they don't vote right away. but because of the interest, the panel has said we're going to go ahead and vote today and get this done. so if he is granted
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earliest release date would be october 1st. if it's denied, if it's just flat-out denied, then it would be about a year before he could have another hearing. if there's some kind of tie in the vote, they would bring this all back up again in six months. so everyone will be watching in just a few hours as this gets under way. again, won't take that long. an hour, if that. eun, aaron? >> jay gray live for us in nevada. jay, thank you. be sure to keep a close watch for a push alert on this decision from our nbc washington app. we'll bring you a special report right here on nbc4 this afternoon. the hearing is expected to start at 1:00. 5:17 now. the fight to save a historic black neighborhood in prince william county is getting a boost. >> they've donated $30,000 to support the legal challenge to a planned dominion energy project. they're planning to put up votage power lines for a new
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many residents are descendants of freed slaves who bought the properties in the 1800s. they fear it will affect the private use of their land. a spokesman says the company will ask and pay residents for the towers on their land. the spokesman says it doesn't allow taking any portion of it. the chairman of the board for the county board of supervisors, cory stuart, calls dominion a bully and says the county will help protect the neighborhood. the virginia state corporation commission is expected to have the final say. do you know how many u.s. national parks are in our area? the national mall is the obviously, as is rock creek park. did you know there are 290 others? did you no he that? >> uh-huh. >> all of them are scattered throughout the city. all traffic circles, including the one in dupont circle are park service land. others are not so obvious, including the empty lot
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i know that space. it used to be a national park. the park service has to decide which one toss approve and which ones to get rid of. >> the studly help us with that. give us a baseline. give us the management options and what are the ways to look to partners to help us with fundraising and maintenance and care. >> the national park service says no matter what they decide, their goal is to respect the city's geographical past. very nice. this next question may be a sign of the times. but is it ever okay to wear sandals or flipflops to work? >> no. >> "the new york times" created a buzz when it asked that question. we went out to ask people walking through dupont circle what they thought. listen. >> of course. it's too hot out here for shoes. >> i think it depends on the work environment. >> you have sandals on. >> yes. we have a more relaxed
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>> as long as your feet don't smell. >> that's whafs going to say. >> we asked your opinion on facebook. it looks like more than half of you who responded say no. flipflops are never appropriate for work. you can still weigh in on the nbc washington facebook page. i think you still have to ask the question what qualifies as a flipflop. >> and a sandal. there are a variety of sandals. especially for women. there are some that are dressier. >> i made a stink at my old job. >> with your feet? >> no. if women can wear sandals, men should be able to. >> does it go with your suit? >> what difference does it make. >> the double standard. if i come in, in a pair of sandals as opposed to hard bottom shoes. >> not with shorts and a t-shirt. >> i draw the line. you're not wearing her jimmy choo high-heeled shoes. got to draw the line somewhere. >> thank you, chuck. >> that's the open
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the high heels like the ladies typically wear. outside it is a steamy start. -- what? >> no. >> he wasn't going to wear them if that's what you were saying. >> i'm sorry. >> all right. it's a hazy start to the day for sure. already have a heat index of 85 degrees in downtown washington. those heat indexes are going to be up, up and away as have been the temperaturesment july is 3 degrees warmer than average and 15 out of the first 19 days of the month have been 90 degrees or higher. today, another one on the stack. heat advisory for later today. could be as high as 105. along the corridor and southern maryland. forecast by 3:00 this afternoon. heat index around 100 to 105 degrees. actual air temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. it's going to be hot no matter how you slice it. we have all the information you need how to get cool in
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how to stay cool in the nbc washington app. you can follow me on facebook and twitter by looking for chuck bell 4 instagram. i can be found at forecast 4 you. head on down to the coastline. it will still be hot but not as bad. you'll be at the beach as opposed to stuck at home. here's the five-day forecast for you. hot, hot and hot. next day below 90 may not be until tuesday of next week. sounds good. right lane by the work zone was cleared out of the way. inner loop and outer loop looking okay on the beltway in new hampshire avenue. no problems there. american legion bridge. crash cleanup in the right transition lane. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. a big city police department that has seen its controversy under fire again. what one officer is accused of doing and the body camera that captured it all. remember t j
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in news for your held this morns, millions of people have a gluten sensitivity that may be caused bay chemical and not the wheat itself. roundup has been used on certain crops since 1973. it's a pesticide the world health organization has gone back and forth over. one dietitian nutritionist said the pesticide mixed with gmos attacks our good gut bacteria. goerng everybody. birds chirping away early this morning. they're trying to get everything done before the sun is up. sun is up just after 6:00 this morning. get it done early if you have to do set
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105 degrees later on this afternoon. the ten-day forecast does have a cooldown in it. we'll give it to you coming up at 5:51. plus, cars without drivers. one step closer to being on the roads you use. but the self-driving cars may not be up to safety
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right now at
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alert. you thought it was hot yesterday. brace yourself for more heat. storm team 4 is here with the warnings about a heat wave. evidence planted by police. a maryland department is in the spotlight again. new video just in. tribute to the victims of a colorado movie theater shooting. five years since that terrifying night. "news4 today" starts now. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. the sun isn't even up yet, but the heat is already here. temperatures already in the 80s. outside the studio where chuck bell and sheena parveen are this morning. >> they're going to tell us how it feels outside. that's before we check in with melissa mollet who is in the comfy first 4 traffic. she deserves to be there. >> chuck, you say 80s, not hot. >> it's as not hot as it's going to be all day long. how about that?
5:31 am
this is the best time to get outside. even though it's very humid and sticky and i think i just got bit on my ankle. >> again. >> again. you have to change perfumes. >> i think it's my sweet blood, chuck. it's my natural scent. >> well. >> it's the buggy weather where you walk outside, it's sticky and warm and there's bugs all over the place. feels like 85. man, it's going to be hot today. quantico getting close to 80s. we have a heat advisory as we go through the day today. so look at these numbers. 94 degrees by noon. 97 by 5:00 p.m. feel like 105. your thursday commute, though, it looking dry. we like to see that for the drivers out there as far as the road conditions are concerned. i'm telling you, it is going to be a hot one today. you want to stay
5:32 am
today if you have ac. >> and sun block if you're hanging out. melissa mollet, it is the kind of day with the windows up and the air on. >> yes. if you're like me, you stay inside. it's too hot. westbound 50 at west ox road, right lane gets by. the beltway looking quite good this morning. inner loop and outer loop, no problems. earlier slowdowns there. top of the beltway, new hampshire avenue is rolling along well. still have the right transition lane blocked by crews trying to tow that vehicle involved in the earlier accident out of the way. bottom of the beltway, prince george's county, no problems into town or out of town. we look at the travel times coming up. overnight, there was a vigil for a mass shooting. it's been five years since the aurora theater shooting in colorado. >> can you believe it? aaron, five years have
5:33 am
gunman stormed an aurora, colorado, theater killing 13 people, 70 others were hurt when james holmes went on a shooting spree. there was a vigil and procession of first responder vehicles. the theater was packed that night. the people for a midnight showing. the black knight rises. holmes eventually confessed to the shooting but pled not guilty by reason of insanity. he was sentenced to life in prison -- senator john mccain is battling a brain tumor. the arizona republican has glioblastoma. that's the same kind the late senator ted kennedy had. >> these are some of the tweets of support from politicians from both parties that were posted overnight. we'll tell you more about the treatments mccain is considering and what it means for washington politics coming up. >> the man shot inside a home in silver spring has
5:34 am
provided this update overnight after we broke the story at 11:00 p.m. police have not identified the victim. the suspect -- after the shooting. >> a man is in custody after a suspected road rage shooting in alexandria. ernest stickel turned himself in to police in frederick county maryland. witnesses shot a woman after he -- challenging him about his driving. >> coming up at 6:00, we'll take a closer look at the shocking study about how many drivers admit to feelings of rage behind the wheel. >> o.j. simpson is up for -- the former nfl star has been in -- he could be released as early as october. much more on the possible early release. that's starting at 1:00. the time right now is 5:34. this
5:35 am
the center of a baltimore police investigation. take a look. the video shows one officer apparently planting drug evidence in a case that would ultimately be dismissed. the video was discovered by the public defender's office. they turned the video over to internal affairs. it showed them putting -- he turned on his own body camera and saying let's check the alley. the officer who has been suspended later finds out what appears to be the same bag of drugs. baltimore city has one of the largest body camera programs in the country. it was launched in 2016 following violent protests over freddie gray's death. the 12-hour shifts in response to the recent spike in homicides. we're talking about the shifts that police officers in prince george's county are working right now. there have been 14 homicides in the county already this month.
5:36 am
latest victim. his father said his son was looking forward to his senior year in high school this thaul. now the teen will never reach that milestone. corey was shot during an illegal transaction and that it was not random. most of the homicides this month involve criminal activity. arrests have been made in four cases. prince george's county is working -- the police officers are working the 12-hour shifts in response to violence. the department tweeted the work they're doing. while you were sleeping, we'll give you a closer look in the next half hour. we're learning about what left a one-year-old -- court documents show the argument that led to the shooting of a one year eeld old was about a craps game. witnesses tell investigators that two men were playing the game. they were surrounded by kids and neighbors. police arrested derrick watson on tuesday. investigators are still search
5:37 am
there is a reward for his arrest. that one-year-old boy who was shot, jeremiah white, is recovering. a local chipotle restaurant is back open after being closed for two days because of a health scare. it's not clear why customers got sick. several customers complained of nausea and other probable lemts. investigators say the restaurant is cooperating. if you became sick after eating there, call the loudoun county health department. they can be sick with no way of telling you. now there is a vaccine to protect the four-legged members of your family. what you should know about dog flu and the fight against it. plus, pushing the purple line forward. it's the railway put on hold dozens of times. now a
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5:40 am
that's not the sound a dog owner wants to hear. we want to let you know that cases of dog flu are on the rise. it is dangerous and also highly contagious. vets say dogs can get the flu from coming into contact with dogs at kennels, doggie day cares and dog parks. >> they can get it from
5:41 am
or drinking from bowls of other dogs. >> exercise intolerance, not as much energy as usual and more gradual symptoms, maybe not eating or drinking as much and the cough progressing or becoming more frequent. >> there is a flu shot. >> two weeks after that they need a booster. after that, they recommend yearly vaccinations. >> you saw her dazzle crowds. >> simone biles is helping hundreds of d.c. kids stay in shape. the gold medalist is taking part in triple play day hosted by the boys and girls club of greater washington. she'll help lead club kids through training exercises, yoga and obstacle course races at pest potomac park. as hot as it's going to be today, they're going to definitely need a lot of water. probably some breaks too. yes,
5:42 am
everybody. puppy dogs included. temperatures today are going to be well up into the 90s yet again. four things you need to know about the weather. welcome to the 3h club. heat, haze and humidity in abundance into the weekend. we'll update the rain chances in a few more minutes. bad hair day today. southbound bw parkway -- this is finally wrapped up, westbound 50 at west ox road. take a look at the travel time. the purple line project is back on
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good morning he shall. a storm team 4 weather alert day. getting prepared for a -- heat indexes up to 105 degrees. washington and fairfax.
5:46 am
today and tomorrow and storm chances are increasing as we get into your weekend. sheena has that ten-day forecast coming right up. cabinet complaints, president trump expressing frustration with one of his own advisers. the latest update in a live report from capitol hill. >> first, though, a green light for the purple line. the court ruling that could allow construction to start. lits get to that top story. the long awaited purple line looks like it is a go. >> the light rail line between montgomery and prince george's counties has cleared another legal hurdle. megan mcgrath is here with more on what the purple line means for you. >> reporter: there's been a lot of legal wrangling and delays. it looks like the purple line is now back on track. take a look at the map here. you can see what we're talking about. the
5:47 am
would connect montgomery county to prince george's county. there would be stops in bethesda, silver spring, college park and new carrollton. the future of the project was uncertain. but now a big move forward. a new federal appeals court ruling allows maryland to secure federal funding for the purple line. the state is looking for $900 million in federal funding. now, we've been talking to users of public transportation here this morning. here are their thoughts on the purple line. >> it's a great thing if they get it done. >> lot of back and forth. >> make up your mind. >> i don't know why we're spending or even considering spending all that money on the purple line. >> but the fight isn't over. there's still a lawsuit out there that opposes the project. back to you guys. >>eg
5:48 am
5:48 right now. president trump's interview with "the new york times" is raising a lot of eyebrows. >> he had some tough words about attorney general jeff sessions. the president criticized his decision to recuse himself from the russian investigation. nbc's sarah dallof is live on capitol hill. sarah, these are some surprising comments from one of the president's earliest backers. >> one of his staunchest supporters much the president not holding back in his interview with "the new york times." not only criticizing sessions' decision not to -- saying he wouldn't have appointed him had he recused himself. he had sharp words for former fbi director james comey who he said was compiling a dossier of compromising information on the president in order to leverage his job. he also had a warning for special prosecutor robert mueller who is leading the investigation into possible
5:49 am
election. that warning, to stay out of the trump family's personal finances and all this comes, aaron and eun as president trump marks six months in office today. back to you. >> sarah dallof on the hill for us. sarah, thanks. next week could be a critical one in the russia investigation. senate intelligence committee staffers will interview the president's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner. that will take place behind closed doors. meanwhile, another senate committee asked donald trump jr. and former trump chairman paul manafort to testify. their appearances have not been confirmed. we're also seeing a lot of reaction from capitol hill this morning about senator john mccain's brain tumor diagnosis. we're working for you to bring you latest on that and possible treatment options coming up at 6:00 a.m. today, we'll get an update on the
5:50 am
republican-controlled congress. there have been efforts in both the house and senate to outline the district's efforts to get voting rights. mayor muriel bowser petitioned congress to get the district a state by petitioning city leaders. today's public meeting will be held at the wilson building this afternoon. it's been burning for days. a northern california fire just doubled in size. 48,000 acres burned. just 7% containment so far. more than 2 dozen homes destroyed and 1500 structures are being threatened. as a result, you have thousands of people being forced to leave their homes. this is close to yosemite national park, in fact. so close that there's a smoky haze over the park. a spokesperson for the fire department there says it looks like for now, the park is not at risk. the flames appear to be
5:51 am
direction. definitely something they're keeping a close eye on. i'm erika gonzalez. back to you. erika, thank you. we have happy update to a story we told you about earlier this summer. remember, simba. that 35-point cat who had a brief stay at the rescue shelter. it was a day after post went viral. his new parents recently were married and included him in many wedding photos. that's nice. they're trying to help him lose some of the extra weight to make him more comfortable. >> they changed his name. it's vito now. >> it's not, is it? >> i thought it was fat cat. >> that's his nickname. >> with all the heat. >> he's going to be hot today. >> oh, my goodness. all of us. >> yes, he's going to be extra hot, though. imagine the kind of arm workout from holding
5:52 am
cat. today, though, this is what you want to do. hydrate. here's the weather outlook. feeling like 105 today. feel like 105 tomorrow. going into the weekend, we could certainly still feel near 105 degrees. then our rain chances are going to go up. we don't have rain relief today or tomorrow through the area. saturday, we could see strong storms in the afternoon. sunday, another hot day with afternoon storms. right now, it's warm and humid outside. 77 leesburg. winchester at 68 degrees. still looking at the humidity. 75 in clinton. 73 frederick. heat advisory until 7:00 p.m. along the districts and points south, extends to baltimore. when you factor in the humidity, that's really the deciding factor on whether or not it's going to be comfortable. today looks pretty uncomfortable. big area of high pressure. flew the rest of the week, it's keeping us dry. it's not giving us great air quality, but
5:53 am
so we're not going to see much relief from that. for the rest of the week and into the weekend, here's heat tips for you. stay hydrated. check on the elderly and the neighbors. avoid long hours outdoors. never leave children and pets in the car. if you're grilling today, find shade. by 5:00 p.m., 97 degrees. feeling like 105. still hot by 7:00 p.m. future weather keeps us dry. tries to throw in a few sprinkles. but we'll be lucky if we see that. the beach forecast not looking bad. temperatures around 90. there you see the weekend storms watching closely. we don't get back into the 80s until next tuesday. a hot commute this morning melissa, mollet. at least it's dry. >> that's true. blast the ac. bw parkway after 410, you can see the backups here. about 1.5-mile backup. that problem in the left median. it is quite slow right now.
5:54 am
should be clearing in just a little bit. hopefully it will relieve some of that problem. inner and outer loop -- the american legion bridge. just spoke with police. they say that is out of the way now. it was involving a truck. took some time to get that out of the way. that's where we're seeing the -- bottom of the beltway, inner loop and outer loop. prince george's county, looking quite good. 95 quantico to the beltway, slow northbound as you hit woodbridge here this morning. take a look at the travel times straight ahead. >> melissa. thank you. the effort to get self-driving cars on the road is revving up. house panel approved a proposal to let automakers release up to 100,000 self-driving cars. it's the response to traffic-related deaths. the cars would not have to meet existing safety standards. the proposal would ban states from imposing self-driving car performance rules. the fullou
5:55 am
proposed measure in september. the virginia state transportation board is moving ahead to allow testing. federal researchers plan to put them on i-95 and the beltway lanes this year. we want to see how they function in regular traffic. they will automatically adjust the speed and prevent lane merging. if you're planning to get your child a popular fidget spinner or you have them in your home, touf listen to this next story. >> aside from the choking hazard that toys pose, there are now reports that the toys can start fires. the toys can apparently come with bluetooth and lithium batteries. the consumer product safety commission looking into reports that those batteries catch fire. >> nbc news kerry sanders will have the reports coming up on "today." good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc
5:56 am
facebook is working on a new subscription feature to let publishers charge for articles they pose on the site. it will be available this fall through facebook's instant articles. reports say it would likely kick in after a user reads ten articles in a month. i'm landon dowdy with the cnbc business report. >> landon, thank you. harry potter fans, get excited. >> yea. >> two new books from the magical universe set to be released this fall. harry potter, a history of magic. the book of the exhibition will take readers through the subjects studied. a journey through a history of magic will touch on mystical things such as al kem i, unicorns and ancient witchcraft. celebrating 20 years since the series launched. >> put in your orders now. >> 20 years. >> the people who grew up reading those books. >> awesome. >> nine years after a conviction. o.j. simpson is
5:57 am
ahead at 6:00, what -- the chance that he'll be set free early. a woman is shot in what appears to be a road rage case in alexandria. i'm justin finch with findings you may want to keep in mind next time frustrations boil over behind the wheel. days after we warned you about raccoon attacks. there is another victim. hear from the man who was bit and scratched. he was bitten and scratched outside his own home.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on "news4 today," weather alert. heat and humidity hitting us hard on this thursday. it's here to stay at least for a few days. warnings in your torm steam 4 forecast. >> developing now. brain tumor diagnosis. the latest on senator john mccain's medical condition and the treatment he is now considering. >> plus, road rage attack. a woman shot after a fight with another driver. >> we know those feelings of frustration behind the wheel. how this situation escalated into a shooting. "news4 today" starts now. >> good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. if you're getting your family ready for the day ahead. load up on the sunscreen and plenty of water. it's going to be s h
6:00 am
going to feel a heat wave as soon as you walk out the door. >> chuck bell and sheena parveen have walked out the door and they're working on the forecast for us. we'll check in with melissa mollet. chuck, i don't understand why you still have the jacket on. >> i i've unbuttoned in. that's a step in the right direction. >> we were talking earlier. you have your scarf ready too. >> absolutely. i'm not that right in the head. it's hot outside again for today. statistically this is the hottest time of the year. it should be no surprise that it's going to be a blistering hot afternoon. sun just now coming up. the time now 6:00. can't see through the haze layer just yet. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. heat advisory from noon until 7:00 p.m. for all of your highlighted counties. any of those spots could be as much as 105 on the heat index from annapolis to brandy wine to washington to fairfax, manassas as well. actual air temperatures. if you think it's not going to be that hot,nl


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