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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 21, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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student. they met while he worked at a middle school school. he's charged with sexual abuse of a minor. court dock unlts show that he worked part-time between september of 2015 and february of 2016 at rockville high school also police released new information on a crash that we reported as breaking news yesterday morning. we know that hagans of falls church was killed when the dump truck she was driving crashed in upper marlboro. live power lines wrapped around the truck as asphalt spilled out on to the road. police say it appears she lost control while on a curve. hagans was 28 years old. those of you waking up in the columbia forest section of arlington may not have water right now. crews had to shut down water lines to make emergency repairs. those are happening at columbia pike and south frederick street. traffic is being impacted in
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everything should be back to normal by 8:00 this morning. right now, a group of teenagers from grundy is still missing. they vanished on tuesday after an international robotics competition on tuesday. two teams from the group were spotted crossing the canadian border. the trail has gone cold on the other four. the team stayed at a residence hall at trinity washington university. they left their room keys behind indicating they planned to leave on their own. they have one-year visas to be here in the u.s. they may not be doing anything illegal by not returning to burr unda at the moment. it was due to political tension and sporadic violence throughout the country, including frequent gunfire and grenade attacks by armed groups. a leader -- they think they're trying to seek asylum. a deadly 6.5 magnitude quake rattles popularou
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the -- between turkey and greece. the holiday island reporting the most damage and the number of injuries. it's also left two people dead. the concern now is whether this could produce a tsunami or just very large waves. the rid yoe at that you're seeing there is likely outside a number of hospitals where people were airlifted there. we saw a lot of damage outside grocery stores and markets in the area. definitely a story we'll be keeping an eye on. i'm erika gonzalez. >> it's 4:32. we want to go back to the breaking news on 210 where an accident has taken the lives of two people. >> megan mcgrath has arrived on the scene. megan, what do you know? >> reporter: well, this is going to be an ongoing situation here for the next several hours. certainly going to be a large impact for folks who take route 210. closed in both directions behind me. this is the closure at kerby hill. on the other d,
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this is a deadly accident that happened around 2:40 this morning involving two cars. two sedans. two people were pronounced dead here on the scene. one of the victims from each of the cars. because this is a double fatal and those victims died here at the scene, we're awaiting the medical examiner to arrive here. this is going to be quite some time before things are cleared up higher. apparently a debris field across on the other side of the roadway as well. both cars, i'm told, were on the southbound side of 210. but there's a debris field on to the northbound lanes as well. that's why things are closed in both directions. you can see they're keeping us at a distance here. but that's the actual crash site right there, just about, i'd say, a half mile down the road here. certainly, we're starting to see traffic begin. not a major tie-up at this point. that will change as the morning
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updated. let you know exactly where things stand with the closure through the rush hour. back to you guys. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. new information from the white house still dealing with the russia crisis. the legal team is looking for ways to control or block special counsel robert mueller's investigative team. they're claiming there could be potential conflicts of interest. they report trump has asked his advisers about ways to pardon aides, family members and himself in connection with this probe. revelations come as mueller's investigation appears likely to look into the trump's family's business ties. mueller is in charge of the ongoing russia investigation. the legal team for trump wants to consistently evaluate the issue of conflict and raise them in the appropriate venue. sarah dallof will join us to break down how the latest
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russia investigation. senator john mccain is promising to return to work. the country just learned of senator mccain's brain tumor diagnosis earlier this week. he tweeted his thanks. the tweet reads, i greatly appreciate the outpouring of support. unfortunately for my sparring partners in congress, i'll be back soon. so stand by. it's now 4:35. let's check on your weather and traffic once again. >> the latest on your forecast on this weather alert day. first let's go to melissa mollet and look at the traffic alert. >> a big problem for folks here. indian head highway shut down between kirby hill and palmer road. we're starting to see this closure here. a double fatal crash, unfortunately. they're going to be out there for some time. no great work around really overall. taking a look elsewhere, no maj nor problems.
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we'll talk about that in a minute. sounds like a crash that's blocking part of the roadway there. >> good morning, lauren. >> good muggy morning out there on this friday morning. as temperatures are already in the 80s in a lot of spots. that heat index already in the 930s in spots. i do believe that temperature will fall a little bit before that sun comes up at 56 km on 6:00 a.m. on the dot. it's going to be another hot day out there as we go through the morning. through about the noon hour. look at that temperature at noon. that's something -- that humidity. getting that heat index number. we do have that heat advisory from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. the heat index will be 105 or over 105. you can see mainly this is east of the blue ridge mountains. very similar conditions to what we experienced yesterday. maybe it's time to plan a pool day if you haven't already. temperatures in
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we could have a chance for isolated storms in the afternoon. we're going to find out in a couple of minutes. lauren, thank you. chuck is on assignment this morning. we'll see him in a bit. body camera video captured a baltimore police officer apparently planting drugs. who is now getting involved in the case. a baby-sitter sleeping on the job. the latest on a woman accused of child neglect. an update about a recent rash of raccoon attacks. why neighbors tnk it'shi
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baltimore's top prosecutor is reviewing nearly 100 cases at the bottom of this video. allegedly planting drugs at the scene. it's a matter of public safety to look at the evidence in those cases. they are also exploring whether there are alternative ways to prove the cases, the prors are. the officer that apparently planted the evidence is suspended. the other officers on administrative duty. the officer who shot a woman who had called police for help in minneapolis. >> the chief didn't defend her officer and vowed justice will be served. the officer in question has refused to speak with investigators about the shooting that killed
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on saturday, damond called 9-1-1 to report an assault outside her home. she approached their car when they arrived. a noise outside of the car startled the officer and he shot her through the window. the officer's body cameras were not turned on and the chief said that is a problem. >> based on the publicly released information from the bca, this should not have happened. on our squad cars, you will find the words, to protect with courage and serve with compassion. this did not happen. >> the police chief promised to make changes to policy to ensure that cameras are on before officers have any interaction at the scene of a call. we have warm temperatures already out there right now. temperatures are in the mid-80s. with the hooutd, it feels like the 90s. you know it's going to be a warm day. any relief in terms of rain?
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we've got warm temperatures out there right now. as we continue throughout the remainder of the day, we've got weather alert day. not only today but throughout the weekend. when is the heat and humidity going to break? we have the answer on the ten-day forecast. raccoon attacks on the rise. what some now think is to blame for the recent confrontations and what to do if you see one. some s
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of outer space. >> wow. >> where you can see the mars rover starting today. today attorney general jeff sessions will head to one of the country's largest sanctuary cities, philadelphia. he's meeting with federal, state and local law enforcement there to talk about sanctuary cities and efforts to combat violent crime. the crackdown on immigration outside of the federal building there. the attorney general and philadelphia officials have been at odds over immigration ep forcement since the president took office in january. 15 before the hour right now. we're learning more about a possible investigation into the team heading the russia investigation. president trump's legal team says there could be conflicts of interest. >> meanwhile, there are reports about trump questioning his pardoning powers. sarah dallof joins us now to break down more information. sarah, good morning to you. >> good morning, aaron and eun. call it investigating the
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investigators. according to new reports, president trump's legal team is looking into potential conflicts of interest surrounding aides on robert mueller's team possibly in an effort to undercut the investigation. the president, you'll remember, issued a warning to mueller in that interview with "the new york times" cautioning him about looking into trump's family finances. also this morning, a new report in "the new york times" saying that the president is beginning to ask about his pardoning powers when it comes to aides, family members and even himself. now, his legal team so far has declined to comment. trump not only had sharp words for mueller and his investigation but his attorney general jeff sessions who was one of trump's earliest backers. he criticized sessions for recusing himself from the russia investigation. we've heard from sessions who plans to continue serving as long as it's appropriate. aaron and eun. >> sara dal love
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hill. sarah, thank you. survivors of the u.s.s arizona will make history again at the white house again. president trump and mike pence will meet with three of the five survivors of the attack. they're being awarded with a pure silver commemorative coin. the situation in northern california is getting worse. at least 50 single family homes have been consumed by the detwiler fire. thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes as firefighters try to get a handle on this. sadly, just 10% containment right now and 1500 structures are in its path. still, more danger. back over to you guys. erika, thank you. it's 4:47. right now there's a search for this 18-year-old man. israel thomas curtain. montgomery county police say he's from germantown and last seenn
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members at their home on leather back way. police and his family are concerned about his emotional welfare. call police if you know where he might be. an update to a murder mystery we've been following for you. prince george's county police say he was found dead on the street in riverdale heights. santos morales. he lived about five minutes from where his body was found. police are still looking for his killer. there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. including this case, there have been more than a dozen homicides in prince george's county this month. now to northern virginia where a handyman is accused of sexually assaulting children while working in their homes. fairfax county police arrested this man yesterday. he's accused of assaulting three children during the last several years. they range in age from 4 to 11 years old. police say he came into contact with the children while working as an independent
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parents were elsewhere in the home and palma was around the home, it's alleged he inappropriately touched them or had inappropriate contact with the children. >> police believe there may be more victims. the baby-sitter who fell asleep on the job and let two kids wander outside is behind bars this morning. prince william county police arrested amanda allen yesterday. she had run from police when they came to question her about the july 15th incident in dumfries. she fell asleep while watching the 2-year-old boy and his 11-month-old sister. neighbors found them outside in a parking lot. she's charged with felony child neglect. a follow-up to a story we've been following for you. residents in an arlington neighborhood say something other than trash is leading raccoons to attack people. a facebook page is keeping track of a
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there is speculation that construction sites are pushing raccoons towards people's houses. four things to know about the attacks. there have been three this year. a woman was attacked last week. a man was attacked and he's being treated for rabies. animal control was not able to catch any of the raccoons. a person tested positive for norovirus after eating at the chipotle in sterling. loudoun's county's health department said 60 people became ill. it's on the triple 7 road in sterling. symptoms are like norovirus. it closed tuesday for cleaning. it's now back open. the martian buggy will be on display for mars buggy at the national air and space museum in d.c. the celebration gives visitors a chance to tal
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scientists about mars research and future missions. kennedy space center commissioned the roverment it's 5500 pounds and 11 feet tall. it's created to be as realistic as possible but won't be making the trip to the red planet. >> hopefully when a young child or when they want to put boots on mars, they will see this and say i want to drive that. if we get one astronaut or somebody to join the space industry because of seeing this vehicle, that's a win. >> i want to drive that, too. >> the rover is currently scheduled to make stops this summer in new york city, jersey city and atlanta. 41 years ago this week, nasa's viking one spacecraft tched in mar on july 201976. chuck bell is going to join us live from nasa for a pre-eclipse preview in just a few minutes. >> so cool. but right
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back to melissa mollet at 4:52. she's tracking breaking news. >> we have video to share with you as well. this is indian head highway between kerby hill road and palmer road. all lanes are shut down this morning. this is a major problem if we can show the video this morning of the scene. a major problem for lots of people headed into and out of the city. all lanes blocked indian head highway between kerr by and palmer. the beltway is looking -- the rest of the main routes in and out of town, no major worries. guys? >> melissa, thank you. look who is here. >> lauren rickets. >> we're always happy when you're here. >> i'm happy because it's friday. >> then you have the weather reality. 90 degrees. >> before 5:00 in the morning. >> when i do my
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is at 90, i couldn't believe it. >> crazy. >> craziness. >> we are in d.c. and it's summertime. nothing we can't deal with. as we continue through the remainder of the weekend, we're in weather alert mode. it's going to be so darn hot as we continue not only today but also tomorrow and sunday. humidity will finally break by the time we get into tuesday. thank goodness. but until then, dangerously hot conditions. we have storm chances. maybe an isolated chance today but better chances into your saturday and sunday. 86 is that temperature right now. you step outside, we have 70s most places. clinton, maryland at 82. we factor in the air temperature, this is what it actually feels like when you step outside. it feels like 90 in the district. surprise. it's going to be a warm day out there. heat advisory starts at 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. the heat index pretty much in
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will be 105. possibly up to 109. waking up this morning, just warm and muggy. i think that temperature can slip a few more degrees before we start pushing that temperature up to our high, which is going to be 99. feeling more like 100 degrees. as we continue through the weekend, as i said, it's still going to feel like the triple digits. by 4:00. it will feel like 104. by saturday afternoon, feeling like 104. the same deal into your sunday. we've got warm temperatures headed our way all throughout the weekend. our best chances of rain are going to be on saturday and sunday. unfortunately, we don't have any rain for today except for an isolated chance of a thunderstorm. guys? >> lauren, thank you. it's the latest scam to get you to give up your personal information. what you need to know about smishing before you respond to certain
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take a look at this. this teething toy is being
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choke on it. it's the color burst teething activity toy and it could become brittle and break into small pieces. the toys were sold nationwide from may of 2015 through september of 2016. there is now warning for those waking up in arlington county. according to arlington now online, another person claims to be the victim of a jury duty scam. police say the scammers will call victims and tell them a warrant for their arrest was issued unless a fine is paid. police want to remind you that they will never call to ask for personal information or money for that matter. there is also a growing cyber scam that could be coming to your cell phone. >> it's called smishing. a text message is sent to access an urgent warning. once you click or call, hackers can steal and could infect your phoneit
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know it. >> you as a consumer are looking at it on a tiny screen as well as the notification. it makes it harder to notice the cues to tell a fraudulent from a real site. >> we're working with you for tips on how to protect yourself. do not reply to a suspicious text or call back or click on any type of link. call a verified phone number. always delete suspicious texts and never share your phone number on social media. two popular brands sold at target are about to disappear from the racks. target is phasing out the mer own a and massimo clothing lines. in their place, target will introduce a new slew of lines. a new day and a menswear line called good fellow and company. you'll notice those by the end of august. we begin with breaking .
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a deadly accident on a popular roadway. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. we just found out two people have died. >> we have team coverage for you. melissa is going to tell us how to get around the closures, if there's a way around it. we start with megan mcgrath live on the scene. megan? >> reporter: well, just a short time ago i got an update from police. we have learned that this was a head-on collision. you can see the crash scene behind me. we've moved to a different location since we last spoke to you. we're a little closer to the cars involved. a tremendous amount of damage to both of the cars. we have learned that two people have died. they were pronounced dead here on the scene. in terms of the traffic impact, this is on route 210. indian head highway. it is closed in both directions between kerby hill and palmer. both directions, because of the debris field. the cars themselves, they're on the southbound side. both were on


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