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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 24, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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[ laughter ] >> well, you all are just really tickled by that, aren't you? you try walking in those shoes. >> hold on. hold on. will. i mean, never gets old, right? >> went viral several many times over. >> laughing at that poor model. >> good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we'll get back to our tributes to our good friend, jim vance. >> you may have heard the storms that moved through the area overnight. we're hearing reports that a tornado may have touched down. >> angie goff is at the live desk. before we check in with the
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>> good morning, eun and aaron. we're seeing photos from the damage from a possible tornado in queen anne's county. residents being told by police to shelter in place after a lot of trees, a lot of wires knocked to the ground. most of the damage seemed focus in the bay city area of bay city, maryland. this is just across the bay bridge, route 50 in the area. we know it's closed according to police. we have about 9,000 people without power. tracking the outages as well. police say there are structure collapses, gas leaks, a lot of damage, a lot of it focused around route 8 through stephensville. justin finch, this is a live picture of him on the bay bridge headed that way. he's going to get on the ground, survey the damage and keep us updated throughout the morning. stay with us. now back to you. angie, thank you. 5:01. want to turn to storm team 4 and get you up to speed on the wer
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parveen. >> very stormy night for sure. we picked up half an inch. they were slow moving and heavy rain producing storms. >> we had a lot of rain. remember, the roads are wet. we have the puddles out there, ponding water still on the roadways. 76 degrees in the district. it's warm and humid to start your monday. we're going to keep the warmth in the forecast as we go through this morning. by 8:00 a.m., 80 degrees. couple of showers. by 9:00, mainly dry. later on this afternoon, chance for a couple of showers and thunderstorms. south of d.c. right now, we of course had the cloud cover but a few sprinkles. we'll be watching it closely but we'll take a closer look at relief as we go into the rest of the week. let's check the roads with jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> sheena, good morning. it's 50 at the bay bridge.
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that. we saw justin going over the bridge. he's in a single lane. lot of damage on the shore headed east of the bay bridge itself. out towards queenstown. be cautious. wind restrictions remain in effect. beltway itself, quiet. good so far. a few more of us get on the roadways, we may find troubles. between virginia avenue and roosevelt bridge, sounds li potentially near massachusetts avenue, we may have a tree down in the roadway as well. a lot happening. keep it tuned to us before you head out on the roads. aaron, eun, back to you. >> jack, thank you. we have team coverage on the breaking news. justin finch on his way to queen anne's county to see the damage there. >> first, we want to see what conditions are like on the roads. justin is out there. how is it looking so far? >> reporter: eun, good morning. so far we're on the bay bridge making our way
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county. we have seen rain come and go. a very light rain. we can tell you, too, on the way from northwest d.c., we see changeable conditions on the roads. some spots, you had very slick seeming blacktop, other spots completely dry. we also saw standing water around the kennedy center, as well as reports of standing water overnight from northern virginia and the tysons area as well as alexandria, specifically around dangerfield road. as the sun comes out as we dry up, it will not be a surprise for some if you do encounter along the way standing water. it has not all dried up yet. that is the latest here. back to you. >> justin finch. >> thank you. we have breaking news in afghanistan. nearly 40 people are dead and 3 or 60 others in the hospital a
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the taliban is claiming responsibility. a car packed with explosives drove into kabul and blew up. some on the bus were government employees. you can see this dramatic afterma aftermath. a government official called it a criminal act against humanity. officials believe the number of dead will rise this morning. >> today, president trump will issue a statement on health care. the white house says the president will first meet with people they describe as victims of obamacare. the president tweeted about the issue on sunday saying if republicans don't repeal and replace the disastrous obamacare, the repercussions will be greater than any of them understand. later this evening, the president will speak at the national boy scout jamboree in west virginia. also today, president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, jared kushner will be interviewed by the intelligence committee on his ties to russia. we're told it will be with committee staff and not the entire committee.
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joins us to break down what we will expect to learn from that meeting. it's now 5:06. thousands of you are sharing your memories of jim vance, our friend and colleague who died at the age of 75. vance had been battling cancer these last few months and while it is a difficult time for us here at nbc4, we know we're proud to carry on. >> doreen gentzler shares a look back at his very full career. >> we did this story in our 6:00 broadcast. you never know what's going to be amusing or terrifying. >> i'm jim vance. >> here's the jim vance you knew for 48 years. that smooth voice and calm presence that made us all feel like no matter how bad the news was, we would be okay. over the years, vance was who he was. you probably know a lot about him already. he wasn't shy about sharing. you know he rode motorcycles, he
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sports and mixing it up with whomever was reporting on sports. vance always had a way with kids. before becoming a journalist, he was a teacher in his hometown of philadelphia. he started reporting here in 1969. but from the start, the bosses knew they had an anchor in the making. he made a name for himself covering stories all over the world. vietnam. el salvador. south africa. he didn't have to go far for some of his best work. reporting on the people right here in his adopted hometown of washington. think about every event, every big story that's happened here over the last 48 years. vance covered it all. the race riots on u street and in columbia heights. the plane that crashed into the 14th street bridge, watergate. the attempted assassination of president reagan. 9/11. he covered inaugurations for 12 pr
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washington's mayors. in 1977 vance was the guy the hanafi muslims asked to speak to the night they seized three buildings in town. he was the first journalist marion barry called when he was arrested in 1990. he interviewed every president, some at the white house, others on a fishing boat. he gave his view with a dose of reality that could be refreshing, even if you didn't agree with him. vance had some dark times here, too. and some struggles of his own that are well-known. but he came out of those a better person and always used the lessons he had to learn the hard way to try to make life better for students trying to navigate their own path. >> when i came here in 2010, i didn't grow up here so i didn't know vance like so many do. i had been here two months and he took him to
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you think big city, big personalities, big egos. vance took me to dinner and we sat and talked about regular stuff. he was encouraging and sort of helped to get rid of some of the nervousness for me to be able to sit with him and understand here's this man with presence and power who was a regular man and wanted to shoot the breeze about regular stuff and to watch him over the years has been a lesson for me to see how you can accomplish being a professional and a real person at the same time. and that is what all of us in this business strive to do and he did it like nobody else i've seen do it in all my years. >> i know he welcomed you with open arms. i came nearly 15 years ago. and he did the same for me. i think when you are his presence and you feel his support, it is a gift. the other thing is, jokingly, you knew that if vance was on your side, he was going to tell somebody who mattered and that was good for you. >> just that pat
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get it from him was different from anything else and anybody else. lot of great memories about mr. vance. >> we know we're not the only ones with special memories. so many of you went online to share your thoughts and your memories about vance. a lot of people just saying he's a legend and a true washingtonian. you heard him say mr. washington. some of you say he was a rock star. all those things so true. others loved watching him. please keep telling us your favorite stories about him. 5:10 is your time right now. good morning everybody. get your monday ready. temperatures are going to be on the warm side again today. temperatures up around 90 degrees. but no more of those 97 and 8 degrees days. no more of the 105 heat indexes, at least for the foreseeable future. today around 90 degrees. slight chance for a shower or two. sh
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up. new details from a disturbing discovery. nine dead, dozens hurt found locked in a tractor-trailer. a live
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this is a first look at the damage from a possible tornado. >> i think what you're seeing here is some of the emergency responders set up in one part of this area. we know that folks have been told to shelter in place in the bay city area as the damage reports coming in in of buildings having collapsed, gas leaks, all sorts of structural damage from whatever came through last night, quite likely a tornado. our justin finch is just getting to tscene. we want another update on the forecast with chuck bell. >> thanks, aaron. yerks indeed. here's the radar. this is the storm that did the damage. you can see it right here. i show you this is at 1:00 in the morning. as i sort of step through there. you can see stevensville on the right side. between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m., a very severe thunderstorm went over the bay bridge and into the stevensville area. that's where they're dealing with the damage first thing this morning. closer look at the forecast
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things going on right now, we'll be dealing with storm damage. but rock creek parkway took it on the chin. flooded out between virginia avenue and the bridge. a tree down near massachusetts avenue. we've got storm damage and there's a lot more of us as we wake up and head out. we're discovering more as authorities are assisting with these issues. back to you. angie goff at the live desk. prince george's county, flames shooting out of this house. firefighters on the ground trying to get the situation under control. this is in the 10,000 block of north landsdale street. we hear a firefighter was hurt and is being treated. this is in glendale. right now, we're still working to get more information on what caused the fire. stay with news 4 for more on this developing story throughout the morning. aaron? >> angie, thank you. developing today, federal charges are expected against the driver of an overheated tractor-trai
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at least nine people died, more than two dozen others in the hospital. >> sara rosario joins us live from san antonio with a look at how the survivors are doing and a look at what is next. >> reporter: good morning, eun and aaron. the people packed in the back of an 18 an wheeler at this walmart are the victims of human smuggling. most in their 20s and 30s. one as young as 10 years old. when the cops were called, some of the people who could tried to escape. running into the nearby woods. others hitched rides with someone else. surveillance video shows that after the cops were called, other cars came into this area and were picking up some of the people inside the truck. this morning, federal investigators say they plan to continue searching for those victims and say more arrests are to come. we're told the driver of that truck will be facing charges today. his name is james bradley jr. of clear water,
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eight people were found inside the truck with no ac. this happened late saturday night. a ninth victim died in the hospital. police were tipped off when an employee called 9-1-1 after a man inside the truck escaped and begged for water. in all, 39 people were inside the truck. the survivors rushed to nearby hospitals. life-threatening injuries including heat stroke and dehydration. a number of the those survivors are from mexico and guatemala. there are no details at this time as to where they started their journey in the u.s. or where they were headed. as authorities look to make more arrest, the border patrol says it's made as least four other truck seizures this month alone in texas. this as many of the survivors of this tragedy are still fighting for their lives. reporting live in san antonio, sarah rosario. eun and aaron, back to you. >> sarah, thank you. 18 after the
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image shines brightly today at one of d.c.'s most famous landmarks. when people heard the news this weekend, they came to ben's chili bowl. he was recently added to a new mural on the iconic wall outside that restaurant. the owner made a point to emphasize vance's impact on the community. >> easy to listen to the news. all of the news. sometimes the news is very depressing. but listening to jim deliver it and doreen, i just felt was a magic team. >> even though vance was sick, he made it a point to be there at the unveiling to talk about the honor. it was a proud moment most of us will never forget. >> we learned a lot about jim vance himself not only from being around him and with him here at the station, but he often posted things online and maybe we saw a lot of him through his tweets. take a look at this. this is what jim vance
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resist. people knew that he loved cars and he was in indianapolis and had to spend some time, of course, riding in the race car. that's such a great moment. take a look at this. everyone knew he loved riding harleys. it was just a part of who he was. he found a teddy bear and he named it and then he took it on a ride with him on his motorcycle and he, of course, said that the teddy bear snored and we have one more that we wanted to show you. he always thought about our colleagues. we can't get it to you right now. we're going to try to show you more of these tweets throughout the newscast today. we have so many fond memories of him and so many things we want to say. not enough time. we could spend months talking about the impact on us personally and on the community. >> all the messages we've gotten from people and on facebook and twitter and instagram and all those thiengs. we appreciate al
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you've said about vance. >> huge impact in the community. i was driving up and saw flowers by the nbc sign. i don't know if you saw that. that was very sweet. i love looking at pictures of him. he's always smiling and happy, it's fantastic. >> let's talk about the weather. we had a lot of storms move through last night. you probably saw the heavy rain and the wind damage. parts of maryland we're going to be checking that out later on today. we have not heard anything just yet. it's too dark. i'm sure surveyors will see if the impact was a tornado in parts of maryland. yesterday, late last night. we'll be checking on that for you. weather outlook. wet roads, you'll be noticing ponding on the roadways from the heavy rain yesterday. lunchtime, temperatures heating up again. if you're headed to the pool, keep your eye out for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. if you're grilling out, hot and humid, temperaturewise, in the 70s. it's a warm start to your day. mid to upper 70s. cloud cover across the
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light showers near fredericksburg. about to cross 95. again, that's very light rain. the heaviest rain is around new york now. that's all moving away. again, we do have the shower chance as we go through the afternoon. if you're headed to the pool by lunchtime, around 88 degrees. by 2:00 p.m., 90 degrees. tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, look at that. finally relief back in the 80s. rain chances return as we go into friday. closer look at the forecast coming up into the weekend. let check your roads for your monday morning commute with jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> sheena, good morning. i'm going to start with the silver lining. the beltway looks good. on the side roads, you can move more to the east. rock creek parkway, closed between virginia avenue and the roosevelt bridge due to floogd. be aware. northbound near massachusetts avenue, we heard of a tree down in the roadway. unclear if it's a big tree or limb. unsure. authorities are headed to
5:22 am
scene. also toward the eastern shore, the focus this morning, anne arundel county and to queen anne's, frtly, dealing with potential closures, power outages, road closures because of trees down, debris, high standing water and lots of signals potentially without power. please, if you're headed from that stretch, no worries at this point on the bay bridge, but be careful on dark intersections. chopper 4 will be in the area throughout the morning. we'll keep you posted. aaron, eun, back to you. >> thank you, jack. one. best swimmers up against a great white shark. michael phelps latest rival getting -- we'll show you how the olympian did on the open sea. if you need a few laughs, catch ellen
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information about that possible tornado in maryland. the severe storm hit kent island. you take a look at some of the photos coming in. these show homes torn apart. you can see all kinds of broken wood and other debris on the ground here. almost 9,000 customers don't have power in that area. we're working to get more photos in. justin finch is just getting out to the scene for us. michael phelps may be the greatest of all-time in the swimming pool. >> he is no match for the largest predator fish on earth, though. the great white shark. >> this was all over social media last night. michael phelps beaten by a great white shark in a shark week race on the discovery channel. he swam 100 meters in 38 seconds. the great white shark fin initialed 36 seconds. >> close, though. >> bizarre how close that was, actually. don't worry, the
5:27 am
at the same time as one of the deadliest animals on earth. >> he's smarter than that. experts determined the speeds and movements of sharks. they determined that for hypothetical races. this goes to show that michael phelps is human. he is a person. >> can you imagine. if they put them in the water at the same time. come on. insurance people would have been like, no. >> don't do it. new this morning, phelps' former teammate and bethesda native, katie ledecky is still collecting gold medals. her mom sent us this picture after the world championship competition in budapest. it was the night before the medal ceremony. the 20-year-old pulled ahead in the first lap. this is what she does. smokes everybody. she's essentially racing her own world record. she also won gold in a relay yesterday and has a chance at four more medals. she's pheno
5:28 am
she's such a great person. all the ledeckys. good morning everybody. after some heavy thunderstorms overnight, things are settling down this morning. still a chance for a passing shower or two today. nothing major. temperatures still on the warm side. mid-70s as you step out
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it is 5:30 right now. we need to get you up to date on the breaking news. chopper 4 is flying over the scene of a reported tornado just across the bay bridge in stevensville, maryland. >> justin finch has a live report and then we'll check in with our traffic teams for a look at the impact. we have signal problems but we'll try to bring you live pictures of the scene throughout the day. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's get to justin finch on the ground for us now across the bay bridge in stevensville, we believe. justin? >> reporter: hey there, aaron. that's right. now here on the ground and seeing lots ever damage as we make our way around route 8 here. take a look at traffic being diverted across the roadway. you're seeing road flares on the ground. that's because this very large tree has fallen into the roadway here. take a look at how large this tree was. are you seg
5:32 am
it's taller than the house that's standing in this yard. this large top portion toppled over has collapsed on to the yard. but also into the street. perhaps if you whip the camera around, you can see another downed large branch behind us as well. we've seen several instances of trees in this condition, homes in these conditions. we understand there's lots of damages to homes. we have reports of gas leaks in the area as well. we also have lots of first responders here on the ground surveying all the damage, taking a look at where they can get to work first. we can tell you, there are reports of minor injuries at this time. at this point no detail of what those injuries were or where they were and how they got them. but we are on the ground here getting more details and we'll see you back soon with more information. for now, back to you. >> justin finch, thank you. >> we were watching that last night as well as the storms blew through. not just the high winds but the
5:33 am
still wet because of that. >> absolutely. almost half an inch of rain. most of that coming down late in the iechk hours. around 11:00 clock midnight. that is out of here for the monday morning commute. that thunderstorm complex that brought the heavy rain here and the severe weather across stevensville, that cluster of storms is well out to sea and moving away. no impact left from that. just a few lingering raindrops along i-95 moving into charles county. nothing all that heavy. no severe weather threat this morning, that's for sure. afternoon temperatures, seasonably hot. upper 80s to around 90 degrees. we're going to continue to carry that 30% chance for a shower or rumble or two of thunder later on today. only a 30%er. tomorrow, cooler weather. the whole forecast at 5:51. for now, let's go to jack taylor at wtop.
5:34 am
worried about with storm damage, anywhere off of 50, especially on route 8 where justin finch has been. the downed trees and debris and power outages, dark traffic signals. please be very careful. otherwise, we'll go to virginia. 95 northbound, a little bit heavy now as you ride north. that's about it. between fredericksburg and springfield. a live look at maryland in 270. germanto germantown. more rubber meets the road, the roads are drying out. so far this morning, we'll keep you posted. that always changes and always seems to. aaron, eun, back to you. >> jack, thank you. it is 5:34. in our top stories this morning, the man behind the wheel of an overheated tractor-trailer in texas is expected to face federal charges today. at least nine people are dead and dozens of others injured, including two children. investigators say they found the migrant workers packe
5:35 am
truck without air conditioning on saturday night. >> today, president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, jared kushner will be interviewed by the senate intelligence committee's staff on his ties to russia. kushner's interview will likely be -- in a few minutes sarah dallof will let us know what we can expect from that meeting. our friend and colleague, jim vance has died. he passed away saturday at the age of 75 after a battle with cancer. for 48 years he has been here right at news 4 bringing you the good, the bad and more than a few laughs along the way. so many people saying he felt like he was family. he really was to you as well. thousands of you continue to share your tributes to vance and we're hearing from friends and colleagues and viewers saying just how much he impacted their lives and how much he's going to be missed. >> molette green is live at magic 102.3 to tell us about the special tribute planned t
5:36 am
molette? >> good morning, guys. we are in inside the studio here. the popular radio show host will sit in that chair, his show kicks off at 6:00 a.m. right away they're expecting to take tribute calls and we expect the phone lines to light up. because so many people just felt this magical connection to jim vance. albert, the executive producer is in the studio now waiting to hook that all up when russ par walks in. we have heard tributes for vance from near and far. so many people wanting to share their special memories from the everyday ordinary folk to high-profile dignitaries, including the reverend jesse jackson. >> he really was an international journalist on a local station.
5:37 am
vance because he set the pace. all artists have some jim vance in them. >> i just want to show you this special moto from mlk day 2016. vance was a guest panelist. i had the honor of moderating that discussion on race and the media and as always, he was a rock star telling it like it is. being real, being cool and talking about matters that were very sensitive in a way that everybody could understand. that's what we love so much about jim vance. of course, in just a little bit the russ parr morning show is going to pay tribute to jim vance. we'll bring that to you in a half hour. >> looking forward to that. molette green live in silver spring. >> no surprise to see the different tributes from the radio stations and et networks. i
5:38 am
support we've been getting from the people and -- because we've been so fortunate to have this opportunity, been privileged to sit with him. >> a treat and honor and share our personal memories of him. the biggest thing i want to say about vance. we don't have enough hours in the day to tell the stories and memories. want to share pictures. he always took the times to meet the ones we love. here we are sharing a box of junior mints. >> he had an affinity of junior mints. we would finish off a box by the half hour. the big thing about him, i would tell him, after you get over the initial shock of sitting next to him for the first time, you realize the power of presence. someone who has an indescribable quality that's hard to put your finger on, you want to be around it and lesh frarn from it. he was a larger than life figure. such quiet authority that was so powerful and
5:39 am
were to be by his side at one point or another. >> exactly. whether talking about his beloved d.c. sports team or important issue of the day, he was always on point. >> thank you, angie. possible tornado leaving damage in stevensville, maryland. this is across the bay bridge. news 4's jus
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
there is one man in d.c. who is probably not going to take out the trash for a while. you're looking at firefighters who had to rescue the man from a trash chute. i'm not kidding here. a trash chute. this happened in northwest washington at an apartment build near the verizon center. >> he said he thought he dropped his girlfriend's cell phone down the chute. while he was looking for the phone, he lost his balance, fell right in. we're told he's going to be okay, though. >> except for the fact that we're reporting it on the news. that has to hurt. sheena parveen, we're talking about severe weather here. >> severe weather last night. this morning, though, if you're going to exercise, the roads and pavement are still wet. later this afternoon, still a chance of a thunderstorm. coming up, we'll be talking about the possible tornado in stevensville. we still need word on what it was. we do have video
5:43 am
have wind damage in those areas. coming up, more updates on it and a look at the relief heading our way this week. stay tuned. hey, sheena, the rock creek parkway took it on the chin with your chin between virginia avenue and the roosevelt bridge. the roadway i
5:44 am
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we have breaking news at 5:45. a possible tornado touching down overnight. here's a live look, it looks like officials updating reporters about what happened. this is impacting the roads as well that you may be using this morning. >> half an hour to look around. we'll be back around 6:30 to give you the next update. as soon as we got some more light, electric companies will be in working on utilities and we've got full scale from state highway to our department much
5:47 am
helping clear out the neighborhood. >> thank you. >> no, thank you. we appreciate you guys setting up in one spot and we'll be back in about an hour to give you another update. thank you. >> angie goff here at the live desk. what you're looking at right there are queen anne's county officials. for the first time briefing the media and the public on the situation. a possible tornado. an event they describe as a weather event. there in the stevensville, maryland area. this breaking news we've been following all morning as we continue to bring you pictures of the extensive damage that was done. justin finch is going to be joining us live in stevensville. he's been surveying the damage. we've got walls completely ripped off, as well as balconies, windows shattered. 9,000 people out of power this morning. this is for people courthousing the bay bridge, route 50 in that area closed down
5:48 am
route 8. another live report is coming up. stay with us. all right. angie, thank you. it's 5:48 right now. president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser is headed to capitol hill. he'll answer questions about possible ties to russia and the 2016 election. >> sarah dallof is live on capitol hill this morning. sarah, what will we learn from the meeting to today? >> this is not going to be open to the public and kushner will not be under oath. that's prompting concerns from democrats. but his attorney says he will cooperate fully with this investigation. now, he's expected to be asked about his contacts with any russian officials, including a meeting he attended last year that was also attended by a kremlin linked lawyer, as well as if he had any hand in setting -- trying to set up, rather, any back channel way of communicating with russian officials. on tuesday he's
5:49 am
meet with the house intelligence committee. two other members of donald trump's inner circle, his son, don junior and his former campaign chair are scheduled to meet with the senate judiciary committee. that's going to be a private meeting as well. they were originally asked to meet -- to give public testimony on wednesday. this is, instead what they negotiated. aaron and eun. >> sarah dallof on the hill for us. thanks. as soon as today we may learn the names of two new metro board members set to be a pointed by the trump administration. they will replace karen carmody. both members appointed by president obama's transportation secretary in 2016. it's just so hard to put into words how much jim vance meant to us here at nbc washington and for the community. we all felt his presence. whether you worked with him directly or just were his colleague here. this entire community is really feeling a
5:50 am
american city diner for some 20 years or so. the folks who worked there say that he was almost like a member of the family and booth number 9 was always his. >> he was just like mean. right out southeast. no, not really. but he was down to earth man. i mean, he wasn't like that. he was just like me. >> these are the kinds of sort of fast friendships and chance encounters and anecdotes that so many of you will hold on to showing how much he was embraced by this community. we appreciate all the thoughts that you guys are sharing with us too. >> that's what he'd say. i am just like you. that's why people connected with him in so many ways. >> a former u.s. attorney general, the former anchor of nightly news. these are a couple of the personalities, national personalities remembering jim vance this morning. he made an incredible impact
5:51 am
4 and throughout the community. tom brokaw, sugar ray leonard, eric holder, different politicians, sports teams, the nationals. so many people honor him online and continue to share your memories with us on social media and you can see highlights from his legacy on one of our favorite things that we loved about vance, of course, was his hearty and infectious laugh. >> always something that lifted people up, especially when you didn't expect it. >> it's fashion week over in paris. the latest fashions are on the runway for next spring. but there was a problem out there today. one of the british designer's shows had difficulty. a model fell down twice. the young woman wearing the pink shirt and platform shoes never quite recovered. there she goes. that had to hurt. that was uncool. that's embarrassing. this is at least the sec
5:52 am
time -- [ laughter ] >> well, you all are just really tickled by that, aren't you? you try walking in those shoes. >> we want to -- hold on. hold on. [ laughter ] >> sometimes you can't bring it back together. >> once you lose it, that's it. >> just got a lot fun yefrmt george michael and jim vance, that is going to be some storytelling. >> that's how he would want us to remember him. full of life and joy and laughter and that's his legacy. that gift to us we would continue -- >> honesty and all-time -- people don't watch television stations. people watch people. >> there you go. >> jim vance was as real as they come. >> 100%. >> we were talking about a little bit of
5:53 am
morning. most of the heavy stuff is gone. there's good news for you now. thunderstorms, about midnight last night gave quite the wakeup call to quite a few people. we're waiting to hear back from the officials in stevensville whether it was straight-line wind damage or a tornado. nonetheless, quite a bit of damage on other side of the bay bridge. here at home, we picked up an inch and a half of rain yesterday with that storm as it came through. so far, july more than 5 inches of rain for the month. it's been a hot one, too. 3.5 degrees above average for the month of july. 18 days in the 90s. just this month alone. pushing our seasonal total up to 29 days in the 90s. there's the loop. there goes that thunderstorm. still quite a bit of lightning but over the open waters of the western atlantic. all weave left are light raindrops here. southern prince george's county towards waldorf into plato, towards port tobacco and i-95
5:54 am
spotsylvania. that little chance for rain will be blowing out quickly. just hot enough today where we have a 30% chance of a stray shower or a thunderstorm. not looking for any severe weather today. but a rumble or two of thunder certainly cannot be ruled out. temperatures on the muggy side here this morning. mid to upper 70s now. daytime highs today as we plan out the day, upper 80s for most of the sub toushs around 91 degrees downtown. then if you're trying to stay ahead of the weather, always have our nbc washington app as well. look for chuck bell 4. after today, our little rain chance this afternoon, we'll be dry for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. temperatures right around average in the mid to upper 80s. low humidity for wednesday. that's a nice day for sure. looks like friday could be on the stormy side around here. raindrops on friday. clear us out and leave us dry
5:55 am
let go to jack taylor at wtop. >> chuck, thank you. good morning. we'll start things off with the good news on the beltway. we're looking good. outer loop, nothing in your way. that will change. even though it's summer, we have wet roadways. be careful. 95 showing delays in virginia. riding northbound towards stamford. again some of the cloud cover -- rock creek parkway dween virginia avenue and the roosevelt bridge, water could be receding. but our mobile unit is trying to roll through the area. northbound has given a double-check. metro rail, train service suspended between grosvenor and friendship heights. there's a track problem outside medical center. we'll see if it escalates. aaron, eun, back to you. >> we're working to find out whether stephen strasburg is going to make his next start for the nationals. he lasted only two innings. his arm was sore and stiff, but he
5:56 am
you can see him making a fist and shaking his hand. the nats beat the diamondbacks. they're off today. the imax theater at the museum of natural history might be closing. amazon adventure says the theater will close in the fall. jonathan barker says that closure will prevent people from experiencing the wonders of nature. barker and other filmmakers joined together to start a petition to save the theater. wtop reached out to the smithsonian for comment but hasn't received a response. nearly 20 years after her death, we're hearing from princess diana's sons about the woman most people didn't know. >> we felt very incredibly loved, harry and i. i'm grateful that love still feels there. >> the documentary is set to air tonight. it tells the story of her life through the eyes of prince william and prince harry and others close to her. th
5:57 am
her from her fairytale wedding in 1981 to her humanitarian work around the world and ultimately her tragic death. she died in a car crash in 1997. the film does not touch you have on the controversy shafl parts of her life. but the filmmakers say the princes were open and did not put any subject off limits. 5:57 now. next on "news4 today" at 6:00, we continue to follow breaking news. severe weather overnight. a possible tornado touchdown in maryland. we're on the scene with a look at the damage and the impact. tributes expected to pour in on a popular radio show this morning in honor of jim vance. the story coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
that breaking news. a possible tornado in maryland. homes torn apart. debris scattered across yards and power outages. justin finch will give us a better look at the damage in the daylight. >> we thank you for waking up with us this morning. a busy morning here on "news4 today." >> we'll also be taking time this morning to honor our friend and colleague, the late great jim vance. he lost his battle to cancer over the weekend. we'll be paying tribute to his life and legacy throughout the
6:00 am
first, though, we want to get you an update on the weather with our meteorologists chuck bell and sheena parveen are here this morning. >> good morning. we've been looking at the radar imagery from overnight. it does show on the velocity scale, it may very have been a weak tornado that did the damage in stevensville. >> what we were just looking at which is not what's current on the radar, when we see wind direction, which could let us know where rotation is. here's a look at the radar currently. we have a few showers around right now. what we're seeing going on across 95 south near woodridge, quantico, to fredericksburg and charles county, this is mostly just light rain. we do have showers in the forecast later on today, but all the heavy rain and thunderstorms, those moved well to the north and east. we don't have to worry about that as we start off your monday. for your commute, the roads are still wet from the rain last night. keep in mind, we are seeing ponding on the roads. it's still warm out there by lunchtime.


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