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tv   Today  NBC  July 24, 2017 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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good morning. breaking overnight, nothing to good morning. breaking overnight, nothing to hide. president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner denies he colluded with the russia during the campaign. he heads to capital hill where he's expected to face a grilling today. tragic dmi texas, a truck driver now in custody said to be charged this morning in a horrific case of human smuggling. >> they were very hot to the touch. >> 39 people discovered in the back of a overheated tractor trailer. nine dead, dozens more injured. what did he see? a key witness steps forward in
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bride to be. as her fiancee speaks out and reveals his agony over their final phone call. those stories but a starbucks customer takes on an armed robber, man versus beast, the outcome and outdrooi cry over michael phelps race against a great white shark. and the sweep to win the british open today, monday, july 20 fourth, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1 a in rock feller plaza. >> good morning to everybody, nice to have you with us. we've got carson in for matt today you're perfect because you know about the golf skou explain that ending. >> one of the greatest moechlts in golf major's history happened yesterday with jordan speej. we thoughtw
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collapse but he came back with an epic entry. >> this morning, all eyes on the president's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner. we now know what he will tell lawmakers on capitol hill today and we're learning more about the sudden and abrupt departure of white house press secretary sean spicer. we're going to talk to the president's former campaign manager in a moment, but let's begin with nbc white house correspondent kristen welker, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. president trump will try to put the focus on his domestic agenda today delivering a speech about healthcare this afternoon. but its his son-in-law who's in the hot seat, jared kushner expected to deliver a strongly worded statement to senate intelligence staffers today insisting he didn't collude with the russians and, quote, he has nothing to hide. >> this morning jared kushner in his own words as the president's son-in-law gets set to face tough questions from staff members withh
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nbc news has obtained his statement to congress. kushner says directly, i did not collude nor know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded with any foreign 2k3w06r789. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sector. in the 11-page statement he address twoz encounters that have become flash points, one with the russian ambassador and the other with a russian attorney. kushner says in april, 2016, he briefly met the russian ambassador during a campaign event. the encounter so brief kushner says the day after election day he had to ask what is the name of the russian ambassador? and that trump tower meeting with a russian attorney be in june, 2016, kushner says he received an e-mail from his brother-in-law asking for a meeting with no other attend tooez listed. but after arriving late, he says he found the russian attorney discussing
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time. after about ten minutes, he e-mailed his assistant from the meeting asking can you please call me on my cell, need excuse to get out of meeting. kushner's meeting today with se committee today behind closed doors and he won't be under koej. the president tweeted open saturday while all agree the u.s. president has the complete power to pardon, why think of that when only crime so far is leaks against us. mr. trump's personal attorney and some top aides dismissing the idea. >> pardons have not been discussed and pardons are not on the table. >> why we are talk about -- there's nothing to pardon. why we are talking about presidential pardons when there's no crime? >> but a different message from the president's new communications director. >> i'm in the oval office of the president last week, we're talking about that. he says he brought that up, he says, but he doesn't have to be pardoned. >> as for kushner, he's expected to address reports that he tried to setp
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he'll say, quote, i did not suggest a secret back channel. and those additions to his security clearance for curb her is expected to say it was initially submitted prematurely leaving out all contacts with foreign officials not just those from russian. congress has come together over the weekend with a bipartisan agreement to sanctions for russia. the president was initially opposed to the bill and off the weekend the top aides sent conflicting signals about whether mr. trump the support the legislation now. >> we shall see if we get clarity on that. let's focus in on that shake up of the communications operation how it will change the messages coming out of the white house and what's been a rocky relationship with the media. hallie jackson has that part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that new communications director who's making a move from wall street to washington is coming out strong against his own staff
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leaks. annie scare much which i tells me while the mun occasion's team is not work as well as it could be, he'd like to keep everyone on but if he has to get rid of everyone, he will if he cannot get the leaks to stop. >> the man now in charge of west wing message delivering a very clear one for his own team. >> tomorrow i'm going to have a meeting with the communications staff and say i don't like these leaks and so we're going to stop the leaks. and if we don't stop the leaks, i'm going stop you it's just that simple. >> president trump's new communications director starting the workweek with a warning a crack down and a teardown on twitter deleting all his omd tweets, including ones that oppose some of the president's positions on gun control, border walls and climate change announcing it all with a mess able. full transparency, past views evolve andho
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take this job, my politics and my political ideas do not matter at all. what matters is that i am subboard nating all of that to the president's agenda. >> he's seeming to relish his new role pushing the president's message on tv but absent from the airwaves, sean spicer who plans to officially walk out of the white house sometime in order. >> i think i have a pretty good compass and i made a decision and it was in the best interest not of just myself but for the president and this administration was to step aside and let anthony and sara lead the team. >> sara huck bee sanders now the incoming press secretary, just the third woman to hold that role throw this destruction from her new boss had some scratching her heads. >> the only thing i'd ask sara i'd love a hair and makeup person we had on friday, so i'd like to continue to use the hair and makeup person. >> responding to that dustup on
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record, ways referring to my hair and makeup and the fact that i like the makeup artist. i need all the help i can get had the #humor. he says he will do some tv but he says sanders will be holding podium duties regularly at the briefings telling me he is not a ball hog. carson, savannah, back to you. >> got it. thanks so much. >> we all need all the help we can get. cory lewandowski served as a campaign manager and now he's with us this morning. >> good morning to you. >> jared kushner has given his account on paper he's going to talk to to the congress later about what happened with that meeting with the russian lawyer. and my question to you is, apparently jared kushner's going to say, look, i got pulled into this late, i got out there as fast as i could. does this come back to donald trump june juronior? was it a mistake for him and put others in that position? >> i think what he's talking about if you look at his
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is that the meeting was squd to attend was at the request of his brother-in-law. it was not uncommon for him to pop in and out of meetings and there was no indication of who the meeting was going to be with or what it was going to be about. >> that's why i'm asking about donald trump jr. is he kind of the original actor here? was that a mistake of him do that? >> well clearly donald trump jr. is the one who initiated the meeting and is the one who brought them into the meeting and if you go back and look at that i think he wouldn't have done it the same way. but the notion that these meetings don't occur across campaigns all the time when they're trying to get information on their opponents say fallacy. >> but you were campaign manager, would you have take than meet something be honest, would you have? >> let me say this, i was still the campaign manager at the time andy not participate in that meeting and what i can tell is you that if i thought that it was a meeting that would have been relevant to the outcome of the campaign, i potentially would have been there.
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thought was relevant. i don't know the individuals that were involved if the ways friend who asked donald trump jr. to take the meet, he took it as a courtesy and looking back on it i think he would tell you it probably wasn't the right thing to do but it's not a big deal because nothing came of the meeting. >> the senate just passed tougher sanctions on russia. we've got a new white house communications director seems to be casting something sort of suspension as to what the president will do. do you expect that he'll sign it? >> i haven't talked to anyone in the administration about what the president's going doing on this piece of legislation. but let's be clear. the president has syd said if there's an opportunity to work with russia so we can eradicate isis in syria and that's a good thing for us and our country. but if we're adversaries and we can't work with russia because they're punitive against us then the president's going to be tough against russia. if we have to put sanctions in place, this president's been very, very clear. his priority is america first and that hasn't changed from the day he was elected. >> let me ask you about this shake-up in the administration,
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somewhat unexpected sean spicer decided to resign. do you think there will be more big personnel changes like that forth coming? do you have any information about that? >> well i have been very public in my criticism of the administration and the continued leaks that koumt of it and what we've seen over the weekend is that the new communications director has said he will find the leaks, he he will eradicate those leaks if the if that means that people working in those buildings are fired i think it's the right thing to do. i've been clear if you're working in that administration whether you're the guy that opens the door or the chief of staff, if you're not on the president's agenda you shouldn't be there and i have full confidence that he's going to go inside that building, find those leaks and get rid of them. that's what the president deserves and the american people deserve. >> are you going to take a job in the administration? >> i haven't been offered a job on the administration i like being on the outside so i can come on your show without any problems. >> are you still viegz the president, cory. >> i think i've been a steadfast
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supporter of the administration and if i have a problem receiving phone calls from the members of the team i'd always be happy to take that call and give my advice. >> thank you so much. >> nicole wallace is the host of nbc's deadline. >> hi, guys. >> what do you make of this shake-up in the communications team snf course there were a lot of rumors that potentially that was just the first shoe to drop and there may be other resignations. >> it's the president's prerogative to hire and fire whoever he wants and that is someone who communicates more consistently with the way the president sees himself communicating. he's a street fighter. the president has made no secret to friends and confidants that he's been dissatisfied with the lack of aggression in terms of fighting back against stories about russia, which he maintains is a hoax. anthony when on our show said it is a hoax. so he now has someone who is very much in line with his thinking about these things. >> you heard cory say
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on the leaks, he said he wants to change the culture is how he referred to it inside the communications divisions of the white house. how does he go about that? >> well, i'm guessing that you don't really boost morale by saying you're going to fire everybody. and anyone that covers this white house knows that it is not difficult to get folks on the phone at the highest levels at this white house to talk about what's going on, to talk about one another. and even one of the most stall wart defenders of the president said that this is just one more person sort of in the swirl. and what the real problem is in this white house is they don't have a functioning chain of command as a staff. they don't have a powerful chief of staff of that keeps everybody out of everybody else's lane. so the chhay yos say product of a weak chief of staff. this was a decision he lobbied against, he opposed with all of his might and the president made it anyway. so you talk about other shoes to drop, i think all eyes are on steve bannon and reince priebus who
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vokally against the move to hire scare much which i. >> a lot more happening this morning and federal charges are expected against the driver of a tractor tramer involved in a deadly and disturbing case of human smuggling in texas. dozens of undocumented immigrants were found inside the back of a sweltering 18 wheeler. we're in san antonio with the latest on this. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: it was a truly horrifying discovery, dozens of people crammed into a tractor trailer here in this parking lot in the stifling texas eat. the suspected driver of that tractor trailer is expected to be formally charged later today. >> this morning federal investigators are trying to unravel how a human smug eling operation turned deadly. >> something out of the mufz movies you don't dpoekt see that around here. >> the grew sma scene,
7:15 am
there on saturday. someone climbed out of the back of the tractor trailer parked near the store and begged for water. a wall mart employee called 911. police found 39 suspected undocumented immigrants crammed inside. eight were dead, another died at the hospital. >> they were very hot to the touch, so these people were in that trailer woit aithout any s of any type of water. >> they say the suspected driver james bradley junior of clear water, florida, will be charged later today. some blame the political climate. >> the harsh rhetoric today is what is responsible for tragedies like what happened in san antonio. >> but human trafficking has been big ziz business for decades. stps reminisce sent of a case in victoria, texas, where set of people were trapped in a truck, 19 indicted. last year they investigated 2,000 c o
7:16 am
make i a lot of arrests. >> it's the proek broken system which congress has refused to nix. >> late sunday a vigil for the victims. >> they're willing to risk themselves and their lives for their kids and for their family members just so they can colorado have a better future. >> 30 undocumented immigrants, including teenagers are now recovering at local hospitals and as the immigration debate rajz in th rages in this country what happened in this parking lot say haunting reminder of what happens. now back to that dramatic finish at the open championship, golf's third major jordan speej over kwam what looked like a meltdown to declare a win that puts him amongst greatest who ever played the game. call him the come back kid,
7:17 am
one of the roller coaster tournaments ever. >> how would you explain just how difficult it was four win today? >> more difficult than it probably even looked and it probably looked pretty difficult. >> after finishing ahead of fellow american matt kutcher on saturday, he got off to a rocky start on sunday, went off to the 13th hole, it all seemed go terribly wrong. his drive so far off that he took an unplayable penalty and spent time looking for his ball. >> that was one amaze lig poor drive. >> by soon recovered and made bogey on what's being called one of the most unforgettable holes in golf history. from there he continued his streak. >> right at it, making masterful putts like this. >> little bit to the right and it comes back at the hole, just, bam. >> and earning his third major
7:18 am
roof was off and it was huge. >> spieth now joins jack nicklaus to win three legs of the career grand slam by age 23. nicklaus congrat latded him in a tweet, great display of guts, determination and skill. praise echoed by former champ tiger woods who sat out this year's open, what an incredible way to come back and win. >> my jaw's on the ground here. >> i know you were watching it live but this is news to me. >> he had an issue in the major prior, he blew a big league on sunday so just to come back on 14 there, birdie eagle birdie, birdie, persevere for a 23 thaund was incredible. >> yes, they play well but it's like digging deep in that moment and just saying, i'm going keep going. it's incredible. that's how al approaches the weather every day. >> i don't dig very deep. >> i basically have a little whisk broom. ov
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let's show what you we have going on. we have some severe weather blowing through steechblzville maryland right across the eastern shore of maryland causing big problems, a real megs. the strong storms now moving up into the northeast and new england pushing through quickly and twuns moves through we're going to be look at 1 to 2 inches of rain per hour as this thing moves into new england possibly cause something flooding. for tomorrow we've got the risk of strong storms back through the upper midwest and then as we move into wednesday it moves into green bay, chicago, indianapolis, imporeya, des moines. rainfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 5 inches up through the northern plains. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning, some light areas of rainfall near the bay bridge and expending it down into parts of southern charles county over the northern neck down towards colonial beach. those showers are pushing out. later on with the day we may be able to bubble up one or two more showers or thunderstorm but nowhere near the coverage or intensity that we've been seeing. temperatures we're in the mid to upper 70s now, daytime highs up in the upper 80s and then lovely weather comes our way for the middle of the week. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. coming up, a key witness coming forward in that deadly police shooting of a bride to be in
7:21 am
as her fiancee reveals more about what exactly happened that night. also on the way you're told if you see something say something. would you even notice something suspicious if it was happening right if front of you? we've got an eye opening report on the way but first this is "today" on nbc.
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so you get more "life" per roll. bounty the quicker picker upper. >> this is a news 4 today 234uz break. >> 7:26 is is your time now on this monday, july 24th, 2017. good morning to you. >> in the news this morning, we are watching this breaking news as a matter of fact. emergency officials are asking people to shelter in place in queen anz county. there was a severe storm there, possibly a tornado that touched down, some homes lost their roofs, there could also be power lines across roads, more than 8,000 people lost electricity and are still in the dark. the county starting opening emergency shelters but we're going to put the locations for those in the nbc washington app. more problems if you're taking metro this morning.
7:27 am
problems on the red line. service was suspended between groechler in and friendship heights because of an orking insulator. that was just cleared and there was also a broken down train at the dupont circle station causing delays. we'll have the very latest in the nbc washington app. now let's check with commute with jack. >> the outer loop of the belt wait trouble spot had been at river road, there was a crash they're clearing it from the two right lanes. now we have a medical call possibly also blocking two right lanes. beach drive remains closed between weiss road and bingham drive in the is due to a downed tree. hopefully they'll clear that quickly. back to you. >> all right. thank you. we're going to take a quick break now. we'll check your forecast next.
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towards the bay bridge nothing heavy. showers are going to come to an end though we could bubble up one or two thunderstorms this afternoon and nice dry weather for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. >> thank you, chuck. >> back to the "today show".
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good morning, everybody. morning, everybody, 7:30 on a monday morning, july 24th, 2017. nice to have you with us. we've got carson in more matt today, hoda with us. >> hi, guys. >> lawmakers looking into russia's meddling into the election. we'll hear from a member of president trump's inner circle. today kushner and senate adviser is meeting with the intelligence committee hoind closed doors and prepared remarks ahead of that appearance. kushner says he never collude with any foreign governments but confirms did he have contacts with russians during the campaign and the transition after the election. >> and just days after his brain cancer
7:31 am
senator john mccain spent his days outdoors. he sint a picture enjoying zebra falls. he has vowed to return to capitol hill soon. >> and check out this dramatic video. it shows a starbucks customer in california stopping an armed robbery. a guy wearing a transformer mask threatened the clerk with a gun. that's when the customer grabbed the chair, hit the would be robber from behind, a fight ensued, jarpry was stabbed in the neck before he wrestled away the knife and stabbed the man several times. jerry was treated for his injuries and is expected to make a full recovery. >> that's incredible, the whole thing right there on camera. also this morning we've got new developments to tell you about in that controversial police shooting of an australian bride to be in minneapolis. a new witness is now emerging as her fiancee speaks out about the moments that led to this tragedy. nbc ron mott is in indianapolis
7:32 am
all of it. ron, good morning. >> reporter: hi there, good morning to you. state officials officials have interviewed and i'd fid this bicyclist who was near thattally way where she was shot and killed and stood watch while police officers tried to perform cpr on her. on friday, the police chief resigned under pressure and now very loud calls for the mayor to be the next to go. >> this morning, new details about justine day monday's final moments in an interview "the new york times" her fiancee says he told her to call 911 after hearing what she thought was an assault taking place behind their home. justine was alone than night, don was in las vegas for work. i have played this over in my head, over and over, why dididn't i stay on the phone with her. minutes after they spoke she was shot dead by minneapolis police officer noor as she approached the squad car outside. >> ems is come, rescue's coming. >> around
7:33 am
called don damond in las vegas telling him there had been a shooting. we can't give a positive i.d. but we think it's cust seen it he was told. amid public outrage there's new scrutiny around noor's training. in 2013 graduated from a accelerated program a much faster path for those with college degrees to enter law enforcement. >> this officer completed that training very well, just like every office, he was very suited to be on the street. >> while she initially stood by the training program, police chief submitted her resignation friday after the mayor said she lost confidence in the chief's handling of the incident. at a late-night press conference friday, protesters unleashed a deafening call for the mayor's resignation shouting bye-bye betsy shz hodges was escorted out. >> reporter: the minneapolis star tribune posted on line with
7:34 am
city's police easily startled. back to the mayor's press conference on friday, after those protesters left the mayor came back to say she's not going to resign she's nominated the assistant police chief to the job. as for officer noor, he's mott been charged with any crime. both officers remain this morning on administrative leave and both through their attorneys have offered their condolences to justine damond's family. back to you. >> a lot of developments there. >> let's get another check of the weather, al. we're starting to see a little bit of a break as far as this heat wave is concerned here in the east. the hot and humid weather is going to get knocked out as this cold front moves through and cooler, drier air will come in right behind and things will be a lot nicer. you'll feel it today. an 11-degree drop from yesterday's highs to today's in boston, 11 degree difference in cleveland, and chicago it will be six toobz degrees cooler today way hive 73. and as you can see tempat
7:35 am
stay nice and comfortable from detroit, syracuse, d.c., new york, and boston. however you are make your way into the southwest on the other side of the stationary front, temperatures stay above normal. dallas by thursday 100. 95 memphis on thursday, and 90 degrees in atlanta. that's what's going on around the count. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning, 77 degrees right now, nice sky view here so we are drooig dry at the moment. but later on today we could see a couple thunderstorms flare up across the area. otherwise temperatures mostly upper 70s. 74 dulles right now. mid-sifts in constituent co, other than that, better chance later on this afternoon. if you're heading to the pool, keep an eye to the sky. high around 90 but tuesday, wednesday, thursday look good. rain returns on friday. get your full forecast 24/7 on the weather channel on cable. >> al roker, thanks. coming up we're
7:36 am
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♪ ♪ the day's looking new and bright, ♪ ♪ and you're gonna start it right, ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers ♪ ♪ in your cup. we're back, now, at we're back now at 7:40 with a new rossen reports. if something success spishz happened near you would you even
7:41 am
spot it? >> today jeff rossen is here with a hidden camera with an experiment that everybody needs to see. >> good morning to you. we've all seen the signs and heard the pleas from law enforcement, see something, say something become a national slogan from tierpts bus station, movie theaters to parks asking you to report anything suspicious. but if something happened right in front of, you something shady and alarming? would you notice, confront the suspect, all the cops? do nothing? this morning our hidden cameras are rolling. >> soup guys can just hang out here. >> this group of volunteers showing up to a park in suburban new jersey. they think they're here for a jury in parks. but hours before they arrive our team hard at work setting up hidden cameras all over the park in garbage cans, on electric poles and even in a birdhouse. >> am i dropping the whole thing? >> it's going to go in the back. >>
7:42 am
backpack on the ground just feet from them and then walks away, how will they react? will they react at all? and the stakes couldn't be higher. the brothers responsible for the boston marathon bombing planted backpacks in the crowd. in manchester a terrorist report lid used a backpack in the attack that killed 22 people at this ariana grande concert and just last year in new jersey two men find a backpack on a suburban street. and what they looked inside. >> that's a bomb. >> police able to safely detonate the bomb. all those cases officials say making our tests so important. okay. so here's how our experiment is going to work. right now i'm hold newspaper this secret control room right next to the park. i'm watch all of the hidden cameras on these monitors vand my producer josh wearing the sun glagss and the hat, what are you doing here. >> i'm going to tlak this bag, walk right by them, set it down
7:43 am
and see what happens. >> and you're going to get right near them. >> exact. >> i we are here with the nutley police chief. thank you very much for being here. how important is see saying say something? >> it's very important. we count on the public's millions of eyes and ears to be our best and most resourceful tool. >> we'll see what happens here. there's josh walking down the path. >> he's getting close to the group now. >> he drops the bag. everyone is standing around talktion. as he walks away, this woman spots him, staring him down. deciding what to say, what to do. finally, she steps up. >> i think you dropped something. >> it's just my bag. >> yeah, but high pressure system -- >> i'm just leaving it there for a second. >> back up you still left it there. >> oh, it will -- 50i'll be rig back. >> where are you going? >> just around the cornerer. >> but it's not good to leave it there. >> why? >> because i'm here with my friends andt
7:44 am
something bad at this day and age so could you go get your bag, please. >> i'll just be gone for a zblekd i would really like you go get your bag. >> you sure? >> yeah. >> that's courageous of her all they we don't recommend someone confront someone who's questionable or suspicious. >> what should do you? >> you should know the fight police. >> time to let our volunteers in on the secret. >> hey guys, how are you. >> hay. >> jeff rossen from nbc news put guys think we're about to start this shoot, right. >> yes. >> we already did it. we just ran a hidden camera scenario on you, that guy who dropped the backpack. right over here. >> yes, hi. >> what's your name. >> i can -- >> of course you can get a hug. >> what's your name. >> carrie grif fen. >> you recognized something suspicious there right off the bat. >> it just didn't seem zbliet he drops that backpack what are you thinking to yourself. >> that i'm here with my friends and there's bane lot of bad things going on and this is sa bushya, we're not safe here oather. >> tus
7:45 am
or didn't speak up. >> who here called 911? silence. did you call 911. >> no, because i just wanted him to take it with him and leave. >> police say that you should call 911, that's good advice for all of us because now you have a guy walking around who's maybe suspicious so let the cop walk up to him maybe his feelings will be hurt if he's doing something wrong. but if he's somebody up to no good, you're the first line of defense for noticing it. thank you very much. >> she did a great job. and by the way, it's not just bags that can be suspicious. police say there are many red flags you should report. someone dressed oddly for the place or weather, like al a lot of the time. someone look the opposite way than everyone else or walk a different direction than the crowd, they could all raise concern. again, police say the best idea is to call 911 immediately. we have more tips on our website right now, reports and police sell tell us call them they don't mind gettingse
7:46 am
nothing maybe they'll catch something that one time. >> we're not add video indicating for al roker. >> no. >> her persistence was insane. >> and brave and courageous. and one of the only people that notice today. >> which is crazy. >> good stuff, jeff. >> what ben affleck is saying about rumors that he's out at batman. >> but first let's see what chanel's not cooking in the orange room. >> michael phelps's race dense the great white wasn't quite what everyone was expecting. that's right after this. this i gotta try weekenders. then we've got the bendy... ... spendy weekenders. the tranquility awaits. hanging with our mates weekenders and the it's been quite a day... glad we got away weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you. book your weekend break direct at and join the weekenders.
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we are back, the results of a we're back with the results of of a showdown we've been talk about for weeks. sheinelle, how was it. >> discover's shark week kicked off sunday night with the highly anticipated matchup between michael fepz and a great white shark. but when he jumped into the mid-50 degree water some viewers were surprised to see there wasn't a great white next to him. instead it was simulated with a cgi shark. phelps was clear that would be the case, but some were still caught off guard. look at this, when michael phelps said he was going to race a shark, this is how i pictured it. gary parish posts, turns out michael phelps race with a shark was really just michael phelps swims alone and compares his time toya shark's time. he ended up losing the race by
7:52 am
time warmer water. guys. >> i mean, it was the shark's time. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> it was misleading. >> yeah. it was like shark nato. >> no, that's real. that's real. >> so sorry. >> that's real. >> just ahead we're going to talk with the filmmakers behind the much anticipated documentary on principle says diana and how re-her sons opened up like never before after your local news. e- before after your local news. -h before after your local news. he before after your local news. how'd we rethink light yogurt? kicked out artificial sweeteners, added real fruit, and made it 90 calories. new light and fit greek nonfat yogurt
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7:56 am
this is a news 4 today's ne news break. >> 7:56 is your time for today. we will get to the jack tailor in your look at traffic. what's going on on the roads? >> we've got some stuff going on unfortunately. virginia inner loop of the beltway as you head forwards george washington parkway we've have two crashes. we had the accident on the river loop, that moved over to the shoulder. beach drive still closed between weiss road and bingham drive. this due to a downed tree. same situation up in upper mar bore re. richie mar borrow road between brook lane and westphalya road because of a downed tree. back to you. >> all right. thank you. we'll take a quick break now and check your forecast next. stay with us.
7:57 am
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good morning. if you're grilling this afternoon, keep in mind temperatures will be around 90 degrees. chance for a couple thunderstorms later on today, that's going to bed in the forecast. but then tuesday, wednesday, and thursday looking good and finally some relief on -- >> thank you. another local news update in our 25 minutes.
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." it's 8:00 on today. coming up, diana's life and legacy. >> we incredibly loved, her and i, and i'm grateful that love still feels there. >> inside the new documentary where william and harry get candid like never before opening up by a major regret. we'll live with the filmmakers. plus beating the odds of the two-time olympian who walked down the aisle of his own wedding after being told it was something he'd never be able to do. and monday motivation, competitors from the smash hit american ning anyone gentleman warrior are here to take on a massive obstacle course right on our
8:01 am
24th, 2017. ♪ we're on today, check, check, who's got a pen? happy 50th and a half anniversary. i can see a kiss? ♪ >> i think i found the most creative poster. where are you guys from? >> chicago. >> who do you love? >> tulsa, oklahoma. >> yes, ladies. >> gand morning, everybody. welcome back to today. nice to see everybody out on the plaza. the umbrellas down. >> the rain has stopped. >> absolutely. >> and hoda out there this morning. >> that's right. she's our little ray of sunshine. carson in for matt you're a ray of sunshine too. >> thank you. >> let's get right
8:02 am
the president's son-in-law facing what could be tough questions on capitol hill today about his meetings with russians. we're going to get more from kristen welker. good morning. >> joo good morning to you. in his meeting senate intelligence staffers today jared kushner is expected to say in strong terms that he didn't collude with the russians and he has nothing to hide. if an 11-page statement kushner will detail four meetings with russian officials and say nothing improper happened at any of those encounters. he'll also give new details about two of the most scrutinized meetings, one with the russian ambassador and the other with a russian attorney. the first one kushner expected to say in april, 2016, he briefly met the russian ambassador dourg a campaign event. the encounter so quick kushner will say the day after election day had he to ask what is the name of the russian ambassador. and then the second one that trump tower mooetding with the russian attorney in june of 2016, kushner expect topped say he received an e-mail from his brother-in-law ld
8:03 am
other attendees listed. and tell the he'll say he didn't read the long e-mail chain forwarded to him. after arriving late at the meeting kushner will say in his stamtd he found the russian attorney discussing adoption dollars and determined it was a waeflt of his time so after about ten minutes he e-mailed his assistant from the meeting asking, quote, you can please call me on my cell, need excuse to get out of meeting. kushner's meeting today with a senate behind closed doors and he won't be under oath. we have nine people dead in san antonio texas where others were rescued from inside a sweltering tractor trailer. good morning. >> reporter: it was a horrifying discovery, dozens of suspected migrants found inside that tractor trailer in this park being lot in the stifling texas heat with no air-conditioning. as you mentioned this morning the suspected driver of that tractor trailer is
8:04 am
now investigators are trying to figure out how this smuggling operation turned deadly. police say that temperatures reached up to 101 degrees here in san antonio on saturday and someone climbed out of that tractor trailer begging for water. that's when a walmart employee called 911. when police arrived they found a gruesome scene. eight people were found dead inside, another died at the hospital. now the spz suspected driver of 60-year-old james bradley junior of clear water, floo, will be facing charges. 30 suspected migrants remain in the hospital, 17 in critical condition. carson, back to you. >> just a horrific scene there in san antonio, texas. thank you. police are search firing suspect in a bizarre attack that happened in northern zits switzer and there morning. a man armed with a chainsaw entered an office building and injured at least five people. two of the victims in serious condition. they do not believe that incident has any connection to
8:05 am
dramatic rescue operation in arizona after 17 hikers became trapped rising waters in a flash flood. it happened about 20 miles east of tucson. rescuers used a helicopter to pull some of the hikers include a 4-year-old boy off the rocks. others were walked out after the waters subsided. thankfully no one was injured. two-time olimp pick winner had the greatest performance of his career this weekend. he suffered a paralyzing spinal cord injury last year when he slipped while doing a back flip. during rehab he focussed on one single goal, learning to take 130 steps. on saturday he reached it walk his new bride siobhan down the aisle after their wedding ceremony. 130 steps. he said it was a monumental day and he need dodd a monumental thing. >> all right. how beautiful is that. >> amazing. there's a lot more to get to this morning
8:06 am
look at the documentary of princess diana herself. >> and stranger things. >> and the excitement of the american anyone gentleman warrior live right outside on the plaza coming up after these messages. welcome to the neighborhood. i brought you this pie to see if you're weird. wow, that smells intrusive. it is. did you want to come in, maybe snoop around a bit? that's why i'm here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? ooh, i smell onions! the citi® double cash card does. only citi lets you earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double.
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♪ ♪ in late august 1992, joel discovered the chex mix™ combination of two corn chex, one bread stick, and one pretzel piece. he would later tongue kiss this girl. those two things are unrelated. just kind of a big night for joel. pick your mix with chex mix™. ♪ we're back, now, we're back now, 8:09 with a revealing look of princess diana's life and legacy. >> her
8:10 am
mom like never before and this premieres tonight. we're going to talk to the filmmakers in a moment, but first we're at kensington palace. good morning. >> joo hey there, good morning. this interview that you're about to hear is so pointed at times it's so painful, william and harry talk about their last phone call with diana then were on vacation, they were kids. he says we were in a desperate rush to be say good-bye if i had known now obviously what was going to lap i wouldn't have been so blah someday. harry says all i do remember is probably regretting for the rest of my life how short that phone call was. guys, this interview really gets you here. >> quite a special picture. >> this is the first time that the two of us have ever spoke ben her as a mother. >> believe it or not you and i both -- >> right. okay. >> arguably probably ail little
8:11 am
it's still raw. >> william and harry sharing memories of their mother, her laugh, her love for her boys. >> one of her mottos to me was you can be as naughty as you want, just don't get caught. she was one of the naughtiest parents. she would come and watch us play football and smug he will sweets into our socks. >> the two princes describing the young mom only they knew. >> our mother was a total kid through and through. when everybody says to me, you know, so she was fun, give us an example, all i can hear is her laugh. that sort of crazy laugh of whether was just pure happiness shown on her face. >> she organized when i came home from school to have cindy crawford waiting at the top of the stairs. i was probably a 12 or 13-year-old boy who had posters of them on his wall and i went bright red and didn't quite know what to say and sort of fumbled
8:12 am
stairs on my way out. >> they've kept these photographs private until now. never have the two boys spoken of diana like this. never, perhaps, has any british royal been so open in public about their emotions. >> we thought, you know, incredibly love, her and i, and i'm very grateful that that love still feels there. >> it was that love that even if she was on other side of a room that you, as a son, could you feel it. >> the very act of making this documentary where harry is seen talking with elton john about diana's charity. >> it was doom and gloom, everybody in that photograph is smiling. >> a declaration of their determination that diana's spirit will live on. in public and in private with her grandchildren. >> i do regularly talk about her and just try to remind our children that there are two grandmother's, there were
8:13 am
so it's important that they know who she was. >> we talk about the british stiff upper lip. it isn't always a good thing. this stunned me. harry says he's only cried twice about losing diana in the past 20 years. william told us at a screening that they are trying to correct what they see in perhaps recent years the wrong portrayal of diana but he says the two boys are never going to speak about her publicly like this again, guys. >> let's turn to the filmmakers now. nick kent is the executive producer and ashley is the product ter and producer, good morning. >> good morning. >> congratulations on such an extraordinary project and have to ask how you were able to get these young men to open up like that. >> well, a couple years ago i made a film or knick and i made the film about the queen and in the course of that we ended up interviewing prince harry and prince william and kate, duchess of cambridge.
8:14 am
from our point of view and we began talking to them about was it possible to make another film. we met the princes earlier this year and began to talk about it. >> you probably had expectations of how open you thought they would be. and you were actually sitting in the room with them doing the interviews. >> yeah. >> did she surpass your expectations? >> it's obviously incredible difficult stuff to talk about some of this private and very personal. >> sure. >> i think once they decided they wanted to make this fill tom honor their mum, they were incredibly candid zbrand we do see a side of diana through her sons's eyes. they talk about her laugh, how she was so exuding love. and we really see images that really have never before been seen. >> i think this film it's a very personal film for the princes but it someway it's how do you keep alive the memory of someone you've loved and lost. and they show you how do you
8:15 am
photographs but the way you live your own live. they're carrying on her business in the charity work they do and the way he looks to bringing up his oeb children. at the back of our minds when we were making this film was the thought we hoped when it was finished that they would feel this was a film in the years to come they could show their own kids and say this is who your grandmother was. >> harry pointed out that he's only cried twice since diana died and mentioned in the film when she did pass away and he saw this outpouring of thousands of people weeping and he felt strange strange these people are weeping more than i am. describe that. >> it's a unique experience and anyone who watched the funeral, how can they go with this, that's a private grief of that has to be publicly shared. and think the film sort of answers that question for maybe the last 20 years they've had to keep things under wraps and now they can finally talk about it for the first time. >> were you surprised by anything you heard about princess diana from her
8:16 am
any aspect of her personality that you didn't expect. >> i think she was a great practical joker. she had a real sense of humor. >> she would send racy cards or naughty cards to her son at boarding school. >> smuggling sweets and the super models prank. >> that was great. >> on her eldest son. >> one thing they talked about that i hadn't heard them talk about before was the divorce, what it felt like living not enough with your mother and not enough with your father. >> they talk about being bounce aid round and too much time in cars and too much time on the phone and you can tell that it was obviously, you know, quite a difficult time for them. >> and i think anyone who's been through that experience of their parents being divorced with empathize with that. that's a very common experience. >> were they more candid than you expected, ashley? did you in a sense hear more from them than you expected to. >> i thought they were courageous because it's a complex thing talk together world about a mum who died in the circumstances in which he died. so i was very touched by the courage and openn
8:17 am
they sort of talked to us and shared their feelings in the film. >> it was so beautiful and so revealing and worth every second if you're going to be watching it. >> thank you so much forever bricking it to us. we appreciate it knick and ashley if you want to watch it and who won't after this. diana our mother her life and legacy premieres tonight on hbo. let's head over to al and get a check of the weather. >> we have wet weather marking its way through the northeast. tchgs been wet into the great lakes and northeast. you look right now chicago this is their second wettest year so far going since january 1st almost 30 inches of rain. cleveland, it ends up being the third wettest rars a little more than 30 inches and buffalo where they've been getting dumped the last several days it's their first wettest at almost 209 inches of rain. tropical downpours, one to 2 to 3 inches of rain falling some at times, 1 to 2 inches
8:18 am
monsoonal moisture continues in the southwest. plenty of sunshine through the great lakes, more wet weather mere in the northeast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. right here at home we have a partly cloudy sky over washington, still a little bit of light rain across parts of southern maryland that's moving out on to the eastern shore. for the most part the remainder of the day is going to be dry thoi though we couldn't rule out a stray shower or too. so it's going to be a little bit on the warm and humid side we're in the mid to upper 70s and daytime highs will be in the upper 80s to right around 90 degrees. we have much nicer weather coming our way the next couple days cooler with lower humidity for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. >> and that's your latest weather. hoda. ready to trend. all right. well, everything we have our very own. >> our hands were all up. >> every family has their own unique traditions. this morn
8:19 am
unlikelytraition disease so people are sharing their favorite pastime. on my birthday my parents called met minute i was born, 4:30 a.m. what minute your born. >> like 9:02 so i always get the call. >> how about this one we get together tell ghost stories it's part of my family norm. how about these people they sing christmas songs around the 4th of july fire. >> weird. >> so hash tag unlikelyfamilytraditions who's got one. >> mine's likely on christmas eve my dad reads a book about benjamin and the bears and he's about doing it for years and that's one of the traditions we love. >> i don't really have an unlikely ours are normal. my mom calls me and tells me my birth story every year. >> tell us the story. >> 45 years ago today. the longest baby was born. >> we always go apple picking on columbus day weekend with the kids and some of their friends and everything. >> that's nice. >> i like
8:20 am
telling jenna last week so every year growing up we went to the kansas state fair newspaper kansas and it was such a big deal, the butter pal, i mean that was something. so i just feel like my kids have flefr been to a good old state fair. >> that's good. >> something fried. >> yeah. >> are you going to go to kansas. >> we're going closer to home. >> i have one that's weird only because, okay, so we're a family that kept our christmas tree up until february, it was artificial. it was weird. so anyway, i still remember this. someone knocked at our door and my dad screamed, get the tree because we didn't know what was happening. so reran to the tree, we unplugged it, shoved it into the storage area and every christmas we'd pull it out because it was already there, decorated, weetd flip it, a little pine set i remember thinking that became our little weird tradition. >> who was if he door. >> a neighbor. >> nosey neighbors. >> who needs elf on a shelf. >> right. >> all right.
8:21 am
triple duty. >> we've got a lot to get to. we're going to start with comic-con, the events took place in san diego, california over the week. ben affleck addressing rumors surrounding batman after some questioned his enthusiasm for the role and his future in playing it at the presentation for his upcoming film justice league. ben said, let me be very clear, i'm the luckiest guy in the world. batsman satellite coolest poort in any universe, i'm so thrilled do it. by the way, trailers for two incredibly popular shows were also debuted at comic-con, stranger things, and west world's both ledding into their second seasons. they were breakout hits and swept emmy nominations as well. beyonce and shah long showed up to support missy elliot for her headlining performance at fyf festival. she shared the photo on twitter writing they've always shown me love and i am humbled. >> that's nice. >> that would be nice if beyonce comes out four. and
8:22 am
surprise appearance at that same appearance during frank ocean's set. you maybe remember he opened up to gq magazine back in may from his split fromming an lien' jolie. he called it painfully honest and special. well, right after that the singer frank ocean, he pornld in a t-shirt with brad's face on. 'well now the bromance has come full circle, brad joins him on stage for his song close to you, so there's brad, easy sitting on the -- standing on the side of the stage with his back to ocean, his ear to his cell phone and occasionally he would pretend to talk into the phone. videos of both of them are projected on to the giant video screen. they're calling it a very popular performance it was trending all over the place. >> that's what beyonce, didn't she just have twins like 20 minutes ago and she showed snup good for her. >> sometimes you need a break. you know what she's going out with her sister. >> daily click today, been warm all weekend. >> people are probably in their pool, forget that, doesn't
8:23 am
check out -- roll the tape here's a grand map live for the pool party, 79 years old, mr. mccoy. he's with his grandsons and friends trying to get grandpa up there. >> whoa. >> oh my word. >> there's no shark need here, grandpa. >> back flip into the pool. they call him the toughest old man i've ever known, a perfect 10. that's your dally click you can watch it over and over. >> a good shot there. >> that's good. >> what are you going to do with the rest of the weekend it's so good. >> we've got plenty. >> al, birthdays. >> here we go. spin the smucker's jars, let's meet some great folks out there. first up, happy 100th birthday to rosemariwise. you like this laid, she's a guff lover from newark, ohio. her favorite hour, happy hour. her go to drink, old fashioned, what would goo wrong with an old
8:24 am
fashioned. lauren smith is from de kalb, mis, 100 years old. rumor has it she makes the best sugar cookies you will ever try. ruby burr dine of berly, oklahoma. she says the secret to long gef ritty eating venl i giz from our own garden. sam cell son, served in the hair force in warld war ii. and happy birthday to mary richard sochb of hilton head, south carolina. she's got nine grandkids, 16 great grandkids and i think we know somebody whose going to be getting a lot of breaks. >> she's 10 sfwlichl that's right, i'm sorry. >> maybe my eyes are go b to go. and last but certainly not least we want to wish a special happy anniversary to friends of the today show, fred and trisha dobson of liberty hill, texas, celebrating 60 years of marriage. couple operated their own family business together while raising
8:25 am
five kids. don't forget if you know somebody who's brate celebrate a birthday or fooil milestone anniversary tell us all about them at todaydom/celebration. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> coming up after the break we're going to meet a remarkable man, a thrill seeker is has already conquered mount every rest and he's taking on a new challenge but then american anyona warrior takes over our plaza rain or shine after your local news and weather. n warrior takes over our plaza rain or shine after your local news and weather. i warrior takes over our plaza rain or shine after your local news and weather. n warrior takes over our plaza rain or shine after your local news and weather. j warrior takes over our plaza rain or shine after your local news and weather. inja warrior t plaza rain or shine after your local news and weather.
8:26 am
thnchts say news 4 today news break. >> it's 8:26 on this monday, july 24th. let's start way check on the roads and jack taylor. jack. >> aaron, good morning. storm damage and volume from the rush hour, beach drive remains closed between wise and bring ham this morning because of a downed tree. similar situation in richny marlborough road is closed between brook lane and westphalia drive, again a downed tree. inner loop at the beltway out of springfield you're slow all the way up to an sbint on the george washington parkway. after georgetown pike the crash continued to block a single left lane. back to you. >> we'll get a look at the forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
8:28 am
forecast when we come back. bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. still watch a little bit of light rain across southern maryland otherwise we're drying out and getting sunshine
8:29 am
here in washington. it will be a hot and humid day today, highs upper 80s to around 90, we couldn't rule out a stray shower or two later on today but nowhere near the coverage or power of the storm from last night and then tonight cooler with low humidity. more "doing chores for mom" per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper and now try bounty with new despicable me 3 prints. only in theaters.
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♪ 8:30, now, 8:30 now on a monday morning. it's the 24th of july, 2017. you can believe it's almost the end of july all road? it still feels like a great summer morning, little bit stormy. we are so excited because on friday we have a great concert lined up. >> they're so good. fits and the tantrums will be here. >> they're recording music is good too.
8:31 am
that's august 4th. he wants to you pick one of the songs that he performs, so let's go through the choice, mud on the tires is a track you can pick, southern comfort zone, or riverbank. just tweet your choice using #bradpaisleytoday and watch for the winning song on friday. >> how about a shout out to our crowd in the rain. we're looking for our crowd moment. let me tiptoe back here. so wait a minute. we have a mission here. there's somebody who you would like to us say hi to. >> i do, hi, gram. >> what's her name. >> rose. >> grand man rose. >> and what's your name. >> alexis. >> i think we should all get together and say hello grandma rose around alexis. i hope grand map rose is watch plgt ready on three. we'll say hi, grandma rose. one, two, three. hi, grand man rose. >> hey, rambling rose. >> you're welcome.
8:32 am
>> coming up we've got the thrill and excitement of american ninja warrior right here on the plaza. >> impressive in this weather too. >> and we're going to head into the kitchens a little bit and learn how to make a chicken and potatoes dish that has an el ganlt twist to. >> but first a check at the weather. >> a look ahead at the week that's coming up and monday we're okay, we're look at a july beauty of a day today and then a great plakz around the plains. some monsoonal moisture through the southwest, downpours in the gulf. by the time we get to the mid-week period awfully nice in the northeast mid atlantic states, eastern great lakes cool, less humid but steamy down through the gulf and by the end of the week without west abundant sunshine, hot and dry through texas, the humidity and showers increase along the east coast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. temperatures mid to upper 70s right now so we're warmiup
8:33 am
sunshine around. we do have some showers there off across the bay from an nap police but those are going move away the rest of the area. dry if you're exer sizing today near 90 by noon, this afternoon a chance of couple thunderstorms. temperatures around 90 degrees. tuesday, wednesday, thursday look good, some relief in the forecast with temperatures in the 80s but by friday the storm chances do return. don't forget get that weather anytime you need it check out our friends on the weather channel on cable. guys. >> all right. thank you so much. we're launching something new this morning, pushing the limit today. highlighting remarkable people who are doing just that. >> we are starting with a good one too. an extraordinary explorer who isn't let a challenge stand in his way. natalie's in los angeles this morning with an incredible story. hi, good morning. >> reporter: hey, miss you guys. talk about inspiring, eric wine mayor is going to extremes on some of the wo
8:34 am
and rivers. ease relying on all senses excepted sight. it is an astounding journey after becoming blind, one of breaking records and boundaries. >> they're among the world's most spectacular and scariest places, and imagine conquering them all like this. >> i managed to confront my fears to take those fears and push them to the peripheries. >> the, he fife forries of the earth rg ever rest, denalis, himalayas. >> how would you define what it is you're seeking. >> i think i'm seeking universal experience. >> born way rare eye disease, eric winemayor's vision e-rhode as a child and by the age of 13 he was completely blind. >> i felt like i was in this prison and i didn't know how to get out of it. >> he quickly found his way out by tackling the
8:35 am
>> i joined the wrestling team. >> it was empowering and by seni senior year he was team captain and helped to the junior olympics. what he couldn't see couldn't hold him back and then he heard of a blind climbing expedition. >> i thought that's so stupid who would ever take a blind kid rock climbing. so i signed up. >> pretty soon he was hooked. >> there was a puz he will that i could discover in the rock, and i had to discover that with my hands and my feet, not with my eyes. >> his climbs became increasingly ambitious. >> we tried three mountains, lawn's peak, ra near, humphrey's peak, we didn't summit any of them. but then we went to denali, 1995 we summited. >> eric set his goal on the highest pique peak, everest. and it was embarking on this incredible judge any of discovery. >> he kaumd safety with a fierce determination and in 2001 incredibly he became the only blind person to be reach the summit of mount everest. >> i remember cong
8:36 am
sound of space around me. >> amazingly, that was just the beginning of more challenges. >> my life sort of turned into learning some insights into how to break through barriers. >> leading blind children through tibet over the and deez, he hit another extraordinary milestone seven years after everest completing the seven sum mitsds, the highest mountains on any continent. >> the outdoors is the greatest laboratory i think we have on earth. >> always seek a new adventure, he began to kayak. >> what made you decide to tackle kayaking? >> i found myself on the banks the colorado river 40 years old with my friend saying i want to teach you how to kayak, it's going to be really cool. >> he loved it and after years of training with a team helping to guide him, eric took on the grand canyon's daunting white water.
8:37 am
rifl in a single kayak, nav gaiting some of the hardest waters in america. >> you almost have to let go. >> he took me kayaking near his home in golden, colorado. this is how his team helps. >> small right. >> by telling him what he can't see for himself. >> go. >> yeah. >> no "no barriers, a bloond man's journey to kayak the grand canyon" he explains his internal voyage. >> i've had to figure out how to take tough things and turn them around and make them into good things. >> and as a dad of two teenagers at home, eric's facing a different kind of adventure. >> my kirds like whatever, you hiked the grand canyon it's like are you going to cook dinner tonight? >> byes chattanooga the path of most resistance he says that's how life's odd dessy
8:38 am
thrives. >> look inside you because that's what puf got grow because that's your vision. you grow that thing inside, it will blaze your path forward. >> he's truly an extraordinary man so what's next for eric? well, he's tackling mountains in italy this summer and then he's got a long running list for more add ventures including climbing ice ranges in europe later this year. guys. >> unbelievable. >> that's amazing. >> so cool. >> great story. thank you so much. by the way, tomorrow we're going to meet an incredible 66-year-old grandmother who just broke a record swimming across the english channel. up next, winner winner chicken dinner, recipe you need to try tonight but first this is today on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
"today food" is brought to you by chex mix. pick your mix.
8:41 am
>> we're back with "today we're back wk today, food and two women who are heating up on the food scene. head chefs at king which is hot here in new york. they're from london but they brought their techniques that they learned across the pond right here to the states. good morning. we're starting with chicken what are you making. >> everything on here say celebration of summer. it's easy, not a lot of ingredients and stifrm to do at home. we're goto tart mate toes, we're using cherry but you can also use continue to mate toes, basal and capers. >> what if have you tomatoes and basal, you can use them too? >> absolutely, yes, you can use that. >> so the chicken here i notice is sort of smooshd. >> yes. >> what is this called? >> this is a chicken we've taken off the bone. it's half a bird. you can easily use the whole bird
8:42 am
backbone and squish it. >> yes. butchers and guys at the market will do that four. >> yeah. sometimes you can find it in the market like this. >> you're sat salt willing that up like a fish. >> yes. >> >> yen generously season. we've pulled this bird out of the fridge for about 20 minutes. you won't to make -- >> did you brine it. >> no. you can, but this is just as good. really hot pan. you want to make sure it's smoking hot pez that's where you're going to get that nice crispy skin. >> ole slif viv oil. >> yes, little bit of olive oil. >> you want to hear that sizzle. >> and you want to be holt so it starts to get crispy and carmel lies. >> you want skin side down. >> yes. >> what are you doing. >> this is a skinner we're going to put it ton top to weight it down. >> to force the issue there. >> exactly. what you can use other than a skill let. >> lul anything. at re
8:43 am
opened we just fooild piled ten pans on top. >> something heavy. >> something heavy. >> bricks or whatever. so that's going to go for a little bit. meanwhile. >> this is why you've got the skill let on top, to get that the lovely crisp skin. this has been going for a while. >> how long skin side down before you flip it? >> until it kind of smells like wonderful crisp chicken skin, about five minutes maybe. >> and then flip it over? >> flip it over. right here we have spiced garlet lick. this is the only thing that matters, it goes in first. other than that, anything can go in at any given point. so we've got capers that have been rinsed with salt, some lovely olives that have been pitted, black, green, whatever have you at home. we do it with a guinea hen so it's a little bit different. these are cher row tomatoes that have been
8:44 am
those. >> i've never seen them without seeds in them. >> no, you just cut them in half and squeeze them out. >> why don't you want the seeds in there. >> because then they get stuck in your teeth, you know. >> us americans don't think about that thing. you've got a little something there that's what we say. >> exactly. >> how long you let that mayor nate for. >> it's kind of releasing the flavors from the tomatoes it starts smelling like a holiday and vacation. >> great. >> and once they come in get -- which this one has, and it's amazing, nice and juicy. >> i just through in some white wine. >> i was hoping you'd say that. >> so we're just going to pop on the -- >> you serve the whole thing to one portion? >> no, i reckon this one we'll do, i mean half of that is for two people, you know, or even a light lunch. so this is nice and juicy, nice and crispy. >> we've got our team downstairs. how is it, guys? >> jum yummy. >> very good. >> i like
8:45 am
toe m tomatoes and the chicken. >> portion that up. that's cooked perfectly. >> i can never do that alt home whether i get it at your restaurant i can't do that at home. >> it's so much easier without the bone in it. >> what are you serving with this? you want to get to our potatoes? >> yeah. what do we have bhap, mark. >> yes. >> these are our potatoes in a bag, super quick and simple it's what my mom's good-to recipes. potatoes, garlic, salt, pepper, wine, rosemary,time, you can we're just going to chuck everything in and put it in the bag. >> these take a lot of seasoning, always more than you think. loads of oil. you can just whack a whole head of rosemary in. >> you're just going to make a big thing and dump it into this potato dier. >> yes. make sure you are wash area hands before and off do. and this is just a massive piece of tin foil or
8:46 am
>> al, you ever do anything like this on eye grill just throw things in tin foil here? >> al rez not there? >> make sure you close it so the steam doesn't get out. >> how long do you do that for. >> 45 minutes in the oven. >> and then you can uncover it in before you serve it to let it get crispy or leave them in the bag to steam. >> how do you get it crispy. >> just uncover it for about ten minutes in the oven to get that extra 450e9 cower keep them nice and steamed like this, serve them in the packet everyone will fight for the nice juicy bit of garlic. >> that's terrific. pick up a chicken, get a brick on your way and have a delicious meals. thanks to clair and jess if you want the full recipe go to up next we're turning into an ninja warrior
8:47 am
they're outside. >> look at these guys. that havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't. thanks to janice here, our lovely home is now a smart home. what does janice do? she's connected to all the lights and appliances. and, can even read my texts.
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okay. >> all right and welcome back. nbc's smash ninja warriors returned for a ninth season and this year the course is tougher than ever. >> we've got a squad of ninjas right here on the plaza to show us how it's done. guys, good morning. >> yes. >> every time i think -- >> all right. guys, what can we expect this year? so exciting. >> every year the course gets bigger and harder. we have more ninjas coming out. the performances have been amazing and just a couple weeks ago she hit a buzzer there in cleveland, the women have been
8:50 am
>> some of the greatest parts about this show are when small towns, the smaller the better, rally around some of the participants on the show. that love just is what's great about the show. >> it really is. you see it it's like the big show come together smaller town, you know, cleveland they've got their own rock star in lebron james and this year we have lebron james and his entire family come out to the course because they wanted to see it and lebron james son, 12-year-old came out and rocked the course. did the work walk and you could tell during the finals, he was like -- >> on ns. >> well, lebron put it on his instagram. >> well, he's got some good swrooenz gen genes, right. >> it's unfair. >> there's competitors, it's a competition but everyone roots for each other. >> the comrade dory has been unbelievable. and they get better together. in fact, when we came out here one of the ninjas could get through these two obstacles and now th
8:51 am
stuff to them coaching them. >> it's like al rocker stit citting there telling us what a great job we're doing right now. >> some of these are user generated like people watching at home saying i have an idea. >> this is the sky hook. this was designed by a sfoen-year-old fan, wrote it out on crayon and it was in the course in san antonio. >> we put it out last season and said look we're going to showcase next year we did that and people came out with crazy obstacles. >> 20 now on stacksles. >> but we've got another wunt spin ball wizard these handles go around it's been insane some of the obstacles. but some had us crazy enough to try. >> you know what, i had to try it, you know, you've seen some of the epic ones and the iconic ones. crank it up and shrinking man, this is a part of the design challenge, i've got try this. actor inside of me said i'm going to do it and let me tell you. >> he was thinking again.
8:52 am
move. it was hard. i bench press over 300 pounds in my heyday, 405, i couldn't get that thing -- >> it's much more of an appreciation. >> it's amazing. >> you went through the whole course, why don't you kmeet. >> why don't you? >> well, i have something that i'm going to break right here on the today show. next year i'm going try out and i'm going to do the qualifying round. i'm going to be working out with flip rodriguez, train during the entire off-season so i can work out and do -- >> seriously. >> that's going to be you on the voice, we're going to see you singing. >> i would love that. >> speaking of friendly comp sigs tigs, runt both nominated for an immy, the voice and ninja warrior. >> it's good to be nominated especially since they won last year. >> and a new comer came along. >> you could be the newcomer. >> i'm coming after you. >> friendly competition. thank you so much. we'll see you on the course next year. that's exciting. >> yes, great game
8:53 am
>> american ninja warrior tonight right here on nbc. back in a moment. this is "today" on ns. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs -
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8:55 am
on friday we showed you some of our favorites so far. frefrg jumping for joy and jet skiing to little kinly prying watermelon for the first time. we asked our viewers to vote which one would move on and they chose drum roll please, here we go a picture of vicky's dog, jake and bell la cooling off after a long swim. we'll have five new photos four to vote on and one could be yours. keep those pictures coming using the #today'ssirmmoment. >> did we expect to get such a great picture. >> keep them coming because we're going to give somebody a chance to go to the concert at the end of the summer. >> it's going to be a good one were too. i guarantee. >> come willing up next is what. >> general if i garth and they're also going to talk about summer safety for your pets. >> if there's any chicken left over. >> that was
8:56 am
>> lots to get to on a monday morning. first a check of your local news and your local forecast. have a great day, everybody. this is a news 4 today now's brick. >> 8:56 is your time on this monday, july 24th, 2017. good morning to you. we want to get a look at the roads right now with jack taylor and newer first 4 traffic. hey, jack. >> good morning. the inner loop of the beltway has not been attractive out of springfield up to mcclain legion bridge. the crash that was up before the george washington parkway
8:57 am
in the inner loop of the beltway northeast, inbound on new york avenue headed toward florida avenue there were two crashes, only a sing left lane is going to get by. beach drive remains closed between wise road and bingham drive. crews say they're about 20 minutes away from the tree crew arriving to finally open these lanes. back into you. >> thank you. we'll take a quick break now. we'll check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morng monday morn we're up to ate 1 degrees right now. we do have dry conditions and that will be the case for most of the day the and then the afternoon we have 30% chance of scatters thunderstorms. wednesday and thursday final some relief from the heat. friday is the next round of storms and so tart weekend 'looking comfortable. thank you. get the latest news on weather anytime on the nbc washington app. have a great day.
9:00 am
90210 reboot. then michael phelps matches a great white shark. blus two simple summer deserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. coming up now. >> from nbc news, this is today's take. live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, welcome to today on this monday morning, july 24th, 2017. you're listening to hard times by paramour. now al had to leave a little early today so, yes, kathie sri starting early. >>
9:01 am
>> we don't have wine, but i did love this because somebody came in and they said, cath knee, what -- dimples came? >> where is dimples? >> ease so cute. >> he came in and he said, what would you like in your mug. >> and i said they never ask me bha want in my mug, but kathie could -- >> wa wa. >> what did you ask for. >> water. >> did he say anything. >> no, she said 9:00 say little early. >> even for me. >> but one more hour than the wine is all -- >> let the party start. hoda shows up and she's exhaust dollars she's been up since 2 clock it's like happy hour for her. how was your weekend? you saw greg fers gus son. >> i did. that was the highlight -- i never go into the city on weekends because four times is plenty. yeah, went in, i went been elvis duran. i think we have a picture. elvis and his partner, alex is there. >> look at you. >> i know. saturday night kathie is looking good. >>
9:02 am
went to see him at town hall. and i think he's getting ready to do some big comedy special and so ease doing a lot of -- >> no how funny was he? >> he's one of the fun northwest human beings on the planet, there's no question about it. i just, you know, everybody has their own kind of humor that they respect and it works for them. he just walks in the room, he and ricky, and i start -- >> he's funny. >> was that last week? when was that. >> no, that was hsh tag not craig. >> yeah, i don't get this. >> you may not know this but there was a period when hoda kwaz on pa ma attorney knitly leave when i was filling in for a long period and then i was on vacation and so craig stepped in for a week. >> now that i remember, he's so darn charming. >> yes. not that you're not. >> he sure is. >> so i come back -- >> i'm not the only 1 that thinks it. everybody adores him. >> we know, everybody adores him. i come back from vacation a
9:03 am
a fraz he will and i said i'm so glad to he you again, kathie, reunited the yes jenna -- it your name jenna. >> it was not like that. >> i had the most spectacular week with craig. i did. >> everybody knew it was true. >> so we created a hash tag called not craig. >> that's funny. >> you know i love you but there's. >> but there's no sexual tension between you and me, okay. >> i thought there was. wait, i'm so disappointed. >> that's the perfect way to put it. there's nothing going on with any of us but you know what i'm talking about. he walks in the room and he has sexual tension with everybody. >> no, he doesn't. >> even gerard, it's unbelievable. >> no, just you. >> just the one in the mid. >> he was blil quadrant. he just is. he didn't even stop to take a piece had a sip of water. it just. >> nonstop. >> and it's nonstop funny after funny. >> again, hash tag
9:04 am
him while he's on his comedy tour go see him for sure. >> he's just a natural, that's all. >> there are other things we could talk about. >> so we -- >> we talked about a gray hair. >> we talked about our weekends. >> breaking news. >> oh my gosh. >> stop. did you find it in your nose because that's really disturbing. >> if my defense, ways goofing off on instagram, which is what i do. some people's instagram they have these perfect selfies and the kissy face. >> we're not millennials. >> is that what it is. >> yeah. >> so this is how i role. >> but that is a kissy face. see that long shiny one, and so they're getting -- they're getting -- what do you call them? they're like getting. >> thick. >> we have to zoom in? >> yeah. you're the one that took the picture and sent it out for the world to see. >> to pull or in the to pull, i don't have a lot of instagram followers but i think 170 people responded. half of the people said pu
9:05 am
the other half said to color it. other people said if you color it then 12 come in its place, that kind of stuff. but i'm actually really enjoying it. >> whether you have one it's a lot of fun. >> no, i have them all up on the top i always post it and says this is in my way. i'm like ow. he's like this is in my way. >> that's called plucking he's going to pluck you bare. >> so i got plucked and all that will good stuff. then i took the kids to this hol in the wall spot in upstate new york. there's one bowling alley, hear the only ones in there. so we took them to this place, there's this little -- >> are all those children yours? >> i have 18 kids. that's why i look like that. i'm not wearing makeup. they found that little hat i was getting ready to give away. so they have this bul pit and have you ever had the kids -- >> i don't like a ball pit. >> it's a germ pit. i cringed. they would not get out, you guys. i kept calling. pink eye pit, the germ pit. >> yeah. >> but they jusad
9:06 am
fun. so -- >> they look like they're alone in that too. >> because there's nobody there. we're like in the mid of nowhere. >> you must be good for the local economy. >> it's awesome. how long before i know we're in the clear with like pink eye or some random virus. >> i think 48 hours. >> let's hope. >> i used to know things like that. i have no -- don't ask me anything about mothering anymore. >> i kind of can't wait -- i mean i love we're in the thick of it too and this weekend. >> yeah. >> last night we cooked dinner and it was just moments of complete chaos because you're like this picture esk, we'll just sit outside and barbecue. >> shuk some corn. >> was that dirty? >> no. >> yes, i shuked -- i remember loving to shuk corn when i was little and so i thought meala would want to shuk some corn. and it turns out, that's not that fun. >> not so much. >> they're into technology and things. >> i'm like it's really fun we can do this you like to eat the corn. she didn't want to shuk it. but it's hard to even eat, although i
9:07 am
>> i hear you did a great amount of eating all weekend long. >> all i can tell you is that i put on one dress and i had to change. >> it happens to everybody. >> i hate a hamburger. >> i had one yesterday too. >> what's wrong with hamburger do you not eat hamburgers. >> i ate it with the bred bread, i ate chips, cheese plate. >> that's what weekends are for some crackers, i ate some bread. i basically just ate every sing willing thing. >> once you start you just. >> you can't stop. >> also, guess what? it's my grandmother's. >> 98. >> jenna welch, this is my grammy somewhere, there she is reading to her mom. she's 98 years old. >> happy birthday. >> there she is now and she's so cute. >> she's beautiful. >> i see where your mom gets it. >> she still wakes up and puts on makeup every single morning. >> oh, yeah. at 98. so happy birthday grammy if you're watching. >> i love you. >> so i guess
9:08 am
>> yes, i was highly dispointed. >> i wasn't following it but i've heard since that everybody's like not happy with this. >> here's the thing we're talking about discovery shark week so they kicked off last night with the highly anticipated matchup between michael phelps and a great white shark. but here's why some people are disappointed a lot of viewers tuned in, they thought there would actually be a great white right next to him. >> shark in one lane, him in another. >> but he made it clear that was not going to happen. >> i guess i wasn't paying attention really at all. >> like most folks. >> but i wasn't paying attention to the preinterviews and in any way and i didn't watch it, but did i -- when henry told me that he wasn't actually racing the shark, i was very disappointed. >> it was a cgi shark, it was a sum my late lated. they did use the exact time of a shark. >> but that doesn't matter. >> they should have been in a pool side by side and the shark should have had to do the flips to go -- just to make it fair. >> and by the way, he could have probably done that with
9:09 am
sort of cage. >> i mean, it would have been expensive. >> that's what i thought. i thought he would be in a cage. >> forget that. when is sharknado on? hoed do and i steal this movie. did we miss sharknado 85 come on yet. >> there's another sharknado. >> yes. >> they go international. >> now the sharks decided not just to descend on the united states. >> they go without me and hoda woman and it was -- we had a lot -- >> was it great acting? >> it was -- >> i can't wait to see it. >> i smell an emmy. >> don't worry, everybody, august 6th you can watch kathie lee get n emmy. >> phelps made it clear that he was not going to actually swim the shark right next to him. >> why do lawyers spoil all that, our mow joe. >> can we also just say, he lost. he lost to the shark. >> about two seconds. by two seconds. he kept his life. >> he kept his life. >> a loss is a loss. >> he's not used to silver. >> this is something i'm not se
9:10 am
coming up next, pictures of george and charlotte, you have to see them. and the video that caused quite a stir this weekend. we'll get more advice this weekend. >> i didn't know anybody was taking pictures. packed with flavor, one hero was on a mission to save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo
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♪ so, ten minutes after the hour, ten minutes after the hour when it's right on the hour you can't have any wine, but 13 minutes after the hour. >> jerry shows up with. >> bless you, jerry sbli believe kathie said 9:13 it's 5:00 somewhere. wasn't that the word that came from your mind. >> i did not touch it. let's see if your ladies can avoid trumping it we're actually on the air. >> everybody was talking about a big birthday for the little run were george, it's his 4th birthday, right. >> yes. he had the cootest little portrait taken. >> oh my gosh. he's a joy in a bottle. >> exactly. and then his 2-year-old sister prince says charlotte made some adorable waves of her own and
9:14 am
it's because she threw a little tantrum on the tarmac while traveling in europe. >> she's so precious. >> i have to say -- oh, it's that kind. >> it wouldn't be a tantrum if they don't get on the ground. >> they have to go boneless. >> and her mother hand tld perfectly. >> and she doesn't even get a hair out of place. >> she doesn't even flinch. she handles it so well. >> one, two, go. >> she's like we're not going to go there, no, no. >> and she just picked her up and it was done. by the way, if that's a tantrum, what did my kids throw? >> was just about to say. >> you are getting exactly what you deserve because did you this to your mother. >> i did not. >> you did. i've talked to your mother and, yes, did you. you were the hellian. >> i was an excellent child. >> barbara was the heavenian and a hellian. >> all i have to say is that r oh my god. >> see, barbara wouldn't do that. >> did she not tell me this. >> by the way, i was 24 in that picture. >> that's what makes it be bad. >> did they ever say, don't do that or did you just get to
9:15 am
it. >> my dad actually said it does look odd. >> it looks little -- >> what does it look like. >> it looks perverted. >> my dad said don't do that or they're going to take a picture. no, dad, nobody's going to take a picture it's in a tinted limo, nobody's going to take a picture. we were in ohio i was trying to make him laugh and i was down in the hotel gym running and i look up and there on the local news is that picture with a spotlight around my face i was like, oh, no. >> i ran upstairs i'm like, dad, i don't know if you've heard, but you were right. that picture. >> he was angry? >> no. >> your father is the bomb. >> i love him. >> he just doesn't care. he just let me about whoever i was. and by the way he also knew there was going to be enough repercussions of being hue political i mill lay alted at the age of 24. >> you probably haven't stuck your tow -- never mind. that behavior is not always learned on the first time. >> it's not. >> it's control. >> you're right. but by t
9:16 am
lot of what kathie lee does. sometimes i think what would thee lee do. >> when i'm having a glass of wine i'm like why not, wwklg. >> what would jesus do, not what would kathie lee did. >> is your point she wasn't -- >> yes. >> one thing i won't -- there's one thing i won't do. >> what. >> what i'm emulating this iconic lady next to me. every morning she comes in, she says not good, and the reason why it's not good is you've got a skrun which i on the top of your head. >> that's right. >> there she is. that's this morning. >> you don't wear -- don't where this skrun which i with your dress. >> you try tho match them. >> i match mine with my car. >> if i match i guess i go with black. >> there was an episode of sex in the city and i remember after seeing that episode i've never worn one since. >> i can see you in one please. >> they say you should never wear one u
9:17 am
>> but see how compute you guys look. >> this is like a psa for no skrun chis. >> i wear them to bed because it saves your hair, they're soft. >> it saves your hair but it kilsz your game. >> are we getting wrapped again. >> al rokker is not here and that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> i feel like -- >> you know you never have a skrun chi around when you need one pirt even asked sheena do you have one? no. come on, sheena, you're supposed to be helping me out. temperatures are in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees right now it's going to be eye warm and humid day to be outside today and there's still a chance for an isolated shower or thundershowers coming bah later on. highs upper 80s and low 90s across the region and cooler and less humid weather comes in tomorrow. tomorrow, wednesday, thursday will all be nice, more storms like likely on friday. is this er
9:18 am
no. >> i love you guys, thanks for having me. >> i'll do whatever you want. >> wait, look at this. >> let me. >> caller: go call my mother, i'll be back. >> i am going to go call her. >> thank you for saying. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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so it has the bad breath germ-killing power of this... with the lighter feel... of this. try listerine® zero alcohol™. ♪ so, we're not the only ones so we're not the only ones who need protection from the summer sun, our pets do too. >> they can get sun burned and overhaetd just like the rest of us. >> here with have important safety tips for you during the dog days of summer. >> worked all night on that. >> animal planet experts, you're a pet expert, andrea ar din it's a beautiful name. od
9:22 am
>> where should we start? >> i had no idea that pets can be sun burned they have so much hair. >> but they're susceptible on the tops of their noses and the tipz of their ears and especially animals that are light in color. >> you do but only use sun screen made specifically for pets otherwise it can burn their skin and cause other issues. >> don't you notice how the dogs sore smart they don't lay in the sup very long they know it's bad for them and they find the shade as fast as they can. >> that's true, yeah. >> a lot of us are throwing summer parties, i think we should talk about some no nos for your pets. everybody wants their pets to be involved in every part of thafr lives which i great and i love that but sometimes parties are places that we need to be extra cautious. and food and drink is really important to consider. >> you have to stop feeding your dog wooin. >> i know. >> so alcohol is dangerous for our perts were can be highly toxic and there's certain feeds we need to be cautious about. any sort of food that has bones in them because it can cause damage to their
9:23 am
fruits or vegetables that can cause damage to their throat or intestin intestines like cherries or corn on the could be. >> and grapes. >> grapes. it's important to go on a full line. >> we didn't talk about chocolate. >> we can't go through the full list. >> i don't have a pet and a present frebd of my has this pet if you don't know you don't know and you think you're being nice by giving them something. >> error on the side of caution and keep them aafrom food for human consumption. also keep them away from sit tra nella candles, the flame can lurt them and also the sit tra nella. >> we need to error opt side of caution if we have a yard and our pets are sfend spending time in the yard with us we should be eco conscious guardners and also pet and child friendly products are what we should use. in hay decision, keep in mind that you want to know there are certain plants that are toxic to our plants, so dafaz
9:24 am
those sorts of things are toxic and we don't want our pets to ingest them. you need to go online and do your full rezblerj found our first tick the other day on a blanket the bam bean know was wrapped up in. >> i just wound u found one in my apartment in new york city. >> ticks are bad. >> hi, charlie. >> he's become a great demo dog. we need to be careful to understand that are if it's hot for us it's really hot for our pets. >> because they're wearing fur coats. >> they don't perspire so they can't release heat and regulate their bodies as well as we can it's through panting and their pads. he's wearing a cooling vest and he's on a cooling mat but don't walk your pets when it's super hot out. be careful of hot pavement. >> my dog in texas used to have a heatstroke. woe kind of walk into things. what do you do in that? >> the important thing to know about heatstroke the signs to look for. so you need to make sure you look for rapid panting. >> thank you
9:25 am
up next from beverly hills to new york city we'll catch up with jennie garth. we'll see a 90210 ewe reunion, we'll see after your local news. and one of us used up all the sunscreen! we'll see after your local news. we'll see after your local news. we'll see after your local news. l see after your local news. e copy that. walgreens makes it easy when summer needs a little help. your summer base camp is just around the corner so you can get in, out and back to those summer shenanigans. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy®. now with card, buy one, get one 50 percent off select aleve products. 's not a quick fix. it's my decision to make beauty last. roc® retinol started visibly reducing my fine lines and wrinkles in one week. and the longer i use it, the better it works. retinol correxion® from roc methods, not miracles.™
9:26 am
we'll see a 90210 reunion, we'll good morning it's 9:26 on this monday, july 24th. i'm aaron gilchrist. we're follow a developing story out of maryland where there's widespread damage after what may have been a tornado. these are pictures from just across the bay bridge in stevensville maryland where you can see a lot of building damage. thousands remain without power at this hour. right now an emergency center is opened at the middle school. and we are also working to find out more about a house fire that brokeout over night in glendale. a home was damaged here. you can see flames shooting up inside the building. at least one person was tweeted at the seen there in prince george yes, sir
9:27 am
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9:29 am
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9:30 am
we should mention that those adorable puppies are a the adorable puppies are adoptable. if you were a teenager in the 90s and were probably one of the millions of people who tuned in every week to catch all of the west beverly drama on the iconic show deferly hills 90210 which ran for ten awesome seasons. >> it sure doctor. made huge stars out of everybody. >> and one of the most pam muss characters was generalmy taylor. >> she's a busy actress mother of three daughters and got a lot of projects in the works it's good to see you again. >> i'm happy to see you girls. i love your show. you're like my morning people. >> we love to see you. >> we never
9:31 am
out there. >> it's like is al torturing you, actually he was doing something else. >> and he likes us. >> that comes full circle because you were my person. >> really? >> everybody wanted to be you. >> i loved -- i loved 90210 with a very serious passion. and there's a question that i've been dying to ask, is there a chance of a reboot? >> there is always a chance of everything. >> wow, that's big. >> so a -- >> yeah, i mean, everybody wants to see that now. i mean, i loved reunions so i wouldn't be opposed to that. i have my own reunion all the time with tori, she and i are very close friends and we're working on a show together right now. >> oh, fun. >> developing something. so. >> so that's sort of a reunion. >> we're having our own reunion, is that enough four? >> different characters, though, right? >> yeah. >> when i was prepping forthy forgot you were on growing pains for, right? >> yeah. >> that was before
9:32 am
>> here we go. look at this. >> this is my line. i must have had two or wow. >> my big feline that show was sticky, sticky, sticky. >> you must have done it really well. >> what was your character skbli was just a girl in a car. >> you were a cool girl in a convertible is what you were, right? >> yeah. >> did you always want to be an actress? >> no, never. it just -- life is like that, it just unfolds how it's supposed to unfold and it has unfolded and i'm right here with you guys. >> so once you started doing, though, you liked it? >> i do. i love it and i love producing and directing and i love all of that stuff, but i love my family morp. >> yeah. >> so for me it's been that walking that line of what, you know, what i can do professionally and how i can be there for my girls. >> so when scripts are sent to you you say that's going to be shooting too long i can't go away that long and that far. >> exactly. i'm flying home today -- tomorrow morning
9:33 am
excursion through texas with my kids and all of our dogs. >> i've got to give you some recommendations, i'm a texan. >> you're from there. >> she knows every square inc. the place, down the. >> i need a river with some -- >> i've got a river for you. i've got a river and trees. >> san antonio is fun. >> that's where i'm going. >> and your other daughter is here with you today. >> yes, lowa's here. >> i love the fact you have these three daughters, i want to put up a set of pictures involving one of their soccer jerusalem zbliz they're gorgeous. >> yes. all of you all are gorgeous. >> tell me what's going on here. >> what is that? >> well those get really stink i can, those jerseys. >> yes. >> and my daughter plays club soccer and she's very serious about it so she sweats a lot. and that was me forgetting to wash. night before so it was -- i put it in the sink and washed it and that's air drying it on the way to the game. >> that's air drying it. >> that's a mom hack. >> yeah. >> that's what you've got to is imappro
9:34 am
>> is this one of your daughters, right. >> she has the microphone. we're putting you on the spot. >> she's going to kill me. >> is your mother a good mother? >> >> of course. >> she's so cute. >> are you all having fun in new york. >> yeah, i love it. >> good. >> yeah are you look it. >> i don't think she's happy being on camera. >> mom, how do you have time do all the things we've just talked about and you've also startsed a gift box service. >> i have a lot of things in development right now. one of them is this gift box. i curate with the gift boxes made by women owned, family owned businesses, eco friendly made in america businesses and of course a portion of the proceeds go towards charity. but these are for moms and inside these boxes that you can subscribe to are little great products that you wouldn't know about or little things that you just have to have. >> i love that. so you're supporting women? >> yes. >> fun to get a box and just get new things, little products and things you
9:35 am
>> i've discovered if i don't like something or i don't need something, there's always somebody that's thrilled to have it. there are no crumbs or god's table. >> that's right. snap, drop the mike. >> okay. jennie garth, it was a pleasure. >> see you, darling. >> coming up next why you may want to skipt soda the next time you order that burger the the surprising new study that could affect our weight after this. >> i can show you that much. how's your cafe au lait? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it?
9:36 am
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9:39 am
get your game on with under armour. now at kohl's. now, to the surprising new study now to the new study you have to hear before you have lunch today. >> here with your medical monday round up is nbc news medical contributor dr. natalie azar. good morning to you. this first one i think the earth is going to rumble. hype stomach may rumble not the eshlg. >> apparently burgers and soda, they don't gob everywhere. >> it's a classic. if i said to you th
9:40 am
sweet end beverages which we will call ssbs are the most common cause of excess sugar in the country that people ingest and we know we have a huge obesity problem, so there's also this theory if you offset that by eat a lot of protein maybe you won't have so many of of the neck efets of all that sugar. this was a super interesting study where they took a group of people and they had them eat high protein meals or actually varying amounts of protein in their meals and they gave them a sugar-sweetened beverage or artificial sweeter in prior to eating the burger. and the individuals who had the sugar-sweet end beverage had 8% less likely to start ma tab late liesing their fat than the people who didn't have the sugar-sweetened beverage and also the suite end beverage img crease the your desire for sugar and salty foods. and it didn't make you feel fuller. if you're going eat a meal in any kind of
9:41 am
artificially sweet heed drink than the real thing. >> i will say i have a friend that reslint gave up coca-cola products, sodas and and she lost so much wait. the it's the easiest way to get healthy. >> -- it that refined sugar we say is the devil. >> yes. so here's another study that says that those five pounds that you might have from eating makes a difference. >> i think for a number of years we've been talking about how the average weight gain for most adults is 1 to 2 pounds per year and it doesn't seem like a lot as it's happening but cumulative over 15 to 20 wreerz can add up. this studly looked at what's called a moderate amount of weight gain. that's five to 20 ffo pounds in early to middle adulthood, so that's from the age of about 18 for women were 21 for men, up to age 55 what are the consequences of gaining each a minute much five pounds. and they actually found. >> nothing. >> a significant higher percentage of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension,
9:42 am
as premature death and unhealthy aging. so really the message is, you guys, if you gain or lose up to five pounds, let's say a couple of pounds over those two decades it's within a range that's possible proably not going to have health impact on you, negative health. >> but you need keep it. >> but more than that and you will start to see the consequences. >> so even five to ten spounds nothing. >> and people who maintain their weight at what they were in their early twenties this healthier aging. okay. >> let's talk about this link between sleep and alzheimer's. >> this is important a think a distinction we talk about this on morning shows because you're up at the crack of dawn. the study wasn't looking at the duration of sleep but the impact if you have some what's called sleep disorder breelk willing. you've heard of sleep april kney for example. so in this study they were looking at people who had multiple episodes of apnea where they were stopping -- stopping breathing up to 50 or 60 times a night. >> wow.
9:43 am
risk for alzheimer's. and specifically they were looking you guys have heard of those ama lloyd plaques in the brain. >> right. >> so they specifically showed an association between the people who had the worst scores on breathing, had the higher amounts of plaques in their brain. and this was independent of whether they had genetic risk factors for alzheimer's and also if they showed some mild cognitive impairment or not. so the message is this. if you r think you ar i risk factor for okay instructive sleep apnea and that's beyond the scope of this segment but if there is a concern for apnea get tested because those cpap machines can make a real difference. >> yes. >> and then the final one is for all the moms out there and we're talk something that a lot of parents have to deal with and that's. >> i do. >> you do. >> my twins have peanut allergies and egg allergies. >> i don't know if you remember six months ago or so the american academy came out with this rather than withholding tee nuts for later these t
9:44 am
should be introduced. this wasn't a study that had a ground-breaking finding per se but it was a charge to pedpri pediatricians, healthcare in general how do we improve the diagnosis and prechl movement of the food allergies. who do i know if my child has a dairy allergy, when i do use an epipen erss have an antihistamine, all of these things ton encourage more education of the community and particularly parents so they can help their kids identify and manage these appropriately. >> so good questions to ask your doctors. >> these are fantastic. we got a lot in this morning. >> we sure did. >> that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening. >> in your neck of the woods. >> well, we're warming up quickly 81 degrees in the district and as we go through the afternoon we'll be right around 90 again. rest of the area about the upper 70s to low 80s. 81 leesburg, 80 quantico, 71 degrees clinton today is 90 degrees by 2:00 p.m. chance of
9:45 am
thunderstorm to keep an eye to the sky if the kirds heading to the pool. course you want the sun block. relief from the heat tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and then by friday the thunderstorms move back in in time for the weekend. >> we get cake. >> she's composed. up next when wl when your guests come over, let them eat cake. kathie lee is already in the kitchen tasting simple summer desserts. your family and friends are going to love it right after this. >>. . . ♪ ♪
9:46 am
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9:49 am
this morning on "today this morning on today food we're going to sweet enup your monday with a couple simple des zblerts and we don't have hoda are. >> but we have cloeda. cloeda mckenna is star and chef. >> and we've been listening to some of your songs. >> yes. ♪ >> that's where she came from. >> thanks for joining in, everybody. >> i took out the dirty parts. >> talk to us about what you're going to make. this is a very nis stollic cake sfwlour it is safe nis stollic gaik cake. when i was growing up we were just tasting the batter. you grow up with cleaning the spoons from the
9:50 am
baked, and we used to make one called a victoria sponge. this is like a play on. 'this one is called an orange blossom summer sponge but the base of this sponge, the same one that i used to make with my sisters and my mom every saturday morning when we were growing up. >> fun. >> so what's in? >> you need eggs, cream, orange blossom water, you could swap that out for orange extract. >> where do you find it? >> funny enough you can usually get it in pharmacies. >> okay. >> but you can also get it in good food stores as well. >> okay. >> it's from -- it's a morrocan essence but you can use orange extract if you want to as well. then all purpose flour, baking soda, orange strawberry jam, sugar, everything. >> okay. what do we go. >> you start off, you start creaming together the super fine sugar and the unsalted butter. that needs to gets and you want to get that lovely and fluffy because that will make a
9:51 am
and fluffy cake as well. you put in one egg at a time just to give them a chance. >> or two. >> or two. >> or two. and you want to get that really lovely and fluffy one too. okay. these are not going alone. >> maybe two at a time. >> yeah. these are egg couples. >> o we could use a spoon like this, right. >> maybe not. i want to you smell that. >> yes. >> it's amazing. >> this is like a perfume. smell it. >> isn't than beautiful. >> that's wonderful. >> that's the orange blossom water. >> do you want know pour it in? >> yeah, please. that adds such a lovely deco dant flower flavor. i'm going to tlaking this off, we'll pop this back like so and then if you just -- this is all ready sifted do you want me do it? this is baking powder and all purpose flour. then you whisk that together and you get this batter. >> which delicious. >> and you spoon it in. >> you spoon it in between the three of them. are divide it between the three. what i do -- you can justo
9:52 am
about right. >> so divide it, and then that goes into a preheated oven. make sure put it in the center of the oven, it goes in for 40 minutes. let's go over here. i've got whipped cream here and then i put in orange blossom water into that as well, as well as poud derd sugar and that keeps it together. i've got a great tip for you here, we're going to layer it up. we have three sponge, three tears. pop a little bit of your cream first on and that stops it from falling around. then what you do then is you put your strawberry jam like this, and then you put your cream ton. you layer it up. >> look how beautiful it is. >> cloeda. >> isn't that amazing. >> with strawberries, orange zest, and this is the -- this is my summer berry mars caponeny. >> beautiful. all right. thank you so much pore these res hiss. head to we're back in a moment but
9:53 am
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kathie lee. look who's back? kathie, it was fun. >> now she's back and double dipping. it's more klg. did you have a chance to meet cloeda hoda. >> you know where we met? we met many ireland on a where in the world -- come here. we met on a where in the world it matt lauer, she was the person i was -- >> ten years ago. >> i didn't know that. >> yes. it it's a reunion from irish spring. >> what's going on? arson's going to show wet hairstyles in three minutes. >> i love that. >> and we're going to ask that age old question, is it normal. >> probably not. first your local news. >> more americans watch nbc news than any other news organization. >>
9:56 am
i can't believe it comes in... how great this tastes! vegaaaan.
9:57 am
try i can't believe it's not butter! in two new ways. it's vegan! and it's organic! . this is a news 4 today news break. >> now on this monday, july 24th, 2017, good morning to you. we continue to follow that developing story out of maryland where many people are trying to clean up after a possible tornado. look at all that damage. this is what it looks like across the bay bridge in stevensville. >>. homes have been damaged, roofs were blown off and thousands don't have power. officials in gene anne's count tir urging people to stay away from route 8
9:58 am
justin finch will have a live report at midday at 11:00. now let's check your forecast. temperatures are warming up no, i and we did have a couple storms in the afternoon for today so we'll be watching those very closely. 82 right now washington, 83 manassas, 80 degrees quantico, 91 as we go through the afternoon. but again the storm chance isn't going to be here until the afternoon. then tomorrow, wednesday, thursday relief comes, mid-80s and then we get the next storm chance friday. weekend looks pretty good. >> thank you. coming up on news 4 mid-day we'll have more on the aftermath of the powerful storms in quine anne's county. now at havertys furniture, special pricing and financing make this a great time to save. through august 7th, find savings in every room. plus, twenty-four month, no interest financing
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>> announcer: from nbc news, from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, welcome it's fun day monday july 24th that's called "something i'm good at" by brett eldridge. >> weren't you just work. >> it was so weird i love the ladies they're so much fun but it does throw you off a little bit. >> look at us together where we belong. >> we have a great show to kick off our wiek. the very funny ana gas sfier


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