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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 25, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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an airbnb rental gone way wr wrong, and this tag, swindle, would be a big clue as to why they did it. that's coming up. and temperatures are very comfortable still right now. we're looking at lower humidity throughout the day. i'll show you how long this will last and our next chance for storms. tributes to our frequent and colleague jim vance continue this morning. >> how the entire area is honoring his life and legacy. and thank you for joining us this mo
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forecast. sheena parveen is standing by with this good news. feels great out there. >> i know you dwis liguys like especially this morning. we are warming up but this is still very comfortable for this time of year. sunny skies with a northwest wind. that wind direction is bringing in the more pleasant air mass, which is giving us the lower humidity and the comfortable temperatures. 73 in gaithersburg, 76 in me menassas and clinton. as we go through the day, we're looking at low humidity, even by 4:00 p.m., not as hot as it's been recently, 86 degrees, by 7:00 p.m., nice to be outside, 82 degrees. the reason because we have this cold front pass through, so now that comfortable air mass is in place but it's not going to hang around for long. i'll show you when our next round of storms is going to move in straight ahead. this just in. police say they caught the
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teenager's death. dustin khoury was killed last week, he was 17 years old. prince george's county detectives say khoury agreed to meet with these suspects. they say there was an -- this was going to be an illegal transaction but they shot him. police say officers arrested kalik johnson, kylah and darius johnson and charged them all with murder. d.c. police say they arrested a man who assaulted an officer. adrian ivan smith is in the hospital right now. police say smith shot at a special police officer yesterday in northeast washington and that officer fired back and hit him. smith survived or is expected to. this all happened in the middle of the afternoon. it's not clear why smith opened fire. you may have used airbnb on your last vacation and plenty of people rent out their homes and apartme
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never thought guests could steal his stuff. >> reporter: this is the street where it all happened. an airbnb deal turned into an apparent case of robbery. this was no ordinary airbnb rental. social media images of a renter going too far reportedly wearing stolen air jordans. >> he took a video of him and his boys wearing some of the shoes that belonged to the roommates here. >> reporter: and that's not all. on instagram, the renter appears to invite friends over to party. this home on 18th street northwest is where local jazz musician aaron meyers says it all happened. and she his three roommates rented out their home last week, believing four people were staying here. >> there were, like, ten people here. went upstairs to see what damage had been done, people were literally running out the back door. >> reporter: it is it's the d.c. police report on thi
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listing all of the stolen items. among them, diamond earrings, designer clothes, and shoes. but meyers says the bad renters tagged the kitchen chalkboard, leaving the word "swindle" and he believes it could be a big clue to possible evidence of fraud. >> they left a laptop here, which is not the smartest thing to do and apparently it had been lifted and they were still logged into all of their devices or whatever and you could see what they were making plans to wire money into stolen cards, into, you know, gift cards. >> reporter: now we reached out to d.c. police in this case. no arrests yet. aaron meyers says a $1,500 airbnb turned into a very costly case where his property was stolen, damaged, and he's left feeling violated. in northwest d.c., molette gr
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there is another place in our area poised to raise the minimum wage. montgomery county will introduce that measure today. if it passes, workers would see the first increase next year. news4's justin finch joins us live at council headquarters in rockville with details. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. as mentioned, the measure would give those businesses here in montgomery county time to ease into the new wage, but the final goal, though, is a $15 per hour minimum wage by this time this year 2020. this current proposal is a reworking of past legislation that died earlier this year but still, it will call for a $15 per hour base wage by the year 2020 and as mentioned as well, it will be broken up into increments starting next year under the proposal, small businesses, though, are under a different track. staff sizes of 26 or smaller, they get more time. by 2022 to do all of this. now, the last wage inse
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executive ike leggitt. he did call for an impact study and here in montgomery county, reaction, we can tell you, is mixed. >> i think it will change it in a very phenomenal way, in a way in which they will be able to provide for their family and live comfortably as opposed to living in a way in which they are very stressed. >> and if people get in the comfort zone, they won't motivate themselves or push themselves to do better in life. so i think, no. >> reporter: as you hear, there are polar opinions on this issue. we can tell you the measure also folds in power for the county executive to cancel wage increases in the event of financial down turns, also calls for an annual impact study of the impact on this new wage on the county. if passed as well. it's being introduced in just a few hours and a public hearing could come as soon as september. we're live her
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i'm justin finch, news4, back in to you. we did a quick check of our area. d.c. lawmakers passed similar legislation, raising the city's hourly minimum wage to $15 by 2020. in prince george's county, the county minimum wage will go up to $11.50 this october. right now, virginia's state minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. congress is also considering a $15 federal minimum wage by 2024. the federal minimum wage has not gone up in eight years. brand-new developments this morning. the man who was fired from running president trump's campaign is going to appear before congress. paul manafort was just subpoenaed. the senate judiciary committee wants to get answers about his ties to russia and russia's influence on the election last year, specifically they're going to focus on that meeting between donald trump jr., jared kushner, manafort, a russian lawyer, and a russian-american lobbyist last year. the hearing is tomorrow. senators are facing a lot
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the president to hold a vote on health care. today, they will vote on a bill to debate. it's still unclear what kind of bill they will ultimately be voting on. news4's tracie potts explains the different options. >> reporter: 100 protesters kafrm camped outside a republican senator's home this morning, urging no votes on debating health care. there are three different options, repeal obamacare and replace it later, repeal and replace it now, or throw in things like cheaper leaner insurance plans to get skeptical conservatives on board. >> you're going to get the votes? >> hope so. >> he better get them. >> reporter: with boy scouts last night, president trump insisted tom price convince congress to get rid of obamacare. this morning, a flurry of tweets calling democrats obstructionists, urging republicans to step up to the plate, promising he's
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to sign any version that gets rid of obamacare. critics say he's unfairly throwing all the responsibility for fixing health care to congress. >> what are the president's principles? he never laid them out. health care has been outsourced to congress. >> cut the united states senate off of our access to health insurance until we come up with some idea that you think is so terrific. >> reporter: it's tight. one or two votes could make a big difference. that's why it's significant that republican john mccain recently diagnosed with brain cancer, returns to washington today. now, mccain's expected to be a yes vote. susan collins of maine has said she is a no and several republicans are undecided with this razor thin margin, republicans can only afford to lose one more. from washington, tracie potts, nbc news. this morning, we continue to remember our friend and long-time colleague, jim
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since his death, tributes have been pouring in from everywhere. last night, vance was recognized by the u.s. house of representatives. >> there was a tribute to vance on the floor. >> vance presented the news to a region that challenged d.c. tv news with vast changes, racially and ethnically, economically and politically. jim vance took the dare and told our ever-changing story straight. he made us see ourselves from a city with too much crime to today's d.c. with low crime and a big surplus. only a combination of consummate professionalism and enduring affability could have covered so much quick moving news without ever missing a beat. >> you can see delegate norton's entire speech on our nbc washington app. search vance. tonight, the washington nationals will pay tribute to jim vance and hold a moment of silence before the start of
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and vance had a deep love partner d.c. sports. he had a chance to throw out the first pitch a few years ago. look at that. and the celebration there, all vance. and back in 2012, he also had the chance to fill in as sports anchor for the whole week here on news4. check it out. >> nats opening a series in milwaukee last night, bottom of the first. check this out. ed nguy edwin jackson is up on the mound and he's got ryan brawn in front of him. you know what? he was mvp last year. he don't look like it with that, did he. jackson, evseven innings. this one's down the line and right field corner, edwin jackson, everyone comes on home, there's a party. nats take a 4-0 lead. we go to the bottom of the ninth know. saw the pitching, saw the offense. here's some "d." here's roger. i got that.
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that's when 8 -2. they are now tied with the new york yankees for the best record in baseball. how about that. >> and how about that indeed. just like in vance's highlights as you saw there, the nats are playing the brewers tonight and edwin jackson will be back on the mound for the nats. what a very nice touch to have a moment of silence for vance. >> yeah, very much so and he loved -- as much as he loved d.c. sports, it's like almost a necessity that there be that connection. >> for sure. well, there is much more to come on news4 midday. we will have more tributes to our colleague jim vance throughout the broadcast today. we're also looking at a new tactic to stop
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an 18-year-old woman lost control of her car while live-streaming on instagram in a move that most of us can't imagine, the woman continues recording after the crash. nbc's miguel almaguer has the story and we should warn you, this may be difficult to watch. >> reporter: the video was streaming on instagram live. an 18-year-old suspected drunk driver posting in realtime with two 14-year-olds in the car when she loses
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the driver continued to broadcast live. >> baby. wake up, baby. >> reporter: both passengers, who were not wearing seat belts, were ejected. >> this is the last thing i wanted to happen to us, but it just did. >> reporter: sanchez reaching her younger sister, jacqueline, who died in the crash. >> hey. everybody, if guy to [ bleep ] jail you already know why. my sister is [ bleep ] dying. >> it's a tragedy all the way around, and you know, hopefully we never have to see this again. >> reporter: sanchez now faces vehicular manslaughter and dui charges. instagram saying, we are deeply saddened by this tragedy. we urge people to use our reporting tools if they see any content or behavior that puts anyone's safety at risk. instagram, like most social media providers, does allow users to report questionable content. here with just a few touches, ca
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inappropriate. in theory, notifying editors there's a problem. >> instagram is not at all legally responsible for the content of anything that's on its site. but they are morally responsible in some ways for what users do, because they have given people the ability to stream anything live. >> reporter: for the sanchez family, any warning now comes too late. >> jacqueline! please wake up. >> reporter: a horrific tragedy that played out live for all to see. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> just no words. that's just so awful all the way around. there is a new proposal to limit the punishment for people who ride metro without paying. >> and metro is not on board with this. the d.c. proposal would reduce the fine for people who cheat the system. they also wouldn't have to go to jail. d.c. council member trayon white
11:18 am
enforce the law in poorer areas. he says, every rider should pay his fair share. montgomery county officials have a warning for those heading to the lake this summer. tests show elevated levels of chemicals in like needwood and like bernardino bernard frank. officials say do not sweep in the skbaur keep pets out of the water. any food you catch in either lake should be washed thoroughly. a family in georgia is defensive v devastated a devastate about how their 5-year-old died. they're asking all parents to make sure you know your child's camp is rep putabutable and saf. >> reporter: this morning, a mother in agony. grieving the loss of her 5-year-old son, benjamin. the little boy sent
11:19 am
but never coming back. >> i miss him. i'm angry. and i want him back. >> reporter: benjamin and a dozen other 5-year-old campers were taken to a water fall at the nature center for a picnic lunch. according to the camp, the children, supervise bid four counselors, were allowed to splash around in a shallow creek. a camp spokesman says when it was time to head back, the counselors noticed benjamin was missing. following a frantic search, he was found face down in the water. >> it's not right. >> reporter: his parents say benjamin didn't know how to swim, but the camp schedule only listed water activities like fishing and water fights, so they didn't think it would be a problem. >> we never had a conversation about swimming. that's not on their itinerary that they sent to us. i would never have agreed for
11:20 am
him to do anything like that. >> reporter: monday, the camp was sit down after the state of georgia confirmed it did not follow proper licensing procedures. >> you're going to pay for this one. >> reporter: the camp issued a statement, writing in part, they're heartbroken and distraught over this tragedy. adding, thousands of children have attended the camps over the years without incident. except for minor scrapes, bumps, and bruises. the family's attorney says parents need to be cautious. >> any parents out there can pay the price if you don't know what's going on with the summer camp. >> reporter: but how do you know? the american camp association suggests parents should ask about the camp's accreditation. the ratio of counselors to campers. counselor training and check with the better business bureau for complaints. >> no one drops their son off at camp and expects to get this phone call. >> my son is so remarkable. my shadow. my helper. i didn't get enough time. five. >> no one should ever have to
11:21 am
>> that was katie beck reporting. investigators are still working to determine if there will be criminal charges here. the family attorney says no matter what, there will be a civil action. the camp has been ordered to close. big news just in. another person is facing charges after a 1-year-old was shot. we told you last week when d.c. police arrested derek watson for shooting 1 -year-old jeremiah white. white is recovering now. today, police say they took saheed sulu into custody. d.c. police say sulu, watson, and one other man were firing at each other in d.c. when white was caught in the cross fire. he is expected to survive. the clean-up is just beginning for some homeowners in our area. >> we are checking in with neighbors after a tornado hit some marylanders by surpris you're
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clean-up continues today in queen ann's county after a tornado tore through there. take a look at some of the damage here. winds as strong as 125 miles an hour. not only ripped houses apart by actual but actually lifted some buildings off their foundations. this was the first tornado in that area in 13 years. as you can see, homes and businesses were no match for this ef-2
11:25 am
>> everything's got to be completely rebuilt. yeah, it's just -- it's amazing, the debris field, i don't even know how far it goes back into the woods. but it's pretty big. >> no one was killed in the storm. governor larry hogan has pledged state support to help with the clean-up. now news about that tornado caught a lot of folks by surprise in the early morning hours yesterday. >> that's right. sheena is here now with more on our weather. it's beautiful now, but any chance of more severe weather heading our way. >> it is beautiful now but as we go into thursday, later in the day, we have a chance for some strong to maybe severe thunderstorms and then we go into friday and see widespread showers and storms. this morning, though, really nice, even right now outside. a lot of people saying, feels a little bit like fall out there. i know. it's still summer, don't worry, the heat's going to come back. it will come back. it will come back next week especially but much more pleasant as we go through today. so at least you can enjoy today and pretend lik
11:26 am
low humidity. that's what's making it so comfortable outside. and then those storms return late thursday and into the day on friday. the weekend, though, is looking good, storms look to be leaving as we go into your week and maybe a few early saturday but overall, weekend shaping up nice. i'll show you in a second. 78 degrees in washington, low humidity, feels comfortable, 77 leesburg, 76 in clinton, 73 gaithersburg, there's the cold front i showed you earlier. it's to our south so we have this nice wind direction which is what's bringing in this very comfortable air mass so if you are going to be walking around later today or walking the dog it's going to feel really comfortable. this is bodle. that dog needs a home. by 4:00 p.m., 86 degrees. low humidity. by 7:00 p.m., really nice, 82, also don't forget, clear the shelters is coming up saturday, august 19. you can find out more on the nbc washington app. of course we're very excited about that. pool forecast for today, 2:00 p.m., low humidity, feeling really nice with the sune
11:27 am
but make sure the kids have the sun block on again by 4:00 p.m., not as hot as we have seen recently. 86 for a high today. so it's really comfortable this afternoon and it will be like that through the weekend as well. after the rain moves through on friday, so there's your five-day. we're watching those storms late thursday and
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president trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort, is now expected to testify on capitol hill. the senate judiciary committee subpoenaed him. they want answers about russia's influence on the election last year. in the last hour, manafort's spokesman said he met with the staff on the committee today and, quote, answered their questions fully. the committee was expected to ask him about a meeting he attended with jared kushner, donald trump jr., and a russian lawyer as well as a russian-american lobbyist last year. jared kushner is appearing on capitol hill today to answer questions under oath. he's appearing before the house intelligence committee. kushner said he has nothing to hide. nbc's peter alexander shows us how this investigation is affecting the administration today. >> reporter: under withering new pressure this mo
11:31 am
infuriated the president by recusing himself from the russia investigation, back in the west wing monday, meeting with aides reportedly about his future. the president on twitter taking the unusual step of branding his own a.g. as beleaguered. later, rolling his eyes when asked whether sessions should resign. >> mr. -- mr. president, should jeff sessions resign? >> reporter: speculation now swirling about a possible replacement, including reports the president may be eyeing former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, suggestions giuliani is publicly denying. president trump nomonday night the boy scouts national jamboree. >> a scout is trustworthy, loyal, we could use more loyalty. >> reporter: one of the president's most loyal aides, son-in-law jared kushner, with a rare public statement, trying to put the russia revelations to rest. >> let me be very clear
11:32 am
nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. >> reporter: the president's senior adviser fresh off a two-hour closed door interview with senate investigators. >> did you answer all the questions, sir. >> as many as they had. >> reporter: kushner acknowledging four separate meetings with russian officials but insisting they weren't impoi improper. the 36-year-old defending the president. >> donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign. and that is why he won. suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him. >> reporter: the president watching on tv, praising kushner, a message echoed by white house top aides. >> i think show the members of that committee as well as everybody else what a witch hunt and hoax this whole thing is. >> reporter: still on capitol hill for democrats on collusion, it's hardly case closed. >> i don't think we can accept that at face value so i think we have to take it with a certain
11:33 am
flexes its muscles, closing in on a bipartisan bill imposing new sanctions on russia, iran, and north korea, the white house is reserving judgment. insisting on the best deal for the american people. we continue to honor and remember our friend jim vance, one of the best things about vance was his way of connecting with people and since news of his death spread on saturday, thousands of you have reached out to us to tell us how vance architectur touched your lives. >> tracee wilkins shows how viewers are remembering vance's impact. >> any words weighing that you would feel necessary or important to leave? >> reporter: when prince george's first african-american executive was dying, he sat down with jim vance and they found a way to laugh when the topic of washington's football team came up. >> final question. >> yes.
11:34 am
>> thank you. i don't even have to ask. >> reporter: but that was vance. it was what viewers in prince george's county told me they loved and are going to miss. >> it's sad. pretty much i'm going to let it stay there because i can get a little emotional behind that. >> it's hard to explain when people come along in your life like that, that give you so much. it's hard to explain. >> reporter: people who never met vance in person felt as though they had. >> well, we all did because he's at home with us at dinnertime, you know? >> he's like a member of your family. we've watched him for decades. >> he was a real person. he didn't show the, like, he was on tv and that kind of uppity attitude. he was a down to earth -- he was real. he was people. >> better do sports now, my brother. >> when the show the video of him laughing with the model, it just brought back all them flakback memories in my head because i watched him that day. >> that's over that wa
11:35 am
childhood and my adulthood and any news that has ever occurred pretty much got from him. >> he just brought the kind of perspectives on the issues over the years that were so balanced and so heartfelt. he's going to be missed. >> he challenged all of us to be better people. >> reporter: and we continue to celebrate the life of jim vance. we've been paying tribute to him on -- in a way that he would have wanted, by celebrating and laughing and sharing our favorite memories with each other. this was a gathering we held in his honor last night and this was after our bedtime, but our colleagues and friends and family came together to talk about him and what he meant to us and there probably is not enough time and enough days to talk about the impact he had on our family here at nbc washington and those around the area
11:36 am
i just want to quickly share one of my favorite memories is when i convinced vance to try bacon ice cream for me for a food segment. >> king is out with this new thing called a bacon sundae. god knows why anyone would put bacon in ice cream. >> i wonder what they were smoking when they came up with this because this is the weirdest thing. whoever thought of this >> why. >> i don't know why but this first instinct was, i will never even try it and the only reason i'm doing it is because y'all are so convincing, not to mention so cute, but i figured i would give it a shot. and so here we go, and my instinct would be that it would be nasty. >> it is really? >> well, that's my first instinct. >> but you're trying another bite. >> he was such a good sport and had so much fun with him. this is vance
11:37 am
the time who was 4 months old. he's 12 now if you can believe it. and i think he had us over for a cookout and just connected in a real way. he was such a strong supporter of people here at the station. i know you felt that. he was always willing to give you solid advice, conservative criticism and tell you like it is so you could be successful. >> right and it always came across as encouragement. he wanted everybody to be good and to be better, so yeah. >> we know when the team is better, you're better. >> for sure. all right. still to come a little later in our show, we will have a look back at vance's last story here at news4. stay with us as tributes to our friend and colleague jim vance continue.
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11:39 am
well, you may notice more food tru
11:40 am
where you work. >> nationwide, they have grown about 10% per year over the last decade. kate rogers tells us how some owners are bringing in some big bucks. >> reporter: when ben and his partners started making their artisan ice cream back in 2008, they had no idea what a hit it would become. >> there you go. >> reporter: with just $50,000, they hit the streets of new york city looking for the perfect location. >> we drove to the corner of green and prince and by the time we had opened the window, there was a line of 30 people. >> this is the peanut putter chip. >> reporter: and the crowds kept coming. today, the company has six food trucks and nine store fronts in both new york and los angeles. their ice cream, featuring unique flavors like honey comb and vegan mint chocolate chip even retails in whole foods in the northeast and california and the business is on track to do $20 million in revenue next year. food trucks like this have been growing at a faster rate than traditional restaurants over the past decade but
11:41 am
expected to slow in the years to come due to regulatory hurdles. >> it's very challenging to make them work financially in new york city. in other markets, it's much better. in los angeles, it's very truck-friendly. >> reporter: in austin, texas, former attorney eric silver stein launched his food truck, the peached tortilla, back in 2010 after he couldn't raise the capital he needed for a brick and mortar restaurant. >> biggest challenge early on was just staying mentally strong and trying to run this business when you're not taking a paycheck. if you're doing it, you got to be ready for, you know, an all-out war on the street, basically. >> reporter: he won that war, eventually opening a restaurant featuring his asian and southern influence tacos. he takes his two trucks out for lunch and catering and expects to do more than $3 million in ruchb this year. >> you are all set with your heart attack. >> reporter: marty lieberman also went the food truck route in 2013. >> it was only within the first
11:42 am
that our first catering jobs came in, which is an aspect of the business we didn't even realize would be so lucrative. >> reporter: she and her second inning wound up launching a store front, using the truck for catering and private events. the truck is booked up through 2018 and her business is set to do about $1.5 million in sales in 2017. >> people come from new york, people come from los angeles. people have come from england. we get requests from brazil. it's just super rewarding to hear how many people love our product. >> have a wonderful day. >> now i'm hungry. >> that's a general state of being. yeah. you know, i think it's all about options, right? people like the ability to have a lot of options in one place. >> the convenience too. the convenience of the food trucks. >> and i said one of the best shrimp tacos i've ever had came from a food truck. >> i believe it. >> there you go. >> especially if you go over to the west coast, go to california, the food trucks, phenomenal. i love food
11:43 am
we're cooking later on. stand by. don't you worry. >> we do need food trucks in the parking lot. that would be nice. today, though, very, very nice if you want to be out and about t. weather's beautiful, started out really nice and cool this morning. today, though, we're going to see that lower humidity last all day long, so if you think it feels really comfortable now, you can enjoy it all day. it's not going anywhere. tomorrow's going to be similar. 78 degrees now. look at that northwest wind. that is the wind direction that's pulling in the very comfortable air mass. now it's not windy outside but we have a little bit of a breeze but there you see everyone pretty much seeing that north and northwest wind, giving us these comfortable temperatures in 70s still. 78 quantico, 76 clinton and by this afternoon w that cold front still to our south, we're going to be staying very comfortable, highs only in the mid 80s. now if you're going to the nats game tonight because it is the evening where they are going to be
11:44 am
at beautiful weather for that. throughout the game, temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 70s. low humidity today and tomorrow. late chance of some thunderstorms, some of those could be strong and friday, there you see some more rain heading our way. so make sure you have the umbrella by the end of the week. we're looking at scattered showers and storms friday after the late thursday round. weekend looks pretty good which would fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. would and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone
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the biggest night for the local food scene is coming up this sunday, a night when the restaurant association metropolitan washington recognizes the best in the business. joining us now is someone who really knows a lot about being the best. chef scott who has won chef of the year not once, but two times. thanks for being here. >> thanks so much for having me. >> good to see you as always. so it's been a while. >> it has been a little while. >> but this is a big honor to be chef of the year. what do these rammy awards mean to the area restaurant community? >> well, it's really a celebration of all of us in the industry. we all come together. we're all celebrating that night so it's great for us all to have a night and you have a be together and celebrate all the hard work duo throughowe do thr year. >> there's a camaraderie
11:48 am
d.c. my home, moved from new york ten years ago and haven't looked back because everybody's so tight knit and helps one another and we all support each other. >> that's a great thing. and you also get the honor of presenting the award to this year's winner sunday night. >> super exciting. i'm definitely looking forward to passing the torch and it's a great line-up of chefs that are nominated so i'm excited to see who's going to win. >> and talking about our local food scene, to say there is a boom is kind of an understatement at this point. d.c. is really hot. >> yeah, we're definitely on fire. that's, again, i'm so proud to be part of the community in d.c. and the blossoming restaurant scene. >> and so a lot has happened since you last joined us, and since you won chef of the year, you recently opened chaik o with danny lee and drew kim, who was with match box. tell us about this restaurant. >> yeah, so, it's our first restaurant. we -- danny, drew, and i formed a hospitality group called the fried rice
11:49 am
>> it's only been two weeks? >> only two weeks and it's a new baby of ours. and we're doing a modern chinese and korean food and a super casual setting, you know, no reservations, walk-in. >> love it already. >> it's kind of a full service, catering operation, you know, we cater so cook at your house, cook in the restaurant, cook anywhere. >> tell us what you're making. this is on the menu. >> this is on the menu. so super fresh. >> it smells so good. >> salad. so yes, super simple. it's jicama, lots of great texture from jicama, cucumbers, a little bit of red onion, radish, lots of fragrant thai basil. >> and you can smell all the different herbs. >> we call this salad the hafacado salad so it's exactly half an avocado. >> it's good for you but you can't eat too much. this, i know because it's in the in a
11:50 am
but we make a signature salt called our chiko salt, so crushed sesame and chili flakes and kosher salt. mix this all together. we have this cool dressing that's a sesame oil. >> you can smell the sesame. >> yeah. sesame oil, chinese chili paste that we mix in there. mix this all together. plate it here. we put a little bit of candied almonds on top and that's the finish. >> yummy. i can't wait to eat it. >> simple, fresh, kind of -- try to do impactful flavors and in a casual environment. >> so good. i would eat this every day. what else is on the menu real quick? >> so, it's a lot of dumplings, you know, of course wherever i go, you know, dumplings follow me. so our menu -- >> your dumplings are the best. >> there's a parade of dumplings. we partner with -- d.c. is such a great food town now, we
11:51 am
came up with a signature sorbet flavor. wagshaw's, so we did a brisket with a soy glaze over a rice bowl. lots of fun partnerships. ib city smoke house, i spent like, i don't know, three months working on a smoked fish so we do a smoked blue cat finish, so trying to be sustainable, save the bay, also partner with great people making great food in the district. >> this is delicious. scott, it's always a pleasure to have you. the rammys are this sunday night at the washington convention center. nbc4 is the official public voting partner. i'm going to be there presenting again this year. >> rammys are the party of the year. if you like food and restaurants and chefs, come celebrate with us. >> i'll see you sunday night. congrats to you >> thank you. yeah. we'll get a final check on the storm team4 forecast h when new midday continues and don't forget to tune i
11:52 am
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11:54 am
amy schumer has become one of the biggest names in movie comedy. the distinction used to belong to goldie hawn. now the two are sharing the big screen together. >> i stopped her in an airport and i was like, i really want to make this movie with you. and she was like, okay, honey. >> amy schumer talks about casting
11:55 am
the early summer comedy pairs them as a mother and daughter vacationing in paradise but when they get kidnapped in south america, the bickering opposites have to put aside their differences in order to escape. >> you felt it, didn't you. >> charlie is a man of steel in king arthur, legend of the sword. this guy richie riff on the king arthur legend stars the son of anarchy but the title has been taken by jude law and he has to fight to the top with the help of excalibur. check out scarlet johannesen's wire work. this disk release of the japanese manga classic is packed with bonus features as johannesen plays an engineer. >> you can't just detach yourself from a relationship. >> prepare to detach yourself from the sixth season of "girls." this is the fine chapter of the award-winning cable comedy which shows the big apple
11:56 am
headed in different directions. that's the video view. raphael, nbc news. and hopefully you can get outside today. beautiful weather, 86 for high, low humidity. tomorrow another nice one, then thursday we get hotter around 90, late thunderstorms, that continues friday but the good news is only a very early chance on saturday and then we'll be drawing up for your weekend, mid 80s but the 90s do return as we go into next week so try to get outside today if you can. you can go to the nbc washington app to see jim vance's final story. he interviewed the founding director of the smithsonian's national museum of african-american history and culture. >> vance said he couldn't remember the last time he was so excited for a story. listen up. it stird red up a lot of emotio. >> what i marvel at is these people who survived. some strong folks. >> that's what impressed me too. how powerful are these souls and how resilient. >>
11:57 am
>> to survive that. and then the part that saddens me, we know nothing of what happened. >> we don't know and we'll never know their names. >> oh my god. you know what? and so that interview before they walked out on to the terrace, in that interview, they were talking about slaves brought to the u.s. from france. they said they would never know their names but the fact that they tried to honor them at the museum is what touched vance so much. >> vance went and actually did that interview back in march. he told us that he was sick not too long after they shot that so he didn't get to finish it. producer jason and editor perkins put that together without very vance there to sort of guide them through that, but a nice tribute to the work he's done. >> it said so much about him that he was excited even after decades in the business, excited to tell stories and do interviews and share that with his viewers, his family. well, that is it for news4 midday. we appreciate you joining us. we're back on the
11:58 am
>> and you can get the weather and the news any time in the nbc you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america.
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stand by, everyone. we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> i don't know where to go from here, to be honest. >> me neither. >> the best word that i can use to describe what peter just said to me is that this is -- it's devastating. it's absolutely devastating. tonight, for the first time ever, i'm thinking peter and i may not work out. >> da, da, da! to be continued. >> yes, which i hate that! >> i know! once again, they hook us. "the bachelorette" leaves us hanging high and dry. alfonso is back. kit is off on vacation. kit is probably watching "the


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