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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 26, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> i am eun yang. >> breaking news about the commute. more on a deadly crash. >> aaron, take a look. you see there, we have the view from chopper 4. this is the crash that happened in anne arundel in the annapolis area. police are confirming that two people died in a crash that involved three vehicles. route 50 westbound at baydale drive. delays going west because of the investigation. >> good morning, the tough part, you come off the bay bridge, you have no option. there are many side roads, but if you head off, all traffic
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to return you to 50 westbound. eastbound, state police are there. it is not effecting eastbound travel. westbound nothing but growing delays. crossing the bay bridge, tied up in delay, returning to 50 west from baydale drive. that's the first spot to get back onto 50 west. outbound, roosevelt bridge, ramp closure. single vehicle involved in the crash. for the foreseeable future, that ramp is closed. metro rail red and green line, red line delays both directions, power problem outside medical center. green line had issues. be cautious heading out early morning. you may have delays towards branch avenue from earlier train malfunction. traffic hasn't been great, weather is doing fine. chuck, sheena, what do you have? >> we agree.
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tail end of july. temperatures are running five to ten degrees smoother. >> normally we complain about humidity. no complaints here. it is a little cool outside. look at winchester. >> cooler today than yesterday. >> 64 in clinton. 59 in men as is. it is cooler than yesterday at this time. good morning, temperatures are comfortable. 8:00 a.m., 74 degrees. 9:00 a.m., mix of sun and clouds, 76. as you leave for the commute, dry roads. you'll be happy to know, maybe a couple of sprinkles at best. temperatures are only around 83 this afternoon. another cooler than normal day. then we have storms. >> i am worried. chilly bumps on. cover up. we will be back in the studio in no time. >> more coming up. i p
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once we get warmer. more details of the case of human smuggling. the case hitting closer to home because of one of the victims that died in the overheated tractor-trailer. that person grew up in northern virginia. >> derrick ward joins us from falls church outside the high school where the man graduated from derrick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are outside the high school in falls church, this is where the young man graduate in 2015. his name is frank fuentes, 19 years old. he graduated in 2015. shortly after that ran afoul of the law. in march he was deported to guatemala. that came after conviction for assault and battery and pick
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a warrant had been issued in february. on social media, friends of fuentes say he started to turn his life around at the time of deportation. something went wrong, and that young life ended in that hot trailer in a walmart parking lot in texas saturday. zblt man accused of driving that truck faces federal charges that could mean life in prison or the death penalty if convicted. he said he didn't know what was in the truck. records show the commercial driving license was suspended in april. the owner of the truck company is denying any involvement. he says the tractor-trailer was sold to someone in mexico. breaking news in bladensburg. we called police to find out who was hurt in a shooting. police are on scene this morning. this is 57th street. it happened right by bladensburg
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high school. we know someone was shot here, but not what led up to the shooting. new this morning, take a look at this picture. help police put a suspected kidnapper in jail. this man held a knife to a man in a parking lot thursday on 13th street northwest, not far from logan circle. investigators say he forced the victim to drive to an atm, take money out of a bank account. if you know who the man is, call police. 6:05. a federal appeals court blocked a d.c. gun law that makes it difficult for gun owners to get conceal carry permits. a three judge panel ruled the law which requires people to show proper reason to carry a weapon infringes on second amendment rights. the district has 30 days to ask for a new hearing. meantime, current restrictions on carrying a handgun remain in effect. and folks
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anne's county after a destructive tornado. official donation site being set up. national weather service says it packed winds of 125 miles per hour. started as a water spout on the bay. swept into steven'sville. only one minor injury reported. donation site is kent island methodist church. more on how to help on the nbc washington app. it was a hero's welcome for senator john mccain. he returned to capitol hill yesterday for the first time since his brain cancer diagnosis to cast key vote in the health care fight. hours after the vote on the health care bill, republicans failed to pass a plan that would have partially repealed the affordable care act. republicans will have another shot at it today. they're expected to vote on a plan to repeal the health care law with delay on
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take effect. unclear whether republicans have enough votes to pass it. >> those were cheers and applause for jim vance after a moment of silence. >> they called vance a d.c. icon. they health that tribute before the game against the brewers. vance wouldn't have liked the outcome. the brewers beat the nats 8-0. but i am sure he would have been honored. ahead, how a local museum plans to pay tribute to vance nearly years of service. seven minutes after the hour. melissa mollet has been out, and already she's a mom again. >> congratulations, sending tons of love. here is collette ryan.
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she was born yesterday. 7 pounds, 20.5 inches long. mom, baby, dad, big brother, looks like the rest of the family doing great. her world is about to be rocked. collette is the name melissa and her husband loved. she's named after melissa's brother. >> we love you guys. congratulations. so happy for them. 8 minutes after 6:00. brain disease danger from the football field. new dangers to hear before the new season starts. she heard sounds coming from the attic. it is not what was crawling around, it was who. more on the man police found living in an arlington woman's homecoming up. i am storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell, off to a beautiful start in the 50s and 60s. humidity in the comfy zone for
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as we get towards thursday and friday, a little more annoying levels, but rain chances going way up for friday, lingering into saturday. by sunday, sunshine is back and humidity again on vacation. sheena has the forecast coming up. musical chickens from maryland. stay with us. anchts deadly crash on route 50. we will
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one of the most notorious figures in the catholic sex abuse scandal will walk free. paul shanld lee expected to released from prison friday. 2005 he was sentenced for raping a sunday school student in the 1980s in boston. he is accused of abusing two dozen victims over several decades. upon his release, he has to register as sex offender, stay away from children under 16. imagine how unsettling it would be if someone broke into your home and camped out in the attic. that's what happened friday
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arlington. they heard noises upstairs and called police. officers found a man in the attic along with a backpack, clothing and a bed. police believe he entered the house through a sliding glass door. anthony jones was arrested and charged with unlawful entry. no one knows how long he had allegedly been living there. a d.c. man calls it unbelievable. d.c. man calls it unbelievable. watched a burglar break into his home and steal thousands of dollars of stuff and couldn't do anything to stop it. the homeowner watched the burglary in real time from his phone while at work. the security company alerted him to the break-in and called d.c. police. williams spoke to news4 about the helpless feeling of watching somebody violate his home. >> i spend so much time and working hard to buy a house and then having something like this, someone violating my home this way is just unbelievable.
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at williams' home in wood crest heights neighborhood in southeast d.c. the suspected burglar tried to hide his face. it didn't work. we have his image on the nbc washington app. if you recognize the man, police would like to hear from you. d.c. police say the man got away with $15,000 in items, including a tv still in the box, an ipad, and tooth brush. 6:16. scientists say it is no longer debatable. brain disease connected to football. journal of the american medical association looked at 202 players from nfl, college, and high schools. cte can only be diagnosed after death. it was found in nearly 90% of brains donated by former players. after years of denial, the nfl recently acknowledged a link between repeated head blows and brain disease andet
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billion dollar lawsuit with former players. soccer fans are taking over fedex field. tonight is the nice barcelona is facing manchester united. this is not an exhibition game. this is a huge matchup. they're tweeting how excited they are for the game. fans are as well. there was a training session yesterday. barcelona won a game in new york this past weekend, they play in miami after this game. all the stars will be out. we want to turn to a few of this morning's top trending stories. >> angie goff is in the newsroom with details. >> hey, guys, these will get you talking. former brides to the rescue for thousands of women, including many of you out there that ordered gowns for the big day, and were left stranded after alfred angelo closed. they
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posting old gowns and offering to brides to be for free. want you to pay for shipping. nice gesture there. next, who says true love doesn't exist. this has gone viral, shared more than 260,000 times. a man posted a pick shows an elderly man feeding himself ice cream in 98 degree heat. he put a towel over his wife to help her keep cool. a symbol of love. another reason, do we need one, to love this luke bryant. he let 88-year-old grab his rear. she's terminally ill, got to meet her idle before the show. she says this was the night of her life. guys, i don't know who is having more
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back to you. >> he is a good sport. you know what i mean? >> i love that. nice morning, by the way. >> how refreshing it feels outside. >> lot like yesterday. lot of people loving it. it is a little cooler than normal for this time of year. i'm not complaini. a l of peopl complaining. we have that long stretch of so much heat and humidity, now look at the numbers. look at winchester. 54 degrees. waking up near the blue ridge mountains, looking at some of the coolest spots on the map. 69 in washington. that's one of the warmest spots on the map. 68 in quantico. frederick coming in at 57. friday, better storm chance. need the umbrella end of the week. things are cin
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saturday. you walk the dog, we have jacko available for adoption. head to their website to find out how to get him home. low humidity, 81 this afternoon. mix of clouds and sun. 83 for a high. maybe a few sprinkles. clear the shelters is saturday, august 19th. find out more on the website. still a mix of clouds and sun with cooler than normal temperatures. this is tomorrow, 8:00 p.m. models are not showing much. we have a chance for thunderstorms around friday. that's going to be the better chance. look at all of the rain coming in friday and friday night, could linger into saturday. if you make plans for the beach, friday looks stormy. saturday we have a chance of rain lingering. 80 degrees saturday. we could see improvements through the afternoon. sunday if you head to the beach, looks like a better day. pretty nicn
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starting with friday, looking at the rain. at least the weekend is not a washout by any means. looking at temperatures still cooler than normal. head over to jack taylor. we have breaking news out there with traffic. good morning, jack. >> sheena, thank you. good morning, breaking news is in anne arundel 50 westbound. serious crash. chopper 4 has been flying over it before baydale drive. all travel lanes closed. diverted to cape st. claire. the delay on westbound 50 back to the bay bridge. closure will remain the majority of the morning rush hour. other news, rail riders, metro rail red line, delays both directions, power problem at medical center. green line, delays to branch avenue from earlier train
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malfunction. that's it for the roads. back to you. the ultimate invasion of privacy, camera set up in a woman's home bathroom. we will show you the device, tell you how it ended up there. ♪ the maryland chicken getting a chance at national fame. a second shot on
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♪ this is completely normal. or not. there's a chicken playing the piano. this happened in may on "america's got talent." the chicken trained in germantown. >> a local chick. was back on "america's got talent" with help from her
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>> come on! >> nothing worse. >> you know what, you're getting in big trouble. the chicken wouldn't play, judges became board. saw the two xs, there's a third. the chicken didn't vance to next round. i think it probably had stage fright. there's a lot of pressure up on the stage. >> pressure cooker too, back stage. they're called the flock stars. they're trained by two creative chicks. they say not to be sad. >> they'll have a nice life. >> you said it. >> listen, i have three children. >> i'm surprised you said that. we continue to track breaking news now. we are talking about a deadly crash shutting down part of route 50. ch
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taylor, how it may impact the commute. a live look from chopper 4 just ahead. new information about a deadly crash involving venus williams. new documents reveal what the tennis star says about her inlvement. vo
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that that breaking news, a warning now about your commute. part of route 50 is still shut down after a deadly crash. we have team coverage in first 4 traffic. wtop jack taylor has alternate routes. let's head to chopper 4. watching this from above. >> reporter: aaron, a horrific crash. let me zoom in a bit, not too close, point out a few things. two cars damaged, almost unrecognizably. they're working on the third vehicle in that second circle. it is important to note delays on the inbound side of route 50 have reached back to the start of just getting off the bay bridge. they're diverting
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jack taylor. how are they doing? >> that's it, they're heading off at cape st. claire road. you hit the service roadway, puts you back on baydale drive beyond the scene of the accident investigation. westbound lanes remain blocked. only thing is left is tractor-trailer. everything else off at cape st. claire. eastbound, left lane is closed. westbound lanes remain blocked probably through majority of the morning rush hour. we also had activity on the rails. metro, trouble on the red line, delays both directions, and green line from earlier train malfunctions. that's the latest on roads and rails. for the weather, here is chuck and sheena. good morning. the weather is very nice. i like it. >> absolutely right. whenever you can say cool in the warm season, that's as good as
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>> a bonus. >> the equivalent of 70 in december around here. >> it is a nice change. >> or call it a nice change. four things you need to know. another winner today. no more than a sprinkle. one or two strisprinkles, gone midday. near perfect evening. tracking a big chance for rain friday and increasingly worried about your saturday plans as well, though we remain optimistic for sunday. 50s and 60s to get you started. today's high 83 degrees. average for early parts of september. enjoy the september cool down with added sunlight of july. back in to you. >> chuck, sheena, thank you. top stories at 6:32. dangerous police chase led to a close call. chopper 4 over the scene near tysons. they tried to stop a speeding suv that crashed near cambridge road. the driver suffered minor
6:33 am
injuries, will face felony speeding charges. no officers were hurt. the disturbing find in a walmart parking lot in texas is now hitting home. one of the young undocumented migrants found dead in the back of that overheated tractor-trailer grew up in falls church. frank fuentes graduated in 2015. a look at why he was traveling in that truck. and senator john mccain returned to hugs and applause on capitol hill. his first time back since his brain cancer diagnosis. the republican cast a key rote to start debate on the gop's health care bill. another set of votes are expected today. >> news4's angie goff has a look at what to expect. good morning. >> good morning. >> point of order sustained and the amendment calls. >> that was the republicans' first defeat in the process last
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pass a measure to repeal and replace the affordable care act. focusing on a comprehensive bill. to do this with delay on when it takes effect, not clear on that. lot of open ended questions. what you could see lawmakers finally agree on is what's called a skinny repeal. aaron, that's a bill that gets rid of a few pieces of the affordable care act. for now, back to you. here is proof people in power sometimes listen when people speak up. coast guard the coast guard says boaters and fisherman can continue to use the potomac near trump's golf course. for safety reasons, a two mile section was off limits when the president visited the property. recreation groups complained the rect
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president visits. this is a story only on news4. investigators in fairfax county say a woman's routine maintenance call ended with a disturbing result. police say a maintenance man left behind a recording device in the woman's apartment. the device looks like a charger. here it is. this happened in the julian at bear lakes apartments. he asked her to take a shower to make sure the water wouldn't effect the electrical system. they found 90 other images of potential victims on the device. they now fear he may have left the country. they charged a second person in shooting of a baby. the one-year-old was hit by a stray bullet two weeks
6:36 am
the child's mother says the baby is recovering. he crashed on the capitol lawn. he is opening up to the i-team. we take you behind breaches of national security still ahead. new details about the deadly crash involving venus williams, proof her attorneys claim should clear her name. and tracking the deadly crash that could impact your commute. more on the trouble on route 50. we willheck in with c
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tennis star venus williams is denying she was involved in a deadly crash. >> a 78-year-old man died after a crash. lawyers claim the victim was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash and blame t
6:40 am
on their negligence. the victim's lawyer says evidence tells a different story. >> we believe that the evidence from the black box download will demonstrate that she was distracted and delayed in her reaction which ultimately caused this accident. >> lawyers for the victim say the black box, data box shows that the husband and wife were wearing seat belts and williams was driving much faster than she said. >> they'll have more of this coming up on the "today" show. breaking news remains in anne arundel, maryland. 50 westbound. the accident investigation before baydale drive. chopper 4 is on scene. westbound lanes are closed and remain blocked through the majority of the morning rush hour. eastbound has left lane closure. baydale drive is the first chance back onto 50 west. red line, normal servic
6:41 am
line, delays to green avenue. back to you. good morning, and we're talking about a cooler than normal start to the day. little refreshing when you step outside. 69 in washington, 59 in frederick, manassas. 63 in clinton. it is a comfortable start to the day. look at the afternoon, a comfortable afternoon for you with a chance of a sprinkle, mix of sun and clouds. temperatures 83 degrees for the high. unseasonably cool today. storms are in the forecast later this week. talk more about that coming up. a high honor for our dear friend, jim vance, the local museum where you'll soon be able to pay tribute to his life and legacy. and new service that will let you add a
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right right now on news4 today, people hoping to find safety in the united states smuggled, then suffocated. >> were very hot to the touch. these people were in the trailer without any signs of any type of water. >> a case of human trafficking exposed. new details about the virginia teen found dead inside that truck. i-team exclusive, taking a look bin
6:45 am
national security. hear from a man who landed this on the capitol lawn and the next protest he's planning. and welcome to the world. a first look at the newest member of the news4 today family, a baby so cute, she might be stopping traffic. i am angie goff at the live desk. take you live above route 50 in maryland. chopper 4 over this crash that left two people dead after a driver drove the wrong way and smashed into two vehicles. you can see it is quite the scene. this happened on westbound 50 near baydale drive. a man and woman did die at the scene. none of those involved were identified as of now. all lanes of westbound 50 in the area are closed right now. delays running back to the bay bridge will likely stay this way through the morning rush. jack taylor is standing by to give you the it
6:46 am
this morning. >> angie goff from the live desk. thank you. 6:46. breaking news now. we found out a shooting in bladensburg is a homicide. we told you about this at the top of the hour. prince george's county police say a man was killed near bladensburg high school. not clear if they're still on the scene. this happened just after midnight. police didn't say whether they have a suspect in this case. more details in the case of human smuggling in texas. we know that one of ten people that died in an overheated tractor-trailer grew up in northern virginia. >> garrett moore is -- derrick ward is there following this. >> reporter: good morning. they were heartbroken when they realized he was one of the people died in that trailer in texas. he graduated from jeb stuart
6:47 am
high school in 2015, at some point ran afoul of the law, got into trouble and was departed back to guatemala. "the washington post" first reported that he grew up in northern virginia. he came here as a toddler. after high school, officials say he was convicted of assault and battery and a pick pocketing charge, suspected of having gang ties. that forced him to return to his home country in march. he was apparently trying to sneak back into the u.s., why he was in the back of that truck, packed with undocumented immigrants. he died of asphyxiation. folks that knew him said he was working on a degree at northern virginia community college. they plan to hold a vigil for him sometime this week. live in falls church, derrick ward, news4. back to you. >> thank you. the man accused of bribing the truck faces a federal
6:48 am
prison or the death penalty. he says he didn't know what was in the truck. records show his commercial driving license was suspended in april. the owner of the truck company is denying any involvement. he says the tractor-trailer was sold to someone in mexico. d.c. police need help to catch a suspected kidnapper. this man held a knife to a man in a parking lot thursday on 13th street northwest, not far from logan circle. investigators say he forced the victim to drive to an atm, take money out of a bank account. if you know who the man is, call police. there have been almost two dozen security breaches near the white house and capitol. the i-team is digging into some of the biggest cases, starting with one you will likely remember. protests seen around the world by a mailman from florida. here is scott
6:49 am
>> reporter: we are in ruskin, florida, outside tampa, hometown of doug hughes, the man who famously two years ago landed a gyre oh cop ter on the capitol. he was arrested, he got four months jail time, was now released. he feared he was going to be shot from the sky that day by police and was surprised he was able to land. >> you thought it was possible they would shoot you down? >> there's a calculated risk, i knew it was possible they would. i had done everything i could to tip the scales in my favor, but there was a definite risk. >> also tells us what he plans to do next, including writing a book about the journey. would you consider future civil disobedience to further the cause? >> my wife is here, i have to say no. if i had the opportunity to significantly advance money from
6:50 am
the only thing not on t table is i will not harm individuals or property damage. >> coming up, the news4 investigation into breaches at the white house and capitol shows doug hughes has something in common with other people protesting and jumping white house fence in recent months. he also has advice for people planning to do it in the future. our report coming up tonight. for now in ruskin, florida, scott macfarland, news4 i-team. good morning, everyone. a beautiful morning outside. looking live from our tower. dead center of the screen is the u.s. capitol building. yesterday failed to make 90 degrees. 82 yesterday. about five, six degrees cooler than average. still 19 days this month have been 90 or higher. for the month, we're more than 3 degrees in average temperature, more than two inches above in rainfall. needed rainfall after that dry june.
6:51 am
on the inner harbor of baltimore towards the bay bridge. a small chance those sprinkles could drift farther to the west and could make it into eastern parts of prince george's county oracle vermo or calvert county. can't rule out a shower east of the beltway toward chesapeake bay, west of town. blue ridge and shenandoah, zero chance today. 63 at dulles, 63 in lorton. mild by the bay because of the warm bay waters. as you plan your day, 50s and 60s now, should be 70 by 9:00. upper 70s at lunchtime. during the afternoon, highs today, upper 70s and low 80s. a really nice day to be outside. perfect night for baseball. yet again, brewers in town for 7:05 first pitch. perfect baseball weather.
6:52 am
mostly in the 70s. that will be nice for sure. what do you need to know about the next four days? today is really nice. heat and more humidity tomorrow, temperatures get back close to 90 degrees. friday, rain chance looks high for friday. unfortunately that may be lingering into saturday. for more news on that, let's go to sheena, have her tell you about rain on the weekend. >> it is not bad news, chuck. we have rain in the forecast as we end out the week. make sure you have the umbrella. this is future weather. starting with tomorrow here. late in the day we have a small thunderstorm chance. friday is the day, noon friday, you see showers scattered through the area, thunderstorms later in the day expected. go into early saturday, looks like some rain lingers into the weekend. we have a threat for potentially severe storms as we end the week and go into the weekend, we will watch that closely. as far as the beach forecast is concerned, friday is not looking great, saturday as well.
6:53 am
shapes up. sunday is clearly the better half of the weekend. once we get into early next week, temperatures go back up, right around average. upper 80s to 90 degrees. most of next week is dry. take the rain while we can get it. let's go to jack taylor for traffic. >> thank you. breaking news remains in maryland. on 50 westbound, john hanson highway, serious overnight crash occurred before baydale drive. all traffic 50 west diverts at cape st. claire. chopper 4 has been over the scene, investigation is on-going, cleanup there through the rest of the morning rush hour. eastbound, left lane is blocked. westbound travel delays begin at the bay bridge. divert onto the service roadway, put you back on at baydale drive. otherwise, delays maryland inbound, crash finally cleared the
6:54 am
that's the latest on roads and rail. back to you. good morning, i am landon dowdy, cnbc headquarters. got the munchies after late night. taco bell has you covered. they'll let lyft lift a bar to take them to a drive through. they're testing taco mode in orange county, california, plans to expand the country next year. taco bell also includes custom in car menu. i am landon dowdy. [ applause ] take [ applause ] take a look at that.
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applause for jim vance after a moment of silence in his honor. >> washington nationals called vance a d.c. icon when they held that tribute before last night's game against the brewers. you know vance, he loved d.c. sports, he wouldn't have liked the outcome of the game. brewers beat them, but he would have been honored. people were on their feet applauding. >> very appropriate. bigger honor, too, vance will have a permanent spot at the national museum of african-american history and culture. interview with the museum director lonnie bunch earlier this year. >> bunch said the museum would like to display pictures of vance, notes that he took for stories and interviews throughout his career. as soon as we learn more, we will let you know. 6:55. four things to know before you head out the door. a difficult drive west into the district on route 50.
6:56 am
because of a deadly crash. a man and woman were killed there. three cars were involved. details throughout the morning and on the nbc washington app. senator john mccain back in washington after his brain cancer diagnosis. he passed a key vote yesterday to begin debate on the health care bill. more votes are expected today to repeal the affordable care act. the "today" show will have a closer look what to expect coming up. friends of frank fuentes mourning his loss on social media. he was one of ten found dead inside that overheated tractor-trailer in texas. "the washington post" reports immigration officials say he was deported to guatemala after assault and battery conviction. for updates on this, go to the nbc washington app. redskins players are in richmond now, training camp starts today. follow carol maloney on twitter for all of the news. the first open practice is tomorrow morning. and we can't leave without telling you one more time
6:57 am
this wonderful news, the latest edition to the news4 family. melissa mollet gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday. collette ryan. >> melissa says yesterday was an amazing day. she can't stop crying. tears of joy we know. collette is named after melissa, and ryan is after his brother. >> happy family. >> she looks like she can come right back to work. >> she l
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good morning. good morning. one step forward, one step back. hours after republican senators including john mccain vote to begin debate on killing obamacare -- something has to be done. >> a bill to do just that falls far short. chilling intel. officials believe north korea could strike the mainland as early as next year. the regime issuing a stern warning overnight. new video emerging of a daring jail break


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