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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 28, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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forecast. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. we want to get to our meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen. >> jack taylor keeping an eye on the roads for us too. >> but we want to start with chuck and sheena who are outside. do not leave the umbrella. do not leave it at home. during the evening commute, you'll need it. >> the big umbrella kind of a day. not really so much before lunchtime. but if you do anything after work or going out for a friday night dinner and a movie, be ready. >> a flash flood watch, 2:00 p.m. today to tomorrow, this is going to last for quite a while. 1 to 4 inches rain. that could lead to localized flooding. never drive through flooded roadways. you don't know how deep it is or what is lying there. we're dry locally. that's
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there's future rain. now through lunchtime, showers are developing across the area. through the afternoon, look at this. more showers. a lot of them becoming very heavy and each into your evening. if you have friday night plans, i would say definitely the umbrella, the rain coats and boots maybe. we're going to see big puddles out there. >> if you're traveling overnight, you may want to rethink that. sometimes that's very difficult. it's looking good so far, jack. >> so far. nothing worse than limited visibility. >> sun starting to come up, which is good. >> also the unusual slowdowns on 66 westbound. usually don't have red lines going west. there's activity after nutley street near the vienna metro. does not sound like they were involved in an accident. not sure if the
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something else was going on. two lanes getting by at the scene. also the right lane in the service roadway. authorities are assisting there. eastbound, not bad. little bit of heavy stuff towards centreville. you're looking good inner, outer loop. all moving very, very well. back to you. the ayes are 49, the nays are 51. the motion is not agreed to. the amendment is not agreed to. >> while you were sleeping, senate republicans fell short in their latest effort to repeal parts of obamacare. this vote came down just before 2:00 this morning. >> three republican senators voted with democrats to deliver the latest failure in the effort to kill part of the legislation. molette green has exactly what happened and how both parties are reacting. >> it's more divided than ever. senator john mccain hailed as a hero earlier in the week stunned theol
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no. saying it loud enough for the chamber to hear. in all, we're talking about three republican senators. susan collins, lisa murkowski and voting no along with 48 democrats by a margin of 49-51. this is a major defeat for the senate leaders and the president who have vowed to repeal and replace. here's reaction from the floor. >> i regret that our efforts were simply not enough. >> we are relieved not for ourselves but for the american people. >> republican leaders including vice president mike pence pressed mccain for his vote. for nearly an hour in the chamber while they waited, mccain's eventual no vote met by cheers among democratic senators. we're staying on top of the developments in the hours to come. now back to you. >> molette, thank you. president trump reacted minutes after this morning's early vote. he
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and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode. then deal. watch. >> 6:04 right now. an 18-year-old woman in critical condition after a shooting in fredericksburg. this before 9:00 haas night. officers received reports of gunshots on tyler street. not far from dixon park. fredericksburg police say they found the woman had been shot in the head. they haven't released any suspect information. but they do ask to give police a call immediately. >> a woman in fairfax county is recovering after she's stabbed on a popular trail. >> megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: folks are going to be gathering here later on this morning. they started to come now. they're going to be handing out these flyers, canvassing the area. looking for anyone who witnessed the attack. the
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we do have two police officers who showed up a little while ago. we're expecting that activity -- a disturbing crime on this popular trail, the trail is adjacent to vaiden drive, not far from the vienna metro station. a 21-year-old woman was walking on the path at around 7:30 thursday morning when a man came from behind, stabbed her in the neck and then ran away. police say that this was a completely random, unprovoked attack. people who use this path say it is just scary. >> little unsettle. this is, in general, a pretty safe neighborhood and people always walking around with the metro there. that path is utilized so often. >> so you do see some of the police officers who started to gather here at the path. they're going to be canvassing the neighborhood. anyone with information, you're asked to give police a call. anything, each if
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find that person. back to you. >> megan mcgrath live for us in vienna. >> this is third major crime in a local park. a man's body was found yesterday in adelphi, maryland. people say he was murdered. and on wednesday, a man an his dog were found murdered pea 'neath the east capitol street bridge. no arrests have been made in either case. we're working to keep you safe. a few things to consider. don't walk alone. especially in an isolated area, including trails, stairways and alleyways and some elevators. if you feel you're being followed, turn around and look at the person. should you feel threatened, yell fire instead of help. experts say they're more likely to respond. prince george's county police officer will be sentenced for hitti
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cruiser. it was caught on the police cruiser camera. juan hernandez was found guilty in may of second degree assault. he was running through officers in june when hernandez hit him. the man who was hit was okay. he was acquitted on charges of misconduct in office. he faces ten years in prison. we're expected to learn about john delaney's plans for a 2020 presidential bid today. delaney will announce his plans in an op-ed. many believed he would run for governor of maryland. that doesn't look like the case. he's one of the wealthiest members in the house. he runs from the d.c. suburbs to the western edge of the state. this move would force democrats to -- i lost in 2014. >> see you later. see you later. see you late back-to-back-to-back >> the milwaukee brewers are
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later. they were wrecked by the nashville predators. now the colorado rockies face the nats. yesterday they hit four homers in a row. had a bunch of franchise and baseball records as well. >> i wondered like -- >> professional baseball game. >> didn't show up. >> well, there are big jackpots you can dream about win thg weekend. there is a mega millions drawing worth $282 million. tomorrow ths a powerball drawing for the $239 million jackpot. vacation evacuations. tourists forced to leave with hours' notice. why they could be dark and deserted for weeks. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. all still quiet early this morning. pockets of heavy
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this afternoon. especially late tonight. early tomorrow. heaviest rain during the overnight hours. maybe 1 to 4 inches of rain possible. storm team 4 radar not all that much to look at here early today. flash flood watches have been posted. temperatures today in the low 70s now. up to 80 or 81 or 2 degrees before the steadier rain this afternoon. sheen will have a look at the forecast with the five-day coming up. the motion passes. >> and the name change coming to a northern virginia school. the late-night vote thaended a years long debate. an animal you wouldn't expect to see if your home
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. 6:13 on a friday morning. storm team weather alert for today and half of tomorrow. if this is your weekend at the beach, know that the rain is going to be heavier and longer lasting out at the coastline today as the storm develops off the coast. not the ultimate beach weekend for sure. if you had tickets to the nats game tonight against the rockies, maybe you should give them to somebody as a gift. i want you to have the tickets. the chances of them playing the game, only 1%. sheena has that forecast coming up. sorry, i'm still reacting. here, take my tickets. 66 westbound out near nutley. we had an incident involving a couple tractor-trailers. heavy wreckers on scene now. two left lanes getting by at the scene. sometimes it's one, sometimes it's two. right now it's two left lanes. the heavy duty wreckers th
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service roadway as authorities pull up to assist. coming south. this is pretty much the picture from frederick to the lane divide moving well without delay and in good shape. the dry roadways. the intense weather is coming. back to you. new numbers out of spain. we first told you about dozens hurt during a morning commuter train crash in barcelona. about an hour ago we've hernd 54 people needed medical help up from 50 and one is in critical condition hurt when the train crashed into buffers in a station. no word yet on what caused that accident. aaron. molette, thank you. 6:14 now. if your summer plans include heading to the beaches in north carolina, you might want to hold off. vacationers have been told to pack up and leavement a construction accident left the islands without power. everyone in the dark right now.
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or weeks. we'll keep you posted. a dead lie fire -- has made changes to fairs. an amusement park operator closed the rides in that fair. no one can get on any of the rides in ohio. investigators are trying to figure out what caused part of that fireball ride to break off and throw people in the air. that picture of the 18-year-old we just showed you there was actually an 18-year-old marine recruit what was killed and several others were seriously hurt. inspectors said the ride passed inspecti inspection. a retired fairfax county priest is accuse of inappropriately touching a girl several years al. he lives in pennsylvania. back in
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touched a girl inside her home. the case was initially reported in 2004 but the complaint was withdrawn. police reopened the case a few month ago and he turned himself in. he may have more information or may be a victim. there is a pretty increase in crime in d.c. we're talking about water street. most of the crimes have been nonviolent. mostly reported bike thefts. a double shooting left a teenager dead. d.c. police tell news 4 they've increased patrols in that area. they're working with park police to address the ongoing problem. a local -- pitting 13 term republican incumbent bob marshall against newcomer danica rome. she's the first transgender virginian to run for the legislature. the day after trump's announcement approximate a
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the military. she received a record in campaign donations. there were 86 donations totaling $52,000. if you feel like the tradition of a 9:00 to 5:00 workday is a thing your parents' generation, you're not alone in that. more than half of workers nationwide think the 9:00 to 5:00 workday is dead. 73% of d.c. workers say they work more than eight hours a day. 52% of workers say they're responding outside of work hours. i've among whoes -- six-hour workday, i am out. four hours. >> really? >> if i need to go, i'm out. >> it doesn't apply in washington, d.c. i've never met anybody that works just a 9:00 to -- not happening. >> working long hours probably means you'd like a new place to kick back and
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maybe another option at national harbor. there was a new top golf facility approved. in case you don't know about it, it's an upscale driving range and entertainment venue. this will likely be a relocation of the alexandria top golf. other locations planned for. all right. we saw this photo makes us wonder. what is the strapgest thing that you've ever seen on the train. this is the new york subway. this is not metro. somebody brought a peacock on board. he's taking it to the bar. we should point out -- can you -- it looks like it. let's point out, you are not allowed to bring animals on metro, except for service animals. i don't know. makes you do a double ache. >> i don't think you can have a peacock. >> i don't think you can just
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>> the peacock is probably confused. it doesn't know what's going on. >> we're going to be confused this weekend. it will feel like -- >> we're going to be so much cooler going into saturday. a lot of people probably are so focused on the rain coming, you don't realize the temperature swing over the next hours. the main threat is the flooding concern for this afternoon and evening. then we're going to see the temperatures dropping off for tomorrow. this morning yr your commute. >> dinner out, we could see localry heavy rain. there's the potential for some currently, though, we're just kind of warm and humid outside. 76 washington the rest of area. here's a flash flood watching. this is for everybody. could s h
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and more rain. the heavy rain sitting for quite a while. dry right now, just hours off to the west. we go through the next several hours, looking closer to lunchtime, around the district and a little bit up to the north. showers and storms developing. a bigger development in the evening. area of low pressure will try to develop on top of us. that's why you see a levy band of rain by the red and oranges. maybe seen heavy rab, who are -- rain then it should move through. huge improvements. 1 to 4 inches. tlook at the temperatures on saturday. things will be winding down. leftover street flooding. 74 degrees. sunday looks like the better day of weekend. let check in with john john.
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after nutley street, a couple of issues. you see there's kind of debris straun across the roadway. callers called us and said it sounds like a couple of the tractor-trailers may have struck something big. there's concrete strewn around the roadway. be very careful on 66. this is normally not a delay westbound. the delay begins before nutley. also, it sound like in montgomery county, the crash along university boulevard eastbound near pine i branch road, authorities on the scene. just be careful. are you okay? where is the other person? >> new video from the crash involving venus williams. from the first offer. we know he's good as football. kirk cousins is about to be a dad. we put him to the test. the diaper test. coming up.
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dozens of people
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the international tree climbing championship begins today. is that real? is that a thing? >> i guess. >> more than 60 people representing 13 countries are here for this. >> this is a thing. >> these are the best tree climbers in the world. two are from richmond. this is video from past championships. this year's competition runs through sunday at the national arboretum. if you want to watch it, it's free to go. it's all protected. ropes x helmets. the whole nine yards. >> all that practice as a kid. it's cool. he's pretty great at throwing a football we know. he could learn a thing or two about being a dad. >> we asked redskins quarterback kirk cousins if he could change a baby's diaper. watch this. >> i'm assuming right here. just like this. >> take down. >> we're going to leave them on.
6:26 am
probably can't flip them over on their stomach like this. right now that feels more effective. >> honestly, i don't know. it looks right but i'm holding it in place. i got some work to do. >> you've got work to do. >> i have so many questions about this. cousins and his wife announced they were pregnant back in march. this happened at redskins training camp. in redskins training camp. carol maloney is there. >> i changed one deeper. my god son jefferson. i did it one time. i went through 14 baby wipes. >> oh, no. >> it didn't look right. it's not easy. >> carol is a mom. she knows. she needs to teach that man a little bit more. please. 6:26. the motion passes. ahead at 6:30. a years long debate ended. a local high school is getting a new name. why a
6:27 am
more controversy. but i am -- over it. >> after an abduction attempt, a virginia mom shares the lessons she wants your kids to know. and a beautiful virginia sunrise in the area. if you look at the radar, we have rain off to the west. that will be later on today. we're pretty dry right now. the flash flood watch is coming up. there's the beautiful sunrise. you won't be able to see the sunset. you'll want the umbrella later on
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we begin right now with that weather alert. severe storms are moving into our area. >> not here quite yet. but you need the umbrella before the day is up for sure. >> chuck bell and sheena parveen are outside with the warnings we need to hear this weekend. hey, guys. >> good morning. we're talking about heavy rain later on today and
6:31 am
if you have friday night plans, it's going to a washout. >> not too much on radar just yet. the storm hasn't had a chance to get going. flash flood watches from 2:00 p.m. today until 2:00 p.m. saturday. the flood threat will be quite high overnight. 1 to 4 inches of rain possible. today's forecast highs in the upper 730s and low 80s before the heavy rain moves in into this evening. rainfall amounts. some places could get 2, 3, 4 inches of rain. not going to be a pretty night to be outside. i do have the extra baseball tickets that i'm giving to jack taylor for the game tonight. >> perfect. i'm going to have a blast. 66 westbound. we're getting a clearer picture of what's happening. there's an immense amount of concrete debris. you can see it's in the far right lane. two tractor-trailers were the culprit for this. one has been towed away.
6:32 am
two left lanes safely getting by on 66 west. in maryland, 210 northbound after farmington road, the left lane blocked. not causing a huge delay so far. back to you. the ayes are 49, the nays are 51. the motion is not agreed to. the amendment is not agreed to. >> our top stories while you were sleeping. senate republicans failed to pass their obamacare repeal bill. the vote came down just before 2:00 a.m. three republican senators joined all democrats to kill the bill. new white house communications director, anthony scaramucci is taking aim at a reporter he says he shouldn't have trusted. the new yorker public ishd an on the record interview where scaramucci went on a profanity-laced tirade. he went after steve bannon, reince priebus and leakers. scaramucci called priebus a quote paranoid schizophrenic and
6:33 am
threatened to fire everybody in the communications shop. they're looking for clues of a crime that happened. a woman was headed to the metro station when a man stabbed her in the neck and ran away. the woman is expected to recover. megan mcgrath will have the latest at 6:45. the motion passes. >> a two-year debate ends with jeb stuart high school in fairfax county getting a new name. >> as one chapter in this saga ends another one begins. justin finch is live in falls church with more on what happens next. justin? >> reporter: next up a series of public meetings that school board approval will lead to the jeb stuart name and sign coming down by the year 2019. take a look here. the fairfax county school board voted to move ahead with that name change. at middle school where a group
6:34 am
represents state history and a long line of proud graduates. others saying the stuart name does not reflect the now diverse student body or modern values. >> my daughter really liked jeb stuart high school. it was great for her. now she can't even say she graduated from jeb stuart high school. >> my understanding is it was just decided to change the name x there's going to be a community process. >> reporter: now, also passed last night, a motion suggesting that perhaps they remove the jeb from that name and just keep stuart high school as it's known local anyways. it's too soon to say if that will be continued. a lot of people have feelings about the stuart name being involved in any of this. of course, lots of passion about the name being changed. of course, expect the same with the new name going forward. live here in falls church, i'm justin finch,
6:35 am
back to you. >> justin, thank you. more changes to charles county public schools of after a former employee is charged with sexually assaulting students and producing child pornography. there is an informational meeting about helping students and teachers recognize sexual harassme harassment. now to a warning for parents. a leesburg mom says a woman tried to lure her 8-year-old daughter into a car. it happened on tuesday when the girl was riding her bike. the woman told her little girl her mom was in the hospital and she needed to get in the car and come with her. that little girl knew better. she rushed home instead. we're keeping her private, but she hasn't been able to let go of the what-if. >> i haven't been. i've been panicked. she moved on because that's what kids do. i don't want everyone talking ut
6:36 am
i am over it. she came home with a detailed description of what had happened. it was a white or gray four-door sedan as far as the driver, the girl says the woman had medium complexion. she was in her early to mid 20s. that she had straight brown hair and blue or green eyes. >> we want to change gears now and want to say thank you so very much. we have been so touched by all of the tributes to our dear friends, our mentor, colleague jim vance who passed away. >> they made a jersey just for vance. the mean i don't remember vp of player personnel showed it to our carol maloney down in richmond. he talked to vance on independence day and that he just wished that he had a chance to hand this to vance in person. >> going to miss him a lot. all that he meant to us for almost 50 years here at
6:37 am
tonight we're going to have a special tribute to vance showing who he was through all these airs. that airs tonight at 7:30. doreen gentzler will bring that you special tribute. i'm not giving you a citation. i don't feel comfortable writing a citation. >> new video of venus williams the moments after the deadly crash she's now being blamed for. a look at the body camera footage ahead. amazon creator, the richest man in the world. coming up, wlle'
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6:40 am
good friday morning. we are talking about heavy rain developing later today. here's your friday planner. mainly dry by noon showers developing through the afternoon and evening. that rain gets heavier. we could see potential flooding. because of that we have a flash flood in effect. 1 to
6:41 am
the rainfall totals. we look at traffic with jack. good morning, jack. >> on 66. but it's going westbound. vienna metro, a couple tractor-trailer involved. concrete strewn across the roadway. westbound has a delay. right lane and the service roadway, two left lanes get by in the main lines. erika, aaron, back to you. were you involved sf. >> yes. >> which one is yours? are you okay? >> i am. >> where is the other person? >> this morning, we're getting a look at a new piece of police body cam video. shows officers responding to the fatal accident involving tennis star venus williams in june. williams drove into an intersection where the two cars collided. >> she's been cleared of criminal charges. the family of a 78-year-old man who later died from his injuries filed a lawsuit against williams and their attorney is pointing to special celebrity
6:42 am
>> i think if you look at the video, you can see the amount of time and effort and concern they have for ms. williams as opposed to my client. >> the victim's family want venus to admit guilt and make an apology. leaker, paranoid skiz fr schizophrenic, some of the words being used to describe his co-workers. police will be handing out flyers to passersby this morning. they're looking for the man who stabbed a woman in the neck yesterday on a polarpu
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right now on "news4 today," a storm team 4 weather alert. >> a powerful storm headed our way. flood watches already in effect. >> what we need to know and if your weekend plans will be washed out. >> one incident ever around here, i say it's the safest place anywhere near this area. >> a woman attacked on her way to work, stabbed on a popular trail many use to get to the metro. >> new tension inside the white house one week on the job, anthony scaramucci facing his first scandal. complaints about his co-workers being shared nationwide. >> the amendment is --
6:46 am
another effort to -- turned down the vote and reaction since you've been sleeping. >> molette green here at the live desk. there you have it. no deal on obamacare replacement. all eyes on senator john mccain who delivered a loud no vote that resonated on the floor just hours ago. mccain didn't wait for his name to be called when he walked up to the front of the senate floor. susan collins, lisa mur could you -- murkowski voted no. mccain gave a thumbs down showing his vote. surprising many of the republicans in the room. >> it's very hard to disappoint your colleagues. >> so it is back to the drawing board, it appears, for senate republicans. we'll have complete analysis in
6:47 am
>> aaron? >> molette, thank you. in the meantime, president trump reacted after the early vote. he tweeted, three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode, then deal. watch. some of the news, paper covers look like tabloids. the daily news cover reads, mooch madness. talking about the new white house communications director, anthony scaramucci and reports that there's infighting among president trump's administration. >> meanwhile, scaramucci is taking aim at a reporter who shouldn't have been trusted. he's talking about a reporter from the new yorker. lizza published where -- he went after steve bannon, reince priebus and leakers. scaramucci called
6:48 am
paranoid schizophrenic and threatened to fire everyone in the -- >> huckabee sanders defended her boss last night. >> sometimes we have a lot of passion. sometimes when you have the best people from around the country coming in with a variety of backgrounds, different perspective, you may not agree on everything. >> before attacking the reporter, he spoke to on the record, scaramucci said he would refrain from using colorful language in his new white house post. >> we're following a developing story. an 18-year-old woman after a shooting in fredericksburg. just before 9:00, officers received reports of gunshots not far from dixon park. >> fredericksburg police say they found the woman was shot in the head. police have not received any suspect information. they do ask anyone with information to call police immediate immediately. a woman is recovering after she was stabbed on a popular trail. >> mean
6:49 am
details. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning guys. police returned to the scene of the crime. investigators are at the entrance to this path where the incident happened yesterday morning. they're talking to folks walking by, people using the path, either jogging or walking dogs. they're trying to find out information about exactly what happened yesterday. about 7:30 in the morning, a woman was using this path which runs right adjacent to vaiden drive. a man came up from behind and stabbed her in the neck and then ran away. police saying that this is a completely random and unprovoked attack. certainly, very disturbing for folks who use this trail. the police department, fairfax county police, joins me this morning. what kind of information are you looking for? necessarily, people who saw the incident itself or is it broader? >> much broader. we're looking for anybody who routinely uses the path who may have been in th
6:50 am
if you've seen anybody suspicious or anybody out of place. looking for nflginformation, li pieces of puzzle. >> how long will you be here? >> probably throughout the day. >> if you come through this area this morning and for the next several hours, expect to see a police presence here. they're handing out flyers, trying to gather more information to find the person responsible. back to you. megan, thank you. this is the third major crime on a local trail in just two days. yesterday a man's body was found on the northwest branch trail in adelphi, maryland, yards from homes and places where kids go to play. on wednesday, police say a man and a dog were fatally shot on the anacostia riverwalk trail beneath the east capitol street bridge in d.c. police have not made any arrests in the crimes. this happened blocks away from last month's shooting at the congressional baseball practice. the suspect shot at
6:51 am
traveling east on howell avenue. it crashed into an suv. three people treated at the hospital are expected to be okay. the suspects knew the victims. they're not releasing miss name because he's being chargeds a juvenile. we expect a prince george's county police officer to be charged after hitting -- was found guilty in may of second degree assault. the suspect was running from officers through a field in hyattville last june when he ran into him. the man who was hit was okay. he was acquitted on a charge of misconduct in office. he faces ten years in prison. we want to check in now on your commute with wtop's jack taylor. jack? >> this has been quite a morning for virginians on 66 headed westbound leaving the beltway to the vienna. there's been debris. the thought was there's an overpass that may have been
6:52 am
not sure if that's confirmed. the debris was strewn across the roadway. you can see the right lane is getting by. two lanes are getting by in the main lanes. it's caused delays. george mason, westbound near 123, sounds like we had an overturned vehicle in the intersection. authorities are on scene. westbound had been blocking the lane. that could very well change the configuration once fire and rescue arrive. you'll probably be under police direction. back to you. jack, thank you. turning to our forecast now. >> very rainy. >> cloudy skies now. slivers of sunlight. just enough to cause a little bit of a shadow here early this morning. that won't last long. the entire month of july. we're morning above average for the month of july alone. over 5 at national airport.
6:53 am
inches of rain an the end of the day on saturday. a lot of rain coming. 76 now under cloudy skies here in washington. 730 degrees in gaithersburg. 70 dulles. mid to upper 630s in the shenandoah valley. cloudy and mild this morning. rain intensity increasing. couple of rumbles much thunder. got a severe thunderstorm threat that i'm worried about. late tonight into tomorrow. again, it doesn't look like much on the radar. the storm has not yet developed. much like our classic winter storms. this is waiting until it develops an intense area of pressure around. a personal -- there's the heavier rain south and west. a big plume of heavy rain likely to come in late tonight during the overnight hours. rainfall amounts are going to be
6:54 am
everywhere. how much rain -- 2, 3, as much as 4. 5 inches. big impacts on the weekend. let's go to sheena. good morning. >> good morning, chuck. we have at least one weekend day where week get outside and make your plans. we're looking at the rain lingering into the weekend. like chuck mentioned. heavy rain tonight and into your saturday as we go into saturday on future weather. we're starting in the early morning hours. 7:00, 8:00 a.m. showers lingering. the model has been updating. trying to pull these pieces together. i think we'll see showers around to start your saturday. in the afternoon, we could have showers lingering again until it clears out on sunday. big temperature swing across the weekend. take a look at what's going to happen. normal high is 88 degrees. look at tomorrow, 74. that's going to be pretty cool. maybe even chill toy many of you on sunday. upper 70s, rebounding to the 80s on monday. let's look att
6:55 am
100% for heavy rain. later today. at least through the first half, three quarters of the day. late saturday night, hopefully the rain stops -- back up close to 90 degrees for the second half of next week. little chance to dry out. you're pretty confident it's going to -- >> thanks, chuck. >> probably saw the news on the nbc washington app, amazon founder jeff bazos was the richest person in the world for a few hours. he's not anymore, though. fluctuations in the market had bazos and bill gates swapping that title yesterday. they each have a net worth of $90 billion. gates is officially the richest person at this hour. >> what's a few billion dollars among friends. >> with amazon's continued growth, bazos is poised to take over -- and amazon may be the first trillion dollar company. >>
6:56 am
here are four things to know early this morning. senate republicans fell short to repeal parts of the affordable care act. the "today" show will have more on that. >> fairfax county police are back at the trail where a woman was stabbed. they're looking for clues in the crime that happened yesterday morning at 7:00. megan mcgrath on the story. we're looking for updates on twitter and the nbc washington app. more than 50 people were hurt in a train crash out of barcelona. it happened during the morning rush hour there. no one was killed. don't forget to tune in or set your dvr for 7:30 tonight. doreen gentzler will host a tribute to jim vance. we'll look back at his life, legacy and the best moments of his nearly 50-year career here on nbc4. we'll see you tonight at 7:30. >> here's a look at your final weather. flash fl
6:57 am
temperatures in the low 830s. some of the rain lingers into your saturday. we start to see things cleerk out. the mid to low 70s tomorrow. next week, though, looks really good. it's not a good week. that is the news for today. starting monday, we're working for you even earlier. news 4 will be live on the air starting at 4:00 a.m. >> if you have to be up early, really early, we'll be with you. we'll bring you what you need to know of before you leave home. the "day" showto
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight, death plow. the senate rejects a last-ditch repeal of obamacare. john mccain breaking ranks to cast the decisive no-vote. >> it's time to turn the page. >> this morning, the angry response from the president. war in the west wing. nasty battles raging inside the white house. communications director, anthony scaramucci going on a profanity


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