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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 29, 2017 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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team 4. >> we're starting off with washed out roads, cars stranded and a lot of water. storm team 4 tracking a soggy saturday. we're just getting started. >> you felt the first blast, another one coming our way. it's weather alert. timing means everything as you plan out your weekend. >> we welcome you in on this saturday. david culver in alongside my friend mollette green. >> it's a wet one today. lots doing on on the roadways. could be tricky for you. meteorologist lauryn ricketts in storm team 4 with the latest on what we can expect. what's doing on out there. >> we continue to see rain showers possibly moving through our area as we go through the remainder of the day. we are doigoing to be looking a rain showers in west virginia. let's go to our maps. we still have flash flood watches up, warnings up, a few isolated showers. shenandoah valley through the frederick co
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this is the last puzzle piece to move through our area before we finally see an end. heavy rain falling over the last five hours in eastern parts of west virginia. eventually that will move through our area and could bring rain showers with it. i'm going to keep equal chances for rain showers today at least through noon. only a little important rain to add to the problems that we're already seeing out there. we're going to talk about those problems, talk about flash flood warnings and talk about sunshine all coming up in a few minutes. >> looking forward to the latter part. thanks, lauryn. if you're heading out of the house, hear it all the time. take it slow on the roads. a number of spots we're monitoring where flooding closed the streets. >> derrick ward seeing it all, live in montgomery county with a look at what it's like there. hey, derrick. >> we are here along peach drive off east-west hyper. technically it's closed and you can see why,bl
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this is a delivery vehicle that didn't quite make it to its destination. see crime scene tape. that car is wet inside. that gives you a sense of how high the water is in the area and why it has been closed for some time. the water has quickly receded. as you take a look on the other side, you can see that's a soccer field over there. it's still a pretty good amount of water here. again, if we're expecting more showers later, i think we can expect to see this probably become a problem again. rock creek runs just beyond the tree line over there. so earlier today we were down farther along the creek and you could see where all this water was coming from. but again, picturesque but you obviously don't want to wade through that right now. if you see standing water you don't want to ride. one thing you want to do is whistle the aendy griffith them. shee what we've got. two skips off the rock. hopefully more rain and we may have more rock skipping going
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on. live in rock creek park, derrick ward, news 4. i'm doing to say at least three next time. that heavy rain forcing people out of their homes. all that heavy water causing a became wall to collapse. d.c. fire officials they tweeted out the photos you're looking at there. the building obviously not safe to go back into. while no one got hurt the red cross is trying to help find people that lived there a dry place to live. yesterday rain pouring down flooded rerps caused several people to push cars to get out of that high water. first responders say you should never drive through standing water. in wheaton campers at brookside nature center had to find some other plans when a creek swelled over its banks. >> mollette, you'd think you'd be good inside
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>> you'd think. >> water started to come from the roof. a group trying to block a controversial project in prince william county today. the alliance is upset over plans to put up volt anage 50i power lines. maybe people in the area are descendants of freed slaves who bought properties in the 1800s. they fear the new power lines will affect private use of the land. the protest outside dominion energy's utility building on centreville road in herndon. turning to politics and a shake-up, major one one atmosphere that. a major one at that. the white house. chief of staff reipr
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>> following a rant by new white house communications director anthony scaramucci. a reaction to the change abruptly announced on twitter. >> reporter: reince priebus is officially out as president trump's chief of staff. nbc news confirming priebus submitted his resignation thursday. a source close to priebus said he's had enough. president trump announced on twitter naming homeland security general john kelly as replacement. in a series of tweets, the president said of kelly, he's a great american, a great leader, star of my administration. >> general kelly has been a star, done an incredible job thus far, respected by everybody. a great, great american. >> of priebus the president tweeted, we accomplished a lot together and i am proud of him. afterward priebus continuing to support the president in an interview on cnn. >> i think it's smart for him to pick general kelly, and i think that things are going to be run very well.
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with the president's inner circle. the move comes after days of escalating tension in the west wing and speculation of a shake-up after newly hired communications director anthony scaramucci slammed priebus in a profanity laden tirade making front page headlines. the white house said the change had been in the works for two weeks and had nothing to do with scaramucci. general kelly is set to begin his new post on monday. of course, this new appointment leaving a gaping hole in the president's administration. he will have to appoint a new secretary to take over secretary of homeland security. of course that appointment will have to be confirmed by the u.s. senate which is set to go on recess in two weeks. in washington, blaine alexander, nbc news. while political drama around here is seemingly unending, you might think we have a break from presidential campaigning. you'd think. think again. nearly 1200 days before 2020, john delaney said he's going to be candidate.
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commander in chief to boost the economy and open up opportunity. delaney is considered a moderate. a former banker and one of the richest members in the house. he slammed trump administration for destructive partisanship. delaney currently represents western maryland and parts of frederick and montgomery counties. he's not expected to run for re-election next year. political news out of prince george's county. the state's attorney planning to run for county executive. she plans to formally announce her bid on monday in camp springs. she'll join a democratic field that includes state senator anthony muse, husband of news anchor pat lawson muse. county executive baker can't run again because of term limits. he's running for governor pence. a live look at storm team 4 radar. look at that. all that greenspan headed our way. lauryn ricketts interpreting this giving
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prince william county police on the lookout for a man they say tried to abduct a young girl. they say just before 4:00 a man came up to a 10-year-old girl while she was walking her dog on heather glen court in woodbridge. the girl told police the man grabbed her arm. that's when the dog bit the man, he ran away. the girl was not hurt. >> water seems to be the theme around here but after months of repairs one place is opening nice and dry. talking about the little falls library. that's in bethesda. back in december, a water pipe broke and it fried heating, trillion systems. that's been replaced. it's officially set to open back up at 10:00 this morning. next month the
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will cut a ribbon for that renovated library. take you outside, can you see the lens with drops on it. wipe it clear for you. dreary start. the end of the rain is in start. we've got laury helpingn
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. if you were up about 20 minutes ago, a little bit of sunshine in northwe.c
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winds are picking up. it's doing to be a breezy day. maybe not the best pool day. maybe make some plans to head to the movie theater. that might be more on your activity list for today. cool conditions, average temperature upper 80s, 70s today. we do have 80s and 90s on the forecast, that ten-day forecast with a lot of sunshine. we'll let you know when you can finally see sun in just about four minutes. >> see you then. our beloved jim vance honored with another prestigious award. he received the award here in d.c. last night. for outstanding service to journalism and this community. vance died a few weeks ago after a short battle with cancer. our news director accepted the award on vance's behalf. also recognized at that ceremony, the parents of a d.c. journalist who was shot and killed. >>
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several years ago. whoever pulled the trigger, never been caught. news 4's jackie bensen reports. >> reporter: recognized with a stand ovation at the national press club's journal award, the parents of charnice milton, a reporter for capital community news was shot and killed the night of may 27th, 2015, as she waited for a bus on good hope southeast. she was returning home from recovering a community meeting for capital community news. the parents said the police told them the intended target of the shooting grabbed her and used her for a human shield. >> never had a chance to make those big by lines, working and waiting for the break when she was tragically taken away from us. >> reporter: police released these atv riders as persons of
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despite wide dissemination of those images, no arrests have been made. milton's parents expressed gratitude at the national press club saying it keeps her memory alive. >> i was very excited that her piers recognized her strength and her commitment to the community and how important she was to washington, d.c., and to the world. >> i know in my heart that she really would have gone so much further. she had it in her. it hurts my heart to think she won't be there. >> reporter: a further tribute to milton is under way, a bookstore to be named for her that would be the first of its kind east of the anacostia river. at the national press club jackie bensen, news 4. >> 8:16, can you believe it, already nearing the start of school. >> time. i'ea
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class. i'm ready. >> it also means time for backpacks 4 kids campaign. it happens every year. >> i do love this. it's our annual campaign. it helps to give local students in need a great start out of the gate to a brand-new school year. news 4's prince george county bureau tracee wilkins live at the event. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're out here at the town center. we'll be here until 3:00 p.m. we want to you come out and join us. don't just come by and say hi. come with checks, money, new school supplies, new backpacks. we want all of this for our kids. let me take you back to last school year when we were helping pass these out in prince george's county. you should have seen these faces. actually you can see their faces when we were giving these backpacks you all made possible. nothing like starting the school year with new school supplies and all the materials you need. so manyid
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happen. nbc 4 washington we've been doing this for years, ensuring our kids have the education they deserve, having supplies they need for a fresh start every year. here is the information they need. here at woodmore in glennarden, 3:00 p.m. ready to take your donations. come by and say hi to us as well. we're here in prince george's county until 3:00 p.m. woodmore town center. if you're wondering where we are, jcpenney behind me. to my right is the market cafe entrance over here so you have an idea of exactly where we are. so come by, say hi, bring your money, bring checks, bring school supplies, bring band new backpacks for our kids so they can have a great school year. >> that is a great location for people to come out. >> it is. storm team 4 -- >> lots of room to
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>> perfect. >> everything there. go hang out with tracie. good to have you on saturday. thanks. at least in her shot it looked dry. >> her hair was holding. >> doing great. always about the hair. >> you see mark segraves taping a package yesterday and raining sheets behind him. >> not through it yet. >> i was just talking to people about this. this rain over west virginia that should be moving through our area is trying to get through and moving slow. it may just skirt to the south of us. that's really something we should watch. >> a flood warning for maryland. >> they have had a couple of flood warnings up that way. that was mainly stemmed from what we saw from yesterday. that rain still continues to build up through those rivers. i'm not sure specifically what river that is for. we'll show you. it's going to pop up in my weather cast. let's show you and get started. we still have a weather alert through this morning. we've got a few showers out there. we could have a little more rain moving through as we tip
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the day. hopefully not that much. just a little bit is really going to wreak havoc on us because we had so much rain yesterday. maryfield neartisoand most of my county got rain. good news, some calm on the way. a little chilly for july saturday morning. now, what we're seeing here in nein green, those are flood warnings. again, yes, mollette was right. we do have one that popped up in northern anne arundel county. one for mainly rivers and streams at flood stage. some receded a bit. everybody in this flash flood watch. darker green. look, all these started to pop up in west virginia. that's when the last little piece of energy that is really trying to make it through our area. it has brought a few showers into our region mainly through hagerstown and areas west. an area of low pressure
8:21 am
going to slowly pivot down through virginia taking some rain with it. this thing has not moved for five hours. hence, why they have flood warnings up that way. we will continue to see some rain possibly move through our area. what i'm concerned with, if this just stays on the back side of it, it may just miss us and may stay to the west and south of us. that's going to be something we're watching as we do through the morning. some of our models are predicting some of this rain will, in fact, scoot through our area. we can see upwards of an inch in isolated spots. by tonight we're clearing out. after 4:00, 5:00 we'll be dry. if you've got things to do, concerts, want to get out on the town, your house saturday night looking good. sunday looking gorgeous with temperatures in the mid-80s and low humidity. sunday is going to be absolutely beautiful. today's forecast mid-70s, intermittent rain showers, breezy. northwest winds 10 to 2
8:22 am
double-header tomorrow. it's still going to be a little soggy out there. at least we'll be dry by the first pitch. dry through the day with temperatures in the mid-80s and just wonderful conditions. so again we have a few showers early this morning. it is still weather alert day. temperatures in the mid-70s. some areas may not get out of the 60s. then we get into the mid-80s for tomorrow. look at this stretch of weather we have. nice conditions headed our way. 90s tuesday, wednesday, thursday, humidity, stos rermtu
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's. my stomach is growling just looking at this. if you're looking for something to warm you up, a chicken wing or maybe a dozen of them. i capital stop at one. national chicken wing day. >> make it happen. >> began 40 years ago in buffalo, new york, when the is it it's -- the city's mayor claimed it at a holiday. the city lays claim as the birth place of the chicken wing where they are also known as buffalo wings. can you snag deals at spots like buffalo wild wings and hooters. >> blue cheese dipping. writes the order. not only do we celebrate chicken wings but turns out it's national lipstick day. can you snag a free lipstick, too -- yes, free, at
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we're not talking about tiny samples you sometimes get, the company is handing out full-sized lipsticks and there's no catch. no catch. headed over. so cool. the beautiful wings sauce on the lipstick. >> is that a good combo? >> it could be. we could make that happen. >> if i watched people walking and texting looking down at their screen as they are maybe crossing a busy road, kind of makes me uneasy seeing that. that's about to be illegal in a major tourist destination. >> honolulu, hawaii's mayor signed a bill this week with one message, don't walk and cross. the measure bans cell phones and electronic devices while crossing the street. it carries a fine between $15 and $35. the new law takes in effect in october.
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get used to this. soaked roads, heavy downpours, and a wet saturday ahead for you, folks. >>
8:30 am
storm team 4 tracking the flooding out there. the concerns and showers that are headed our way. >> a lot of folks have buckets set up in houses. leaks happening all over. look here. rainfall we've had some leaking. >> we're glad you with us. i'm david culver alongside mollette green. >> thanks for having me here this saturday. angie goff has the day off this saturday morning. let's see what's coming our way, storm team 4 meteorologist rg lauryn ricketts what are you up to? >> keeping a chance of rain in our region through at least the middle part of the day. i do believe we'll dry out. right now temperatures a cool 72 under plenty of clouds. it is doing to get breezy. north winds 10 to 20 miles an hour.
8:31 am
afternoon. maybe dealing with a few showers early this morning. you can see having a few showers by the hagerstown area and scooted through frederick and winchester earlier. really what we're watching is, again, out to the west, an area of low pressure will continue to sink to the showers and bring some rain into our area. it has not budged in several hours. more than five hours. again, we're going to track that rain coming through our area for later on today, let you know what you can expect in your neighborhood coming up. >> lauryn, thank you so much. you will likely notice a lot of first responders out there on the roads this morning. they have been working overnight to get to emergency situations like standing water, trees that have come down, power outages as well. in prince george's county fire crews added extra staff to help with weather related problems. in montgomery county a creek flooded near beach drive. even in the district some problems. some people left in the dark after power lines
8:32 am
this morning the united nations working on a tougher resolution against north korea, this follows the second test launch of intercontinental ballistic missile this month. the latest missile landed within 230 miles of japan's coast. u.s. and south korea responded within hours this morning with its own missile test launch on the south korean coast. they say it was powerful enough to reach most of the u.s. north korea not the only issue. growing tension. the white house now saying president trump intends to sign a bill imposing new sanctions on russia. >> moscow is hitting back, seizing u.s. diplomatic properties. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel has more. >> reporter: from above, it hardly looks like a place to be at the center of a diplomatic row between washington and the kremlin but the russian
8:33 am
government says its seizing this unassuming retreat from american diplomats and a storage facility the embassy uses. the american country house outside moscow is now gated shut. over the next month and a half russia says it will be sending hundreds of americans home, putting the cap on the number of americans who can serve in this country at 455. the exact number of russian diplomats who serve in the u.s. it's russia's punishment for sanctions passed overwhelmingly by congress. >> the united states of america needs to send a strong message to vladimir putin and any other aggressor that we will not tolerate attacks on our democracy. >> reporter: it's also a delayed retaliation for similar seizures and expulsions by president obama last year, his response to russia's election meddling. back then, on the eve of president trump's nomination, putin didn't
8:34 am
now russian officials from the foreign relations committee increasingly call trump weak and ineffective. >> seems to me personally from time to time, he's really a prisoner of the white house. >> reporter: u.s. embassy said it's been informed about the loss of its house and personnel cap and registered a complaint. richard engel, nbc news, moscow. thank you. closer to home, he hit a man with his police cruiser, got convicted but won't serve any time in prison. show you the dash-cam video from last summer. prince george's county police officer followed a suspect into a field. watch this, slammed into his with his cruiser. this looks really bad, but the suspect didn't get hurt too badly. he could have gotten ten years in prison. instead, here is what he got, a suspend to do jail sentence of two years yesterday meaning he's not going to go behind bars. instead he'll have to serve two years of probation plus 100
8:35 am
>> should not define the work this man has done throughout his career and throughout his life. >> he's been suspended since the incident. prin prince george's county police are going to say if he gets to keep hess job after the investigation. an offensive shirt raising eyebrows this morning. the group law for black lives filing complaints after it saw an officer wearing this shirt in court. the website tweeted out yesterday. according to defamation league the symbol you see is used by white supremacist groups. responded and said the shirt was disgraceful and does not represent the department. at 26 years old he survived a deployment to iraq. then when he returned home to arlington, a seemingly random shooting took his life. now his family is donating the
8:36 am
are you ward money they raised in his case to help other victims' family members find healing. >> a check presentation without much smiling. when lydia robertson's family raised this money 11 years ago, they hoped they would be handing the check off in exchange for some sense of closure. they wanted desperately for it to lead them to her little brother paul zeller's killer. >> i always think about the senselessness of what happened, the frustration of not knowing why. >> reporter: why did someone target paul in the early morning of july 30th, 2006. here is what we know. the 26-year-old iraq war veteran finished work in maryland that night. he took metro back to pentagon city, stopped into harris teeter. store cameras record him leaving. >> reporter: after leaving harris teeter, her brother had cigarettes and mountain dew he just bought. he was walking along this path, along pentagon row. continuing up a few steps from where we are. up ahead at the world market, that's where shots rung out.
8:37 am
the bullet shattering the glass storefront. paul, killed. the motive? that's what bothers detectives to this day. it wasn't robbery, nothing was taken from him. >> we never identified anything in his background that would lead him to be the victim of a crime or target of a cream. >> even a decade deep, this family not giving up finding paul's killer. >> if it doesn't help him, maybe it can help another family and solve something tragic that's happened to another family. >> which brings us back to that giant check donated to arlington county crime solvers. >> remembering what happened with paul. >> while painful, paul's family figures if they have to keep waiting to find his killer, it doesn't mean another victim's family shouldn't find healing. very nice. well, moving on, if you blan to take metro this weekend, there are some changes you should know about. on the red line, bethesda and
8:38 am
on the yellow line, no service between reagan national and d.c. to get in and out of the city, take the blue line and transfer at the plaza. >> got some option there's. >> right. >> you know how it's pretty noticeable the folks that didn't listen to lauryn's forecast. they will be outside no coat, no umbrella, soaked from head it toe. we don't want you to be that one. we want you to be the ones prepared. lauryn will help us prepare for saturday and the week ahead that's coming up.
8:39 am
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this morning the world is remembering baby charlie gard following a tragic end to a fierce legal battle. the critically ill british baby passed away yesterday exactly one week before what would have been his first birthday. his parents fought to bring him to the u.s.
8:41 am
treatment but an mri showed that it was just too late. charlie had irreversible brain damage. a judge ruled he being taken off life support system and transferred to hospice. charlie's parents, however, had wished for him to pass away at home. >> so sad. shifting gears quite literally. tesla's newest and cheaper electric car already hitting the road. the first 30 of the model 3 cars were handed out to employees yesterday, so the new tesla car, you think it's out of your price range, think again. it starts at $25,000 and can go 220 miles on a single charge. >> you could do that. >> it's smaller than other versions, a little more affordable as well. there are more than a half million reservation. 100,000 already reserved. many drivers aren't likely to get their until the end of 2018. got to wait a little
8:42 am
driving in the rain this morning. we've got numbers in from dominion virginia power. many in the dark. we'll keep you posted on that. keep four handy things in your planning today when you head out, the rain boots, the umbrella, the jacket, and storm team 4 lauryn is keeping track of this rain. so you can be ready when you head out.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
well, maybe you're working on getting that fitness fit in for today. looks like this afternoon looking a lot better than this morning. although, it is going to be cool out there if you want to exercise outdoors and a little rain didn't hurt anybody. a lot of rain does. could we see more tacked onto flash flood warpgs we havnings ? we'll let you know what to expect in a few minutes. >> all this rain brings back memories of this, a devastating flood. this happened one year ago in maryland, ellicott, maryland, devastated historic district there. also claimed two lives. more than 170 cars looking like that, destroyed. that's not to mention all the businesses severely damaged. now those businesses back up and running this week. 18 million was dedicated so as to prevent future flooding
8:46 am
to a story that just warms your heart. a terminally ill woman from beltsville finally back home in maryland after getting sick and stuck in alaska for nearly three months. >> news 4's chris gordon reports this is strangers up in alaska who heard her story. >> they did it. they came through for me. for a while i wasn't sure if it would come about. >> i spoke with nancy greathouse and her husband paul april nursing rehab facility. they have a message for the people in alaska who donated more than $60,000 to their go fund me page to pay for the special medical charter flight home. >> i want to thank them for everything they did. it's a miracle that i made it here, and i'm so happy. i miss them but i'd rather be here. >> after all you've been
8:47 am
to ever travel again? >> my one son is getting married in vermont, so i would like to go up there. >> are you at all nervous about traveling? >> no. >> even after all you've been through? >> well, sometimes that's an experience. i guess the only thing i regret is not buying that travel insurance, which would have got us home a whole lot sooner. but then again, i would never have met the people. >> reporter: as a retired teacher i asked her if there was a lesson in all she's been there. she said, yes, always believe and never give up. chris gordon, news 4. >> people with good stories this morning. that one checks the box for sure. another good story. our community working for
8:48 am
>> a great start to a school year. news 4's tracee wilkins, our prince george's county bureau chief back with us for the event. what's going on? >> reporter: mollette, we want people to come down here and give us their money so we can give it to these kids and help pack backpacks and get kids off to a good start for the school year. for a good start we depend on you. we stock with items you bring us. bring us brand-new school supplies, brand-new backpacks and help us to get these backpacks stuffed and ready to go for the kids so they can have a good school year. there are thousands of kids in the area who cannot afford to have the supplies they need to get the education they deserve. we're trying to help them, and we need your help to do it. take you back to last year. prince george's county handing out backpack
8:49 am
at the beginning of this, it starts with donation frs our viewers and you do a great job every year. we're dodging raindrops because we want to make sure you join us. here is what you need to know. we're at the woodmore town center until 3:00 p.m. today. we're over in the parking lot between whit manslaughter's and jcpenneys. not only are we out here to take collections, we also have good stuff for you. you can get one of these working for you shopping bag before you go shopping. we have a lot of good stuff for you, other goodies you can enjoy as well. we do have somebody coming out with us. thank you so much. hi, what's your name? >> toni levy. >> thank you for coming out. we really appreciate it. donations starting to pour in. we'll be out here until 3:00 p.m. at the woodmore town center. please join us. >> they have to come out and meet you. under the circumstances right to the point, give us
8:50 am
thank you toni for us and thanks, tracie for being with us on saturday. the shot not looking too bad right now. >> she said she was dodging rain showers, a few isolated ones for the area. more to be expected but confidence is lowering in terms of how much rain we're exactly doing to see. a lot of this rain over in west virginia has slowed down quite a bit. that's the rain that's doing to move through the area. let's go ahead and show you what we've gotten so far. my goodness, d.c. and baltimore reached daily totals in terms of record rainfall yesterday. just under 3 inches in d.c. gaithersburg up 5 inches, out in shenandoah valley well over 2 inches. this was yesterday's rainfall. of course flooding with some areas that received several inches of rain like that. a few showers coming through hagerstown right now. heaviest rain sets off to the west, into eastern portions of west virginia, where an area of low pressure is kind of hanging out.
8:51 am
to the south and east and roll right through our area bringing rain showers wit. keepi -- with it. keeping a chance of rain showers today. we have a flash flood watch. that's the area in green for everybody. the neon green, those are flood warnings popping up. one popped up martinsburg and berkeley springs and also a few anne arundel county, racetrack road, upper marlboro flooded at this point. a lot of flooding around the region. it is cool out there. '60s and '70s. cloudy, outdoor, breezy as well. p.m. concerts look fine. you can see rain showers continue through here through the morning. some could be heavy. maybe an inch in some spots but mostly less than that. even a little amount of rain is going to as i said wreak havoc on us because we could have more flooding with just a little bit of rain. today's forecast temperatu i
8:52 am
breezy and much cooler. them tomorrow's forecast looking a lot better with plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the mid-80s and low humidity we.'v ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪
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>> they served our country algsz men, now women's veterans without a home need your help this weekend. >> want to chip in? there's a fun way you and your family can help
8:55 am
for months final salute, more than 10 million have served in the war. they deal with same things men deal with, ptsd to disabilityie, facing a lacking in certain job skills. they also have additional battles they face, big challenges, things like military sexual trauma and limited veteran programs to them. most of those are only open to men. of the women who are divorced or separated, most of them have custody of their children. as with many construction projects, the repairs have not gone as planned. in may we told you about an online fundraiser that gave the nonprofit a boost, but construction keeps hitting road blocks. >> the permitting process has presented some challenges some
8:56 am
didn't definitely envision, so we appreciate support working through those challenges. we appreciate what fairfax county has done. we help if there's anything additional they can do to speed up the process they will take that into consideration. >> final salute has a new plan to raise awareness so as to make the home a reality. >> on sunday, we're having our first annual parks event, a picnic at lake fairfax park. there will be food served. there will be bouncy houses, face painting, cornhole, basketball games. so it's a really family oriented event. it's just for you to come and have fun and, again, meet the area veterans and their children. >> that fundraising event happening sunday from noon to 5:00 at lake fairfax. pets are welcome. it looks like they will get a break in rain as well. if you're interested, want tickets, they are available at final salutes website. you weren't to learn more go to our website, nbc washington or search final salute. >>
8:57 am
it's dark and gloomy out there. more rain on the way as well. lauryn is tracking those showers and how soon your front yard might start to dry out. >> local waterways, high and low fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have.
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all right. we are tracking wet weather out there. don't be deceived by what you see behind us. it's clearing right now. folks dealing with roads washed out, cars stranded, a whole lot of water. we've got storm team 4 tracking a soggy saturday. this is just getting started, folks. >> look at that radar there. felt the first blast. now we've got the next one coming our way. it's a weather alert day and timing means everything as you plan out what you're doing to do this day. >> one of the things you do this day, take you outside for a live look. hope you can make a difference for backpacks 4 kids annual campaign the easy way. you can help some students this year set up for success. they need it. if anything, go out there and hang out with tracee wilkins. she's quite the one out there wants todd your money.


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