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tv   News4 Today at 5  WRC  July 31, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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jack taylor is keeping a close watch on your commute. we'll begin with chuck bell and sheena parveen and a nice sunny stretch ahead. there's nothing to complain about in the weather department the next couple of days. it's really, really comfortable out here this morning. >> it is. i'm comfortably cool. you don't need a jacket but you can wear a jacket. and you wouldn't be hot. >> i think that's true. people would think you're crazy. >> not too crazy. it's nice out. >> 59 degrees. winchester. in the district, clinton 58 degrees. now your monday commute, you know i did not -- >> i think i picked the wrong picture for that. or i was just trying to fool you. it's not going to rain today. >> this morning, you can put the windows down. this is
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great day to do that. >> speaking of your monday commute, let's head over to jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> this is when the children threw the water balloon at the car. >> colesville road, had the crash, blocking the left lane and a tow truck is on scene. hopefully, this will be cleared quickly. the beltway has been relatively quiet. nothing at this point to slow you down at all. been pretty decent. 29 headed northbound. we do have that work blocking the single right lane. it's northbound. causing a slowdown southbound. gotten down to silver spring. back to you. >> jack, thank you. 5:01 now. three members of a loudoun county family has disappeared. the loudoun county sheriff's department say courtney ash was leaving someone's home on saturday night. she was supposed to bring her son and a cousin to a relative's home in leesburg but they never
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blue ford taurus with virginia tags, vuv 9844. it's not unusual to hear about a shooting in the district. but this morning police are raising concerns after ten people were shot in less than less than 24 hours. >> two people died in separate incidents. d.c.'s police chief took to twitter to say he's disheartened by the senseless shootings. >> justin finch joins us with a look at how police are saying you might be able to stop this violence. justin? >> eun, good morning. d.c. police want the public to speak up. they also plan to exhaust their resources, too. looking now at this map, you'll see the shootings were spread across the district. police were -- these investigations here. a place northeast. that's where a man was found shot before 8:00 p.m. sunday on the
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18th place and c street northeast that second man was found shot. both men were conscious and breathing at the time. hours before, police were at another scene. the 4400 block of coral street northeast. the male victim in that case was found dead in the yard of an apartment complex about 3:00 p.m. on sunday. police say they're working to close each of these cases. in this sudden spurt of summer violence. >> in this instance, we have a standpoint of predicting or preventing many of them. unfortunately, as well as his life as a result of this. >> the police chief reminding the public that any tips that lead to the arrest and seizure of the illegal weapons can mean a $2500 cash reward for the
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headquarters, justin finch. news 4. back into the studio. >> leesburg police will try to calm parents' nerves after an attempted abduction. officers will attend an hoa meeting to answer any questions about this incident. last week police say a woman tried to convince a 9-year-old girl to get into her car in the area of -- of drive. she told her mom what happened. there was also an attempted kidnapping last week in woodbridge. a pastor who stole money from a maryland church is set to be sentenced this morning. mattingly served in leonard town for more than 15 years. in may he pleaded guilty to depositing charitable checks into his own account. he took more than 500 checks written by parishioners and put that money into his retirement fund. it totaled at least $76,000. in
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sentenced to home detention. john kelly will be sworn in as chief of staff later this morning. homeland security secretakcreta replaces reince priebus who was oust last week. he hopes to bring order to the west wing staff. this is because president putin is ordering the u.s. to cut hundreds of diplomatic staff in the country. this is in response to sanctions by congress last week. the state department calls russia's decision a regrettable and uncalled for act. also escalating this morning, tensions between the u.s. and north korea. this is due to the north's latest missile test that was last week. president trump spoke with japanese prime minister shinzo abe overnight. abe told reporters that trump pledged to quote, take all necessary measures to protect japan. developing now, investigators in los angeles are trying toig
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driver who plowed into a crowd did it on purpose. look at the scene here. this happened at a busy intersection. half a dozen are recovering. four were taken to the hospital and two were treated on the scene. the driver did stay on scene as well. six minutes after the hour. prince george's county state's attorney will formally announce she's running for county executive. it will take place in camp springs. she will join a field including anthony muse, the husband of pat lawson muse. rushern baker can't run because of term limits, but he is running for governor. the race for president may be stlee yeathree years away, be from our area is jumping in. delaney took to the post to say why he thinks he should be the next president. he represents the s
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counties. he's optimistic about awe a future where responsible business businesses work with our government to lead the world not only in growth. the incredible shrinking airplane seats. as americans get bigger, the size of the seats on board commercial aircrafts are steadily shrinking. >> they're telling the faa to take another look into the matter. molette green is live at reagan national airport at why it's not just a matter of comfort anymore. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i spoke to a couple in line here. they're ready to fly out of the country to celebrate their 24 years of marriage. other couples and other people in line tell me they're going out of town for work. the question on their minds this morning, is there a safety issue as many people learn about this
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the faa to look again at its policies over seat size. a passenger rights group says seats bunched too closely together slow down folks in the case of an emergency evacuation, even raising concerns about the dangers of travelers developing blood clots. objections from the airline industry, as you might imagine are saying the seats are just fine meeting every safety standard and everything is a-okay. >> ridiculous that prices keep rising and the seats keep getting smaller. >> bigger, now. get them bigger. they're too small. not good for your tushy. >> reporter: this ruling does not force the faa to come up with some minimum guide liechbllines. but it forces them to explain why size does not impact safety. that is the latestiv
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back to you guys. >> molette, thank you. it's called the oscars for the d.c. area food scene. >> the ramie awards. this year, nbc4 was the official public voting partner. once again, i presented at the washington convention center. such a great party. pearl dive oyster palate won -- the pearl dive people won -- other big winners from last night. hazel's for best new restaurant. tarver came from the restaurant. chef of year. cedric. very french. he's the chef at con viv i can't. check out the nbc washington app and my facebook page. >> i haven't been to any of the restaurants. >> there's a long list of places to try. i'm going to get you to some of these places. you know fast food
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healthy but there could be another danger at the drive through. new concerns about what's hidden in the packaging and how lawmakers are getting involved. inmate escape, the rush to capture a dozen prisoners and put them back behind bars. good morning everybody. beautiful day outside today. current temperatures in the 350s and 60s. it will be a great night for going out to dinner. if you haven't been to pearl dive, top notch recommendations for em. th
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after a rainout, we've earned nice weather. a beautiful way to get your day started. low humidity hanging around for a couple of days. heck, we should be dry most of the week. next real good chance for rain as we head into friday and saturday. sheena will put it into the forecast coming right up. legion bridge, traffic center said it is one broken down roadway on the far right side. state highway is aware. the beltway on the crash on the inner loop of the beltway has been blocking the lane. nothing left to look at. topside is fine. on the outer loop, from 95 to georgia
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back to you. on the run now after a mass jail break. let's check in with angie goff at the live desk with the latest on the breaking news. angie. >> want to keep you updated. new video of one of the ten iber inmates caught. two by the way on the run. take a look. you can see right there. with a man in custody after that jail break in jasper, alabama. one of the guys on the roof by the way. serving time for attempted murder. police now want people in the area to stay inside and turn on all the outdoor lights. as for the manhunt, it does continue this hour. investigators still trying to figure out how the inmates were able to escape in the first place. aaron. >> angie, thank you. it's 5:14 right now. intense security in australia after a plot to bring down an airliner was discovered. airports on high alert. more police officers in place. there are also stringent screening measures all around the country. australian papers say the plot involved killing people on a
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gas. they did not charge them. the majority of the rides at the ohio state fair will be back up an running today. it follows the deadly accident on the fireball ride. 18-year-old tyler jerrell was killed when the ride broke apart in midair. the fireball ride will remain closed as investigators try to figure out what went wrong. there is a focus on the safety of your food right now. in particular fast food. chuck schumer is calling for a formal investigation into fast food packaging and the chemicals in them. >> we're learning more and more and more about harmful things in our food that yields illnesses and other things like that. we have to do this. >> schumer wants answers about the health
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they want dentists to do more than just look at children's teeth. there is a call for them to screen kids for signs of abuse or neglect. studies show that injuries or infections in and around the mouth could mean that a child has been mistreated. it includes things such as bruises on the lips and gums. burns from hot liquids or fractures. the next time you head to the doctor, you might want to ask them to wipe down the stethoscope. health care workers rarely disinfect their instruments between patients. that can cause the increased risk of an infection because those instruments could spread staph or resistant bacteria. power is still out on the outer banks. the governor has declared a state of emergency. last week construction crews working on a new bridge cut all three cables that supply
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will be restored. this is what main street in ellicott city looked like a year ago. do you remember the cars a year ago. now take a look at main street. they're determined to rebuild. one year after that tragedy, city leaders are focused on preventing future floods. getting $18 million in funding devoted to new flood mitigation projects. >> we told you about the international tree climbing championship last week. >> i like it. good old-fashioned tree climbing. >> it's in our own backyard. the contest was at the national arboretum in d.c. that's a beautiful place to be and gorgeous weather yesterday. competitors from 18 different countries took part in five events. skill, safety and speed. it also raised awareness
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how important trees are to the environment. keeps our air clean. >> i didn't see too much. beautiful day. >> it's going to continue. so that's the good news. >> we're happy about that. after the rain friday, we have good news for your monday. really, this is going to stick around for a while. comfortable start. eun, i know you said it's not chilly. but it's a little cool. i think you could get away with a light jacket. i really do. not later on today. dry stretch for most of the week. sun will be around. temperatures will be around 90 after we go through today. it will feel like fall over the weekend at some points during the day to feeling like summer. 50s on the map. 59 winchester. 67 degrees in the district. 58 degrees in many of our
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you could call that comfortably cool. forecast for today. plenty of sunshine. the kids will need the sunscreen. get a sunburn in 10 to 15 minutes. 85 degrees by 2:00 p.m. the humidity stays low. that will be comfortable. 4:00 p.m. i call it pretty perfect. still mid 80s. nice and dry right now. big area of high pressure near the great lakes. that's going to keep us dry. tomorrow, wednesday, thursday. next chance of rain won't be until later on friday. beach forecast for the week. if you're already planning your week, friday looks pretty good. 81 degrees. mostly dry with a chance of late showers or storms. saturday, unfortunately, we have the same setup where we expect rain the first half of your weekend and dry the second half of the weekend. we'll be watching that closely. saturday will be the next big chance of rain. sunny nice, low humidity. not too breezy. something comfortable if you want to
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p look at the rest of the week. not much going on in the weather department except buteautiful conditions. isolated shower, but then we go into friday. that's our next chance for some storms. mostly late in the day and then saturday it will be a little bit more widespread across the area. coming up, a look at the extended forecast. that's coming up in a bit. let's check the roads for the monday morning commute. good morning, jack. >> sheena, good morning. a broken down vehicle along the far right side of the roadway. authorities are going to remove the vehicle. iverson street and southern avenue, reports of a vehicle fire. authorities should be headed there. also from the big storms over the weekend, 16th street and northwest still has debris removal between o and
5:21 am
around scott circle. no traffic moving on 16th street. the movement from top is -- they're checking it out as we start the morning rush hour. back to you. jack, thank you. he looked toward the sky and found a life changing lesson. the inspiring way a d.c. man is making a difference and helping students soar to success. bethesda's golden girl living up to her name. the major accomplishment from our local olympian and the lessons she hopes to learn for next time. >> ellen is talking to jesse ferguson and james cordon. look for a music from panic at the disco. that's today
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with her legs. bringing it home. >> all right. olympian katie ledecky is a world champion again. the swimmer capped off the world championship meet by claiming gold in the 800 meter freestyle in hungary. she got a silver medal in the 200. but she plans to take away lessons and move forward. she's always learning even though she's at the top of her game. the next summer olympics in tokyo. she's training for that already too. it is a first for washington nationals. retired player ivan rodriguez earned his place in the baseball hall of fame. better known as pudge. played 21 seasons in the majors. he spent his final two seasons with the nats. he's the first one who played for the nats. advice to kids playing baseball today, be
5:26 am
passion. >> words that ring true for anything in your life, right? >> very true. one d.c. man found that looking to the sky really helped him with everything in his life. >> rodney scott said two decades ago he was in trouble. his father was murdered, his mother addicted to crack and his life was headed in the wrong direction. that's when he met a bird who changed his life. he began training an injured eagle. he started to nurse him back to health without realizing what the bird was doing for him. now as a licensed falconer, he takes birds to d.c. schools and teaches kids about these majestic creatures. >> he's the first bird that i ever really worked with. from that moment, he was one of the greatest inspirations for me doing what i do now.
5:27 am
conservation and animal migration. now, he is the inspiration and he gets to share his message with so many people. three people missing and a growing mystery. the sudden disappearance and what you might spot to help bring them home. every mom knows it. it's not easy. working and raising kids. how the time adds up and what a new study says about dealing with the stress. it's very comfortable outside this morning. as you leave the house, you might want to put the windows down. comfortably cool. a fantasc day. chuctik
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right now, 5:33. members of the same family gone. the concerning disappearance and the clues that could help find a mother and two boys. >> white house shakeup. the big staff change taking effect today and the next challenge for president trump's presidency. >> are you working too hard? a lot of us could say yes to that. what a new study is uncovering about how exhausting it is to be a working mother and the best ways to ease all that stress. "news4 today" starts now. >> i'm exhausted on many, many levels. >> i can only imagine. 5:30 your time. go
5:31 am
i'm eun yang. we're in for a gorgeous start to your workweek. i feel great out there. jack taylor is watching your commute. we start with your forecast with chuck bell and sheena parveen. >> this is the type of weather where you want to sit outside and share with a blanket and a cup of hot coffee. >> i need a blanket? >> it is awfully nice out. >> a hot cup of coffee is a tempting idea. clear skies overhead. temperatures have cooled delightfully so. 60s in the suburbs. 59 in sterling, virginia. 58 in bull run.quantico. 67 by the bay in annapolis. just a lovely morning. full sunshine all day long. low humidity. temperatures today running about 3 or 4 degrees cooler than average. news you can use on the final day of july
5:32 am
jack taylor. enjoy this while we have it. in northwest, we had our trouble from the weekend storms along 16th streets between o and m. we had storm debris in the roadway. it remains closed while crews do the work. callers describe the broken down vehicle far right side mid span on the legion bridge. sounds like a broken down vehicle to forest hill road taking away a right lane. may have a trouble spot south of dunston cove road. dump truck and an suv -- one lane road each wachlt unfortunately, we may have closures north and south. more details coming up. it's 5:32. here are the top stories we're following.
5:33 am
a mother and three others were -- >> courtney ash was last seen leaving in ashburn on friday night. was supposed to reach the boys in leesburg. >> d.c.'s police chief is worried about a rash much senseless violence in the district. ten people were shot over the weekend. two people died. news 4's justin finch will be live coming to you to explain how you can help police stop the violence. >> president trump's new chief of staff will be sworn in today. secretary john kelly will take over for reince priebus who resigned last week. >> russia is responding to new sanctions approved by the u.s. congress. president vladimir putin is ordering the u.s. to cut hundreds of diplomatic staff in his country. breaking news. we have video of the deadly bombing in venezuela's controversial election. warning, this is
5:34 am
targeting police officers on their -- as many as a dozen people died that would allow nicolas maduro that would allow them to rewrite the constitution. replace the legislative body. maduro is claiming huge turnout in a vote that they say is rigged to favor him. meanwhile, the u.s. condemning this election. now back to you. angie, thank you. it is 5:34 right now. this morning, montgomery county police are trying to learn whether a rape suspect has other teenage victims. 21-year-old charles berry junior charged with raping a 13-year-old girl he met over social media. prosecutors say berry and the girl connected last year on instagram. in june, berry took the girl to a hotel in germantown. he found out about the encounter and
5:35 am
he contacted the girl on social media. yesterday morning firefighters received a call of a house fire on walnut street as they were putting out the fire, they found a man's body inside the home. investigators say the body was bit front door. neighbors say the man who lived in the home lived alone, kept to himself but was pretty active. >> if it was pouring down snow, he would walk to the food line. never bothered nobody. really good man. sad. >> investigators are now searching for the cause of that fire. advocates say it will save children's lives. there is a new push for back seat alarms in cars. the alarms would tell you if you left the child in that seat. you're looking at video from arizona where a baby died in a hot car over the weekend. that was one of two hot car deaths in that state. a new bill in the u.s. senate would require back seat alarms in all new
5:36 am
the bill would also streamline the criminal process in hot car death cases. today is a good day to talk about your family's safety out in the sun. it is national heat stroke prevention day. the national highway safety administration says there are several things you can do to prevent tragedy. place a purse or cell phone in the back seat. you can write a note to yourself and put that on the dashboard and, if possible, check in with someone else to make sure you dropped off your child. 98 hours. imagine that. that's how long a typical workweek lasts for a mom. that means downtime is limited but important. here's what moms do to relax according to a new survey by yahoo, drink a little wine or a lot. watch a little netflix. me time is an hour and 7 minutes a day. four out of ten moms say they feel like life
5:37 am
series of tasks. i mean, do you hear me? do you feel me on this one? >> i've watched you. i don't know how you do it. it blows my mind. >> this is a paper calendar thing. it keeps me on track. they have been a menace on our local streets and a big challenge for police. the new effort to create ate safe space for off-road vehicles that might cut down on the problem. customers sick and new legal problems for chipotle. how local diners are taking the restaunt to courtra
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welcome back. we've shown you the images of atv and dirt bike riders dangerously riding through our streets. they could get a legal and safe place to go off road. according to the "washington post." there could be a recreational riding park. prince william county, want to build it on land west of -- it would be the only off-road park -- you would have to become a member of the group. they have to approve the plan still. several of the people who beca s
5:41 am
chipotle -- they are suing the chain. they became sick after eating the at the location. the restaurant has been sanitized and has reopened. starting today, there is a new chief in charge. the first challenge for president trump's new chief of staff and the obstacles the administration is trying to overcome. as passengers fly out of town this morning, where are you flying? >> i'm flying to disney world. >> disney world and everywhere else. >> on the airplane, is the seat size an issue. >> i'm molette green, that story coming up. and this morning, we have nice clear skies. take a look at this picture outside a beautiful sunrise there. if you are flying like that woman was, conditions for that today. 67 degrees right now. comfortably cool. th
5:42 am
we'll talk about what you expect throughout the day today straight ahead. >> down in fort belvoir, route 1, two-lane stretch lane closures. between glenn run road. we may hav thee
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now at 5:45, a growing myste mystery. the unusual disappearance of a mother and two boys. the clues police hope you can connect. stopping the violence. ahead at 6:00, the growing concerns from d.c. police and the new call for action after a violent beweekend. are you feeling crowded? how a growing concern could lead to more leg room on your next flight. the white house starts the week under new management. >> homeland security secretary john kelly will be sworn in
5:46 am
chief of staff. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. what does the president hope kelly brings it the table? >> he's got a clear mission. to bring discipline and law and order to the west wing that has not had that to some degree. president trump wants to clamp down and stop the leaks and make sure that everyone is working towards his agenda. so he's literally bringing in one of his law and order cabinet members who would -- retired general john kelly to clamp things down on the west wing. >> tracie, does this mean the entire staff reports to kelly and not to the president? >> not necessarily. something that they're expected to find out today in addition to the cabinet meeting that's happening. there is a staff meeting we're told. kellyanne conway talked approximate that. they'll find out who reports to the president and who reports to kelly. he will clearly be t
5:47 am
charge under president trump of course. theel find that out today. >> interesting to see what comes out of that meeting. tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you. >> 5:47 now. today, president trump will award his first medal of honor as commander in chief. army medic james mcclowe an saved 12 people. he repeatedly entered the kill zone to pull his wounded comrades to safety in 1969. soldier is now 71 years old. today, senator john mccain will begin treatment for his brain tumor. his office says he will begin radiation and chemo therapy treatment at the mayo center in phoenix. it was discovered during surgery to remove a blood clot from above his left eye. certainly wishing him all the best. this morning a look into the size of your seat in the sky is under way. it's being called the case of the incredible shrinking airplane seat. >> as americans get bigger, the size of the seat
5:48 am
commercial aircraft is steadily shrinking. molette green joins us from the airport who is talking to passengers who say it's more than a matter of comfort. good morning. >> reporter: absolutely. good morning to you. i'm sitting here now with valerie and colleen getting ready to fly out to miami this morning. the question that i've been asking folks this morning as well, is it more comfortable to actually sit and wait in the airport than it is to actually sit on one of those seats in the plane? what do you say? >> i would say yes. >> reporter: yeah. going further beyond that, is there a question of safety? that's the issue and that is why a d.c. appeals court ordered the faa to take another look at this issue over its policies after an advocacy group successfully argued that size and safety are in fact linked. now the airline industry says the seats they meet all of the federal set
5:49 am
>> well, somebody my size, the width of the seat isn't much of an issue more than the leg space. >> as we see, more and more people being squeezed into the airplanes, we're now reaching a point where we don't think people can get out. >> reporter: now, this ruling does not force the faa to come up with some minimum seat size requirements, but it does put the faa on the spot to at least explain the issue of why seat size and safety are not an issue. that is the latest live from reagan national airport. back to you. >> thank you, molette. a pastor who stole money from a maryland church is set to be sentenced this morning. john mattingly served at st. francis catholic church in leonard town more than 15 years. he pled guilty toep
5:50 am
account. he took more than 500 checks written by parishioners and put it into his retirement fund. it totaled $76,000. mattingly is expected to be sentenced to home detention up to 18 months. neighbors in prince george's county are being protected from mosquitoes. maryland health department crews are planning to spray. the spraying will happen this evening and tomorrow. west nile virus was detected earlier this month in mosquitoes. they're reminding people to protect themselves by wearing protective clothing and insect repellent. how hemp can help your life. virginia tech, james madison university and virginia state are all researching different uses for hemp. some of these experiments include hemp enforced concrete and hemp in car parts. hemp comes from the same plant
5:51 am
for research purposes back in 2015. all right. i was trying to think about hemp in concrete. it won't be long before we're ramping up for a new school year. i'm not ready. i want summer to last a little longer. >> the first thing you need for a new school year is a backpack. volunteers helping students get ahead of the game yesterday. they stuffed backpacks with supplies at the horton's kids resource center in southeast washington. the backpacks have everything the students need. >> we have children in 28 public schools and charter schools across the city. they'll be here the day before school starts to get ready and excited before the beginning much school. >> the supplies you see here were all donated. they came from residents and companies. school begins in d.c. on august 21st. it's going to be here in no time, chuck. it's too close for comfort. >> that is close. that's three weeks away. >> don't say
5:52 am
>> it's over. >> it's not over. >> that's when it becomes adult swim time at the pools and the beaches. >> aum the old folks are aout. >> that's when you start vacationing. >> you've noticed that correlation. >> my vacation, oddly, starts when the kids go back to school. >> it's been a warm and wet july. in fact, through thursday, last week, we were sixth warmest july. we turn that around with the cold and the rain. we don't have a top ten warmest juchlt we have a top ten wettest july. we've had over 9 inches of rain for the month of july. that's 5.5 inches above average. after the third driest june, this becomes in all likelihood the third wettest july. putting a little water into the table. >> not much of
5:53 am
great weather. zero chance for rain. keeping a close eye for what is tropical depression number 6 off the -- going to keep a close eye on this. the proximity to the coastline will keep it from becoming tropical storm emily. the disturbance goes over the peninsula. keep a close eye on it. just to see what becomes of tropical depression 6. just a couple of fair weather clouds around. not much of anything in the way of rain chances today or for tomorrow. just puffy cumulus clouds around. temperaturewise, we're in the comfy zone. upper 50s and low 60s. 67 in annapolis and washington. 59 at dulles and 59 in falling waters west virginia. here's your ten-day forecast. highs today low to mid-80s. not much humidity today. not too humid tomorrow. mid to upper 80s tomorr
5:54 am
and thursday. maybe a few showers in the shenandoah thursday afternoon. friday afternoon and saturday are the next best chances for rain. let's go to jack taylor at wtop and find out about the monday ride to work. >> chuck, thank you. good morning. we'll start with the belvoir riders. be careful on route 1 near giles run. >> two-lane stretch. anything affects either direction. unfortunately, you will have delays. apparently the southbound traveling blocked. may be alternating by one direction at a time. plan ahead for that. down near scott circle. 16th street northwest. the weekend flooding with the rains messed up the roadway. there's debris that needs to be cleaned up. d.c. crews are still on scene. 16th street is blocked. between o and m. normal path of travel. >> jack, thank you. it's 5:54. it's a good way to get out of the saturday morning shores. there's a robotic
5:55 am
you. they've long been something that state crews used to keep roadways well-manicured. homeowners are catching on the game. catching up on this. take a look at this device here. it will regularly cut your grass without you breaking a sweat. >> cuts low maintenance. does its thing without me worrying about it. it's been helpful. >> you can also program the mower to cut the grass on a specific day. there are several different types of these robotic lawnmowers on the internet right now. >> not going to be doing anything for ourselves soon. an audacious plan to cut emissions. they're banning gas-powered cars by the year 2040. the move is designed to put the brakes on what some consider a public health disaster. it causes about 40,000 premature deaths a year. it will take more than two decades to get the mandate in place. but environmentalists say the new rule is still too littl
5:56 am
late. the uk isn't a lolone in this m. france announced a similar plan two weeks ago. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. sprint is looking for a merger partner. but charter communications says it's not interested in buying the wireless provider. japan's -- it's exploring whether to make a takeover offer or the new merger talks with the mobile. what's to create a one stop shop to compete with verizon and at&t. cnbc money report, i'm landon dowdy. >> in my book there are few things better than a day at the beach. there is evidence to back up the plan. an english study found those who live by the code report better physical and mental health than those who don't. also people who live in homes with ocean views. >> if only. report feeling
5:57 am
ocean. that always is soothing. >> well, from tacos to the worst meals in america. a brand new report that will make you think twice when dining out. >> america's most unhealthy restaurants reveal that you'll be shocked by how many calories are hiding in your favorite foods. >> plus music festival fire. what sparked these flames on stage in front of thousands of fans. >> d.c. police working to solve a rash of shootings over the weekend. two of them fatal. what you can do to help.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on "news4 today," a picture perfect start. monday typically -- this weather will make it easier to get your week rolling. the good news ahead in the storm team 4 forecast. >> plus ten people shot. a violent day across the district. the new crackdown that's offering cash to stop crime. the rammy goes to -- >> and our area's best restaurants awarded. i'll let you know which of your favorites took home top honors at the ramies. >> "news4 today" starts now. so many good
6:00 am
>> who is going to win, is it me? >> good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. it is 6:00 a.m. right now. >> thanks for waking up with us. >> wtop's jack taylor is in for melissa mollet. >> we begin outside with chuck bell and sheena parveen. sometimes we feel bad. today, not so much. >> aaron watches the countdown to 6:00. >> it's all smoke and mirrors. beautiful start, though. >> the big debate was whether or not to use the word autumnal to describe the weather. >> you did use that word. you are admitting there's a little bit of a chill. >> i'm admitting that you thought that. >> you are admitting that. >> chuck told me it was cold before we came out. here's a live look outside. clear skies. that's part of the r


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