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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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benjamin stod ard middle school. he also coached several community track teams. new reaction to the very disturbing charges, tracee. >> reporter: the charles county school system has just released a statement saying that the principal here who was principal when charles bell worked here has been reassigned this after news that bell is facing, as you said, 119 counts 11 different categories and 11 different charges or categories for charges for allegedly assaulting students here on the grounds of benjamin stoddard middle school. we have also learned that the state's attorney's office is seeking life. >> police say is hiv positive is now facing 119 counts associated with allegedly sexually molesting and videotaping students. the investigation has expand
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them still have not been identified. >> every time you interview a witness, there's more witnesses to talk to goes on and on and on. because of that, i will tell you that i can't predict for you when this investigation is going to be over. it's just impossible to predict it, whether it's a month, two months, six months a year, we just don't know at this point. >> majority of the alleged crimes unfolded here where bell was a teacher's aide. some of the alleged crimes also happened at his home. today the charles county state's attorney announced that bell is also charged with distributing marijuana to minors and he's facing charges for attempting to transmit hiv. >> three counts of transmitting or attempting to transmit the hiv virus to another. >> according to the dates specified in bell's charging documents he was sexually abusing his victims long after he was suspended for the charles county school system. bell was placed on
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investigators looked into inappropriate between bell and a student he coached at laplata high school. he was the coach and volunteer for a number of track organization including the community team called the come mets. >> we still need help from the public and people who know something about this case to contact the sheriff's office. >> reporter: 24 victims twice more than what we had before, but still 11 of these kids have not been identified. the state's attorney's office and police are saying they need these victims to come forward, they need more cooperation from the public, they're asking anyone with information to give them a call at 1,800 call fbi. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thanks so much. charles county school district said it's using a new web site to help students and teachers recognize sexual harassment. it has a lot of prevention resources on it. this one is the web site
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darkness to light, it outlines five steps to protect students, find it on our nbc washington app just search, protect kids. the school district is saying it's rolling out a new class for both students and teachers. there are also courses to help parents learn how to talk to your children about the dangers of sexual abuse, wendy. growing concern with each passing hour as investigators of louden county step up their search for three missing family members. you're seeing their pictures there, that's a young mother, her son and then her cousin. the three disappeared on friday night. >> i'm just -- i just want them all to come home safe. that's the hope of the relative who just arrived to help with the search. our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey has been with them today. she's live from the last place these three people were last seen. >> reporter: you know, that's right, wend
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courtney ash came late friday night to pick his mom up. she lives in virginia now. she grew up in this area, she knows her way around. it was around 11:30 p.m. when they pulled out here. she was driving a 2002 blue ford taurus and none of her relatives have heard from her or the boys ever since. an emotional moment as relatives of a mying nine-year-old boy arrived from new jersey embracing family here. jalen russell is one of three relatives missing. he was with his cousin courtney ash and five-year-old son cameron martin late friday night when the trio never made it to their destination. jalen's parents say he had come here to spend the summer with family. >> it's a nightmare. >> i never expected this. it's shocking to me. i never expected this, at all. >> it's like you see this on
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and you don't expect this to happen to you. >> reporter: this afternoon a police chopper searching the sky, following the route courtney ash was expected to take friday night from her mom's ashburn townhome back to her uncle's place in leesburg. she tears up remembering her daughter's final words as she stepped out the door with the boys. >> she said, okay, mommy, i'll see you later. i love you. >> reporter: at first the family hoped courtney had changed her family and gone to visit friends. when she failed to return friday night worry set in and they called the sheriff's office. her mom said this is out of character, especially since courtney ash has three other children, including a two month old. this is her message to her daughter. >> courtney, please come home. we're here for you. and that, you know, when you come home, we're not going to be upset with you. we just want you to
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plan to hit the streets themselves to do their own searching. >> she's at her friends house, cut the phone on, at least let somebody know you're all right. don't just leave us in limbo, like in the dark. let us know something. >> reporter: now, a spokesman tells me they have no reason to believe at this stage that there's any foul play involved here or that any harm has come to this trio. they urge anyone who has heard om seen the three of them or seen that blue ford taurus to call them right away. back to you now in the studio. >> julie carey, julie, thank you. we are closely watching the breaking news this evening coming from the white house. the chess pieces continue to move within the trump administration. it didn't take long, folks, after just 11 days on the job, anthony scaramucci is out as communication's director. it came after john kelly was sworn in a
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chief of staff. the white house says scaramucci is leaving the job to give kelly "a clean slate." the president praised kelly's work as homeland security chief. as chief of staff, kelly will be tasked with bringing stability and discipline to the executive branch. he'll also try to focus the factions in the west wing and push the president's agenda. well, kelly does not have deep ties to the president. he does align with him on immigration and national security issues. he saved the lives of super fellow soldiers during an intense battle. in 1969, today president trump awarded his first medal of freedom to a vietnam combat veteran. chris lawrence is in our newsroom with the story of this 71-year-old war hero. chris. >> wendy, where to start? james was a young army vetted, waited and rescued
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with almost no thought to his own well being. >> as he cared for two soldiers, shrapnel slashed open, the back of jim's body from head to foot, that terrible wound didn't stop jim from pulling those two men to safety. >> in march of 1969, two choppers had been shutdown and he was surrounded on three sides by thousands of on the north vietmanese army. he was part of a small team that held their ground. he crawled through a rice patty to save another soldier with bullets flying all around him. when he was given a chance to be air lifted out for treatment, he refused to get on the chopper. >> as jim now says, i would have rather died on the battlefield than know that men died because they did not have a medic. >> now mccullen
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thing that kept him going, knowing he had never told his father, i love you. it was the first thing he said to his dad when he finally got home, he told him off for the next 22 years right up until his father passed away. right back to you, jim. >> thank you so much. keeping community safe and promoting small businesses. she's in and those are two top priorities for angela alsobrooks. she threw her hat into the ring this afternoon. she's been prince georges county state attorney since 2010. also brooks says she wants to hire more police officers and expand the tax base to encourage minority-owned businesses. she pledged big investigationment in early education. >> i believe that all of us want the same thing for our families, a safe community, a quality education for our children, security and stability for our aging relatives and g
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jobs for eager -- for an eager work force who are looking for a hand up, not a hand out. >> current county executive baker cannot run for another term because of term limits. but also brooks has plenty of competition in an already crowded primary, state senator anthony has announced a run. she's the husband of news 4 anchor pat lawson news. board of elections record also indicate lewis johnson has filed to run in the executive contest. we have had, yet, another beautiful afternoon here. i turned off my air conditioner, how long can i keep it off, doug? >> it's time to turn it back on, wendy. we've got the heat coming back in. temperatures this morning in the low to mid-60s. it was very nice and comfortable across the region. now starting to see them form. we hit 91 a little bit earlier. now down to 88 degrees here. coming in, a nice 78
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couple of days, a little bit of the heat wave, humidity not all that high, i think we'll be okay. few storm chances coming up this week, we'll talk more about that and also taking a look at what was tropical storm emily, now a tropical depression in florida. amelia will have the latest track on that. we'll show you how it may effect our region over the next couple of days, too, we'll be back with you. >> all right, just north, the powers -- the power has been out for five days now in the outer banks region, still to come, the rush to restore electricity and salvage what's left of their summer tourism season. also tonight, that much-needed road work on the beltway, it's going to slow your commute even if you do not drive. >> plus we want to know, you probably felt the crunch of smaller seats on airlines, now a judge is asking, is it safe? and would you, how much would you be willing to pay for
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survey questi
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it is still dumping inches of rain as it makes its way across florida. meteorologist amelia draper has her eye on that path and the strength of this storm. what's happening right now. >> wendy, as you said, emily downgraded to tropical
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it moves out into the atlantic, it will likely strengthen again and become a tropical storm. the best news for our area, very little impact. it will be rip currents at the beaches. but take a look at the radar right now and this is the system that tropical depression bringing widespread 2 to 4 inches to parts of florida. isolated amounts of 8 inches has been related. here is the latest, maximum winds at 35 miles an hour. it's moving toward the east northeast at about 12 miles per hour. take a look, tomorrow it strengths back to tropical storm. it stays off the coast and then it heads out to sea, having little impact on anywhere but florida. so some good news there. we have video from damage that this system did brings to parts of florida. take a look, here we are where you can see damage to roof there. and then also some flooding in st. petersburg where about 1 to 2 inches of rain was reported and that did lead to some a
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our area looking mainly dry for the next few days. we start to see the humidity levels rise. doug will have more on that coming up in his full forecast at 5:25. new warning tonight for parents about an attempted child abduction. it happened friday afternoon in wood ridge. a ten-year-old girl said she was walking her dog when a man she didn't know grabbed her arm. the dog bit him and the man ran away. the girl describes the man as hispanic or light skinned black in his early 20s with short dark hair. if you have any information, you're urged to call police. well, as if the beltway doesn't give you gifts every day. the outer look loop is going
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through kensington and bethesda. transportation reporter adam is live near the beltway to bring you all the fun that just lies ahead for you. >> when you take a look at this stretch of roadway, it's in pretty rough shape. that's why it's going to start and major facelift is in the works. when you have to rely on the beltway every day it takes a toll. it's brutal. you don't want to -- you sit there and you're like this is awful. i want to get out sometimes the road itself is in rough shape. take a look at what they look like right now. 250,000 plus vehicles a day use this
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. 270 split. it's got drivers like jp who lives nearby and uses the beltway to visit friends a bit nervous. >> it's good they're doing it. >> similar project just wrapped up on the inner loop. the good news here is that this new outer loop work will happen mostly outside of rush hour. >> it's been at least 15 years since we've resurfaced that whole area. >> charlie with the highway administration said crews will monitor traffic flow. >> if you start to see too much of a backup. we have to make sure we maintain a safe work area and getting plenty of space. >> most of the work all about fixing guardrails and drainage still months away. this is a project that will last well into next year. that's going to be a lot of traffic. i mean, they get to do it at the gym. >> reporter: we left it that way. the traffic stacked up tonight. listen this project a
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during off peek hours. some people will worry about commuter buses. the state highway of administration says not so much because of the off peak hours. jim, back to you. >> adam, thank you. hey, if you've flown recently you know how cramped those airplane seats can be, well, while the closed quarters can be annoying. u.s. court has ruled it can be dangerous. they urged the faa to reconsider faa seat size. the agency has resisted saying there's no proof smaller seats impact passenger's ability to exit the plane safely. but judges disagree. the rulings impact isn't clear, though, it does not order the faa to create new rules just consider them. i'm on board with that. >> did you see the video just now. look like mosh pit trying to get off that plane. >> it is a problem.
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well, and this is another one, it's like what, amc now having second thoughts about changing that iconic marquee at the uptown theater in dc. what were they thinking of to begin with. neighborhood reaction may have something to do with this. >> here, here. violent outburst over confederate flag that set firefighters racing, you're watching news 4 at 5:00.
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i'm not going back to air conditioning. >> 80% chance. >> every time i'm home. >> okay. >> i'll tell you, you know, it's definitely getting on the hotter side for sure as we move through the next couple of days. you know, talking about the web and our app. you can download the newest version of nbc washington app. we've got all new weather alerts for you and makes them much more precise. and it will be rain that was way off in the distance. this is going to be rain in your neighborhood or lightning, all you have to do is go to the updated app store and make sure if your app is updated and then sign up. >> may i have the phone back,
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>> it's got your app. >> and pointing to our neighborhood. >> it means, yeah, those alerts if it's within a 15-mile radius, you will get that alert. no longer 60 mile radius, you might care if it's raining in win chest, but everybody -- >> i always care if it's raining in winchester. >> yes, you do. >> take a look out there right now, 88 degrees and normal high this time, right around that number, close to average today, although we did hit 91 earlier. winds out of the north with that sunshine. 79 in win chest, right now, there you go, 87 degrees, though. and 87 in fredericksburg. so it's warm. but not bad, actually, very nice day. low humidity, no heat index to talk about today that's going to be the case, the humidity going to be on the low side. no rain to speak of and most of the area. we do have one shower in through parts of frederick county. we've seen this guy kind of developing, just drifting down to the south. not much here let's zoom on in and show you where the shower
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and eat. that's moving on down to the south. that's going to be the case over the next couple of days. no real big systems, at all, in our region. we have emily way down to the south. that should stay down to the south and east in our region. we'll show you what we expect tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. nothing, looking really nice, great day, great start to the day. by the afternoon, start to see a couple of showers pop up. these will be along i-95, bay breeze coming here, prince georges county right on down through dc and fairfax county, most of us on the dry side tomorrow, looking like a very nice day. high temperature, up to 90 degrees. another nice one, warm, but once again not too humid. it's going to be the factor that you always talk about. we'll not see all that much this week. send the kids to camp tomorrow, looking pretty good there. 85, good for lunch. temperature of 90 degrees. i mentioned the heat wave, yeah, it's a heat wave. it's a little heat wave. 91 on
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92 on thursday. 90 degrees on friday. isolated storm -- heat index could get 94, 95, nothing like what we saw last month. take a look, monday, going to be watching that storm system very closely as we make our way towards the weekend, early, next week. >> another day, another shakeup at the white house. nbc kristin is going to join us with reaction to the latest recognition. plus confederate flag, verbal threat and stay away order. fight between orders. but is your safety at risk. >> just in time for dinner, the results of new study, it reveals the restaurants that are considered bad for your health.
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at 5:30 we have a fight that started over confederate flag license plate. that fight quickly escalated. we'll hear allegations that there were threats of violence and it turned into a legal battle. news 4 pat collins has been working this story. he's at the bethesda fire house with a look at where these firefighters are now and what happens next. pat. >> reporter: well, you know, it involves more than just two firefighters. there are a number of firefighters involved here. you know, firefighters are su
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not each other. wait until you hear what happened at this bethesda house. a montgomery county firefighter just received an award for ten years of service. at the center of a violent outburst over a confederate flag that had his fellow firefighters racing to court for protective orders. according to court documents obtained by news 4, he saw a confederate flag license plate on a pickup truck belonging to firefighter charles lee. according to court documents, he called lee a racist and big gy and said we can go outside and i'll take you out if you snitch, i will take you out. other firefighters tried to calm hi
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records, he continued on. you think you have guns, i have more guns than you. i'll end this. your racist obscenities for allowing this. we aren't brothers. obscenity you all. today i talk to him by phone. he said the sight of that confederate flag upset him, but he said he didn't threaten anyone with guns. >> i never threatened with anyone with a gun, i never mentioned of a gun. i never told anyone of any type of killing anybody. this is all been made up in retaliation to try to get me disciplined for standing up to the confederate flag. >> and you think you did the right thing that day? >> absolutely. i would do it again. >> reporter: now, according to the fire department, they're still on duty, but assigned to different fire houses. >> this is obviously no discipline issues or anything like that as of yet. obviously, we are looking into it.
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important issue for us. >> reporter: now, there were four requests for protective orders. one of those request was thrown out. the other three are still in play, there's another court hearing scheduled later this week. now back to you. >> all right, pat collins, thanks. some scarey moments and a tropical paradise with a local connection now. we've learned that an attorney from washington was shot while on vacation with his family. abc news confirms the victim is mike jones. he works at a law firm downtown. police tell us that he was relaxing with his family in turks and cacaos when a burglar shot him inside his vacation villa. it goes for more than 2,000 a night. jones is back in a florida hospital tonight where he is listed in stable condition. police in turks and cacaos are looking for two suspects. they say the suspects tied up a villa guard with his own shoe laces and got away with a
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from that villa. an eventful first day on the job for the new chief of staff at the white house, retired general john kelly. because of that breaking news this afternoon, the communications director anthony scaramucci has resigned 11 days on the job. to hear him talk about it all, nbc correspondent kristin is very busy today. kristin, we heard the white house say that this was -- scaramucci was getting out of the way to give kelly a clean slate, does that sound about right to you? >> my sense was -- he sided for him to go and general john kelly wanted a reset here and scaramucci didn't argue with that assessment. this comes after last week's profanity laced rant we saw from anthony scaramucci to the new yorker directed at reince priebus, as well as steveno
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both of them, initially, i think the president wasn't overly bothered by that. i think what happened over the weekend a lot of officials here who felt it was not tenable for him to serve in the world communications director. one said it would be a disgrace for him to keep his job and sechbs is that general john kelly shared that assessment and he also wanted a reset and a restart here at the white house. he wants to get rid of the discourt, the internal fighting and he felt as though anthony was adding to that instead of contributing to a smoother path for ward. so i think that was at the backdrop of this decision and this did happen soon after general john kelly was officially sworn in. so in a sense, this was official first action, cleaning house, if you will. this is a shakeup any way you look at it. he was only here for ten days and, of course, it comes on the heels of reince priebus's ouster and ten other top officials leaving the
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up here at the white house and i think the sense, the hope is that general john kelly will start to right the ship so he can start to carry out some of the president's top agenda item, whether it be health care reform or getting tough with north korea. >> does general kelly have the president's trust so that he can actually maybe reign in the president a little bit? >> well, i don't know -- i don't know if he'll be able to reign in the president. you speak specifically about his tweets. >> right. >> there's a hope he'll get the president or convince him to have more discipline tweets. the since is, look, president is going to do and say and tweet whatever he wants. we saw his former campaign manager effect tefly make that point over the weekend when he said trump is going to be trump and that i think that holds true. having said that, i think he does have the president's trust right now. it seems as though a lot of top officials are reporting
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significant because under reince priebus they all reported to president trump, first. really the sense is they'll report to john kelly unless there's some type of situation that really warrants going to the president and that's a major difference from what we saw under reince priebus. adds of right now he has the president's trust, but certainly a steep steep order as he tries to carry out this robust agenda that the president wants to accomplish, wendy. >> chris ten we'll let you get back to work, we know you're very busy. chris will have the latest on the shape up on what comes next on nbc nightly news tonight at 7:00 after news 4 at 6:00. a day's worth of calories, three days of saturated fat, today we are getting a good look at the really bad menu items at restaurants here and across the country. the worst burger goes to dave and busters, it's cheese curd bacon burger
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nearly 2,000 calories and 53 grams of saturated fat. the worst breakfast come from i hop, oh, no, the cheese burger omelet with pancakes, how many times have we downed those, wendy, huh? >> i have. >> yikes. >> yikes. >> what on earth. >> what on earth is that we're looking at? >> that's more -- oh, this is the pasta from cheesecake factory, once again made the list with more than 2,300 calories. the group, by the way, that did the study said even at less extreme restaurants meals can take a toll on your health. >> these meals are extreme. even the typical restaurant meals are a threat to american's health because they increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. >> the national restaurant association says it's pushing for more calorie information on menus so people can make informed decisions. many restaurants also point out that you can share odd
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take -- share entrees and take them home and limit calorie intake. >> i don't take anything home. >> anything with the word curds in it, is not going to be a diet plate or it can't be good for you. >> no. >> all right. so the outer banks, so many of us go down there for the summer. don't cancel your vacation if you have plans next week. we have the latest for you on the efforts to restore electricity to those beautiful islands. >> a player with a legendary name isn't letting others define him.
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dc journalist gunned down at a bus stop two years ago receiving a special honor today. police say sharniece milton was used as a human shield at that shooting. she was not the intended target, as news 4 reveals the shooter has never been caught. [ applause ] >> recognized with a standing ovation at the national press club's annual journalism award. kenneth and fran seen mcclendon, parents of milton. milton, 27, a reporter for capital community news was shot and killed the night of may 27, 2015 as she waited for a
5:42 pm
she was returning home after covering a meeting. her parents say police told them the intended target of the shooting grabbed the reporter and used her as a human shield. >> i never had a chance to really make those big by lines, but working alongside, you know, wonderful colleagues all throughout this town and waiting when she was tragically taken away from us. >> dc police released these images of atv riders described as persons of interest in the murder. but despite the wide dissemination of those images, no arrests have been made. her parents expressed gratitude at the recognition saying it keeps her memory alive. >> i was very excited that her peers recognized her strength and her commitment to the community and how important she was to washington, d.c. and to the world. >> i know in my heart she really would have gone so much
5:43 pm
she had it in her. >> milton's name will be placed on bookstore in the district. it will be the first bookstore of its kind east of the river. north carolina's governor says, if you are planning a vacation on the outer banks next week, don't cancel those plans just yet. governor roy cooper says the utility crew is working quickly to repair that major under ground transmission line that was cut during a construction accident on thursday. that knocked out power to hatteras island. authorities ordered mandatory evacuations for the tourists there, impacting up to 50,000 people and, of course, doing a big economic hit on that island. >> a lot on the line for folks down there. major fire power on display today at the future site of u.s. army museum. when we come
5:44 pm
exhibit is in place before the museum walls go up. >> it's been a fixture since the 1930s. we love it. but the amc theater was i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two.
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t afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business.
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the personnel carrier here used during the iraq war is the first artifact being installed here. it's so big and so heavy, that crews had to place it in its permanent display location and then build the museum walls around it. currently, the army is the only military service without a national museum. >> this museum will giv
5:47 pm
american people a look at their history through the eyes of the men and women who have served this country since the 16 hundreds. >> the museum is opening to the public, it will include never be seen artifacts and army trail. >> today we've got a look at some of the work on board. undergrads who are studying how a lack of gravity effects resistant bacteria. there's also a project by a physics professor who is monitoring raise. they believe the particles from these raies can help them learn about dark matter and experimenting on board the iss allows the scientist to mon
5:48 pm
interference with earth's atmosphere. well, week two of redskins' training camp is on us and they're starting to the same beat. carol maloney is live in richmond now where the story of one knows about beating the odds. hey, >> hey, guys, great talk to me. i'm telling you players are out here trying to make this roster. one of the players that we're watching, you probably would not recognize but you know his name. he's undrafted, under sized, way under sized linebacker out of tulane. he has the confidence of a giant. >> i look at you like you're smaller than me. >> statistically everyone
5:49 pm
bigger, accept on the inside. >> having that line in you, that you don't care that you see the ball, you get the ball. you know what i mean, you've got to do the same when you go through it. >> animal instinct for football. he hasn't gotten about his heritage or the name on the back of his journey. his grandfather, marley. absolutely. >> have you forgotten it's bob marly's grandson when you're on the football field. >> yes and no. to me, personally, i feel like it's cool. >> you know, it switches sometimes. right now, i feel like i'm singing the song. i feel like i'm living that life right now. >> legendary last name will not guarantee a roster
5:50 pm
richmond resident proudly displayed his heart work at camp as niko tries to pay his own way. >> it's still in the pavement right now. it's still in the process. it's all good. it's wonderful. i love being able to share that. i love it and i embrace it. >> he's embracing it. he's making some plays. he's missing some plays. we do have a longer version of this story on nbc washington app coming up, so hope you can check it out. from the shortest player to maybe the tallest, that's coming up on news 4 at 6:00. >> we've got to see that. we're rooting for it. thank you. carol. >> if you haven't heard, today is national mutt day. >> oh, i hope mine is not watching right now. i forgot to take his picture. we want to thank you for helping celebrate mixed breed pups. take a look at these. we want to see more,
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use the #nationalmuttday. >> we want to remind you, thousands of animals are in our shelters in need of loving families. on all 19th. the shelters will wave their fees to get as many drch waive the fees to get as many animals adopted as possible. a story that we reported earlier about the meals with the most calories, burger with the most calories by the way is sold at buffalo wild wings, cheese curd bacon burger tips the scales at 2,000 calories. >> hey, doug, what's the weather going to do to us this week. >> i'm not a cheese curd type of gal. >> hey, guys, what we're going to see the next couple of days, really nice weather, this coming off of w
5:52 pm
streak and not just wet over the last couple of days but wet over july. >> the second wettest july on record. as we head on into this week, i can't believe this is the last day of july, we're starting august, before we know it, the kids are going to be back at school. >> we've got some of the coolest numbers we've seen, show you what we're dealing with, looking really good. we've got cloud cover in parts of the area, but a lot of sunshine too, current temperatures sitting right now into the 80s. 87 degrees at 7:00, dropping a little bit, really comfortable this evening as you make your way out and about. temperature down around 78 with low humidity. it's going to be a nice night. not much in the way of rain, we see a couple of showers. here is one back towards berkeley county and just south and west of the martinsburg area. that's really it. that's going to be the case over the next couple of days, too. if you're heading out, 84 degree sunshine tomorrow, a lot of sunshine tomorrow, 87 degrees there. back up to
5:53 pm
yeah, it will be on the warm side, not nearly as warm as we ended the month of july. a lot of heat waves in 22, 90-degree waves. >> well, when you look at the numbers, it's pretty impressive, we made the top ten for the wettest and for the warmest july on record. to think we were really warm and had a lot of rain in the forecast. doesn't happen too often around here. take a look at the numbers. we were the seventh warmest july on record. the sixth warmest and the second wettest. we had over nine inches of rain fall this month and almost half of that fell friday on into saturday morning. we had about 3.78 inches of rain fall friday on into saturday, some isolated areas doug saw, even a little bit more to about six inches, still seeing some flooding impacts across the area. you can find more on that on my twitter page. as we look, keeping it mainly dry. also the weekend not too bad for the first weekend in august.
5:54 pm
actually, the very cool for this time of year. that's going to be something to watch. next couple of days, 90 degrees. the first few days look like they'll be on the warm side. that's good news. the most heat as far as the heat index goes, wednesday, thursday most likely. isolated storms each day. chance of storm coming up on saturday. moves across the region friday into saturday and then look at this, only in the low 80s and some of the computer models have temperatures in the 70s early next week. that's going to make its way through that we'll watch closely. all and all, guys, a little heat wave. as i said it's just a little. >> all right. thank you. >> hey, the amc wanted to change the iconic marquee at the uptown theater in dc. >> there's backlash it's having seco thoughts now andnd
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
if you've lived here long enough you know it's an iconic part of washington, the uptown theater sign and plans to change a part of history didn't sit well with neighbors, now it looks like the community may have been heard. news for kristin wright is talking to folks about the legacy of that theater. >> jim we got word late this afternoon directly from amc theaters saying that they will not try to remove that famous uptown sign after all.
5:58 pm
in this neighborhood know a sign that so many people just driving by to get home right now every day, that sign means a lot to a lot of people. >> the uptown theater has been around forever. it holds a lot of movie theaters. >> now where i'm looking forward to taking my own sign. amc theaters which owns the uptown was planning to take down the famous letters and replace them with amc. the neighborhood didn't like that. >> it's the same as walking past the mom and pop restaurant that all of a sudden a. >> i wonder why they've done
5:59 pm
>> cleveland park amc commissioner. >> there was huge effort tweeting at amc and tweeting at -- e-mailing them, calling them. writing letters. >> it appears to have worked and the sign may be saved. >> when i think of going to the movies here. i think of going to the uptown. not going to the amc low's 1. >> here is the statement in part got from amc this afternoon, in response to community feedback, amc will maintain the uptown signage with an upgrade to led lighting. we continue to evaluate additional exterior signage plans, including the addition of the amc brand on the theater. we appreciate the passion and feedback from the community. i should note also the dc historic preservation board has not officially received notice from amc withdrawing their application fhi
6:00 pm
remove the sign that we have every reason to expect that to happen. live in northwest dc, kristin wright, news 4. three big stories still breaking as we come on the air at six. first new fall out as more victims are identified in a criminal case involving a trusted teacher's aide and track coach, what parents need to know as police expand their investigation. and a family is desperate for answers after a mother and two children go missing. their cell phone goes dead. where police are focusing their search now. and another big white house shakeup, this one in warp speed. so who is in charge and what's going to happen next. we're getting answers tonight. carlos bell was arrested late last month. he's the former teacher's aide.


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