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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  August 1, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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building on 16th street northeast. for those of you familiar with the area, that is off the bladensburg road near h street. one person was treated for exposure to smoke. we're in contact with officials trying to get more information. eun, we'll bring that back to you as soon as we get an update. >> we'll check in with you soon, angie. a loudoun county family is facing heartbreak. the search for their three missing family members has ended in tragedy. the sheriff's office says the heavy rains that we had over the weekend played a big role in this. courtney ash's car was found overturned in a creek on evergreen mills road in loudoun county. chopper 4 flew over the scene yesterday. ash, her son cameron and his cousin jaylen were missing since friday. the sheriff says the car hit a guardrail, flipped over and fell into the creek. her mother says, looking back, the weather conditions were too dangerous
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>> it was raining rile, really hard when they left here friday. i, again, ask myself why didn't you make them stay? >> it was 9-year-old jaylen's stepmother who eventually found the car in the creek. courtney ash leaves behind three other children. prince william county need your help finding robert bruce graham ii. he left his home around 2:00 p.m. yesterday. >> police believe he may need help. if you see him, call police. developing this morning, we're working to learn why a woman lost control of her car and caused a deadly crash. this happened on 28th avenue and st. barnabas road in temple hills last night. prince george's county police say the driver was in a parking lot off branch avenue and somehow lost control of her car. the car went into the road and hit another car with three peop
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but the driver of the car died. that person has not been identified. the white house was hoping to turn the page, but aides are likely to be on defense today. it's over a new report in the "washington post." that report says president trump himself dictated his son's original statement last month on questions about a meeting with russians at trump tower. that statement claimed the meeting was primarily about the adoption of russian children. e-mails later released by donald trump jr. showed the meeting was suggested to the trump campaign to get negative information about hillary clinton. one of the reporters who broke the story spoke about it last night on msnbc. >> what is striking about what we have learned is that the president did not want to describe the actual story of what happened and he had not just a hand in it but the most important hand in it. >> president trump's personal attorney dismissed the story, saying in part, "the
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misinformed, inaccurate and not pertine pertinent." . the white house is dealing with the fallout of anthony scaramuc scaramucci's ouster. the press is having a field day with you. adios mu chach owe and va'a moose. he was one of john kelly's first acts as white house chief of staff and hours before that happened, president trump praised him in his new role. he said that he was doing a spectacular job. the white house says scaramucci wanted kell toy have a clean slate. tracie potts will have more on what led to pushing out scaramucci later in the hour. today, as things get back to normal at the ohio state fair, family and friends will say goodbye to the victim of the accident. the 18-yr-
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the fireball ride malfunctioned. his viewing was held on monday. the funeral is later this morning. he joined the marine corps a week before his death. records show that ride was inspected hours before it broke apart. his family plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit. 4:34 now. you may be able to salvage your vacation if you planned to visit the outer banks this month. north carolina says utility crews are working as quickly as possible to repair a major underground transmission line. the line was cut during a construction accident near the bonner bridge last week. that knocked out power to two of the islands forcing thousands to evacuate. repairs could take between one and two weeks. mosquito protection for parts of prince george's county continues this week. they're heading to neighborhoods in the lanham area. oakwood knowles and willeder croft are included. health officials also urge you to protect yourself by wng
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protective clothing and insect repellent. it is now 4:35. we want to check on your forecast and your commute once again. >> let's check in with sheena and lauryn before we go to wtop's jack taylor for a look at the roads. gorg good morning, ladies. >> still nice and comfortable. >> with that humidity moving back in, unfortunately, that's what people were asking all morning. humidity coming back in today. it's going to be another nice morning, sheena. a little more humid. >> it is going to be more humid today. another nice morning. you'll notice the humidity and then dry most of this week. we have a few isolated shower chances in the forecast. not a big deal. then we go into saturday and we have a few showers in the forecast potentially. but then we go into the rest of the week and looking real good. let's go to the south. we've been talking about tropical storm emily over florida. w
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pressure. that is tropical depression emily. not as much rain. the good news is it's going to stay away from us, though. let's look at our current temperatures across the area. 73 degrees in washington. 65 in lorton right now. ft. meade at 63 degrees. overall, it's nice looking day outside. it's going to be nice this morning. it will be nice this afternoon. so let's head over to lauryn right now with a look at what you can expect for your morning weather. good morning, lauryn. >> good morning, sheena. as you said, temperatures in the 630s and 70s. we'll continue to warm up today. today comparable to yesterday. we're going to have that humidity in place. look at my graphic. something crazy going on right there. temperatures coming up through the 70s. the sun is on fire. but not that bad out there. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s by that time. there's that area of low pressure right there that we'll continue to watch.
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that tropical storm out there. i'm going to send it back to you guys because i'm not sure what's going on with my graphics. of course, you can see nothing on the radar right now. that could change by the end of the workweek. hey, let's go to my friend, jack taylor. hey, jack. >> good morning. >> a trouble spot on beach drive. a tree fell. park police are out there. for now, they've put out some cones. no time frame as to how quickly they can remove it. it's blocked between till den street. rock creek parkway, traffic will alternate by one direction at a time. they hang out until 6:00 in the morning. they should wrap up in the next 45 minutes, hour, hour and a half. whenever they can get out of there as quickly as they can. for now, not causing that much of a delay. >> jack, thank you. we'reoi
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welcome back at 4:40. friends and family of eric ashby, fear he's the latest victim of a controversial treasure hunt. >> he was looking for a treasure hidden in the southwest. a new mexico art dealer buried the treasure to inspire people to explore the great outdoors. ashbyen
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searching for the treasure last month. a body was discovered in the arkansas river and family and friends are fearing the worst. >> i believe with all my heart he was looking for the treasure. >> the coroner is working to identify the body. so far two deaths have been lipgd to the treasure hunt. the man behind this hidden treasure says the search is still on and insists it is not hidden in a dangerous spot. let's get another check on your forecast with lauryn ricketts. >> humidity making a comeback, lauryn. too bad. it's been so nice. >> feeling like southern california weather here the last couple of days. but today, you have that humidity starting to creep in little by little. 73 out there right now. we'll take the temperatures into the low 90s for highs. certainly getting warm and humid.
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temperatures topping out in the low 90s for highs today. it's going to be another great day out there. plenty of sunshine. but the humidity creeping in as we continue through the afternoon. so you certainly going to feel tomorrow. but could you feel any more
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raindrops? do you need the umbrella? we've got the full forecast and when can we expect rain chances coming up? >> lauryn thank you. we're learning more about that shooting at a congressional baseball practice in alexandria back in june. according to a report by bloomberg politics, capitol police o initially directed to the wrong location. a response team was directed to house minority leader nancy pelosi's home in georgetown. it's not clear what caused the mixup. capitol police officers were already on site because steve scalise had a security detail. an internal investigation is under way. the white house is dealing with another shakeup this morning. >> anthony scaramucci is out hours after john kelly took over as chief of staff. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. tracie, yesterday you were telling us about this meeting with the new chief of staff and this comes out. what caused this change? >> well, ultimately, it was
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kelly, the new chief of staff, who dismissed or asked for the resignation of scaramucci. but there had been growing discontent with this profane tirade that he did with the new yorker, both inside and outside the white house. confidants of the president outside the white housey sengsly telling him it was too much. he needed to get rid of scaramucci. people who were his champions a few days ago, like eye vankivan melania, disgusted by this tirade and essentially, they wanted to see him gone as well. jared kushner. there was a growing chorus of people who were not happy with not only that but also the fact that he seemed to have direct access and as our sources said, thought he could do no wrong. now that's different. general kelly is trying to restore order and making it clear that all
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>> so tracie, does that mean that this could be an indicator of what might happen for other staffers? could we see more change in the white house? >> the press secretary, sara huckabee sanders says they're trying to stabilize things. there's no indication nobody is leaving. for now they all stay. kelly coming in is the sign, the signal that they are trying to calm things down here. he is a man who is known for law and order. he has taken this job with the full authority that everyone will report to him. the white house press secretary made that clear yesterday. everyone, including jared kushner, including ivanka trump will get to the president through kelly. >> all right, tracie potts on the hill. tracie, thank you. a fight over a hat with the trump campaign slogan ended with assault charges for a man in d.c. you've seen the hat before. it says make america great again.
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a florida man is charged with three counts of assault. one of the victims says after comments were made inside the restaurant, things turned violent later. the suspect, loouz trav he is toe has been released from police custody. we're learning when a man will be back in court. he turned himself into police after a shooting on july 19th. it happened in alexandria, just off the beltway on the eisenhower connector. witnesses heard a van and suv honking at each other. twoo people left the van and challenged the suv driver to come out. that's when police say a woman was shot. she's expected to be okay. we're learning about breaking news in venezuela. >> angie goff has details. what's going on other here? >> yesterday we talked
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vote happening. the one that was called a sham. in the last hour or so, we heard from the wife of the opposition leader in that election that says her husband was taken away by authorities here. she posted this video on twitter. her husband was under house arrest in caracas being detained under protest by nicolas maduro's government. it created a constitutional assembly giving the president an incredible amount of power. it was, as i mentioned before, an lexicon demd by the state department. aaron? >> thank you, angie. several montgomery county firefighters are asking for protective orders against a fellow firefighter. this temps from an argument over a confederate flag license plate at the bethesda fire station earlier this month. according to court documents, he saw the license plate on a pickup truck belonging to charles lee. he reportedly called lee a
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racist. court documents said he threatened lee saying he had lots of guns. did he brul told pat collins that the confederate flag set him off, but he did not threaten anyone. >> never threatened anyone. never mentioned of a gun. i never told anyone of any type of killing anybody. this is all been made up as retaliation to get me disciplined for standing up to the confederate flag. >> lee was not available for comment. so far, one request for a protective order was thrown out of court. another three will be considered by a judge. we have a scam to let you know about. some arlington county residents have been getting calls demanding they pay a fine for missing jury duty. the scammers say they're with local officials. if you receive this call, hang up immediately and verify the claim by calling the sheriff's office. law enforcement will never ask for money over the phone. 4:53 o
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yesterday. can we keep it going? >> i think we can. >> oh, good. >> a little bit more humid today, though. >> it's august. >> it is august. by the way, i didn't realize it was august until angie said it earlier. i'm not -- if i was chuck right now, i'd be like so many more days left of summer. >> don't do it. >> no. we're going to enjoy every day. it's because he likes fall so much. but i love summer. so enjoy it, soak it up. it's still going to be warm for quite a while. exercise outside this morning. yes, temperatures are going to be warming up quickly once the sun comes up. as you're commuting, we'll have sun glare. but the roads will be dry. lunch outside. little more humid than today. the pool, sunny, warm. you want the sun block. it's going to be a uv index of 9 to 10. currently, 73 degrees outside in washington. mostly clear skies. calm wind and temperatures elsewhere in the
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centreville, 64. 66 in morning siedle. 69 beverly beach. if you are grilling today, it's going to be a hot one. 91 by 5:00 p.m. little more humid. by 7:00 p.m., 87 degrees. the dry streak continues, maybe an isolated shower tomorrow at best. most of the area stays dry. around 90 through friday. a 30% chance for scattered showers on saturday. look at your weekend. it does look pretty good. temperatures drop back into the mid-80s. we'll take a closer look at today. let's check the roads with jack taylor. >> sheena, good morning. the crews are working on the rock creek parkway to the kennedy center. p p crews usually leave by 6:00. if you're not headed out for a while, you should find open lanes. beach drive is closed between tilden street and blag den avenue. a large tree in thad
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jack, thank you. it is 4:55
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a rookie police officer in our area is going viral for an amazing act of
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call at a giant store in laurel but what happened next is warming many hearts. officer bennett johns actually purchased the diapers the woman was apparently trying to steal. the woman did buy some items but didn't have the $15 for two packs of diapers. johns who was raised by a single mother was touched by the woman's situation, used his own money to buy diapers for her toddler. very nice. to a chorus of neighborhood cheers, plans to replace the uptown theater sign in d.c.'s park have been canned. loews owns the. they planned to replace the sign with the new amc sign. the neighborhood wasn't too happy about that. >> it's the same as walking past a mom and pop's restaurant that all of a sudden has an applebee's sign in front of it. >> i wonder why they'd done it, take
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so many years. >> residents tweeted, e-mailed and wrote letters to amc to save that sign. amc logo may be added but for now the sign will stay. right now on "news4 today," more fallout from a case of school sex abuse. new charges against a former teacher and a supervisor removed from the school. new concerns in the russia investigation. a report raising red flags about what the president knew about his son's controversial meeting. how many times have you seen opposing hitter clap for a guy that almost throws a no-hitter. ? >> cheers for a nationals pitcher from the opposing team. why this near no-hitter was extra emotional for everyone involved. just about 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday morning. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's g
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three days in a row now. >> storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen is out there with lauryn ricketts. she's in for chuck bell. >> we'll check in with them before the commute with jack taylor. >> it does feel great. you can feel the increase in the sticky necessary a tad. but nothing to complain about. >> i think we'll feel more before we head into the afternoon and even into really late this evening. temperatures are going to be at 91 degrees for daytime highs today. just isolated chances of showers and thunderstorms as we get into tomorrow also into friday. really not that bad. 71 right now is that temperature here in the d.c. area. 73 in annapolis. 64 in leesburg. we're all warming up today. topping out in the low 90s am going to feel a touch warmer than yesterday. even though woe were in the low 90s. when can we expect more shower


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