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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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eun yang. >> 210 north of palmer road, the investigation and clean up on-going. they're making a lot of progress. crash occurred after midnight. find all traffic northbound 210 diverts onto palmer road. also activity 50 westbound maryland at seven river bridge. 123 blocked between old bridge road and work house road. also issues on the rails. silver line, expect delays both directions, a broken down train outside mclane. back to you. good morning. it is a warm kind of humid start to the day. overall, things are nice and dry this morning. if you're commuting, 74 degrees in washington. now that the sun is coming up, you can see clouds out there. going through the day today, mix
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here's the wednesday commute forecast. by noon, looking dry. 88 degrees. by 5:00 p.m., that's when we have a better chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm through part of the area. not everybody, but similar to what we saw yesterday, an isolated chance. 91 later this afternoon. feeling like summer. coming up, we look at the rest of the week's forecast and nice changes for the weekend. 6:01. staying on top of the deadly motorcycle crash in prince george's county. we see a big traffic impact the last few hours. >> news4 justin finch live in fort washington with what we are now finding out. what's the latest? >> reporter: angie, good morning. from prince george's county police, we hear a motorcyclist rear ended a vehicle overnight at some point and that the motorcyclist did die on the scene. the driver of the car was also treated for
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injuries. i want to show you an overhead look from chopper 4, what we are seeing on the ground. extensive backups on northbound indian head highway. traffic is being moved to nearby palmer road which is just below the scene here. more about this crash. this crash shut down, has shut down northbound indian head highway from palmer up to about livingston road out here. the police department telling us they were dispatched about 12:30 this morning, finding the motorcyclist and the driver on the scene. that motorcyclist did die here at the scene of the crash. the area has been shut down quite a long time as they search for the cause of the wreck. watching to my left, appears it might be beginning to open up, northbound indian head highway. moving closely to palmer road. you will see on the road, looking southbound, indian head highway traffic is moving,
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point so police could station the investigation here. we are watching the roads on the ground. keep you up to date with changes we see on the ground. live in fort washington, justin finch, news4. back to you. more breaking news. a man arrested for allegedly shooting and killing the manager of a cvs in warrenton, virginia. it was last week at a store on blackwell road. olson's body found on the side of the building near the dumb certificat sister. they didn't reveal a motive for the murder. started with allegations of racism at a bethesda fire house. now a judge will decide if three montgomery county firefighters need protective orders from a fellow firefighter. this was first on 4. it started when a confederate flag license plate caused confrontation between first
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responders. he was upset with the plate and he says allegations are false. >> i spoke my mind and i was met with jokes and laughter by supervisors amongst other firefighters. i didn't feel that was appropriate. >> the fire department is investigating. meantime, a judge has already denied one of the protective orders against him. right now, there's a search for this 84-year-old fairfax county man. police say he was last seen on oak drive yesterday morning. he suffers from memory loss, has gone missing before. call police if you know where he is. a woman stabbed at one of the busiest beaches raising new safety concerns. >> investigators say her death appears to be an accident. that 30-year-old woman from texas found dead in the sand in ocean city early yesterday morning. ocean city police say the w
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accidentally run over by a tractor that combs the beach for debris every night. investigators are waiting for autopsy and toxicology reports for a better idea of what led to her death. 6:05. new lawsuit raising explosive allegations against the white house, has to do with discredited fox news report on seth rich. the dnc staffer murdered in what police called a botched robbery. rod wheeler says fox news hired him to investigate rich's murder and intentionally misquoted him. it suggested he leaked e-mails from dnc to wikileaks. they reviewed the story, urged fox to run it to divert attention from the russian investigation. the story was later retracted. looks like lawmakers want to change how much some of us pay uncle sam. senate is fixing focus from health care to tax reform and debt
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plans to take on taxes after labor day. there's also a deadline to raise the debt ceiling and ensure the government can continue to pay its bills. heavy rains means problems for the red line. the problem is that water will leak into tunnels between medical center and friendship heights because they're below the water table. whenever it rains, all of that pressure pushes into the tunnels, that can lead to track fires. news4 got an exclusive look four years ago. now metro is trying to fix it. adam tusk gets another underground look to see what progress they're making. access to the scene only on news4. metro says it has been doing a good job plugging holes. you look up, see the spray paint, they're drilling into concrete. they put a polymer solution that
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meshes with water, turns into a rubber substance and basically protects the entire tunnel from water coming down. >> adam says work is ahead of schedule but red line will be closed this weekend for the company to finish a process. we're going to update the app as we get more details. starting today, you may have to find a new place to go for the morning run or bike ride. national park service is closing part of a trail in rock creek park for the next week. it is a stretch near park road. crews are repaving. it is part of beach drive reconstruction project. park service says that stretch should be open again by end of this month. eventually all of beach drive from rock creek parkway to the maryland line will be rebuilt. max scherzer has a few days to relish a big moment in his career. >> we have a few days to sit here a
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healthy. >> start with the big moment. >> and pulls one to deep left field. this has got a chance. max scherzer! his first! >> that was the first homerun in scherzer's entire career. teammates made fun of him a bit, he gave out fake high fives there. >> scherzer had to leave the game. he couldn't throw properly. he said he had a crick in his neck, a muscle spasm in his neck. he slept funny a few days ago apparently which caused it. this is a big deal. scherzer spent several years in american league. a league where pitchers don't hit. way to go. >> they have another chance against the marlins tonight. he is all smiles and down a few pounds. redskins head
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morning that helps him lose the weight fast. trouble on the tarmac. this time it was not from passengers. a danger when wild weather rolled through. and another summer like day waking up. it is very nice outside. we have some clouds around. later this afternoon, still a chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm. comingup, i 'l
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we are staying on top of breaking news. a man dead in a motorcycle crash in fort washington. this is the scene on indian head highway and palmer road. all lanes of 210 just opened. an accident happened about
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is still causing traffic problems. wtop jack taylor has an update for us. jack? >> all about the timing on this. 210 northbound lanes reopened two or three minutes ago. less than a mile delay, but may grow as we truly get into this morning's rush hour. good news northbound indian head highway, traffic is no longer diverted at palmer road. the investigation or whatever was left was cleared from the roadway. travel lanes are open. 50 west of severn river bridge, an accident contained to a single right lane to get by to the left. some tow trucks arrived. 123 in wood bridge remains closed between occoquan river bridge and workhouse road. two or three power poles are down because of the crash. back to you. sheena in the weather department, please. good morning, jack. looking at nice conditions weather wise because this morning we stay nice and dry as you wak
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you don't have to worry about the rain. this afternoon, we could see an isolate chance. 77 degrees, mix of clouds and sun. 82 by 9:00 a.m. quickly feeling like summer this afternoon. what's in store for the weekend forecast coming up. some scary video we're seeing lightning struck an airplane and worker was hurt apparently. we don't know why the plane was out in the middle of the tarmac there. the worker sitting in the hospital bed was badly burned all over his body. 6:14. we are hearing the 911 calls from drivers who spotted a wrong way driver minutes before a deadly accident on route 50. christine parks was
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into another car. both drivers died on scene. >> came at me going the wrong way eastbound in westbound lanes. >> hi, i was calling about a car driving the wrong way down 50. they just caused a really bad accident. >> police tell us alcohol may have played a role in this crash. one more time. >> brian kilpatrick. >> new video showing the final inmate in the alabama jail break being arrested. police track down brady kilpatrick in florida where he was staying with a friend. the 24-year-old and 11 other inmates walked out of an alabama jail sunday. they used peanut butter to hide the number above the jail cell fo trick a prison guard into opening a door to let them out. he will be transferred
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alabama. 6:15. bill cosby looking for a new defense attorney before he is retried on sexual assault charges this fall. the lead attorney who defended him wants off the case. he filed documents asking to withdraw from the case. cosby charged with drugging and molesting former temple university employee andrea con stat. the jury deadlocked after deliberating 52 hours. we may have just elected a president. but the race to elect a new one has already started. >> maryland congressman john delaney trying to get a head start on the competition. >> i don't have the national name recognition that other people do, but i am solving that problem by getting in earlier, giving myself opportunity to do the work and go around the country and basically be open to that. quite frankly, other people are running for president now,
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everyone. >> delaney championed causes like higher minimum wage, tax hikes and fundamental preschool. delaney is not running for re-election next year. 17 after the hour. president trump spent almost every weekend of his presidency somewhere other than the white house. now he is giving a reason why. >> in a report on, he calls this place, the place he lives now, the white house, a real dump. the report claims he said that while talking to members of his club. the white house did not immediately respond to request for comment but a lot of you are sharing opinions. chelsea clinton responding with this tweet. she thanked white house staff and crew, butt letters, chefs, florists, engineers and several others for all their hard work. on this nomination, yays are 92, nays are 5. the
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>> that nomination for president trump's fbi director. the senate overwhelmingly voted to confirm christopher wray for that position yesterday. during the confirmation process, he assured lawmakers he would maintain strict independence from the white house. takes over for james comey who was fired in may. lawmakers will dig into the decision to keep the fbi he headquarters in washington. they scrapped the plan to move the headquarters to maryland or virginia. they were excited about jobs that move could have created. they'll examine the decision and discuss what options need to happen to address the bureau's needs. learning about a lawsuit against maryland governor larry hogan regarding his facebook page. news partners at wtop report he is sued for deleting comments and blocking critics on facebook. american civil liberties union filed that suit. accusing the governo
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violating first amendment rights of constituents. how do you feel about this. soon verizon center may not be called that any more. the name deal expires next year. the washington business journal found more than 50 website names registered to capital one. they include cap one center, and capital one arena no word from the company whether it's in talks to buy naming rights. >> how do you get people to change habits. still going to be verizon center. >> patriots center. >> reagan airport. want say reagan national. the redskins, the players aren't the only ones getting in shape for the new season. jay gruden dropped a few pounds. >> he is sharing some secrets with news4. here's what he says jump started his
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>> first four or five pounds came from apple cider vinegar, shot in the morning with water. i lost four or five pounds initially, started feeling better, started to watch what i ate, i wasn't as hungry. >> jay gruden's full interview with carol maloney. i tried something like that, you eat some vinegar, google the crash diets. >> lot of people tried the apple cider vinegar. seems to work for folks. >> by the way, back to verizon center. in tampa changed the name to 1800 ask gary amphitheater. >> i am looking that up. >> might still be called that. when i lived there, i'll say, he is smart. you have to say it all the time. >> we shall
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here's a look as we go outside. today the weather outlook exercise. well, it is heating up. we have been talking about a summertime pattern through the afternoon. hot and humid for today. definitely feeling a lot like yesterday. the commute this morning will be dry, but we have an isolated storm chance later this afternoon. that may be giving parts of the area a wet evening commute. lunchtime, hot and humid. going to the pool, keep an eye to the sky. have the nbc washington app. we will see a few thunderstorms try to flare up. 74 now. you see clouds around in the district. we have mostly cloudy skies out there currently. expect a mix of sun and clouds through the day today. 68 at dulles, 69 in clinton. gaithersburg in the upper 60s. here's the exercise forecast. this morning, 8:00 a.m., 78 degrees. mild by noon, heating up to close to 90. low 90s this afternoon. isolated storm chance. here's the satel.
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we don't have rain yet. this is future weather, trying to put a few sprinkles close to baltimore the next few hours. but chance for isolated storm will come after 2:00 p.m. you see a couple trying to flare up around the district but dying out once the sun goes down. for today, 91 for the high temperature. isolated afternoon storm possible. then go into the rest of the week, low 90s with isolated chance tomorrow, maybe friday. saturday rain chances look lower. we could see an isolated shower with a cold front moving through. look what it does for weekend temperatures in the mid-80s. let's check the roads for breaking news with jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> my goodness, breaking news now in prince william county in wood bridge. 123 blocked north of the bridge and toward workhouse road. all lanes closed with two or three power poles
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210 northbound, accident investigation after palmer road wrapped up. all lanes open. metro rail silver line, delays both directions with broken down train outside mclean. back to you. thank you. 6:23. do you want to work for amazon? you don't have to go far to find a new job. how you could launch a new career today. here's a party you may not want to join. a micro chipping party. one employer makes good on a plan that will change simple things you do at work. coming up on the "ellen" show, a family affair. rob lowe and his sons are hanging out on the cou. catcchh
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police spent the night building positive relationships in communities for national night out. little dancing too. >> get down. >> you can see it was a big hit in prince george's county. county executive posted this on twitter, showing residents dancing, having a good time. >> that's how you make an impact. you have to get people in the groove. got to be feeling it. well, it happened. dozens of employees in wisconsin, they're wearing the micro chips we have been talking about the last couple weeks. >> it is changing how they
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computers, they can be used to buy snacks from the vending machine. employees have microchip implanting party yesterday. more than 50 of them volunteered for the program. >> a few dozen decided against it, worried about id theft and gps tracking, things you probably should be worried about when you put something like that in your body. >> some were worried about long term impact on health. >> it didn't hurt that much they said. 6:27. following breaking news out of prince george's county. a deadly accident there. the investigation is under way. new details on the impact on your commute. if you have a student in prince george's county public schools and they don't have their vaccines when they start school, they will be turned away. i am erica gonzales. we know where you can get them taken care of for free. that's coming up. and it is nice outside. temperature is 74 degrees. as we go through the day,
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stray afternoon thunderstorm in the forec as
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anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide.
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the sun is up. heat and humidity making a come back. >> as things heat up, we could have more storms on the way. >> normally we would get to the storms first. we have an update from jack taylor. >> we may have very good news indeed. first we cleared the crash 210 northbound. now in wood bridge, 123 had been closed between old bridge road toward lorton road. chopper 4 arrived on scene, couple power poles were in the road that blocked 23 both directions. getting word from authorities they may have been able to reopen the roadway on 123. you see the activity, waiting to see if we have travel on lanes themselves. hopefully much better news in that stretch of 123. rail riders, silver line both direct,
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activity on the northbound side where all lanes are open, but southbound rubber necking delays are horrible. back to you. it is a warm, humid start to your wednesday. if you're about to step outside, you need sunglasses in some parts of the area. dry roads for your wednesday commute. 77 degrees by 7:00 a.m. you will notice heat and humidity similar to yesterday. by noon, 88 degrees. 5:00 p.m., 91. isolated shower chance similar to yesterday as well. could see a thunderstorm or two across the area. we will be watching that. 70 in leesburg, 69 in clinton, 68 in gaithersburg. temperatures will quickly be climbing today. coming up, you'll like the weekend temperatures. we have nice weekend changes in the forecast for you. i'll show you that and the beach forecast coming up. 6:33. a look at some of
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top stories. long time head of d.c.'s va medical center is fired. this was first reported by the news4 i-team. brian hawkins was in charge when internal investigators found supply shortages, unsanitary conditions in storage areas and cockroach infestation in food service areas. he had been reassigned to a new position in april. parents who sent kids to a sterling church camp forced to have some difficult conversations with them. 19-year-old richard hearns accused of trying to solicit sex from an underage boy. investigators say hearns used snap chat to send the younger camper lewd photos and solicit sex. investigators believe he could have more victims. president trump's border wall getting closer to reality. homeland security is granting waivers to allow construction crews to bypass environmental and land protection laws. waivers applied to san diego where officials are already upgrading miles of fencing. it's also clearing the way for a
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competition this summer to build and test prototypes for a wall with mexico. 6:34. some closure after a toddler's murder in manassas. joaquin rams faces life in prison for killing his son five years ago. he was sentenced yesterday. his son was 15 months old when he died. prosecutors say he wanted to collect on life insurance policy. 6:34. the justice department is going after colleges for possible discrimination. according to "new york times," the justice department is circulating an internal memo on plans to sue universities over affirmative action admissions policies that may discriminate against white applicants. the justice department is not commenting on the report. with summer vacation winding down, it is time to transition back, get back into gear. talking about the school year, getting kids ready for it. in order to start things on the right foot and on time,
6:35 am
work done, vaccinations at the top of the list. >> erica gonzales has everything we need to know to make sure kids have what they need to go back to school. hey, erica. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. listen, as parents everybody knows you have to spend on clothes, spend on school supplies. here's one thing you can get free. if you have a student in prince george's county that needs vaccinations before they go back to school, come here today through friday, get those taken care of free. this morning, let me tell you where we're at. technically, put it in the gps, upper marlboro, if familiar with this area, this is largo medical center, kaiser permanente largo center down the street from the boulevard. through friday, bring that exclusion letter with you. last year it was a big deal. more than 6,000 students in prince geoe'
6:36 am
on the first day of school and they will be turned away, parents, if they don't have those vaccines on the first day of school. lot of doctors we talked to simply said this has a lot to do with access to health care. they're trying to move any obstacles or barriers out of the way. this is opportunity to get here, get this taken care of. you have today, tomorrow, and friday to get it done. what if you live in arlington or d.c. we have a list of clinics that are available for you. find those on the nbc washington app by searching vaccines. live in upper marlboro, erica gonzales, back to you. >> thank you. we are working for those of you with kids in other districts. erica mentioned this. arlington county is holding free clinics tuesday, wednesday and friday's. alexandria schools saying they're sending letters to families whose children still need immunizations. montgomery county offers free clinics through the summer. n
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nbc washington app, search vaccines. today you can help give back to kids in our community. nbcsn worki back packs for kids. donate back packs and school supplies at any apple federal credit union. erica will be back at the credit union kingstown branch in alexandria tomorrow. you can donate cash and checks. everything collected will be donated to local kids and schools. always so wonderful in addition to getting donations to meet everybody. working for amazon could be the chance for you to land your dream job. how it could become reality. plus, murder mystery, rumors, intrigue. now the white house
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morning, too. you're about to step outside, the rest of the area looking at comfortable temperatures. 68 in centerville, 75 in washington. prince george's county around 70 degrees for the most part. grilling this afternoon, keep an eye out for an isolated storm. show you the timing and the weekend changes coming up. let's check the roads with jack. good morning. >> good morning. trouble spot was wood bridge on 123, both directions. all travel lanes opened once again. a lot of activity heading into the quarry, but through lanes are open. enormous traffic on i-95 between 123 and lorton, at least everything is open now. 6:41. if you need a new job, amazon is on this massive hiring spree. >> the retailer posts a higher 50,000 employees by tomorrow night. trying to staff fulfillment
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in baltimore. we checked and that baltimore center is looking to hire sorting, shipping and receiving asoets i can't tells. they're having in person interviews and giving offers on the spot. you can also apply online. good luck. 6:42. a pain for commuters, the rehab project that will impact your next ride. president trump under fire, accused of promoting police this is the moment. the moment you could put yourself in the driver's seat of a new mercedes-benz. come to mgm national harbor and enter the choose your ride giveaway. the more you play, the more chances you earn to win your share of $350,000
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so get a move on. join m life rewards and enter the choose your ride giveaway for a chance at your share of $350,000 in prizes and freeplay®. this is monumental.
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right now, a dnc staffer murdered, a conspiracy theory, the legal battle that goes all the way to the white house. >> you see these thugs thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, just see them thrown in rough, i said please don't be too nice. >> that was supposed to be a joke. some leaders in law enforcement are not laughing. the fallout and growing backlash. beach bummer. families left in a lurch. the next step for people that lost more than money when they were supposed to be on vacation. >> priceless memories. this is what money can't buy. 15 before the hour. following breaking news involving your commute this morning. this is indian head highway near palmer road in prince george's county. picture taken from chopper 4 in
6:46 am
traffic has started moving after a deadly motorcycle crash. news4 justin finch has an update on the investigation. what's the latest? >> reporter: as you mention, traffic has reopened out here. meantime, prince george's county police are working to determine the cause of the fatal crash that involved a motorcyclist and car. let's take you to the scene just after midnight. prince george's county police were on scene of this motorcyclist that died on indian head highway after apparently they say rear ending a vehicle. that broken bike was towed away. the vehicle driver was also treated for nonlife threatening injuries, and northbound indian head highway traffic was moved onto palmer road for hours out here as the prince george's county police department continued to carry out their crash investigation. as you see, traffic is now live, moving smoothly on scene
6:47 am
effected for some time by the effects of the crash. again at this moment, police haven't identified the driver of that motorcycle who died here overnight. we are live from fort washington, justin finch, news4, back to you. >> thank you. more breaking news now. a man arrested for allegedly shooting and killing a manager of a cvs in warrenton, virginia. police say he shot a man last week at the store on blackwell road in fauquier county. his body found on the side of the building near a dumpster. they say he is also an employee of the cvs. didn't refeel possible motive for the murder. a judge will consider protective orders for three firefighters. firefighters say they need to be protected from a fellow firefighter. this is a story first on news4. this all started last month when a confederate flag license plate caused confrontation between first
6:48 am
idris deb rule was accused of making threats to co-workers. he says the allegations are false. >> spoke my mind in a controlled manner and i was met with jokes and laughter by my supervisors amongst other firefighters and i didn't feel like that was appropriate. >> the fire department is investigating. meantime, a judge has already denied one of the protective orders against him. 6:48. new lawsuit raising explosive allegations against the white house. it has to do with discredited fox news reporter on seth rich. the dnc staffer was murdered in what police call a botched robbery. private investigator rod wheeler says fox news hired him to investigate rich's murder, then intentionally misquoted him. the story suggested rich leaked e-mails from the dnc to wikileaks. wheeler claims president trump and white house officials reviewed that story, urged fox to run it to divert attention
6:49 am
the story was later retracted. 6:49. attorney general jeff sessions is instructing police officers to conduct themselves, quote, in a lawful way. this after president trump commented that officers should treat suspected criminals more roughly. >> peter alexander following this story from the white house. >> reporter: good morning from here at the white house. new backlash today from within the administration after the president's recent remarks to police, appearing to encourage them roughing up suspects. the white house calling that comment a joke, head of drug enforcement agency just delivered a stunning rebuke, telling thousands of agents to disregard the president's message that he said condoned police misconduct. also this morning, the president's aides pushing back on questions about his credibility after conceding that mr. trump weighed in on the initial statement about his eldest son's meeting with a russian lawyer during the campaign. that's all ahead this morning when we see you
6:50 am
only on news4. you may not realize it, but all of that rain actually causes problems for metro because it leaks into tunnels, impacts the commute. the transit agency says they're doing all they can to keep the tunnel safe and dry now, and the red line, water that gets into tunnels between medical center and friendship heights can lead to track fires. that slows you down to and from work. that section of the tunnel sits underneath saturated ground and all of the pressure from groundwater presses on the tunnel walls causing the leaking. this weekend, bethesda and medical center stations will be closed to continue working on the problem. we know now at least three lawsuits have been filed against the construction company that caused that massive power outage in the outer banks. crews building a new bridge cut the main power cables last week. about 50,000 tourists were forced to leave ocracoke and
6:51 am
vacation season. lawsuits filed in courts say the construction company was negligent and should pay for financial losses suffered by the businesses. officials say it could take another week or two to restore all of the power. we are working for you if one of the people forced to cancel plans because of the power outage. if you didn't buy travel insurance, you may be out of luck when it comes to getting money back. if you did, read the policy carefully, see if something like a power outage is covered. one prince george's county family out more than $8,000 for their vacation rental. he says missing out on memories hurts more than losing the money. >> priceless memories. this is what money can't buy at my age and memories. >> more tips on what to do if you have been effected by outages. search outer banks. the nationals, this is fun. >> get another shot against the marlins tonight. >> last night they blew a huge lead, that wasn't t
6:52 am
max scherzer, did he get them started. take a look. >> pulls one to deep left field. this has got a chance. max scherzer, his first major league homerun! >> nice. that's scherzer smacking a three-run homer. it was the first one of his career. teammates had a little fun with him right after icing him out at first. but unfortunately what happened next wasn't good. >> he didn't stay in the game, because of spasms in his neck. he says he slept on it a few days ago funny. don't know if that will impact his next scheduled start. >> and strasburg out as well. let's go to jack taylor. >> makes me realize i can move my neck. 270 southbound, a lot of activity on the northbound lanes. everything has been
6:53 am
black line out of frederick. chopper 4 still down. delays i-95 northbound out of wood bridge because of closure on 123 near old bridge road headed toward work house road. all activity pushed to the side. headlights northbound, that's main lanes. we have heavy traffic delays there, but not that bad. at least kind of getting into the morning rush hour with all lanes available. we're getting better news here. sheena has good news in the weather department. >> i do. if you like that summer weather pattern, it will continue. a thunderstorm possible, similar to what part of the area saw yesterday. not everyone will see a storm today, we will have a couple of isolated ones developing, mostly after 2:00 p.m. then we go into the weekend and have nice changes. the 80s come back into the forecast. i think you'll like the temperatures. if youo
6:54 am
70 in frederick, 70 in leesburg. if you are walking the dog, this is lady, available at the humane rescue if you need a dog to walk. she's up for adoption. head to the website to find out how to adopt her. notice a mix of clouds and sun today. by noon, humid, 87 degrees. 6:00 p.m., isolated storm chance possible. 91 for a high today. it is going to be a hot and humid one. we're also getting excited to clear the shelters less than a month away. saturday august 19th. more on the nbc washington app. trying to get as many adopted and out of the shelter as possible. here's the satellite. we have cloud cover this morning. zoom into the district. live shot outside. there you see cloud cover. we're still looking at a pretty nice morning, mild and humid out there. if you're curious about what's happening to tropical depression emily, it is off in
6:55 am
from us. not going to worry about it, not a big deal, stays out to sea, will move away from the u.s. future weather, a couple of thunderstorms flaring up later this afternoon. there you see them. as we go into the evening hours, isolated storms start to die down. beach forecast is good. isolated chance friday or saturday, temperatures around 80. for the rest of the area this weekend, look at that. 85 saturday, 84 sunday. by monday that's going to be the next chance of quite a bit of rainfall. we will be watching that as we get closer. five minutes away from 7:00 hour. here are four things to know. a man is dead in a motorcycle crash in prince george's county. it happened at 12:30 this morning on indian head highway near palmer road. the other driver is expected to be okay, and traffic is moving in fort washington. follow justin finch on twitter for updates. a judge will consider granting protective orders for three montgomery county firefighters. they say they need protection from a fellowef
6:56 am
washington app. congress, shifting focus to your money, your taxes. battle lines are already shaping up between republicans and democrats. 45 democrats signed a letter outlining what they want. full analysis ahead on the "today" show. free immunization clinics happening for prince george's county students. parents take your kids to largo medical center through friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to get the shots your kids need for school. other clinics for students in the area are posted on our nbc washington app. another summer like day. 91 degrees this afternoon. going to be a hot, humid one. similar to yesterday. a lot of the area will stay dry, then we have a chance for a few isolated thunderstorms developing, mostly after 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, we have a chance. 91. friday, can't rule out stray showers, 92. saturday, look at that. a cold front moves through, will drop us in the mid-80s for the weekend.
6:57 am
that's the day we're watching. could be a widespread shower and stormy vent. we will watch going into next week. i think today, not too bad. the weekend is looking really good. >> clear the shelters. that's coming up. you mentioned it here. >> nbc washington app for more information, saturday august 19th. we will be updating everybody on information and details. we are less than a month away. thanks for joining us for news4 today. the "today" show is next. >> 25 mi nu
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good morning. breaking overnight, the u.s. breaking overnight, the u.s. launches a long range missile test from california, another strong message for north korea. secretary of state rex tillerson weighing in on the crisis in his first briefing since taking office six months ago. is there still hope for a diplomatic solution? nbc news exclusive, the 71-year-old grandfather involved in this ugly airport confrontation with a united employee speaking out for the first time. >> i remember sort of stumbling back and then i remember falling. >> the united agent seeing it very differently. >> i think he lost his balance, i'm not sure he fell. >> so who is telling the truth? tfy


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