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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 3, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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along the green way severe thunderstorm warning here in yellow, that includes leesburg, ash burn in there, as well, right along route 7. severe thunderstorm warning until 6:30. i want to show you some other areas in here. this is over towards sterling and then right back over towards where the radar is, which is right along the green way. a lot of lightning with this, moving towards the sterling area, if you live in and around sterling or just west of sterling towards ashburn, make sure you get in doors, we're tracking that storm system. other storms still developing. we've had a little bit of like ning. this is around the fair land area and right along 95, not good for the evening rush, farther to the south. other storms still developing. moving right in, right in towards the clifton region, in through fairfax county, down towards prince william county and more back towards culpepper county, too. we have more storms that will
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right here from the storm system we'll have more on that and your weekend forecast coming up. >> thanks, doug. >> and we will keep you up to date on the changing weather situation out there, but first, we're covering lots of news across the area tonight. it's going to be a long road ahead for the rookie firefighters who was hit by a fire truck while he was on the job. as carbon mo sox side leak. >> we have more details on the arrest of the man who held his girlfriend and their two children captive inside their home for more than two years. now, they are free. he's behind bars and we're working to get answers. >> we begin tonight with an i-team special report, a local child protective service agency drops the ball, mishandling the case of a teacher
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a mistake allowed the teacher back in the local classroom for years. investigation by scott mcfarlane and news 4 i-team reveals the error and experts could put more children at risk, scott. >> doreen, good evening. the teacher has denied the accusations from the start. child protective service officials say he should not have been allowed back in the classroom, yet that's where he ended up. almost immediately. he wasn't just a teacher but an assistant prison pal in arlington public schools until. >> in 2006 when she was third grade, she was forced to engage in oral sex in clairmont elementary and then she was
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in september 2013, arlington county child protective services found them engaged in a level one sex offense, it was clear and convincing evidence, which isn't public, but disqualifies from teaching again. >> that's a significant sexual offense. >> yes. this is a serious situation that needs to be addressed in the most controlled way possible. >> child abuse counselor, of virginia says the teaching career should have ended there. >> my opinion would be that that would disqualify that person from ever having contact with children again. that's a very serious situation. >> but an investigation by the news 4 i-team reveals the teaching career never even slowed. the same month he was found to have engaged by arlington child protective agents, he started a new assistant principal job at
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prince georges county. how did he sleep through the cracks and into a classroom again. he appealed his case to state social services in richmond that allowed his name to be pulled from the child abuse registry which would have flagged other schools from hiring him, including prince georges county where he would go on to work for more than three years. former teacher engaged even though arlington county
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hall from arlington public schools. the agency failed to notify the state education department charles pile of the virginia department of education didn't speak about the case, but said such a mistake by child protective services is a violation of state law. >> window for individual to move to another state and secure license in another state just move to another district here in virginia. >> arlington county child protective services declined multiple request for an interview and said it couldn't answer specific questions about the case. in a written statement, the county will look into and address any report that required notification was not the same. it also ensure that it's protocols are updated state finally quit his maryland teaching job and loss his virginia teaching license in may of 2017 only after arlington public schools decided to check back on whatever
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found to have engaged in a sex offense and had been teaching all the while in maryland. >> allowing someone to continue to work and have access to other children is just a very e gree jous situation because we have the same children to consider. >> the state confined the interview and thomas johnson in january. coming up tonight at 11:00, more on our investigation including how parents at maryland school say they found out about this man's class and what the school principle did just today because of our report. >> wow. just to clarify. 2013 when he filed for an appeal. he didn't win that appeal and yet his name was still not published. >> the loophole is, you're off the child abuse registry and your license stays intact while you appeal, not if you win the appeal. he ended up losing it yet because of the mistake that was made. >> two years later he lost it. but again he kept the license because the mistake modeled the loophole. >> so hard for children to report these thingsnd
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of interviewing with police and all of that, which is much worse when they do a report and nothing happens. >> when these things take years, the children have to be ready to participate in the process. >> awful. >> scott mcfarlane, thank you. coming up on sunday august 123th at 11:30 a.m. they'll walk you step by step through yearlong investigation and show parents how to protect their children in the school year ahead. >> right now the family is asking that you keep him in your prayers this evening. he's fight r for his life. he is working a house fire in northeast when a fire truck hit him. he comes from a family of firefighters and megan fitzgerald reports he just graduated from the training
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academy. >> the fire service in general is dangerous, there are many dangers. >> they do it because of their passion to serve others. why they said engine company three say 28-year-old is two uncles served the dc fire department. he was eager and excited when he joined the ranks two months ago. >> he was making sure that his family was proud of him. >> he was ready when the call came in last night for a fire. >> he was pulling a hose from an engine when another fire truck turned the corner slamming right into him. everyone is coming together but the mood isn't the same around here. >> thank you. thank you. we appreciate it. >> other agencies like the capitol police have stopped by to offer their
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>> woe don't have to make lunch for ourselves tonight. >> we try to be there for each other. we try to show support. >> it's a gesture that help. but crews here say they won't feel better until they hear their brother will be okay. >> everybody is here to, you know, lean on everybody else to get through these incidents. >> now, the family release a statement saying that he is still in icu and still in critical condition and at this point they're asking for privacy and prayer. we're also learning that he just got engage to his girlfriend. wendy. >> and i understand that the firefighters -- his brothers and sisters are fighting that fire. not only have the burden of knowing he was injured they still have to fight that fire. what do we know about that. >> that's exactly
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>> and as you mention, while they're trying to knock out the fire, as one of thafr owns. -- the "wall street journal" reporting special council robert mueller has convened a washington grand jury to look into russian medially in the 2016 election. not necessarily a sign that the investigation is ramping up, but certainly showing it is not slowing down. >> this was just about michael flynn or they had a grand jury in jury in action in northern virginia, you wouldn't reinvent
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we're going to transfer everything to a grand jury in your offices, we'll be using a lot. >> president trump's personal attorney, john, tells nbc news his team was not aware of the development but has no reason to believe the president is under investigation and has cooperated with every step of the investigation to get this thing over and done with. meanwhile questions raised by an exclusive nbc news report. president trump is frustrated with the pentagon strategy in afghanistan suggesting the top commander there, general john mickelson should be fired. today members of the president's own team defending the general. >> i can't imagine more capable commander on any mission. >> this coming on the same day as news of two u.s. soldiers killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan. >> it will be at a time when new pollmb
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his national approval ratings are hovering at an all-time low. nbc news, white house. >> so when you go to the doctor, you are concerned about your safety, but one patient says her doctor went too far. danger in the backseat, you might rethink your uber or taxi ride after you see this story. >> oh, well the back seems like a much safer place to be in the car. naturally, the back, i don't need to be buckled up. >> we've got new warning for those who go unbuckled in the back. >> and i'm tracking the strong to severe thunderstorms. this warning right now for loudoun county around the sterling area, as well. if you live in this area, make sure you take cover severe thunderstorm warning there. until 6:30. another storm really strengthening now right around, this is right along the beltway over towards the spri
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and another new severe thunderstorm warning this time for a storm right here, i just talked about this storm about two-and-a-half minutes ago, around springfield right along 495, heads up along the cross road over towards falls church, this severe thunderstorm warning going until 7:00 tonight includes part of the city at fairfax, as well as tysons parts of arlington county and
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this has been intensifying over the last half hour to 45 minutes or so you see all of the lightning associated with this right along the beltway here. as we move back towards the west, here is the other storm that has severe thunderstorm warning for loudoun county weakening just a little bit. if you live between sterling and ash burn, other storms still in our area continuing to pop up. i'm going to continue watch out for these for you. not bad. >> thank you, doug. trust is at the heart of the dr. patient relationship. but a local woman says her doctor betrayed that
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>> former anesthesiologist is accused of -- in courthouse. >> if you were a patient of dr. williams, wouldn't you want to know that dr. williams had been accused of sexual misconduct. >> one alleges that williams inappropriately touched patients and abused them during physical examinations. williams worked at the kaiser locations from 2010 until he was dismissed in 2014. >> what makes this even worse and more tragic is that kaiser did nothing despite their moral, legal ethical obligations. >> williams was investigated by the maryland board of physicians and lost his license in 2016. the boards reportedly investigation reads, t
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conduct constituted a substantial likelihood of of harm to the public health, safety and welfare, after suspension, the board determined that there exist a substantial likelihood of a risk of serious harm, safety and welfare in the physicians continued practice. the attorney filing the class action suit believes there are more victims. >> we know from the board of physicians reform, that this was a vast and significant problem. >> kaiser released a statement to news 4 that reads in part, in this case, we terminated the position and reported him to the position licensing boards in maryland, virginia and the district of columbia. we have also reached out to each person who has raised allegations against dr. williams and sought to address their concern. when the attorney said that kaiser did not do anything, what he's referring to is a long-period of time the doctor was allowed to continue working, although there had been allegedly a number of
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he believes there are 12 other victims out there. there are a number of civil suits against this doctor, but we searched and both montgomery county and did not find any criminal charges. i'm tracee wilkins, back to you all in the studio. >> thank you, tracee. >> we have new details tonight of the death of that texas woman who was buried alive suffocated in the sand of ocean city. police tells news 4 it is quite possible that the hole that ashley o'connor's body was found in monday morning had been doug by someone else. it's against city ordinance to leave a hole uncovered after you leave the beach. investigators say it's not clear whether o'connell fell into that large hole or whether she jumped into it. the sand caved in around her nonetheless and she suffocated. her death has been ruled an accident. between uber, lyft and the other ride hailing services, we're spending more time in the backseat. >> new study is showing us how dangeroit
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overwhelming number of you took our facebook survey and said, of course you use seat belts. >> of course, you do. a few said sometimes, but not in taxis or in ride shares. news 4 chris lawrence is working for you to make sure you and your family members don't have a false sense of security. i know we all do. >> i mean, yeah, we let someone do the driving, we hop in the backseat and immediately -- pick up the phone. start stairing at the phone. but take a look at these crashes and pay attention to the flying everywhere. the insurance institute for highway safety surveyed drivers across the country and four out of five people say they're on a short ride taking a taxi or uber, look at that, they don't bother to buckle up and that makes them, what you just saw, human missiles. drivers are twice as likely to be killed when the person behind them isn't buckled up. the passenger flies into the front sit pushing the driver into the deploying air bag or
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watched it. somebody hit them and the mother went flying through the front -- remember, the front windshield and she ended up in the hospital. some people say, it's tight back there. it's a little uncomfortable. you know, the number one reason people say they don't buckle up, they think it's safe. >> yeah, you do. >> in the backseat. >> when you're enclosed back there. >> they wese
6:22 pm
not in the rear. >> well, that video is going to change. oh, the back, i don't need to be buckled up. i'll sit in the backseat. >> yeah, the numbers say otherwise, 2015. because they were not buckled up in the back. a lot of people say what might help are those beeping warning lights that always tell you when you're -- >> when you're in the backseat. >> right. >> the problem is so few cars have been in the rear seat. >> yeah. that probably will change. >> hope so. >> all right. very -- yes. they had not been outside for two years. who was their kapter and how did they get him behind bars.
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that i can a look at it and show you what's happening down there. take a look, a lot of traffic. that's normally the case. when you add in the rain, we're definitely seeing things slower right there as we move on through the rest of the evening hours, it's going to be slow go in many parts of the area because of all this heavy rain. it goes through fairfax and dc up towards portions of bethesda and the track of this storm as we track this out for you here, notice where it's going to be, right around the 4:32 hour and 6:28 hour. 6:30 around mcclain at around 6:33. it's got your way if you may not hear it now. it's coming.
6:27 pm
loudoun county. there's a severe thunderstorm warning, it believe this will have a severe threshold. we may see this warning cancelled as this storm has been weakening here, but still, some heavy rain right now right along route 7 and towards leesburg. more rain and more thunderstorm. look how they've developed over the past couple of hours, developing, pulsing up and pulsing back down. you see the movement here from different storms, another area of rain that we're seeing starting to enhance a little bit, right around the beltway over towards college park and over towards kensington, seeing some of the heaviest rain and starting to come right through downtown right now, more thunderstorm activity. >> as we take a look at the
6:28 pm
i'm talking about. numerous showers and storms developing and moving over as the same area as they have the last couple of days. here is our city camera. yeah, there's the heavy rain coming right through downtown right now. every once in a while. we see some lightning out, as well. we'll continue to see that rain. i think the afternoon and evening will be okay and it will be tomorrow night when we have the best chance of storms. 2 clk, 4:00, isolated storm i think most of the storms should be after that time period this weekend, just gorgeous weather. 84 on saturday, 86 on sunday. phenomenal weekend before we look at more rain, more storms on monday, high temperature of 83 in the middle of the next week looking really good.
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the growing problem of carbon monoxide leaks in police suvs have reached our area. >> we've been telling you about reports of officers passing out in our vehicles. well, montgomery county police have found problems in a large number of ford suvs and their fleet and police department
6:32 pm
>> news -- news 4 mark seagraves broke the story on facebook and twitter and joins us on the set. when montgomery county police started inspecting their fleet what did they find and how big of a problem did they find. >> they found a big problem with their vehicles. they're taking the situation very seriously. montgomery county has been inspecting its fleet over the past several months using a camera to look at the engine's manifold. what they found, 108 board suvs in the fleet, those test found cracks in the engine's manifold on about 80% of the vehicles. that's what montgomery county police have found. >> so what are the police departments. >> yeah, the other regions are doing the same thing. they're doing a combination of things of either notifying all of their officers about the problem to be aware of it. they're also doing proactive inspections like montgomery county and some counties, including fairfax, are actually
6:33 pm
>> that makes sense. >> yeah, but once you get a -- your car gets a clean bill of health, it's no chance it's going to break down later that whatever it is that's pulling this interior department that's not going to happen, you're good to go. >> that's what they hope, right. that's what ford is telling people, especially consumers, consumer grade, which a lot of people are worried about whether or not they have to worry. we've got 800 number at our web site and you can go there and they're telling you to either call that 800 number if you own an explorer or take it to the dealer and get it checked. one of the things they say can be the problem, the air spoiler that's on the back of the suv the exhaust comes up and it's trapped by that and there's a leak and it sends it into the cabin. that's one of the things they're looking at. i will say montgomery county said even though 80% of the fleet had cracks in the manifold, none of the cars tested positive for carbon monoxide inside the cabin. so far none of the po
6:34 pm
in our region have reported any illnesses from any of the officers. >> that's good to know. great. mark seagraves, thanks so much. >> more breaking weather situation out there. back to storm in the doug center. >> another warning. we've go two now, from the same storm system, but really. it's a couple of different stompls within this complex. we've got one coming right now through arlington and another one right through downtown. we've got a great shot for you, as a matter of fact, take a look at this. this is an amazing shot of this storm. this is looking towards here is tyson's corner right here. this is from the northwest. you can see the extremely heavy re rain fall making its way down. you see the outer portion of the storm here, it's probably starting to see rain coming out of this portion, as well, but extremely heavy rain. you can see what's happening right downtown, a lot of like ning with this, too, and new warning is right here to the north. in through prince georges county and montgomery county, if you live in northwest and bethesda area and live around the
6:35 pm
chase, we have seen trees down with this storm. we've also seen hail associated with this storm. it is right now seeing some hail in and around the arlington area and right through downtown. again, a dangerous situation, severe thunderstorm warning for montgomery county, fairfax county, dc, this warning here south until 7. this warning, now until 7:15 as this whole line is developing, a lot of lightning associated with this, extremely heavy rain fall and this is something, i think, we'll continue to develop over the next 20 to 30 minutes or so, so stay with us right here. we've dropped this warning now in -- and brought this over towards the east. that's why this warning is now so elongated, including the south areas, stay with us, we'll continue to keep you posted, extremely heavy rain coming right through downtown right now. take a look at the white house, you see what i'm looking at there, you see the rain coming right through downtown, even the washington monument, a little bit on the hard side, that rain is coming down. not a lot of wind in this picture, we have reports of
6:36 pm
church area, that is also something we'll be tracking. we'll stay with this. we'll stay with you and we'll update you on anything that does develop. i'm going to be right back here from the storm enter in just under five minutes. a wild week for these latest storms, thank you, doug. >> yes, it is. >> for more than two years, all they saw was the inside walls of their 1,200 square foot house. deputies say karim moore held his family captive. tonight his girlfriend and their two children are free. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver explains the investigation is leaving neighbors with more questions than answers. >> reporter: at what point did you learn what was going on? this neighbor tells me she's lived about four years from this home, more than half of that time deputies say it's been a prison. they say karim moore has helped his two kids and girlfriend here. >> really, right here in our nei
6:37 pm
neighbors, of schools, part of the reason may be in the geography of where this house sits. you can see a lot of the wooded acreage, about four acres altogether, pretty sizable piece of land. this is my road. the only way to the house is from that road. there are neighborhoods real by and pretty close, too, they have their own entrance and exit. more incredible about this story, though, is how deputies say they uncovered this captivity plot. they showed up here saturday around 5:00. they got a welfare check. come with me. this is where they encountered mr. moore. they say karim moore walked out. he was talking with deputies here. they say he got evasive when they say they wanted to go in and check on the family. that's when we noticed somebody coming out of this side, come over here. you can see this out the side of this door, rushed his girlfriend and their two kids. >> i think that's one of the most insane things i've heard
6:38 pm
especially around here. two years. >> two years. tonight moore is the one in custody. he's the one being held captive. he's in jail, charged with abduction. abduction of his own family. david culver, news 4. >> the problem with heroin and opioid addiction now reaching our nation's schools. it's got one local district preparing for the worse and stocking up on something that can save lives. do you get stressed when you go to the doctor and you know you'll haveo be weigh ted
6:39 pm
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built for business. >> tracking that severe thunderstorm right in downtown. if you live inside the beltway, you're most likely seeing or hearing this storm right now in and around bethesda right through downtown washington that's where we're seeing the heaviest rain fall along 66. take a look at this, look at
6:41 pm
16th street, georgia avenue, same areas that got hit yesterday right through downtown, look at the national mall, really getting inundated with heavy rain, moving over 66 in through parts of virginia around the crossroads in and around boston area, seeing very heavy rain there, too. on this track, making its way to the north. you can severe thunderstorm warning as well as montgomery and the district and it's moving to the north at about 20, 25 miles an hour, along that track, 6:42, into parts of chevy chase, wide -- around the fair land area at 6:57 and around 7:00 coming into e ton. we'll continue to track these storms for you. i'll be back with another live look. there are a few other that is i'm tracking. i'll be back. >> doug, thank you. as we've been reporting for months now, the number of people from dying from opioid overdoses is rising. >> one school district is taking steps to reverse this disturbing trend on the
6:42 pm
classes this year, montgomery county public school student will be walking into a building that's stocked. that life-saving treatment that reverses overdoses. the county spent the summer training its school staff on administering treatment during emergencies, the decision to put a dosage in all 205 schools is in response to new maryland law. it's designed to tackle the state's drug crisis. >> we've never had a case of overdose on our school property. but it doesn't mean that we don't need to be prepared. >> the new maryland law requires public schools to teach students about the dangers of narcotics. they call it fat shaming and it can add to the burden of weight struggles. when it comes from your own doctor, that's a different story and it can
6:43 pm
for women and men. according to researches in the study, they found some doctors did not take obese patients complaints seriously or they blamed the weight for the symptoms and some doctors seemed reluctant to touch overweight patients or shake their heads while reading their charts. young fairfax county is making history at a school dominated by men. as you'll see next only on news 4, her family could not be more proud.
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6:46 pm
once again, continuing to track the storms on storm team 4 radar, the biggest of which right now, right downtown in through the district and arlington, if you live in arlington and live through the district now coming in towards prince georges kouny here, right around college park and its moving that way, if you live around, college park right in this area here around delphi as well starting to see the storms forming that way, over towards south, this is where the storms are. again, we've seen hail out of these, nickel size hail, some quarter size hail has been reported, quarter size hail could do a little bit of damage here with the strongest of the storm northern portions of washington moving in right now towards maryland. you can see it right here around the delphi, if you live in chevrolet over towards green belt, you're going to get in on this action very very quickly, so make sure you stay inside the house. the kids are playing out there in green belt right now, maybe a little bit of light rain, get them si
6:47 pm
once again, hear thunder, get in doors. when thunder roars, get in doors, that's the rhyme we like to say, that helps. very heavy rain fall and, yes, still expecting some hail to fall from this and we could see 60 mile an hour wind. it goes until 7:30 tonight or 7:15 around portions of montgomery count and portions of prince georges county. i would not be surprised to see this extended farther to the east. we're seeing it move farther to the east between buoy. now, other storms continuing to form. this one right now just south of fairfax, look, a new severe thunderstorm warning, let me make sure this one is in here so you can see it. this severe in effect for fairfax county and loudoun county most likely until 7:30 tonight. that severe thunderstorm warning has just -- that thunderstorm literally just formed about
6:48 pm
minutes ago and that's what happens with these afternoon storms they pulse up very very quickly, once they do, they let down the very heavy rain. they let down the hail and they also pulse out. when they do that, they send wind. back around the warranty area. this is all part of what's happening in through the mid-atlantic. most of the weekend looking great. your forecast tomorrow, 92 degrees sun and cloud. your weekend looking fantastic. 84 on your saturday. 86 on sunday. 83 on monday. 70% chance of rain and more storms on monday before another nice stretch of weather in the middle ox
6:49 pm
evening watching these storms. >> we can't go home. we can't get out of the building into the parking lot. >> thank you, doug. >> fairfax county nay tiff tive making military history as the first to be first captain at west point. >> it's the top leadership role for cadets. julie carey spoke to her family and mentor. the storey you're only going to see here on news 4. this is the picture that has simone's family and friends bursting with pride. it comes with west point's announcement that they'll leave the core cadets, the first african-american woman to hold the top position. i'm so proud of her. she's a big role moodle for me. i'm so proud. >> she's always been an achiever, a leader at fairfax high school, she was president of her class, captain of the
6:50 pm
black student union. but now at age 20, which is making history. she says simone was drawn to the military at young age third grader she watched it march into a football game. >> she saw them all in formation and rose up and asked me, what does it take to lead that. >> simone got -- the naval academy and west point, it was her love of the army that decided she takes a lot of pride in west point and she has always been a leader. >> pat was simone's mentor. she made history herself four decades ago as one of the west point's first females. >> this has happened in my lifetime. i didn't think i was going to see it. >> she painted her car in celebration. her family says simone is well aware of the significance of her new position, she knows many will be watching. >> and, you know,
6:51 pm
step, not only to go with the african-american women, it shows that, no matter, your race, your sex, you can really do anything and there's nothing
6:52 pm
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you know, we like to say football training camp is a continuum of count downs. we had a count down, starter of proceedings last week, now we're just a week away against the ravens and as we bring in sherry live in richmond, apparently the count down to the first fight is -- i guess we had a bit of a flair-up today in richmond. >> yeah, you know, there was a little bit of chib byness between wide receiver and rookie linebacker. this happened during a portion of karch we'camp we're not allo shoot. it's football, you've got to expect a little physical contact and as long as it doesn't spill over off the field, all should be good. one guy not getting messed with is phil tailor. he just signed with redskins, he's returning home to dmv area. and he's giving back to prince gerg
6:55 pm
>> not as fortunate as everyone, it's a good thing you can do. it shows, each year they're getting bigger and bigger. this year we had 5 or 600 kids. >> he was one of those kids not so long ago without a lot of those options. taylor is always giving back to his hometown, even before joining the gold. >> growing up, it wasn't a lot of guy going at that time, you know, and a lot of guys, they do it now, but a lot of guys they charge kids to come into their camps. i don't think it's right. you know, if you're going to do a camp and you're blessed to have the money you have, you know what i'm saying, it should be free. i want the kids to come out there and enjoy, they don't worry about playing for anything. it's free. >> a lot of people think, you can play football. i mean, you've got to have good grades. you've got to go through high school and listen to your teachers, you've got to get good grades in college, i mean, it's
6:56 pm
it's about life. i always say the nfl, you know, you've got to think down the line. you know, not what you're doing now, you have to know what you're going to do after football. >> a lot of players had their family at practice today and these two cuteties strapping on the pads and practicing two of the littlest guys on the field. twin boys, how cute are they. playing in the pads for the first time. i caught up with paul about working out with his kids for the first time and they actually get to tackle each other. >> i don't know if they're ready. you know, they'll play with us first and second, and they're kindergarteners, you know, i don't know if they're quite ready yet, you know, i'm going to throw them to the wolves, they're tough kids. i'm going to throw them to the wolves and see what happens. >> i'm like, you're not suppose to actually be on the ground. i'm trying to get him to understand that we want to stay on our feet, not dive the opposite way and try to be like, oh, to make it
6:57 pm
>> paul would say, he also had a 16-year-old son who played football. it's those two twins that's football nuts when it comes to his family. >> i didn't know you can call football players, cuteties, they are, cuteties, they're five. don't forget football back tonight. it's the first preseason game. hall of fame game, cardinals, 8:00 on this network followed by news 4 at 11:00. new england patriots training camp, what are you going to give them, a goat, he's called the greatest of all time. for his 40th birthday. goat. rare patriots jerseys. take pictures with them and it's fitting. the camp run by bill belichick who grew up around navy football and therefore grew up around goats. so goats just fit the patriots camp and brady's
6:58 pm
>> all right. thanks. >> thank you, dave. >> thank you for joining us. >> nightly news is next.
6:59 pm
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breaking news tonight. a new report of a big move by special counsel robert mueller empanelling a grand jury in washington. what it means for the trump campaign russia investigation behind closed doors. suicide texting sentence. judgment day for a young woman convicted after urging her boyfriend to kill himself before he took his own life. a case garnering national attention. a big police department under fire. officers accused of planting evidence. we'll show you what was caught on their body cameras leading to dozens of cases being overturned. backseat hazard. an alarming new look at the dangers of not buckling up in the back of the car. it's not just your own life you're putting at risk. and a great american success story celebrating a


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