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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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came from planet mars. i don't care. get him in here. let do it. i don't know enough about the situation. it's hard unless you've actually interviewed him. have you talked to him to know, is he all in on football? is he in the kind of shape he has to be? those are the rumors floated out there. >> i haven't talked to him. but the san francisco people, chip kelly never thought it was a problem. commitment and doing his job, and sass you saas you said, he good year. >> al: a time-out is taken on defense by arizona. always dangerous when you go to the fans for advice. jimmy haslem with the skid row once and said grab johnny manziel as i recall. >> cris: there's a guy i get excited about a little bit. any time you see a young man
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come back from injury, and jaylon smith was a dynamic player at notre dame. he was a great young man and how wonderful his attitude was. the last game of his college career in the bowl game, in what looked like a nothing kind of play, gets hurt for the first time. he was telling us, the first time he's been injured. sits out the entire year. thank god now that he is feeling better and that foot is now starting to -- he can lift it now. that was the issue. he couldn't lift his foot. now he can. i think he's very confident he's going to be a player for them this year. >> his brother is tearing it up, cris. >> cris: rod is getting a lot of action. he might be one of those guys that surprises some people. they feel like he can come in and block a little bit and do some protection stuff. >> al: carried 15 times tonight, 46 yards. he's caught 3 for 25 to set up a
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third down and two. this will take us down to almost the 2:00 warning. >> al: time-out arizona. >> al: time-out by arizona. here is smith working out jaylon before the game tonight. >> cris: tell me what you see, tony. >> i see a little bounce and a guy that doesn't look like he's worried about his leg. so that -- he wasn't ready for lee. that's for sure. he looks like he's not thinking about it. that's got to be a good feeling for the cowboys. >> cris: he said that they had to let it heal. whatever the nerve, it heals at one millimeter per day, right, al? isn't that what he said. one millimeter a day. the dallas cowboys team doctor
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so the cowboys had some insights as to his recovery period. >> al: wish him the best. they're going to spot him throughout preseason and have him ready for opening night. all-out blitz and they'll be stopped short of a first down. connor hamlett, one of the dallas tight ends is forced out of bounds. it will be fourth down when we come back with the 2:00 warning.
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>> al: johnson controls hall of fame undergoing an expansion that will transform it into the ultimate football destination. the national youth football sports complex, indoor themed amusement and water park, brand new hotel and care center all in place for the centennial season in 2020. what a job they've done. we've been coming here over 30 years with george hill and malibu kelly hayes. it was a hole different scene. high school stadium. of course, they had the disaster last year when the field was unplayable. they had to cancel the game. bu
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done a heck of a job. >> cris: what do you think of this tony, a hard count or what? >> no. offensive duty. >> al: indeed he does. flip it back to smith. picks up the first down. a stiff arm, a hurdle and a flag at the end of the play. at the 33 yard line. impressive night for that man's brother. >> referee: illegal block in the back. offense, number 18. ten-yard penalty. the result of the play will still be a first down. >> al: right. because the penalty is ep forced from the spot. he had picked up the first down. they can run the clock out now. >> cris: the block in the back. but because it took place there, they're going to end up with a
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first down out of it. >> al: the spot from the 47 yard line. arizona can stop the clock only once. the dallas cowboys appear to be on their way to a victory and a game in which they trailed 150 0 early on. little juggle there. but he holds on. another flag. let's see. we have had 18 -- >> referee: holding. offense number 62. ten-yard penalty. replay first down. >> they really shouldn't take this penalty here. i think bruce arians is telling them that now. this gives them a chance to get the ball back. >> referee: second down. >> that's the one
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we captain have a penalty. that's the only thing that beats us here. >> al: in 1:47. the ball is spotted at the 46 yard line. one time-out. it's now second down and ten. now what? >> referee: 12 men on the play. defense. five-yard penalty. still second down. >> al: all right. that makes it second down and five. >> cris: arians at the scrimmage, the guy makes a diving catch down the sideline. young player. two-minute drill, tick, tick, tick. all that stuff going on. doesn't have the presence to roll out of bounds. you're down. how happy do you think bruce was? >> did he go ballistic?
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>> cris: this kid will never forget he had to roll out of bounds. >> al: cowboys trying to run out the clock. smith to the outside. pretty good move there. ball taken to the 39 yard line. arizona takes a final time-out. a couple people being honored this weekend. david hill, former boss of yours, cris. >> cris: yes, indeed. sdpls launched fox sports in the '930s. when they got the nfl contract. the great david hill and ed werder. started in print in dallas and wint went on to espn. covered the national football league, win the dick mccain awar
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congratulations to those guys. >> cris: my gosh. good memories back in the days. >> al: oh, yeah. hilly was unbelievable. he wasted money putting anybody but him on camera. that was one of the more entertaining guys that television has ever known. >> cris: he's still going strong, too. his own company. stint with "american idol," right? >> al: the oscars as well. brian brown is tackled at the 40. they will not be able to run the clock out. the clock here on the next play should be down under a minute. >> cris: all right, coach. now you punt it, don't you? >> punt it. have about 50 seconds. that penalty really hurt dallas. the game was basically over. now they have to play defense one more time.
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>> al: young knight will have a chance perhaps to come back in here and pull off a miracle finish such as it would be in preseason. miracle with a lower case m. >> cris: i think your miracle has been redefined after the super bowl, hasn't it? i know al is cheering for a long snap over the head here and a safety. >> al: why not. let's play deep into the night. jeremy ross is back to accept the kick if it doesn't go into the end zone or out of bounds. sam irwin-hill has done a ton of particul kicking tonight. takes a nice back spin for him. doesn't go into the end zone. down to the 20 yard line.
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we don't have to go the entire distance. maybe about 60 or so yards. it would set up an interesting ending. >> cris: as a coach, you got to love this situation at the end of the game. game winning situations on offense and defense. >> you've got some young guys to see how they perform. if they can do it under presh u you are. >> al: if the game really counted. phil dawson, the 42-year-old has been in the league for two decades, was a part of the off-season from san francisco to shore up that kicking group, he would be the guy that you would want. meanwhile, out of the pocket and giving himself up at the 26 yard line. the clock keeps on ticking. it will be second down and four. he'll spike it here to stop the clock.
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tony, you had no idea you were going to work this hard tonight, did you? >> no. i didn't know it would be a two-minute drill here at the end. >> al: thank you for staying all the way. >> it's been great. >> al: probably want to get back to the hotel and reminisce a little more with the guys. >> i have my boys here and they want to meet ezekiel elliott. we were staying until the end of the game no matter what. >> al: beautiful. >> cris: your boys and everybody else. >> al: fires over the middle. that's caught. up at the 36 yard line. down to 17, 16. ticking down. >> cris: you almost have to go -- it's tight if you can get a completion and get up and get it stopped at this point. that wasn't the most efficient
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you want to get something going. but at the same time, you have to realize, you got to get the ball down to the 30 yard line. so you've got deep crossing routes. you have to do something to work it down the field and take a chance. >> no question. >> al: swing it underneath. 45. that should take us to the finish line. maybe one more spike, maybe not. and that will end the game. at least unofficially. we'll wait for boger's call. >> referee: this is the end of the game. >> al: thank you very much, jerome. >> cris: was there ever a doubt? >> al: makes it official. the dallas cowboys come from behind. win it by a score of 20-18ment tony thank you again. we'll see you in foxborough. coming up next local news, later tonight, "the tonight show" with
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for now, al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, back again, saying good knight from canton, ohio. >> announcer: nbc sports, home of super bowl lii, thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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there is weather up towards the baltimore area and it represents a severe weather report. dozens across our area. all of that is now done. the only rain left, well up to the north and east. we'll get back towards winchester and hagers town, showers, a rumble of thunder and all in all, really starting to calm as things go out throughout the rest of the night. i'm going to talk to you about that weekend because we've got big changes after the storms tomorrow night and the weekend looks different. >> looking forward to that. we'll check back with you in a bit. also, breaking news in washington's
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neighborhood. a man died after a quadruple shooting. gunfire broke out in the 3400 block of 18th street northeast. that's near a gas station between lawrence and monroe streets if you're familiar with that area. the other three victims are expected to recover. the shooter still on the loose right now. and investigators say they believe that person may have been in a dark colored chevy malibu or impala. take a look at this new video. we've got it in tonight from dubai. a massive fire broke out in a residential high rise there. amateur video captured the flames and spoke high up on the 86th story building. this is called the torch tower. it's one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. more than a thousand feet in height. civil defense officials say the building was evacuated. no injuries have been reported. the same tower was damaged by fire in 2015 with no major injuries. a man accused of holding his family hostage for moreha
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tonight, how is it that no one knew? family, neighbors, schools, no one in the county. perhaps it's got something to do with where the house is located. it sits on four semiwooded acres, close to a few other homes but only accessible off of a busy road. people didn't have any kind of a clue. the two kids and girlfriend, according to deputies, were prisoners inside that home. >> that's one of the most insane things i've heard in a long time. especially around here. two years? >> really? right here in our neighborhood? oh, no. so where are they now? >> well, right now, moore is in jail. charged with assault and abduction. his girlfriend is in the hospital. >> two d.c. police officers jump into action when this home caught fire. they helped save a life. the couple has been married for more than 60 years.
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forward to more years together and they're saying thank you. news4's shomari stone talked to the family all new at 11:00. >> i'm just grateful that they're alive. >> reporter: she is relieved outside med star washington hospital center. her aunt and her uncle are here. they are alive. two d.c. police officers rescued them. >> thank you so much for saving my uncle's life. he and my aunt are just the most wonderful people. >> the trouble started early thursday morning at their northeast d.c. home. a fire broke out on the first floor and quickly spread. her uncle was on the first floor. her aunt was upstairs. >> he knew there was a fire. he called her and told her the house was on fire. >> reporter: she says her aunt broke through the second-story window and got on top of her porch. she climbed down these stairs right here and once she got into the backyard, she called the police. officers arrived a few
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burning house pulling out clarence. firefighters put out the flames. the cause of the fire is under investigation. david lives across the street. >> and for them to go in and risk their lives and protect and serve, they went beyond the call of duty. >> she has some scrapes and bruises. clarence, minor bruises. while everyone recovers, she hopes the officers know how much they are appreciated. >> thank you. thank you so much for saving my uncle's life. in northeast d.c., shomari stone, news4. when he joined the fire department two months ago, he was continuing a family legacy but tonight one rookie firefighter's future is in doubt after he was critically hurt while on a call. dane smothers was killed last night on f street northeast. his two uncles serve in the d.c. fire department and one of them was responding to that same fire. >> he was ready,
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make sure that his family was proud of him. it makes everyone closer when you experience a traumatic event like that. >> he was proeping hose lines and other equipment when he was pinned between two trucks. the department responded to several fires overnight and neighbors jurisdictions helped by filling in at d.c. firestations. >> before president trump kicks off his first extended vacation since taking office, he was able to sneak in one more campaign-style rally. this time, back in west virginia. and while he was there, west virginia's governor jim justice took some time in the spotlight to join the president and announce that he was leaving the democratic party for the gop. in front of that energetic crowd of 10,000, he slammed democrats in washington. >> they can continue their obsession with the russian hoax or they can serve the interests of the american people. >> those comments came hours
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special counsel robert mueller is using a grand jury as part of his investigation into potential collusion between the trump campaign and russian authorities. grand juries are often used to demand records and witness testimony. they're not necessarily an indication that criminal charges are definitely coming. the news4 i-team uncovers mistakes that teachers accused of sex abuse to get a new job in a new state. >> if i'm a parent in a school where someone has been found to have a sexual abuse background, i need to know that. next at 11:00, parents at that new school have some tough questions. >> we didn't receive a robo ll or anythcain
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tonight, a news4 i-team reveals how a series of failures allow a teacher accused of sexually abusing a student to return to the classroom. >> one man's case reveals potential problems in two states. >> he has denied the accusations from the start. police dropped their investigation and he was never charged with a crime. but in 2013, arlington county child protective services found he engaged in a level 1 section offense with one of his students. the abuse counselor said that should have prevented him from ever going back into a classroom. >> level 1 means the most serious types of activities that you can do with children and to me it suggests high risk. >> a former third grade student at clairmont elementary says a teacher
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immediately found work here, thomas johnson middle school in maryland where he talked for more than three years. dwight francis' daughter was one of the students. >> was that a failure hiring him? >> absolutely a failure. >> anybody with that kind of background needs to be pulled out. >> yes. absolutely. >> a news4 i-team investigation found stayton's case revealed a possible series of errors. they failed to notify the school district that they found he engaged in sexual misconduct and failed to notify the state to revoke his teaching license. as required under state law. >> allowing someone to continue to work and have access to other children is just a very egregious situation because we have the safety of children to consider. >> stayton's virginia teaching license wasn't revoked until may of this year. arlington child protective services says it can't answer our questions about why a
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specific case. but parents at thomas johnson middle have a different question. why weren't they told when prince george's schools learned about stayton's past. do parents know what he was accused of doing? >> not until i was contacted by you all, we didn't receive a letter or robo call, anything like that. >> reporter: stayton quit his job in january 2017. parents say they were never told why, which raises a risk, experts say. >> if i'm a parent in a school where someone has been found to have a sexual abuse background, i need to know that so that i can have a conversation with my child. >> reporter: prince george's county schools complete state and fbi background checks on all employees and follow up with phone calls for employees who worked in other school districts. sources say they did call arlington school to ask about stayton and were told there were no problems with i am had. arlington says they don't keep records of phone
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notified parents about this case telling parents to contact authorities if they have concerns. stayton's attorney says his client has denied the allegations to him. to this day, he was not prosecuted. maryland, meantime, is reviewing whether to revoke his maryland teaching license. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. the news4 i-team will air a half-hour special on sunday, august 13th, at 11:30 a.m. called slipping through the cracks. it will take viewers through the year-long investigation into teacher misconduct. an investigation that led to big changes in our area. now let's turn to some of the stories you'll be hearing about tomorrow. a former teacher in montgomery county will be sentenced for sexually abusing female students. john vigma taught in silver spring for 2 years at clover elementary. tourists can return to hatteras island after a week of
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evacuations because of the power outage down there. last week, construction crews accidently damaged a power line shutting off electricity to two islands. there's no word yet when tourists will be able to return. president trump will leave washington tomorrow going off for a 2 1/2 week long working vacation. and he'll be working that vacation at his golf club in new jersey until august 20th. while he's goine, the west wing will under go a series of renovations. doug is back with more about our crazy weather. some of these storms have been powerf powerful. >> it's really amazing how they developed in the afternoon. sitting there and then here comes a storm. it moves in and moves out. the storms put out a lot of wind. we saw quite a bit in the way of damage. i want to show you a cool timeline. take a look at this. this was the storm as it came over the city here in northwest d.c. watch this. just as fast


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