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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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. the pool is closed right now as soon as we learn more about the condition of the children we'll tell unforgettable trip to aruba. it's memorable for all the wrong reasons, she and her girlfriend were thrown into jail after a security scare on board their plane, they say they didn't do anything wrong. >> news 4, kristin wright talked with the couple about that horrible ordeal. >> jennifer jones and dixon are looking through a bunch of legal documents they can't even read. they're written in dutch, just a small part of the frustrations and sheer anger over a nightmare trip to aruba. >> i was
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that has happened the to me in my life. >> they flew southwest. somebody wrote the word "bomb" on the flight. jones shot video of passengers corralled surrounded by tsa and aruba police. >> someone pointed me out saying i was the last one that used the rest room. >> a picture here got hauled off for questioning and thrown into two separate jails in aruba over night. >> it was just dismal. i literally slept on a concrete slab. you know, i kept praying the entire time and saying to myself, you know what, this is going to be over any minute. >> but the thing is, any minute turned into about 26 hours of detinment, mostly -- detainment, mostly in jail. they were appointed but not allowed to call family or the u.s. embassy over there. both women were released from
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we reached out to southwest airlines. the airline confirms the incident. once a flight lands they leave it all in the hands of local authorities there. we're still trying to get some questions answered as to whether jones and dixon received proper and fair treatment when they were in aruba. >> the airlines are saying they're washing their hands of this, they're not doing anything for them. >> they feel had the flight crew stuck around a little bit longer once the police investigation began, they could have possibly answered some of the questions and maybe prevented this whole thing from happening, but the flight crew, according to these two ladies, left right as they landed and that was that. >> thanks. new at 4:00, metro police are looking for a man for a man taking up skirt photos. w
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she felt a hand up her skirt while she was on the escalator leaving the columbia heights station. investigators say surveillance video revealed the suspect put a cell phone up the victim's skirt. they also realized there were several additional victims who are likely unaware that they were up skirted, too. >> reporter: a long-time elementary schoolteacher just sentenced to 80 years in prison for abusing four of his students. he'll end up serving 48 of those years. he taught at the elementary school in silver springs, he was there for more than two decades. in june he was convicted of sex abuse of a minor and sex offenses. the cases came to light when an 11-year-old said she was touched inappropriately. the crowd of teachers family and friends and neighbors rally in support outside his sentencing hearing. cng
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sister, about that sentence. back to you. >> all right. thanks, wendy. this just in now, the so-called pharma bro may have to take his smirk with him to prison. he was convicted of securities fraud. he was accused of cheating investors in a ponzi type scheme. his response to the outrage led to media coverage that asked he was the most hated man in america at that time. now he could be facing 20 years in prison for his conviction in this case. after a stormy week, a sad reminder of just how dangerous our summer storms can be. a 14-year-old girl was killed and two teens are recovering from their injuries after a tree fell on their car in baltimore county. the mother of the 14-year-old was behind the wheel at the time. she was hurt but she's expected to be fine. this
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afternoon when those powerful storms moved through our region. so now everybody wants to know if we're in for more of the same today. >> that's right, let's go to straight storm team 4. doug, what's the word this evening? >> reporter: the word is if you're thinking about getting out this evening, i think you're fine. we will not see another round of severe weather during the evening hours, that being said, there's still going to be a chance later on tonight. take a look at the radar, you can tell there's nothing out there. by this time, we've seen storms in our area. there are no storms, not even a hint of a shower in our region, but look back to the west, garrett county west virginia under severe thunderstorm warning right now, garrett county maryland, rather, there's a severe storm watch, numerous storms to our north and west. this is a cold front back to the west that's eventually going to move our way. if it was going to get here a little bit earlier, we'll be talking about a chance of big storms in our area, too. we will still see some
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minutes, i'll show you what that is we have storm chances over night tonight. behind this front, a huge change in your weekend from where we've been over the past couple of days with highs in the 90s, big weekend change for sure. i'll show you when the next change for rain and storms develop as well. i'll see you back here in about 10 minutes. >> thank you, doug. a live look joint base andrews, president trump is about to take off for new jersey. he'll spend a little more than two weeks at his golf club on summer vacation. president is calling this a working vacation, although there are no events scheduled. the trip is in part because of renovations being done to the west wing of the white house. some have criticized the president for spending so much time at his own properties of his 196 days in office, he spent 58 of those days, that's about a third of his time at his resorts. the president leaves town while the russia investigation appears to be heating u
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counsel, robert mueller has impanelled a grand jury in this case. we wanted to help you understand exactly what a grand jury is and why it's significant. let's do a little bit of vocabulary here. you've heard us use the word impanel, that's a fancy word that means to enlist or to enroll someone. when you think about it, who exactly sits on a grand jury, well it turns out it's people just like you and me, regular folk. but unlike trial jurors, unlike trial jurors, this one doesn't really decide whether a person is guilt or innocence. they're used before a case. prosecutors present evidence, that's what they do before there are witnesses there, before they have a jury, rather, the witnesses are inside giving testimony and that works as a powerful tool for prosecutors to seek indictments and hand out subpoenas. unlike a trial jury, grand jury meet in secret with the prosecutor, theen
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proceedings, why is that significant, that is because grand jurys are usually only used when serious felony charges are possible. that also signals the special counsel sell's work is moving forward and not stalling. nbcblayne alexander takes a look on that. >> reporter: strong words from an embattled attorney general. >> i have this worning for would be leakers, don't do it. >> reporter: a message to those working for the president, but also a message to the president who has suggested that sessions job may be hanging in the balance. the attorney general coming down hard on an issue that has long frustrated his boss. >> we will not allow rogue anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country. >> the latest in a series of
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leaks, classified transcripts preten courthouse calls with leaders australia and mexico, much stem from leaks that are more about gossip than national security. >> that's politically embarrassing and sensitive for the white house. it is not at all illegal. >> the white house works to plug the leaks the "wall street journal" reporting that special counsel robert mueller is working with a washington grand jury as part of the russian investigation. >> president trump mocking that investigation at thursday night rally in west virginia. >> are there any russians here tonight? >> the white house convinced, americans do not care about russia. >> there's a complete disconnect in what americans are saying important to them and what the media is being told. >> the white house focus, the latest job numbers, matching a 16-year low. and about that leak investigation, one source tells nbc news that there are currently dozens of open leak cases, blayne
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news washington. >> do you think the trump administration's leaks are harming the goth government -- government or actual help get information out. head in and weigh in yourself there. we are working for you to help you get around a big metro shutdown coming on the green line, starting tomorrow. the branch avenue and suit land stations will be closed for two weeks and the nail or rogue station will be closed for two-week ends in a row starting august 12th. buses will replace trains to help you get around the closure. your best bet may be to use the southern afternoon or the stations as alternates. the green line closure is happening to give metro a chance to build a critical cross over point in the area. metro still has a few other major rebuilding projects to tackle, even though safe track is over. and from the tracks now to the roads, traffic
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beach for the weekend, it could have you sitting in a little more traffic than usual. >> also first at 4, imagine the parking spot in front of your home suddenly taken away from you after you used it for decades without a problem. why the sudden change. >> also, you may be able to cross some items off your shopping list this weekend and do it without having to pay the taxes, where you have to buy it, though, and where you're allowed to buy. chopper 4 is up working for you. we're also working for you during the break. >> check out the stories that are trending on our app and check out the storm team4.
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if you plan to drive to the beach this weekend or any other weekend, the summer, you can face heavier backups than normal. crews will be making road repairs. the work is expected to continue until fall. the right eastbound lane of route 50 will be closed at north wood drive. to help ease all of this congestion, transportation officials say you should take the u.s. 50 business route that runs through salisbury. it may seem like a small issue, a neighborhood losing a few places to park on the street. >> that kind of stuff adds up
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one down. neighborhoods say this could amount to a very big problem for them. new no parking signs have gone up on a stretch of 24th street in north arlington. megan fitzgerald is there to explain why these new signs are there and how this is going to impact the people who live there. hey, megan. >> reporter: haey, leon. for neighbors who have this driveways they imagine the nightmare in winter. what they like to do, park along the side of the street making it more convenient. as of yesterday, you see, the county put up those no parking signs making a lot of folks around here angry. >> what started with a complaint i guess a woman could not get out of her street because there were too many cars parked on the street. >> she with drew the complaint, but as one woman in the county office said, that ship has sailed. >> for the last several months, neighbors have been arguing with
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on 24th street north. the narrow street creates a safety hazard when people park along the side making it difficult for emergency vehicles to drive up and down the road. >> we had quite a few meetings to explain we kind of handle, everybody looks out for each other. we've handled it in the past and we didn't really see why it had to go in the whole no-parking issue. >> in all these years, it's of the been a real problem. >> reporter: but the city didn't see it that way. as of yesterday, parking on 24th street north is at a premium. now, the county says for the last several months they have been going back and forth working cooperatively with the neighbors, with the fire marshal to come up with a current plan that they have in place. leon, they say, anybody who breaks those rules and parks where they're not suppose to could receive a ticket. >> megan fitzgerald, see what happens when the weather gets bad out there, right.
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think about just around dinner time. your kitchen sponge is full of germs and cleaning it doesn't help. that's a new study. found that bacteria stays on sponges even if you clean them regularly, heating up the sponges in micro wave and rinsing them. nope, the study found, that doesn't work and actually might make the sponges even dirtier. researchers say the only real solution is replace your sponges once a week. >> just toss them. >> i microwaved my sponge two days ago. >> did you? >> i'm not kidding. >> you need to call home and tell holly to -- >> i did not know that. >> i've been doing it, didn't take the stank away, that's for sure. >> are we going to keep our fingers crossed this afternoon. >> if you've got dinner plans, it's going to be a pretty nice evening for dinner, if
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going to be out late night, i know you like to go out after about 10 or 11:00. if you're going to be out that late, we could see a couple of showers and thunderstorms around that 10, 11, 12:00 hour. once again your friday evening looking great. right now, just on the warm and humid side, again, we've seen a lot of heat and humidity, 89 degrees right now. temperatures dropping 86 at 8:00. dropping to about 78 by 11:00. that's when i think we can see some thunder making its way in across our region. everybody on the warm side, 91 frederick, 91 fredericksburg, culpepper and charlottesville. it's on the hot and humid side for sure. are we in for a change. no rain anywhere in our region. you have to go all the way back towards garrett county maryland to see strong storm there heading right towards the area. what you see, widen it out more. you see all of these storms developing just to our north and west. normally, we'll watch this front come through our area. it
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late tonight. for us, pretty good dinner and then we see the chance of storms over night. without the sunshine. without that heat and that energy, the storms most likely die off. here they are, 7:00, they're still dry. if you're outside at 7:00, no problem. look back to the west couple of showers moving in. by around 8:00, not much going on here, watch what happens at around 10 or 11:00, there's the line, maybe dipping into northern virginia, but then it's out of here, many of us might not see anything at all and this is the thing i wanted you to see, 8:00 tomorrow morning, sunshi sunshine, beautiful sunshine, i'll tell you what, tomorrow is going to be fantastic, great afternoon. 84 degrees, gorgeous, low humidity, sunny and breezy, a little bit on the breezy side. sunday, let me get out of the way, i want to show you your weekend. if you're planning your weekend, you have no works, 84 on saturday, lower humidity, comfortable, yeah just beautiful out there. we have not seen too many weekend like this, and
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for a while. right now, next 10 days, well, the rain does not come, comes back on monday. it could be quite heavy, that's something i'll watch out for. look at the temperatures 81 on monday, 82 on thursday, the average high is still in the upper 80s will be below average for most of next week, slight chance of shower next friday. all and all we're looking pretty good. like i said, next weekend looks like another chance for storm next sunday. monday, that's the next chance of rain and this weekend, get those plans together now. don't microwave your sponge. >> there you go, throw it away. >> all right. man. the news 4 i-team uncovers a teacher with a dark past. he was able to get another teaching job after being accused of the unthinkable. what school principal is doing because of the news 4 i-team. the mus, the unique --
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to the big screen. wtop's entertainment editor jason frayly joins us. >> what do you think here? got a great cast, successful book series. what could possibly go wrong here? >> pretty much everything. hey, guys, not even idris and matthew mcconaheay could save this one. you think it would work. but it's pretty much a mess, i hate to report. it's based on -- like you said, an eight book series by steven king called the dark tower. oddly enough, let's say with harry potter and hunger games, they usually will take one book and make one movie out of it. one at a time and do a whole franchise out of it. this is a bizarre path where they take elements from all eight books, throw them all in a blender and watch whatever spits out and whatever sticks on the screen. that's what it feels
4:25 pm
watching. it's a 50 pound story in a 5 pound bag. fans of the books are going to be disappointed, i think newcomers are going to be really confused by it. i was really disappointed by this one. >> that's too bad. there's another movie out this weekend, it's about one of the dramatic moments, it's a movie that's relevant than ever, what do you think about it? >> absolutely. it's called "detroit." it was in select theaters last week. i think we have a real oscar contender on our hands this week. it's the latest by director katherine bigelow and screen writer, and today they did "hurt locker" and "zero dark thirty." and this time they pivot from those foreign war zones to more domestic war zone of the militarized streets during the race and riots of 1967 in detroit. the story is rea
4:26 pm
motown musicians who get caught up in a horrific incident at the motel where some horrific police brutality goes down. it's a necessary watch but it can be hard to watch. i think it's hard to watch but impossible to forget. i think we will be talking about it again come oscar night. >> wow. music and movies, sometimes they really go well today. music in many katss makes the movie. this weekend they're highlighting two cases like that, right? >> absolutely. if you head to wolf track, they'll be playing "lalaland tonight and "jurassic park" tomorrow night. you'll see the favorites on the big screen. while they're doing that they'll have the national orchestra ,
4:27 pm
playing the live scores, so john williams for jurassic park playing it while you're watching them on the big screen. it's fascinating, i saw it with back to the future last year. it's a lot of fun to go do. everybody get out there and check it out. you can see the stars, under the stars and then hold on to your butts for jurassic part. >> the weather is going to be great. >> all right, jason, have a great weekend. >> good weekend. >> see you in a bit, man. >> thanks a lot. >> let's get now to breaking news right now. chopper 4 live over this situation in montgomery county. a number of people are sick at this apartment building in silver spring. this is on pair tree court. firefighters are checking the building out for carbon monoxide. the place has been evacuated. washington gas being called in to the scene to check things out. to see if anything new comes and we'll let you know. >> all righty. easy pass, confusion and cost. what you need to do this weekend so you don't get hit
4:28 pm
penalty. >> and it's been a stormy last couple of days and we all want to know what's in store for our friday night and the weekend, too. so i'm going to hand off
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here in the storm center with doug checking things out for the weekend. is this the first day this week that we have
4:31 pm
storm coverage right about now. >> it was really amazing. we saw tuesday, wednesday, then last night, i thought, thursday was -- we knew we would have a few. boy we had a lot of severe weather out there are last night we're not seeing that tonight. if you've got date night, leon, go for it. >> i'll get to work on that. >> all right. >> what we're dealing with today, not a lot, actually. it's looking really, really nice, great evening if you're going to be out and about tracking some showers and thunderstorms. take a look at the wider picture here, this is the cold front that's moving on through here. this is a much bigger system than what we've seen over the past couple of days. this will drive right on through the region. now, notice which direction these storms are going, they're starting down to the south and they're moving to the north and east, they're not moving in a easterly direction. they will, eventually, however and see some storms over night tonight. i told you the best time in dc is between 10:00 and around midnight. but this front will change
4:32 pm
if you've got weekend plans, she's got that forecast for you, we'll team it up at 4:45, we're still on the 4:00 show. news 4 i-team investigation reveals how a series of failures allowed a teacher accused of sexually abusing a teacher to return the classroom as investigative reporter scott mcfarlane discovers one man's case reveals potential problems in two states. >> reporter: police dropped their investigation and he was never charged with a crime. but in 2013 arlington county child protective services found he engaged with 11-1 sex offense. that should have prevented from going back into classroom. >> level one means the most serious types of activities that you can do with children. to me it suggest high risk. >> a former -- a
4:33 pm
sex in classroom closet years earlier. he quit his job during the investigation, yet, he immediately found work here, thomas johnson middle school in maryland where he taught for more than three years. dwight francis's daughter was one of his students -- >> was hiring him a failure by prince georges county schools? >> okay. anybody with that kind of background, yes. absolutely. >> a news 4 i-team investigation found his case revealed a possible series of errors. arlington child protective services failed to notify the school district that they found state and engaged in sexual misconduct. they failed to notify the state to revoke his teaching license. as required under state law. >> allowing someone to continue to work and have access to other children is just a very egregious situation because we have the safety of children to consider. >> the virginia teaching license wasn't revoked until may
4:34 pm
year, arlington child protective services said it can't answer its question about why a mistake was made or about a specific case. but parents in thomas johnson middle have a different question, why weren't they told when prince georges schools learned about the past. >> did parents know what he was accused of doing? >> no, until i was contacted by you all, we didn't receive a letter or robo call, anything like that. >> he quit his job at thomas johnson in january 2017. parents say they were never told why, which race raises a risk. >> if i'm a parent in a school where someone has been found to have a sexual abuse background. i need to know that so i can have a conversation with my child. >> they complete state and fbi background checks and follow up with phone calls who worked in other school districts. sources inside prince georges county public schools say they did call arlington schools to ask about the state and told there were no problems with him. arlington schools say they
4:35 pm
keep records of reference check phone calls. just today prince georges schools formerly notified parents in thomas johnson middle school about this case telling parents to contact authorities if they have concerns. the attorney said his client has denied the allegations against him to this day, he was not prosecuted. maryland, meantime, is reviewing whether to work the maryland teaching license. scott mcfarlane news 4 i-team. >> they'll air a special on sunday august 13th at 11:30 a.m. called slipping through the cracks. it will take you through a yearlong investigation into teacher misconduct that led to some big changes in our area. news 4 is working for you to help you avoid a fee that goes into effect next week for drivers in northern virginia. monday is the deadline to exchange flex pass, now, if you continue to use the flex version,
4:36 pm
$10 fee. it switches between hov mode and regular mode. it says the devices are more expensive to manufacture. $10 penalty helps make up the cost to that. it's an incentive to get you to change to the traditional pass. >> if you think self driving cars are still something way off in the future, the future may be here, where a driverless van was spotted on local streets and why there are some mysteries surrounding it. plus ahead at 5:00, a storey you should see before your next trip to the atm. why you may get with fees even if you sign up for over draft protection. >> we're bringing you the latest headlines and weather e
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despite the recent shootings in the district police say violent crime is down. they are seeing an increase in thefts and roie
4:40 pm
and gang violence is an on going challenge for law enforcement. during a taping of news 4 sunday, peter told me what's also a challenge is combatting perceptions about violence, especially after weekend like the last one where ten people were shot in less than 24 hours, two of them died. >> the crime in the district has gone down considerably over the last ten years and so far this year we have another 25% reduction in violent crime in our city. when you have a weekend like that, the families of the victims, the family of that 17-year-old, they don't want to hear about crime stats, they're concerned about that shooting in that community and their son or their brother who they lost on that matter. >> sure. you can watch the rest of our interview on chief newsome. this sunday at 5:30. other leaders talk about their efforts to fight youth and gang violence throughout the region. >> all right. got a l
4:41 pm
video and this story was first reported by the news site arl they're showing this unmarked gray van going up and down the street. this is wilson and boulevard, two different streets and the van -- the vehicle did it six times. but here is the thing, no one was seen in the driver or the passenger's seats inside. you see, you can see all the way through. now neither the county officials there or the folks in vdot claim they have any knowledge of driverless vehicle testing in that area. >> an area with a lot of traffic and a lot of pedestrians, as well. >> interesting. but the thing about it is that probably wasn't distracted water behind that wheel. >> it distracted everybody else driving next to it. that one vehicle is not distracted but everyone around it. >> that's a very good point. >> yes. yes. ducked
4:42 pm
your typical hotel on the inside, but on the outside, it's something else, we're going to take you on a tour. >> reporter: summer is almost over, take heart. to get tax break on s
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perfect time to stock up on the school supplies because a lot of items are going to be tax free. looking to save some cash and get the kids ready for
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>> any little bit can help, yeah, having two small kids, we have to buy a lot of things. >> even if those things include hurricane and emergency supplies as well as energy saving supplies. it won't be in kids' pencil boxes, but a break is a break. >> but this also signals something else, the end of summer is -- have to start thinking, reading, writing and a rit ma tick and fourth r that parents don't talk about quite as much, rest. >> i think summer is coming to an end, you know, moms are ready for school to start. >> reporter: you've got until about midnight sunday to take advantage of this. later on this month it will be a tax free holiday in maryland. in alexandria derrick ward, news 4. >> i can tell you where to go to see all of the tax free items in virginia. this weekend, virginia, and maryland next weekeno
4:47 pm
nbc washington app and search "shopping". local church destroyed by fire. months later, their faith is being tested by setbacks. >> wendy standing by with a look at that storey. hey, wendy. >> it's been a trying time for the members of that church months after that devastating fire. they're still holding their services inside a local fire house while they are struggling to make the repairs to their church. amy choe is taking a look at some of the challenges they're facing as they try to reopen the doors and how they're not letting the setbacks dampen their spirits. dangerous encounter, contact with the potentially deadly drug, it landed him in the hospital. but it's what happened afterwards that was even more surprising. julie carey will be explaining the impact of this drug on that hospital staff and the patients who needed to use that er. we'll see you in just a few minutes with more on t
4:48 pm
sound like a plan. see you in a minute. so, doug, what's happening up there right now. >> nothing. >> nothing. >> and you hate that, don't you. >> no, i need a rest. >> what a week you've had. it's been fairly stormy. we've had one severe thunderstorm each day, so, yeah, i'm woek wiokay with this today. you want to ease into the weekend. out side right now, you can see it, it's hot, humid. we've got the haze. three hs out there today. current temperature sitting at 89 degrees. temperatures dropping this evening, not all that much. fairly comfortable, 86 at 7:00. i'm showing you the planner. i'm going to show you this every time i'm on. i want to make sure you know you can eat dinner outside. if you're thinking about taking the kids to local ice cream shop. you can do that, too, maybe you want to eat in the backyard. by 11:00, that's when i think we'll see some thunderstorms in and around the dc metro
4:49 pm
the northwest zones. i'm talking about areas like gaithersburg, and to the north and west. 91 in frederick. 91 down towards fredericksburg, too. nothing in our area. they're way back to the west that's where i think they're going to stay. they're all back into west virginia, and pennsylvania. they've got a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for most of that area, but for us, we're not seeing anything develop in our region i don't expect it until, again, that 10, or 11:00 hour tonight. i'll be tracking those for you next hour. but this weekend, look at this weekend, 84 on your saturday. sunday looking great with 85. next chance of rain comes along monday. it could be heavy rain monday, so enjoy the weekend next week we'll get a really really nice. speaking of that weekend, how nice is that weekend, do you have plans tomorrow, theodore, she's outside right now. she's here to tell you what you can do with this weekend because the weather should be perfect. >> reporter: absolutely. i want to get to this graphic, we
4:50 pm
forecast. all right, so, folks as we head through the next couple of hours, you saw we'll have a little bit of active weather, as we head into tomorrow things are setting up nicely. around noon, temperatures should be around 80 degrees. to be honest with you, i'll probably push the pool time, as the front rolls through, it will be breezy to start off the day. we should start to calm down as we head into the afternoon on saturday. good amount of sunshine out there, don't forget the sun block, of course. maybe you want a bigger body of water, you're headed out to the beach. it's going to be in the low 80s tomorrow. we have a slight chance at early morning shower, that will be long gone, sunday similar set up. mostly sunny, again, temperatures in the low 80s. if you're going to keep your feet on dry land, take a look at this, we've got the city open this weekend, comfortable, a little bit breezy, that sounds like a ton of fun. it's going to be dry and absolutely wonderful. back to school shopping, sunday, probably going to be the prime day you don't have to worry about too much sun. so i'll probably get my sunday
4:51 pm
that's a look at your forecast. we'll talk soon about more things you can do, doug, back to you. >> you can hear a little breezy outside, that breeze not allowing the thunderstorms to develop today, it's also ahead of the cold front bringing in. heads up for monday, that's something we're going to watch. >> all right. you've got it, doug. >> nbc 4 responds is working for you. we've heard from a number of you needing our help when no one else would listen. >> consumer reporter joins us now with a look at some of this week's work that you and the team have been on this week, summer vacation week for you, that's for sure. >> that's all good that people are keeping us busy for sure, from uncovering what can be an exception to buying a nonrefundable airline ticket to one couple's extravagant jewelry purpose. >> i can see of two of these. >> she got back more than
4:52 pm
when she initially booked her flight, though, she didn't realize it was nonrefundable. >> i told them i'm in the hospital, i cannot fly. >> the airline would only issue her a credit to be used within one year. the problem, she likely wouldn't be better to travel needing a refund to help with the hospital bill. the airline told us, they'd make an exception for certain case and marry's illness was one of them. julie from maryland got back $2,500 she spent on a pricey vacuum after her purchase, she was diagnosed with cancer and decided she needed that money. julie says, she cancelled within the allotted time frame. the company, though, disagreed. and when we reached out, it said it was not aware of her illness and the company allowed her to return the vacuum for a refund. clyde baker and ellen jones got more than $10,000 back after they found out the jewelry they bought on a cruise vacation to belize
4:53 pm
they returned home. they spent $12,000 and it only appraised, though, for 3,000. the company would not take back the bracelet or the necklace or issue a refund until we called them. and this is leon's favorite part of our week, our growing total, getting up there. money we have recovered for our viewers. we have exceeded -- >> drum roll please. 1,265,000 and all the change. if you have a consumer problem you need help, let us know. you can fill out a complete form or you can give me a call, e-mail, too. you all find me. >> 10 grand for the necklaces, that's a big splash. >> that's right we had the storey we showed you last night. >> still have questions about that. the connections between the cruise lines and those jewelry shops and the appraisers involved. >> you can check the whole storey out. it's on our web site. >> and the vacuum cleaner, very expensive vacuum cleaner. >> thanks,
4:54 pm
>> folks, forget the city and squeeze in the quick summer get away not too far away from home. this has got unique accommodat
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
it's unclear exactly what was in that package. the feds are trying to figure out who sent it, as well. >> there is still time left to take a summer vacation. if you're bored with the beach, how about, a more unique place to unwind. >> this is really strange. news 4 amy choe took a trip out and she got a eunique hotel listed on air bnb. >> at first glance, it looks
4:58 pm
hotel, got your shower, your air conditioning, television, shampoos, all the amenities you would expect. but if you step outside, you find this isn't your average hotel at all, it's, in fact, a tree house suspended 24 feet above the ground on nothing. >> people like this swing here, as well. >> he owns the place. he designed it himself. he wanted a way to sleep under the stars. >> it was always nice to come backhoe to a place like this. i'm actually passionate about having people come here. i really enjoy people koling here and relaxing and employeeing. >> he's been listing the tree house on air bnb. >> 150 bucks, that price includes coffee in the morning. >> espresso ready. >> they do the work, all the guests have to do is sit back and relax. amy cho,
4:59 pm
everything. >> would you stay there? >> well, yes, maybe. >> no, you wouldn't. >> maybe. >> we know better than that. >> i think it looks very nice. i like trees. >> tree houses now becoming a trend on air bnb. believe it or not there are five other sites like that in virginia and dozens across the country. you can read more about the tree house hotels in our area in this month's issue of. >> we'll show up. our news continues now with wendy and doreen. >> right now at 5:00, a vacation nightmare for a local teacher, the security scare that landed her in jail. plus an overdose with unintended consequences exposure to an opioid lands a deputy in the hospital. it what happens after that that has some worry. we have breaking news from the district, dramat
5:00 pm
that killed one person, injured several others. this is at a gas station. you can see the suspected gunman firing shot after shot. last night, this is on 18th street and the brookland neighborhood in northeast washington, d.c. today we found out that jarvis bell was killed, the other three victims are expected to recover. now to the former elementary schoolteacher charged in a child sex abuse case. i'm doreen in for jim hanley tonight. >> to some he's the teacher who preyed on their children. but others say he was a man who was wrongly convicted. this afternoon john learned he will spend 48 years in prison. he was found guilty of sexually abusing four students. news 4 chris gordon live outside the courthouse in rockville with both sides of this story. >> reporter: tears filled the courtroom, there were the il


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