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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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breaking right now at 6:00, a teenager shot on a red line metro train. tonight police want to find the people they think can help them with this case. police arrested an arson suspect after an arlington high-rise burst into flames and you will not believe what he's accused of doing to a child right after he started the fire. and new developments on a powerful tornado in oklahoma that left two people fighting for their lives. news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. that breaking news, a shooting on a metro train. i'm erica gonzalez. we sent you a breaking news alert. news 4's darcy spencer is live at the tacoma station along the red line in northwest d.c.
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tell us what's being learned in the investigation. i know all of this has been very fluid and a developing situation, but darcy, what can you tell us tonight? >> eric a imagine you're riding a metro train on a sunday afternoon and all of a sudden there is gun fire. that is exactly what happened. we are live here on the platform at the tacoma station. that shooting happened, as you said, on a train. it was headed this way. that train has since moved and just a few minutes ago metro has restored service. a quick update on the victim. we know that the victim is a teenage male. we don't know if he's an adult or a child, but we do know he was shot in the stomach. >> i think it's insane. i think it's insane. >> a police investigation taking place on this metro train at that time the tacoma station in d.c., at 3:00 in the afternoon it happened as the red line train was pulling into the station. riders are shaken up. >> does it make you feel ea
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>> a little bit. it makes me feel unsafe because that could have been me or someone in my family. >> that's what makes it surprising, not so much the violence on metro because you always hear about things going on, but to that level that is surprising. >> a metrotransity officer was on the platform and rendered aid to the shooting victim. police released these photos of three persons of interests. the suspects got away, crossing the platform and boarding a train heading in the opposite directi direction. police say they got off at the silver spring station and should be considered armed and dangerous. >> some place like this where you're normally safe, you know? i don't know what to think about it, you know? that's -- i'm not used to that happening around here. >> metro is an incredibly safe system and it is continuing to get safer by virtue of the fact that we have been installing more and more cameras. not only as in the investigation, but also as a
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>> reporter: metro saying that the system is extremely safe and that this is a very rare occurrence and the fact that there are so many cameras around. that spokesperson saying they have photos of the person of interest out, tweeted out and out to the public within an hour of the shooting. erica? >> darcy spencer, we'll be looking for those photos. how has this impacted service at all this evening? are there any residual delays or are things back to normal? >> reporter: fortunately, erica, sunday services are pretty slow. there's hardly anyone here. so fortunately, there weren't a lot of people and apparently there weren't a lot of people on the train when it happened and service was restored just before we came back on air. so things are back to normal. i also want to mention that this happened on one of the new trains and all of these trains are equipped with cameras and
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shooting was captured on camera and we're waiting for police to release additional video from inside that train car some time this afternoon or this evening. >> some important information there. darcy spencer, thank you. we will continue to follow this breaking news and bring you any more developments on air and in our app. darcy, thank you. disturbing new details in a high-rise fire. police in arlington county say a man set the fire and then pushed a baby stroller towards the flames. you may remember this picture. arlington county first responders tweeted this yesterday morning from the scene on columbia pike near greenbriar street. police tell us today they've arrested demetrius taylor. he got into an argument with a woman that he knew and lit a carpeted floor mat on fire and pushed a baby towards the fire. both the woman and the baby were able to escape. taylor is being held without bond. a motorcyclist is dead after leading police on a high-speed chase at about 2:30 this
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clint gaskins was spotted speeding at 395 and edsel road in arlington. state troopers saw him weaving out of traffic at times going 130 miles per hour and he kept going when troopers tried to stop him. he lost control of his bike and he hit a retaining wall and died at the scene. a teenage boy from the district has been missing for more than two weeks. his name is brandon lewis. he was last seen july 19th near 14th street in columbia heights. please, if you've seen him or if you have any information on his whereabouts call police. the elderly couple hit by a car in a bethesda church parking lot yesterday are doing a lot better. the 86-year-old man and 83-year-old woman are now stable at the hospital. a montgomery county police spokesman says their injuries are non-life-threatening. police are still investigating this crash. a 76-year-old woman struck them near the ent
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developing right now, the national weather service confirming it was, in fact, a tornado that struck near tulsa, oklahoma, early this morning. it injured dozens of people and damaged many businesses, but things could have been a lot worse. had the tornado hit just a few hours earlier when crowds were having dinner or at the movies. nbc's dan schenamen has more on the clean-up effort now under way. >> reporter: when the sun came up, the damage was visible. the national weather service confirms an ef-2 tornado touched down in a tulsa business district. >> we did have guests sitting here at this wall right here who did have time to go to the hospital with some minor injuries. >> in all, more than two dozen people were injured and 13 went to the hospital and the storm left thousands of people without electricity. among businesses that suffered damage a petsmart, workers are moving some of the small
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to another location. >> beta fishes, turtles, hamsters just our little ones to make sure they're safe. >> doors could remain closed for a while. >> i would expect at least a week or so, a week or two possibly depends on how quickly we can get a contractor out here. >> the storm has passed and the cleanup has just started. dan schenamen, nbc news. >> supporters of black lives matter called it racist. the police chief says it's disgraceful. the new fallout over a d.c. police officer's controversial shirt. what an amazing weekend it's been, but i'm tracking showers, storms and even
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a gun suspect is temporarily off the hook all because of what the officer who arrested him may have been wearing. there's a look at the officer in question and the t-shirt that he may have had on at the time of the arrest. some say it spreads a racist white supremacist message. the police chief called the shirt disgraceful. the bless department is now investigating and meanwhile "the washington post" reports a d.c. charge dismissed the charges filed by the officer until the police department finishes the investigation. the suspect can be recharged. dozens of exchange students rolled up their sleeves and spent the day helping people in need. the students made a
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our childhood, the pb & j and they served the hungry in northwest d.c. while participating in j day as the j-1 exchange visitor program. the event brought together students from countries all over the world including korea and armenia. >> i got so much support from here with my program so it makes me to be responsible to help others. >> the students made about 1,000 sandwiches today to support martha's table, a local non-profit. a wild ride for passengers on an international flight bound for philly. find out what sent a dozen people to the hospital. >> an annual event aimed at the lol elca fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have.
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breaking news. if you are just joining us. someone shot a teenager inside a metro train at 3:00 this afternoon. normal metro service has been restored. you can see there is some police activity from the parking lot that darcy spencer was showing us a few minutes ago. this is the takoma station. officers are looking for these three persons of interest. weir told they should be considered armed and dangerous. ten people were hurt due to severe turbulence before landing on an american airlinesli
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yesterday. passengers say they felt a sudden drop with drinks flying and even one person hitting the ceiling. three passengers and seven crew members went to the hospital. american airlines says they are taking care of the passengers and they thanked the crew for keeping passengers safe. the salvadoran-american day festival has been going on for eight years in montgomery county. this year there are concerns about the trump administration's immigration crackdown. as news 4's derek ward reports the county and police want to make sure that all residents know they have support. ♪ o, say >> lives under two flags, today hundreds gathered for the annual salvadoran day festival on the grounds of montgomery college and it happens with an undercurrent of concern about immigrant issues. >> because a lot of bad news for the immigrants is coming and people sometimes feel a little ar
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one of the founders of this event. >> we are working people and we come here to work, honestly celebrate our heritage, our cultural heritage. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: even amid the food, fun and the spirit of the event, there's a focus on the practical, information about health care, personal finances and business opportunities. >> and i think it's great that everything has been here for all of the salvadorians in the area, the immigration information, tps. >> the salvadoran consulate was on hand to help people with passport renewal, an important issue these days. >> and we will send the passport to the house. >> it is also about outreach and the strong county police presence for the fear of i.c.e. raids and deportations. kathy estrada says there is a message to be conveyed. if you need the police, call them. >> we don't care about immigration status at all. all we care about is there was a crime committed and if they're a victim
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them services. ♪ >> reporter: and this, say organizers, is one of the great things about life in the county, life under two flags. >> we feel safe in montgomery county. they are so very pro-immigrant and we have a very good relation with them. >> reporter: in rockville, derek ward, news 4. and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> hi, everyone. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist som ara theodore. if you look out in the distance, those clouds are beginning to billow in, marking the transition and the wet weather to come. f for now we're at 82 degrees. we'll see the humidity rise through the next couple of hours and through the overnight hours and you can see here we've got the cloud coverage and rain, our next system not too far away from us and that's going to be making an impact starting this evening all of the way through your monday. tonight's forecast, i'm going with overnight lows in the 60s
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begin overnight. another thing i want to mention. the big headline for tomorrow will be starting at noon tomorrow, any area in green if you live in these counties and down to anne arundel and down into northern virginia, we are under a flash flood watch and we are expecting a good amount of rain to move through. let's go ahead and walk through this as far as the time goes. starting around 2:00 a.m., i would say honestly, probably after 11:00 p.m., we start to see the showers impacting the counties and these showers will be on the light side. and then we move through the a.m. time period and we're talking about light to moderate on and off showers as they move through. it will be a damp day overall. notice how the rain begins to pick up. i think our biggest threat for any storms that may turn severe will be farther south toward southern maryland and toward the northern neck, but nonetheless, everyone will be seeing heavy
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storms and by 2:00 a.m. tuesday we're still under cloudy skies, and we should begin to dry out for your tuesday and this should be a one-day event and let's recap the morning commute. it will be a little bit of a nasty one. we are going to be seeing temperatures to start and it will not budge through tomorrow and it will be difficult for us to make it through the 80-degree mark and storm chances start to pick up through the afternoon and extend through the evening period and both commutes will be very wet. prepare for that. two things to know, if you have dinner plans this evening, you're fine. it's a go. it's not until 11:00 at night i'm starting to see the showers and humidity will be rising as we head throughout the evening and we are expecting the monday. here is your ten-day outlook. even though we have the storms moving through your monday, it will just last that one day. tuesday morning i'll keep my eye out for a few showers and temperatures climb back into the low 80s for your tuesday. we move through the middle of the week and we stay pretty dry, quiet and comfortable, but
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that will be impacting us by next weekend. that's a look at your storm
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sportsdesk. >> this is not a good sign for redskins fans. head coach jay gruden talking to wide receiver josh dodson as he left practice today. he's being evaluated for a hamstring injury. you remember, missed 14 gigs due to an achilles injury and we'll have more on the redskins in richmond on the way. >> but we begin in chicago and relax, summer's not over, but perhaps the october review for the, and imagine from the world series hangover, and 15 and 6 from the all-star break and the national league central. the two teams will be in the postseason for now, just the deciding game of of a three-game series. aaron making his second career start and he will certainly remember wilson contreras today. bottom of the fourth, cubs catcher, and one of his two homers, and you know
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living this. cub fans, of course, and they also love it and we're talking about lovette in the chicago bullpen. cubsy, sends been off and check out this guy that catches the foul ball with baby in hand. risky move. it pays off and who knew? baseballs are delicious. make sure you clean that off, though. >> the little guy feasting on the ball, bases loaded, yeah. carl edwards, jr., to center his third career grand slam, and cubs are 9-4 back home tomorrow for a series with the marlins and max sherzer will be on the mound. >> the orioles closing out their series against the tigers and i mean, a lot of fireworks in this one. as the hip kid says like to say you can kiss this good-bye, the 25th home run of the season and adam jones, in fact, loves seeing that. 82 rbi for the scope
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in the american league and the orioles are up 2-0 and they tell him they call him crush, right? this is why. this is to the bleachers in center, his 18th homer and orioles' back-to-back home run, and they're not done. trey mancini is up next. he struggled with this and it's back-to-back to back home run, and manny machado, boy, that's run. the center, a two-run shot and manny went 4 for 5 and five rbis and all totaled 12-3 win over the tigers. >> back to the redskins. it's official, so there's no need for deep thought, but it's about depth where the redskins preseason game under way, the burgundy and gold released its first unofficial depth chart. shirley burress has more on a player who a year ago at this time is not where he is now, number one at his
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>> runningback, rob kelly continues to fight for the top spot after winning the job over in week eight. he hasn't looked back since. he scored twice as many touchdowns as any other back on this roster and still surprises himself how he got to the top. >> nice! >> it was weird, and it was something that i wasn't expecting at all, but when the time came and my number was called i was prepared. >> handoff to rob kelly, and kelly scores a red skins touchdown. >> everyone is confident in themselves and what they can do and they don't have to worry about knocking them out and all of that type of stuff. >> a lot of times, nowadays, i want this, i want this, and they're very unselfish and they're able to do all of the things that are necessary for a successful back. >> i think he does a good job, if one person makes the long run, we feed off of one another. >> what have you
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this camp. >> chris thompson is getting better and we look for advice and stuff like that. >> that was a lie. for real, though, it's the truth. i think -- at the end of the day, he'll have access and it's a good job of feeding off each other. >> in the backfield hoping to shine with a starbrighter than another. in richmond, terry burress, news 4 sports. christy toliver hosting the mercury. she's taken out a lot of the community and she had 20 points, but no bucket bigger than this one coming up. the mystics at this point are up by one, under 20 seconds to go and toliver drains the off-balance jumper and they won four of the last five games
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the city open men's final and check out this return from the german and just no chance for anderson as virev takes the first set, 6-4. in the near court with the championship point, back and forth, but anderson will end up putting it out and sverev, 20 years old, wins the citi open, his fourth title. the good old days when i was young, athletic and rich u but alexander wins the city open. >> thank you. that is the news for now.
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on this sunday night, direct hit, dozens injured as a tornado sweeps through tulsa, oklahoma, damaging buildings and knocking out power to thousands and the severe weather didn't end there. high stakes. top officials from the united states and north korea about to come face to face. will they be able to reduce the tension? terrifying flight just before landing. severe turbulence shakes everyone up leaving some injured. is climate change causing more bumpy skies? molar city. it's a dental mecca that attracts tens of thousands of americans fixing their teeth and smiling at the price. and in the zone. among the best for their age, there was only one thing for them to do, compete against the


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