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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  August 7, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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arlington where this man is behind bars accused of trying to intentionally hurt a baby. arlington county police say demetrius taylor got into an argument with a woman inside an apartment and he set fire to a floor mat. this happened on columbia pike yesterday. police say taylor pushed an infant in a stroller toward that fire. the woman did manage to grab the baby and escape, but the fire kept burning and ended up damaging about 30 units. taylor is facing several charges, including child endangerment. we've learned that hoarding conditions may have sparked another fire at this home in montgomery county. fire officials say the fire started in the basement at the home in grenock road in silver spring. no one was hurt but there is $100,000 damage inside the house. what's the latest in ohio? >> a suspect is accused of overpowering a deputy and stealing a
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the man part of a search, brandon lee howell. he escaped last friday. he is still out there right now. he is accused of rape. he was in a transport van in leg shackles and handcuffs when he forced the van to crash and broke free. not only the fbi but u.s. martials and departments in ohio are all part of this search. they did not say where they think powell might be. secretary of state rex tillerson has some tough talk for north korea. while speaking to reporters, tillerson outlined what it would take for the u.s. to begin those diplomatic talks with the north. >> we've not had an extended period of time where they have not taken some type of provocative action by launching ballistic missiles. so i think that would be the first and strongest signal they could send us, is just stop these missile launches. >>
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concrete time frame for how long north korea would have to stop launching missiles to begin those negotiations. now, this comes two days after the u.n. approved new sanctions on that country. north korea is vowing to bolster its nuclear arsenal. the city of chicago now preparing to take the department of justice to court. the city will file a lawsuit today over a plan to strip funds away from sanctuary cities. officials say there are new qualifications for public safety grants that require cities to share information with federal immigration authorities. city officials say that's unconstitutional. we have some new details about that deadly incident at a carnival ride in ohio. a teenager was killed and several people injured when the fireball ride broke apart at the ohio state fair. now the manufacturer says a support beam had corroded and broke off while the ride was in the air. kmg says the beam wore down over the years. all similar rides around t
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today if you plan to take the beltway in maryland, make sure you watch your speed. those new speed cameras we've been telling you about in work zones near suitland road, they're going to start giving out new tickets now if you run them. the tickets will be around $40. they will flag drivers going 12 miles over the 55-mile-an-hour speed limit. you'll have to take another train as they work on the green line. search green line in our nbc washington app. 4:33. time now to get another check on the weather and traffic, chris. >> yeah, we're going to get a look at your monday morning commute when we
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wtnb's jack taylor, but first let's check in with chuck and sheena on this monday. >> pockets of heavier rain are likely to come in later today. >> the bottom line is we could see some localized flooding. before you head out, keep in mind the roads are wet from the overnight hours and you definitely want to have the umbrella with you. probably the rain boots, too, because i think we'll see heavier pockets of showers later on. here's the area with the flash flood watch of t. this is going through this evening. it's flagging the district. that flash flood will go through the early morning and overnight hours tonight. we have some showers in annapolis. these will be moving away but some moderate rain right near 95 and woodridge down to parts of fredricksburg. we have some moderate to light rain showers there. as you wake up this morning, temperatures will be pretty comfortable, but again, some showers around as we go through the next several hours. let's take a look
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need to know before you walk out the door. good morning, chuck. >> yes, indeed. the umbrella ready for today. download your nbc washington app. we can push alerts should we have some flash flood warnings throughout the day. flash flood watches have already been issued. anything from mother nature today will be primarily a rain issue, though there is a slight chance for stronger thunderstorms down toward fredricksburg and southern maryland. keep that in mind as well. four things to know about the next couple of days. the possibility of some heavy rain, again, one to two inches a possibility today. after a cloudy start tomorrow, the sunshine is back on tuesday afternoon. wednesday is looking super, super nice, and thursday a little warmer, a little more humid, but i think we'll be dry for most of the week when we get past midnight tonight. talking about the 10-day forecast in a few minutes. right now it's jack taylor's turn at wtnb. if you're heading out of the
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to be moved completely out of the roadway. this is after truck scales were left on the roadway with an accident. flashing lights with the potential of wet roadways. we're experiencing a delay. right now volume is pretty light so we're in decent shape. no worries getting to the beltway off of 270. 50 coming in from annapolis, so far, so good. chris, angie, back to you. it is responsible for raising a lot of eyebrows and now getting charges dropped. why a judge just threw out the case against a man arrested by an officer wearing this shirt. they practically go hand in hand. kids and ear infections. angie and i know this all too well. but some new research shows a certain vaccine can help. please tell my sisters how
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>> stranded in the desert for days. how this man survived, what he says and what he did just in case he
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tough story this morning. their troop is calling it a freak accident. two boy
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on a boat in texas. a third scout is hurt and recovering in the hospital now. take a look at this. two more homes in plflorida hav now been condemned after that massive sinkhole. it swallowed two homes when it opened up. in all, six homes have now been condemned. the sinkhole spans 600 feet at its widest point. crews are still trying to stabilize the hole. captured on cell phone, we're sharing the story behind the images. >> this all started as a scenic drive through the mountains, but then it ended up testing one man's will to live. >> if you find this phone and i didn't do so well, just -- please tell my sisters how much i love 'em. >> well, that was mick omen and he recorded himself stranded in theer
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digits. all he had was a cooler with one bottle of water, two beers, a sandwich as well as chips. omen said he quickly realized his body was shutting down because of all the heat. >> and it got to the point where i couldn't swallow. literally i would swallow and my throat would stick together and i was forced to actually drink my own urine in order to swallow. >> omen spent two nights in his car before venturing out to find help. he eventually ran into a dirt biker rider who called for help. omen says he is thankful his story did not have a different ending, and so are we. >> if you're ever in your situation, don't eat the food. it actually will -- it will make your body work harder to hydrate itself. >> that's good to know. >> especially not the salty chips. we're not going to see extreme heat like the desert today but we are in for some pretty severe weather. >> yes, we're looking
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we have a flash flood watch for part of the area, too. before you head out, grab the umbrella, maybe even the rain boots and take your time on the roads. they are wet right now. coming up, chuck and i are back. we'll talk about the timing you can expect today and how long it's going to last, straight ahead. vice president pence is peeved. the rumors he's pushing back against when we go to capitol hill.
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good monday morning. we're talking about wet roads before you head out for your commute, so keep that in mind. we have a few spotty showers around now, but closer to lunchtime we expect more widespread rain. and through the afternoon some of it will be locally heavy. we have a flash flood watch
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the area, weather alert today. chuck will show you the timing you can expect hour for hour on your monday. that's coming up. president trump is out of the public eye today as he spends a working vacation in new jersey. >> but he is appraising new sanctions in north korea on twitter. tracie potts is here from washington. tracie, what's significant with these sanctions? >> reporter: we're talking about a billion dollars of exports they will not be able to take advantage of. it could be a third of all their exports. it could take some time for that to kick in, but they were unanimous. the united nations communities, including china, voting to punish north korea for these provocative nuclear tests, these missile tests. we have the secretary of state at an asian conference just this morning talking about that. he's been meeting with some of those asian nations saying what it takes to get north korea and the u.s. and others to the table
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korea knocking off those missile tests. they've got to stop the missile tests before we'll talk about where to go with their nuclear program. over the weekend there was this report that vice president pence is preparing to run in 2020 if president trump does not. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: kind of interesting, chris. he says it's absurd, that he's focused on the president's a general dachlt t -- agenda. they reported in the times about 70 people, that there is a lot of angst about the new term. so some are preparing for the possibility that president trump won't run again. they talk about a lot of political events that the vice president has been going to. he started his own pac, political action
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his aides say it's to help the party. he denies running against his boss. but there are a lot of rumblings below the surface by a lot of republicans who aren't sure they want to see a second trump term. >> fascinating stuff. thank you, tracie. hundreds of people turned out in rockville yesterday for a celebration of food, music and culture of el salvador. ♪ >> this is the eighth year the salvadoran american festival is happening in montgomery county. it's happening this year as there are concerns about migration issues. they said those concerns did not keep people away and likely brought out more people. police were also there letting them know they should not be afraid to call them. >> they shouldn't be concerned at all. we don't care about immigration status at all. all we care about is that a
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>> we feel so safe in montgomery county and they are so very pro-immigrant, and we have a very good relationship with them. >> it looked like a great day. the salvadoran consulate was also there to answer questions. a deadly crash in d.c. the driver was identified as beckett. beckett lost control of the car on florida avenue and hit a pole and parked car. the car flipped on its side at a hess gas station. a good samaritan tan pullpulled out of the car but he couldn't get his passenger out, and that passenger died from his injuries. a motorcyclist dies after a high-speed chase with police. state
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in and out of traffic going more than 130 miles an hour. he kept going even after troopers tried to stop him. he lost control of his bike and died at the scene. take a look at that shirt an officer may have had on when he arrested a man for gun possession. say some it spreads a racist white supremacist message. a d.c. judge dismissed the case because of its possible connection to the t-shirt. that person can file those charges again. stomp this this is a story many of you have shared and we appreciate it. d.c. people are worried about the location of this student. his name is brandon lewis. lewis was last seen on july 19 near columbia heights, 14th and columbia road. if you have any information, please contact d.c.
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it may seem a ways away, but before you know it, it will be winter. heck f you're a "game of thrones" fan, it's already here. >> a little tired, chris? >> yes, i statyed up, i stayed up. you can prepare for winter before the cold comes. check your siding for cracks, separation or damage. patch up those open spots. inside make sure your windows are effectively sealed with weather stripping. if you noticed any leaks in your roof from all the rain we've been getting, make sure to get those patched up right away before the snow starts falling. inspect your chimney and fireplace to see if it needs to be professionally cleaned. all good ideas out there. >> good time to check the gutters, too? >> always a good time, absolutely. get all that stuff out there so they drain more effectively. whether the gutters are on the roof or the storm gutters are the side of the road sometimes get choked up with leaves and branches. get it all cleaned out. mother nature is going
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part today. >> i saw you brought in an umbrella. it's a big one. >> what's that? i thought there was further criticism to come. we're dealing with clouds this morning. 71 degrees in washington. not much of a breeze out there and it's not going to be a terribly windy day today, but it may be terribly rainy from time to time. 60 gaithersburg, 63 in winchester this morning. we're looking for a possibility of heavy rain. localized amounts of 1 to 2 inches or more are a possibility. the heaviest of the rain just now coming into southern west virginia. already pockets of heavy rain in fairfax county, those are coming into the city. they'll be on the beltway every couple minutes. 9:00 this morning until 10:00 this evening. could have some strong thunderstorms or gusty winds today, but the main issue will be heavy rain. 's
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pockets of heavy rain just in the middle and second half of the monday morning commute here for you. a quick little break in the action before more areas of heavy rain around lunchtime. as we get later into the afternoon and evening, the heavier rain chances will gradually shift south of the city down into southern maryland and that will be the opportunity for some stronger storms today. southern maryland under the main threat for any stronger storms. here's your first peek at the 10-day forecast. 70s with rain today. rain over probably about this time tomorrow morning. your tuesday mainly a dry day, 82. wednesday and thursday look great. rain likely on friday. that may linger into the very first part of kproyour weekend then more rain chances next week. jack taylor, no 90s in sight. >> love when you don't put the 9s up there. two trouble spots around the truck scales. northern we had some activity on the right side. southbound we have activity also on the right side of the roadway. northbound is what's causing the slowdown right
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the activity had been right there in that camera spot. that's easy to see most, if not all, of the activity is gone. southbound had been blocked with another accident. hearing of a new trouble spot potentially moving inbound on the 11th street bridge before you get to m street. it sounds like a spinout with the wet roadways. angie and chris, back to you. >> keep it slow out there. it sent passengers flying, some even hitting the ceiling. the turbulence that put several people in the hospital. it's being credited for reducing the number of ear infection in kids. the vaccine that could prevent them as well as another illness. we're all ears with that one. >> oh, boy. and ahead at
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passengers and flight attendants are recovering this morning from a violent scare in the air. >> there was extreme turbulence on a flight from greece to philadelphia. 10 people were injured, some actually thrown into the ceiling of the plane. one passenger took a photo showing coffee splattered on top. look at that. another said he was scared for his life. >> iver never experienced anything like it before, and the thought that went in my mind is, when a plane goes down, this is what it feels
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photos. fortunately most of the people who were hurt are okay. there were flight attendants serving drinks and obviously they were up and walking around. 4:56. news for your health. a new study says vaccines to prevent against ear infections are working. researchers in rochester found a significant drop in ear infection cases after the pneumo pneumococcal vaccine was introduced in 2007. new research from brigham young university finds people with stronger social connections tend to live longer. in fact, social isolation and loneliness may trigger early death as much or more than obesity. interesting. a softball team from virginia was on the way to a softball game but got disqualified hours before the first pitch. the reason? a
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players raising middle fingers to an opposing team. six players posed for the picture. t they said the picture violated the policy on unsportsmanlike conduct. the national team is expected to look into this and his team will comply. there may be a way to keep your dog calm and happy when you leave for work. >> audible is teecaming up with cesar milan, a famous dog whisperer. it's a series of tapes for your dog to listen to. >> with headphones? a study two years ago showed listening to audio books instead of music reduced stress in some of the animals. milan recommended owners listen with tir
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experiment with some different titles. >> in the early 2000s, they actually recommended a certain channel that you left on in the house with dogs barking. >> my dog hates being left alone. what can you do? >> there are options. news4 today starts right now at 5:00 a.m. and right now on news4 today, take a look at your screen. weather alert. rain, thunderstorms and early this morning flash flood watches. what to know to be prepared for the wet monday ahead. and mayhem on the metro. a teenager is shot on the red line train. the search for the gunman still under way as you start your commute. beware, beltway drivers. slow down or pay up. we fill you in on the new speeding fines that take effect today. good morning. i'm chris lawrence in for aaron this morning. >> and i'm angie goff in for
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that radar again and that weather forecast. it is busy. chuck bell and sheena parveen are outside. but before we check in with them, chuck taylor has your traffic and chuck is going to start things off. >> what's going on out there, guys? >> we have a cloudy sky. it's already rained a little bit. there are puddles to be jumped over early this morning. we have our umbrellas, we are prepared like good boys and girl scouts. however, we don't need them currently. >> when i drove in earlier, it was raining but those were just some passing showers. here's what we can expect for the rest of the day today. through this evening, all the counties shade nd gred in green. this includes the metro area and a lot of maryland. montgomery county, if you're in rockville, you're waking up to some rainfall there. we're seeing it move into parts of the district near arlington. manassas, woodbridge, near 95 we have light rain there lo


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