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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we can help you get over those back to school blues with tips that will keep that cash in your pocket. well, you very well could be waking up to this. rain and some very wet roads out there. >> your umbrella going to get a little bit of a workout today. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> yeah, boots, jackets, grab them all. i'm chris lawrence. aaron and eun have the day off today. we're tracking the rain and the impact conditions could be on your commute. >> that's right, we want to get up to the minute forecast on this rainy day with chuck bell and sheena parveen. good morning, guys. >> good morning. a half hour ago it was her umbrella up and mine not, and now we both have umbrellas
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>> mine started pouring water on him. sorry about that, chuck. >> if it was up to her, i would end up with water all over my suit. >> these are big umbrellas and my hand is starting to hurt. >> now you're getting wet. >> now i'm getting wet. >> it's not as easy as it appears. >> it's not easy. just know we have flash flood watches in maryland and the eastern shore. we have rain around the district right now and several parts of montgomery county, prince georges county along the beltway. if you look farther out, there is quite a bit of rain headed our way, so yes, you definitely don't want to forget the umbrella today. we have wet roads out there already, jack taylor. let's get a check on your monday drive. good morning. >> it's never a good combination but that's what we have for this morning. we'll start in springfield on 95. you're in pretty decent shape. but if you're on 644 going
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northbound, the lanes are closed. all traffic will divert to the shopping center. apparently we had a pedestrian hit on the scene. on 395 in the hov lanes as you head to the 14th street bridge, quickly moved to the shoulder but they had some debris. us-29 near vint hill drive. only a right lane getting by. that puts a slowdown on the road. let's make sure we talk to you and not about you. back to you. 6:02 and we continue to follow a developing story. it's shaken up a lot of commuters and this morning you might see some extra security on metro following a shooting that happened yesterday afternoon. >> a teenage boy was shot on a red line train and now metro transit police are looking for three suspects. justin finch joins us on facebook live a few minutes ago. he's outside the takoma station in washington, d.c. what's going on now, justin? >> hey, chris, as
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you might see stepped-up police at metro stations today. they actively search for these three young men. metro transit police are hoping that someone out there recognizes any one of these three young men. after gunfire sunday, they got off the train, crossed the platform to another train and fled. there is no word yet on just what sparked that shooting. that was likely part of the probe that followed the shooting. the train car stopped on the track as investigators collect the clues. what we know so far, someone shot that teen boy close to 3:00 p.m. sunday by the silver string and takoma stops. bear in mind that happened as the train pulled into the takoma station. riders say they will definitely be more alert. >> i've never had issues with safety on the train. i'm an early rider, i'm not a late
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concerns that i've been made aware of, it's about late riders. >> reporter: now, we do know that the new 7000 series metro trains have cameras on them, so there is a chance this crime could have been caught on camera. about that victim, we do know he is in stable condition at this time recovering, but no word yet if he was able to share with police just what happened before that shooting and afterwards. again, police are looking for those three young men who fled away from the scene, and they say if you see them, to call 911 and bear in mind they are likely armed and dangerous. back to you in the studio. >> justin, thank you. if you are riding the rails this morning, there is a closure that could impact your commute. part of the green line is closed for major track work. the branch avenue and suitland stations are closed now through august 20th. shuttle buses are replacing trains of those closed stations and over the weekend the naylor road s
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on the green line. to keep track of all these metro changes, head to our washington, d.c. metro app. just search green line. a man is behind bars who tried to intentionally hurt a baby. demetrius taylor got into an argument with a woman and he set a floor mat on fire. taylor then pushed a baby in a stroller toward that fire. the woman managed to grab the baby and get out, but the fire kept burning and it ended up damaging about 30 units in the building. taylor is now facing several charges including child endangerment. montgomery county fire officials found severe hoarding when they went to battle this house fire in silver spring. fire officials say it started in the basement sunday at the home on green ock road. no one is hurt but there is roughly $100,000 in damage to that house. pictures from the scene show a lot of debris surrounding the house. investigators say they're still searching for an exact cause o
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if you see this teenager, let someone know. he's been missing for more than two weeks now. brandon lewis is 16 years old, and the last time anyone saw him was in the columbia heights neighborhood in d.c., near 14th street and columbia road. if you have any information, please call d.c. police. it's 6:06 and there is an effort to help a d.c. firefighter who was badly hit by a fire truck. dane smothers is still in critical care after he was hit by a fire truck. local firefighters are having a breakfast fundraiser to help with his medical cause. they are asking for $20 donations. it happens from 8:00 in the morning until noon. molette green is following the aftermath of a tornado at the live desk. >> reporter: yes, we are staying on top o
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effort here. just looking at this damage, take a look at your tv. this is what is left after that tornado swept across downtown tulsa, causing severe damage to a shopping center. several thousand still without power. crews worked into the night to get the lights turned back on to about 20,000 customers. more than two dozen hurt in the twister when trees toppled onto homes and power lines. one person caught in the storm said you see this in the movies, but in real life it's really bad. chris? we're following some breaking news overseas. north korea is now promising revenge to bolster its nuclear arsenal as the new sanctions were approved by the united nations. it comes as secretary of state rex tillerson is meeting with diplomats of southeastern asian nations. he outlined what it would take for the u.s. to begin diplomatic talks with the north. >> well, the best signal that
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they're prepared to talk would be to stop these missile launches. >> tillerson wouldn't give a concrete time frame for how long north korea would have to stop missiles to begin those negotiations. and while the secretary is in the philippines, president trump is in the middle of a working vacation. >> he's spending two weeks at his golf club in new jersey, but he is paying close attention to the situation in north korea. he spoke with south korea's president last night and praised the sanctions passed by the united nations. here at home, boy, oh, boy, we're just weeks away from the start of football season and the redskins are hoping for the best for their wide receiver. >> they are. josh dockson appeared to be hurt with his hamstring yesterday. doctors will take a close look but right now we don't know how bad that injury is. last year dockson played only two games because of an achilles heel injury he was dealing with.
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the redskins practiced for two weeks and soon they'll get to put their skills to the test. they play in baltimore to face the ravens. you can watch that game right here at 7:30 on 4. our reporter susan hogan is doing the hard work for you. the web sites that help you skip the lines and start the savings. you remember this deadly state fair tragedy. we're learning what caused that ride to break up midair. weather alert for you on a monday. the possibility of some heavy rain has a flash flood watch issued for the d.c. metro area. so heavy rain on the way for today. sunshine should be making a comeback by tomorrow. then some great weather cing up somec
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gross! the rain has already started falling here but hope fortunatelihopefully it will not cause flooding like this. take a look at this drone video in new orleans. >> rain fell in the city overwhelming the pump stations. it could get worse because there could be more rain there today. >> here's chuck looking at the rain moving in on our wet weather day.
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a.m. until 10:00 this evening. no rain in our area for now, but our forecast promises a rainy finish. if you're already wondering about the weekend, maybe a chance of a shower on saturday, but sunday is looking very nice indeed. let's go to jack taylor. >> on constitution avenue, the lights are flashing red at 15th street. they need to get someone to fix those as quickly as they can. 210 northbound on kerby hill road. 95 in virginia heading southbound after dale city. our crash thankfully moved out of the roadway and the traffic southbound has eased. back to you. a community is trying to stay strong this morning after an explosion rocked their mosque on sunday. >> the governor visited the site and called what happ a
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of terrorism. on saturday someone threw an explosive device at the islamic center and that device shattered windows and damaged the imam's office. you can see it right there. luckily, though, no one was hurt. those who work at the mosque say they will not be afraid. >> our message today still is hope, and we are hoping that the fear will overtake our hope, and we will stay strong. >> well, the fbi is looking for suspects and trying to figure out if this incident was a hate crime. we're getting some new information about that awful accident at the ohio state fair. we've learned now that a corroded support beam caused this to happen. the fireball ride broke apart in midair and killed a teenager. the rides manufacturer says the thickness of the beam wore down over the years. the fireball has been around since the 1990s, but all similar rides around the world are no longer being used. the accidental death of a texas woman i
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beach patrol reminding people not to dig holes in the sand. >> in fact, some of the beach patrol officers are enforcing the rule that bans beachgoers from digging holes deeper than knee length. ashley died last week after falling in a sand hole. the sand caved in around her. she died of suffocation. it's not clear whether she jumped in the hole or sunk in. a man will be making his court appearance for this deadly crash over the weekend. d.c. police say labond beckett lost control of his car. he hit a pole and a parked car before flipping the car on its side. a good samaritan got beckett out but couldn't get the passenger out and that passenger died. beckett faces homicide charges.
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trial. maybe. we know a sex assault suit is starting today. it's unclear whether swift will be there but she is expected to testify at some point. swift says a deejay groped her four years ago. he was fired. the deejay says he was falsely accused but he wants $3 mi$300,n damages. it was at the top of the twitter trending feed. the couple made the announcement on their social media accounts last night and they explained they tried hard for a very long time and are really disappointed. the two have been married for eight years and have one child together. 6:16. hard to believe it. it's already august. we're talking about back to school, and nbc4 now working for you as we make that transition from the pool back to the classroom. we want to make it as smooth as possible. >> i know, you and i are frantically trying to get all the supplies ready
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whatever you're on-line shopping for. it automatically finds and applies discount codes at checkout without having to search for them yourself. you can also earn cash back on purchases with honey. hey, moms, get this. you probably heard of rent the runway or la tote. but did you know there is a similar option for your kids? skip the dressing room drama and sign up for an on-line clothing club like kid box. order on line. keep the clothes you want and send the rest back. the best thing? shipping is free. >> we have one of my best stories, especially if you're eco-friendly. we have recycled clothing for your kids. you have to see it. that's tomorrow.
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kids are getting ready for school. remember the good old days of school supplies. which one was your go-to notebook? the three-ring binder, spiral bound, the old time composition book? you can weigh in on our facebook page. for me trapper keeper all the way. >> yes. i've been ordering my daughter some of that vintage lisa frank stuff. >> who is lisa frank? >> the purple, the hot pink. >> she was big into gold on retrievers and she had a lot of bright colors. now that you mention it, that was my favorite. i'm going to go buy some. >> it's a trip down memory lane for you, sheena. >> it makes you happy. we're not doing the bus stop forecast just yet. >> it's a good thing, too. >> the kids, wherever they're going today, they might need the galoshes, definitely some
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clothes. >> we're seeing some showers around, but later today flash flood watches in effect. grab the umbrella. we have heavy rain in the forecast. could see a couple inches potentially in some spots. not for everybody. temperatures, though, that's good. they'll be comfortable through the area today. we have too many clouds around, too much rainfall around. here's a look at the map. flash flood watch for the district in surrounding counties in maryland all the way to the eastern shore in delaware as well. this is going to run through the evening today. so the spotty showers around right now. this is just the beginning of it. around the district we have a few spotty showers. up 95 around the beltway, there you see the green showing you the lighter rain. the embedded oranges and red, that shows you the heavier rain here. that's also in buoy. starting to head to the north and east but we do have more on our way. so here's a look at future weather. 8:00 a.m., i think we'll still see
6:21 am
lunchtime we could have widespread rain even through the afternoon and we see things starting to wind down this evening. but then we could have showers lingering tomorrow morning. grover is ready for adoption. if you're waking the dog today, we're looking at rain around. i would say a short walk. clearing the shelters is coming up august 19. friday is our next chance of rain. we'll talk about the week coming up but let's look at your monday morning. good morning, jack. >> sheena, good morning. we have issues in the fairfax county parkway moving southbound toward huntsman boulevard. we have a crash and you're under police direction, so be cautious. southbound fairfax county and terminal road. colesville road before university boulevard. a disabled vehicle as you head to the lights on university boulevard blocking the right
6:22 am
hopefully that can get cleared quickly so it won't cause a big delay as we have wet roadways. give yourself a few extra minutes this morning, please. back to you. >> 6:22 and a scare in the air. extreme turbulence. hear from the passengers. they thought their plane was going down and a warning about why this may be happening more often. a new change this morning comes wit h
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you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. an elderly couple hit
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driver of a car in bethesda in a church parking lot there are doing better this morning. the man and woman who are both in their 80s are in stable condition at the hospital. montgomery county police say a woman in her 70s hit them near the entrance to the unitarian church on river road. this happened on saturday and police are still investigating how this crash happened. >> glad to hear they're doing better. if you've ever felt the bumps on a plane, you can empathize with the folks on board an international flight. >> passengers and flight attendants were hurt when that severe disturb leturbulence roc plane. it did end up landing safely in philly the other night. the plane was coming in from greece. look at some of these photos we got from the tarmac, also from inside the plane. one shows coffee that was splattered high on the ceiling. others showed emergency trucks there once the plane had touch
6:26 am
units to help. >> i never experienced anything like it before, and the thought that went in my mind is it, when a plane goes down, this is what it feels like. >> the people who were hurt, they were flight attendants serving drinks. one expert told nbc news climate change is shifting jet streams, increasing the risk of turbulence up there, but the plane manufacturer also saying that their planes are made to withstand that kind of force. >> the pictures don't really do it justice. you can imagine what those folks on board were feeling at the time. a d.c. biotech company may soon be able to help you treat jet lag. they are studying whether a drug that mimics melatonin which regulates the sleep cycle can help jet lag. several studies have been approved but the results won't be pc
6:27 am
6:26. outside tacoma metro station. that is the scene on the green line. the manhunt for the gunmen continues. a heads up for all you drivers with a need for speed. starting today, police are cracking down. i'll have which areas they're watching and how much those tickets will cost. good morning. it is a wet one outside, but as we go through the day today, we are talking about heavy rain in the forecast. i'll show you what you can expect when you walk ou
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it is 6:30. hope your morning is off to a great start. i'm chris lawrence. >> and i'm angie goff. aaron
6:31 am
off today. before you head out today, take a look at your screen. that's the radar. it is a weather alert day. >> we have flash flood watches just hours before going into effect. sheena parveen and chuck bell are here looking at the timing of how long it's going to last. >> we're on the patio and we've had our umbrellas all morning. there is a tree above us but raindrops are falling all around us. >> they're leaf drops more than raindrops. the heavy rain has moved on out. there are more chances of rain coming your way. for now we have a break in the action in northeast washington as the heavier rain moves to laurel and jessup now. more heavy rain down toward stanton and harrisonburg in the shenandoah valley. that's the steady rain that may more impact your
6:32 am
10:00 p.m. sunshine back tomorrow. no 90s in sight this week. again, there's that flood watch bakely on i-95 and points east today. rainfall amounts locally could be 1 to 2 inches but the rain keeps us in the 70s for afternoon highs today. rain sometimes means nasty commutes. >> here comes jack's face toward the weather. not a fan. southbound on the fairfax county parkway at huntsman boulevard. all traffic diverted to huntsman. we only have one lane getting by northbound at the scene so you're under police direction. northbound 95 at route 610, causing a slowdown. hopefully virginia authorities can remove that as quickly as possible. on the southbound
6:33 am
west patrick street. accident activity may be in the left lane. back to you. checking out your top stories this morning rp, the cleanup is under way in tulsa after a tornado slammed into a tower. cleanup could take weeks. brandon lewis has been missing for more than two weeks now. he's just 16 years old. take a good look at your screen. he was last seen in columbia heights on july 16. if you have any information, please call police. dockson of the redskins hurt his hamstring. last year he was out for an achilles heel issue. a different story yesterday after a teen was shot on board a
6:34 am
we'll show you the people police want to talk to and i'll show you security measures now being taken. that's coming up in a live report in 15 minutes. at 6:33, a motorcyclist died after losing control of his bike during a high-speed chase with police. clint atkins was speeding on i-395 and edsall road. police said he was going more than 130 miles an hour on the highway. he lost control of his bike eventually. after entering prince william county, he hit a retaining wall and died at the scene. >> you'll definitely want to watch your speed if you take the beltway this morning. >> starting today you could get a ticket in maryland thanks to those new speed cameras we've been telling you about. aimee cho is live at suitland road with
6:35 am
you. >> reporter: lots of speeding cameras out here today and they are watching what you're doing. this new speeding crackdown is happening along 495 by suitland road. those cameras will be tracking any cars going more than 12 miles above the speed limit, which is 55, and that fine will cost you 40 bucks. now, police say one of their biggest goals with this crackdown is to help make the road safer for construction areas. so if you're out and about, you want to make sure to slow down, safety first. keep that speed at 55. an yee agie and chris, back to . >> okay, thanks for bringing us that story. a new report is making waves and raising questions about president trump's political future as well. >> the person at the center of it is the vice president, mike pence. molette green is in the newsroom with details. hey, molette. >> hey, chris and angie. a new report says the vice president making mov t
6:36 am
case the president is not on that ballot. according to the times, the vice president is courting donors and laying the groundwork for his own possible run. but mr. pence is firing back really sharply, calling the report, quote, laughable and absurd. the vice president pledged his efforts to see mr. trump reelected in 2020. the president has given no indication that he is not going to seek a second term. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you, molette. today the city of chicago is prepared to take the department of justice to court. the city will file a lawsuit over a plan to strip funds away from sanctuary cities. officials say there are new qualifications for public safety grants that require cities to share information with federal immigration authorities. city officials say that's unconstitutional. not your usual arson. a man accused of setting a fire and trying to push a baby into the flames. the quick action one mother had to take to save her child.
6:37 am
the big day is just around the corner. now we're learning that the moon could have an impact on your
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good monday morning. we have scattered showers out there this morning, around the beltway at i-95 around baltimore. expect more to develop later today. we have a flash flood watch out for most of the area. by noon more widespread showers for the afternoon. potential rainfall, temperatures staying in the 70s. let's head over to jack taylor and check the roadways on this monday. hey, chuc
6:41 am
all traffic diverts to huntsman boulevard. unfortunately we had a crash just after huntsman and you'll find northbound has the left lane closed so at this point you'll find yourself rerouted on the southbound parkway. back to you. watching too many movies may not be bad for you after all. really? >> this kid in fourth grade watched "gardens of the galaxy" and decide to do apply for a job at nasa. the job he applied for? planetary protection officer. it prevents planetary action from space. his sister already thinks he's an alien. nasa responded saying if he does well in school, he may get to work for them someday. good luck to him. >> what a way to stand out, right, and set yourself aside from the others. the solar eclipse might mess with your google maps, by the way. a professor at
6:42 am
your gps. that's because the layer of atmosphere is expected to change for the day. it could affect radio stations and it's just two weeks from now. a terrible accident. a rookie firefighter hit by a ladder truck. how fellow firefighters are coming together to help. if you're a morning person, you can pitch in, too. metro service disrupted. the change to your commute and
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
a weather alert day. a flash flood watch. right now you may be waking up to rain but you haven't seen the worst of it. the hour by hour forecast and the impact to you. breaking news overnight. can north korea be ready to talk? the first sign that threatening missile tests could be coming to an end. you see it on the movies. you see it on the news. but in real life it's really bad. >> a rare late tornado and it hit with no warning. how dozens of people were injured before the alert went out. a shooting on metro. the safety changes you may not even see. the search for the people that carried out a bold attack on the train. yeah, right now metro is taking extra steps to make sure commuters feel safe this morning after a teenager was shot on board a red line train. >> and this
6:46 am
transit is looking for those who did it. these are the photos police have released of the three suspects they're looking for now. new news4's justin finch is following the story this morning and has the very latest. hi, justin. >> reporter: angie, good morning. there is a chance we could see more images of those guys because it turns out this shooting took place on newer 7030 trains, and there's a chance it was caught on camera. they shut down the train why the shooting happened close to 3:00 p.m. sunday as the train was pulling in between the silver spring and takoma stops. it was there that metro riders now telling us today they will have their guards up as a result of what happened. >> crime is everywhere. you got to just look around, do the
6:47 am
>> and looking now at the persons of interest in this case. again, authorities say this happened after gunfire. these three young men got off the train after firing that gun. they then crossed the platform to another train and then they took off. there is no word yet as to what triggered the shooting in the fir first place mu. as for the victim, we do know he was brought to stable condition yesterday and not sure if extra words between him and these three guys is what led to the shooting. however, police say they have strong leads they are looking for at this time. they say if you recognize any of those three guys, give them a call. also be aware they could be armed and dangerous. i'm justin finch, news4. back to you in the studio. if you are riding the rails this morning, there is a closure that could affect your commute. part of the green line is closed for major track work.
6:48 am
stations are closed now until august 20. shuttle buses are closing those green line stations. to keep track of all the changes, head to the nbc washington app. just search green line. a man behind bars accused of trying to intentionally hurt a baby. arlington county police say demetrius taylor and a woman were arguing when he set a floor mat on fire inside of an apartment on columbia pike yesterday. you saw what it did. police say taylor pushed an infant in a stroller toward that fire. the woman managed to grab the baby and escape the flames. 30 units ended up being damaged. taylor now faces several charges, including child endangerment. we're following breaking news overseas where north korea is promising revenge and to bolster its nuclear arsenal after sanctions were approved by
6:49 am
diplomats in the southeast asian nations in the philippines. tillerson outlines what it would take for u.s. to begin diplomatic talks with the north. >> the best signal north korea could give us that they're prepared to talk would be to stop these missile launches. >> but he didn't give a concrete time frame for how long north korea would have to stop launching missiles to start those negotiations. we are getting a lot of images of damage this morning. a tornado did this. it struck a town in oklahoma without warning. now they're working to get things back to normal again. hundreds of people still do not have power right now. others lost parts of their homes or cars the other night. the storm also hit a shopping center, a whole strip mall pretty much wiped out. it wrecked several stores and restaurants that had people inside. >> it collapsed on top of everybody. it's lucky people came out with their looifives. >> nobody was killed in the
6:50 am
people ended up going to the hospital. officials found severe hoarding when they went to battle a house fire in silver spring. it started in the basement of a home on greenock road. no one was hurt but there is roughly $100,000 in damage to the house. the pictures show a tremendous amount of debris surrounding the home. investigators say they're still searching for an exact cause to the fire. d.c. firefighters are coming together to help one of their own firefighters, dane smothers, jr. he is still in intensive care. he was critically hurt last week after a fire truck hit him in a rowhouse fire in northwest d.c. this wednesday a local group of fire tirfighters are having a breakfast fundraiser to help with his medical cause. they are asking for $20 donations. it is in the south end of washington, d.c. from 10:00
6:51 am
my name is nick omen. i hope nobody else has to ever see this. >> reporter: nick omen reported himself on video stranded in the arizona desert. the day started with a scenic drive in the mountains and ended with his car breaking down. the temperatures soared to above 10 degre 100 degrees. all he had was a cooler with a bottle of water, two beers, a sandwich and chips. >> it got to the point where i couldn't swallow. i would swallow and my throat would stick together. i was forced to actually drink my own urine in order to swallow. >> a good thing he did. omen spent two nights in his car before venturing out to find help. he eventually ran into a dirt biker rider who called for help for omen. he's thankful his story didn't have a different ending. we want to check in with jack taylor because he' h
6:52 am
tie-ups. >> jack? >> we never deal with rain on mondays very well together, and unfortunately this morning is kind of that case. good news. they're making progress southbound on the fairfax county parkway at huntsman boulevard. they were blocking a lane northbound. that has cleared so we have one lane getting by on huntsman boulevard. in the districts on northbound new york avenue after north capitol street. a crash blocks the right lane. traffic still kind of light. southbound 15 after u.s. 40, a crash blocks the right shoulder. at least the accident activity has cleared. we're dealing with wet roadways. chuck, how much more of this are we going to deal with? >> the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, here early this morning. cloudy skies. we've already had two to three pockets of rain go over us here in northwest washington during the late night
6:53 am
first batch moving out, but there is another area of light rain here. southern parts of fairfax dcouny down to silver spring and woodridge. heavier and steadier rain to fairfax, virginia as well. we have two things we're wau watching for. the first is heavier rain that could cause flash flooding in the d.c. metro area today. and it will head down toward richmond. mainly an urban flash flood because heavy rain on the paved roads could cause an issue. rainfall amounts could be as much as one to two inches at times. our main threat will be heavy rainfall. any of those storms today in southern maryland could have a damaging wind threat as well. temperatures mid to upper 60s to around 70 now. we'll stay in the 70s all day today with a
6:54 am
rain heaviest at times during the afternoon and the evening. once we get the rain stopped, some nicer weather comes our way for the next couple days. for more on that, let's go over to sheena. >> we could have more showers tomorrow but today could shape up to be a nicer day. make sure you pack the sun glat glasses later this afternoon. by noon tomorrow, 80 degrees, developing sunshine in the afternoon with highs in the low 80s. very comfortable forecast for your tuesday. now here's a look at future weather keeping us mainly dry through the day tuesday. wednesday, thursday, next chance of rain looks like friday. we could be seeing some rainfall with thunderstorms there to end out the week and go into the weekend. of course we'll be watching that weekend forecast very closely, too. but after today i would say friday. that's when you want your umbrella. before that we'll have pretty
6:55 am
look at the 10-day, chuck. >> 10 is-day forecast, 78 degrees today. more than two inches of rain possible today. any rain tomorrow should be done before 7:00 a.m. leaving us nice weather tuesday, wednesday, thursday. as sheena mentioned, good chance for rain friday night. that could linger into your saturday, but i think saturday night and sunday look good before another chance of rain early next week. good morning, i'm landon do dowdy at cnbc headquarters. apple is reportedly going to release an apple watch that can make calls later this year. currently it has to be connected to an iphone to get messages or stream to music. it is unclear whether you have to buy a separate data plan. this is cnbc business report. i'm landon dowdy. here are four things to know this monday. metro transit police want to you
6:56 am
photos. these are the three suspects police have been looking for after a teen boy was shot on a metro train. follow twitter for updates. if you want to take a green line today, you may be delayed. shuttle buses are delaying trains between the suitland stations. head to the app for updates. watch your speed on the day to work. new cameras on the beltway near suitland road will ticket drivers going 12 miles an hour over the limit. you could get a ticket if you're caught. dozens of people were hurt but fortunately no one was killed in a late season tornado when it touched down in tulsa. it slammed into a shopping center just over 24 hours ago. there is a tremendous amount to clean up. you can watch the "today" show for the latest on that big mess. here locally we have a flash flood watch for today through the evening, which is why we have a weather alert out. two inches possible but we'll
6:57 am
today and through the afternoon, so have the umbrella before you leave. we stay in the upper 70s but tomorrow we dry out. wednesday and thursday look good and then friday is our next chance. we'll be watching that over the weekend, too. >> when you saw that tornado come through, it looked ominous. the "today" show coming up next. they're asking now, we're making a cheeseburger, do you add the cheese while on the grill or after grilling? >> at vthe very end on the gril.
6:58 am
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good morning. breaking overnight, north korea responds to harsh new sanctions imposed by the u.n. vowing the revenge against the u.s. and cb refusing to curb its nuclear program. secretary of state warns the ryt world's patience is running out. picking up the pieces, a shopping center? oklahoma leveled by a rare late summer tornado.ate dozens injured. the severe weather now racing east. in custody, two men from arn elite universities behind bars n in california in connection with a mysterious murder in chicago. what was the motive? all that plus high flying extreme


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