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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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pregnant women turned away. a local hospital is forced to stop labor and delivery and prenatal care. how far will families have to go to get the care they need? police say this
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on metro. new tonight why he's already out of jail. should undocumented immigrants be allowed to vote? the decision in one local city is delayed as local leaders are facing threats. good evening. expectant moms told they have to find a new place to give birth. >> d.c.'s health department ordered united medical center to stop deliveries for 90 days. that hospital serves some of the district's poorest residents who now have to find care elsewhere with few options close by. >> we have more on this decision and what it means for patients. >> reporter: a lot of people in this southeast d.c. community tell me they are upset about this. expectantot
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many have gotten ultrasounds to find out they can't deliver their baby here. they say it's upsetting. >> i feel bad about it. >> reporter: the department of health and the district ordered united medical center in southeast to stop delivering babies and stop offering prenatal care. >> you have a lot of unfortunate people around here that really can't afford to go anywhere else. it's really not fair. >> i had no idea. >> reporter: she found out the news from us. >> to shut down the ob sstetric portion that will hurt or harm a lot of moms and newborns. >> reporter: providence, prince george's hospital and howard university hospital are more than 20 minutes away. >> women won't be able to get there in time if they need to give birth. >> it's a
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people around here. they can't make it all the way uptown. >> reporter: the department of health released a statement saying quote this restriction applies to obstetrics and the nursery services for 90 days or until the hospital implements its plans. we reached out to council member vince gray and said he is concerned about this change. he said it's time for health equity in the east end of the district. the white house is facing perhaps its first major foreign policy crisis of the trump administration. tonight north korea says it's seriously reviewing a plan to strike the u.s. pacific territory of guam with missiles. this warning coming
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president trump. >> north korea best not make anymore dlets to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> this was the president's response to reports that north korea may now have the ability to miniaturize a nuclear warhead making it small enough to fit on the ed of a missile. what does it mean to threaten north korea with fire and fury? >> at face value sounds like he's threaten a nuclear attack on north korea which is unprecedented. sounds like kim jong-un's kind of threats. you don't threaten people in public. if you do threaten them, you have to say something that you mean to follow through on. >> missile strikes are seen as last resort. guam is not the u.s. main land, its residents are u.s. citizens
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military personnel there. if council goes through with this motion it dilutes the meaning of citizenship. >> people who live in college park will have a few more weeks to speak up about a new proposal that would let people who are not u.s. citizens vote in local elections. the city council just delayed any decision on this issue until september. if approved college park will become the largest city in maryland to allow all adult residents to vote in local races. at least ten other maryland jurisdictions do allow green card holders and other non-u.s. citizens to vote locally if they are full-time residents. under this proposal people would have to prove their residency. that would include both those in the u.s. on visas as well as those undocumented immigrants and not surprisingly emotions are running high. so much so that police are investigating threats that have been made against the
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members. >> we are investigating threats. it's our homeland security bureau here that are investigating these threats. >> once again this measure only applies to local elections. federal law bars non-u.s. citizens including permanent legal residents from voting in our national elections. it's race against the clock to find a missing teenager who could be in some serious danger tonight. fairfax county police believe a gang could be targeting 18-year-old miguel carillo. he was last seen near his home near route 1. search teams are combing through the woods using choppers and canine teams to try to find him. he's been pli he's been missing since thursday. this man is now free on bond even after metro transit police say he took up skirt photos of dozens of women on metro
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darcy. >> reporter: dozens of women were the victims of up skirting while riding escalators on metro. a teenager accused of secretly placing his phone under women's skirts and taking photos. >> what do you think of someone doing something like this? >> i think it's disgusting, gross and weird. it's nasty. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the suspect brandon williams. he's a 19-year-old college student from prince george's county. the video shows him going up and down the escalator for hours at the columbia heights station last week. the crimes came to light when a woman reported he touched her inappropriately. how do you protect yourself if you're wearing metro or a skirt or a dress like i am
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be aware of your surroundings. turn around and look and see if someone is riding close to you. police found more disturbing evidence at his home. cell phones, computers and hard drivers with images. the number of victims in the dozens between 40 and 50. they have no idea it happened. right now williams is charged with misdemeanor sex abuse. >> if they were distributed or sold then that could lead to additional chanrges for the suspect. >> reporter: metro is urging women to come forward. many riders were not aware this had even happened heefr untilre told them. >> it's something i'll be more aware of. >> reporter: he was released on bond earlier today. metro officials say they are relieved that the judge also told this teenager to stay off of metro property. back to you.
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i i-395. construction to start new toll lanes begin tomorrow. if you have an ez pass and you car pool with three or more people these lanes will be free at all times. otherwise there's no limit on how high the toll can go. just like the express lanes on 95 and 495, the worse the traffic, the higher the price. >> the other day i seen it $30 and $30 is ridiculous. >> the new express lanes are expected to open in 2019. tomorrow will bring a new day of sifting through debris, filing insurance claims after that ef-1 tornado ripped through maryland. winds upwards of 100 miles an hour tossed cars like rag dolls yesterday across parking lots, destroyed vehicles and damaged buildings. no one was
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as we look to your morning planner, it's refreshing. it's going to be kind of a cool start especially in the suburbs. take a look president rig. right now we're at 72. still in the 60s at 8:00 a.m. kind of unusual for early august but with plenty of sunshine in the forecast we warm up really quickly. 10:00 a.m. we'll find ourselves at 76 degrees. tomorrow is picture perfect. i amtr tracking the humidity returning. i'll have the latest timing coming up in my full forecast. new video tonight of a big mess in california. check it out. a crane came crashing down onto two homes outside of san jose. workers were using the crane to replace a power pole in the neighborhood when it tipped over. authorities are still trying to figure out. no one was hurt but it did cause a whole lot of damage. tomorrow st. mary's county will take
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the state's department will announce several indictments against drug dealers. earlier we spoke with one mother who lost her son to an opioid addiction and said addicts need to be treated with compassion so fewer lives are cut short. >> we think every day what a gift he was and how his death is going to help someone, somewhere at some time. so that they live. >> in maryland there were 550 overdose deaths in the first three months of this year. that's up over 400 deaths from the same period last year. when we come back, nbc 4 reports to more fires involving smartphones and not just the ones under recall. what c what consumer reporter found after a call from one local
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y2fwdy y16fy the winning numbers have been drawn for the 7th largest mega million jackpot in history. it's worth almost 350 million. 11, 17, 50, 52, 74 and 14. cell phones catching fire. sound familiar? samsung hasn't heard the end of it. after last
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we have other heating issues. consumer reporter is working for you tonight with one woman's story. >> a d.c. woman contacted us after her sumsung galaxy s6 phone caught fire. it's different than the millions of phones recalled last year. nbc 4 responds. >> all i could see was flames. >> reporter: this is all that's left of her somesung phone after it caught fire in her bedroom. >> i was talking on the house phone and then all of a sudden i heard this sizzle. then i looked and i saw flames. >> reporter: she showed us the damage, burn marks through her blanket, top sheet, fitted sheet and down to her mattress. once she knocked the done off her bed, it burned her hardwood floor.
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house done. >> reporter: it's not on any recall list unlike last year's galaxy note 7. millions of phones recalled because the batteries can overheat and catch fire. >> i was terrified because i couldn't believe what had happened. immediately i called samsung. then i called you all. >> reporter: we contacted samsung and soon aftershe got a call. >> all of a sudden my phone was ringing off the hook. >> reporter: she sent her a different model replacement phone for free. they came and picked up her charred phone and took pictures to document the damage. we did a quick search on safer to see if there's similar reports. look at this. we found multiple reports including another galaxy s6, a flash of bright light before the
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the edge saying the phone was charging and the consumer woke up to the phone bursting into sparks and flames. not plugged at the time, report of a popping sound and smoke spewing out of the phone. report of a hissing and loud pop. her phone was on fire. when we asked samsung about the incidents reported on the government's website, it told us it has no other battery issues and no other big problems with other model phones. >> i'm saying you have a problem now. >> reporter: samsung responded to the phone fire and told us it stands behind the quality and safety of the more than 10 million galaxy s6 phones. until they are able to examine any device it's impossible to determine the true cause of any incident. mobile phones are complex devices and there are many factors that could contribute to the malfunction. sh n
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phone. >> i'm terrified. i don't know what that phone might do. >> we asked samsung for an update on the investigation into the phone. they told us right now they are not commenting. samsung did tell us it had just released an 8-point battery test with new protocols. wi have a loe have a look a weather and the tornado that hit. >> i want to do a quick overview of the tornado so folks know what was going on. it was an ef-1 tornado traveling about a mile and a half. it was about a hundred yards wide. i've drawn the path on the map. you can see touching down parts of the university salsbury. the city center at the top of the map. i want to show you why there's a severe thunderstorm warning issue. i'm widening out the map. here you see this
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weather service. what happens when it's that's far away as the radar baem goes out it lifts up in the atmosphere. the beam was overshooting the rotation in the storm so it couldn't pick up on the rotation lower to the ground. still pretty nice on thursday. friday into the weekend there are storm chances. it's not a wash out. taking a look here. wednesday, thursday, completely dry. friday some scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. just the chance for showers your saturday. then sunday scattered thunderstorms back in the forecast. currently our temperatures refreshing. 64 in gaithersburg. 72 in washington. we're going to see some locations tonight especially around the blue ridge fal
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into the 50s. starting off your day tomorrow on wednesday, 67 degrees. that is comfortable. it's windows open, ac off kind of weather. not just overnight but tomorrow night. spectacular at hundred lunchtim. you're not going to get hot if you have to walk around leverav the office. a high of 85 degrees. 7:00 in the evening still nice. 81 degrees. whatever your plans are, the weather cooperating. it's a perfect pool day. exercise tomorrow. it's not too hot. i was just talking with one our writers, she said she's taking her kids out. back to school shopping, i would go on friday. tomorrow and thursday the weather too nice to not get out there and enjoy it. a high of 87 degrees. as we look to friday it looks like more clouds around, higher humidity levels. we're only going to stay in the 70s for highs on friday with chance for showers a
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during the afternoon. actually that best chance for a shower on saturday at 30% is during the morning hours and sunday the best chance for rain would be later in the day. otherwise mid-80s and humid for the weekend. >> thanks. coming up, a racing legend makes a visit to the redskins in richmond. plus
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you can feel it. the tension and anxiety that goes with the nationals marlins series. okay. there probably should be some.
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afterall it's battle of first and second place teams. the first place nats leads the marlins by 14 games. so much nfor the tension and anxiety. there is motivation. for all their success the nats are behind the dodgers for best record in the national league. they want to keep winning. a.j. cole, he started the game with hair but lost most of it. over the fence. we're tied at 1. then john carlos stanton, nice guy. takes out his aggression on the baseball. a monster shot to center. 38th of the season. the marlins 4-1 lead. they're happy. moving in slow motion they're happy. in the 7th cole is out.
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gets us to the drop in right center. two runs come around the score. marlins beat the nats, 7-3. the redskins days in ri richmond are dwindling to a precious few. their time will end on sunday. it's a welcome interruption to the staleness of training camp. today was hardly the same old, same old as we find out. >> reporter: it's that time of camp where players want to hit someone else. that feeling extending to kirt cousins who feel like his teammates have the cheat codes to all the plays. >> they know how we're going to play. you don't want to have the answers before you take the test. en
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with brand new players it teps you get a test of where you are. >> shall we do this? >> reporter: they tested eed at richmond international raceway this morning. the nascar legend took some players for a spin around the oval hitting a top speed of 130 miles an hour. a little bit slower back at camp, junior ran some routes. >> any time you get chance to meet some of the guys playing the game it's real honor. it's probably a big honor for me. >> reporter: junior and josh finished their day handing out free snow cones. a great way to wrap up the biggest segment at camp before their first pre-season game on thursday. >> i told you. we were able to combine nascar and football. we're
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doing it together. connect the dots. >> it's fun. >> dale can catch. >> we're going to try to put baseball and basketball together, next. >> that's tomorwro you each drive a ford pickup right? together, next. >> that's tomorwro yes. i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- oh my... the current chevy silverado. it's the chevy summer drive. get a total value of $9,600 or, get 0% financing for 60 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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we love sending you off with this story tonight. a college park resident honored this evening for her heroism. last month we told you about
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he received the purple heart 72 years after being taken prisoner in world war ii. he was too um hhumble to demand recognition back then but his daughter found his political tear records and she lobbi congressed t
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- billy crystal, derek hough and the winners from nbc's "world of dance,"


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