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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  August 9, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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the secretary of state on his way back to the u.s. explaining from guam this morning what the president meant by "fire and fury" towards north korea. i'm tracie potts, that story next. and out with the old in d.c.'s chinatown. >> we have details about the verizon center's brand-new name. and perfect weather today. here's a live look outside, clear skies, but coming up, i'll show you when the humidity and storm chances return. and thank you for joining us this morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm pat lawson muse. let's kick things off with a look at the forecast. sh
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need to know heading into the lunch hour. >> yes, it is absolutely gorgeous outside. we woke up this morning to some very fall-like temperatures, a nice breeze out there right now, very light breeze, but it's still sending us in that low humidity, the dry air, 79 degrees right now in washington. sunny skies, one thing that today is going to be good for is the pool. right around lunchtime today we'll be in the low 80s. by 2:00 p.m., mid 80s. you'll still want the sun block. even though the humidity is low, the uv index is still high. still that low humidity by 4:00 p.m. so, less humid today is making it feel really good. more humidity and storms are to move in as we go into friday and those rain chances hang around for the weekend. i'll show you that forecast coming up in just a bit. new at midday, there have been a lot of problems for m.a.r.c. passengers this morning after someone was hit and killed by an amtrak train. all penn
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suspended. it is up and running again now. amtrak service has been delayed. we which he couchecked with polt now we don't know the identity of the victim or what thiey wer doing on the tracks. now to a developing story that has turned the joy of welcoming a baby into fear and worry. >> d.c.'s health department ordered united medical center in southeast to stop all deliveries and prenatal care for a period of 90 days. news4's amy cho is live now with more on this drastic decision and why it was made. >> reporter: yeah, pat, aaron, up until a short time ago, it was a mystery as to why this shutdown was happening, but just a little while ago, we received some new information. the hospital put out a statement saying that the shutdown is taking place so they can address deficiencies in screening, clinical assessment, and delivery protocols. so that shutdown will be happening for 90 days, and in the meantime, a lot of pregnant women have been planning on giving birth here at t
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hospital. they're now scrambling to try to find a new place to do so. no deliveries as well as no prenatal care happening here. this morning, we spoke to one resident who lives across the street from the hospital. she was very concerned to hear the news. >> that's not fair. not to the women that's out here pregnant. it's just not fair. and you got a hospital right next door to you and you can't do that. it's not fair. >> reporter: and now these pregnant women also have to worry about getting around as well. there were several bus stops right around the corner from this hospital which made it very convenient to get to, but to get to a different hospital from here, such as prince george's or howard university, you have to take several buses and trains. we're live in southeast. aimee cho, news4. we are continuing to work for you with this map. it shows you just how far some expectant mothers may need
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visit their newborns who have to stay in the hospital. the nearest hospitals are providence, prince george's hospital center, and howard university hospital. each one is more than 20 minutes from the united medical center. but there is some good news when it comes to medical care in our area. >> u.s. news announced its list of the best hospitals, and 11 d.c. area hospitals made that list. here they are. medstar, georgetown university hospital, mary washington hospital in virginia, inova fairfax hospital, and in fourth place, it's a tie between medstar washington hospital center and virginia hospital center. each facility was evaluated in 25 different areas of care. another packed night here at capital one arena. >> well, the next time you see the wizards or the caps, it's not going to be at the verizon center. as of today, that building has a brand-new name. it's the capital one arena.
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rights. you'll see brand-new signs and a marketing campaign this fall. and starting today, if you drive 395, you may be hitting those brakes more often than you're used to. construction starts to add new toll lanes. three express toll lanes will run about eight miles. if you have an ez pass flex and you car pool with three or more people, the lanes will be free at all times. otherwise, there's no limit on how high the toll can go. just like the express lanes on 95 and 495, the worse the traffic, the higher the fee. happening right now, a special gathering to help an injured d.c. firefighter, dane smothers jr. was injured last week at a road house fire. his colleagues are holding a fund-raiser to help his family care for him. molette green was therend
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>> reporter: yeah, breakfast for dane. this buffet, it's now about an hour away from wrapping up here at the restaurant on capitol hill. this was a chance for fellow firefighters to come out and support this young man, this rookie who was injured on the job, and many of them didn't even know him or work side-by-side, but for the fire fighting community, it's like family. and the firefighter who wanted to put this together is right here. also a fellow biker. you did this through the bikers club, right, robert? and what do you think about what has happened today for dane smothers jr., one of your family members. >> it's so inspiring for us, and it's definitely helping keep our spirits up to see the amount of support we're getting from the community. we've got some firefighters that have come in from baltimore that took the train down to be here. i have a gentleman i used to work with at another jurisdiction from the park services. people from the community. we had a gentleman from the
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just kept going. it's moving. it's great. >> reporter: it's been an incredible show of support from the community and that's what it's all about because this is about the larger community coming together for a young man in need, and the money raised will go to help the expense authorize not covered by the city or the fire department. so you need that extra help for the family who will be caring for this young man who's suffered such serious injuries. if you can not make it out before this ends, you can always support the gofundme page. all of the expenses raised today and on that page goes to that young man's family to support him. and you can check out our link inside our nbc washington app. just search smothers. i'm molette green on capitol hill. prince george's county is looking for new teachers. a recruitment fair is going on right now at dr. henry wise jr. high school
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prince george's county is one of the 25 largest school districts in the country and the second largest school system in maryland. tensions between the u.s. and north korea are escalating to new heights this morning. president trump and the north are trading threats. now north korea is threatening a u.s. territory. tracie potts has the latest. >> reporter: north korea's latest threat to target guam with a u.s. military base there prompted this reaction overnight from the island's governor. >> and i want to reassure the people of guam that currently there is no threat to our island. >> reporter: and this warning from president trump. >> they will be met with fire, fury, and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> reporter: criticized by the senate's top democrat as reckless and questioned by some in his own party. >> all it's going to do is bring us closer to some kindf
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>> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson explained what the president meant en route to a quick refuelling stop in guam this morning. >> what the president was doing is sending a strong message to north korea in language that kim jong un would understand. >> reporter: is president trump pushing the u.s. into nuclear war with north korea? >> we may not know until they, god forbid, test a missile with that on top. >> reporter: u.s. officials now believe north korea has the ability to put a small nuclear warhead on a missile and missiles that could reach as far as chicago. >> they are blowing through this president's red lines like tissue paper. what is trump going to do now? >> reporter: diplomacy so far has not worked and defense experts say there are no good military options. president trump tweeting this morning that our nuclear arsenal is stronger and more powerful than ever before. he says hopefully we'll never have to
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never be a time when the u.s. is not the most powerful nation in the world. new developments now about a man accused of ramming a car into a group of soldiers. he's now in custody. it's been called a terror attack. happened outside paris overnight. police say the suspect drove a bmw into the group of soldiers as they were leaving their b barracks. this morning, police tracked him down and shot him. he's now in the hospital. six soldiers were hurt but they are all expected to survive. the accident at the ohio state fair has worried a lot of families. one person died when the fire ball ride snapped last month. the accident was blamed on a corroded beam. the montgomery county fair is opening this week in our area. news4 is working to get answers about your safety there. ♪ >> reporter: the montgomery county fair opens friday. but first, workmen are putting together the kiddy rides and the adult
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seekers or scare them away. >> in all the carnival rides that worry you around? >> i'm afraid of all of that. >> reporter: this high flying ride is called chaos. it spins around a lot. >> 300 degrees of motion simultaneously. so if you got a weak stomach, it's probably not the ride to ride. >> reporter: mark is a fourth generation family college educated carnival manager. >> i worked in the popcorn stand on weekended. >> reporter: this carnival travels up and down the east coast. on-staff workers making sure the rides meet safety standards. but with recent safety incidents and other carnivals, how do customers know it's safe? >> the biggest thing we always tell folks is that our kids and grandchildren ride the rides every day along with the local kids. >> reporter: maryland department of labor inspectors were on site today and will survey all rides before friday's opening but some local residents are still a bit wary. you've heard there's been some
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>> we were just talking about that. they heard about something in ohio or something. that happened. yeah. but i'm not worried with montgomery county fair. they usually are pretty well monitored. >> reporter: what do you think? >> they seem to do a pretty good job here in other years. >> reporter: each ride has an age and height safety standard for who can get on. in gaithersburg, tom sherwood, news4. he's accused of groping one of the country's biggest stars during a meet and greet. >> the man at the center of the taylor swift trial is telling his side of the story. we're taking y inside outh
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this morning, the man accused of violating women on metro without their knowledge is back on the streets. 19-year-old brandon williams is charged with taking pictures up women's skirts. metro transit police looked at this surveillance video taken at the columbia heights station last week. it showed williams getting on an escalator and allegedly placing a cell phone up the victim's skirt. at his home, police found hard drives and phones with dozens of pictures. women we spoke to found this very disturbing. >> i think it's disgusting, it's gross, and it's weird. it's nasty. >> this morning, williams is out on bond, and
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transit police say they're still combing through all of the pictures, but they say there could be 40 or 50 women who had no idea their pictures were taken. day two of the taylor swift groping trial is just beginning. it's happening in denver about three hours behind us. nbc's joe fryer explains what we learned on day one. >> reporter: david mueller on the stand for more than three hours detailed his version of events from a 2013 meet and greet, testifying as music super star taylor swift looked on in the courtroom. at issue, what happened when swift, mueller, and mueller's girlfriend at the time posed for this photo. mueller testified that as he moved in to get into the picture, his hand was closed and came into contact with part of her body. i felt what appeared to be a rib cage or rib or ribs. mueller decided it as jostling, adding our hands touched and our arms touched but he said he never lifted her skirt or grabbed her behind as swift as
11:17 am
supports mueller because swift's skirt is not visibly rumpled or ruffled. the pop star never reported the incident to police but one of her reps told the radio station and two days later, mueller was fired. he sued swift and members of her team in 2015, saying the groping allegation cost him a job that pays more than $150,000 a year. on the stand tuesday, mueller said, it's a horrible thing i'm accused of, and i want to clear my name. swift countersued, claiming assault and battery. in court, the pop star could be seen writing notes to her attorney and at one point, swift's mother and codefendant andrea broke down in tears. during opening statements, their attorney asked jurors, what's wrong with this picture? a woman is assaulted, a woman reports it, and she gets sued? it just doesn't make sense. he said swift is asking for $1 in damages, telling the jury, she's not trying to bankrupt this man. she's trying to tell people out there you can say no when someone puts their hand
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on the first day of testimony, spectators lined up at 4:00 a.m. hoping to get one of just 32 courtroom seats reserved for the public. swift is expected to testify at some point during the trial. nbc news, denver. moving on now, you are going to need a lot of luck, but you have another shot at a massive jackpot tonight. >> powerball jackpot is now $307 million. the drawing tames place tonight. nobody won the mega millions jackpot last night. that drawing takes place on friday for $382 million. and that is the sixth largest in mega millions history. >> don't forget, though, the odds of winning are next to impossible, like 280 million -- >> 258,898,850. >> so good luck. >> to one. well, a few weeks from now, classrooms across our area will once again be filled with students. so, news4 is working for you to make sure t
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whatever you're online shopping for. it automatically finds and applies discount codes at checkout without having to search for them yourself. you can also earn cash back on purchases with honey. hey, moms, get this. you've probably heard to have rent the runway or la tote, but did you know there is a similar option for your kids? skip the dressing room drama and sign up for a new online clothing concept called kid box. just take a style quiz for your kids and kid box sends you a personalized style box with up to six to eight items. like them all? pay less than $100 or just keep what you like and send the rest back. and by the way, shipping is free. now, coming up tomorrow, we have one of my favorite stories, especially if you're ecofriendly. we have recycled clothing for your kids. it's unbelievable. you have to see it to believe it. it's coming up tomorrow. see you
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from susan on back to school shopping in the nbc washington app. just search, ready for school. it was an uber trip that was destined for a tragic end. >> but the driver's decision changed one man's life forever. wel explain when news4 m'lid
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z2e2dz z1a2z
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y2e2dy y1a2y legendry country music singer glen
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rhinestone cowboy has died. so many people grew up listening to his music. campbell passed away yesterday after a long fight with alzheimer's disease. he was known for a string of hits in the '60s and '70s including "southern nights" and "gentle on my mind." >> some of my favorites there. >> some good stuff everybody knows. what started out as a regular uber pick-up ended up being a life saving opportunity for the driver. >> the driver's quick thinking kept a suicidal man from taking his own life. jen holloway has the story. >> reporter: call it compassion behind the wheel. >> the bible says a broken shirt, who can beshir skpir spirit who can bear that. this guy was obviously in trouble. he was obviously in trouble. this guy was just told that he got brain cancer. >> reporter: his request was to be dropped off at the top of the sky way bridge but ea
11:25 am
north pier parking area and began to pray with his passenger. >> what surprised me is when i completed my prayer, he started praying. but his prayer was very awkward, jumbled, and he didn't know what to say, but it was like he was trying, and talk about a broken spirit. you know? >> reporter: but before the man got out, farley made a very smart decision. >> then i said, you know what? i want to remember you, so can i take a picture? >> reporter: and with one quick click. >> i took the picture and he gave me a peace sign and i gave him a smile. >> reporter: as the troubled young man walked towards the water, farley called 911 and within minutes, two troopers arrived just in time to save his life. farley firmly believes everyone was in the right place at the right time by the grace of god. >> like a chess board, he put everybody in their place to be used to do his will, and the end result, the guy's alive. that's
11:26 am
that's -- all right, time now for a check on our forecast. >> yeah. sheena, feels like another season, doesn't it. >> it does, especially this morning. it felt a little bit like fall. i hope a lot of people drove with the windows down. take advantage of it. and even this afternoon, it's going to be really nice. >> for how long. >> for today and tomorrow. but eventually everything has to come to an end, right? but it will come back, don't worry. yes, today and tomorrow, you can enjoy it. friday, that's when we start seeing some changes. your weather outlook, commuting anywhere today at any point in time, well, you can have the windows down. it's going to be really nice. exercise, perfect weather outside because it's so comfortable. if you're heading to the pool, well, the kids don't need the sun block because the uv index is still very high, about 10 to 15 minutes until a sunburn. grilling outside today, perfected because the humidity's going to be low so it stays nice and comfortable. right now it's 79 degrees in the district. live
11:27 am
clear skies. elsewhere, already in the mid to upper 70s. quantico, 78 degrees, clinton, 76 gaithersburg, as we get closer to winchester. nice and dry, no clouds around, so perfect day if you're walking the dog and this is nunu available at the humane rescue alliance. she is available. 85 degrees is where we'll be topping out at. by 7:00 p.m., very nice. 81. also don't forget, next saturday is clear the shelters, saturday, august 19th. you can find out more information on the nbc washington app. here's future weather. so we stay dry today and tomorrow. and now we go into friday, more clouds start to move in. we have the rain chances increasing friday and unfortunately they will be around this weekend as well. so 81 for a high friday, some afternoon showers and storms in the forecast saturday and sunday. mid 80s but those showers will still be with us. we'll take a closer look at what you n expect if you'reca
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welcome back. secretary of state rex tillerson is telling americans they can still sleep soundly. tillerson's words after a chilling threat by president trump amid escalating tensions with north korea over its nuclear capabilities and the rogue nation responded with its own
11:31 am
considering an attack on a major u.s. pacific military hub. here's nbc's andrea mitchell with the latest. >> reporter: president trump firing off a stern warning to north korea to stop threatening the u.s. >> they will be met with fire, fury, and frankly, power the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> reporter: drawing a red line just hours after reports of a major nuclear advance by north korea. following president trump's tough talk, north korea issued a threat of its own, announcing in a statement it was carefully examining plans to attack the u.s. territory of guam with medium to long-range ballistic missiles, creating what it called an enveloping fire. 6,000 american troops are stationed on the remote pacific island where the u.s. operates a critical air force base in the region along with more than 160,000 guam residents, all considered u.s. citizens. a u.s. official briefed on new intelligence tells nbc news kim jong un may now
11:32 am
nuclear warhead small enough to fit inside one of his new long-range missiles. north korea still has to overcome technical hurdles, dli delivering a weapon accurately that would survive reentry, but experts say that is a matter of when, not if. >> i think there is a growing consensus that the pace of the program is increasing steadily. the effectiveness of the program, both missile and nuclear, is getting better. >> reporter: now president trump is strongly hinting at a military option, a preemptive strike but the u.s. does not know where all of north korea's nuclear facilities are hidden underground. and north korea could retaliate against 25 million people in seoul, including 100,000 americans and 28,000 troops stationed there. the u.s. has recently successfully tested missile defenses from the west coast, hitting a test missile over the pacific but the system
11:33 am
foolproof. meanwhile, the president's strong language is being criticized by leading lawmakers of both parties. democrat dianne feinstein calling his rhetoric bombastic and saying icdiplomacy is the oy path. republican john mccain cautioning trump against making empty threats. >> the great leaders that i've seen, they don't threaten unless they are ready to act. and i'm not sure that president trump is ready to act. and so, maybe it will turn out all right. he's the president. i'm not. but i don't think that some of the great leaders that i have admired would have taken that same path. turning now to cell phones catching fire, samsung hasn't heard the last of that. after last year's global recall of the galaxy note 7, nbc4 responds to reports of other phones having overheating problems and catching fire. susan hogan is working for you with one woman's story about
11:34 am
contacted us after her samsung galaxy s6 phone caught fire. it's an experience that sounds all too familiar but it is different than the millions of phones that were recalled last year. nbc4 responds. >> all i could see was flames. >> reporter: sylvia adams says this is all that's left of her samsung galaxy s6 phone after it caught fire in her bedroom. >> i was talking on the house phone, and then all of a sudden i heard this sizzle. and then i looked and i saw flames. >> reporter: sylvia showed us the damage, burn marks through her blanket, top sheet, fitted sheet, and right down to her mattress. once she knocked the phone off her bed, it even burned her hardwood floor. >> this phone almost burnt my house down. >> reporter: her samsung galaxy s6 is not on any recall list, unlike last year's galaxy note 7, millions
11:35 am
because their lithium ion batteries can overheat and catch fire. >> i was terrified. immediately, i called samsung. then i called you all. >> reporter: we contacted samsung and soon after, sylvia got a call. >> all of a sudden, my phone was ringing off the hook. >> reporter: samsung sent sylvia a different model replacement phone for free. they even came and picked up her charred phone and took pictures to document the damage. we did a quick search on safer to see if there are any similar reports of samsung phones overheating or catching fire. look at this. we found multiple reports, including another galaxy s6, claiming the phone charging on a bed, a flash of bright light before the consumer screamed fire. the galaxy s7 edge saying the phone was charging and the consumer woke up to the phone bursting into sparks and flames. the galaxy s7, not plugged
11:36 am
sound and smoke spewing out of the phone. and a galaxy s2 model, report of a hissing and loud pop. her phone was on fire. when we asked samsung about the incidents reported on the government's website, it told us it has no other battery issues and no other big problems with other model phones. >> well, i'm saying, well, you have a problem now. >> reporter: samsung responded to sylvia's phone fire and told us, in part, it stands behind the quality and safety of the more than 10 million galaxy s6 family phones in the united states and until samsung is able to examine any device, it is impossible to determine the true cause of any incident. mobile phones are complex devices, and there are many factors that could contribute to their malfunction. as for sylvia, she's not sold on using her phone. >> i'm terrified. i don't know what that phone might do. >> reporter: now we asked samsung for an update o
11:37 am
phone. they told us right now that they are not commenting. samsung did tell us it has released an 8-point battery test with new protocols. i'm susan hogan, news4. well, after a long summer of sleeping in, the start of the school year means the return of bedtime for a lot of kids. >> oh no. but how do you jump start the transition? we'll tell you what parents need to do now to get their kids ready for school.
11:38 am
11:39 am
we are getting you ready for school, and a big part of getting ready to go back is getting bedtimes back on schedule. experts suggest practicing two weeks before school starts to get those circadian rhythms back on track. nbc's hallie hernandez has some faster alternatives for you and your children. >> reporter: they look like angehe
11:40 am
but they don't always act like it when alarm clocks go off for the first time in months. >> you know, panicking a little bit, how we're going to wake them early without being, you know, frustrated or grumpy, so to speak. >> reporter: this pediatrician says the secret is going slow so the new bedtime is hardly noticeable. >> by increment 15 minutes, for example, tonight, 9:45, then the next night, 9:30, and so on. >> reporter: do the same thing in the morning, wake up 15 minutes earlier or make it 30 if you're in a pinch to make this change quicker. but no more than half an hour different than what the student got used to over the summer. >> we don't want to change this over the weekend and then it takes a few days for the internal clock, you know, to set it back, so it's better to keep it consistent. >> reporter: the recommendations for elementary and middle school students, according to the american academy of pediatrics is 10 to 12 hours of sleep and 8 to 10 for
11:41 am
>> i don't know anybody. nobody i know. >> you can't make kids stay in bed that long. well, there's a much more comfortable afternoon on tap today. >> i mean, what were you going to say? >> i was agreeing, looking at the temperature on the screen. 79 degrees, you couldn't buy this kind of weather. >> but imagine if you could just lay in a hammock outside this afternoon. >> okay, we're imagining. >> yeah. >> it sounds good. >> hopefully by a beach, that's not going to happen but if you could lay in a hammock this afternoon, it would be very comfortable. humidity is going to stay low all day today. take a live look outside. beautiful. these are the first clouds i've seen on a live camera shot. we've had clear skies, but these are just fair weather clouds. we have no rain in the forecast today. the air is just too dry and it's just too nice out. 79 degrees right now in washington, very light breeze out there, but we're going continue with the nice weather through the afternoon. sunny, low humidity, perfect day today. great for the pool if you're heading to the pool this afternoon. rain chances, though, they will be increasing before the weekend
11:42 am
friday, we'll see an increase in humidity and the rain chances start to go up. then we head into your weekend and we're talking about showers both saturday and sunday so. the timing of that is not good, but it really doesn't look like a washout so that's also good news. backyard grilling today, it's going to be fantastic weather. so if you were thinking about maybe grilling today, today would really be the best day. 3:00 p.m., perfect weather. 83 degrees, low humidity by 5:00 p.m., 85 is where we'll be topping out. still really nice by 7:00 p.m. now we're going through time, future weather, 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, we are still dry. then we see the clouds increase, 1:00 p.m. friday afternoon, expect scattered showers and storms. saturday, we could be starting the morning with a few showers but the rain going to be in the forecast this week and unfortunately. the beach forecast, showers also in the forecast for this friday, saturday, and sunday no matter where you're heading along the coast. we have rain chances basically everywhere from about new jersey down to virginia beach this weekend. for monday, the rain's going to continue and into next week. it actually gets really nice again. stay tunedwe
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disney plans to lauchnch a stand alone espn service year and will build out the existing app to include access to other streaming packages and will sell access to some content on its espn networks. the ceo says viewers may be able to pay to watch specific games but now, you'll still need a cable subscription to access espn
11:46 am
and walmart shoppers may soon not even have to ask for help. a simple frown could summon an employee for assistance. a recent patent filing suggests the retail giant is taking a closer look at customers. it's a video system that keeps tabs on facial expressions to potentially scan for people who are frustrated or unhappy so the help can be dispatched. store managers can also use the system to determine whether they have a hit product on their hands. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. it seems like everything has its own special holiday now. we're getting ready for another one of those holidays. tomorrow is actually national s'mores zday and here with us this morning with a classic twist is naomi from buzz bake shop. everybody knows the s'mores, the graham crackers, the chocolate bar, the marshmallows that you melt together but you all have been able to do something really interesting in the s'mores
11:47 am
>> we're kind of sending off summer with a couple of nontraditional s'mores varieties. we have our s'mores cupcake. >> which look amazing. >> they are. we're going to leave those for you. that's a chocolate cupcake with marshmallows, chocolate graham cracker and our milk chocolate on there so everything that says s'mores but in a cupcake form. and this morning, we're going to make some pudding cups. so, it's a s'mores pudding cup with graham cracker, chocolate pudding and charred marshmallows. we do have also the recipe available for the pudding, so you can make the pudding at home and we're simply using store-bought graham crackers and marshmallows for this so it's going to be very simple. so we're just going to add some graham crackers into our cup and you can treat these with a little butter and sugar if you like. we've done that, but you're fine to use them plain as well. >> looks
11:48 am
than just crushed up cook ceo. >> we did put a little bit of butter and sugar in there. this is the pudding that's been made a day in advance and we're just piping it into the cups. and as i say, the recipe is available for your viewers. >> so tell me a little bit about how you make this particular pudding. >> the pudding is milk, cream, obviously chocolate, there's some butter in there, there's a thickener in the form of corn starch and eggs, and it's finished with butter at the end, again and it's left to sit. >> can never have too much butter, right? >> well, that's what i like to say anyway. so now we're going to finish these off with some charred marshmallows. i'm going to put some down and let you go to town. >> you're going to trust me with this? brave soul. >> they are going to get nice and toasty. >> just -- >> just wave it around the top. and they're going to start to brown and get some color. that's exactly what we want. and they sort o
11:49 am
now, you gave me a torch. that one caught fire. >> that's okay. that happens when you're holding it over the fire. >> you need adult supervision with this. >> yeah. and you see, they're kind of -- >> all right. >> team effort. >> fire's out. >> and then you can just plop them on top. this step is optional, obviously. you can use plain marshmallows, that's totally fine. >> you mean without the charring. >> we can just place them on top of the pudding and that's fine. and you still have all of the main components of s'mores, and we've just put them in these little cups but you're welcome to serve them at home in whatever cups or bowls that you have available, and just a fun treat to do as a family and send off summer and get back into the sleep schedule for the new year of school. >> once you come down from the sugar. >> exactly. >> but real quick, while we have you here, you've brought an incredible spread o
11:50 am
tell us a little bit more about the bakery. >> the bakery is sort of, you know, morning until night, so we've got our breakfast treats in the morning with beautiful scones and muffins, cinnamon rolls and croissants and we have a lot of afternoon treats. rice crispy treats made with both rice crispies and fruity pebbles cereal. right now we're doing a dog days of summer promotion, sending off summer with these dog-related cookies and cupcakes. >> fantastic. and you're in alexandria and arlington. >> that's correct. >> we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot. p pat. that looks and smells good. check out this story. a florida homeowner who got annoyed by the noise coming from his attic so he thought perhaps there were mice up there making all that noise. not mice. this is what he found, a boa constrictor. six feet long. it had been living in the atc,
11:51 am
couple of years. they had to call in a snake handler to get that thing out of there. the homeowner believes that the snake was probably someone's pet before he moved in. now he's moving out. >> right. we'll be right back.
11:52 am
11:53 am
well now is the time when a lot of high school students in our area are
11:54 am
critical standardized tests for college applications, the s.a.t., the a.c.t., and there may be some inspiration in the story of two sisters who got a perfect score on the a.c.t. >> the sisters are twins from louisville, kentucky, and they have some advice on how to ace the test. william joyce spoke reports. >> reporter: sophie and her twin sister have been competitive since birth. >> two minutes. two whole minutes. she can never get that over me. >> reporter: in june, the rising sophomores decided to take the a.c.t. >> we just wanted to go to bed and see what happened. >> reporter: when the scores came, sophie checked hers first. >> i saw 36 and i was completely shocked and happy. >> and i was even more nervous than ever because now i'd have to get at least a 36 to match up with her. >> reporter: and she did. a.c.t. officials say about 2 million students took the test last year. of that, about 2,000 got a perfect score. that puts
11:55 am
percentile. >> amazing. it's amazing. >> reporter: teachers at sacred heart say the two have always been connected. >> one would start to answer, the other one could finish the answer. >> i wouldn't call it telepathy but we always pretty much know what the other one is thinking. >> reporter: their advice isn't new. take practice tests. >> focus on those areas that can really bring up your composite score overall. >> reporter: the girls play tennis and enjoy the arts. >> they're more than that a.c.t. score. they're certainly more than what you would see on a piece of paper. >> we want to dedicate ourselves to other things now that we've gotten the 36. >> reporter: they've already got big future plans. >> i would be president and that nell would be my vice president and then she sort of rebelled against vice president so now it's primarily president sophie and surgeon general. >> pretty ambitious. well, just to expandn
11:56 am
advice about taking practice tests, they took several practice tests a day for several weeks before they sat down for the exam. proving that practice makes perfect. >> there you go. let's get you a final check on the forecast now. >> it looks absolutely fantastic for the rest of the day. 85 for a high, sunny, low humidity, just a gorgeous day. so get outside if you can. tomorrow's going to be nice too. 86 tomorrow afternoon into friday. that's when we'll see the humidity increase storm chance mainly in the afternoon. scattered showers and storms around the second half of your friday. saturday and sunday, mid 80s, but still the rain chance across the weekend, unfortunately. that hangs around into monday but really we go through the rest of next week and it looks very good again but you definitely want to take advantage of today and tomorrow. >> all right, sheena. ♪ you are looking at the winners of nbc's hit dance competition, "world of dance." the
11:57 am
twins, despite on earlier injury, they won the upper division here. the winners of the upper division group competition and the junior competition all went head to head for the grand finale. the brothers not only took the title, but they also won $1 million. that's the way to win, boy. >> that's the way, all right. hey, remember, you can only watch washington's first preseason game against the ravens here on nbc4. it starts tomorrow night at 7:30. then, primetime summer -- summer primetime special of "saturday night live" begins and that's all followed by news4 at 11:00 tomorrow night. so, don't miss that. and thank you for joining us for news4 midday. join us again for news4 first at 4:00. >> in the meantime, you can get news and weather in the nbc washington app. hope you have a great day. see you back here tomorrow.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. ♪ on your mark ready set let's go ♪ ♪ i know you know i go psycho ♪ just can't sit gotta get jiggy with it ♪ ♪ all up in my eye you got a >> there it is, big will getting jiggy with it in the car. and look who else is back right now with us. natalie morales. it!i'm ready to getiggy with i love this! seemed like corden knew the words better than will at one point there. >> he knows every word. >> every lyric! >> to every song. and this -- and then the marching band shows up. >> you've got to have a marching band.


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