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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hitting home. people from far and wide who now call washington home worry about what happens next. >> it comes as new information emerges about an early morning fbi raid inside a local hoemd raising new questions about the russia investigation. new alarm over the threats exchanged between president trump and his north korean counter part. >> it's a war of words that takes on a new dimension when nuclear arms are within easy reach. >> reporter: you remember the words well, fire and fury. that was the very strong warning from president trump that got a lot of people's attention. today his team saying that was the president sending a strong message to north korea, not a threat of a nuclear attack. in the battle of increasingly fiery rhetoric between the u.s.
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throwing another blow on twitter touting the u.s. nuclear arsenal as stronger and more powerful than ever before adding hopefully we will never have to use it, a stark contrast to this. >> they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> the president reacting yesterday to news that north korea now has a nuclear war head small enough to fit on to a missile. >> what the president was just reaffirming is the united states has the capability to fully defend itself from any attack and defend our allies and we will do so. so the american people should sleep well at night. >> reporter: north korea's response? a threat to strike the u.s. territory of guam. the president's words seemingly at odds with his team's recent diplomatic actions. the white house says his top advisers were well aware of th
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use. defense secretary today with tough words of his own warning that north korea would lose any arms race with the u.s. how concerned should people be? >> i don't think we have to be concerned with a conflict that effectathize united states, homeland. >> reporter: president trump pressuring china to check its north korean ally before the war of words escalates into a real fight. and despite the tough talk from president trump the white house today signaling it is relying on diplomacy to rein in north korea and not military action. >> now to a developing story. paris on high alert after a man rammed his bmw into a crowd of soldiers. those soldiers are part of a special counter terrorism group. three of the six soldiers hurt have serious injuries. this happened in a pretty affluent
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the driver getting into a shootout with police. local authorities are calling this a deliberate attack. a warning for you now about a scam targeting new homeowners. a local couple bought what was supposed to be their dream home where they could raise their family. instead it turned into a million dollar nightmare, the result of a scam that could happen to you. mark segraves has been working finding out exactly what happened. >> it's a process that many of us go through every year buying a house or refinancing. a dc couple inherited some money and diecided to use it to buy a home. they lost $1.5 million going to settlement. the couple put down $200,000 and were waiting to go to closing when they got this e-mail which seemed to be from their title company. they replied to the e-mail to
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double check and got a reply. so they wired the remaining $1.5 million to the bank. it wasn't until later they realized they had been scammed. >> when you have a young child and move into your house for the first time and close on that house that should be a really special moment, not a moment where a massive amount of money is stolen from you. the whole experience has to be marred. >> reporter: the fbi is now investigating and it appears someone hacked into the computer servers of federal title and sent the bogus e-mails. the couple was able to buy the home with what was left of the inheritance and are suing the title company and others in hopes of recovering the money. a spokesperson tells news 4 federal title continues to work with the fbi. the internal review has revealed no other customers were effected by the attack.
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who tells us the scams are becoming more common. he says you should never wire money based on an e-mail. don't use the phone number in the e-mail. train service on marc's pen line running again. someone was hit by an amtrak train this morning. you can see chopper 4 over the scene of that stopped train. police have not identified the person who died. almost everyone knows someone destroyed by opioid addiction. maryland is trying something new to fight this, going after people who make money off the death of our loved ones. >> we must root out those who are providing this poison to our neighbors, our friends, family members and loved ones. >> but is that what families want after they lose a child to
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addiction? news 4's kristin wright talks to a father whose son suspected drug dealer was just charged with murder. >> reporter: taking lives far too soon. opioid addiction is a crisis across the state of maryland. st. mary's county is taking a bold approach against drug dealers. it will play out in the courthouse. his father says losing his son has been tremendously hard on the family. >> christian man. wrote beautiful music. i can't believe it. >> a grand jury indicted his son's suspected dealer desmond sloane on murder charges. darling's father says it is the right thing to do. >> i'm so proud of the governor and the state police for
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pursuing this because he was way too young to go. >> reporter: the state's attorney says prosecutors could bring murder charges against dealers in overdose deaths going back for years. kristin wright, news 4. new at 4:00 we are getting a clearer picture of the financial relationship between your doctor and companies that make opioids. researchers say one in 12 physicians accepts some kind of payment from pharmaceutical companies. in the majority of cases the payment was a meal rather than cash. time for a first check of our weather with storm team 4. >> a day that doesn't feel like august. it has been a fall-like feeling out there. let's check in with amelia draper
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temperatures. it's the low humidity levels that we have been enjoying out there. as we take a look at the outdoor eating forecast tonight it's looking great out there. tomorrow night, as well. as we look to friday some showers and thunderstorms potentially impacting your outdoor plans just heading outside with the kids maybe firing up the grill. might want to keep plans indoors for friday. take a look at your evening planner. right now around 85 degrees and gorgeous this evening. 7:00 around 80. 9:00 temperatures in the mid 70s. clear skies overnight means another open the windows, turn the ac off kind of night. the nats in town again tonight. beautiful night for baseball. we have a full house. we will have more on the storms towards the end of the week and updating the thunderstorm outlook for the weekend coming up in a little bit.
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ground breaking for the 395 express lanes project. expect to see a lot of work as the hurcurrent hov lanes will b converted. they will allow you to pay a toll for a fast trip even during rush hour. terry mcauliffe and other officials were on hand. he says he would like to see express lanes expand all throughout the region. >> my dream would be at some point we ought to have express lanes go all the way around the beltway out of the entire circle of the beltway. i would fully support that in virginia. >> now, the new express lanes will run between the d.c. line. they are expected to open in the fall of 2019. d.c. firefighters are holding a special fundraiser today to support one of their own. theyhe
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restaurant on capitol hill for breakfast fundraiser, the money going to help dane smothers, jr. recovering after being hit by a fire truck last week at the scene of a rowhouse fire. smothers had recently graduated from the fire academy. support is pouring in from beyond the district. >> it's so inspiring for us and definitely helping keep our spirits up to see the support we are getting from the community. we have firefighters from baltimore. >> all of the money raised will help with expenses not only not covered by the city or department. you can help, as well. we have a link to the online fundraiser for smothers in the nbc washington app. new moms and dads filled with worry as they welcome the newest members of their families. the new information we are learning about why a local hospital was forced to stop delivering babies.
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several weeks since police started working longer hours to combat crime. and the simple road work project turns into tar trouble. neighbors cars covered in dark, crusty film. how we are able to help sort out that mess. we are working for you even during the break. >> see which stories are trending on our a pp
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first at 4, more on a story that has turned the joy of welcoming a new baby into fear and worry for families. d.c.'s health department ordered united medical center in southeast to stop all deliveries and prenatal care for the next 90 days. >> now we are learning why those deliveries were stopped. the medical center saying it is addressing deficiencies involving screening, clinical assessment and delivery protocol. d.c. health officials say the closure will last 90 days or until the hospital puts a plan in place to improve services. today we spoke to a woman who lives across from the hospital. she is concerned, as well. >> it's not fair not to the women that are pregnant. you have a hospital next door to you and you can't do that. it's not fair. >> reporter: now, the hospital s
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outside making it convenient for people who rely on public transportation, but to get to another hospital like howard university or prince george's hospital center the new moms and dads would have to take several different buss and trains. a violent stretch prompted police chief to make changes to combat violence. as prince george's bureau chief tracee wilkins reports they believe it may be working. >> reporter: the police chief of prince george's county started 12 hour shifts for all officers. when he did that there had been 12 homicides in as many days in prince george's county. now we are taking a look at whether the effort has helped. as we talk to community leaders in areas where homicides happen they are saying they feel much safer in their communities and seeing more police and the police department is saying that the situation has
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flag saying this is an ongoing process. >> take ten days, a look at ten days of 12 hour shifts. we can point to 20% drop in violent crime and 90 guns being taken off the streets. >> reporter: prince george's county police have made two arrests of suspects in the double homicide that happened here at popeyes. they are looking for a third suspect. the chief says he will not publicly say when the 12 hour shifts for officers is coming to an end. right now the disk jockey accused of groping taylor swift is back on the stand for a second day. this picture is at the center of today's testimony in denver. david muller called the picture weird and awkward but denies the allegations. swift says he groped her from behind as they were posing. her reps reported the incident to hisse
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music station. they fired him. muller is now suing for $3 million. swift filed a sexual assault counter suit. you can now spend the night in the president's childhood home but don't expect it to be a cheap night. president trump's boyhood home is renting on air bnb. it will cost $725 a night. the 1940 tudor style house is in queens, new york. it has five bedrooms and the listing says there is a giant cutout of the president in the living room. >> i used to live around the corner from there. special honor for a local war hero. he put it all on the line for our country more than 70 years ago and he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. we told you about him.
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his service in the u.s. air force 72 years after being taken prisoner. he was too humble to demand recognition. his daughter found his military records. the lawyer for tiger woods entered not guilty plea for the golfer today. woods was charged with dui in may when officers say he was asleep at the wheel. his attorney did not make comment as he walked out of the courthouse. woods had apparently been taking prescription drugs. he will be back in court in october where he is expected to plead guilty to a lesser charge. the powerball drawing takes place tonight and top prize is $307 million. that number is one for the record books. it's the first time the powerball and mega millions jackpots have topped 300 million at the same time. we have video of folks buying up
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no one won last night's mega millions and the jackpot is expected to jump to $382 million for friday's drawing. today's winning numbers were 11, 17, 50, 52 and 74. the mega ball was 14. we are gearing up for a big night here on nbc 4 tomorrow night. redskins taking on ravens. you can watch the game here on news 4. after the game it is the primetime premiere of weekend update summer edition followed by news 4 at 11:00. a lot going on for sure. football season is back. are you excited? >> not all day. >> for a few minutes or so. the calendar says early august but it doesn't feel like it. >> how did you get that lucky assignment? >> i have no idea. they asked me if i wanted to go t
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we are taking on the marlins. come on down. people are already lined up out here. are you ready for a nats' win? we will be talking about winning and talking about the weather forecast for this evening and what you guys can expect. we have fans and we can talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. soon when you go to wal-mart you might be able to summon help by just taking a look at the camera. does it go too far when it comes to privacy?
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let's go to storm team 4 now. >> can the nice weather stick around? storm team 4 all over it. i am just so thrilled for you that you got that assignment. >> thrilled for myself. usually i just go out to the weather deck. i like that i'm at nats park. i have my friend sam here. sam, this is a really cool thing. not only does he have the cool shirt. look at the signatures. he has this hat. tell me who you got today. >> dusty baker. >> right here. what other autographs? >> johnny holiday who does pregame and former mvp of new york mets. >> you are killing it. you are a big nats fan. are they going to win tonight? >> yes, i think. go
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>> reporter: let's talk about the weather forecast for today. we have had temperatures in the 80s. it is a little warm out here right now. but as we go over the next couple of hours looking fantastic for the nats game all the way up to the home stretch absolutely fantastic conditions out there. clear skies. sun goes down ten minutes after 8:00. looking good but how are we shaping up as we continue through the rest of the work week? i know we have rain in the forecast. >> we were talking about that. this afternoon looking at the latest information. rain in the forecast on your friday. tomorrow another nice day. that is your first weather headline. some storms are possible on friday. chance of dealing with rain at 50%. improvements for the weekend. it is looking mainly dry overall. i will point out minor storm chances there. take a look at your thursday planner. 69 degrees tomorrow morning. around lunch time just gorgeous
4:26 pm
your lunch outdoors. nice tomorrow afternoon. very similar. temperature and the humidity department 86 out there. if you are standing out there maybe heading down to the nats game will feel warm if you are stationary. moving around and running errands not all that bad. a few clouds later in the day. as we take a look at your rain outlook tomorrow it is completely dry during the day. maybe isolated evening shower. for most of us our thursday is dry. as we look to friday scattered thunderstorms in the forecast. chance of about 50%. saturday and sunday you can see what yellow means. chance for rain, maybe a shower early on saturday and late day thunderstorms on sunday. we are dry over the weekend. mid 80s and humid. as we look to monday at that point we are talking about widespread rain and thunderstorms in the forecast. again, tomorrow looking really nice. i'll have a closer look at the ten day forecast coming up in a little
4:27 pm
the weather having a low impact on your thursday as we talk about the playground or pool nice in the shade. back to school shopping i hold off until friday or the weekend. the weekend just going to be kind of humid. >> sounds good. some of you sent us your complaints about roadwork on your street that was damaging your cars. we are work frg you. why it is happening and why we were able to step in and help. it is wines day wednesday. more people are celebrating than
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tar trouble. cars covered and caked with street splatter. what we found out when we started asking questions about your complaints. a surge in violence and no one is really sure why. how leaders are thinking outside the box to curb crime. more reports of smart phones catching fire, phones that are not on any recall list. a local woman's scary experience and what our consumer reporter susan hogan uncovered. and right now dozens of drivers are trying to figure out how to deal with a big mess. a road sealant
4:31 pm
splattered with a tar-like substance. one driver who got hit called us, too. new at 4:30 julie carey joins us live. >> reporter: this is a section that has been undergoing a paving project. you can see unmarked asphalt. the big trouble came yesterday when the contractor just laid down a fresh sealant. the rain began to fall and it turned into a tarry slush that splashed on to more than 100 vehicles. one of those vehicles belongs to matt goldman. his typically bright white pickup is covered with black gunk. he drove the road yesterday morning around 6:00 and noticed the road spray was a little dark but he didn't get alarmed until after work when he took his truck to the car
4:32 pm
straight to the car wash and that is when the lady at the car wash said did you drive on miniville road and she said it's not going to come off. it's not pretty. >> reporter: matt called v-dot right away and filed a claim and they have been in touch with him today. the headline, they will make things right with all of these drivers who got this stuff splashed on to their cars. since we are working for you we wanted to check in with an expert about what any of us can do when we get tar on our vehicles. so when i join you at 5:00 i will tell you about his secret weapon. we'll do the reveal then. we are following a developing story right now. a new effort to curve violent crime in baltimore as the city's murder rate continues to soar.
4:33 pm
a 97-year-old man found beaten to death friday. today the city's mayor unveiled her much-anticipated crime fighting plan. one of her ideas includes a free college education for the city's youngsters. troy johnson is here with today's talk around town. the homicide rate continues to soar along with residents' frustration and demands that the mayor do something. what do your listeners think of free college as one way. >> young people are interested to hear that as part of mayor's plan to fight crime. what is interesting is the mayor talked about a variety of things, not only education for young people but increasing drug treatment access and ramping up police training so they know how to deal with situations. we can remember back to freddie gray and consent
4:34 pm
is supposed to go online. a lot of people say it is a great way to get folks' skill sets up as development continues in the city of baltimore and for the young people which is another area that she really targeted in her speech she was saying this was one way to keep them occupied. >> the unemployment rate is pretty high. >> absolutely. >> on another topic as the nfl season gets ready to start people are also talking about colin kaepernick and the fact that he still hasn't been picked up by a team. there is a petition being circulated calling for a boycott if someone doesn't pick him up. >> there are a lot of people who are joining social media to express their concern about colin kaepernick not getting on to a team. a lot of people saying there is a lot of other things i can do with a sunday if an athlete capable of making a contribution to a team i
4:35 pm
because of his beliefs at the same time other athletes facing serious criminal issues in the past and present are able to play and they are in camp as we speak. a lot of people are upset about that. they mean what they say as serious football fans that they will consider this boycott. >> spike lee is going to hold a rally coming up soon. it seems the controversy cuts two ways, fans who say boycott the nfl if he is not playing. others who say they will boycott if he is playing. >> this has people wondering what is going to happen next. right up the world the redskins are getting ready to play. the ravens signaled they are interested in signing colin kaepernick. team owner said things about wanting feedback from everyone in the situation. but nothing has been said since that. a lot of people are like what is going to happen? they are
4:36 pm
colin kaepernick jersey if he signs to a team to show support for him. number one jersey sales in the nfl last year in the midst of this controversy. take that with you, as well. i spoke to a huge football fan and wants to see kaepernick back in uniform this season with the ravens. she thinks he will add depth to the team and could have a positive impact on young people in the city. she says it's not about disrespecting the flag. >> you're not seeing the bigger picture. he hasn't done anything against the law. the only thing he has done is let his opinion be known. last time i looked that is what the constitution affords us the right to do. the problem is you mad because it is a black man and mad because of the quality of the subject matter he is talking about. >> she tells me she would be happy to take those tickets and fans willing to get up
4:37 pm
says nfl players who stand with kaepernick should consider their own boycott if he is not signed similar to the way the nfl did when clippers went through that situation. more athletes talking about it could shift the paradigm. >> getting kind of late. should be in training if he is playing with anybody. >> now is the time. >> thank you, troy. picture this. someone helping you the next time you go shopping all because of what face you're making. why it may not be such a far fetched idea. getting you ready for school and turns out when it comes to th new school yeea
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you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. many of you are taking to social media today weighing in on the new name for the home of the wizards. you may recall the mci center helped revitalize the china town neighborhood. then back in
4:41 pm
mci renaming it vierizon center >> the name change is a big deal but this area has changed even more back when this arena was built critics said it would be too big, nobody would come they said. it has been a big success. just ask the d.c. council member who championed the arena back in the 1990s. >> nothing around here. it was so funny. one of the provisions of the deal was we would have 50 police officers here for every game to make sure that the area was safe. you are bringing a lot of people in from the suburbs at that time who are used to going to the cap center and we didn't want anything to happen downtown. >> reporter: metro stop plays a big role. many fans come here and this area generates millions of dollars in new
4:42 pm
city every year. downtown washington i'm tom sherwood, news 4. >> we want you to weigh in on this. what nickname do you think people will call the capital one arena? the cap, wallet, atm or cap one? it's a tight race on the nbc washington facebook page. you can check it out and weigh in yourself. >> don't call it cap center. wal-mart is taking customer satisfaction to a new level by gauging shoppers' facial expressions with the help of a camera. the giant retailer recently filed a patent. the technology could read your facial expressions to tell how happy or frustrated you are. store managers may be able to determine which items are big sellers. how about that? >> i'm not so sure about that. >> everything else that is going on in the world with our privacy
4:43 pm
face. >> a little too closely related to big brother for me. folks have been saying that their aches and pains get worse when it rains. the high tech tool that we use every day that may suggest otherwise. >> news 4 responds to reports of more fires involving smart phones and not just the ones under recall. what consumer reporter susan
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
now, a consumer alert. cell phones catching fire. samsung has not heard the end of that. >> absolutely not after last year's global recall of galaxy note 7, nbc 4 responds. consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with one woman's story. >> a d.c. woman contacted us after her samsung
4:47 pm
it was an experience that sounds too familiar. it is different than the millions of phones recalled last year. news 4 responds. >> all i could see was flames. >> reporter: she says this is all that is left of her samsung galaxy s 6 phone after it caught fire in her bedroom. >> i was talking on the house phone and then all of a sudden i heard this sizzle. and then i look and i saw flames. >> reporter: sylvia showed us the damage, burn marks through her blanket, top sheet, fitted sheet to the mattress. it even burned her hard wood floor. >> this phone almost burnt my house down. >> reporter: her samsung galaxy s 6 is not on any recall list. millions of phones recalled because their lithium ion batteries can overheat and catch fire. >> i was terrified because i couldn't believe what
4:48 pm
immediately i called samsung. then i called you all. >> reporter: we contacted samsung and soon after sylvia got a call. >> my phone was ringing off the hook. >> reporter: samsung sent sylvia a different model replacement phone for free and came and picked up her charred phone and took pictures to document the damage. we did a quick search to see if there are any similar reports of samsung phones overheating or catching fire. look at this. we found multiple reports including another galaxy s 6 claiming the phone charging on a bed, a flash of bright light before the consumer screamed fire. the galaxy s 7 edge saying the phone was charging and the consumer woke up to the phone bursting into sparks and flames. the galaxy s 7 not plugged in at the time, report of popping sound and smoke spewing out of the phone.
4:49 pm
hissing and loud pop. her phone was on fire. when we asked samsung about the incidents reported on the government's website it told us it has no other battery issues and no other big problems with other model phones. >> i'm saying well, you have a problem now. >> reporter: samsung responded to sylvia's phone fire and told us in part it stands behind the quality and safety of the more than 10 million galaxy s 6 phones in the united states. until samsung is able to examine any device it is impossible to determine the true cause of any incident. mobile phones are complex devices and many factors could contribute to their malfunction. as for siylvia she is not sold n using her phone. >> i am terrified. i don't know what that phone may do. >> they told us they are not
4:50 pm
commenting. samsung told us it has released a battery test with new protocols. it was a string of crimes that prompted some changes to increased safety in prince george's county. >> we have more coming up at 5:00. 12 murders in 12 days. it was a violent stretch last month and led to police making big changes to put an end to the violence. prince george's bureau chief tracee wilkins will have more on whether police tactics are working and if residents are feeling safer. as your kids get ready to go back to school they are probably asking for the newest technology on the market. we are working for you. the great deals we found before your kids head back to the classroom. we will see you for these stories and more coming up in just a few. pat and dude back to you. >> i said i would say it once on the show. >> once an hour. >>
4:51 pm
dude, let's talk about the weather because dude, this weather is amazing. >> and there is a ball game tonight. >> pretty low humidity. it is kind of warm but it is early august. temperatures in the low to mid 80s. take a look at temperatures across the area. 81 degrees right now. 85 in washington. 82 at this point in reston as sun goes down. we will cool off nicely once again tonight. it is ac off, windows open weather. let the fresh air in. before we head into later evening the nationals are getting ready to play. we know lauren is down at the ballpark. she ran into a kid having an amazing summer. all the kids have about a month or less. this kid i'm jealous of. >> reporter: this kid i am jealous of, too. there are people telling me the same
4:52 pm
this is frank from philadelphia. what have you been doing this summer with your dad? >> going around into different stadiums in the united states. >> reporter: this is your first time at nats park? >> yeah. >> reporter: you haven't seen the inside? >> no. >> reporter: i want to know what has been your favorite park so far? >> yankees stayedm. >> reporter: he goes back to school august 28. they have this park and maybe a few more. great night for a ball game. hopefully they will win. he is a phillies fan. that is all right. we still like him. >> rooting for the nats. >> back to you. >> i love that. as we look to tomorrow another nice day. just a few clouds around for your thursday afternoon. low humidity and high temperature of 86. pretty much a repeat performance of today. take a look at your road conditions forecast. tomorrow completely dry roads from start to finish. on friday with showers and thunderstorms around you will have damp roads. saturday we return to dry road conditions. i want t
4:53 pm
i'm jumping ahead to the end of the work week. 11:00 a.m. showers around the i-81 corridor. 4:00 some showers start to sneak in. chance of a shower in the district, as well. as we head into the evening and overnight hours those shower chances drop off. the chance you are dealing with rain on friday at about 50%. high temperature only around 80 degrees. humidity starts to sneak into the area on friday. saturday and sunday it's humid. high temperatures in the mid 80s both days. take a look at saturday. maybe isolated shower around. for most of us the day is looking dry and partly sunny. outdoor plans looking great. sunday chance for late day thunderstorms. download the nbc washington app as you are out and about you can open up the nbc washington app and see where rain is if it is moving in your direction and then head indoors. the best chance
4:54 pm
monday with potentially heavy rain in the forecast. >> thank you very much. news 4 your health one of our top stories was the opioid crisis but experts say that epidemic may be overshadowing our country's growing problem with alcohol. alcohol use spiked 11% between 2002 and 2012. national institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism said there was a bigger jump in binge drinking. women, older adults and racial minorities saw biggest increase in alcohol use and abuse. a new study on a widely held belief. researchers found the weather does effect people with achy joints and arthritis but not the way you may think. they found that rising temperatures, not rainy, damp days, led to more google searches for knee and hip pain. researchers with university of washington believe it may be a person's activity level rather than the weather itself that causes the pain. you f
4:55 pm
complete study in the nbc washington app. search joint study. >> i think there is something to that. absolutely. >> my knee knows when it is going to rain. >> we can consult your knee about the forecast. a developing story right now. police in one part of our area taking a stand against the opioid crisis. >> as family and friends
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
news 4 at 5 starts now. >> right now at 5:00 an fbi raid at the alexandria home of president trump's former campaign manager. the new reaction tonight and questions its raising about the russia investigation. a costly scam targeting new homeowners. how a local couple lost more than a million bucks. and cars covered in a sticky tar-like substance that won't come off
4:59 pm
mishap. we find out what went wrong and what drivers can do about it. you know the best way to deal with a problem is to cut it off at the source. and maryland is following that strategy and fighting the opioid crisis. >> wendy is off tonight. they are going after the people at the root of the drug problem, the drug dealers. indictments today follow eight deaths. the charges against suspected dealers include second degree murder and manslaughter. this is new territory even for seasoned police officers. >> i have been a police officer since 1980. i never thought that heroin would be the greatest threat to this community. >> news 4's kristin wright was in st. mary's county speaking to families who have been devast e devastated by the opioid
5:00 pm
destroying families and to the point that law enforcement and prosecutors in st. mary's county are saying enough is enough. we talked to two families today who lost loved ones to overdoses within days of each other. >> i miss him so much the pain of losing a child. >> i talked to him and got a call at 11:30 and he was gone. >> reporter: john darling ii overdosed two months ago. it has been tremendously hard on the family. darling's suspected drug dealer is one of eight indicted on murder charges in the deaths of eight people in st. mary's county. county leaders say going after dealers must happen now. >> for $50 they do not mind killing our


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