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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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military is really upping the antimaking new threats against the united states, specifically, guam, saying they hope to have a plan in place to attack this region by the middle of this month if their military leader is accepting. of course there's a strong military presence on this island, taking up roughly a third of this region. there's nuclear submarines in this area. there are b bombers here. of course, a missile defense system that is poised to protect this island. 160,000 american citizens live here. they're protected by a military force of roughly 6,000. but, again, many people here saying they are taking this news with a grain of salt. >> i'm pretty sure we're safe. >> it was just a few years ago north korea made similar threats here b but others are concerned. now back to you. >> miguel, and guam could be hit in just 14 minutes if north korea does launch a missile strong. the pentagon,
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eyeing a pre-emptive strike, targeting nearly two dozen military sites. only on 4, new calls for change at the dc police department. today peter newsome, the police of chief, is getting his take after federal prosecutors decided not to charge an officer who shot an unarmed black man. the officer shot terrence sterling last year after his motorcycle crashed into a police cruiser. yesterday's decision quickly led to protests and called for the officer to resign and now there are growing calls for all officers to undergo new training. today chief newsome spoke only with mark seagraves about all of this. >> peter new some would not second decision but he made it clear. he wants brian trainer off of his department. the two things i can control right now. make sure we do a very complete
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and thorough investigation that we get the sterling family the answers to the questions that they have and try to do that as quickly as possible. >> what chief peter newsome can't control right now is whether officer trainer, who has been on the force about four years remains a dc police officer. since trainer won't be charged with any crimes and the internal review is just beginning. he says it's up to officer trainer, and he has asked him to resign. >> what i would say about resignation is that when, you know, he is can deciding whether or not to resign, he needs to just consider the family and consider the impact this could potentially have on the city. >> today mayor renewed her call for him to step down saying the public deserves some accountability. >> i believe if there's no accountability in this incident, that we break trust with our community. >> council member david who has been critical of the police department in the past says, officer trainer's actions, the night he shot and kille
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terrence sterling are cause for a bigger concern. >> i think it is. i think they also need to dig a little deeper and see where the systemic problems are. these guys railroad trained npd officers and completely ignore the rules. furtherer investigation needs to look into the system as well. not just the action of these two guys. >> last night word of the prosecution's decision became public, dozens of protesters rallied at the spot where sterling was killed. there's still an internal police investigation that could take four months to complete. he could face discipline. and the sterling family is suing the police department and trainer for $50 million. thank you, mark. now to new video of a wild shooting in the district. take a look at this, a woman holding a child is running out the way as two men with guns come up and open fire.
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eight or nine shots. one person was hit. that person is expected to be okay. police hope this video will help them catch the two gunmen. it happened last monday on 22nd street southeast near southern avenue. two young boys just 13 and 14 years old, charged with murder, accused of stabbing a homeless man to death in a neighborhood just steps from playgrounds and homes. the 14-year-old is now being charged as an adult. news 4 chris gordon talked to police, found out the motive behind this case is just as disturbing. >> children play in this park, neighbors were upset and on edge when a man was found stabbed to death here in july. >> nervous. >> i feel shocked. >> prince georges county police work with national capitol park police investigating the murder scene. >> homicide d
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incident, which ultimately led us to the two teenagers being identified and in charge. >> first and second degree murder charges have been filed against 14-year-old elias who is being charged as an adult. his 13-year-old companion's case will be handled in juvenile park. they came to the park looking for money and targeted a homeless man one of them knew. >> the motive is a robbery. our indication at this point is that they knew what they were doing. and they unfortunately went to this level of extreme violence very quickly and ultimately did lead to the fatal stabbing of this 47-year-old man. >> the victim has been identified as francisco. police say he had no known address, but they say he does have family in this area who have been notified. and as you can see in our live picture, children have
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to the playground here at delphi manner. and i went door to door to some of the homes, the neighboring homes along the street bordering the park. they are relieved to learn that arrests have been made in this murder, one couple who has lived here 14 years say they've always felt safe here, wendy, back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you, chris. we are also following breaking news about the opioid epidemic. the president now declaring a national emergency, saying the white house is drafting paperwork to make it official. president trump says our country will spend a lot of time and effort to deal with the crisis. >> one of the doctors submitted paperwork prescribing 283,000 doses of
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three years. writing prescriptions for pills and parking lots, vehicles and in homes. robert mueller is beefing up his staff, adding more people to work on that russia investigation and the interference in the 2016 election soon he'll be revealing just how much he is spending on this investigation, one that has captured the world's attention. news 4 i-team scott mcfar land. >> the office of special council tell the i-team there are now 16 attorneys who are working on that case, 16 on staff. it's increased from prior reports. that's part of this team. the special council will comment on where they're headquartered but multiple reports say the operation is running out of the patrick henry building on dc northwest not far from the
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and not terribly far from the federal courthouse in washington. this report of grand jury scene. money for this investigation coming out of the justice department budget, we've learned special council must report how much he's spending after september 30th. that information we're told will be made public in this end, they say they've gotten $1.2 million for their own separate investigation of russian interference. pat. >> scott mcfarlane, thank you scott. we'll take you overhead and show you this aerial view of stadium. a lot of changes this year for the burgundy and gold. this evening we get to see what the 2017 version of the team looks like. they face up against the ravens and baltimore which is where we find carol maloney right now. hey, carol. >> hey, guys. yeah, the preseason it kicks off tonight. we see the chopper flying overhead. there are signs of life out here on the field. the preseason, it
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everybody for the starters, they're going to dust off some of the rust. for the guys who want to be the break out stars, that is tbd. as for the starters, the most important guys that we're watching, kirk cousins, of course. the quarterback and his new receiver, terrell prior. prior, he's 6'4". giant. we've been seeing him in camp. but cousins expected to be in for about 6 to 8 plays. very short time to see how well he connects with prior, the chemistry and the timing he has with that giant of a receiver with the stars like jackson, there's a lot riding on pryor's success. they're all sitting out, three main targets for cousins. with those guys sidelines. all eyes will definitely be on pryor. >> quarterbacks, as the players come and go around them, they continue to produce at high level. that's certainly a goa
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to play well regardless of who is in there. i'll develop a rapport and get to know these young guys even better. i think it's a good challenge. >> i think i'm on the level of earning this. i think i earned the trust because of the simple fact, you know, i sit by them a lot and i talk to them a lot. meetings and they're installing plays, we're always having conversations on the side. any time you ask questions of somebody like and you know it's trying to benefit yourself, i'm trying to benefit you, i'm loyal to you, listen, i think he sees that. >> well, one thing we though for sure, it's going to be interesting, 90 guys are on this roster, a lot of hopeful faces out there. they're going to have to cut to 53 because the real thing, the first game season starts one month from tonight. carol maloney. waving the chopper. the news 4 chopper overhead. send it back to you, wendy. >> thanks,
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and remember you can only watch this first preseason game against the ravens here on nbc 4 tonight starting at 7:30. and then we'll have a special prime time summer season of saturday night live, that starts after the game and then it all be followed by news 4 at 11:00. >> it will be a big night. the man who robbed a day care home in this townhouse, he's out of jail tonight after being arrested last week on sex crimes charges. and it might surprise you to know that as far as the state is concerned, he can still be operating a home day care. coming up, state officials explain to us why criminal charges don't automatically mean a day care license is pulled. and the county if they make the district. that will h
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y2fwdy y16fy new video just in to the live desk of daytime shooting, it's -- this is a look at the scene on saratoga avenue northeast. two men were shot. police are telling us one of them is conscious, the other is not. police have had this area marked off since 4:00.
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we've got first word. for now, at the live desk. i'm scott mcfarlane. the capitol street bridge will transform the area. this is new video of what the bridge and the area around will look like. transportation reporter adam tuss hit the water for an up close look at this new project. >> so what does a bridge replacement project have to do with you. you might drag across the douglas bridge every day, you might use it to come down here. either way, it's going away and brand new bridge is being built. >> out with the old, and in with the new. take a look at this new design for the new south capitol street bridge, also known as the douglas bridge. this is not just a bridge project, but a transformation of both sides of the southeast and southwest dc, complete with parks and plenty of new development. and it will have an impact on the entire region. >> and what's the commute like in and out of here. is
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>> it's crazy. >> it takes about an hour 45 minutes for me to get here. >> reporter: she said she avoids the bridge because it's always backed up. the new bridge will add capacity and make it easier to bike and walk. that could change your mind about using it. >> anything that helps your commute, you would want to do. >> definitely. >> the new bridge won't be here until 2021. the old existing bridge will be used right up until the day a switch can be made and the new bridge will be built right next to the old one. dc mayor. >> this is a $441 million initiative. it is the largest construction project in the history of the district of columbia. if you look during the rush hour, you can see it's pack jammed all the
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>> reporter: construction will start in the lit winter or spring. news 4. >> a new lawsuit is claiming the montgomery county schools failed to protect its students that lawsuit filed after teacher was convicted of abusing students. it claims that had been reprimanded twice in 2008, 2013 for putting female students on his lap. and after he got transferred to teach third grade, it says that he did the same thing, even groomed one student by giving her candy and books. an attorney for that victim says the schools missed the red flags. >> this convicted pedophile should have never been in the school room. >> a judge recently sentenced john to 48 years in prison for his child sex abuse
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concern is growing for his mother. they've been mising now for a week. police say they may be in danger. this is a picture of her and her baby. family members saw them last on thursday night at their home in wood bridge. the next day a relative came home and found them gone, a woman with their belonging -- along with their belongings. call prince william county police if you have any information. >> news 4 has learned that chantilly day care provider who was arrested for sex crimes is still allowed to provide child care in his home. julie cary made the surprising discovery and turned to state officials to find out why. she's live with some answers and some reaction. >> reporter: this is a townhouse where a man and his wife have a state licensed day care home and tonight that license still in place, still active even though that man stands accused of
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>> when we visited the townhome this week, no one answers the door. it's unclear whether any families are still bringing their kids here for care. as you can see from these state records, the home day care run by claudia vargus still has an active license. an active license even though he was arrested last week, charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery. accused of improperly touching two girls. >> i was surprised. >> that was the reaction of one long-time northern virginia home day care provider. he's a leader in the field, a stickler for the rules. she recognizes accusations don't equal, but believes first and foremost, the kids must be protected. >> if there is enough evidence to have him arrested, then there should be the licensing inspector should be able to, you know, say hey, this is
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happening, we should pull the license. >> under current social services rules, it's not that simple. the day care licensing inspector must complete their own independent investigation before deciding if any sanction, like a license revocation, is merited. licensing administrator jennifer says the day care operator has due process rights. >> we have to make a distinction between there being an allegation that someone has committed this act versus we making the finding that we believe they have. >> they do over easy ways to check if your day care is lie e sense and to check the -- license and check the state records. you can go to those sites by checking. she lived therein
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georges county woman, a sinkhole suddenly opening up in her yard why she may be stuck footing the bill to fix it. also, focus and forceful, the testimony from taylor swift today in a high profile trial that is centered on assault. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything.
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when is it going to rain? unfortunately it's looking like we'll have some rain on saturday, best chance will be during the second half of the day. some scattered showers and thunderstorms, though, around tomorrow, once again mainly during the afternoon hours. then there is your second weather headlines some rain in the forecast on saturday, so it's going to be the better weekend day. it's looking completely dry with low humidity as well. here is the latest check with storm team 4 radar. i'm tracking -- these are likely just missing the city. we head down to parts of the county and further back to the west. there's some light showers are quickly moving towards the east, if these are together, they could impact the district right around the 7:00 hour, which
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nothing to change or cancel plans over. so starting off, 7:00 a.m., we're dry but the clouds are already in place and hazy sunshine around tomorrow morning. once we get lunchtime, scattered showers or rumbles of thunder, west of washington, northern counties as we head into the afternoon hours, 3:00 p.m. still the most have to be well back to the west, still some scattered showers here in the metro. as we head on into the evening hours, you can see some pockets of rain impacting the area. so not a wash out by any means on friday. the rain moving through, especially, later in the day and then saturday 8:00 a.m., we'll start again, once we work our way towards lunchtime. we'll start to see showers develop. as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, we're tracking showers across the area. future area looking soggy here. saturday evening it's not going to be that wet, you want to make indoor plans or at least have a backup plan ifou
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plans for saturday night. by lunchtime, most of us are still dry, later in the day, especially during the late afternoon and evening hours, scattered showers -- high temperature, so still below normal for this time of year, but as we look to the weekend, get the yard work done on saturday, that saturday afternoon barbecue definitely have a plan b no matter where you are and heading to the pool if you want to go there. take a look at your ten-day forecast, 85. mainly during the afternoon and evening hours, we keep sunday and now monday mainly dry with a chance of showers, again, on tuesday. wendy and pat. >> all right. thanks, amelia. well, they are getting ready to bring on the funk at the botanical gardens. and the timeline for when not one but three of a smelly corpse flowers are expected
5:27 pm
>> reporter: this is is what the rain left in the front yard of one home, i'm tracee wilkins coming up on news 4, we'll tell you ho is going to have to -- who is going to have to pay for this and how expsive it can en
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5:29 pm
now at 5:30, a sinkhole is swallowing a woman's
5:30 pm
she called news 4. and tracee wilkins is on the case, what she found is this could happen outside of your home, as well. and the fix isn't cheap. it's a storey you'll only see on news 4. >> beneath this plywood is a pretty big -- >> this is weird. >> first, it kind of went down a little and then the second hard rain came and it flipped over. and that's deep. >> that's deep. >> she slept here since 1977 and never see this before. >> and the
5:31 pm
lot of rain. >> the department of environment said it's good when water goes to storm drains, but bad when it seeps into the ground and uncovers what we can't see. >> a lot of times when neighborhoods are being developed. they'll store materials or dump things on to the ground. in this case i found out that there was medals and other material that rusted and degraded faster than the soil and that's what caused it in this case. >> mrs. robinson is keeping this sinkhole cover for now until she figures out her next steps. so far, it doesn't look like anyone else was impacted on the street, but the county's department of environment says neighbors should pay attention to potential changes in their yards here. >> it looked like it's going to continue, you know, to paint in. >> ms. robinson said her homeowner's insurance won't cover this. what the county has done is offer a web site with construction companies that are capable of filling this hole when it -- what it needs to be filled with in or
5:32 pm
but that is going to be expensive. in capitol heights, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. and we are working for you one prince georges county contractor says the cost depends on what caused the hole. you can expect to pay anywhere from 5,000 to $20,000 to dig it out and replace the soil. it's now been a year since that devastating explosion at the apartment complex in silver springs. seven people killed, including two children. dozens more losing their homes as a result of that over night blast. in a couple of hours, some of the victim's families. some of the residents of that complex will be gathering to remember those who died and to thank the community for its vast support. there will be a vigil starting at 7:30 just across the street from the flower branch apartments in silver springs. a fence still blocks off the area it's where the buildings once stood. families who survived are still putting their lives back together
5:33 pm
such a wide arare of storey of survival. >> the ntsb has determined the explosion was related to natural gas, but it is still looking into the exact cause. >> dc police tell us she's in critical condition. the shooting investigation that's unfolding on saratoga avenue northeast, brentwood area of dc. the police had the area marked off there at 4:00 this afternoon. a man was hurt in this shooting. we're trying to find out how he's doing and update on both conditions as it comes in. for now at the live desk, scar mcfarlane. >> thank you, scott. remember those stinky corpse flowers so many of you lined up to see them at
5:34 pm
tannic garden last year. today we went back to get a firsthand look at three new corpse flower plants. they're expected to open up for a day or so some time between the 17th and the 22nd. the flowers are famous for their size. they can grow as far as 12 feet. and of course they're known for their smell. people describe it as a combination of garlic, fish, dirty diapers and rotting meat. have we mentioned there's a game tonight? the redskins set to take on our neighbors to the ravens. the first preseason game, the first chance for fans to see what could be in store for the team this season. news 4 shomari stone outside the stadium where kick off is a couple of hours away. . we're outside the bank stadium. you can see it right here. i am at ravens w
5:35 pm
chopper 4 from up above. this is between orioles stadium and the bank stadium. it's beginning to fill up. it opened about 3 hours ago and there's a lot of tailgating out here, a lot of folks and up the beltway, rescues against the ravens. he's been making his hot dogs for the last couple of hours move a little to the right photographer can show you that these fans are getting ready. they are having their hot dogs. chicken hot dogs, never had that before. kind of weird, personally. over here this is john and kathy. you all have been married for approximately 25 years. you're ravens fan. >> once in a while, especially redskins start winning. and when the redskins win, do you want to hit them upside the head. >> absolutely. >> i just love the honesty,
5:36 pm
at 7:30. that's going to be kick off. i'll be bringing you a live report and we'll continue to on the beltway. live here i'm stone back to you. >> hot dogs have to be pork or beef. give me beef and i'll call it a day. >> you're a class isist. >> it was described as snarky, yet firm the testimony today from singer taylor swift as she confronted her accuser in a about groping. and news for your health, the link doctors are
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
pop star super -- pop super star rath taylor swift on the stand add mamt about being assaulted by former radio dj. jay gray has update on trial from denver. >> dj accused of reaching under her skirt. told the jury was
5:40 pm
this is a picture from the alleged groping incident. it was sealed by the court but published by tmz and set between the dj david mueller and his girlfriend at the time. mueller's attorney ask swift, why is the front of your skirt someplace else, she answered because my behind is in the back. during another tense exchange, swift firmly told the attorney, i am not going to allow you or your client to make me feel in any way that this is my fault. denied the allegations saying -- he's -- for at least three million dollars saying their accusation he was firing from a colorado radio station and made it impossible for him to find a new job. she wants to and jay gray, nbc
5:41 pm
concerns for people who smoke marijuana, researchers say they may have a greater risk of dying from high blood pressure. this was from a study published from european journal. it found those who used cannabis had three times higher risk for dying from hypertension than those who never used it and that risk increased from each year of use. these results need to be replicated in another study. threats by the president and uncertainty about health care legislation will likely lead to previous increases for millions of people and it could mean double digit bumps in cause for people here in the washington area. the nonpartisan kaiser family foundation looked at pubically available filings in 20 states and the district. it found that -- believed the current administration will enforce the individual mandates being imposed by obama care, requesting premium increases
5:42 pm
and believe president trump will make good on his threat to stop billions in payments that subsidize plans and want to increase those premiums. it's the second lowest cost plan. here is a look at the impact. kaiser estimated a 9% increase on unsubsidized plans. in baltimore it's higher 25%. however in richmond those who get silver plans could see a 33% spike. wendy. >> it was microsoft's first business. susan hogan explains why consumer reports pulled its recommendation for the tablet and why microsoft disagrees. now a week after the accident tey sent a firefightero the
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for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver?
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪
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a lot of people have been concerned about the rookie who was seriously injured on the job last week. we get an update on his condition. we've learned he is still critical and has a way to go to recover from his injuries. we also heard from some of his fellow firefighters and for some of those who trained at the dc fire academy. engine company three just a
5:46 pm
mile away got there fast and on the first arriving truck attempting to get around a second arriving struck him leaving him seriously injured. nd -- shared some storeys. >> he always wanted to be a firefighter. this is something -- he likes to come to work and do his job and do it well. >> throughout his academic performance. he always -- and
5:47 pm
they also discovered their family, too. i was a little choked up because i was on the ruj with him that night. as firefighters have come in asking and i think the fire department needs right now is your thoughts and prayers. >> barbara harrison, news 4 washington. >> if you do want to help. we have a link to fund-raiser in the nbc washington app, just search firefighter. >> the google engineer fired after writing that man fes stif about women and breaking his silence. james talke
5:48 pm
news. he's the former google worker who wrote women are less successful in the tech world because of their biology. google fired him on monday, calling him harmful to gender -- to women promoting gender stereo types and workplace. he says google's diversity efforts are bad for business. >> it's very leaning and just and holds a differing opinion. >> complaint against google with a national labor relations board. that board is already suing google over paid discrimination against women. . >> of a popular laptop and tablet, consumer reporter susan hogan is working in the newsroom and no longer. >> well, wendy. it is no longer recommending any microsoft laptop or
5:49 pm
the surveys for laptops and tablets. consumer reports found some owner microsoft and problems just starting them up. . this year we looked at 90,000 responses about laptops. it's less reliable. >> consumer report says based on the survey data, it predicts 25% of microsoft tablets and laptops will present problems within two years of ownership. microsoft says it's real world return and support rates differ significantly from consumer reports breakage, meantime what pod x do say are the most reliable, apple laptops and tablets came out on top. well, it's a sur
5:50 pm
are starting to close. this will be the last weekend youngsters get to enjoy some of their favorite spots. lifeguards will be closing first. -- -- it seems earlier. >> i guess you're right. he's got to go back to school. >> she has to go back to school. >> you're gypping the kids of summer fun. >> always the slip and slide and the sprinkler, there you go. >> speaking of sprinklers, we'll get some sprinklers tonight. >> isolated showers. most of us are dry tonight. definitely will want to have the umbrella handy. take a look right now at storm team 4 radar. light showers out there back around parts, and up around the baltimore area, mainly north of the city, the
5:51 pm
tiffty on around. and really not dc metro area at all tonight. take a look at the rain fall, friday and saturday, that means the tracking scattered showers and thunderstorms. sunday looking dry. the shower later in the day. tomorrow, a high temperature of 80 and scattered showers and thunderstorms mainly during the afternoon, especially the late afternoon and evening hours, the morning midday and afternoon hours for most of us completely dry. about 50 to 60% chance that you're dealing with some rain later in the day tomorrow. exercise in the morning, going to be just fine. but later in the day might be dealing with rain. download the nbc washington app, check out the radar, if you're taking the kids to the pool, if you're taking them during the afternoon. have the backup plan, because of the thunderstorm and then
5:52 pm
definitely want. >> showers most likely during the evening hours, as we look to the next ten days. high temperature around 85 degrees put some showers around, saturday day is not a wash out. we could have a rainy period, heads up for that, cloudy sky, on sunday partly sunday, high temperature of 86, maybe an isolated shower on monday. chance for showers on tuesday not showing up on the ten-day forecast. it's after this sunday our solar eclipse with more on that we send it outdoors. tell us what we need to know tomorrow. >> you know what, i will say this is going to be spectacular. we haven't seen it happen in over 30 years. this is -- the sky will be begin to grow. experiencing our solar e clichs, here is what look at what's going on. i should say just before 2:00,
5:53 pm
the sun and the earth. here in the district, we're not in the path of totality, in other words, total darkness. we'll get 80% coverage, be sure to look to the sky as we will be experiencing that solar eclipse. now, it's very important that you -- that you have your safety solar eclipse glasses handy. i can't stress that enough, you don't want to look directly at the sun. it could cause permanent damage to the eyes and you want to make sure that the glasses are approved. you're going to check the iso number looking for 12312-2. don't forget to tune in on monday august 21st. our own will be in clemson, south carolina. wow, so jealous, he's going to have awesome time out there taking a look at the full solar eclipse in its totality. i'm tom sherwood in southwest washington
5:54 pm
the $2 billion redevelopment of the city's waterfront. in those new buildings, thousands of job opportunities.
5:55 pm
z2fwcz z16fz y2fwcy y16fy
5:56 pm
for the first time in seven years starting $350 million. so what are the chances of the mega million
5:57 pm
you have a one one quadrillion chance of winning both. the 2 billion-dollar southwest waterfront, the first buildings begin opening in october and thousand of jobs are available. tom sherwood visited a job fair trying to fill those positions. >> thousands of jobs opening here in a couple of months more than a thousand people filled out applications hoping to get one of those jobs. what can i do? >> i love people. >> she volunteers to help the homeless while
5:58 pm
hunting. >> a lot of the restaurants, they're hiring. a lot of the hotels, they're hiring up and coming. but she wasn't just here for herself, she's taking applications back to her community. >> a lot of young men are unemployed. >> a lot of young men are employed. that's why was talking to few employers, kids that just graduated from school that really would love to work. >> you're not just here for yourself, you're here for your community. >> the job fair was sponsored by charles allen and ali saw, 30-year-old malcolm good win was promoting his administrative experience. >> i've been going on interviews, i haven't gotten a job yet. >> you're qualified to work and you want a job. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: and jillian was looking for human resource work, retired from the air force, she kept saying, yes, sir to me all the time. >> you need a job? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: you don't have to call me,
5:59 pm
you're not in the air force any more. i won't say, yes, sir, but okay. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> good luck to everybody. and if you would like more information about other job opportunities, go to the web site north korea better get their act together or they're going to be in trouble like few nations ever have been in trouble. >> saying his fire and fury comments were too soft. we sent you a breaking news alert and continue to gather reaction. >> there are new travel restrictions as top u.s. intelligence agencies report north korea has created a nuclear weapon, one that can fit on a ballistic missile. >> nbcblayne alexander is at the white house. blayne, good evening. >> reporter: well, aaron, g
6:00 pm
have been watching this escalating war of words between president trump and kim as there more tough talk for north korea. with military plans ramping up on both sides, president trump issuing a new warning to north korea. >> north korea better get their act together or they're doing to be in trouble like few nations ever have been in toubl in this world. >> refusing to back away from his threat of fire and fury. >> if anything, that statement may not be tough enough. they've been doing this to our country for a long time for many years. it's about time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country and for the people of other countries the u.s. territory could be hit just 14 minutes after launch. >> he does something in am


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