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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  August 15, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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new information at midday about a deadly shooting late last night in the district. when friends and family are now telling us. protesters and lawmakers are putting pressure on president trump to make changes after the violence in charlottesville. now the white house is responding. and we're continuing to watch some rain pushing through the region. a lot of low fog, a lot of clouds out there today. how is the rest of the afternoon shaping up, details ahead. hope your morning is off to a great start. i'm chris lawrence. >> i'm pat lawso
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red line trains are now single tracking du tracking due to what metro calls a trek problem. >> the delays are going in both directions. firefighters had to be called for reports of smoke and the station had to be evacuated. train service was suspended while crews looked for the problem. it's now back open but again, red line trains now single tracking between van ness and dupont. developing now, we now know a man died overnight in northeast washington. police say he was shot. we're now trying to figure out why. news4's justin finch has been asking questions in the neighborhood. he's live now near catholic university. >> reporter: hey there, pat. good morning. police now confirming with us at this time, this appears to have been a robbery last night that left this man dead. loved ones telling us the victim worked here at this 7 eleven in northeast and inside we can tell you his coworkers and friends
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died trying to get here last night. >> yeah, he's a hard worker. and he's a good guy. >> reporter: at this 7 eleven off 12th and otis streets northeast, the somber start to the workday. one of their clerks can't be here and won't ever be again. >> i feel very sad. because we worked together like two years ago. we worked together. >> reporter: loved ones say he was a father and friend in his 50s and was on his way here monday night when he was gunned down, shot in his chest at this h8 bus stop, a short walk from the home he shared with friends. off camera, a friend says they demanded money before the gun was pulled. >> photograph, scanning, doing everything in front of this building. >> reporter: after the gunfired, two suspects ran off. police are looking for them. the investigation shut down the area
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and police are telling us again this does appear to be a robbery in which the victim in this case has died. he's identified by loved ones and does leave behind a family. police now looking for those two suspects described as teen boys. we're live here in northeast. i'm justin finch, news4, back in to you in the studio. a police chase through southeast d.c. came to a dramatic end with one officer firing his gun and others taking the suspects into custody. u.s. park police spopted a pickup truck that matched the description of one used in a robbery. the driver sped away down minnesota avenue but officers tracked down the truck. police say one officer did fire a weapon as they were trying to arrest the suspect, but the bullet didn't hit anyone. so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers are gathering for a march and rally outside the white house in support ofa.
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young undocumented immigrants brought here by their parents were first able to file for protection under daca. now several republican attorneys general are pressuring president trump to end the program next month. former naacp president ben jealous will be there today. he's running for the democratic nomination for maryland governor, hoping to take on incumbent republican larry hogan in the election next year. well, if you cracked your window or been outside at all, this should come as no surprise. you're going to want to keep the umbrella handy. >> the question how long. storm team4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts is here with us. >> you want to keep it handy for a good portion of the day today. temperatures 77 in the washington area, dulles, gaithersburg, all coming in at 70 degrees. still in the upper 60s in winchester. now we've got that rain. it continues to stream right on through the area. even some areas of heavy rain coming to the
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and then moderate rain. and then just south of fredericksburg right now, all of this is continuing to stream in from the south and west up to the north and east so we will see rain showers through at least the early afternoon. already getting a little bit of drying out here in the shenandoah valley but the clouds are going to stay with us today, maybe some late-day sunshine, but do we have rain for the rest of this week? are you going to need that umbrella? we've got those details on that ten-day forecast. it's going to be hot. coming up in a few minutes. we're keeping an eye on developments from north korea where kim jong un has finished reviewing military plans to attack guam and now says he'll watch and wait before deciding to launch. u.s. officials aren't buying reports the north is backing off its threat to guam. officials in the u.s. territory say there's been no change in their threat assessment. president trump is facing pressure to fire three of his aides, the heads of four minority house caucus groups are calling on the president to fire
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sebastian gorka. they say their presence is emboldening a white supremacist movement in the united states. it comes one day after the president denounced hate groups following the attack in charlottesville. >> no kkk, no fascist usa. >> reporter: protesters greeted president donald trump as he arrived at trump tower in new york. they're angry it took 48 hours for the president to call out the attack in charlottesville. >> racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the kkk, neonazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant. >> reporter: president trump was quick to denounce the ceo of merck on twitter hours after he resigned from the president's manufacturing counsel. yet democrats say these
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words took too long. >> the president, in his last statement, actually sounded presidential. i wish that he would have said those same words on saturday. >> these are groups that are used to hearing dog whistles from public officials, so they take that as a green light, we are approving of this violence against counterprotesters. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions says the department of justice will take the most vigorous action against the people and groups responsible for the charlottesville violence. >> we're going to protect the right to assemble and march, and we're going to prosecute anybody to the full extent of the law that violates their ability to do so. >> reporter: sessions updated the president on their civil rights investigation into the attack. right now, in all three prominent ceos from merck, intel, and under armor have resigned from the president's manufacturing counsel over his lack of initial condemnation from the weekend's violence. edward lawrence, nbc
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washington. the violence in charlottesville is also fuelling new calls to take down confederate statues in cities across the nation. this video was taken in durham, north carolina. we'll have more on what happened there and take a look at statues in question here in the washington area at 11:30. if you see fund-raising online to help the victims from charlottesville, be careful about how and where you give your money. virginia's attorney general has a new warning today. after tragedies, scammers often set up fake charities and set up campaigns on crowd funding sites like gofundme. con artists may also try to call you or e-mail you. if you do choose to give, you want to make sure to only give to charities and fundraisers that you know are reliable and legitimate. adding to the protests, we are seeing new cases of hate in our own backyard. >> yeah, and these incidents are raising concerns among investigators in d.c., maryland, and virginia. go
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anti-muslim attack in rockville. police say a man heard a couple speaking arabic on sunday, then made some anti-muslim comments and physically assaulted the husband. in d.c.'s capitol hill neighborhood there was another incident at the rumsy aquatic center. witnesses say a man with a swastika used racial slurs against a young african-american lifeguard. and a northeast d.c., a woman came home sunday to find someone had ripped down her gay pride flag and even set it on fire. >> they saw my flag, my gay pride flag, burned, and laying on the sidewalk. that's actually what the police told me. they said there's been a number of incidents in the area since this past weekend. >> she placed the burnt flag one story higher and put a poster in a window. people have also been coming together in ashburn, virginia, to pray for peace and tolerance. the violence in charlottesville is also taking center stage on late-night tv. last night, jimmy fallon took a somber approach
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"the tonight show." >> as kids grow up, they need people to look up to, to show them what's right and good. they need parents and teachers and they need leaders who appeal to the best in us. the fact that it took the president two days to come out and clearly denounce racist and white supremacists is shameful. and i think he finally spoke out because people everywhere stood up and said something. it's important for everyone, especially white people in this country, to speak out against this. ignoring it is just as bad as supporti supporting it. >> you'll find jimmy fallon's full monologue right now in the nbc washington app. just search fallon. changing gears now. a car maker is considering making cars out of wood. >> yeah, that sounds impossible, but we're going to take a look at some of the benefits. a big rehab project is going to seriously restrict access to one of our most visited memorials. i'm adam tuss.
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coming up. and we're going to have an update on the brown water prlems in parts of our aobre
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starting today, crews will begin making improvements to one of the most iconic memorials in our area. >> and that means in the months to coming the marine corps memorial, known toy
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the iwojima memorial, will be harder to get to. adam tuss is live with the details. >> reporter: asthma jest majest inspiring as this place is, it needs a makeover. >> today is the first day of the rehab. >> reporter: the statue of the men who bravely lift the flag will be scrubbed and polished, waxed and brightened. but the grounds need work too, with over 1 million visitors a year, the roadway itself taking a beating. >> as part of this work, we're repaving the road. actually, that's a cool part of this project. it's currently asphalt but because of the tour buses and everything, the asphalt can't withstand the pounding so we're changing it to concrete. >> reporter: the entire road will be closed. parking goes away as well. pedestrians now have to pay attention to signs guiding them through. >> it's actually kind of hard to find in terms of just walking around here. >> reporter: peter, a u.s. polish citizen visiting the memorial today, he says despite the
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>> this is iconic, you know? it's an image that one lives with. >> reporter: an image that will now be updated. and back here now live approximate at the memorial, now, listen, the work is going to take place until february. you can see there are actually some construction barriers out here. they say that nothing of the events that happened here, like the sunset parade, will be impacted, but if you do run the marine corps marathon or the 10k, when you get your picture here, there might be some scaffolds around the memorial. just be aware of that. >> all right, adam. we have new video from a terrifying scene at a pizzeria. last night, a man rammed his car into a place in paris. the crash killed a teenage girl and injured 12 others. polion
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driver was under the influence of drugs. remember just last week, a man rammed a group of soldiers in paris, injuring six of them. police shot and wounded him in that case. the search continues for whoever sexually assaulted a 5-year-old girl in the alexandria section of fairfax county. police tell us someone abducted the child around 5:00 on sunday evening. it happened on tower drive near lencai park. a relative first noticed she was missing. detectives are working to create a sketch of the suspect. they're now offering a cash reward for information in this case that may lead to an arrest. there are some new details now in the fallout at united medical center in southeast. last week, officials ordered the hospital to stop delivering babies because of what's being called dangerous mistakes. the hospital staff made with pregnant women and newborns. according to a letter obtained by "the washington post," the hospital failed to comply with standards of gd
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practice, and did not report a case of hiv infection. the shutdown will remain in place for 90 days or until the hospital implements its plan for obstetrics and nursery services. this morning, officials are reassuring families in montgomery and prince george's counties, don't worry about the brown war coming out of your taps. the engineers say it may look bad but it's still safe to drink. officials say the brown color comes from a little extra manganese in the water. >> let me be clear. manganese is not a health hazard. it is not regulated by the epa as a drinking water con tom nta. in fact, epa considers it a secondary maximum level for aesthetic reasons only. >> this is only affects families
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who get their water from the potomac water filtration plant. here are some changes toyota is considering. >> reporter: toyota's future cars could be made partly from wood. researchers say a material made from wood pulp weighs 1/5 of steel and is five times stronger, although it is decades away from being commercially viable. reducing a vehicle's weight will be critical as automakers try to bring electric cars into the mainstream. lower weight means manufacturers won't need as many batteries to power the cars, saving on costs. and cnbc has learned apple and aetna held secret talks about offering the apple watch to the health insurer's 23 million customers and already provides the device to its 50,000 employees. a deal would benefit apple, which has heavily promoted the watch for health and fitness. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. ♪
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president trump's look-alike will sign and dance his way to try to win votes on "america's got talent." the singing trump will join 11 other acts on stage. now everybody at home gets a chance to vote on the best acts. you can catch "america's got talent" tonight at 8:00 here on nbc4. well, we know it's summer, but pumpkin-flavored treats are already on the store shelves. the newest fall treats to hit the market. >> just can't wait. and it may not be enough to just tell your daughter she's just as smart as any boy. when girls often lose their confidence and how parents can help. and this just in, we do have a flash flood warning in the d.c. area, including arlington, bethesda, we're going to watch this. already an inch of rain has fallen in this area. thunderstorms rolling across the district right now. we'r going to timee
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we're working to get your family ready for school, so here's a question. who's smarter, girls or boys? when researchers examined the link between gender and iq, they found one area, an age where girls start to diverge. you'll want to hear molette green's story before sending
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>> reporter: whether at home, practicing lacrosse or tossing around a football. >> you guys ready? >> reporter: or looking over back-to-school supplies in the kitchen with mom, if there's any question about girls versus boys in this household, 10-year-old dalen is ready to answer. >> i think i'm smarter than boys in general. so, yeah. >> reporter: but that's not always the case for young girls. her older brother has plenty of confidence about school and playing sports, like most young men his age. >> i know i'm going to do good. >> reporter: but according to a university of illinois study, something happens to girls at a younger age. of 240 children, ages 5 to 7, that study found among 5-year-olds, both boys and girls associated brilliance with their own gender. but at age 6 or 7, only the boys still held that view. prince george's county mom didi has her own strategy to keep dalen's self-confidence. >> i
11:24 am
believe you can. she's going to the fifth grade. she's growing up. she wants the one that's going to allow her to be organized. >> every morning, i have to say i'm god's masterpiece. >> reporter: it's exactly in line with the advice that local child psychiatrist dr. ava recommends for parents. >> it really starts by pointing out to your child in slight, any, well, why can't she sit at the front of the class. well, why can't she speak? why can't she raise her hand? why can't she be the captain of the team. >> it means i'm powerful, i can do anything i want. >> reporter: she and big brother are both ready for school with all the confidence needed to make the grade. in prince george's county, molette green, news4. turning now to the weather and a flash flood warning here in d.c. >> yes. here in d.c., including southeastern montgomery county but arlington, be
11:25 am
that region. i was just walking from the weather center into the studio, which is a little bit of a walk, and you can hear the rain outside here in northwest d.c., and sheena parveen already texted me on her way home, said some of the roads are already flood and had sure enough, man, they issued a flash flood warning. this is what is outlined in red for the district. an inch of rain has already fallen in some of the areas that are outlined in this dark red. so of course this includes upper northwest, and then coming right through downtown d.c., and even portions of montgomery county and then back here out through fairfax county, so again, arlington, that's where we're expecting the boston area, definitely getting some of this heavier rain and you can see this line right here going all the way down into the district. even some heavier rain down in fredericksburg but let me concentrate on what is happening. once this rain is out of here, it will be out of here, probably by early afternoon. but this is falling just aut
11:26 am
for flash flooding to occur just in northwest d.c. so here's the outline of the district right here. this is the heaviest rain right now. this is going to continue to move to the northeast at about 10 miles an hour, so it's moving very slowly. i have to tell you, do not drive across any flooded roadways. if you're thinking about leaving in the next couple minutes, stay inside, at least over the next 30 minutes to an hour so we can assess the situation because flash flooding here in the area is a very dangerous situation. showers this morning, could get late-day sunshine but very muggy this week, more rain late in this week, most likely thursday and friday as temperatures start to heat up. we will be drying tomorrow, thank goodness, with temperatures around 90 but flash flood warning until 2:15 for the d.c. area. well, it may only be august, but you sure can't te i
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m&ms has a new flavor. white pumpkin pie, made of white chocolate with a pump kin pie flavored coating. it isn't the first time m&ms have gone seasonal. some of the flaivors of fall. tainted alcohol. the travel warning from the government and the family wishing they'd known about the danger. yeah, and things are getting a lot worse in the capital of sierre leon aft
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if you are in the silver spring area, northwest d.c., friendship heights, arlington area, boston, this is where we have this flash flood warning. already up to an inch of rain has already fallen. i've been looking at pictures from outside. it is a dangerous situation. please do not leave over the next hour or so because these storms are producing just about 3.5 inches of rain per hour as they move to the east at about 10 miles an hour. so very, very slow-moving storms
11:31 am
again, we're watching for some flash flooding around the region. do not drive across any flooded roadways. we'll continue to update you on when this rain can finally move out of here. remember, keep that app handy because it's going to -- looks like things are going to be changing by the minute. the protests in charlottesville are fuelling debates across the country over confederate statues and whether they should remain standing. a lot of them are displayed inside the u.s. capitol as part of the national statuary hall collection. each state donates two sculptures. the federal government and capitol officials have no say, so eight of the statues are of confederate leaders or people who fought for the confederacy during the civil war. there's a similar statue in durham, north carolina, where protesters took matters into their own hands. here's adam owens from our sister station in raleigh. >> reporter: protesters in downtown durham chose this spot for a reason. they call this confederate
11:32 am
courthouse a symbol of oppression and racism. so with a ladder and a strap, they brought it down. >> to call attention to how many states here in the south still have these confederate monuments, still have these symbols that are emboldening and giving strength to the nazis and the kkk. >> reporter: she was among the demonstrators and say symbols like this statue feel like a personal attack. >> the state is at war with me and with people like me. >> reporter: organizers of this protest say they are anti-racist and anti-fascist. this event was a response to demonstrations over the weekend in charlottesville where one protester was killed. >> we are united. >> reporter: alyssa was at that demonstration in charlottesville. we talked with her just before the statue in downtown durham was brought down. >> we showed up to make
11:33 am
nazis. >> reporter: scott holmes is an assistant professor of law at nc central. he was observing the protest before the statue was toppled when we caught up with him. >> i really hope that folks have conversations that are civil, but it's also important to name racism and name class and name gender discrimination. >> that was adam owens reporting. former president barack obama is getting a lot of praise for his response to the violence in charlottesville. his tweet of a nelson mandela quote is one of twitter's most-liked posts ever. it has more than 2.4 million likes, making it the second most-liked tweet of all time. the quote comes from mandela's autobiography. a d.c. firefighter is accused of showing up drunk to help a hurt child. then we're told he was attacked. mark sea graves worked
11:34 am
get cell phone video and shed light on what happened. it starts after the firefighter walked out of the child's home in d.c. and ends just before the attack. >> you under the influence while doing your job? >> you can hear neighbors taunting the fireman on sunday, asking him if he's drunk. right now, he's in the hospital with a broken jaw. the fire department tells news4 they've launched an internal investigation. it's not clear where the firefighter's partner was during all this, but we're told the child was treated and is doing okay. you want to play games? let's play games, cody! >> this youtube video was posted by a couple in frederick county, maryland. the controversial videos show the parents pulling what was supposed to be pranks on their children. you can see mike and heath martin's screaming and cursing at their children but now the couple is facing child neglect charges, and the frederick news post reports they'
11:35 am
plea deal. it could mean prison time and fines. the plea hearing is set for september 11. victory production of the super hero sequel to ""deadpool" is shut down after a stunt woman is killed. we're told the stunt woman was on a motorcycle when she lost control and crashed through a starbucks store. a stunt performer on amc's the "walking dead" died after performing a fall on the show's georgia set last month. when you order a drink at a fancy resort, do you assume it's safe? raids on dozens of tourist spots in mexico have uncovered thousands of gallons of tainted alcohol. authorities ordered the raids after the suspicious death of a young woman from wisconsin. nbc has more. >> reporter: for the family of 20-year-old abbie
11:36 am
death still doesn't make sense. >> both of my kids to both black out at the same time and be found face down in a waist-deep pool during the middle of the day, there's something wrong. >> reporter: her father thinks tainted alcohol was to blame. her brother survived. their blood alcohol level, three times the legal limit back home. after what he believes was just a few shots at the start of a family vacation in mexico. now authorities there have seized 10,000 gallons of tainted alcohol from a supplier after raiding more than 30 hotels and nightclubs in popular tourist spots in cancun and playa del carmen. officials closed a bar, but the hotel says the closure was not due to tainted alcohol and guest safety is a top priority. just last month, the state department updated its travel warning to mexico, cautioning about tainted alcohol. stop and seek medical attention if you begin to feelll
11:37 am
alcoholic beverages consumed in the country are illegally produced. >> travelers should be concerned about what's taking place in mexico. they definitely need to make sure they're being diligent. >> reporter: abbie's family is planning to file a lawsuit. her father says he's heard from dozens of travelers who have experienced blackouts or worse after drinking alcohol in mexico. on father's day, he met the man who received abbie's heart, but he says she's not done saving lives. her story raising concerns about tainted alcohol so that no other family feels this kind of loss. kristen dalgren, nbc news. right now, storm team4 is tracking heavy rain. we're going to bring lauryn back in to tell us where flash flooding can be a problem. if you've ever bought a used car, you know it can be tricky. we have a new list from skau
11:38 am
reports, the most reliable used rs and someca
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more than 300 people are did and some 600 missing after a land slide in sierra leone. close to 3,000 will have to find some place else to live. the side of a hill collapsed after heavy rain yesterday. right now the military and police there are working to find survivors. we're not in danger of anything like that, but there has been a flash flood warning or watch? >> warning. so that, you know, goes watch and now warning, and it's serious because it is occurring right now. an inch of rain has already fallen here in d.c. it happened so quick. and we're seeing this rain gather on the streets. sheena parveen, as i said, was on the way home just about 30 minutes ago and she texted
11:41 am
last hit and looked another twitter. these pictures that are coming out across the d.c. area, it's really bad. so please stay at home in you're in the area. now, it's very small but again, impacting a lot of people, already an inch of rain has fallen. i bet that has upped a little bit since i first reported it. we're just kind of waiting for everything to kind of sizzle out before we really get reports in, but this flash flood warning is until 2:15 this afternoon. and this is moving so slow, but now it's moving outside of the district at this point. this radar is over the last 15 minutes so it is moving very slow. most of us here, here's chevy chase circle, here's 16th street and george avenue so this is continuing to move off into maryland. langley park, they are getting some heavy rain but not as heavy as it was when it was here in the d.c. area. we were getting rain rates up to about 3.5 inches per hour so that's enough to drop a lot of water on us and then of course everything becomes clogged and
11:42 am
the street. so please do not drive across any flooded roadways. this could be an ongoing problem as we head into the early portion of the afternoon. but the good news is, lighter rain behind it, and we are looking at some clearing back here and some more dry conditions so we will see this move out of here and then we will start drying out. i do believe that you can expect rain through the early afternoon. if you're pulling up your nbc radar app on nbc washington app, maybe you're looking at a little rain down here. this is moving due east, so again, we will see some clearing as we continue through the early part of the afternoon. nats game, headed there tonight, i think it may be a-ok. hopefully they put the tarp on the field. 77 in washington, leesburg at 70 at this point. today we're going to reach into the 80s again with some scattered showers as we've seen, some can be a little on the heavy side but this rain will be out of here by early afternoon. that flood warning for silver spring, northwest d.c., arlington, that goes until 2:15. tomorrow, dry. just hot and humid wit
11:43 am
chances of rain as we get into the end of the workweek. >> you got to wonder how much of that water is still going to be on the road as people make their way home this afternoon. >> yep. need to dry out a little. well, still to come, getting parents and students ready for school. >> yeah, we have our favorite gadget guru in studio with some technology that will make your life just a little bit
11:44 am
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well, it's almost time to go back to school, and we want to help you get your kids out the door with your sanity intact. steve greenberg wrote the book "gadget nation." he's got some goodies that may take the stress out of mornings with kids. i know we send our kids to school with no lunch, we leave the garage door open, we're a mess in the morning. >> this will hopefully solve some of those problems and will help get kids excited about science and s.t.e.m. this is professor einstein. hey, professor, what is a proton? >> a proton is a subatomic particle with a positive electron. >> he knows his stuff. you can ask him all sorts of questions. it gets kids excited about science. he plays games and can do things besides answer
11:47 am
really cool. next, this is 70% of kids go in and out of their kids through the garage door. >> we always use it. it's our front door. >> yeah. so this is called my q garage from chamberlain, attach this to the existing garage door, all you need is a screwdriver and a ladder and you can make your garage door a smart garage door. i'm going to show that right now. hold on. open garage door. >> okay. the garage door is opening. >> and this is a real garage door in madison, wisconsin, and i'm opening it with this app. so, you can see if you've left the garage door open, you can close it. you can see when the kids come home and when they leave. you can really monitor your garage door and open and close it with siri. that's when you add this little piece here called house bridge. it's $129, >> and you don't have to remember that four-digit code anymore. >> absolutely not. siri has that for you. next, you want to keep track of your kids' stuff, their backpack and keys and whatnot.
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this little thing is called tracker pixel. when you attach it -- sync it to your phone, you can see it on the map, where your things are. it's only $24.99. >> do you know how many curse words you could have saved my wife over the last few years. >> i use this all the time. next, you got to get kids up in the morning, it's an intelligent alarm clock. it syncs to your smartphone, you can do streaming music, spotify and whatnot. you can change the colors on the front to any kind of mood you want but the other cool thing about it is you can set it so that when your alarm goes about 10 minutes or half an hour, the sun can come up. it gets brighter and brighter so the kids are gently awakened before the alarm goes off. you can set it ten minutes before or a half hour before. >> i like shaking them. >> that's good
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that's from the folks at amazon. next, all these things i just showed here are all about really good wi-fi so one of the things you should buy, not very glamorous, is smart wi-fi. this is d-link. >> what is smart wi-fi? >> it actually tracks each device and then it knows to give some devices more broadband and some less. this is a good price at $149. i like it., and it makes a difference. if you have great wi-fi, all of these products work a whole lot better. >> one of the things i run into is i'm the one who has to get the lunches ready in the morning. and i'm trying to get myself ready. >> this is an easy solution. this is called the red copper flip wich and basically, there are thousands of recipes, just put it in here, put it on top of the stove, flib p it over, and s
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i think it's great. $19.99. so it's a fun way to make lunch and kids will love it. >> they could eat this thing three times a day. >> absolutely. and of course good gifts for back to school would be my book, "gadget nation." shameless plug. >> steve, thank you for making our lives just a little easier. >> i'm trying. >> all right. battle, ba pat, back to you. news4 is working for you this morning. buying a used car is a great way to save money on a big purchase but your savings can vanish if the car isn't reliable or if you don't enjoy driving it. susan hogan has a short list of the best used cars. >> reporter: consumer reports is out with new reports about which used cars are going to save you a lot more money and also keep you on the road for thousands of miles. consumer reports polled more than 2 00,000 subscribers to see how
11:51 am
>> in addition to being reliable, they were fun to drive, got great fuel economy and had high-tech features or luxurio luxurious cabins. we broke down our data to look at 3 and 10-year-old vehicles. the 3-year-old models are a little more expensive but they will have the latest features. a 10-year-old model, you have to figure out the cost of repairing it. >> reporter: the toyota camry hybrid will probably cost you between $13,000 and $18,000 and about $55 in maintenance and repairs in year three. at year ten, expect to pay between $6,500 and $7,800. but $370 in annual maintenance costs. no matter the age, consumer reports test as well as owners found you can't go wrong with these two small suvs, the honda cr-v or the toyota rav-4. need a minivan for the family? consider the honda
11:52 am
toyota sienna, both of which are likely to make it to 200,000 miles or many. finally, drivers like the pickup truck for its driving and reliability. and consumer reports says you can save money and the planet. they actually named the toyota prius among the most satisfying cars for both 3 and 10-year-old models for its combination of fuel efficiency and reliability. back to you. and up next, a major league pitcher who overcame a whole lot more
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you don't have to be a baseball fan to cheer for this story. chad bettis pitches for the colorado rockies but he's been off the mound since november when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. well, last night, bettis pulled off an amazing comeback, pitching a shutout against the braves after undergoing surgery and chemo. the crowd gave him a standing ovation. the rockies won the game. but most importantly, doctors say his prognosis is pretty darn good. >> that's a good report. is there any good news about the weather, lauryn? >> the good news is that the rain is moving out right now but we are seeing rain showers and flooding around the region. let me take you on a tour of the radar. you can always download the nbc washington app and get this in
11:56 am
we are looking at a few showers out there right now and as we go through the remainder of the day, hey, guys, do we have max one up? because we've got some rain just coming through and into columbia right now and that is going to really impact possibly the evening commute. flash flood warning goes until 2:15 this afternoon. and we're already on that radar, so if you want to roll -- we're back on our radar right now. thank you. thanks, amelia. she's here and she'll be with you this afternoon as well. this is what i was talking about. coming down 29 right now. lots of heavy rain. again, this is about two inches per hour at least, and then that heavy rain has now moved out of the d.c. area. that has now pushed out and it's starting to rain itself out but as i said, we still have that flash flood warning in the district until 2:15 this afternoon. not only do we have that. we've got a flood warning also in southern
11:57 am
county. if you plan to travel i-95 south, be careful, give it a little bit of time because the back edge of the rain is coming through. we do play the angels later on this afternoon. i do believe that we will get that game in for the start of the series. temperatures are going to be low to mid 80s for daytime highs today. that rain is moving out after about 2:00 p.m. so we're going to be dealing with it through the afternoon. and then as we head through the later portion of the afternoon and evening, hopefully we'll get some of this rain water othat's receded off the roadways. again, a flash flood warning in northwest d.c., including arlington, silver spring. that goes until 2:15 this afternoon for a couple of inches of rain that have already fallen throughout the area. i've been looking at flooding across the roadways. please do not drive across any flooded roadways. just turn around. by tomorrow, we will dry out with temperatures around 90. stay around 90, rain chances return thursday and friday. >> thank you. and that's news4 midday. thanks for being wit
11:58 am
we're back on the air this afternoon >> remembe you can getr
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stand by, everyone. we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. ♪ >> they look like they're enjoying each other's company. they seem like they are clicking. if that's the word that us young folk are saying nowadays. paradise comes with potential to fall in love. and corin and demario are forgingi forging a relationship. >> by the way, that's in the afternoon. it's still daylight. the shenanigans after hearing about them, the hookup in paradise. it finally aired. >> finally we're starting to see what's going on. ashl ashley eid joins us. this is my v


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