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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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are dead. and that death toll is expected to rise. local police say they have arrested two people for that attack and there are reports isis has claimed responsibility for it. >> president trump said the u.s. will do whatever is necessary to help. the state department is asking u.s. citizens in spain to stay in close contact with their loved ones. we are also learning that several college basketball teams were in barcelona taking part in a tournament there, so far, it doesn't appear any of those players were involved in this. that terror attack is hitting especially close to home for some families in our area, as you can imagine, this is very much an international town. news 4 kristin wright live outside the embassy of spain in northwest dc, kristin. >> reporter: here at the embassy, both the spanish flag and the european union flag they're both flying at half staff tonight.
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young woman who was in barcelona right now, so let's go back and show you those images again. these are the things that she witnessed in person, being just right in that area where the attack happened. she and her fiance were on their way to the bus. this is 10 minutes before the terrorist attacks, all of a sudden the commotion and what you see on the screen here, alex did not what was going on, but once she did, she couldn't believe it and became very emotional. take a listen. >> they planned their trip from spain thinking they would
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did reach out to the embassy here and they told us they were not ready at this point to talk about what happened today. as the story unfolds to the night and we're learned more about what happened and make sure you download our app and sign up for any breaking news alerts. >> most of the region has been on the dry side over the last hour or so. we're saw some storms coming through, they're all out of here and moving to this north and east. the bay bridge going to get pretty hard by heavy rain. look into portions of montgomery county. and i expect a couple more showers to develop north and east of the city. northern and eastern sections over the next hour or so, could see a few more, right now, heavier shower activity right around the only area, here is only just to the east of only seeing that
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the road down towards -- continuing to track the rain as it moves on through. the heat. look at the heat index. 100 degrees. quantico 102. the heat and humidity remain. moves back in tomorrow, i'll take you hour by hour, i'll see you back here in about 10 to 15 minutes. right now visitation hours are underway for one of those virginia state troopers killed near charlottesville over the weekend. trooper berk bates and lieutenant died after their helicopter died on sunday. visitation for trooper bates is happening tonight in richmond. his funeral will be held tomorrow. services for lieutenant are tomorrow and saturday in chesterfield. there is new security in place tonight around the confederate soldiers memorial in leesburg, the statute was vandalized over night in the wake of last weekend's violence this charlottesville. the memorial is on the courthouse grounds there. we're b
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that was used by mid-morning, a power washing had wiped away any trace of the mess. the na condemned the. >> bureau julie carry is with a closer look with a debate underway in in cities, all over virginia right now. julie. >> some other political leaders say they should stay in place but be given more historical context, so what does historical context mean, exactly, we're had a chance to explore that today with a man who knows civil war history very
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>> when craig heard about the damage to confederate soldier's memorial. he came to check it out for himself. he's a civil war history buff, he is well aware of the contentious debate over memorials that some view as critical piece of history, others see as a dark disturbing reminder of the pass. >> i think we're should have a calm discussion about these sort of things. and there are a lot of things to talk about. >> he knows -- he was on the committee that created more than two dozen historical markers. they tell a far broader story. he points to this one near the courthouse entrance. >> right off the top, recruiting activities happened here on this ground. there's a lot of reason to talk about the mixed history of the courthouse grounds. >> we're head next to the mount zion community cemetery, its focus, african-american soldiers who fought with
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forces. >> african-americans who served during the civil war and they're buried here. >> where can we're bring in and incorporate representation of these other two elements and how do we're do that. >> because loudoun's civil war story is not a confederate story. >> it's a complicated story. >> he hopes more residents will look into and start to discuss. back to you now in the studio. >> julie carey, thank you, jewels. well the tensions is
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reached the home of president trump, after african-american cabinet member. >> someone vandalized dr. ben carson's house. they were away when it happened. dr. carson talked to only news 4 megan fitzgerald about this weekend's vai leiolence and howe bridged the racial divide. >> it's not about pointing fingers. about who should have done what and when they should have done it and when they should have said
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>> marching and rallying. he believes that he should take the high road. he says that it's important to look the other way and to not, you know, get in the trenches of anything and to just ignore it, he says. >> he talked with you for almost an hour and we've all seen the president's tweets, megan, about what is happening to confederate statutes all over the country and here, too. he called them beautiful. he said that it's sad that they're being removed, what did dr. carson say about the president's tweets and feelings on these statutes. >> you know, as we're know. the president tweets several times a day. so there's a lot that you can sort of dissect in the tweets that he says. some of the times you're kind of wondering, you know, maybe that's not the best idea to tweet something like that. pressed secretary carson on many of the tweets he doesn't believe that there's a problem with the president expressing himself to the millions of flo
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in fact, he says, you know, as it relates to the most recent, tweet, though, we're didn't have a chance to talk to him a little bit about the tweets from today because, of course, we're interviewed him yesterday. but he did talk about the statutes. he says, we're all need to talk to each other about them. there needs to be some sort of dialogue and understanding. we're want to play for you a little bit of what he had to say of what relates to race relationships in our country. >> we're do live in a diverse society. so we're have had got to reach a point where true tolerance exist. people throw the word tolerance out, but, you know, what they really mean is i'll tolerate you if you agree with me. that doesn't really work. >> it was also interesting, we're had an opportunity to talk a little bit about the tweet and the endorsement or the former kkk wizard,
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president trump from the which in which he handled charlottesville. i asked secretary carson if he saw a problem with that. he seems to think that david duke has his own agenda and the president would not be happy to have the endorsement of any white supremacist. >> they shouted kd as he rode by in the parade. news 4 darcy spencer is on one of those -- why does everybody say they love him so much. >> well, i think it's because he gives back so mh.
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and take a look right here. kevin durant charity foundation. he's out of his own pocket to rehabilitate these basketball -- as you see a man enjoying hoops right now. his mom tells me that he thought me the value of giving back. >> did you think about -- he's like two feet taller than us. i was like i can wrap around his leg like this. >> kevin durant. who made it big in the nba but didn't forget the small town he left behind. >> back up. back up. back up. >> she was among the thousands lining the streets, hoping to at least get a look at kd. he signed shoes and basketballs. >> what would you say to him if you got a chance to talk to him. >> i would tell him to ignore all the negative comments to keep it moving and praise god he had gotten this far and
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holding his huge championship trophy. >> what would you do if you got a chance to see him drive by in that corvette. >> i will go crazy. >> i think i would, too. >> so you're here fanning yourself, is that because you just saw kevin durant. >> yes, ma'am. that's because i saw kevin durant. yes, indeed. >> durant grew up in prince georges county and called seat pleasant home. over the years he didn't forget his community, he gave back. that's why they're here to say thank you. his mom is his biggest cheerleader. >> i think -- he's building on his own legacy now. it's -- -- donated money to help rehab the community center. that's something residents won't forget. they sure -- i got my kevin durant day, all-access media
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you'll saw that i was able to sink one in, this fine gentleman is going to help us out here and see if i can do it again. make a foul shot. up, air ball. >> how close it gets to the basket when it's wet. and let this be a lesson, once you make a basket, walk away and live with that. >> put it on facebook. >> and go online. >> darcy, thanks so much. >> presidents often have to step up and play the role of consoler and chief in the wake of violence in charlottesville this weekend. president trump is getting a lot of push back for his response. now it's causing some big problems for the 45th president. >> we're also staying on top of the breaking news, that van that was used this tile in barcelona, 12 people dead. we are tracking it all for y anoud
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what about the alt-left that came charging as you say, the alt-right. do they have any semblance of guilt? >> well, it was a surprise response from the president even surprised a lot of members on his staff. and it's not like anything we've ever heard from a president in the wake of a tragedy, some say, the president's response to
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charlottesville on tuesday raises questions about his ability to what they call the consoler in chief, which is part of the president's job. >> and here to talk about this is nbc news white house correspondent kristin wilkins. how did this president's response to a previous presidents. >> well, the president's critics would argue that his predecessors have really been focused on trying to unify the country in the wake of tragedies like we're saw over the weekend in charlottesville. instead, they would say what we're heard from president trump is divisive language and, of course, he made that initial statement on saturday that enraged a lot of people. they felt as if he was trying to -- and then he walked that back a bit on monday. but then reversed himself, again, on tuesday. in the wake of tuesday what we're saw has been just stunning. the fact that you have seen ceo's turn their back on
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to disban two of his business council, the manufacturing council and the second council. the president preempted them. the bottom line, the optics, he's the jobs president and he had some of his former colleagues saying they don't want to work with him. then, i think what might have a bigger impact for this president you have a number of lawmakers weighing in and denouncing what he said, not all of them are denouncing them by name. but a number of them are making it disagree with where he stands and then, today a big development, senator bob -- critical of this president came out and effectively said he's not living up to the standards of the presidency. he has to do a better job. the president is on his working vacation here in new jersey. we're haven't seen him today. of course, he did weigh in on the terror attack in barcelona as you all talked about earlier in the broadcast. he remains defiant on h
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tweets from earlier in the day. the civil war monuments are at the center of his debate. glad to see the center of great country being ripped apart at the removal, so that gives you a sense of how defiant he is amidst all of this backlash. jim, wendy, back to you. >> thanks so much. and we're invite you to stay with the nbc news working on all today's stories. stay around -- stick around for nbc nightly news with lester holt coming on right after news 4 at 6:00. >> few hours from now, loved ones and friends will come together to remember a 17-year-old shot days before she was said to go to college, jamari died over the weekend two days after she was shot while driving on 14th street and saratoga avenue. police tell us she was not the intended target. officers have arrested one person for the shooting but are still looking for othe
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shooting scene and begins at 8:00. d.c. public schools open next week. one school is going to knock the socks off the students. duke ellington school for the arts, tom sherwood reports that school has undergone dramatic renovation. >> it's one thing to slap a lot of paint on old building, but 170 million renovation and 100 square foot expansion, you've got something. and graduate from the old building, it dates back or tracee jenkins, how the old building felt back then. >> must have different -- much different than it does. it was still an awesome environment. >> the
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begin performance classes here next week. >> you know, we're have the kids for, you know, ten hours sometimes as they're rehearsing and performing and learning, so this is home. >> we've come a long way. when i started this process, i had long hair flowing down my back. it's all worth it. it's all worth it. >> final touches are being made before the students arrive. supplies are being put in place and 17-year history teacher puts it all in perspective. >> how do you feel now when you walk around the school. >> i feel like we are entering into a glorious renaissance. we are reclaiming ellington's legacy. >> grand reopening ceremony is set for saturday at 11:00 a.m. alumni all welcome. in the district, tom sherwood,
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it just looks amazing. >> oh, why. >> how did this happen. awe, man. >> i've always got you guys over my shoulder. just love it. tracking some shower activity out there across the area. we're going to continue to see the showers moving on through. we'll talk much more coming up. a chance of severe weather coming up, as well. i've never had that happen on the air in my 20 years. can we're
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>> doug in the flesh and real life size. >> he was real life size before. >> yeah. >> like right here. >> yeah, the effects you can do on television. the coolest thing. >> not the coolest thing. you know what the coolest thing is. >> monday -- where is that happening? >> it's going -- it's like a little small -- and today, of course, more on the eclipse coming up today -- and right now and talking about the shower activity that we've seen, one thing you notice here, prince georges county. right through the district, right through montgomery county,
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now are completely dry. we are starting to see, however, look around there. >> and then watching what's happening around gaithersburg, along 29th. but these are fading away, as well, as you move on out. you can see right around aspen hill. just light rain now where we're did see heavier downpours a little bit earlier. most of us looking like this, few clouds, 85 degrees currently. wind out south. but it's not the temperatures today. it is warm and humid. look at the heat index, 102 leesburg. 97 in gaithersburg. look at petersburg west virginia notice what's happening now,
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trying to move in. we'll see a couple of showers, better chance tomorrow with this frontal boundary. good chance for possibly strong to severe storms tomorrow. it is it is -- here it is timing it out. watch them move on in. down towards culpepper, around 9:00 and then fading out quickly as they move towards the east tomorrow morning. could see some areas of fog. that's something we'll be watching out for. tomorrow afternoon around noon, no problem. you can eat outdoors, sure, warm and humid. any of these storms could produce heavy downpours and strong winds, so that's what we'll be watching. warm and humid with the afternoon rain. if you're thinking about heading out. this weekend, looking really good. saturday and sunday, high temperatures in the upper 80s, lower humidity, though, monday, of course, is solar eclipse, pretty good for that. 91 on tuda
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high pressure builds back in. more on the eclipse, we'll see you back here at 5:45. thousands of drive past it every day. for most of it, it's in mystery. now there's a way to go inside and see it for yourself, we'll tell you how. >> and for pets living in an animal shelter, the physical and emotional journey can be exhausting, sometimes painful. we'll take you to a local shelter that takes in animals from around the country, hoping that they can find some love here in our area. >> and new at 5:30, local family wakes up with the surprise of a lifetime. >> the s.w.a.t. team breaking down their door.
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>> after today's deadly van attack, officials now telling us that neither suspect they have in custody was the driver of the van that plowed into a crowd of people today. >> the government declared three days of mourning. it's being condemned by world leaders including pope francis and president trump. >> 5:30. the s.w.a.t. team and the bomb squad swarmed in arlington family homes this
5:32 pm
>> the only problem, no one inside called 911. the viewer sent us video on the police response as aimee cho shows us, the family was amy. >> yeah, jim is a term used to describe a false 911 call that leads to a s.w.a.t. team arriving at a home and causing chaos. that home was in an apartment with an innocent family and a child inside. now, it's happened in the 1,200 block of north fort meyer drive in arlington this morning. the anonymous caller claimed they were holding people hostage inside the apartment. you can see the entire street was filled with police cars and even a bomb squad truck. police had to spend almost three hours searching the building to make sure there was nothing wrong. one neighbor there told me he's never seen anything like it. thank god, you know, it was --
5:33 pm
why would anybody do such a thing. >> these calls are a joke. they're really serious calls. >> they're still trying to figure out who made the fake call and why. the punishment for filing a false report is up in a year in jail or a fine. live in the newsroom, aimee cho, news 4. >> the dc government wants a $14 million increase next year to help pay for office space. but a new report says, it can't even keep track of the properties it has right now. according to the dc office of inspector general, the district is squandering millions because it fails to collect rent from some of its tenants. the dc department of general services says it will review the report and implement ways to improve the
5:34 pm
>> we're learned the fire was an accident. it caused at least $100,000 in damages. chopper 4 was over the roof in glen arden. the property belongs to the first baptist church of glen arden. that building is under construction, no injuries. >> crews are making some good progress on that vandleism at the lincoln memorial. the national park service tweeted out a picture of a worker power washing the graffiti. officials tell us it's going to take several more treatments over the next week or so to get that completely removed. the national park service also discovered the letters m and e on the same pillar where that red spray paint was found. it's believed that the carving had been there for a while. >> thousands of beltway drivers passed this interesting building every day, but until now, only members of the faith have been allowed inside. now, you'll get a chance to take a tour of the t
5:35 pm
kensington. the church is being renovated, according to bethesda magazine, there will be a short window, doors will be open to the public. but you'll have to wait until 2020 to finally see what it looks like. okay, i'm confused. will it be open now. we're have a couple of years to get ready to see the inside of it. >> every week, we'll remind everybody of that. two days until the redskins second preseason game. but it is the first home game at fedex field after putting up less than a teller performance in week one. the guys have something to prove, week two. news 4 sherree burruss live with what we're can expect on saturday. hey, sherree. >> hey, jim. you know, the redskins left us almost wanting more
5:36 pm
just that. last year head coach didn't have his starters play in that second preseason game, that's not going to be the case this weekend against the green bay packers. i asked head coach, how much are we're going to see of guys like kirk cousins, terrell pry your, josh norman. and see how much time to actually get out on the field. >> playing a little bit. but we'll see how it goes. >> hoping to maybe get out of the second preseason game that you didn't see from them. >> you know, i think going three and out is not what we're intended. defensively that's good things. i think we're went three and out with our starting defense. like them to continue their trend of making plays and flying around the football. >> it's good to get in there and, you know, just get -- get familiar with each other, you know, and get some
5:37 pm
drives. to show that we're doing our jobs and execute. i think that's the main thing. this preseason that's why we're played a game to go out and show what you can do and adjust, the biggest adjustment from any team is from game 1 to game 2. if we're go out there and game 2 and handle what we're need to handle, we're will be fine. >> a couple of the other guys that we're might see this weekend, josh coming off pulled ham spring. we're do have more coming up at 6:00 about tight end jordan and his time to come back to the team. live from redskins park, sherree burruss, news 4 sports. >> scott mcfarlane, reports of suspicious vehicle. road closed at dulles international airport. we're told by police at the authority vehicle was parked on a roadway. it is parked there, and police have set up the perimeter that closed down part of the ad
5:38 pm
it's been a partial evacuation of the upper level of the main terminal. going on right now
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>> we're all witnessing a movement across the country to take down confederate statutes. many have come down just in the last few days. the g
5:41 pm
maryland think it's the right thing to do. but it's also raising a big question, once they do come down, should they be destroyed or preserved. >> news 4 chris gordon asks some local residents and historians what they think should happen to these statutes. >> the violence in charlottesville over the decision to take down the statute of con federal general, robert e. lee added urgency to maryland's decision. the state house trust voted to remove the statute of former u.s. supreme court chief justice, roger b.taney from the grounds of the maryland state house. retired lawyer voted to remove the statute because of the decision taney offered in the dread scott case. he said black americans could not become citizens. >> probably the worst decision supreme court decided. a self inflicted wound. >> the decision has not yet been made whether totr
5:42 pm
relocate taney's statute. similar decisions have to be made. history professor teaches at the university says they should all be put in museums. >> they led to the rising statutes. i think that's the most important. >> i asked people in our area, what they think should be done with the confederate statutes that are taken down. >> would you like to see them put in the museum. >> i'd like to see put someone public, you know, here we're come full circle. they should be out there they stand for something. what's important is the dialogue for what they stand for, people could be educated on what they stand for. >> there are more than 700 statutes honoring confederate soldiers. some people say that taking them all down would be like erasing history. chris gordon, news 4. >> i'm
5:43 pm
arlington, virginia, i'm on a roof top bar. i promise you this is a legitimate story. it's finding the best places to look up and looking up at the sky and seeing the solar eclipse come in. we'll take you around northern virginia and show you the spots. >> plus we're clearing the shelters and it's not just about bringing home a new four-legged friend. >> we're going to take you through the journey of an animal that ends up in a shelt
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5:45 pm
>> yo -- you want your family's solar eclipse experience to be memorable. northern virginia bureau reporter david
5:46 pm
it so. >> working hard because it is after 5:00. he's checking out eclipse viewing spots. he's live in arlington, three stories off the ground. hey, david. >> reporter: i promise you, this is a legitimate assignment, okay. i'm going to explain in a moment why we're here in the roof top bar. but first we're made quite going around northern virginia, finding places for you to be wowed. >> this is what we're want for you. the chance to marvel, albeit safely at the sun. notice they've got on the special glasses, these little paper made glasses are really hot commodity for you all. >> it's what everybody wants. >> judy peterson, they ordered some 6,000 of the eye ware. she's been getting e-mails, phone calls. >> and people are checking me in the hallway saying, i know you must have a couple
5:47 pm
>> but if you're among the few thousand who signed up for the popular county viewing programs, you'll get a pair. those programs, by the way, sold out. >> we're had dozens of programs and then we're added more programs and then we're added capacity to those existing programs and we've been amazed. >> no worries if you didn't register, a few other hundred options for you. >> unless there's other activity going on, we're say welcome, come on down. >> wants to wow you, too, inviting folks to visit wow! how about that. >> 12-5. so five hours, i think the eclipse is right in the middle there. it will be a good time up here, clear views, tequilas, margarita. >> lunchtime great. as you get off early, and plan to stay here
5:48 pm
day. >> it's a nice way to look at it. >> back here on the roof top bar, wendy and jim you may be finding yourself watching the solar eclipse on monday and thinking, i don't know what to do. i'm always in the dark we're living in the powder keg and giving off sparks. >> total eclipse of the sun. >> yes. >> oh my goodness. what was her name. >> bonny tyler, of course it was. >> good friend. >> i thought it was tucker. >> no. >> i was checking out the i tunes. the top 100 songs, that is on the top 100 currently, mixed with a bunch of songs from 2017 to 2016. it was a hit back in 1983. >> i
5:49 pm
>> david, listen to this. so you just showed tyler, i was invited to go on a cruise in the atlantic, on into the path of the eclipse and she will be singing on royal caribbean cruise line at the time of the eclipse. >> and you said, no thank you to that. >> the station said go to south carolina. >> i asked for a cruise. they said not sending you on a cruise. >> that's a lot of shots. >> that looks like the place to be just on a friday night. >> sorry. >> yeah. >> we're keeping you from it. see you, david. >> oh, my goodness. >> i was like what is he talking about. >> unfortunately, we're knew, it just dates us. >> i know where you are, three days out. >> four days out. you know, it's coming and
5:50 pm
on the count down on my phone. >> that is pretty cool. >> yeah, you can check our facebook live you did a little bit earlier. go to nbc washington facebook page. we're went to facebook live talking about eclipse and answering some of your questions, i have eve got one answer for you. a lot of people say what is the best time to get out there and how much of it will be eclipsed here. well the best time begins around 1:15 or so, the best time is around 2:42 in the afternoon. let's say you're at work and you have to go to work, 82% of the sun will be eclipsed by the sun. you want to go outside, that's the time to do it, around 2:40, to 2:45. look up into the sky and you're really in for quite a show. even though we're only at 82%. not everybody is going to be in the path of totality. >> i will be. >> i'll be in south carolina, so excited about that. i can't express how exciting this will be. even if you're here, it will be
5:51 pm
event in our area. we'll be tracking storms. most of them dying out. nothing going on now. that's where they were fairly heavy, just to the north, i told you watch out around this area, we're could see some of the storms that's where they are just to the north south of damascus, another one, very heavy shower just east of fredericks. this is moving up to the north and east. . back here towards mountains, around the blue ridge. a couple of showers trying to move in. most of us remaining dry. not going to be the case tomorrow, however. watch what happens this evening. we're see a couple more. we're kind of fizzle out. and then as we're move into the day tomorrow, 8 clock. maybe some fog early. watch out for that as you make your way out. here comes a line of strong storms. we'll be watching these potentially, two, three, four in the afternoon. amelia draper and i were talki
5:52 pm
through. it looks like we're have a chance of severe weather during that time frame. >> with the humidity, i think the biggest concern as we were talking about earlier, is going to be heavy rain fall and you already know how much rain we've received in july and now august. we're need a break, storms are likely tomorrow afternoon, so heavy rain fall. the next concern will be high winds, it's a moderate chance you're dealing with strong winds that will lead to wind damage. low to moderate, keeping you up to date. this is going on the friday. some rain and storms. >> saturday and sunday, looking pretty good. lower humidity, both day for the weekend. there's the day for the solar
5:53 pm
we'll see some clouds. i think we'll have pretty good viewing here. jackpot has climbed to more than $500 million now. the next drawing is saturday night and the $510 million purse is the eighth largest in lottery history. that number could get even larger as we're get closer to the drawing, in case you missed it. here are last night's numbers again. 9, 15, 43, 64, the power ball number was our favorite number, 4. >> missed it by that much. >> uh-huh. >> coming up next, why it is so important to help us clear the shelters this weekend and all new at 6:00, a team collapse outside the gym, but her family says she didn't have to die and her mother is suing. says the school district made mistak
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>> when we're have an empty kennel and animal we're want to save a life. >> some were surrendered by their owners and some of their stories we're may never know. one thing they all have in common, they need loving families and now they're finally get their chance. >> that's really good. >> a second transport van pulls up just as we're about to leave, this time with six puppies from southern virginia. >> every day the rescue lines receives strays and surrenders. it's a welcome site but it's bittersweet when you find out the reason why they're
5:58 pm
us because of housing restrictions, through no fault of his own, he ended up with us and we'll find him a new home. >> this dog was shaking like a leaf visibly upset. their arrival is the first of many steps they'll take before the public can adopt them. >> this is a new environment for him. so we'll let him settle in for a day. he'll be available for adoption. he'll get all of his vaccines. >> hopefully the stay here will be a short one and the perfect family will soon find a place in their heart and home for each of these animals. >> over crowding, as you know is a huge issue for animal shelters. if we're can get these animals out. we'll get more in and give them a second chance at a loving family. so that's why we're going to clear the shelters. >> yeah, we are. it's a big weekend, folks, we are holding the annual pet adoption t.
5:59 pm
we're have all the details on our nbc washington app. all you have to do is search, clear the shelters. now at 6:00, terror in barcelona, lives lost as a van plows through a crowd at a place that's very popular with tourists. >> tonight questions about who's responsible as we're gather new video from the scene and new eyewitness accounts, including reaction from a woman with ties from maryland. >> we're have team coverage from a story that's still breaking at this hour. let's start with leon harris, he's at the live desk. >> the latest developments now concern a man who was shot and killed by police. local media reports the car knocked down two police officers at a traffic check point, but it's not clear, at this point, if that incident is related to the original attack. now, you're looking here at some new video from the van attack in barcelona. it appears to have been shot around the corner from the main incident there. you can see a camera there,
6:00 pm
screaming and scrambling to find a safe place. around dinner time, there, lo l locally, a van drove into a crowd, now, that area is sort of why barcelona's time square number of people killed in the attack is changed throughout the afternoon. it has just revised downward is standing at 13. moments ago, spain announced three days of mourning to honor their dead and that number could still rise. 15 of the 100 people hurt are considered as seriously injured. >> two people now under arrest but police say neither of them was driving the van. islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the van attack. as we're always see in these situations, the good in people


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