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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 18, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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see you later, everybody. ♪ breaking overnight, gunfire in a showdown as police say they have killed five attackers. >> president trump denounced the terror attacks but his response stirred new controversies and new backlash from one-time supporters. >> three days and counting as the solar eclipse event of the summer approaches. >> and tina fey's advice for america and ann coulter. >>
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attack, shooting and killing five explosive strapped suspects. >> this after a van plowed in to a crowd of people in barcelona, killing a dozen and leaving a hundred others injured on the pavement in what is now the worst terror attack to hit the country in a decade. we go to the ground in barcelona. tell us more about the overnight shootout. >> reporter: well, philip, i'm standing right on the area here in the center of barcelona, where the white van yesterday plowed in to a crowd, killing at least 13 people. now, it was closed until two hours ago when we were here last. but now it's reopened, as you can see, it's full of people. i can see the stores are open, people are buying newspapers, other people next to me are laying flowers.
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rolling to or from their destination. so, it just looks like any other day here in the area. as if nothing happened a few hours ago here. and it's more remarkable if you consider that this was the terror attack that took place here, was not the only one that was carried out in this area yesterday or overnight. another terrorist attack was carried out about 100 miles south. it was kind of a copycat attack in the beginning. with five terrorists in a van, plow engine to -- plowing in to a crowd of people. nobody was killed in that one. well now, the warring pa in-- t worrying part of the attack, after the terrorists were shot, they carried out controlled explosions of what they believe was some
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and yet, as you see behind me, life has gone to normal already here. >> a different scene from yesterday. thank you so much. >>. >> and this morning an all-out man hunt across spain is under way as they search for the driver who carried out of the attack. marking the sixth time terrorists used the vehicle as a deadly weapon in a major european city. with three suspects in custody, other pieces are fall engine to place as the -- are falling in to place as the search for the main suspect continues. >> we have seen another attack on what you would call the heart of western culture. we have seen cafe attacked in paris a christmas market in berlin and this time, it was street life in spain. screams, and panic on barcelona's most famous pedestrian street. >> they are shooting. they are
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>> an american tourist from los angeles recorded as she ran for her life. >> we heard what sounded like begunshot -- gun shots and we saw hundreds of people rushing toward us. >> come on, come on, come on. >> they were running from a van that plowed in to crowds on the street. police responded quickly, evacuating nearby buildings and shutting down the neighborhood. >> we heard a lot of noise and people screaming, so like everyone was running away. >> witness captured the aftermath. we blurred some of the issues. they were horrific, bodied on the sidewalk, many young. crowds huddled around the victims trying to assist. this news stand was nearly knocked over in the attack, which took place along the historic street, popular with tourists. the van jumped the curb and sped up, traveled over 600 yards a
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zigzagged as it went, they are calling it an act of terrorism and the manhunt is under way for the driver. two people were arrested but police say neither was behind the wheel. isis is claiming responsibility now. saying it was carried out by one of its soldiers but offered no evidence. but it is only the latest example of the group's supporters using vehicles as weapons. in niese, where a truck mowed down dozens. in berlin, crashing through a christmas market. and in london, where attackers drove across london bridge, and then, jumped out with knives. >> the use of vehicles is now the low-tech high impact option for terrorists. it's demonstrated value in jihad circles. >> thank you for the report. >> well, continuing his working vacation, president trump denounced the barcelona attack, offering assistance to spain. but he wakes up this morning under fire for following that statement of support with a tweet that brings back a
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on historical evidence and it comes as the backlash comes about the response of saturday's violence in charlottesville. >> within three hours of the attack in barcelona, president trump condemned it as terror. tweeting the u.s. will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough and be strong, we love you. then as an example of how to get tough on what he called radical islamic terror, he sited a debunked anti-muslim myth. something that set off a firestorm when he first said it on the campaign trail. >> and he took the 50 tear are rifts and he took 50 men and he dipped 50 bullets in pig's blood. you heard that, right? >> the faith prohibits pork. now that story is part of his quick response to an attack overseas.
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the domestic attack in charlottesville has fall out. as he lamentes the removal of monuments. saying you can't change history, but you can learn from it, robert e. lee, stonewall jackson. who's next? washington? jefferson? so foolish. >> there's blame on both sides. >> the only african-american senator interviewed about the president's performance this week. >> what we want to see from our president is clarity and moral authority and that moral authority is compromised when tuesday happens. >> and another senator that campaigned for the president now criticizing him. >> the president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the co competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be
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successful. and we need for him to be successful. >> the commander and chief countered by the leaders of five military branches that sent a strong signal without mentioning the president by name, by publically condemning the extremist elements. >> we are one team and that's the way we stay. >> steve bannon viewing it as a president the fight will win. as he told the "new york times" the race identity politics of the left, wants to say it's all racist, give me more. tear down more statues and say the revolution is coming. i can't get enough of it. >> the american cancer society says that it is pulling out of its planned gala because of what it calls challenges to i.ts values and president trump is scrapping the infrastructure council he wanted before it got off the ground. not long after disbanding two business advisory boards. it's
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the trump. >> thank you. crews in anapolis removed the statue of supreme court justice robert see taney, he upheld slavery and denied citizenship to african-americans. >> right now, we are looking at potentially dangerous weather here in the northeast. bill is joining us live. what can you tell us about it? >> a lot of people have a risk of severe storms. not bad, a few rolling through kentucky, later on today, there's an area back towards kansas city. it's the area with the slight risk that includes all of the cities, new york, washington, d.c., 36 people are at risk of seeing severe storms. wind damage is the
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tornado. the other portions of the forecast. warm and hot across the southern half of the nation. here is a closer look at your day ahead. well, again the showers and thunderstorms will be one band of showers and storms early in the day. moving through the northeast and then we will get the stronger ban late their afternoon with the cold front and down in the southeast, hot and humid everywhere. it's from florida to texas. and the good news about the weekend forecast, not as many thunderstorms and hot and warm just about everywhere. summer weekend. >> great, we only have a few left. thank you, remember when summer was starting, powerball, we last saw the big winner was mid june. that mean's saturday night's jackpot is up to $510 million. we are talking half a billion, making it the eighth largest. here are your odds. 1 in 292 million. >> good luck with at
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hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena i would urge people this saturday, instead of participating in the screaming matches and potential violence. find a local business that you support, maybe a jewish run bakery, or an african-american run bakery. order a cake with the american flag on it, like this one. and um, just eat it, colin. then when ann col ter crawls out of her roach hotel and says, you can say, okay, yard sale barbie. but the other side is nazis and klansman and who drove the car in to the crowd, hillary's e-mails? sheet cakin
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movement, colin. most of the women i know have been doing it once a week since the election. >> so great. tina fey, great to see her. >> i could use a bite of the cake. >> and the laughter too. leading the news this morning. another kennedy center honoree is boycotting the white house. as a sports star shunned the administration and charity organizations dump out of long planned events at major trump property. edward, it looks like the backlash against the president is growing. >> the list of stars who are shunning or going to shun the president is growing. the kennedy center honors that takes place every year at the kennedy center with the reception at the white house has a growing list of star who is will boycott that white houses reception. take a look at the names. singer lionel ritchie and norman
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boycotts does not end, when the golden state warriors won the championship, normally the president will invite them to the white house. now, if the president does invite thor warriors to the white house, kevin durant, who grew up ten miles from the white house said that he will skip meeting the president because he does not respect who is in office. and now, so far, president trump's properties may also feel the pinch. there are three major charities, pulling out of fundraising events at the mar-a-lago resort. take a look at the names. they say they value diversity and the head of the palm beach chamber of commerce believes that more charities will pull out of mar-ahlago and look at the magazine covers coming out. major one withes showing naziism, and pr experts are saying that the president is suffering from a growing public
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so, we are just t-minus
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eclipse where the moon will blot out of the sun, casting a shadow across a wide swath of the country. >> americans are preparing to watch the rare event, but some are encountering problems with special eclipse viewing glasses. we have more on the mad dash to witness this historic crossing. >> the great solar eclipse of 2017 and it's a mad dash to get the special eclipse shades. the line wrapped around the block. >> how many? >> how many? >> we got here at 7:00 and went through 9,000 pairs and they ran out. >> worked out for us and i feel bad for everyone else. >> look at the line stretching down the block in indianapolis, nashville, huntsville and online, people are paying extreme amounts for a dollar pair of glasses. on e bay, we found a pair for 9, $
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-- $9999. and meanwhile, some are being recalled. if it does not have the iso label and the manufacturer, don't take a chance? >> we don't recommend you take a chance. >> in all, 88 million people live within 200 miles of the so-called path of totality. the last time this occurred of was in 1918, and it turns out generally a single spot on the planet only experiences an eclipse once every 375 years. >> it is an event, it is a human experience. it is a chance for uses to connect with the cosmos in a way a that we normally can't do. >> dem depoe bay oregon will go dark first. >> it's our adventure for the year. >> carbondale will be dark the longest. >> it's very exciting. >> one big concern, that drivers will be distracted by a once
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in today's quick hits. the pakistani active visit and peace prize winner that was shot for advocating for girl's education is going to oxford university. she tweeted her acceptance saying she is excited and last night, jimmy fallon weighed in. >> when she puts her nobel prize on the shelf, her roommate will quietly put away all the youth soccer trophies. no big deal. >> beyonce has released a 600 page coffee table book, about how to make lemonade. all for just $300. >> and if you look closely there, that is amy schumer at a taping of judge judy. how about that for a cameo, you are watching "early today."
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good morning. i'm erika gonzalez. in 90 seconds, we're following breaking news this morning where a controversial statue was just removed and towed away. the video and information just coming into the newsroom. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell off to a generally dry start for now. some severe storms are possible on your
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now on news 4, a terror attack that kills more than a dozen people. we just learned that police made
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also breaking overnight, another controversial monument removed. the statue just taken down and towed away. the day is almost here. we're helping get you ready for this weekend's clear the shelters. hi. good morning everybody. i'm erika gonzalez. the good news is, the weekend around the corner. bad news is, you still got to get through today. let's get to chuck bell and what you face as you head out the door. good morning to you, chuck. happy friday. >> got to make it through for sure. there's a significant change between now and the weekend plans as well. we're under a slight risk of strong storms in the afternoon, early evening. there's a weather front. i would call it a cold front. it's not going to be that much cooler over the weekend. way less humid. but temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 both saturday and sunday. closestai


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