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tv   Today  NBC  August 18, 2017 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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good morning. breaking overnight, a second deadly terror attack in spain. a car plowing into a crowd near a beach resort. five suspects, wearing fake bomb vests, shot and killed by police. officials connecting it to the horrific van attack in barcel a barcelona. at least 13 people killed. more than 100 others injured. this morning, a new arrest in that case. but the driver and a third rental van still unaccounted for. republican rebuke. gop senator bob corker voicing concerns about the president's ability to lead the nation. calling into question his stability and competence.
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lacks moral authority. how will the president get things done in washington with members of his own party turning their backs? shortage. eclipse glasses becoming harder and harder to find, ahead of the big event. prices through the roof. what you can do so you aren't left in the dark. those stories plus the $72 million stadium for a high school. the controversial dating app for teens. and here comes da bride. the wedding dress that had this dad cheering, "today," friday, august 18th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. we appreciate you joining us. >> we want to get right to the breaking news in spain. major developments overnight to te y
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attack, in the seaside resort town. five men hit pedestrians with a car before they themselves were fatally shot by police. >> investigators believe those suspects are somehow linked to the horror on the streets in barcelona, just hours earlier. in that attack, a van mowed down people. it's just been reopened this morning the it's under heavy security. another incident on wednesday, that is now being linked to all of this. it was an explosion that leveled a home south of barcelona. >> as you can tell, there's a lot to cover. let's begin with nbc's keir simmons and the latest on the new attack overnight. keir, over to you. >> reporter: good morning. i've been speaking to a witness who saw exactly what happened right here. he says that a vehicle sped up, directly targeting a police car that was here. it hit the car. it turned over. the occupants got out. and immediately, the
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this morning, we're just hearing that a woman has died after what happened here and what appears to be the latest terror attack. bodies strewn around. in video captured on a cell phone, appearing to show the scene of a shoot-out with suspected terrorists overnight. the videotape, not independently verified by nbc news. the shots heard streets away, as officers opened fire, killing the suspects. marco heard the gun fight. as he fled, three people were shot, one in the head. they were wearing suicide belts, he said. police say the explosives on the belts were fake. police say it began when a vehicle drove into the crowd. a car could be seen overturned, its windows smashed. six people and a police officer were injured. this morning, news that one of those, a
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it happened just hours after a van mowed down tourists in central barcelona, killing 13. the police saying this morning the second vehicle attack took place in the seaside down of cambrils, 70 miles to the south of barcelona. they fatally shot four people. a fifth died later. the area cordoned off. a bomb disposal team deployed. spanish police, now increasingly what looks like a terror network, whose intent was attack, or attacks, perhaps worse than the bloodshed of the past 24 hours. and you can see behind me, there are heavily armed police in this tourist destination here in spain. a witness describing 60 or 70 locals and tourists, fleeing for their lives into a local restaurant. some climbing through
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restaurants. horrifying, matt and savannah. >> a moment of silence was held in barcelona this morning for the victims of the attack there, while police try to piece all of this together. richard engel has the latest on wheth where this investigate is going. >> reporter: i'm along an iconic street. the scene of a terrorist attack, the van that caused so many dead and injured, came streaming down this street, mowing people over, sending others scattering. but the people came out today by the thousands with one message. to say they will not be afraid. a manhunt is under way for the driver responsible for mowing down people on barcelona's main pedestrian street. a terrorist driving this white van turned this normal vibrant area into a kill
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american jack davies filmed as she ran for her life. american tourists heidi nunez and her husband, jared tucker, were there, too. they had just separated when he went looking for a bathroom. now, he's missing. >> the cops kept pushing us away. i ended up further and further away, without my husband. and i haven't seen him or heard from him since. >> reporter: the van came speeding down this street, and it was completely packed. the van traveled for about 60 yards. and not just traveling, but zigzagging back and forth. but people came back today to show they won't be terrorized. >> i ran into the bakery, where they let me in. and there were a couple of us, about 20 in that bakery, hiding. >> reporter: the attack, is just the latest case of terrorists turning ordinary vehicles into deadly weapons. hund
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years alone, in beloved cities all over europe, including berl berlin, london and paris. spanish dignitaries leading a moment of silence in the heart of barcelona. the mood, now, a mix of shock, sadness and anger on this day of mourning. overnight, paris and new york, cities all-too familiar with terror, showing their solidarity. isis claimed responsibility for this attack but saying one of its soldiers was responsible for driving this van down the street killing so many people. a manhunt is under way looking for that driver. he is believed to have fled on foot. tlis are looking for other superintende suspects and other attackers, in that terrorist cell. >> richard ng aengel, thank you. we want to bring in michael
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wolf attacks. this seems to be the thing we all fear, a larger terrorist cell. >> i think that's right, savannah. this is not one guy grabbing a van. this is six to ten people who planned this attack. and maybe thought out things that would delay first responders, like fake suicide vests. what we see is a group planning and probably simultaneously attacks planned. >> "the new york times" reported there were three vehicles rented under the same name. one of those vehicles was used in barcelona. perhaps the second vehicle was down in camblis. we don't know where a third van is. how frantic is the search for that vehicle and other operatives at this moment? >> this is more dynamic we normally see 12
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you certainly have one attacker on the loose still. you probably have a vehicle out there. there's still an active threat. this is not just forensics. this is prepare for another attack because it could be out there. >> absolutely. the driver appears to have gotten away. we don't know if he or she could have been incambrils later. >> i'm surprised. there is enormous amount of mayhem at the first van attack. but the lack of apparent security that he was able to get away, they don't have it all nailed down. >> this is a popular tourist area. suggest >> suggests a little more confusion. i respect the spanish authorities. >> they had experience in 2004, with the bombings in madrid. they arrested suspects this spring they think were connected to the brussels attacks about 18 months ago. you worked with the officials during the obama
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what's their level of sophistication in terms of counterterrorism and intelligence? >> they are very, very good. they have dealt with terrorism domestically, the bath separatists for decades. they have been aggressive. they have lots of northern moroccans and africans who have had radicalization. but they had less radicalization than we've seen in france and germany. this is an effective security service. >> it's just speculation at this point. but we know according to the spanish politician, the wednesday night explosion at a house is connected. put on your analyst hat. what might the connection be? >> my first take is, they're building bombs. nose are going in the cars. that's disrupted, quickly get out. force the attack. >> michael leiter, thank you. president trump was quick to the respond to the attack in barcelona, offerin
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support. but he's coming under fire for a controversial follow-up tweet and for his ongoing reaction to the violent clashes in virginia. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has more on that side of things. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. it's not unusual for president trump to talk tough about terrorists. but after the barcelona attack, mr. trump revived a debunked myth about a general committing war crimes. and it's sparking a new round of fire for an already embattled president. this morning, the president turning his attention to foreign policy, while monitoring the investigation in barcelona. firing off a stern tweet in the aftermath of the attack. the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona, spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough and strong. we love you. but the president may have quickly muddled his own message. resurrecting a widely-debunked story about an american general f
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did. there was no more radical islamic terror for 35 years. during the campaign, candidate trump was criticized by historians who called the story a tall tale. >> he caught 50 terrorists who did tremendous damage and killed many people. and he took the 50 terrorists and he took 50 men and dipped bullets in pig's blood. >> reporter: backlash from republicans after his response to the clashes in charlottesville, where he was criticized for equating terrorists to protesters. >> there's no doubt about it. >> reporter: bob corker, a long-time trump supporter, calling into question mr. trump's ability to lead. >> the president has not yet -- has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of
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needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. and we need for him to be successful. >> reporter: scathing words, as well, from the only african-american senator, tim scott. >> what we need to see from our president is clarity and moral authority. that moral authority is compromised when tuesday happens. >> reporter: this morning, yet another ceo turning his back on president trump. "the new york times" reporting rupert murdoch's son, james, the ceo of 21st century fox, which owns fox news, excoriating the president. and donating $1 million to the anti-defamation league. murdoch writing, standing up to nazis is essential. there's no good nazis. adding to the president's -- not mentioning him by name. mike pence, staunchly defending
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his boss. >> i think the united states has a president whose vision, energy and can-do spirit is reminiscent of president teddy roosevelt. >> reporter: vice president pence cut his trip to south america short. he will join president trump at camp david today, along with members of the national security team. the key focus will be the strategy in afghanistan, with the president expected to weigh a series of options. everything from withdrawing all of the troops to adding close to 4,000 more. matt? savannah? >> kristen, thanks so much. in the wake of the charlottesville attack, a movement is gaining momentum in cities across the country to take down confederate statues. stephanie gosk is in one of the cities. >> reporter: the city council in lexingt lexi lexington voted to remove two statues. the debate has
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years in the u.s. it was that violence in charlottesville, virginia, that has fueled the fire. shouts of joy and relief in lexington, kentucky. >> the vote reflects passage of the motion. >> reporter: the motion to remove confederate statues from outside the courthouse. the council meeting met by emotional pleas. >> i cannot escape the color i am, nor can i escape my history. but i can do something about the present and hopefully the future. >> take down the confederate statues and show the world what americans really fight for, freedom. >> reporter: few among the crowd voted to keep the statues in place. >> it's not slavery. it's our history. >> reporter: a viewpoint seemingly echoed by presid
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shad to see the culture and history being removed from our monuments. you can't change history. but you can learn from it. the deadly violence of marching on virginia, confederate monuments have been a flash point. there's 718 of them across the country, according to the southern poverty law center. eight of them around capitol hill. some democratic lawmakers are calling for their removal. nancy pelosi says there's no room of celebrating the bigotry of the men of the confederacy in the halls of the capital or in places of honor. in tampa, the lightning, rays and buccaneers are dedicating funds to move a monument from in front of the city's courthouse. the movement faces major
7:17 am
opposition. and both sides are digging in. mr. mayor, the governor has not publicly supported your efforts. the president of the united states has spoken out against your efforts. is this a kind of david and goliath moment for you? >> i operate encore values. there's fundamental values here at stake, freedom and justice and liberty and telling the real story. >> reporter: it's a story that some see differently. >> we don't want to tear monuments down. it's good enough for their parents, good enough for us. >> reporter: the statues won't be removed and relocated right away. the issue gets kicked up to a state commission. and the outcome there is far from certain. >> stephanie in lexington, kentucky, thank you. let's turn the page. we have mr. roker looking at the weekend weather. >> starting on the north side here in the northeast. and going to see more s
7:18 am
watching thunderstorm s showers into philadelphia. we got 36 million people at risk, to severe weather. damaging wind gusts over 60 miles per hour. isolated tornadoes from richmond to central .
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good morning, everybody. a very pour air quality over the u.s. capitol building this morning. there it is hiding amongst the gunk over downtown washington. temperatures in the steamy upper 70s already. we have a heat advisory issued from 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. today. heat index could be as high as 105 degrees this afternoon. before a line of strong to potentially severe storms moves through to about 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. be ready for. that less humid and brighter sunshine over the weekend. late weather. guys? >> al, thank you very much. just ahead the run on the special glasses you'll need to watch the eclipse. they're in very short supply. what do you do if you can't find them? we'll show you. then, your first look inside the nation's most expensive high school stadium ever built. it is the best that $72 million can buy. first, ts
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ving... at all! with
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ira. what's your body of proof? 7:26 is your time now on this friday, august 18th, 2017. good morning to you. >> in the news this morning, we're working to find out the name of someone who was hit and killed overnight. d.c. police say a pedestrian was walking on kennelworth avenue northeast near eastern avenue when he or she was hit by a car. police didn't tell fuss that car stayed on the scene. we believe the vood open now. also new this morning, another controversial statue in maryland is no longer standing. crews took down the carving of roger taney earlier today. taney was the supreme court justice behind the decision to uphold slavery. the statue will be kept in storage.
7:27 am
commute with your first 4 traffic. hey, dave. >> hey there. not too far from that pedestrian crash is a crash currently working southbound baltimore washington parkway. it is blocking the right side of that merge causing slow traffic. widen the scope a hill bit towards the beltway, see the delay on the outer loop towards georgia avenue? a new crash there. >> thank you, dave. there say heat advisory today. >> check on your forecast is next.
7:28 am
it's in the mid to upper 70s already. forecasted high around 90 degrees. 70% chance of thunderstorms later this afternoon as a little weather front out to our west comes through here. so be on the lookout for severe weather primarily between 3:00 and 9:00 p.m. today. less humid weather over the weekend and mainly clear skies for the eclipse coming u
7:29 am
nbc 4's clear the shelters is tomorrow. >> you can find out where you can adopt on the nbc washington app. we'll see new 25 minutes for another news update.
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we're back at 7:30. it's friday morning, the 18th of august, 2017. good morning, everybody. >> let us take a look at what's making headlines this morning. overnight, another controversial confederate-era statue. this one to roger tommy that had stood for 145 years. he wrote the 1857 decision that upheld slavery. the commander officer of "uss fitzgerald" who lost seven sailors at sea, will be relieved of his duties. the ship's executive officer and senior enlisted officers will be removed from the destroyer. the navy has lost trust and
7:31 am
lead. commander bryce benson was sleeping in the state room. it was one of the navy's deadliest accidents in years. breaking overnight, another deadly terror attack in spain. a group of men drove a car into a group of people at a beach resort south of barcelona. the suspects were shot and killed by police. and this morning, officials say there is a connection to that similar attack in barcelona, which happened earlier in the day. nbc's richard engel has the latest on all of it. ga good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. we're talking about a wave of terrorist attacks. three separate incidents. let's start with the one you mentioned, that happened around 1:00 in the morning spanish time. a vehicle with five men inside, started charging toward police, driving towards crowds, killing one woman. but police responded very quickly. you can hear those gunshots. police overpowered the men. shot all
7:32 am
and it turned out they were wearing what police described as simulated suicide vests. so, that attack, mostly thwarted. it came hours after a deadliest incident, on las ramblas, the most iconic street in the center of barcelona, the beating heart of this city's street life. a rented van came streaming down this street, plowing into people. injuring almost 100 people. killing over a dozen. police have secured this area. and many people are coming out today, in the thousands, in fact, to express their solidarity. to express their sympathy for the victims. and there was a third incident that i mentioned. this, when it first happened two days ago, it didn't get a lot of attention. a house outside of barcelona blew up. and investigators are looking at this incident as the key to all of it. when that house bw
7:33 am
ago, that may have been a bombmaking factory. that's what investigators believe. once that factory blew up, the attackers, that were part of a cell, that this is all some sort of cell, after that bomb factory blew up, they had to mobilize. they mobilized here on las ramblas. and they mobilized south of barcelona. the manhunt for the driver of the van is under way, as is a manhunt for other potential attackers or accomplices. >> that's the fear it can still be going on. richard, thank you very much. let's get another check of the weather from al. >> that's right. taking a look at the eclipse. the area, the path of
7:34 am
right here at home today, we're going to be sweating it out. a lot of humidity outside. heat index values could be as high as 100 to 105 degrees. so limit your outdoor activities today as best you can. weather front due to arrive on the i-95 corridor 5:00 or 6:00 today. chance for strong to severe thunderstorms as that comes on through. we're under a slight risk for severe weather here in the washington area for today. today's high near 90. near 90 over the weekend too but way less humid. >> get your full forecast
7:35 am
cable. >> all right, al. thank you very much. you just talked about the eclipse forecast. there's growing concern over that event. >> we've been telling you about the special glasses you need to protect your eyes. but they're hard to find now. cities coast-to-coast are experiencing a run on those glasses. tom costello is at goddard space center. >> reporter: we're looking at the wall. nasa has plotted out the course where this eclipse is moving. al mentioned, right over the top of salem, oregon. over caspar, wyoming. cutting through nebraska, just north of kansas city. down across southern illinois, kentucky, nashville, and over south carolina and charleston. but to watch the eclipse, you need the special eclipse shades. they offer 100,000-times more protection than regular sunglasses. however, good luck trying to find any.
7:36 am
just look at the lines in cities from coast-to-coast. eclipse fever, it seems, has gripped the country. >> got to do it. >> how many? >> in chicago, 9,000 pair of the special eclipse sunglasses were gone in 57 minutes. >> apparently, everybody wants to see it. in cities big and small, like carbondale, illinois. >> i need some glasses. >> how many would you like? >> i'll take five. >> reporter: 2,000 gone in indianapolis in just 90 minutes. 4,000 off of the shelves in nashville. and in knoxville, 50,000 gone in three days. >> we quintupled our registers and had a line out the door the entire time. >> reporter: thouglots of chatt social media. fingers crossed that i'll get eclipse glasses. the line is long. and are those eclipse glasses worth the wait? of course they are. on ebay, lis
7:37 am
in boulder, colorado, they shipped 2 million to libraries, coast-to-coast. >> we are over with the glasses. we're done. and now, we're telling everyone to enjoy the eclipse event itself. >> reporter: meanwhile, vanderbilt university has a problem. its recalling 8,000 already handed out, concerned they could be knockoffs and not certified to protect the eyes. also offering refunds for glasses that don't pass the test. how do you know if your glasses are safe? >> you want to look on here for iso 12313-2. and you'll see the iso label. but you also want to look at the manufacturer. >> reporter: if you can't find the right shades, there is an alternative. create the pinhole camera we learned about elementary school. punch a hole in a piece of paper
7:38 am
and watch the eclipse in real-time. >> you can come back in 2024. by then, you should be able to find glasses. >> reporter: good luck with that. if you want to know if the glasses you have are certified or safe. go we'll provide all of the links. a couple other points. experts say never let kids look at the sun without the right eye protection because their eyes are vulnerable. know that your glasses are not offer protection. and pets do not need these. the experts say pets know not to look at the sun. >> pets smarter than people. >> you know how many shoe boxes i had. >> if it's cloudy, you still need them. >> important. good point. we have you covered on monday. nbc news and msnbc are going to have live coverage starting on "today."
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7:44 am
religion for many year in texas. the latest shrine to the sport just outside houston would put many college stadiums to shame. this morning, we take you inside. even in a state where everything is bigger, the cost of this new high school football stadium is making headlines. the price tag, a staggering $72 million. the most expensive high school stadium in the country, costing more than many college stadiums. there's also an ill velevator. this is legacy stadium in katy, texas. >> we offer fine arts groups and activities, as well as state championship teams. >> reporter: it includes seating for 20,000. a large event space overlooking the pristine field and luxury boxes for corporate sponsors. quite a view from up here. >> great view. >> reporter: the $72 million was mostly paid for by katy
7:45 am
taxpayers, minus a few million that was made by selling the naming rights. katy may be the most expensive. but it's hardly the only stadium in texas with an eye-popping price tag. cross-state rivals in allen, texas, have a $60 million stadium. and in mckinney, they're spending 70 million bucks for a stadium under construction. how much of this is keeping up with the joneses or keeping up with the fellow texans? >> it's going to serve a thousand kids on any given night. >> reporter: lance hint, the superintendent of katy schools, points out that eight high schools will share this stadium. >> the football players is probable the smallest portion here, versus the bands, the drill teams, the cheerleaders. >> reporter: with eight football championships, katy is a town that measures its pride one yard at a time. >> we feel prepared to represent this beloved community, this friday night, and
7:46 am
night. >> reporter: think "friday night lights." >> he makes the catch. >> reporter: janet carves out a section of her antique shop for katy tigers gear. >> we have the best high school football program. whey not have the best stadium to go with it. >> reporter: at the barbershop next door, team pictures line the wall. this is the most expensive high school football stadium in the country. how do you think about that? >> people wanted it. we don't think we needed it that expensive. ♪ >> reporter: any skepticism about cost was put aside for a dedication ceremony thursday night. if texas is a state of mind, here, football is a way of life. believe it or not, this is a scaled-down version of what they wanted to build. taxpayers voted down the original plan. but we have come a long way from
7:47 am
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7:51 am
17, with the slogan make new friends. you can view profiles that belong to teens with their photos, names, ages and locations. and much like the dating app tinder, you swipe right if you like a person and left if you don't. from there, you can enjoy messaging, video chats and arrange to meet in person. parents are concerned how easily it is for people to post for anyone else. we asked online, would you allow your team to use the yellow app? look at the results. 94% say no. 6% say yes. so, for parents wanting to spot the app on their kids' phone, it looks like this. a yellow app icon. we reached out to the creators but haven't heard back. it's getting inting a lot of at. >> all right, sheinelle. just ahead, do
7:52 am
it is an un -- >> talking about it for three days. >> unforgettable surprise for the father of the bride. and the important reason we've gone to the dogs this morning. we'll explain that. when kids are coming into my classroom they know that... jackson is the rapping teacher we call it the remainder that's number that remains. technology is a huge piece of education. using the pen for the first time on the windows 10 pc is great. i'm able to highlight different rhyme schemes, i can actually... ...see my lines when i'm shading in, i can change the... ...weight drawing directly on my screen. i couldn't do this on my mac. i can definitely see the future... ...happening, i mean i feel like the sky's the limit. so it's an extra 5% off on all tyep, all this. all this. the moment you realize you can save big, even on the small stuff. you get an extra 5% off everyday on items big or small with your lowe's advantage card.
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7:56 is your time now on this friday, august 17th, 2017. we want to get to dave now for first 4 traffic. good morning, dave. >> good morning. well, not much to see on this camera shot. a broken down bus has been towed away. the wrecker just pulled off. there is activity on the left side. delays easing on 66 after a brief traffic halt. let's go to the beltway in maryland. outer loop still jammed. a wreck right in that circumstance there will near georgia avenue. hopefully by now on the left shoulder. that's the latest. back to you. >> we'll take a quick break and check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
7:57 am
when what it's about,.c., but they don't know. you have to live here to know, to feel the people, to feel the places, and most of all, to feel the rhythm of our city. we're pirates, painters, poets, and partier, sometimes all at the same time. we embrace the old and welcome the new. we like to experiment and defy the norm. we all love to sing, but we dance to different drummers. they say d.c. has no soul.
7:58 am
and we show it every day. this is our town. these are our neighborhoods. and we love this place as much as you do. ♪
7:59 am
very hazy and very humid outside this morning. a lot of clouds around as well. temperatures are in the upper 70s already. high today around 90 degrees. but a chance for strong thunderstorms later this afternoon and this evening and before the storms get here, heat indices could be as high as 100 to 105 degrees. mizerbly hot and humid this to day. less humid for the weekend. >> thank you, chuck. don't forget nbc 4's clear the shelters is tomorrow.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up, breaking overnight, a new terror attack in spain. [ gunfire ] police kill five suspects at a seaside resort, after a car plows into pedestrians. just hours after a deadly attack in barcelona. a massive manhunt underway for that suspect. we're live with the very latest. plus, the secret to better customer service. a digital overhaul has businesses changing the way they react to customers, across the country. the tips and tricks you need to know. and comedienne in the courtroom. why amy schumer's latest tv appearance has fans flipping out. today, friday, august 18th, 2017.
8:01 am
>> let me see if i have this straight. all my wife wanted for our anniversary was to spend the day with -- >> matt lauer. >> i kind of think it's official matt lauer day. >> these canadian girls love matt lauer. >> we've got a message from new orleans. >> hoo-da. ♪ >> everyone is going to the eclipse. we found some people from portland. >> we came to escape the ellipse. >> what are you celebrating? >> i'm 50 and fabulous. >> we have a family from wisconsin. first time in new york. >> first time on tv. [ cheers and applause ] >> we welcome you back on this friday morning. and thank you for joining us. little rainy outside new york city, as you can see. hopefully that will pass through in just a little while. >> they're making the ponchos look good, right? >> they're rocking the ponchos. we have a very busy morning. let's start with your new a
8:02 am
the death toll from dual terror attacks in spain, as police intensified their hunt for key suspects. richard engel is in barcelona, where the deadliest attack took place. richard, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. we're talking about two separate terrorist attacks in two different locations. the worst, the deadliest incident took place, along las ramblas, the street where i am right now. because there's multiple attacks in multiple locations, police believe this is the work of a terrorist cell. and police announced a short while ago, that at least four suspects are now in custody. the second attacks south of barcelona could have been far worse. at least five militants in a vehicle, drove into police and crowds. but they didn't get far. all five attackers were quickly shot by police. four tie died on the scene. the other, later. the attackers
8:03 am
simulated suicide vests. the mostly thwarted attack, came as a manhunt is under way this morning for the driver responsible, for mowing down people on barcelona's main pedestrian street. the terrorists driving a rented white van. turning this normally vibrant area into a kill zone. >> they're shooting. they're shooting at me. >> reporter: american jac davies, filmed as she ran for her life. american tourists, heidi nunez and jared tucker, were there, too. they were separated when he went looking for a bathroom. now, he's missing. >> the cops kept pushing us away. i ended up further and further away, without my husband. and i haven't seen him or heard from him since. >> reporter: the van came speeding down this street. it was about as crowded as it is right now. completely packed. the van traveled about 600 yards. it wasn't just drivinut
8:04 am
zigzagging back and forth, chasing down victims. but people still came back today to show they won't be terrorized. >> i ran into that bakery, where they let me in. and there were a couple of us, about 20, in that bakery, hiding. >> reporter: the attack is just the latest case of terrorists turning ordinary vehicles into deadly weapons. hundreds killed in the last two years alone, in beloved cities all over europe, including berlin, london and paris. spanish dignitaries this morning, leading a moment of silence in the heart of barcelona, the center of the city's famed street life. the mood now, a mix of shock, sadness and anger on this day of mourning. overnight, paris and new york, cities all-too familiar with terror, showing their solidarity. isis claimed responsibility for this attack, saying one of its, quote, soldiers d
8:05 am
killing and injuring so many people. but it offered no evidence that it had any advanced n ed knowlef the attack. there was one incident that didn't get much attention at the time. it happened on wednesday. and it could be the key to understanding all of this. on wednesday, south of barcelona, a house exploded, killing one people. and investigators think that may have been a bombmaking factory. and after that house exploded, the terrorists in this cell didn't have the explosives and went on the rampage, using a van here. and then, using that other vehicle south of barcelona with those simulated devices. maybe once their bomb factory blew up, they had to attack. and they used what they could find. >> richard engel, in barcelona for us. thank you very much. back home, president trump is facing new fallout over a widely discredited story he has shared in response to t
8:06 am
his response to last weekend's attack in virginia. hallie jackson is at trump tower for us this morning. >> reporter: this morning, all about national security for president trump. he is take day trip to camp david to talk with his top advisers about what to do in afghanistan. and two defense officials tell nbc news options include everything from total withdraw, to adding nearly 4,000 more u.s. troops. this foreign policy focus comes one day after president trump's response to the terror in barcelona. with more than a dozen people dead in barcelona, president trump took to twitter to condemn the terror attack and pledge the u.s. will do whatever is necessary to help spain. adding, we love you. then, 45 minutes later, this tweet, to repeat something he said before. >> general pershing was a rough guy. >> reporter: that's general
8:07 am
ago in the philippines. >> he took 50 terrorists and took 50 men and dipped 50 bullets in pig's blood. >> reporter: offensive, donald trump said, to muslim terrorists whose faith prohibits pork. >> this is something in the history books. >> reporter: the reason, it didn't happen. pants on fire politicfact put it. trump returns to other realities, after a work vacation that didn't provide much rest. his poll numbers, dipping. magazines ripping him with kkk imagery. and support slipping, even from fellow republicans. >> the president has not been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the competence. he also recently has not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation. >> reporter: the president's response to charlottesville. >> i think there's blame
8:08 am
i have no doubt about it. >> reporter: rebuked by his military chiefs. who didn't mention the president by name. but acting cia director, john brennan said, writing, mr. trump's words and the beliefs they reflect, are a national disgrace. the only african-american republican senator told vice news -- >> what we want to see from our president is clarity and moral authority. that moral authority is compromised when tuesday happens. there's no question about that. >> reporter: and now, this morning, some new fallout for the president. not from the beltway. but from the basketball court. nba superstar kevin durant tells es espn, if his golden state warriors are invited to the white house to celebrate their championship, he won't go. saying he doesn't respect who is in office right now. savannah? >> hallie jackson, thank you. secretary of state rex tillerson and jim mattis are expressing there is a credible threat of u.s. military action against north korea. that follows comments from
8:09 am
steve bannon, who said there was no military solution to the north korean threat. tillerson said pressure on north korea over its military programs, needs to be backed up with strong military consequences if north korea chooses wrongly. for the first time in several years, cult leader charles manson has a new mug shot. the california department of corrections released the new photo this week. it shows the convicted mass murderer with significantly less hair. mug shots are updated every few years. the last one was released in 2014. he made headlines after he was hospitalized with an undisclosed medical problem. the makers of the epipen have finalized a settlement with the federal government. the justice department had accused mylan by overcharging medicaid by misclassifying the life-saving device. the company caused public outrage last year when it raised the
8:10 am
epipens to $600, when it had been $100 in 2008. raise your hand if you need a "morning boost." >> we do. >> you know that rooting for the hometown football team is a tradition for a lot of families. one bride had the best gift for her dad on her wedding day. at her reception, he changed into a chicago bear's gown for the father/daughter dance. ♪ all right. that's brittany harmon's down. it featured the bears' colors and logo. she found it on the clearance rack. you know what that song is? that's the bears' fight song. her dad's response was, i was speechless and i could not hug her enough. and even the groom was unaware of the moment they created. >> that's so cute. >> isn't that the st
8:11 am
>> very cute. thank you, hoda. much more ahead today. including the great ellipse debate. should schools let kids go outside and lock at it? and the secrets of unlocking better customer service. plus, jean chatzky shows you how to build a budget for your college-aged kids. >> and we're going to introduce ♪ ♪ while other insurance companies just see a truck, we see something you've worked really hard for... so why not give it the protection it deserves. ♪ your clue is a great way to start the day. for the win. luten-free. this is hard.
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8:15 am
s. where there's jif, there's love. welcome back. 8:15. who is ready to trend? i don't know if you know this already. but there's an ellipse coming on monday. the big event has brought a debate. here is the question. should schools close for the eclipse? >> close? >> close on that day. some schools in that path have announced they are closing. and the reason is, they worry about the children. you take kids outside, even if you give them the glasses and you say, don't look directly at it. and a kid does it. so, they could be on the hook. they could be liable. so, some schools are opting to close. others are saying, it's a teachable moment. there's some classrooms saying, we'll all come inside. we'll close the shades and we'll talk about what's going on outside. what do you think? >> i don't think you should close. >> ihi
8:16 am
shades. >> sometimes, you have 1 teacher with 30 kids. and you have to make sure -- >> and you tell a kid not to do something, not -- don't smile. >> understand the liability. are they going to do the same thing at home? but i think the schools can use it. this is a great lesson. >> i think it's a memory they'll have for the rest of their lives. >> geography lesson. science lesson. >> and some of the parents work. we did ask our viewers to chime in. they agree with you. 63% say the schools should is not close. 37% say they should cancel class. >> what are you going to do? >> we're going to a party. in a basement xhshgs , i don't planning there. going to a rooftop bar and will have a good time. >> do we have the glasses? those are hard to get. >> i believe we have access. >> there's a car company
8:17 am
put over the sunroof of the car. and it's certified to be okay. >> that's jens ygenius. >> welder's goggles, shade 15 and higher. >> i have so many welder's goggles. "pop start." >> we begin with miley cyrus. the singer is out with a brand-new single and music video. it's called "younger now." miley co-directed the video. take a look. ♪ ♪ we all want to stay you know what goes comes back around ♪ >> this was the project miley announced. she was working on when she had to miss the teen choice awards.
8:18 am
release on september 29th. now, justin bieber after he canceled his world tour, he released another single. he made the announcement on twitter. listen to this. ♪ can we still be friends doesn't have to end ♪ ♪ and if it ends, can we be friends ♪ >> you like it? >> i like it. >> he teamed up with bloodpop for the song, who brought us "sorry." bieber is dominating the charts this summer. finally, judge judy. normally, there's no funny business in her courtroom. but she was twending -- trending on twitter, after viewers spotted someone. amy schumer. she was watching the trial and making the best expressions. the comedienne made instagram, writing, hell, yeah, you know i was in the audience on judge
8:19 am
cases for the day because we love her. people watching were like, wait a minute? >> i'm sure they weren't listening. >> she didn't have to say anything and heshe's hilarious. we have good stuff for you for the "daly click." a roundup of trick shots. this is tania. not only bouncing the ball. but she shoots and sinks it into a cup. >> no. >> watch this. boom, right? now, we have a master archer. he put two weighted bottles on swings. and stepped away with his bow and arrow. >> get out. >> right through the two bott bottles. right? you should see their faces right now. >> what? >> that's impressive. >> lastly, reynold stepped up to the plate and hits it out of the
8:20 am
look at the swing. >> one hand. >> before connecting with the ball, he -- >> that's just showing off. >> he like circles it. >> right? >> that's awesome. >> what are you going to do, al? >> i got nothing. weather.
8:21 am
good morning. temperatures are in the mid to upper 70s now. heat indexes to day could be as high as 100 to 105 degrees. already starting to see some thunderstorms flairing up across western maryland and cluster of thunderstorms about ready to go across the southern tip of southern maryland as well. we are under a slight risk for severe weather later on today. primary time for that will be between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. less humid weather and more sunshine comes back for your weekend. >> that is your latest weather. >> mr. lawyuer? >> thank you very much. there's a time when customer service seems like an oxymoron. >> jo ling kenneth t is here to explain this. >> reporter: maybe you tweeted a company if something was wrong with your shopping order.
8:22 am
you can expect to hear from big brands faster than ever, as they use social media to communicate with you, at home, on the road or in the air. >> my god. what are you doing? >> reporter: these days, this is what many people think of when it comes to customer service. or this. >> making sure that everybody knew about her seat change. >> reporter: and always this. >> your call will be answered in approximately 15 minutes. >> reporter: as the belief the customer is always right seems to fade away, social media is putting more power into consumer hands. >> the internet has dwichb people, consumer, citizens, the ability to speak truth or their opinion to power. >> reporter: with a tweet, insta story or face book post, companies have no choice to listen up or respond. and now, some big brands have made some sweeping changes in the way they serve you. marriott has set up a situation room that monitors and responds to all comments and complaints, that not only mon
8:23 am
name but also anything that's posted from their properties. >> we created a digital perimeter around our property, any location, from sports stadiums, to hotels, restaurants and so forth. and we see all the social media posts that are generated from there. >> reporter: airline jetblue partnered with gladly, to create personal profiles of flight info, history and confirmation. if you lose your bag, you don't have to repeat your story to multiple people. >>we'lling a gate all of the ways, we aggragate that together and all of the communications, gets put into a single place. >> reporter: jetblue profile will be available to gate agents and flight attendants. delta launched a database that matches your travel history with comments you made on social media.
8:24 am
have dedicated teams that read every customer message. in retail, the brands are feeling pressure to deliver, too. free shipping convinces 88% of shoppers to buy more online. 68% want free returns. and millennials say being helpful and quick are the best way to treat them. a new survey out this summer, is ranking the best in customer service. l.l. bean took the top honors, followed by amazon, lands' end fingerhut and kohl's. >> you treat a customer badly and people spread that word lightning-fast. >> thanks, jo. just ahead, we're helping your kids survive the financial pitfall of college. and simple back-to-school breakfast and lun
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. it's 8:26 on this friday, august 18th. let gaets a check on the morning commute. we have your first 4 traffic. >> all right. on the outer loop of beltway, traffic is still pretty thick heading west on 495 toward silver spring. delay set off by a crash at georgia avenue. that wreck is on the rigd shoulder and out of the way. the delay remains. in virginia on 66, new crash in the left lane. on 95 southbound, it is already getting slow and friday flow. that is the very latest. aaron, back to you. >> dave, thank you. we'll have a check on the forecast when we come back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
there's the view. there's more to life than the climb. you've got to stop... ...and look around a little. remember who you are. let the child inside you out to play. come... shed life's layers in asheville. visit lonely planet's best destination for 2017. and let the magic find you. asheville. discovery inside and out. . it is a humid and cloudy morning outside. temperatures are already close to 80 degrees. highs today will be around 90. heat index values could be as high as 100 to 105
8:29 am
way less humid and more sunshine coming back just in time for your weekend. >> all right. thank you. you can get the latest news and weather any time. open the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
♪ good morning, everybody. it's 8:30. it's a friday morning. it's the 18th of august, 2017. and our plaza is all wet. good morning, everybody. got a great crowd. they're happy. and they're soaked to the bone. we're having an umbrella's clash here. you do you hear the music? jason aldean is going to be here xt
8:31 am
i love him. don't you? >> i love aldean. >> yes. >> i want to tell these people here that there was talk in the control room about us not coming out because it was raining so hard. we wanted to hang with you folks, that have been in those ponchos all morning. meanwhile, look at some of the puppies we have here. this is a great event. tomorrow is the third annual clear the shelters pet adoption campaign. it's sponsored by nbc and telemundo-owned stations. hundreds of shelters waving adoption fees. it's a great way to give pets a new home. >> imagine families with these wonderful families. more than 70,000 of them. we have a link on our website, it's time for our crowd moment. we have a lot of great people. first of all, we have to say thank you to our c
8:32 am
out here in the rain. y'all are awesome. but there happens to be somebody who is spending her fourth anniversary here. >> you need help? >> maybe. >> multitasking. >> i'll hold your umbrella. we're walking. >> right here. >> fourth anniversary. and you didn't want to spend it just with your husband. you wanted to spend it with -- >> matt lauer. >> that's a little weird. but i'm happy to come over and say hi. as a matter of fact, we saw you earlier. we all signed this anniversary card. >> congratulations. >> happy anniversary. >> way to go. >> thanks. >> you got it. >> just, so -- >> i know. we're all -- >> sorry. >> right above your head. >> he doesn't want to
8:33 am
okay. just ahead, one of those pesky -- you want to stay dry,
8:34 am
you need to be ready for the
8:35 am
thunderstorms now about to move into far southern maryland and western maryland. we're caught in the pinch zone here. temperatures are in the upper 70s to near 80. we're under risk for severe storms later on in the day to day. afternoon highs, 80s to 90 degrees. hot and humid one today. good news is tomorrow and sunday look much nicer. still plenty warm but with way less humidity and more sunshine. the weekend will be a pretty one. maybe a late evening shower on saturday. >> don't forget. get the weather you need, anytime you need it, especially this weekend. check out our friends at the weather channel on cable. savannah? >> thank you so much. we're wrapping up our kids and money series this morning. now, we talk about the college set. this year's average graduate, up with 36%. and 11% of all student loans are currently in default. jean chatzky is back with some tips to help your family. >> good morning. >> you said you
8:36 am
for this. >> yeah. absolutely. you want to start talking about what college is going to cost. what you, as a family, will be able to contribute. and get your kids into the mindset, where they're thinking about value. public versus private. schools that really want you and will give you money to attend because the most important thing we can learn today, is you got to keep the borrowing within limits so those defaults don't happen to you. you want to keep it to about what you think you're going to earn your first year out of school. if you're going to be a lawyer, is very different than if you're going to be a journalist. and there's a lot of free college programs emerging. we saw rhode island come out last week or the week before, talking about free community college. they join new york and a couple of other states. gaeorgia has the hope scholarship. they can provide you with a lot of munoney. >> you want to build a budget.
8:37 am
and tuition, it casts about $4,200 to pay for expenses. >> this is after room and board and tuition. >> this is books, transportation, pizza and beer, right? this is what we're talking about here. you have to break it up for your kids. they conditionan't handle that l at once. give them enough for books. that's about 1,200 on average. split it into two chunks so they can pay for it. and take that money and divide it into weekly sums. deposit it electronically. they will blow it in the first week or two. and they get used to the fact they have no money by friday. they get used to it. and food for all parents, this is where everything goes wrong. talk about how much it costs to go to chipotle and everything else and how many times a week you can do that. >> i can remember college, a thousand years ago. there were credit card offers everywhere. should you or should you not sign up for a credit card if
8:38 am
i think college is an important time to build credit because when you come out of school, you want to get an apartment. you want to buy a car. you need credit in order to do those things. a couple of ways to do it safely. if your child has a job and can prove income, they can apply for a card on their own. they may be able to get one. you want to keep the credit on that card the limit artificially low. $500 at most. they don't have a job. you can add one to one of your cards as an authorized user. make sure there's a low limit. >> that sounds dangerous. >> you can make sure there's a limit just for them. you set that at $500. make sure the credit card reports to the credit bureaus on behalf of your child. secure credit cards where you deposit money into the bank is a possibility. >> you're a big one into saving. and people feel like, i don't have money to save. i'm barely getting by. >> right. thiss
8:39 am
your kid about. save regularly. keep a lid on that credit card behavior. and understand, they have to live on the net, not the gross. they may be making $40,000 a year after taxes, that's a big shock because it's so much less. and get into that 401(k). >> jean, thank you so much. and by the way, she's going to be online later this morning. she will answer any and all questions you have about kids and money. you can join that conversation about coming up next, we're going to check out new fronteers in the new space race. first, this is today on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
welcome back. 8:41. as we gear up for monday's eclipse, a lot of people are looking farther into space. the speefeatured story in "nati geographic's" space issue looks how people are paving the way
8:42 am
we have some really cool devices that are maybe headed for the moon. good morning. give me the crib notes on the x-prize. >> x-prize is a nonprofit that uses incentive competitions that we leverage with $20 million prize purses to spark innovation to challenge the biggest challenges. >> you have a lot of different projects working. some people might hear, why are we developing a moon rover. we've been to the moon. we've done that. what's your answer to that? >> this is a $30 million google lunar-x prize. and we're looking to the moon because the moon is the hub for new space for space exploration. there's a lot of minerals on the moon. fuel on the moon. the gravity is one-sixth that of the er theette's gravity. >> you're trying to promote innovation. private companies. private groups, funding things like this. >> that's important. the only entities t
8:43 am
the moon are three countries. soviet union, the u.s. and china. what we're trying to do is spark innovation where the machines you see here today, are $75 million to $10 million, bringing the cost down significantly. >> we have three of the five final projects. >> three of the five. >> talk about this one here. this one seems different than the other two. >> the requirements for winning the competition, you have to land on the moon. you have to travel 500 meters and send back video and pictures. so, the strategy with moon express here out of cape covera canaveral, florida, is to land on the moon. the way they're going to accomplish the requirements, they're going to try to hop. that's why their structure is conducive to that. >> this one is going to go up on a rocket and move through the wheels. >> out of japan. team hikudo. the this
8:44 am
of technology to produce this technology that can get and land on the moon. >> how are they powered? >> solar powered and other forms of energy. >> walk over there. >> sure. >> the thing that's interesting about the competition this, is team indis out of india. and japan is hitching a ride on the space rocket that's going to launch. they're going to share that. and they're going to share the spacecraft that's going to land on the moon. >> they're not going to go at it, are they? seems like the television show i've seen. when is the deadline for the entries to be finalized and submitted? >> the deadline is march 31st at midnight of 2018. that's when the competition will officially end. >> as a kid who was a complete space geek, i love this. i really do. it's fantastic. marcus, good to see you. congratulations to the teams who have come this far. you can learn more about the projects in the new space issue of "national
8:45 am
up next, back-to-school breakfast and lunch ideas. your kids are going to love these. first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ we are back with "today food." this morning, the dilemma faces all parents as the school year comes around. how do you make healthy, satisfying breakfasts easy. and how do you make box lunches that kids will want to eat? pamela salesman is the author of "kitchen matters." breakfast is important. you want to give them protein and something they will enjoy. what is the best recipe to start? >> we're going to do a hash brown waffle, that can be made the night before and popped in the toaster oven. it can be topped with so many things. >> i love it. >> the grid. potatoes and eggs. and we got some melted
8:48 am
and some toppings we can add. we're going to start off with some eggs. going to beat these. and we'll add some melted butter, which makes the hash browns really crispy. what's nice about doing these with a waffle iron, you get crispiness. if you have a box grater, you can grate your potatoes by hand. i like them in the food proce processor with the shredding disc. >> and i like the yukon gold. >> what you want to do is see if you can squeeze out extra moisture. >> that's the grated potatoes in there. >> you see that? all that moisture is going to n enhibit crispiness. >> does this have the eggs and everything? >> in here. and you can have a bunch of add-ins. bell peppers,
8:49 am
i would never do this much cayenne. but you can do leftovers from last night. we're going to brush this with a little melted butter. and if you don't do butter, no worries. do olive oil. >> can you spray it with that spray stuff? >> of course. whatever you want. >> you ladle that stuff in. >> ladle it in. i know. it's amazing. again, i wouldn't do this the morning of. i am way too stressed out. >> the night before? >> yeah. >> you put it in the fridge and pop it in the toaster this the morning? >> pop it in the toaster oven. >> are you downstairs? >> we are. >> what do you think of the waffle? >> really good. >> you can put salsa on top. avoca avocado. >> maple syrup. >> a fried egg on top. >> al said maple syrup. >> or barbecue chicken. >> take us to lunch. >> these are fun. these are pizza muffins. this is my answer to that sad-looking cold piece of
8:50 am
whole wheat flour, cheeses, eggs, and butter milk. little maple syrup. what we do is we start with the dry ingredients first. you're going to mask together, the whole wheat flour, the aregul aregul aregular know. and in the book, i give lots of ways to adapt this to gluten-grgluten gluten-free and dairy-free diets. again, the maple syrup cuts some of the bitterness. >> that's amazing that maple syrup is in for a pizza muffin. >> just a little bit. and we're going to add some tomato sauce in there. >> now, do you put the dry indwrei ingredients in? >> uh-huh. why don't we do this. away from us. >> and you whisk this
8:51 am
>> exactly. you don't want to overbeat because you don't want to get the glut on the start activating because it can make the muffins tough. >> look at me cooking. >> look at you. >> oh, my. >> we have prepared batter here. i love using a scooper like this. an ice cream scooper. these are awesome. >> what are these? >> these are reusable liners. you have to tell your kids these can come home. a lot of times they throw these away. but they're reusable. >> you scoop it out and pop it in the often for how long? >> 20, 25 minutes. i like to top it with sauce and cheese. but you can stick a piece of mozzarella down there. >> let's get the verdict of the pizza muffins? >> savannah is our food bloodhou bloodhound. she connected there was cheese in those muffins. i think there's a hint of cheese. two major kinds of cheese. >> i think they're mostly cheese, actually. >>t
8:52 am
all. >> and you have a beauty snack here. >> these are fun if you're running out of the door for sacker practice. they're granola yogurt popsicles. you can take yogurt, and freeze it up. >> all great stuff for kids. to get these recipes and a few of pamela's weeknight dinner ideas, head to this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
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all right. we're bookended by sheinelle and willie. and they will show us what's coming up on "weekend today." >> tomorrow, more ways to save on book-to-school supplies. we're going to tell you how to get everything you need for under 20 bucks. if you have multiple kids, this is a good one. >> top that, willie? >> on sunday, we're going to review the week that was, and the eight days after charlottesville. we're going to have a special guest. adam driver joining me. he broke through on the series "girls." and became an international star when he played kylo renn in "the force awakens" and a new movie by steven soderberg. he's a fascinating guy to talk to. superinteresting. a little dark in all the right ways. a great conversation coming up on sunday. >> that's w
8:55 am
dark in all the right ways. yes. >> my twitter bio. >> what's coming up next hour? >> we have geena davis, that's going to be joining us. a great new movie. >> and grilled shrimp and corn. are you cooking today? >> i am. >> you are? >> yes. >> another hit from al roker. >> having a good time. and keep your eye on the skies for the weather coming up for monday. and you're going to keep us posted. we'll find out where you're going to go. >> exactly. and we have complete team average on nbc news monday, of the great
8:56 am
8:56 is your time on this friday, august 18th, 2017. good morning to you. we want to check on your roads right now with dave and your first 4 traffic. good morning, dave. good morning. not so bad right now in traffic land. pretty good on the beltway. the usual sluggishness on the outer loop heading to silver spring or georgia avenue. that's not
8:57 am
we have the slow flow on 95 southbound. a lot of folks already get ago way for the weekend. that is where we stand as an uneventful rush hour comes to a close. back to you. >> we'll take a quick break now and check your forecast whether we come back. stay with us. d guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses. (vo) there's a freedom about asheville.
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we have thunderstorms moving into western maryland now and also some thunderstorms right across the southern tip of st. mary's county along the i-95 corridor. just hazy and super humid outside swrech outside. we have a slight risk of thunderstorms along the d.c. metro area between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. this evening. keep that in mind. the strong storms could be on the strongside. less humidity and more sunshine for your weekend. >> thank you, chuck. get the laetitest news and weat any time with our app.
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," geena davis dishing on her new role getting rave reviews. and "flip or flop atlanta" with trends that don't bust your budget. and shrimp on the barbie. grilling today, mate. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to, "today" friday morning, august 18th. "how deep is your love." dylan is not here. we want to send our thoughts and prayers to the folks of spain. >> a challenging time for them. we have a good time and
9:01 am
smile. w when things like that happen, we have to acknowledge it. our hearts and minds are with them. enjoy your friday with us. >> i went to a play last night. if you want to re-ignite your human spirit. "come from away" is one of the greatest plays in a long time. when 9/11 happened, they immediately grounded, air traffic coming into the united states. and the closest place was gander newfoundland. and this new airplane that gets two or three flights a day, all of a sudden, they had 38 planes. and they went from a town of 6,000 to a town of almost 14,000 overnight. >> okay. >> it's the story of the people and some of the passengers. and it's just wonderful. >> a musical. >> and in brokaw gets a shoutout on it. the reporter who was there,
9:02 am
out to cover the story. there's a local canadian reporter. >> you don't have a soft spot for musicals. my mom does music theater. there's something about going in a theater. you're transported. whatever woes are happening or challenges. there's teachable moments. you feel something. that's true. after our show, watch a good movie, tear up and feel good. >> that's right. yesterday, we asked you about some of your feel-bad things that happened in the kitchen. right now, i've prepared a little avocado toast for us. >> are you going to tell me you dropped it or something? >> i did not drop it. we asked you to do #foodfails. >> yes. >> and some of you confessed -- food confessions. >> a lot of you responded. and they're pretty funny. >> messed up thanksgiving turkey. ended up with domino's. >> that's thanksgiving any way. i was cooking for my boyfriend and dropped the steak
9:03 am
picked it up and still served it. >> all right, sam. >> of course you would pick it up and serve it. wouldn't you? >> no. >> come on. you're on a date. you have these two -- >> depends on where you drop it. >> you have fabulous, expensive steaks. you're in the kitchen. she's waiting for you. >> depends on where you drop it. what? >> if you're outside and it's like gravel. or on the beach. how are you going to clean it off? >> are you having steaks on the beach? >> i've done that. sure. >> let's say you're in the kitchen. candles. she's waiting for you. >> i had to make hash for a large church gottering. and lost my fake fingernail in a massive pot. anybody that goes to church with robin just saw that. >> ew. you know, i said i'll serve anything. that would be my line. if someone finds it, i mean, it's going to go right back to you becausere
9:04 am
look like those. angela said my husband used six bulbs of garlic instead of six cloves. >> for those of you that don't cook. we have a clove of garlic here. this is a bulb of garlic. you wouldn't have a vampire within 100 miles of you. >> it comes out of your pores and stuff. i used to have a co-host. and he would chew garlic. and he would come on the set and i would smell garlic. his wife would complain and he would sweat at night. he would smell like garlic all the time. he felt like the health benefits outweighed -- >> he would ito may toe eat tom. >> powerball. it's time. >> did you put in for this? >> the "weekend today" crew put in money. i was the only one that did not put in money. >> we put in money for this. >> who is we? >> crew.
9:05 am
my fear was -- here's the thing. i'm not a hater. what if everybody wins the one time i don't play. do you feel of abl obligated? >> no. >> really? >> how do people -- i read that one year. somebody somewhere -- no? not even -- >> a place where you work where unicorns walk around. >> i guess. here's the thing. i'm not in on this one. but the powerball jackpot is up to $510 million. after there was no ticket drawing on wednesday. >> eighth-largest jackpot in u.s. history. next drawing, saturday evening, 10:59 p.m. eastern. so, go out and buy the tickets. >> i played in the work pools. i have never walked in and purchased a ticket by myself. have you? >> oh, yeah. when it gets to the big numbers -- >> i don't know. i know people who play the sam
9:06 am
we had a colleague here, the one time they didn't play. did you hear about this? somebody across the street. one time they didn't play, their number hit. right? if you believe it in -- >> bummer. this next one is interesting. and i wonder if this is the same for moms as dads. a survey, a group of british moms were asked, which of the big five personality traits would you choose for your kids? >> think about this. if you had the choice, they include, extroversion, agreeableness, neroticism, or openness. >> whatever is associated with intelligence. that's what i would want. >> what's interesting. most people didn't choose intelligence. he would rather have them extroverted. or the life of the party. i
9:07 am
right until high school. and even in high school, i kind of developed an outgoing personality, just as a -- >> defense mechanism? >> yeah. and today, i consider myself an int introvert. >> they expect you to be the life of the party. >> i'm not. and people are like, what's up with that? >> i think i would like my kid to be extroverted and conscientious. the extroverted kids go on. >> that would be a good combo. >> i don't know what that symbol means. our floor director just did this. the turned to the side and goes like this. >> first, he did this. >> show them what you did to me. that. you're walking down the street, and you see a guy doing this -- >> down the street. but in a studio -- >> look at that. >> you don't see people walking down the street doing this to you, that's a different deal. this is 30 seconds. on the street, something else. in sal's neighborhood, that wod
9:08 am
just ahead, ever been to the gym while someone next to you is grunting and yelling while working out? find out why you should be doing it, too. >> next time. >> after these message let's see, there are the wildcats 'til we die weekenders. the watch me let if fly. this i gotta try weekenders. then we've got the bendy... ... spendy weekenders. the tranquility awaits. hanging with our mates weekenders and the it's been quite a day... glad we got away weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you. book your weekend break direct at and join the weekenders. an epic flavor... it's cranberry. it's pineapple. and there's no. sugar. added. cranberry pineapple 100% juice. the next big thing to hit the juice aisle.
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we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. we are back with more "today's take." okay. when you go to the gym -- >> yes. >> and you workout. >> yes. >> do you grunt? you know, exerting effort. >> you should see the faces. everybody is laughing. it's the most random question ever. i don't grunt. if i'm running outside, sometimes i go, woo. or lord. or -- you know? in fact, one of our floor directors, joseph, was running the other day. and we bumped into e
9:12 am
thought he heard me. >> he did hear you. >> no. >> he did. >> he would have told you. >> he didn't want you to be embarrassed. >> i don't believe you. >> he did. >> i do make noises when i'm running. >> there were other noises, too. psychologists say, a good yell or groan is actually good while you're working out. >> you go to the gym and you hear guys lifting weights. do you make those noises? >> sometimes when i finish, weight lifting. >> yeah. >> my 20 pounds. according to the website, elitedaily, it can feel energizing and allows you to be more mentally present overall during your workout. >> sometimes i think guys are showing out. i don't know if that's true. but they got -- and it sounds -- makes me uncomfortable. sounds dirty. >> oh. >> you know what i mean? >> like something else? okay. >> shoul
9:13 am
ages. >> i feel like sometimes, it's like, come on. just lift it. i don't know. you lift weights. maybe they do say when you grunt, it helps you get that extra bench press in. >> and studies prove it. >> grunt away. studies prove it. here's a good one. >> this next one, this is ridiculous. >> okay. >> did you say -- the tradition is, you save your wedding cake. >> i was upset. when they were cleaning up, one of my cousins threw out my cake. what are you looking at? >> i see -- >> you messed it up. i was like -- >> happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. >> it's a little early. >> happy birthday to you. >> this is awfully nice. ♪ happy birthday, dear al happy birthday to you ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, thank you. and york
9:14 am
one candle for every decade. >> your birthday's sunday, right? >> sunday, yes. >> make a wish. >> the total eclipse is already happening. >> thank you. >> we love you, al. >> thank you. >> while we have everybody here. everybody come in. we have a special birthday message from one of your favorite people. want to take a look? >> yes. >> hey, al roker. this is your none number one fan, mr. t. i love you, brother. i want to wish you the greatest happy birthday ever. you my man. i love you, brother. oh, man. i miss you, man. i wish i was there, can i hug you. since i'm not there, happy birthday. ooh. we're going to get together. we're going to makeup, man. this is for you, al. happy birthday, brother. >> yes. thank you, all. that's awfully nice. i like york peppermint patties. my favorite. >> have a great day and a great weekend. >> i have to work. let's show you what's going
9:15 am
concerned. let's look at the zone of totality. sninchts
9:16 am
>> that's really sweet. i will never forget for the rest of my life, your face in this moment, when i can tell you were looking over my shoulder. it was sweet. >> i see matt lauer's butt coming into the studio. >> you had the smile really sweet. >> thank you. >>. up next, they trump rundown homes into southern gems. now, stars of "flip or flop atlanta" are going to show us how to do [ gasps, laughs ] you ever feel like... cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason? nah. so, why don't we like flo? she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why?
9:17 am
why don't we actually do any work? why do you only own one suit? it's just the way it is, underdeveloped office character. you're right. thanks, bill. no, you're bill. i'm tom. you know what? no one cares. tim and charlie, 4th graders. 3rd graders today, they don't know how easy they've got it. their new gogurt tubes are easy open. those things used to be impossible. and p.e. consist of sitting around on mats. now everybody breathe. hippies. what are they gonna work on tomorrow? blinking? new ez open gogurt. kids never had it so easy.
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9:20 am
eant? the citi® double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back with 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. before and after home designs on tv. that's what you find on hgtv's "flip or flop atlanta." ken and anita corsini turn properties into the latest homes. >> if you think of updating your space, we have the info you need. >> i'm going to come here with
9:21 am
>> you're going to show us some two different versions. >> let's start with countertops. new trends now if you're designing a home. >> this was a granite countertop. everybody for so long. >> this is what's in my house. i want it gone so bad. i legitimately try to break it. >> it doesn't break. >> no. it's a great product. but this is a quartz product. you get a lot of different styles and varieties. >> okay. >> it's actually, just as durable. but you get this look. granite is not a bad product. and you can get granite that is white. you just don't want this -- >> about the same price or -- >> this is actually costs a little bit more. the quartz will cost more. but the granite is still a good -- it's a good option. just stay away from the brown colors. >> yeah. >> this is actually a house we did here. the second episode of the season. it was a more expensive house. we put the quartz in. you see the quartz island there. here's another one. you get the
9:22 am
in the quartz. >> nice. we did white. i like that. >> she made a comment that the bright color opens the kitchen. let's talk about back splash. this is what you normally see. >> so, here's the thing. with back splash, there's no real rules. it's kind of what you want. but subway tile is something that's timeless. what you see is the larger subway tile. in a small space, using the larger tile, truly opens it up and gives it a bigger feel. it's opposite of what you would think. >> counterintuitive. >> if you like this -- >> i do. >> i do, too. you can use this as an accent. but using this to cover the whole space, it's busier and it will make your space look smaller. >> let's see it. >> same thing. this is the subway tile in a shower. we used an accent piece there. it's a way of mixing it up. >> very cool. >> same thing. and you can use block. >> like jewelry for your house. >> like jewel
9:23 am
let's talk about hardwood flooring. >> this is your typical two and a quarter. we will use this in older houses. if you're refinishing floors that have been there for a long time. we'll just match it. if you're going to tear up your floors, these wide planks are the way to go. >> talk about why. >> they're easier to install. you get a great texture and movement. it also, like the tile, makes your space feel bigger. >> just looks good. >> what kind of material -- what kind of wood? >> typically oak in a lot of cases. in a lot of times, it's engin r engineered. this is our pilot episode. it makes the space feel really big. same thing. you can go as wide as 12 inch. >> that's like a spipine. >> i love that look. >> a softer wood. >> it is softer. your dogs can scratch that. >> talk about ceramic
9:24 am
>> bathrooms, showers, mud room. this is what -- i have this in my house. >> i have it in my kitchen and i'm over it. >> don't you want to take a hammer to it? >> yeah. >> this is a wood tile. it is -- >> in the bathroom. >> you don't have to worry about it getting wet. >> i feel like i'm at the spa. >> this comes in all different shades. we've used this tile in a shower. >> really? >> in the walls, it's gorgeous. >> you don't worry about it getting wet? you know, blah, blah, blah. >> a lot of things -- >> not like wood. >> let's look at it. this is one of our houses. you think it's wood. but it's tile. >> that's pretty cool. >> yeah. >> you can use it in showers. you can use it in laundry rooms. mud rooms. >> it used to be a very expensive product. >> ken, anita, great duo. this is why you have your own show. "flip or flop
9:25 am
coming up, the new movie out today, getting rave revi from the moment you met you wanted to surround them in comfort and protection that's why pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness so all they feel is love pampers swaddlers what makes a lipton meal? first you start with this then add this and this face wait, we can do better yeah that's the one and fresh brewed lipton iced tea ah that can wait oh but not you buddy. bring everyone together with the refreshing taste of lipton iced tea. wiback like it could used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid
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e hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena . good morning. 9:26 now on this friday, august 18th. right now we're working to learn more details about a death investigation under way in prince george's koupty. police told us they're on the scene at brook jane drive in clinton. we have a crew headed there right now. we'll bring you more updates on air and online as soon as we learn more. pet lovers, get ready, tomorrow is our clear the shelters. nbc 4 sponsoring the pet adoption event. you can check out the nbc washington app for tips before you head to pick up a fury new friend from your local shelter. just search clear the shelters. a look at your forecast when we come back.
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9:28 am
good morning, everybody. temperatures upper 70s to 80s already. we have heat advisory and heat index officials 100 degrees late morning and early afternoon. ahead of a line of what could be strong thunderstorms here 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. today. already had thunderstorms in
9:29 am
county. >> clubbing, thank you. you can get the latest news and weather any time on the washington app.
9:30 am
♪ we love having academy award winner geena davis here. she has graced the big screen for more than 30 years, creating memorable roles like her iconic turn as thelma dickinson. and dottie henson in "a league of their own." >> and now, she plays in "marjorie prime." it imagines a world where we can bring back the dead, as holograms or primes. her and her husband struggle with the decision to get a prime of her father. >> does that creep you out? it creeps me out. >>
9:31 am
mother is talking to a computer prom? or a computer program is pretending to be your dad. >> it bothers me that you are pretending to be a fountain of youth version of him. >> she accepts it because it's clever. >> good to see you, geena. >> thank you very much. you hear hologram and think it's going to be a big budget, cgi. and it's the opposite, intimate film. >> it is. there's no time spent on how did they create it. how does it work? tim robbins character says at one point, i didn't really read the brochure. it's about how it impacts people rather than how is the technology working? it's really kind of fascinating exploration of how artificial intelligence has the potential
9:32 am
lives. >> i think, how would i react to this? would i want this? >> right. >> we were talking off-camera, the cast is amazing. jon hamm, tim robbins, lois smith. what is that like? it's like a dream team. >> it was fantastic. and it's meaty material. we really got to dive into it. and my favorite part, actually, about it is, that jon hamm is my dad. and i tell people, it will make sense when you see the movie. >> yeah. you premiered this at the sundance film festival. and there was a jon hamm hologram. >> holohamm. >> did you make that up? >> i didn't think i did. >> what was that like? >> very strange because he's not really there. but there's an app, too. you can get it on your phone. >> we fried to y ed to tried to. it came out
9:33 am
i had a holohamm in my hand. and just -- maybe we can put it up. >> there it is. the way of the feeuture. >> you can have it there. >> why can't i have a hologram? >> you can. if you want to. >> you have three teenagers now, right? >> yes. >> do they watch your movies? do they know mom is you? >> yes. yes, they do. >> when did it click for them? do you remember? >> well, it's a sad story. the first time they watched me because the first thing i showed them was "stewauart little." i have movies they can watch throughout their life. i'm watching "stuart little" and looking at them. oh, my god, mom's on tv. and about five minutes, they were like, mom, can we watch a cartoon? >> oh, no. >> no. i guess you'll wait a while for them to watch "long kiss good night." >> yes. yes. >> still one of
9:34 am
geena davis, it is always great to see you. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> we want to remind folk, "marjorie prime" hitting theaters today. up next, there hasn't been a better pair since "thelma and loui louise." shrimp a (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a swing set standoff. and we covered it, july first, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪...from far away. but they only ♪harsee his wrinkles.♪ ... ♪if only harry used some... ♪...bounce, to dry. ♪he would be a less wrinkly, winning guy.♪
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all week long on "today food" we've been grilling and chilling, where we take one dish and turn the leftovers into another meal for later. today, grilled shrimp and corn and you turn the leftovers into a salad for later. >> i am a true journalist. i want to try it and interview you. >> and? >> it's really good. this might be the best shrimp salad situation i've ever had. and the black beans in it. >> extra protein. we start off with the marinade. i would suggest that you double whatever you're going to make. you can reserve half of it to use as a marinade or dressing for later. >> share enough. >> chop ginger, garlic, sliced jalape jalapeno. and going to take some lime zest and lime juice. >> did you do the grid? >> there t
9:39 am
>> it's on the website. everybody saw it. it's all good. we put all this in here. all right. >> are those really spicy? >> pardon? >> what are these? >> jalapenos. >> sometimes they're not as bad. you're going to add olive oil and mix that in. a little salt. a little pepper. and then, you're going to take some peeled, deveined shrimp, with the tail still on. >> with it still on? easy enough. >> and you're going to put this in. and let it marinade only for a about 20 to 30 minutes. the citrus -- you don't want the citrus to cook -- then it will become cevice, exactly. you let it sit for 20 or 30 minutes in the fridge. in the meantime, you've been soaking wooden skewers. >> why do you soak them? >> you soak them because they will burn when you put the
9:40 am
>> you're going to -- once you got your marinade, you're going to just skewer them. and i use two for stability. and you're going to thread that in. and you got that your skewers. now, corn on the cob. some people like to do with the husk on. i take the husk off. >> my husband does that, too. but he burns them. >> well, the idea, if you put the olive oil on and you rub it and put it on the grill, and you put the skewers on, the shrimp, only going to take two to three minutes on each side. >> what about the corn? >> the corn, you basically, until it gets charred. i don't -- it doesn't take that long. about three or four minutes per side. you just let it -- just keep turning it. and you got that. you'll have your grilled corn. and you've got your shrimp. now, you had your meal. here's our
9:41 am
the salad. beans, the shrimp, the lemon. >> it's simple. >> the juice and zest of a lemon. crushed garlic. you're going to take some salt. pepper. it's very similar to what you marinaded -- >> with the shrimp. >> without the jalapeno. and you're going to put in your olive oil. >> they're all leftovers. i'm looking to your left. >> leftover. now, i like arugula. >> i have an arugula story. i was at dinner with dr. oz. we were doing an event in philly. >> ooh. dinner with dr. oz. >> it was for an event. so, i notice -- >> oprah couldn't make it? >> no. i noticed he asked the lady, what do you call them? >> the server? >> yes. anyway, he asked -- like a manager. can i have arugula instead. two events, he exchanged the salad for arugula. >> you've been to more than one. >> now, i ask for arugula
9:42 am
i don't know what the point is. >> i know there's a letdown here. but take the leftover shrimp. leftover corn. beans. and because they are in season, some halved cherry tomatoes. >> doesn't that just look fresh? >> you will toss that. >> now, it's my turn to eat. >> you have a great salad on the side. here's your entree and there's your salad. >> this is something i would do. >> not bad. >> it's a win. >> there you go. maybe next time you're having lunch with dr. oz, you can make it. >> i was trying to share the message of how arugula is important or yummy. >> you could have just said -- >> i was sitting with oprah. >> that's right. >> that happened. >> go to the last time i did the weather for the dalai lama -- let's show you what we got for
9:43 am
if you haven't been outside yet, you're not missing up. it's mizerbly humid. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. we have a heat advisory for the d.c. metro area. heat index could be over 100 degrees this afternoon before a line of what could be some strong to severe thunderstorms here. somewhere between about 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. a little earlier in the shenandoah valley. keep that in mind. steamy and stormy today. nice, lower humidity and more sunshine coming your way for the weekend. >> can i get the point of my story? >> sure. >> i think arugula might be best sometimes. >> especially when you have it with dr. oz. coming up next, he's starring in not one but not two, but three new
9:44 am
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9:48 am
he's taken the box office by storm, in "the fault of our stars" and "paper towns." now, he's pulling triple duty with three films. >> nat starring in "home again." a rom-com. and you're going to see him in "death note." a suspense comedy where he plays a troubled teen, that discovered a notebook that allows him to decide the fate of others. >> and also in the new movie, "leap." it's the story of a passionate young boy who takes a leap of faith in pursuit of their dreams. look at this one. >> what's that? >> the statue of puberty. soon to go to america. but it is a supersecret. so, you did not see it. okay? >> okay. >> i
9:49 am
>> so, juggling three films. one, you adjust your voice. still, that's pretty busy. >> yeah. i feel like if i hear about a movie, i say yes, immediately. it's my goal to be in as many movies each summer as possible. i feel like some people are giving me a run for my money. you know. >> i don't know if we have anybody that's -- we have two. three? congratulations. >> i did them all at different times. they're great, completely different experiences. >> let's take them one at a time. "death note." your first stab at a supernatural drama. is that how to describe it? >> yeah. the first time i had to react to anything that wasn't there. and my first go at it was a nine-foot-tall demon god. i had to get adjusted quickly. >> how do you do that? >> we had an actor who is this creature actor, who has -- who has pretty much fingers like the size of bananas. and he's like nine feet tall. i used to spend time acting to him. but
9:50 am
voice for it. >> even creepier. >> wow. "home again," you have -- reese witherspoon. and she play s a 40-year-old post-divorced woman and housing three aspiring filmmakers. >> yeah. i play the stoner-actor one. it was great. reese was like a dream. she's such a great actress. but also a great mom. she would get food trucks for the crew every week. >> really? >> teaches us about snapchat filters. >> she was teaching you about snapchat? >> these the snapchat queen. >> let's talk about your role in "le "leap." al joked, you could go in your pajamas. what was it like for you? >> i spent six months living in paris as an inventor, to prepare for my role. it's
9:51 am
elle fanning does a great job. and i watched the european version before doing it. and then, i got to play around. and i wish that i was a kid. when i was a kid, it was "toy story" and all these things. it means a lot to be part of an animated movie. >> you were part of the naked brothers. >> happy birthday, by the way. >> it's on sunday. >> you're a liar. you're a liar. you're lying to the american people. >> i am. big, fat liar. you -- the naked brothers band. you weren't naked. >> no. >> you weren't brothers. >> we are brothers. >> you are brothers. just kidding. what was that like back then? >> it was amazing. i would make music with my brother and go work with my parents. my parents were working on a show, all my best friends. and that's the picture. >> which one is you? >> i'm in the front, in the white suit. >>ou
9:52 am
child in a white suit. >> that looks like the real deal. >> it was an amazing experience. and they're my best friends from that show. yeah. >> congratulations on all the success. we expect you back here next summer with five films. >> nine. >> nine. all right. check out "leap" and "death note" next friday, august 25th. "home again" september 8th. back in a moment. first this, is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
before we go, we want to congratulate somebody near and dear to our hearts. she got a promotion. moving on to the megyn kelly show. >> i'm new to the group. you welcome med with open arms. make me feel like part of the crew. you're just -- we'll always be buddies. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> don't you like
9:55 am
no. >> she is going to start doing that dance. >> zoom into ally, everybody. >> next week, john cena,
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:57 is your time now on this friday, august 18th, 2017. good morning to you. you can bring more love into your home tomorrow by helping us clear the shelters. nbc 4 is sponsoring the pet adoption event. be sure to check out the nbc washington app for tips before you head out to pick up your fury friend. we also have a list of the shelters can you go to in our area. just search clear the shelters. now let's check on
9:58 am
chuck bell, tell us good news. >> the good news is it will be a lot more president anlt to plea the weekend than da hutsis mo we ha aoue unrswe acss par of southern maryland. we're under a slight risk for strong to severe storms later on today. highs to day upper 80s to near 90 degrees. for your weekend, still just as warm but way less humidity and a bright blue sky as opposed to the gray gunk we're looking that morning. >> something to look forward. to thank you. coming up, we'll have more on a death investigation underway in clinton. we'll see you at 11:00.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. it's try day friday, august 18th and that's "happy" by pharrell. always makes you happy when you hear it. >> that song puts new a good mood, no matter how many times you've heard it. >> if you need a fresh idea for dinner, look who's in the kitchen. >> who? >> ryan scott. >> he likes to whip things up. what's it going to be, buddy? >> a quiche. cool vegetables and i'll show you how easy it is. >> nice. >> and we're going to party like it's


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