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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  August 21, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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plan for afghanistan. the new approach to the longest running war in u.s. history. the countdown is on. you may only see it once in your lifetime. we are breaking down everything you need to know about today's solar eclipse. good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. we're only hours away from the total solar eclipse. we have everything you need to know to stay safe and enjoy the sights. that depends whether the clouds clear up. sheena parveen is closely watching what we can expect in the weather. good morning, sheena. >> good morning, eun. we've been watching this since last week. here's the thing. we might have a few thunderstorms later on today. but the good news about that is most of this activity looks to be happening after the eclipse peak time, which is 2:42 this afternoon. here's a look at the radar. we do have clouds around. we don't have the rain around yet. as we go through the day, the afternoon clouds will build. hopefully w h
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sunshine. we'll be staying mostly sunny most of the day. 76 in washington. most of the -- staying dry. the models here trying to show a few light showers. that will be few and far between. here's 3:00 p.m. most of the area dry. we'll be watching the afternoon storms and take a closer look at the timing of it coming up. eun? >> thank you, sheena. it's what efrp will be talking about today. we're working through the solar eclipse. it will begin at 1:17 in the afternoon but 82% totality will not be seen until 2:42 p.m. in our area. 1979 was the last time the u.s. witnessed a total solar eclipse. nbc4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in clemson, south carolina where totality will rein for 2 1/2 minutes this afternoon. >> they say it's a once in a lifetime event. not if you travel to it. that's what
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coming doufwn from d.c. to clemn university. they're expecting thousands and thousands of people. they've given out 50,000 pairs of those glasses, the ones that have been so hard to find that you're able to look directly into the sun with. the best part about this, the weather looking really, really nice during the day. that's something we can expect as the sun makes its way overhead, as the moon makes its way across the sun. we're really expecting a phenomenal show. again, with thousands of people all around us. >> our doug kammerer and chuck bell will be in clemson, south carolina. complete coverage today. back hereby at home, one of the spots for the eclipse is the air and space museum on the national mall. the viewing party starts in a few hours and they'll be handing out the coveted eclipse viewing glasses. you have to have them. our darcy spencer has more. >> there are no glasses in the museum today. you have to come at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> it will be one of the hotspots to view the eclipse. they've g
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protection glasses so you can watch safely. >> we don't cut any corners here. they can damage your eyes if they don't have the right coating. >> inside this public observatory will capture the eclipse. you can watch on viewing screens as well. >> the entire country, just like this eclipse, will experience a great partial solar eclipse. people in that narrow band of totality will experience one of the most magnificent celestial phenomenas you can experience. >> the astronomy education manager at air and space. kids will be able to create pinhole art. the idea allows sunlight to pass through an object with a hole, even a an colander. as it progresses, you can watch the view of the eclipse change. those will turn from spots into
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crescent. >> some plan to return for the event. >> i have to come into d.c. to work. i'm going to come down here in front of the air and space museum and watch it on the mall. >> we're going to go out on the mall. i don't have glasses yet. >> if you're like that guy and don't have your glasses just yet, don't panic. there's still a chance. they're going to be handing them out here at the national air and space museum starting at 10:00 this morning. let the countdown begin. in downtown washington, darcy spencer, "news4 today." the glasses will go fast. we're aulie clips all the time here at nbc4. our special coverage begins at 1:00 p.m. we have doug and chuck in south carolina and our adam tuss in chopper 4 with a unique perspective. that should be cool. you don't want to miss it. at 5:00 a.m., justin finch will have a live report from the observatory at the national air and space museum. adam will be handing out the coveted eclipse
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metro. be nice to him. we are keeping a close eye on breaking news overseas where the search is on for ten missing u.s. sailors. they went missing after the u.s.s. john s mccain collided. >> president trump sent out a tweet with his thoughts and prayers during the search. this is the video of the u.s. destroyer showing some of the damage. several rooms were flooded. a navy spokesman tells nbc news the incident is being treated as an accident. this is the second accident from the navy's fleet in the last two months. president trump is set to address the nation tonight on a new strategy for dealing with afghanistan. this comes after a lengthy strategy review whether troops should be deployed to the country. he will deliver his primetime address from arlington. you can watch the president's address tonight at 9:00 h
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nbc4. ilt nit's now 4:05. let's get another check of the forecast. >> hold onlt i was at the wall. here i am. i'm right here. four things to know buff walk outside. we're talking about eclipse weather for today. now a lot of people want it clear. but i think as we go through the day, there will be a mix of sun and clouds for the eclipse. thunderstorms in the forecast. but mainly after 2:00 p.m. that's good news because the peak time is going to be 2:42, give or take a few minutes, depending where you are. tomorrow, though, now, this is going to be after the eclipse. tomorrow it's going to be hot. the hottest day for quite a while. feeling near 105 degrees in some areas. but don't worry. we have a huge cooldown coming in the forecast. we'll talk all about this coming up. stay tuned. >> sheena, thank you. millions of people are hitting the roads for the best view of the eclipse. we're live next with how the excitement
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right now people from oregon to south carolina are anticipating the first total solar eclipse. it sweeps coast to coast in 99 years. in our area, you'll notice changes between 1:to 20 and 4:00 this afternoon. we have reporters across the country tracking this historic event. erica edwards is live
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clemson, south carolina. with the latest to see the eclipse. good morning, erica. >> reporter: good morning, eun. today is the day astronomers and scientists and astrophysicists have been waiting for and who am i kidding, us too. it's the first coast to coast solar eclipse in 99 years. i'm here at clemson university campus where students moved back in over the weekend. that's 20,000 extra people. a lot of parents also stayed. officials here tell me they could see as many as 100,000 extra people here in clemson today to see the eclipse. that's because weather forecasts over the weekend turned sour for charleston, south carolina, columbia, south carolina. they're expecting a little bit of rain today in clemson. sunny skies all the way. everyone is very excited. there's a lot of buzz. things will start picking up after lunchtime. totality here at clemson will be at 2:37 p.m. this afternoon. it will last
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i've never had an opportunity to be in a solar eclipse. they say it's an eerie twilight. some describe it as a spiritual experience. if you're going to be standing outside, you need a few things. number one is water. remember to hydrate. the hot summer sun. second of all, eye protection, the coveted solar eclipse glasses. what would a solar eclipse viewing party be without moon pies, right? >> you have everything you need. looks like you're ready. erica edwards, live in clemson, south carolina, for us. thank you. it's 4:11. our sheena parveen closely tracking a forecast. >> we do need clear skies, eun. i will tell you that we have clouds outside this morning already. it's not overcast, though. we have passing clouds. that's how it's going to be through the day today. here is a look at the solar eclipse this afternoon. now the peak here in d.c. will be at 2:42.
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it's going to be a few minutes around that. 82% will be eclipse. it's going to look fantastic. then it ends at 4:02. that's like three hours or so. if you want to watch it for three hours, i will have your forecast for that in a bit. take a look at cloud cover and the rain chances. eun? >> sheena, thank you. two legends of comedy and history are gone. the tributes are pouring in for jerry lewis. how the movie star is being remembered. an icon in civil rights, dick gregory, made you laugh and paved through racial
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welcome back at 4:15. all eyes on the skies for that solar eclipse. sheena parveen with our forecast reviewing weather. >> hopefully as your eyes are on the sky you have the protective sunglasses on, of course. the peak will be at 2:42 this afternoon in the d.c. area. again, depending where you live, it's give or take a few minutes around that. here's a look at the times. 82% coverage. winchester, 2:47 p.m. that's your main viewing time. frederick, 2:41. annapolis, 2:43. fredericksburg, 2:42. here's are the headlines you need to know about today. we'll see clouds building this afternoon. thunderstorms most likely after 2:00 p.m. today. it's going to be feeling close to 105 rr
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if you're outside watching the eclipse. i'll show you more on the forecast for that in a second. we do have clouds around right now. 76 degrees currently. but we are nice and dry. here's a look at satellite and radar. just a passing cloud. this is going to be the case when we go through the afternoon. here's 2:00 p.m. there's a chance we could already have building clouds by 2:00 p.m. some scattered thunderstorms mainly after 2:00 p.m. then we clear out overnight. we go into your tuesday. tuesday is going to be a hot one feeling near 105 degrees. today, though, we're looking at temperatures around 90 degrees. afternoon clouds, the storm chance mostly after 2:00 p.m. if you're out there, keep an eye to the sky. really, most of the sky will be dry during the eclipse and storms forming after that. tomorrow in the mid-90s but feeling hotter. look at this huge cooldown, wednesday, thursday, friday, we'll be around 80 degrees. eun? >> thank you, sheena. this morning, police departments across the country including many across the
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words of comfort to florida after two kissimmee officers were killed in the line of duty. a vigil was held last night after being killed on what's called a routine stop. matthew baxter was a three-year veteran of the department. he died that night. his backup sergeant, a ten-year veteran, died saturday. the police chief thanked everyone for rallying around the force. >> we need this. we need in support and more importantly to me is that the men and women standing amongst you in law enforcement need it as well. >> police have arrested and charged a man with killing the officers. jerry lewis was a defining figure of american entertainment, but it's what lewis did outside of hollywood he may be best remembered for. lewis died yesterday at the age of 91. people paid their respects in hollywood by laying flowers on his star on the w
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dan scheneman has more on his career and life. >> ladies! ladies! >> in his hi day, no bigger hit than jerry lewis. the rubber faced funny man was a true entertainer. the slapstick starve stage, cinema. >> confused, unbalanced young man with one thought in man. self-destruction. >> lewis first found fame at 20 when he teamed up with singer dean martin in 1946. >> now the dean martin and jerry lewis show. >> martin and lewis enjoyed a smashing ten-year run, making hit movies in between engagements at nightclubs, on television and radio. >> but it was after the act broke up that jerry lewis became a hollywood force. >> i get paid for doing what children get punished for. >> in 1959 he signed the largest contract in film history with paramount studios, writing, directing or starring in 14 films in seven years. including his
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nutty professor. while many considered his humor low brow, it was revered by the french. who inducted him into the -- it first aired in 1966. by the time he stepped down in 2010, the event raised hundreds of millions of dollars to benefit the muscular dystrophy association. despite failing health, he maintained a busy work schedule, including fulfilling a lifelong dream of appearing on broadway. >> oh, i just love this job. >> dan scheneman, nbc news. lewis wasn't the only great we lost this weekend. dick gregory inspired millions around the country with his ability to bring change through comedy. here in d.c., so many felt like he was just one of them. >> i look around and i see
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here. >> that was gregory at the dedication for the new ben's chili bowl mural. he was added at the same time as our jim vance. yesterday stopped by that mural to remember how gregory was both a comedian and civil rights activist. >> just big in so many different areas. in comedy and civil rights and in consciousness. all of it. i could talk about dick gregory for hours. >> you know, he just spoke from the heart and told it like it was basically. >> gregory tried twice unsuccessfully at political office. he died on saturday here in d.c. at the age of 84. it's now 4:20. we want to talk about our forecast with sheena parveen. >> good morning, eun. we want to talk about what the weather is going to be like for the eclipse later today. so if you're watching and hopefully you have the proper eyewe eyewear, of course.
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everyone is waiting for it. here's what it looks like on satellite radar. we have passing clouds. later this afternoon, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. more clouds in the afternoon. i think most of the thunderstorms should hold off until after that maximum eclipse time. coming up in a bit, we'll look at the timing of it and what you can expect. >> thanks, sheena. it's been missing for decades, but now the mystery is over. the groundbreaking new discovery bringing closure to history that wa
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it is back to school today for students in washington, d.c. and we want to thank you for donating to our backpack for kids campaign. many of the brand new backpacks went out yesterday to excited kids. we thought it was fun to have new stuff. it was
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northwest to help children who have fathers in prison. >> really love my backpack because you get school supplies and get ready for school. >> this is the eighth year they have hosted the event. good luck on your first day for d.c. students. a major mystery solved. the wreckage of the u.s.s. indianapolis sunk by the japanese in the final days of world war ii have been found. it marks the end of one of the most infamous mysteries in u.s. naval history. nbc's steve patterson has the latest. >> that's it. we've got it. >> a dramatic end to a 72-year search. the wreckage of a war era ship once thought lost forever in the dark waters of the pacific ocean discovered on friday. microsoft billionaire co-founder paul allen funded the e
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>> we try to do these as really exciting examples of underwater archeology and as tributes to the brave men who went down in the ships. >> appointed a team of civilian researchers led by robert craft to the indy's final resting place. 18,000 feet below the surface of the pacific. >> it was exciting. it was upsetting. it was very emotional. it was humbling. >> what is the u.s. navy's single greatest loss of life at sea, it was shredded by two japanese torpedos just days after delivering components ever the atomic bomb later dropped on hiroshima. on july 30, 1945, the indy with nearly 1200 on board sank in just 12 minutes. about 800 sailors and marines escaped the sinking ship. only 317 survived after enduring days adrift in the shark
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rescued. only 22 are alive today. >> what they did needs to be remembered and not just for getting torpedoed and sunk. they were heroes. >> the discovery resurfacing the resill jens of those who gave their lives in the service of our country. right now at 4:30, missing sailors and danger on the water. the high stakes search under way after a navy ship and an oil tanker crashed. >> the new plan forward. what's next for afghanistan and how president trump plans to address the longest running war in u.s. history. and welcome to the dark side. we are hours away from an eclipse. the best places to go and how you can safely enjoy the sights. 4:26 our time right now. good morning everybody. i'm
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how are you? >> good. >> i'm eun yang. how excited are you for the solar eclipse. we're breaking down everything you need to know. >> it all starts with the forecast of course and whether you'll be able to see the eclipse through the clouds. >> that's right. meteorologist sheena parveen is keeping a close eye on the skies. sheena, good morning. >> good morning. no pressure, right? >> today we'll see more cloud cover through the afternoon. but the good news is it does look mostly dry because we do have storms in the forecast looking mostly after 2:00 p.m. as you're about to walk out the door, it's comfortable. 71 in clinton. 68 gaithersburg. a mild start. here is a look at satellite and radar. we do have cloud cover around with passing clouds. no rain as you wake up this morning and walk outside. you'll notice it will be warming quickly. by 9:00 a.m., around 80 degrees. we'll talk about how hot it will be during eclipse viewing and also the eclipse weather
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stalt worth and get a check on the roads. >> thanks, sheena. good morning to everybody. how is everything going? ready for the eclipse, hopefully. if you're traveling on the capitol beltway, looking pretty good. no real big issues right now. the earlier work zone on the inner loop near the gw parkway is picked up and gone. otherwise, outbound on the key bridge, it's blocking the right lane. if you're traveling on the clara barton parkway near the john parkway, overturned. i'm rob stallworth, back to you. >> rob, thank you. we're staying on top of the breaking news overseas. right now the search is on for ten missing u.s. sailors. they went missing after the u.s.s. john s. mccain collided with a tanker ship east of singapore. five other sailors were hurt. this is video of that american ship. you can see the collision punched a big hole on its left
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understand. the navy says this incident is being treated as an accident. this is the second accident involving a ship from the navy's 7th fleet in the last two months. the strategy in afghanistan will become a little more clear tonight when president trump addresses the nation. the president will speak in primetime on the path forward in that country. mr. trump will deliver the a did he say at the fort myer military base in arlington. this comes after a lengthy strategy review which looked at whether several thousand more troops should be deployed to afghanistan. you can watch the address tonight at 9:00 on nbc4. another issue facing the trump administration and the country is the debate over confederate statues and monuments. we saw protests across the country this weekend. in memphis, the protests turned violent. protesters tried to climb a statue and cover it with a bed sheet. that's when police moved in. protesters tried to block the police officers. at least seven people were arst
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congressman john delaney is calling for the robert e. lee statue to be removed from the battlefield in sharksburg. there are no plans for that right now. delaney announced he's running for president in 2020. tensions remain high in north korea. troops are in the middle of military drills. they're largely computer simulated war games running through august 31st. north korea calls the drills, a quote, reckless -- south korea's president says the drills are defensive in nature. he says they are held regularly because of repeated provocations by the north. new vemgts out of spain now. the mother of the man police believe was involved in a pair of deadly vehicle attacks wants her son to turn himself in. younes abouyaaqoub is one of 12 suspects who police say carried out attacks on thursday that killed 14 people and injured more than


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