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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the view of the eclipse hour by hour. >> ready or not, time to head back to school. thousands of kids waking up early this morning getting back into their morning routine. we do want to wish a happy first day to all the kid and parents and teachers heading back it school today. >> changes everything when the kids are back. eclipse excitement is here. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. in a few hours, most of the country will get at least a partial view of an incredible celestial phenomenon but before we get to the big event, we have your "news4 today" team getting ready to start your day. >> rob stallworth has your first 4 traffic, but we begin with the important storm team 4 forecast with sheena parveen. how is it looking? >> the forecast is actually looking pretty good. we do have thunderstorms in today's forecast. the good
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eclipse time. four things to know before you step outside, sun and clouds around the maxey clips time. thunderstorms mainly after 2:00 p.m. today. feeling near 105 tomorrow. tomorrow will be a hot one. then we have a big cooldown after that. take a look at the school day forecast. mild, mid 70s. by noon today, getting hot. 87 degrees. at 2:42 if the kids are in school still, hopefully they can step outside and see it. that's the maxey clips time. temperatures will be dropping by a few degrees at least. we'll be watching that closely. looks like the rain should hold off until afterward. i'll show you the timing of the storms today. let's look at traffic with rob stallworth at wtop. good morning. >> good morning, sheena. good morning everybody. out there getting prepared for their job. looking at a live shot of the beltway through prince george's county. it's not too much going on right now. i think everybody went to south carolina to see the
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near bucky's town pike with a crash. you have to stay to the far right to get by there. no problems reported there in maryland. northbound i-95. starting to get delays between fredericksburg and wood bridge. caution from the wtop traffic center. i'm rob stallworth. back to you. >> it's 6:02. it's what everyone will be talking about today and we're really excited over here at news 4 for today. today's solar eclipse. the eclipse will cast a shadow racing through 14 states starting at 1:17. >> it's going to move diagonally across the heartland and exit near charleston, south carolina. it our area, you'll notice the changes between 1:15, 1:20 and 4:00 this afternoon. >> we have reporters tracking this historic event. >> we begin our team coverage this hour with news 4's justin finch live at the national a
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justin, what's happening there today? >> reporter: hey there, aaron. good morning. incompetent side the observatory here home of the sun gun. this large telescope which the public will be able to see the eclipse safely without their glasses. taking you outside of there briefly, you can see the setup for the big event is just beginning. the velvet ropes about to go up. we have chairs set up in the back. if you are outside today and you want to look up this afternoon, you are going to need these. these are the much sought after eclipse glasses that will be protecting your eyes. peak times today between 1:17 and 4:01 p.m. i'm told that here today, the best time to see the eclipse, 2:42 this afternoon. >> 1:17? the afternoon to 2:45, you'll see the sun get nibbled away, nibbled away to 81% nibbled away. it's going to be a corred
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i still wouldn't look at it directly. >> reporter: as you heard there, this will be a very gradual process. if you look up at any point today, do not look up with your bare eyes. use these glasses. they're very important. here on the mall they're expecting a large crowd. already this morning, people have come up asking for glasses. they will be available here starting at 10:00 a.m. at the national air and space museum. also, too, many events going on, on the nbc washington app. a full rundown under eclipse events. we're live throughout the mall. i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you in the studio. >> justin, thank you. team coverage continues now at one of the top spots to watch the eclipse today. clemson university. >> that's where we finder ka edwards this morning. very exciting. hundreds of thousands expected to see the solar eclipse. is that right? >>. >> reporter: good morning, eun. yes you're
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it was move-in day over the weekend for students. after that, a lot of the parents stayed for the weekend or staying today to watch the eclipse. now that there's a little rain forecast for the coast of carolina, a lot of those people are changing their travel plans, moving inland a little bit. it's going to be bright and sunny today. a lot of people are really excited. you can see they're setting up. there will be speakers out today, astronomers answering questions. there's been a few kids roaming around here this early in the morning. >> things will pick up after lun lunch. our totality is expected at 2:37 p.m. today. now, if you are standing outside all day watching the partial eclipse, you need a few things. you need water. please remember to hydrate. it will be hot today no matter where you are. you can actually make a pinhole project projector. you can see cardboard,
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foil, thumbtack and paper. there are instructions all over the internet. of course, the only other thing you need are the moon pies. i have not opened them yet. they're calling my name. >> i know. at this hour, you want to break them open soon, erika. >> pace yourself. >> you need the rations. >> i've got all day. erika edwards, live in clemson, thank you. as you can tell, we're excited over here. news 4. if you're stuck incompeteside, tune in to our special coverage. we'll be checking in with our meteorologist chuck bell and doug kammerer also in south carolina for that really great solar eclipse view. >> a lot of kids around here, especially in fauquier county, will be able to watch the eclipse at school. as a matter of fact, all the county schools there will dismiss 15 minutes later than normal. the superintendent wants to make sure full visibility returns when they let kids out of the classrm.
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2:50. elementary schools at 3:35 it's back to school in the district of columbia. that means you might be waking up pretty early this morning to help your kids get ready for class. >> back into the routine, making the lunches. get ready. >> derrick ward is live outside a school in northwest that has undergone some really big changes. derrick, good morning. >> people behind you too, derrick. >> that's right. big changes indeed. it's like that sign. you can see it stays the same but also changes. that signifies what's going on here. students at 13 other schools started back in july for the extended year program. they got about 20 days added to their school year. but the remainder of the 115 schools -- here at marie reed, you can see the changes in place here. this community learning center
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renovation. actually, they had one classroom complete and mocked up, she had tears in her eyes. those were tears of joy. you can imagine the tears and mixed emotions from parents at the end of summer. mayor bowser is actually going to be here later for a couple of her school year initiatives. the slow down campaign and getting drivers to be more cautious now that the little ones are out and about. also the everyday counts campaign. it's all about attendance. here at marie reed, a lot of happy folks knowing they have a new community center. it's important to the community. the clinic and the pool. lots of people to be happy to see it open again. the rest of the kids are going back today. derrick ward. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. 6:08. the man accused of stabbing his 6-year-old
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young cousins will be in court today. williams killed the three girls inside a home in clinton on friday. police say he confessed to the killings but did not say why he did it. new details on a crash involving a metrobus. eight passengers ended up in the hospital. we're told they are going to be fine. metro says the driver was going over a steel construction plate in chinatown when that plate suddenly gave way. the driver lost control and hit several parked vehicles on h street near the capital one arena. we have breaking news out of france this morning. at least one person has died after a van rammed into two bus stops. this happened in marseilles. the second largest city in france this morning. we're just getting these live pictures from the scene. we know at least one other person was hit in this incident. the driver is in custody. but it's not clear right now whether this is
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these crashes come just days after back-to-back vanna tax in spain which killed 14 people. we'll stay on top of this here on news 4 and bring you the latest in the nbc washington app. we're also staying on top of breaking news from singapore. ten u.s. sailors missing after the u.s.s. john s mccain collided with an oil tanker. in nasa, search and rescue operation involving several countries is under wachlt a malaysian official says it happened at the start of a designated speed lane for ships sailing into the singapore straight. meanwhile, video of some of the damage to the ship. the navy says damage to the hul flooded rooms nearby. tower people were taken to the hospital. president trump will address the nation tonight to outline the path forward. it comes after a lengthy review whether several thousands more tr
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the president will deliver the address from arlington. you can watch the president address tonight at 9:00 right here on nbc4. protests and violence. the fight over confederate monuments. the future of the historical statues continue to divide. how another maryland monument could being on the chopping block. we have a list of places you want to visit before the sky goes dark zoofrmts for the eclipse today, we have showers in the this afternoon. we had a couple develop in the last it couple sprinkles to the north of the district. coming up, we'll look at the eclipse forecast. what you can
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good monday morning as you wake up walking outside. it's mild outside. 75 degrees by 7:00 a.m. we have a few clouds and a couple isolated showers. by 10:00 a.m., mostly sunny, 83. mix of sun and clouds during eclipse peak time. 2:42. by 5:00 p.m., the temperatures should start to -- scattered thunderstorms. we'll talk about the entire eclipse time. that forecast coming up. let's check the roads with rob stallworth at wtop. hey, rob. >> good morning folks. good morning sheena. if you're traveling on the beltway, live look there. no really big problems reported to us as you make your way through. traveling northbound on 395 in virginia as you make your way toward the 14th street bridge. got a crash at the beginning of the 14th street bridge blocking the left lane. from the wtop traffic nt
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back to you. >> rob, thank you. it's 6:15. new developments out of spain this morning. police are stepping up the search for the driver of the van that killed more than a dozen people last week in barcelona. officers are checking vehicles at roadblocks around the country but fear the suspect escaped to france. the man's mother spoke publicly this weekend pleading to r her son to turn himself in. one american was killed in that attack. new video out of kansas city. crews built a wood box to enclose a confederate monument. the statue was vandalized. communities around the country, protesters are calling for the removal of that memorial. in memphis this weekend, there were similar calls to bring down a confederate symbol. >> they turned volatile and ended with arrests. protesters
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cover it with a sheet. police then moved in. protesters then tried to block them. >> they're fed up. they're not going to keep tolerating symbols of hate. >> take the statue down. >> at least seven people were arrested. in maryland democratic congressman john delaney is calling for the robert e. lee statue to be removed from a battlefield in sharpsburg. the superintendent says there are no plans for that right now. he announced he's running for president in 2020. through all of the ups and downs, jerry lewis knew what it was to be a survivor in hollywood. lewis died at the age of 91 yesterday. now, fans have been flocking to his star. lewis is known for his labor day mda telethon which raised money for the muscular dystrophy association. in the 1940, he s
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dean martin on the big and small screen. he died of natural causes at his home in las vegas. lewis wasn't the only great we lost this weekend. dick gregory inspired millions around the country with his ability to bring change through comedy. here in d.c., so many felt like he was one of them. >> i look around and i see washington, d.c. here. see it here. we don't have to be -- >> that was gregory at the dedication for the new ben's chili bowl mural. he was added to the mural at the same time as our jim vance. yesterday people stopped by the mural to remember how he was a comedian and a civil rights activist. >> just big in so many different areas in comedy and civil rights and in consciousness. i can talk about dick gregory for hours. >> he spoke from the heart and told it like it was
6:19 am
>> gregory tried twice to run for political office. he died on saturday at the age of 84. great news for the redskins. tight end jordan reed activated off the physically unable to perform list. reed did not participate in training camp because of a toe injury. he's set to practice this week. this is welcome news. the offense hasn't looked so great this preseason. it's preseason, right? >> unable to perform. >> my middle child has -- this is great news for our family. >> that's right. we'll have to keep it alive. >> put that shirt in a frame someday. 6:19 our time. sheena is in the weather center. we're waiting for the humidity to creep back in and summer to pass on. >> clear skies for the solar eclipse. >> we do want clear skies. here's the thing. as we go through the afternoon, this is what the eclipse
6:20 am
this is a timeline, first, though. here it is 2:42. that's the time we're watching. 82% of the sun covered by the moon and then it will be over by 4:02. now, as far as the weather is concerned for this eclipse viewing, mix of sun and clouds by 1:17 when it starts. 2:42, that's going to be the maximum eclipse time i showed you. still a mix of sun and clouds. we'll be mostly dry. 85 degrees. you see the temperature will drop. now, i never forecasted for an eclipse. the last one was in the '70s. the temperature will be dropping. then by 4:00 p.m., once it's over, we have a higher chance of thunderstorms. the good news is it looks like most of the rain is going to be eclipse time. it's 76 degrees right now. if you're walking outside in washington, 69 manassas. 68 now frederick. we have a couple of isolated showers on the radar. lata
6:21 am
that developed in the last 20 minutes. a few sprinkles in northern prince george's county. this is future weather. mix of sun and clouds. there's 2:30. looking mostly dry. then we see thunderstorms closer to the evening rush. we do have storms in the forecast but it looks like after the eclipse time. tomorrow is going to be a hot day. feeling like 105. little rain relief tomorrow. look what happens after that. wednesday, a cold front moves through. dropping to 80 degrees thursday and friday. very low humidity. things change as we take a closer look at the eclipse weather. let check your road for your monday morning commute with rob stallworth at wtop. >> hey, sheena, good morning folks. hope everything is well. chopper headed up to 70. we have a crash northbound on i-270 near at this point 70. use caution there if you're traveling at this point on metro. green line trains suspended between branch avenue and naylor road. northbound 39
6:22 am
still a crash along the left side. use caution there from the wtop traffic center, i'm rob stallworth. back to you. >> rob, thank you. >> in case you missed it, no one won the powerball this weekend. that means the numbers you want to see and what that means for your jackpot now. plus, shortcut shutdown. frustration for drivers celebred? the reatas
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yeah. go ahead. throw that powerball ticket in the trash. you don't need that. >> no jackpot winner in saturday night's big drawing. but on your way to work today, maybe you buy a new ticket. maybe two. maybe one for me. wednesday's jackpot. >> just for you. not for me? >> wednesday's jackpot up to $650 million. that is the second biggest jackpot in the history of this country. the odds of winning, just as bad. 1 in 292 million. >> reality check. i don't know why we
6:26 am
thinking we should only buy the big jackpots. the odds go up, they're not. >> get your hands-on everything from pancakes to furniture for less money today. >> pancakes and furniture. >> right. >> how about this denny's, they're offering all you can eat moon cakes for $4. restaurant says the pancakes are shaped like a full moon. process that. >> yeah. frigidaire getting in on this. they're having a blackout sale. black stainless steel appliances will be at least 30% off. they'll use anything to sell a product, right? if you look at krispy kreme sprinkled cupcakes, eclipse themed pastries. >> pizza hut produced a video how to safely view the eclipse by making a viewer out of the pizza box. >> eat the pizza while you're viewing all together.
6:27 am
you. he's live in the community. you see the pictures right here. he's handing out special eclipse glasses. you need to experience the viewing without damaging your eyes. you follow him on twitter. he is live coming up next. >> plus, school schedule shakeup. the impact. parents pay attention. this may change up your routine today. we do have the clouds around right now. we're watching the rye dar closely. few sprinkles across the area in charles county. but throughout the day today. mix of sun and clouds. we have thunderstorms in the forecast too. coming up, i'll
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all right. it's coming. we've been telling you about him. we're all excited. the total solar eclipse. we can't do this at the anchor desk. >> this is one of
6:31 am
lot of us have seen in a long time. everybody is posting. we're all sharing pictures and thoughts. witness this once in a lifetime event. we want to see it all. the sun is open over the horizon this morning. it's looking good for a solar eclipse viewing day. >> she's nervous. >> keeping an eye on the timing of the clouds and of course, the rain. how it could impact the weather. >> sheena has a lot of work ahead of her. >> sheena parveen begins our coverage. >> i hope a lot of people aren't let down because of the clouds around this morning. these are just passing clouds. good morning, guys. we'll be seeing passing clouds through the afternoon. mix of sun and clouds for the eclipse forecast. let look at the radar. we have a few showers that popped up in parts of charles county near 301 near la plata and waldorf. just a few sprinkles in northern parts of prince george's county. we'll b
6:32 am
school day forecast for everybody heading back today. 7:00 a.m., 75 degrees. for the eclipse time, 2:42 is the massey clips time. looking like a mix of sun and clouds. more coming up on that. let's check in with wtop rob stallworth for a look at the commute. >> traveling 270 northbound, live chopper shot looking good. no real big probleabllems towar montrose road. towards 270, have to stay to the right to get by the crash there. otherwise, at this point, on green line, metro, between branch avenue and naylor road, the fire department activity outside of suitland. we have issues there. northbound 395 still with a crash at the 14th street bridge. blocking in the left lane. i'm rob stallworth, back
6:33 am
we are live in the skies this morning ahead of the event everybody is talking about today. we will witness the first total solar eclipse to sweep the u.s. from coast to coast in 99 years >> here's a look from chopper 4. the sun is hiding behind the clouds now. don't fret. we'll coax the sun out to have this experience today. the eclipse will span 14 states. >> you can do it. >> entering oregon at 1:16 this afternoon before leaving charleston, south carolina at 2:47. our adam tuss is working for you. he is handing out the special glasses you need. >> building crowds of goodwill all over the area. from northern virginia. adam, where you are are you? >> we're at the dupage circle metro station. some followed me from clarendon the last stop. we've got our friends irv and art here
6:34 am
sunglasses on there. excellent. look at these guys. amazing with the glasses on. let me tell you something, you can't see anything with the glasses on. >> i can't see a thing. >> it's completely dark. >> completely dark. >> what do you think? you like the glasses? >> i think they're awesome, very stylish. >> super cool. listen guys, you want to see me at dupont circle. i'll be here for 10, 15 minutes. are you guys excited? >> high fives all around. we've got a good crowd. had a lot of people follow us. you guys need glasses? i'm like the most popular guy in the city this morning, guys. this is ridiculous. we've had people chasing us. more here at dupont circle. thank you for coming. ep joy the eclipse. be safe everybody. take care. >> you be safe too, adam. i know half the people came to see him. >> adam is like be safe. peace out. news 4, we have everything you need to k
6:35 am
eclipse in the nbc washington app. we have -- they're hosting four viewing sites around the area today. you can see where they are by searching eclipse events. it's 6:35 right now. we're following breaking news out of france involving a deadly crash there. french media reporting a van rammed into two bus stops. this is near the city of marsail marsaille, the second biggest city. another man is hurt here. the driver of that van has been arrested at this point, reports are saying that the government officials don't believe it's terror-related. the incident comes two days after back-to-back vanna tax in barcelona and another city in spain. >> here's a look at the top stories at 6:35. a massive search involving several countries is under way for ten missing u.s. sailors who are missing from the u.s. john mccain cli
6:36 am
tanker off the kwoes could of singapore. the ship suffered significant damage to the hull. all passengers taken to the hospital after a metrobus crash are expected to be okay this morning. metro tells us that the driver of the bus was going over a steel construction plate. a that plate suddenly gave way. near the capital one arena. students are waking up early in the district to head back to school. all d.c. public schools are back in session today. the marie reed community learning center will reopen after a major renovation. news 4 will join us live from the school. if you have to deal with road construction near your home, you can know what a pain it can be. it ruins your mornings some days. it only makes sense to hold a celebration when that cotr
6:37 am
yesterday the national park service threw a block party for neighbors along beach drive in northwest d.c. the work from tilden street from rock creek parkway is now over. there's a new staircase. you can see it in a crosswalk to help people get to the national zoo. it's not over yet. more construction on the way. president trump in primetime. the afghanistan address, the new way forward for our military. a preview of that just ahead. plus, three little girls gone. a murder with no motive. the next step in the ceas
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good monday morning. all eyes on the sky for the eclipse later on this afternoon.
6:41 am
i'm show you that in a second. i do have a few showers popping up in parts of charles county. mix of sun and clouds. we have a storm chance mostly after 2:00 p.m. the eclipse peak is at 2:42. coming up, we'll break down the timing of it and what you can expect skywise through the event. let check the roads with rob stallworth at wtop. good morning, rob. >> good morning, sheena. we'll get you to the roads in a second. be mindful the green line train service is suspended between branch avenue and naylor road due to fire department activity outside of suitland. 8730 was terminated at washington grove station. the wtop traffic center, i'm rob stallworth. now become to you. rob, thank you. drivers beware. we want to save you trouble. the warning you may have missed on the roads. >> reporter: eclipsing the sun. the last-minute preps. live at the smithsonian with a look at the timing and also the best way it view the eclip
6:42 am
safely. wake up, it's not a dream. as of today, all d.c. public schools are open. i have an important reminder r fodr
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
this is what everybody is going to be talking about today. you know what, we're so excited about this here at news 4, the solar eclipse today, you know how we're excited. we made a countdown clock. that's how you know we're pumped about this. >> 6 hours 30 minutes. >> it's coming. the eclipse will cast a shadow that will race through 14 states. look at this. >> bam, bam, bam. >> it will move diagonally across the heartland and then exiting near charleston, south carolina. now, in our area, you'll notice the changes between about 1:20 and 4:00 this afternoon. there's plenty of time to view some of the solar ecps
6:46 am
tracking this historic event for us. >> nbc4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in clemson, south carolina where totality will rein for about 2 1/2 minutes this afternoon. >> reporter: they say this is a once in a lifetime event. well, not if you travel to it. that's exactly what we've done here coming down from d.c. to clemson university. right here on the campus. they're expecting thousands and thousands of people. as a matter of fact, they've given out 50,000 pairs of those glasses, you know the ones that have been so hard to find, that you're able to look directly into the sun with. the best part about this, the weather looking really, really nice during the day. that's something that we can expect as the sun makes its way overhead, as the moon makes its way across the sun. we're expecting a phenomenal show. with thousands of people all around us. >> doug and chuck will be there giving us all the information we need to know before the big event. >> right now, we want to check in with justin finch live at
6:47 am
national air and space museum on the mall. >> we're not surprised this is the prime viewing location today. >> reporter: a prime spot indeed, eun. so much going on here. the preps outside here. right here, very shortly the s.t.e.m. and 30 broadcast will take off. they will do a broadcast from coast to coast talking to students who will be in the footprint of this eclipse. back there in the back tables are set up where visitors can make these things called pinhole viewers. the cereal box you put the holes inside to safely see the eclipse. there will be a very long line out here too leading up to an observatory. inside, we show it to you this morning. the sun gun. a huge telescope through which you can safely see the eclipse. obvio object obviously, a lot of us will be sharing it on social media. museum staff say that's a good thing. take a listen. >> we are going to do a few
6:48 am
periscopes on twitter, on our own fwiter at the observatory. we'll be taking pictures throughout the day, posting them on social media outlets and taking pictures for days to come so we can share them with the world. >> you can't make it here, there are, of course, other locations. national archives. the national zoo as well as the garden spots. spots where you can watch this eclipse through a telescope safely. they also have glasses here. if you can't find adam anywhere. at 10:00 a.m., the handoff starts at the national air and space museum. only for as long as supplies last. back to you guys in the studio. justin finch, live on the small there. >> the glasses will go fast. we're work to go keep you safe during the solar eclipse. you may have noticed the signs along 495 and prince george's county urging drivers to not pull off the road to catch a glimpse of the eclipse. that's dangerous. if you're looking for a place to
6:49 am
nbc washington app. search eclipse viewing for the spots and have the special viewing glasses to keep your eyes safe. we're aulie clips all day right here on news 4. our special coverage begins at 1:00 p.m. we have chuck bell and doug kammerer in south carolina. you don't want to miss it. >> students in fauquier county getting extra time at school to watch the eclipse. all the county schools will dismiss 15 minutes later than normal. the superintendent says they want to make sure full visibility returns when they let kids out of class. high schools let out at 2:50 and elementary schools at 3:45. not just back to school for fauquier county. it's back to school in d.c. thousands of students will be on buses or walking to schools in the district. derrick ward outside a school in northwest to tell us what you should watch out for. hey, derrick. >> reporter: good morning again. a bunch of public d.c. school kids are already back in
6:50 am
those with extended year schools. they got 20 days added to the school year. >> this is indeed the first day. we're outside marie reed elementary, which is now the marie reed community learning center. they've undergone $60 million in renovations. other schools, like duke ellington and several others throughout the system have indeed undergone renovations and spruce-ups as well. you need to watch out for kids on the roads much the city has an initiative called the slow down campaign which takes effect this time year. it says, watch out for the kids. a lot more of them on the street now that the public schools are going back. the mayor will be here later today to talk about that campaign, as well as the everyday counts campaign. it's aimed at upping the attendance rates at d.c. schools. so the system wants them here. you got to make sure you let them get here safely in one piece. we're live at the community learning center. derrick ward, news 4. back
6:51 am
6:51 is our time right now. the man accused of stabbing his 6-year-old sister and their two young cousins will be in court. antonio williams could be ordered to undergo a mental evaluation. this happened on friday ina home in clinton. we're learning about one of the last times she saw her father. the two went shopping and out to dinner. that was the last time he saw his little girl. prince george's county police say williams confessed to the crimes but did not say why he killed them. tonight we'll find out if more troops are headed to afghanistan. >> president trump will outline his strategy in a primetime address from fort myer in arlington. several options are on the table, including deploying additional troops. live coverage of the address begins tonight at 9:00 p.m. right here on nbc4. want to get you up to speed on the morning commute. wtop's rob stallworth is
6:52 am
>> thanks, aaron. if you're traveling on the beltway, this is the outer loop with the 270 spur. there was a crash there. delays on southbound 270 are through rockville. watch out for that. in virginia, northbound i-395 heavy as you make your way towards the 14th street bridge between alexandria and the 14th street bridge. we did have a crash there, but it's since cleared. on the green line train from metro, service suspended between branch avenue and naylor road due to fire department activity. for the wtop traffic center, i'm rob stallworth. back to you sheena. >> good morning, rob. take a look. we have the solar eclipse today we've been talking about. the max times roughly around 2:424 for everybody. fredericksburg, 2:42. annapolis, 2:43. there's the sun finally making an appearance today. we have the clouds around too, mix of sun and clouds for the eclips
6:53 am
but mostly after the eclipse event. after about 2:00 p.m. feeling near 105 tomorrow. tomorrow will be a hot day. then we have a cooldown in the forecast. if you're eclipse viewing, 1:17 mix of clouds. the max time -- i think we'll be dropping with the temperatures quite a bit. then we should rebound by 4:02 when it's over. we'll see the thunderstorms across the area. temperatures right now, mid to low 70s. a few showers in parts of charles county right now. that's really about it. those are moving away. here's future weather. we go through the afternoon, 2:30, a mix of sun and clouds and then the storms flare up into the evening hours. take a look at your ten-day forecast. after today, the cold front moves through. a hot day tomorrow. feeling like 105. look at these numbers around 80 degrees into the weekend. guys? >> sheena, thank you. it is 6:53 right now. all this week, news 4's i-team is working
6:54 am
safe as they head back to school. there's fallout from a recent report whether state law is leaving kids vulnerable to predators in the classroom. >> scott mcfarlane looks into the issue. working for you. >> reporter: virginia state senator asked the state department of social services consider a change in regulations after a news 4 i-team report found an arlington public school teacher found to have engaged in sexual a because by arlington county public services managed to keep teaching. four years in thomas johnson middle school in lan tham. it allows teachers to keep teaching and keep their teaching licenses during the appeals. and keep their names off a state child abuse recommending industry that would normally prevent them from working in a school. some of the appeals we found, last year's. >> this is worthy of our attention. we have to come up with a way that protects our children as well as protects the rights of the accused. >> why this could i
6:55 am
a statewide alert september through virginia because of our reporting. that's tonight on news 4 at 6:00. scott mcfarlane, news 4 i-team. you can also check out the i-team's half hour special, slipping through the cracks. breaking down their investigation into teacher misconduct cases. visit our nbc washington app for more information. it is 6:55. here are four things to know today. all eyes will be on the sky today as we prepare for the first solar eclipse in decades. check out the nbc washington app. we have everything you need to know about watching the eclipse safely. our special report on this eclipse begins at 1:00 this afternoon here on nbc4. more than 45,000 students are headed to school in the district. for most students, it is their first day back to class. for information on back to school where you live, head to the nbc washington app and you can follow our derrick ward on twitter. >> a van has rammed into two bus stops in france killing a woman. this happened in
6:56 am
second largest city in that country. the driver has been arrested it's not competely clear if it's terror-related. president trump will speak to the nation tonight talking about the longest running war. the "today" show will have more on his address coming up. and for the eclipse today, afternoon clouds. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. now, it's going to be still hot. but once that eclipse happens at 2:42, we'll see the temperatures dropping into the mid-80s. after 2:00 p.m., that's our best chance for thunderstorms. i think a lot of the storms will be missing the eclipse time. that's good news. through the evening commute, we'll see storms tomorrow, feeling like 105 and look at the temperatures dropping around 80. we like that. sheena, thank you. >> news 4's adam tuss is working for you in the community. >> getting you ready for the eclipse. >> here you go. you need glasses? i'm like santa cus
6:57 am
morning, guys. >> yeah, he was. he was live at dupont circle for us at the metro station a while ago handing out the special eclipse glasses. you need to use this so you don't damage your eyes. >> there are no more glasses. they're out. they're all gone. don't forget, our special coverage starts at 1:00 p.m. today. that is it for us this morning on "news4 today." we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes with everything you need to know before you head out for today.
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good morning, breaking overnight, it's happened again. a u.s. navy destroyer collides with another ship off the coast of singapore. at least ten sailors on the "uss john mccane" are missing. more boots on the ground. president trump set to outline hisny strategy on the war in afghanistan to a trooim prime trooim time address to the nation tonight. is the commander and chief about to send even more american troops to join the nation's longest war? let there be dark, the american eclipse just hours away. the first in 99 years to cross the nation coast to coast and we fanned out to give you the


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