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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 23, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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workers cover up a robert e. lee monument with a black tarp. counselors voted to drape the statue in honor of heather heyer the young woman who died after a white nationalist plowed a car into a crowd. and the city also covered a statue of stonewall jackson. >> the fallout over the statue in charlottesville by the way prompting a major change right here in the district. news 4 has learned the national cathedral says it is speeding up its decision on what it will do about these, two confederate stained glass windows. >> those windows memorialize confederate generals robert e. lee and stonewall jackson. church officials say a decision is coming soon and not next summer as had been previously planned. tom sherwood is working the story. his report coming up straight ahead. but we're learning more disturbing details about an arlington priest's dark past. >> he recently came clean with his involvement with the ku klux klan and
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b led before becoming a man of the church. he had burned a cross some 40 years ago and the family is still hurt by his actions. >> it never crossed my mind that we was going to have a cross burning on that yard. we were in a white neighborhood. >> and this has been the most read story today in our nbc washington app. mark segraves of course has been following this digging into the priest's background and joining us with reaction. and you actually spoke with the couple. what are they saying? >> yeah, they didn't want to go on camera yesterday when i talked to mrs. butler, but today barbara and phillip butler who were newlyweds back in 1977 having just purchased their first home in that predominantly white neighborhood in college park, they said one night they looked out of their window to see 57-foot tall cross burning in their front yard. the man convicted of that cross
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catholic priest. >> you changed our lives. >> reporter: barbara butler says what father afternotcheson and he was convicted, he never apologized and they evhave neve paid the family the $23,000 the judge ordered him to pay and he never identified the other ku klux klan members who helped him. >> someone sent him to our house. >> reporter: it turns out the butlers were not the only people victimized by the priest while he was a leader in the ku klux klan. fbi records show he sent letters to coretta scott king threatening to lynch and kill her if she came to the university of maryland campus. having all this resurface now 40 years later just reopens an old wound they say never completely healed. >> i will never ever forgive him. we didn't deserve this.
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>> so we're lirningearning a lo about his ku klux klan leader, not just a member. as you saw, he was convicted of sending that threat to coretta scott king, sebrved 60 days for that, and ordered another for 90 days for another cross burning and he never repaid the $23,000. today i asked a church spokesperson what they were going to do about that and how they came to know about the father owing the family all this money and they wouldn't comment about that, but they did say that the priest and bishop want to meet with this couple. but today the couple was steadfast and butler said until he's ready to name the other members of the ku klux klan who targeted their house, they are not interested in tar gelgeting. it will play out for a while. >> all right. thanks. and more breaking news in the district befo. gunfire leaves two men fighting for their lives. this is video from the most
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on oat street northeast just after 2:00 today. the victim we've learned is in grave condition. and an hour earlier, another man was shot on 58th street northeast. police telling us that they don't have motives or smuspects in either case. this afternoon is a tough one for families who live in prince george he's county. anyone in linden hills was supposed to be out. this morning we saw some bringing out their things, but others are refusing to emotions are running high. >> appeal to the county to step it up and help people that really need help. >> now, these residents were only given 24 hours notice to vacate. and that left a lot of people with no place to go. tracee wilkins is live in temple hills tonight.
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>> reporter: that is part of what the holdup is, people trying to figure out where they will go. in the meantime, we're seeing u hauling trucks where folks are getting the trucks stacked up, but this fence here as just been put up literally since we started the 4:00 p.m. show. down here they are beginning to board up the building, cut the boards up and drill them into place. and people who are still inside of the condominium are trying to figure out where they are going to go. >> i got no place. >> reporter: what do you take when you only have hours to pack your home? >> i'm just taking whatever fits in my car. >> reporter: work has already begun to secure the property. it's afternoon and the deadline has passed for people who live in the lynn hill condominiums to leave. >> robbing us of a place to stay. like it's a reason why these people chose to stay here. you get what i'm saying? because it's affordable to us. and then we
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else, it ain't affordable. >> reporter: so again, they are beginning to board up the lower level condominiums, they will get this building secured. i'm told by prince george's county police, they expect to have the parking lot completely empty by 7:00. in temple hills, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you. >> all right. keep us posted. new at 4:00, we may be getting closer to getting answers on a woman who was buried alive at ocean city. we learned today police have wrapped up their investigation. we're working our sources to find out the done collusicon cc reached. there will be a news conference tomorrow morning. police earlier this month said the woman may have slipped into a hole. she was advicvisiting here from texas. and james comey about to becohe
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heading up his own lecture series at howard university. the school says it's delighted. comey has been out of public eye since his firing in may. he just accepted an invitation to be the keynote speaker at howard's opening convocation next month for students. he will also conduct five lectures on campus and the school says comey is donating his $100,000 compensation to a scholarship. president unplugged. mr. trump's unscripted remarks from his rally in phoenix last night still making waves today. the president taking aim once again at one of his favorite targets, the media. and the coverage of his response to the violence in charlottesville. >> he didn't say it fast enough! he didn't do it on time! why did it take a day? he must be a racist. it took a day. >> today in reno, president trump addressed the american legion and delivered a message of unity.
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white house with a look at that for us. >> reporter: and if you watched last night's speech versus today, would you have seen a very strong juxtaposition between the two. what was notable about what we saw last night, president trump was speaking at a campaign rally. it was not an official white house event. so for 77 mint utes, we saw him speaking largely unscripted just as he did before he took office. in two days, two vastly different tones from president trump. today in a speech to the american legion -- >> it is time to heal the wounds that divide us and to seek a new unity based on the common values that unite us. >> reporter: but last night at a campaign rally in phoenix -- >> the only people giving a platform to these hate groups is the media itself and the fake news. >> reporter: the president facing renewed backlash after defiantly retreading his response to charlottesville. >> we condemn in the s
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possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence. that is me speaking on saturday. >> reporter: but notably omitting the words that caused so much outrage. >> hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. on many sides. >> reporter: the president taking swipes at both of arizona's republican senators, and backing the rest of the gop into a corner on his controversial border wall. >> believe me, if we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. >> reporter: last night's fiery rhetoric a far cry from monday's somber and scripted address on afghanistan. >> they sound entirely different and i think we know which one is the real one. i think the real one showed up in phoenix. >> reporter: president trump today signing a bill to improve veterans health care. a presidential act potentially overshadowed by a speech reminiscent of his presidential campaign. and those jabs last night from president trump toward fellow
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strain on his relationship with his own party and of course them need to work together if they want to get anything accomplished once congress returns from recess next month. live at the white house, blayne alexander, news 4. i couldn't get the job done and i'll have to live with that for the rest of my life. >> hillary clinton opening up about the election and providing some new details about a moment on stage with president trump. >> that audio is an msnbc exclusive from clinton's new book and chris lawrence has been listening to the excerpts and joining us now from the newsroom. >> yeah, and one of the most fascinating moments is how mrs. clinton describes their town hall debate. and specifically how she felt on stage. >> he was literally breathing down my neck. my skin crawled. >> that is an actual audio clip of clinton reading her upcoming book "what happened." what she remembers about that nightn
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standing behind her as she spoke to the audience. and clinton takes us inside her head wondering how to respond. >> do you stay calm, keep smiling and carrying on as if he weren't repeatedly invading your space? or do you turn, look him in the eye and say loudly and clearly back up, you creep. get away from me. i know you love to intimidate women, but you can't intimidate me, so back up. >> now, clinton says she chose to stay calm and smile, but she admits there a big part of her that wishes she had con frorntsed him right on stage. chris lawrence, news 4. 4:11. time to turn things over to this guy who i think is still excited about everything that he saw on monday. >> first time we've seen him without those glasses. >> that's right. don't recognize you. >> you know, it's really a shame because we wochbts see that again anytime soon. it's seven y
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the coolest thing watching that eclipse in south carolina. but coming back to some phenomenal weather across our region today, it really is quite nice at least for most of us. still some shower activity. the frontal boundary is making its way through. very light showers charles county, st. mary's, northern neck. this front is making it's way south and east. even some big storms down around the norfolk area. behind this, though, boy do things change. beautiful weather, a cooler week ech end and then we're tracking harvey. this could make it's way into the states. see you in ten minutes. a young woman hit and dragged by a dump truck. as we hear from her for the first time, now we've learned the truck driver may get off with an easy sentence. and plus calling all pet lovers, scammers are targeting people like you. we're working for you with
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now. plus it's almost time. the powerball hits an enormous jackpot and we'll take you behind the scenes to hearrom f
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well, this is likely to be the most unique donation one charity will ever get. and this afternoon it caused a security scare i
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a guy donated what looked like a hand grenade at the wider circle foundation. chopper 4 was over the scene as the bomb technicians moved in. they inspected the grenade officer the last hour or so. at one point one officer opened his hand and look at it. we have learned that it was included with a bunch of other items as part of one donation and we just got an update from the fire marshal who is now telling us the bomb techs determined that grenade was inert. in fact it was a military training device and it was never explosive. so no criminal charges are going to be filed. chris lawrence, news 4. now to a horrifying experience for anyone walking or jogging around the city. for the first time, we are hearing from a young woman who was struck by a dump truck and then dragged as she says nearly to her death. the crash itself is awful and the driver yet to officially face any charges.
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failure to yield, but that is not where this ends. pat collins is joining us in northeast d.c. and i know the family still looking for answers. >> reporter: in-gedeed the fami is very upset about what happened here on south dakota avenue. and when you hear her story and you see what happened here, you will understand how lucky bianca butler is just to be alive. i talked to her today by phone from her hospital bed. >> i didn't know what to do. i was praying for my life. almost about to die. >> reporter: it happened july 11th on south dakota avenue. a large dump truck from the ft. myer construction company runs over a woman as she's trying to cross the street. the victim, 23-year-old bianca butler. she's still in
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she's gone through eight operations. she is still unable to walk. she will never forget that day. >> he dragged me almost to my death. >> reporter: it took some time, but we finally got the police report on this crash. it says the dump truck was trying to make a right hand turn on to south dakota avenue. that bianca was trying to cross the street here, that the dump truck's right front tire rolled over her legs and then dragged her three, six, nine, 12, 18, 21, dragged her 67 feet until the driver heard her screams and brought that truck to a stop way over here. according to the police report, investigators determined that the driver failed to yield right away to the pedestrian. that
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62-year-old 62-year-old ismael alvarez. and at the time, he was awaiting trial for a hit and run two years ago. in that case, it's alleged that alvarez driving a big dump truck ran over 22-year-old ethan zimmerman and left the scene. zimmerman suffered brain injuries, a number of broken bones, went through numerous operations. he is still recovering. now a judge has ordered alvarez not to drive any commercial vehicle until all of this is resolved. he has another court hearing scheduled next month. >> all right, thank you, pat. we'll see where that ends up. doug is here. and you're back from south caro.
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my husband was down then therewhen it happened. totality. he and he loved it. he said unlike anything that he's experienced before. >> i've done so many things, traveled all over, phenomenal weather experiences. this was the coolest thing i've ever seen. >> corona was moving everywhere, going crazy you said. it was fun to watch you. >> i think it was fun to watch even on video from where we were because we got a sense of it when everything went completely dark and we could imagine what it was like. >> yeah, the excitement there when it went dark was like -- it was like nothing i've ever been a part of. i could talk about this all day. out there today, we've seen plenty of sunshine, something we didn't see during that 2:37 there in south carolina. right now though a really nice afternoon from d.c. north and west. 85 degrees, temperature dropping through the 70s by around 9:00. 75 by 11:00. really going to be a nice evening. if you're cooking out back or maybe heading to a restaurant.
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d.c. notice the 77s. everybody 77. the reason? well, we have cloud cover down toward the sosouth and east and sprinkles that have developed. we have shower activity, this is future weather around 6:00, expect to see more showers down into southern maryland and northern neck. again, this is just very light sprinkles if anything at all. this is all moving down to the south and east. and by tomorrow, it's completely out of the area and we have sunshine across the region. late in the day, we could see a couple showers. isolated sprinkles pop up, but the bulk of the area will see a fantastic day. here is the front. the sunshine up to the north and west. not much behind this. so another good afternoon. but down to the south, tracking what right now is tropical depression harvey. it was a storm in the caribbean, now it's in the gulf and moving toward texas. this isng
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storm. even if it doesn't become a hurricane. right now it's fairly stationery. could be a tropical storm by the next advisory. coming on shore close to hurricane strength friday morning, the bithing wi thinbig between friday and sunday, almost no movement. and around houston, they are expecting 15 to 20 inches of rain. this is going to be a major flooding event. we've seen it in the past with the tropical systems. something we'll be watching closely because this could actually have an impact on our weather as we move through the next ten days. and that will be a figure back tore because we have labor day weekend here and a chance of some showers out there late next week, thursday and friday as we are tracking harvey. but for now, i'm tracking the weekend. and the weekend is a little on the cool side. a high of 76, some sunshine on sunday. more on that and the beach forecast a little bit later. >> is that a taste of fall heading this way? >> we'll take it. who says there is no getting along in washington? why someone very close to
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thanking chelsea clinton. plus, think for a second. what were you doing ten years ago today? >> yoeci don't even know what i brother yesterday. well, it turns out it marked a turning point for social media. we're talking about the first hash tag and you're seriously
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with all the fighting between republicans and democrats these days, here is evidence of a nice and welcome gesture. first lady melania trump thanked chelsea clinton for standing up for her 11-year-old son barron trump. we told you yesterday how clinton called out a reporter to making fun of barron for wearing shorts and t-shirt on board air force one sunday. today the first lady responding on twitter said thank you, so important to support all of our children in being themselves. #stop childhood bullying. and a lot of our viewers agreeing with that. the kids are off-limits. so ten years ago today, an icon of the social media age was born. the hash tag. it started as an organizational tool on twitter and now many of us use it
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almost every day. i do overuse it, abuse it. here's four things to know about the hash tag. the idea was first suggested in 2007 by krigs chris messina. twitter initially rejected the idea saying only nerds would use it, but we know being a nerd is cool these days. now around 125 million hashtags are shared every day. and did you know that the word hash tag is officially a term in the dictionary? miriam webster added it back in 2014 and the most popular #used millions of times over and over which i love is the word "love." >> if i knew then what he knows now. is there any way he could have copyrighted it so he could get some coin? >> i'm sure he's probably tried since then. but in addition to bei
4:28 pm
the impact on stories with groups using it, you know, like "black lives matter," the tea party. >> part of the culture now. we're working for you. a couple thought their home would be safe from termites. turns out it wasn't. and then the real surprise. a big bill in the mail for it all. what you need to know. and we all know what we were doing six years ago today, the day the ground shook under washington knew at 4:30, why the effects of it wi ll
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new at 4:30, many of us can remember exactly where we were when the earth started to shakd in the d.c. area six years ago today. >> stuck in traffic. and even now we're seeing the impact of that earthquake. the national cathedral needs millions of dollars to fix all of the damage that was done. and tom sherwood found out today it could take another decade to repair. >> reporter: august 23, 2011, afternoon earthquake ralgtszs t rattles the region. uptown at the national cathedral, tens of millions of dollars was damage to stone work, cool ldole l columns and . mun hundreds of broken spes
4:32 pm
attention. and 40,000 pounds of ton and 93 pieces for just one entirespiret repair. six years ever repair and millions of dollars spent, the cathedral itself still needs $22 million and is far from finished. >> the scaffolding on the central tower which is the height of the washington skyline is probably going to be there for a decade or more unless somebody who won powerball wants to drop us a check for $22 million. >> reporter: back in the work shop, carvers first worked on it in the 1980s. >> what is the personal satisfaction? >> well, you get to see the results of your work is right there and it's always there. i was an art student and that's what was my -- i didn't think it would be a career, i just thought i would learn the medium of stone. >> reporter: calla mohan works h two other stone carvers, and the work could last 100 years or more
4:33 pm
and we have posted dramatic photos from that day on the nbc washington page. now to the most commented on story today on our nbc washington facebook page. an espn broadcaster is not going to be working at uva game next month because of his name. robert lee is his name. they say it's too close to robert e. lee. the network said they made the decision because of the recent violence in charlottesville. whur's troy john sochb is here with today's talk around town. we're betting a lot of people have been talking about this. and you're been hearing a lot of talk about this because espn is in a weird place on this. they made the move and now people are saying that they o r overreacted. >> yeah, a lot of people sense there is overreach. but one person i talked to was saying that nobody in their right mind would confuse this sports caster
4:34 pm
general robert e. lee. and they felt like espn was being a bit cautious. but there was a caveat from folks that i spoke to. a lot of people saying it's not necessarily situations like this that they are overly concerned about. what bothers them in this whole sphere of conversation that we're having, a lot of interpretations around the civil war and how people are discussing states' rights or northern aggression or things like that instead of talking about the historical context in its proper context, it was a war for slavery. it was the south and slavery. so folks are saying it's problematic, they would like to see more people paying attention to the real historical tactfact. you can see if you believe in things that aren't accurate, it spills in to other conversations when you talk about the statues that have been taken down and some people feeling that they represent the south in a certain way when they really in a lot of people that i spoke to feel like it glorifies the south andt
4:35 pm
so definitely interesting take. >> and in espn's defense, if i can, the broadcaster, he himself robert lee said he was fine with the idea of being pulled back be and they said they did it for his safety, they didn't want him being targeted. >> or being made fun of on social media and the memes and all that coming out. and they said they were sad that it was an issue, but i feel like on the flip side a lot of people were say flag they made it an even bigger issue. >> one person was telling me they felt like it would have been interesting to hear him address it if he was actually doing the game. he might have gotten a better sensible understanding of what he was going through. >> and we do want to talk about snag is important to the washington area. we lost a real legend with the passing of dick gregory who was not only active in the political world using his comedy effectively there, but also as an entertainer. you spoke with one his children. >> i did. and he's just an amazing talent. there would be no eddie murphy, there would be no kevin hart these days if you think about
4:36 pm
with civil rights in the middle ever a massive comedian career, you know, he really stepped out there on faith and there won't be anybody like him again. i spoke to dick gregory's daughter today as you mentioned, and a talents in her own right. she's an artist, a teacher, an activist. clearly the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. and i asked her what she wanted people to know about her father. she said he was destined to defy all of the odds. >> my father went from a young black boy living in extreme poverty born in 1932, and literally kicked physically and figuratively kicked doors down and refused to be rejected, refused to be told he couldn't do it. and that was his peace, that these four walls
4:37 pm
an oppressed mind and once this oppress mind realizes that the four walls are an illusion, everything changes. >> an amazing conversation i that had with her today in the midst of some really serious times. and she also said that she and her nine siblings will continue what her patrents instilled in her. and because of the joy of that, that outweighs all of the sorrow that she has. >> no doubt. another icon coming off that wall. dick gregory laughing with fans right now. >> you know it. absolutely. thanks. a consumer alert this afternoon. scammers are trying to steal your money online and they are using cute little faces like these pure bred puppiepuppies. the attorney general saying that they have had several reports of people paying hundreds for a dog
4:38 pm
officials say be wary of any puppy that is too cheap and always ask to see the dog before handing over any money. a former first daughter spotted, what the obamas are up to that had them shipping up to boat. plus ahead at 5:00, garlic, fish, diapers, rotting meat, oh, my. we're going insidend checking a
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the obamas are just like us, no different than millions of moment and dads as they say their tearful good would is to a college freshman. malia has arrived at harvard university. someone took this cellphone video this week. she had taken a year off after graduating high school to travel and also work on her internships. >> but they weren't at walmart buying stuff for her
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>> maybe amazon prime? >> there you go. you still have about six hours to get your ticket for the second largest lottery prize ever handed out in america. >> the numbers for the $700 million powerball jackpot will be dwraun tonighrawn tonight. brigs w biggest was $1.6 billion about a year and a half ago. the barack obama who operates the machine says she's not allowed to play herself, but she does love helping make people's drooichl dreechls co dreams come true. >> you get to hear the stories of new houses and pools and just so exciting to be able to contribute to those dreams. >> if you hit the jackpot, take a breath. >> before you start dreaming about how to spend all those benjamins, there are some practical steps that you should take. >> and we have that advice for you online at the nbc washington app. >> and if you want to be anonymous -- >> don't buy i
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in d.c. >> so get it in maryland. all right. so termites, we all know that they can codo a whole lot of damage. one local couple thought they were covered, but this he found o out the hard way that wasn't the case perform p. and we now know why taylor swift was posting now at havertys furniture, our labor day sale is on. fill your home with well-crafted pieces at affordable prices. and through september 4th, enjoy free delivery. plus save $100 off every $1000 you spend. hurry in. summer is ending and so are these exceptional offers. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't.
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nbc 4 responds to a couple with after might problem. >> they had a warranty with a pest control company and they were annoyed to find out that the pesky bhug bugs had return. >> susan hogan explains what went wrong here. >> reporter: an annual fee for peace of mifrnd nd is worth it. but in the end, they got something else. >> we can show
4:47 pm
front of the door. >> reporter: christopher and meredith clark had their home treated last year for termites. >> they treated the entire house all around the perimeter, drilling holes in the garage and the whole thing. >> reporter: the clarks wanted the insects gone to good, so when the couple paid for their treatment, they also bought a ten year warranty. $95 a year for yearly inspections, which included any additional treatment if termites returned. >> so just about a year after we had the treatment done, we started to notice some wings on the floor that looked like a recurrence of ter matetermites. we tried to get them to come up, were unable to connect to anybody. >> reporter: the clarks found out that trugreen bought out the original company that they had a warranty with. >> but when we contacted them, they don't do termites. they said you're not our customer, we don't have any record of you. >> reporter: fearing the termite infestation was going to
4:48 pm
another company to come out and treat their home. the cost? more than $13. >> i was very upset about it. and that is quite a bit of money for a retired couple to lose. >> reporter: the couple say trugreen never acknowledged the clarks as customers. >> so i called you. >> reporter: the company told us that the clarks were not on the transfer customer list and get this, the company immediately cut a check and reimbursed meredith for her claim. >> and by goal oig,oig golly, t did. >> reporter: and now they are termite free. and tr uflt gretru dlgt green i litigation with that former company. well, if you do have a consumer problem that you need help solving, let our nbc 4 spochbds team know. 8944-nbc-d c-44 or go online to
4:49 pm and two retail giants teaming up to take on amazon. >> and jim henley has more. >> yau, the last giant left standing. coming up at 5:00, you probably know amazon is the world's internet retailer. and now walmart is joining forces with google in an effort to knock it off from that perch. and the focus of the battle, the rising use of voice automated services. still ahead on news 4 at 5:00, how that partnership is going to work and what it means for you. also tonight at 5:00, we've been reporting here on the links researchers have found between sleep and did i dementia. and now we know about what which stage is most important. doreen gentzler will explain. and we have more on the breaking news we brought you on the fallout over the statue in charlottesville and the change it's promptingth
4:50 pm
cathedral here in washington. we'll see you soon for 240those stories and a good deal more. back to you. and we do want to get a check with storm team 4. things have quieted down a bit around here, but we are tracking a little major weather story this afternoon. >> we're all over this one. team coverage now starting with doug and a major storm brewing down south. >> yeah, a tropical system that is one that we will be talking about all week. it's not going to be affecting us anytime soon. if it does affect us, it could come during the labor day weekend. but this is actually moving right into parts of texas. why is this such a big story? well, this could dump anywhere from 15 and 20 inches of rain and we could be seeing video out of here for days. a lot of flooding expected down into parts of texas. here is the storm right here, this tropical depression harvey. winds of 35 miles per hour moving to the northwest at 2 miles an hour. it's expected to strhe
4:51 pm
may become a hurricane before it enters the does line very coas at corpus christi. watch what happens between friday and monday. watch where it goes. it just sits in this area all the way until monday and because of that, the rainfall from this could be epic and look at the rainfall forecast here. upwards of 15 even 10 to 20 inches of rain. the last storm that was similar to this also affecting the houston area, that was tropical storm allison. and it dumped anywhere between 20 and isolated amounts of 40 inches of rain. cost $9 billion in damage tune around the houston area. we'll be watching this very closely over the next couple days. and as i mentioned, it may make its way our way as we head toward the labor day holiday, but this week looking good but looking could meal i can't dra. >> yeah, we were saying oh, my gosh, the comwe
4:52 pm
79 on friday. and water temperature of 76. saturday and sunday, the winds pick up. so a little bit breezy at our beaches on saturday. and then down right windy on sunday. so if you have a boat, friday is going to be the best day to take it out. maybe you can get it out on saturday. i do suspect a as a matter of fact craft advisory for sure on sunday. if you are staying here, the weather having a low impact on your weekend. yard work, nearly perfect for that. that afternoon barbecue, dry and not too hot. but almost cool at the pool on sunday with temperatures here in the 70s as well. >> and we're talking the next few days, too. amelia mentioned yard work. i haven't been able to know my lawn, it's been in the shop for like the last three week. my lawn does not look good. 82 on thursday, 80 on friday, saturday and sunday.
4:53 pm
you mentioned a taste of fall for sure. you see the low temperatures in the 60s. most suburbs will be in the upper 50s right throughout middle of next week. that right there for august forecast, our average high is 86, we don't have a single number above 83 the next ten days. >> too much of one thing or not enough of another. >> i know. all right. thanks, doug. so let's talk about the smartphone wars. they have a new competitor. a look at the new gadget that samsung hopes will douse the flames of controversy still li
4:54 pm
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mba program today. let's get it, america. taylor swift may be coming out of hiding soon. the singer tweeted the title of her new album today, reputation. the first single drops tomorrow. what you is all the videos of the slithering snakes that she's been posting? well,
4:57 pm
history with snakes. fans of artists who famously feuded with swift, they often use snake emojis and the #taylor swift is a snake. and in the chinese zodiac, 1989 was the year of the snake and the year taylor was born. well, would you trust a cellphone from samsung? they were exploding so often they were banned from flights. but now they are launching a new phone and they are hoping for a rebound. mark barger has a sneak peek. >> of course none of us will ever forget what happened last year. >> reporter: this morning samsung's ceo briefly referenced the battery fire issues that prompted a global recall of its galaxy note 7 phones. but as the company introduced its successor, the note 8, it spent nearly an hour touting new features
4:58 pm
phone's stylus pen to try to bring consumers back. >> it has the largest screen ever on a note device. >> reporter: and even larger than the apple iphone 7 plus. and it offers dual 12 mega pixel cameras, one with twice the magnification and both with optical image stabilization. >> it is a bit bigger than i'd like, but i am impressed by the dual camera. >> reporter: and cheryl lynn low says that the smaller battery with an eight point safety check is an effort to reassure consumers. >> i'm not sure if that is going to make it actually safer, but it certainly helps with consumer trust. >> reporter: samsung didn't announce a price, but the note 8 is expected to be among the most expensive splamart phones oig, e than $900. >> i think it's a good rebirth of the note brand. >> reporter: and it comes just weeks ahead of the sblo duintro of the tenth anniversary
4:59 pm
mark barger, nbc news. right now at 5:00, fences go up and tensions rides tonight as families are forced out of a condo development deemed too unsafe to live. a woman hit by a dump truck driver and dragged nearly to her death. we hear from her for the first time as we learn about what will happen to the driver involved. and the repercussion of that deadly protest over a civil war statue and the change it is prompting at the national cathedral. first at 5:00, cross burnings, threats, more fallout after a local priest admits to being a former leader of the ku klux klan. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm jim handly. today we learned father atchison was a leader in the ku klux klan and two of his victims demanding answers and
5:00 pm
>> he needed help to put that cross up. >> mark segraves has been sifting through fbi records, and they tell a dark tale of attacks and threats. he has new details for us. >> that's right, the firestorm was started when father william atchison wrote an article for diocese of article link ton web be sight admitting to be a member of the kkk before he was a priest. and while he mentioned a cross burning and threatening letter in that article, it turns out his actions back in the 1970s went far beyond just being a member of the ku klux klan. today one of the couples he targeted spoke out about learning the man convicted of burning a cross on their front yard is now a priest. >> to have that much hate in your heart that you could do something like that you don't know he me. >> reporter: they spent the last 40 years trying to put the ugly memory behind them. todahe


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